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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  August 17, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good morning, everyone. i'm katie marzulo. it's 8:00 a.m. on saturday and we want to start with a quick look at the weather.
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here's meteorologist leza margin. >> the rest of the day featuring mostly sunny conditions, but we do have some clouds around the coast trying to clear. it will be warm today inland as we take you into san jose this afternoon. numbers very similar to yesterday. into the low to mid-80s there. we're going to be in the upper 70s out around oakland this afternoon. but by 10:00, we are looking at numbers in the mid and upper 60s there. along the coast, we're not going to see full clearing. in fact, the golden gate bridge the past couple of days has been very cloudy. but inland, a return to temperatures above average. now, we're going to introduce the threat of fire danger before the weekend is out and include it for several days next week. i'll have the details in a few minutes. katie? >> lisa, thank you. and we have breaking news. one person is dead and at least four others are injured this morning following a shooting in east oakland. it happened just after 11:00
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last night on 105th avenue. sources say five ambulances were requested but one person died on the scene. the other victims were taken to the hospital. we understand they were in critical condition. there are no words at this hour on suspects or arrests, but we'll bring you more on this story as information becomes available. developing news. authorities are investigating what led to a police shooting and a motorcycle crash that shut down a highway in the east bay. it happened around 4:00 yesterday afternoon on highway 24 on both sides of the caldecott tunnel. authorities say a chp officer was investigating an injury hit and run near the wilder road exit when he spotted a silver honda with front-end damage and no license plates. at some point the officer fired at the driver of that honda. authorities won't say what led to the shooting or if it's connected to a fiery motorcycle crash that happened an hour earlier near the broadway exit in oakland. >> how serious was the motorcycle driver's injuries?
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>> serious enough to be transported to the hospital. i don't have his condition. >> he was taken to john morris medical center. his condition is not known. happening today, a landmark building on a local college campus will be demolished this morning with hundreds of pounds of explosives. we're talking about warren hall on the csu east bay campus in hayward. the building is scheduled to be imploded at 9:00 this morning. abc 7 news reporter serio serio cantano has more. >> every time he left his house, it was right there. >> i had gotten used to it. you have this gorgeous meadow, hillside, beautiful trees and -- blah. >> reporter: it was built right along a fault line and was deemed the most seismically
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unattractive building. quite a few people have been buzzing around the neighborhood looking for the best vantage point. on campus, they snapped their last pictures before the sun set on this tower that first opened in 1971. inside, crews used jackhammers and blow torches to soften the structure. 450 pounds of explosives will be used to make the building lean and collapse on itself. >> we expect it's about a 10 to 12-second event, and it will go from a 13-story tower to about a 30-foot-high pile of debris. >> for those looking to watch the spectacle, the k mart down the hill will offer the safest vantage point. police will be cutting off streets to the campus. >> this is an icon in the region, and to see it come down i think will be fantastic. but safety is first. >> reporter: for those who live nearby, dust will likely be a concern. >> i just bought a box of dust masks, so we'll hand them out.
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>> the tower is set to be destroyed at 9:00 a.m. >> we will be streaming the implosion live at, again, scheduled for 9:00 a.m. happening now, an amber alert has been canceled after two children who were kidnapped in nevada were found safe in san francisco. they were taken illegally by their parents wednesday. the parents, martin cisneros and amber schneck, do not have legal custody of the children. police have released sketches of two men who robbed someone in robles saturday night. he demanded one's property. even though he handed them all over, the suspect cut him in the face and in his arm. the child was not harmed. the man accused of murdering four women decades ago is scheduled to continue delivering his closing arguments in a marin
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county courtroom. 79-year-old joseph naso is representing himself. yesterday he claimed the case against him is weak and told jurors to ignore all the evidence presented by prosecutors, saying even the dna evidence is inconclusive. the judge scolded naso five times for misrepresenting evidence and bringing up things not even entered in the trial. he said it's the most bizarre thing he's seen in court. >> what he's trying to do in his closing argument is testify. he did not testify during the trial which he would have been subject to cross examination. so what he's doing now is trying to introduce evidence that was not brought in at the trial in his closing argument. >> naso told the judge he had an hour to 90 minutes left to go on his closing argument. when he's done, prosecution will present their rebuttal and the jury will go into deliberations. if convicted, naso could get the death penalty. a judge has revoked parole for a man police say is a person
