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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 15, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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and abc7 news amy hollyfield was the first on the scene and joins us with the latest from the shopping center. >> i got a briefing from police. they are going through surveillance video right now from the tiffany store and surrounding cameras at other stores in the area. they have not found anything good yet so as of this point it looks like the guys have pulled off quite the robbery. >> it looked like a scene from a movie, the doors of tiffany's bashed open by a pickup truck
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and four men running in to problem it. it played out in downtown walnut creek at 5:45 this morning and pulled it off which is not easy to do. >> the outside of tiffany's is secure and quite a feat to get in. on the inside, the merchandise is pretty secure so it took a while, probably longer than they anticipated. >> they were ambitious. they brought in a bin to carry the loot. they did manage to smash one jewelry case but police say they did not get away with much. >> it is small jewelry they got, like the stuff that is left out overnight, the high end stuff, the more expensive merchandise is all locked up. >> the truck they used was stolen and witnesses say they escaped in a white s.u.v. as police conducted their investigation on the busy corner at main street, people stopped and marveled that someone would do this. peter murray works next door at
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apple. >> nothing so impressive as actually packing your truck through the front door of tiffany's and it is impressive. >> i am surprised, but, to pick the busiest street corner in walnut creek. >> this man should have been here when the robbery was happening but was 15 minutes late this morning. >> i am sure they were armed to do something that brazen. i am relieved i wasn't here. >> there is no indication at this point that the men were armed but they cannot tell much from the video. tiffany's has shades drawn for privacy and they closed the store and have not commented on the robbery. they do have witnesses, some employees in the area this morning waiting to get in to work at other stores. that is how they found out about the white s.u.v. they are talking to witnesses, looking at surveillance video
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and they say they will do what they can to make sure the men do not get an with this but right now, no sighting of them or the s.u.v. much. >> in hayward an officer has shot and killed a man armed with a my after that man charged the officer. it happened in an apartment complex at 9:30 last night. police say they were responding to a frantic 9-1-1 call from a 12-year-old girl who said her dad was going to kill her mom. weapon the for arrived, police say the 37-year-old suspect met the officer at the door with a knife. >> the male came in a threatening manner at the officers, forcing an officer to discharge the weapon in defense his life and the subject was struck, transported to a hospital and later was pronounced deceased. >> investigators say the officer is on paid leave which is routine procedure after a shooting. >> new details in the kidnapping of 16-year-old hannah anderson that set off a six day manhunt.
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newly released search warrants reveal what was going on before the teen was abducted on august 4. investigators say james dimaggio exchanged more than a dozen calls beforehand now was picked up from cheerleading practice. both phones everyone turned off a few hours later. dimaggio took hannah on several recent day trips to mall but and hollywood. the day of the abduction officials believe dimaggio's sister was possibly helping dimaggio with the two speaking on the phone that day. hannah's mother and brother were tortured and killed before the house was set on fire. the f.b.i. rescued hannah on saturday and killed dimaggio during the confrontation in the idaho wilderness. >> this afternoon, a bicyclist is sentenced in san francisco after pleading guilty to physical any manslaughter in the first conviction of its kind in the nation. chris will not serve jail time but will be sentenced to three years' probation and the thousand hours of community
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service. he fatally hit a 71-year-old in the castro district while walking with his wife. the prosecution says the bicyclist was riding recklessly. >> today in santa clara county, there will be spraying after more mosquitoes tested positive for west nile virus starting tonight at 11:00 p.m. >> san francisco kids are getting a boost as they head back-to-school. st. anthony's is handing out backpacks and clothing to 150 children. volunteers spent the day preparing everything. the kids will get to new outfits donated by old navy, a backpack full of school supplies and a free muni pass.
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the families preregistered for the items and the number of families taking part in the free program continues to grow. they could use your support. >> video of a high speed chase in alabama and what was in the back seat of the speeding car that had police so worried. >> in the newsroom following new developments on the crisis in egypt, president obama takes a stand on the deadly violence and canceled a joint event. >> a look at the meeting where we will hear, hopefully, soon, when the new bay bridge will open. our reporting conditions on
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>> now, president obama has canceled a joint military exercise with egypt after violence has left hundreds dead. now, katie marzullo joins from the newsroom. >> the bright star military exercise happens twice a year has been a centerpiece of united states and egyptian military relations for decades now. this morning, president obama pulled the plug. >> president obama made the announcement from his vacation on martha's vineyard. >> we want to sustain our relationship with egypt, our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back. >> on top of canceling the military exercises the president is asking the national security team to look at taking
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additional steps in response to the violence in egypt. egyptian officials say more than 500 people were killed yesterday including 43 police officers, some their funerals were held today. also this morning, new violence in cairo's twin city of giza. angry supporters of morsi set two government buildings on fire. the muslim brotherhood is promising more protests until egypt runs to democracy. president obama says democracy in egypt is his hope, as well, but . >> america cannot determine the future of egypt. that is a task for the egyptian people. we don't take sides with any particular party or political figure. >> in response to the government buildings in giza being attorneyed, police are authorized to protect themselves and institutions from attack. the government has declare add state of emergency and implemented a night-time curfew.
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>> happening now, katie, ntsb investigators in alabama involved the black blockses from the deadly ups cargo plane crash that could shed light on why the plane crashed if a hillside half a mile from the birmingham airport yesterday morning killing the two pilots on board. they did not make a call before the crash the efforts to recover the recorders were delayed because the aircraft was still smoldering and the block box will be sent to washington, dc, if analysis. >> a german tourist is in critical condition after a shark bit off part of the right arm while snorkeling in hawaii, yesterday off maui and the woman who is about 20, was unconscious when first responders arrived, the fourth shark attack this year with two the same day in february and the oh last month. >> a georgia baby is back home after a friend of the baby's mom
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kidnapped the boy and led sheriff deputies on a high-speed chase with the baby in the car. the dramatic chase was caught on dash camera video. the 22-year-old woman hit speeds up to 90 miles per hour before police used spike strips to pop the tires. this morning she faces kidnapping and theft charges. the little boy is back home safe. >> meteorologist mike nicco ahead with the profit and the clouds have played. >> most of us, the clouds have cleared. a few are trying to slip across san francisco but they cannot make it to the other side of the bay. we do have a little bit of a cooling trend on the way for the weekend with an updated forecast coming up. >> kids are expensive but you know that. the price is going up to raise them. a look at the meeting in oakland where we will hear a date for when the new bay bridge will open and right now it is the public comment period so someone is giving their opinion before the oversight committee make the
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decision. our reporting conditions on
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> face book is taking on pay pal to let shoppers make purchases using facebook with a mobile device on-line. it will not work on the desktop but facebook thinks it makes it easier to shop on the smart phone or tablet. >> big cutbacks this morning as
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cisco, the internet heart wear company that is slashing 4,000 jobs, 5 percent of the workforce cisco is battling a perception they allowed the n.s.a. to spy overseas because of the edward snowden whistleblower scandal and analysts say that will impact sales. it is unknown how many will affect headquarters. >> ikea is recalling two children's beds including the critter model bed and singular bed. contact ikea for a free repair kit. but there is a risk with a broken rod. we have more information on >> a new report shows that the cot of raising a child is chiming at a rate many families cannot keep up with. the department agriculture has crunched the numbers and if you
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had a baby last year, it will cost you $241,000 to raise him or her for 17 years. not including check. that is a 3 percent increase from 2011. at the same time, wages are not keeping up, and the median annual household income has fallen $4,000 since 2000. for the age and money. >> good hung with that. >> you love days like this if you have a solar panel. we have a perfect day full of sunshine away from the coast where you will see a little bit of sunshine, maybe not so much as yesterday with live doppler 7 hd showing it is dry after the mist we drove through this morning if you are above 400' or 500' above the low cloud deck the it was so low and thick it is causing 1 hour and 49 minute
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flight arrival delays in sfo. we have winds which will be an issue from 2:00 to 8:00 this evening and coming from the southwest today, 15- to 25-knots and the area that is shaded, the bay water to the delta, and our fastest wind is 14 miles per hour at sfo and 12 at half moon bay and 13 at fairfield and everyone is less than ten miles per hour. the cloud cover shows how quickly sit move back to the coast and the clouds are there. you will need sunscreen at the coast even if it is darker where you are. temperatures are 61 if san francisco and 64 at half moon bay, and 69 in oak, and 67 in hayward, and 68 in san ramon and fremont and everyone else is in the 70's unless los gatos and antioch, at 80 and 82 degrees. our forecast highlights, warm sunshine today and temperatures are close to average and slightly humid out there for our standards, and more clouds and
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drizzle along the coast and the weekend is still trending cooler. this is how it looks from the east bay, the cloud deck is across the coast and that is sutro tower sticking above the cloud cover and it is covering half of san francisco. today, we will be 68 and one degree cooler-than-average and everyone else is one to three degrees warmer than normal and in the south bay, 84 in san jose, los gatos is up to 90 and a lot mid-80's open peninsula and millbrae is a close neighborhood in the mid-to-upper 70's and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and upper 60's and sausalito is 74 and petaluma is 82 and mid-to-upper 80's through the north bay valley but low-to-mid 60's at your beaches. the east bay shore is 77 at oakland, to 80 in castro valley and low-to-mid 90's in the east bay valley. you may need the air conditioning today, depending how cool you get the house at night because temperatures have been falling in the 50's and
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60's and we have 68a great day for baseball, at the coliseum at 12:35 up to 75 but the u.v. index is very high today. now, the temperatures tonight are up again because of the humidity and the cloud cover and we will be mostly in the 60's, a few 50's in the north bay and along the coast. high pressure is taking over, again, but, notice the big trough out here, this bowl of cooler air is going to roll down toward our neighborhoods and we will not get into the heart of the cool air but the trough will steer the winds back on shore and that is why it is going to get a little bit cooler starting tomorrow and we can see, also, for saturday and sunday so the trough will take 72 hours to move through the bay area and when it does high pressure comes back and seasonal highs hang around monday, tuesday and when of next week, the close of the 7 day stretch we have to normal weather this august. >> we have new word coming in right now about the bay bridge. this meeting in oakland is taking place right now.
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they have been hearing testimony all arm from those would analyze the safety of whether to fix the problem of the broken bolts and they aproven add temperature "fix" and we have a date for the bridge to be closed, august 28, wednesday night $closed for five days for transition work and re-open tuesday, september 3rd, that is the recommendation but it is up to the oversight committee to make a vote so they are still
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>> an update on the breaking news story we are waiting in oakland for the announcement on the opening date of the new east were span of the bay bridge. >> our news reporter matt keller is in oak where there is a meeting right now. matt? >> this may sum up what happened in the last ten minutes, an engineer speaking to the three member committee said get people off the old bridge and on to the new safer bridge and the three members did just that. they approved the temporary fix for the new eastern span of the bay bridge. we will lock, now, inside this meeting right now and you can hear what is happening. they are talking about the logistics to open up the bridge
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for the labor day weekend. the programment team is recommending the committee approve a five-day closure of the bridge from wednesday august 28 to the only of tuesday, september 3 to complete the bridge opening activity and we will follow this and you can follow us on twitter. >> thank you. stay with abc7 news for conning coverage of the opening of the bay bridge.
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♪ [cheers and applause] >> hi, jon. [cheers and applause] hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant used to design robots that make parts for black hawk helicopters, so millionaire should be a cakewalk for him. from morristown, new jersey, please welcome jon papp. hey, jon. [cheers and applause] all right. used to design those parts, so what are you doing now, jon? >> well, now i actually build different kinds of-- i used to build robots that made those parts, and now i build different kind of robots. they do warehouse sortation, spread things out, like, you know, for parcel companies and stuff like that.


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