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of interest in the death of investigate or sandra coke. ryan lanna is accused of violating his parole. one of those terms is violating a restraining order keeping him from contacting sandra coke. they dated years ago, and they believe he was with her the night coke's body disappeared. sandra coke's family has created a fund to help raise money for her teenage daughter. supporters hope to raise $100,000 to help provide care ask education for the 15-year-old. if you'd like more information or to donate, we've posted information on our website. so just go to and click on saw it on tv. a dog owner speaking about the incident for the first time and exclusively to abc 7 news. the family lives next door to the young victim. they met reporter nick smith at a local park but did not want to be identified on camera. courtney de la cruz says hunter was at her home visiting her
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son. she said her 7-year-old pit bull, jewels, jumped on hunter when he was on their stairs. she says she is grief stricken and is praying for hunter. >> we did not intentionally hurt this child in any way. it's really hard and i worry about my family's safety, people judging us because of the fact we're pit bull owners. >> jewels is being held at an animal control center and will be put down next week. hunter has undergone two surgeries and is recovering at uc davis medical center. courtney's own son was bitten on the arm trying to pull the pit bull away from hunter. we now know the cause of death of a marin county woman whose body was found in sequoia national park last week. johnnie jean daniel died from cardiac arrest. altitude and exertion were contributing factors. the 65-year-old was an attendance clerk at palos altos
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high school. the double fire started just before 6:00 last night and has since burned about 60 acres. firefighters are concerned it could grow to several hundred. high voltage power lines are down in the area making it more dangerous for firefighters. the fire is 10% contained. the forest service has ordered an emergency closure for portions of the tahoe national forest. a wildfire there has burned nearly 10,000 acres since it erupted just a week ago. the fire is burning 10 miles northeast of foresthill. it's 31% contained right now. meanwhile, heavy smoke is blanketing parts of the sierra nevada foothills, reno and lake tahoe. tough stuff out there where those fires are burning. what will we see in the bay area? >> in our backyard, we have high to low relative humidity. take a look, about 6 or 700 feet, the marine layer is compressed. we have sunshine, higher clouds above. our own fire threat increases
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before the week is out, and, in fact, stays with us through much of next week. i'll explain, coming up. >> lisa, thank you. also next, only on abc 7 news, we have learned what's in the chp's final report on the deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge. we'll let you know what the driver was doing just before the fire broke out. once the new bay bridge goes up, what happens to the old one? why it will take longer to tear it down than it did to build it. we are less than an hour away from an implosion on the cal state east bay campus. you are looking at warren hall. going away.
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. and a live look for you coming up on 8:13 this morning at cu east bay in hayward. the 40-year-old building you see there slated for implosion at 9:00 a.m. fog could have delayed the event, but it looks okay now. carol clapper is there live keeping an eye on the countdown. three months after a horrific limo fire on the san mateo bridge, we've learned the findings of the criminal investigation. five women died when they couldn't get out of the car. abc 7 news reporter vick lee has a story you'll only see on abc 7 news. >> the police wanted to see if anybody was criminally negligent. they focused on the driver and the owner of the limo company. sources tell us at the end of july the chp decided there was no evidence to press criminal charges against the two men. then suddenly brown's estranged
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wife, raquel brown, said publicly that the two argued on the cell phone shortly before the fire as he was driving. >> i'm sure he could have saved them, you know. he was too busy on the phone. >> hernandez brown charged that her husband was playing music too loudly and not paying attention. they renewed their probe on brown to see if he was too distracted to react quickly to the emergency. sources tell abc 7 news the chp reviewed his cell phone records and determined that he had not been on the phone with his wife during the fire and that there was no other evidence to charge them criminally. the chp's conclusion is that the tragic incident was a result of a mechanical failure. the stretch limousine burst into flames on the san mateo bridge on the night of may 4th. the fire killed five women. four others survived by crawling out of a narrow opening to the driver's compartment. this cell phone video shows the fire started in the rear of the
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limo. witnesses say the back of the lincoln town car was extremely low to the ground while it was traveling across the bridge. sources with knowledge of the probe told us that the air springs, called balloons in the rear of the limo, somehow deflated, setting off a domino effect that led to the fire. yusef mustafa manages a garage that services limousines. he explains what most likely happened when the balloons failed. >> these are air springs, so they carry the weight of the car. when one of them has a rupture in it, the whole car drops down to basically on the tires. so the car with the weight, it bounced down too hard and ended up hitting the gas tank, which is right in this spot here. it might have hit the gas tank and then you see when it hit the ground, it will create a spark. >> reporter: and that spark likely ignited the fire.
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vick lee, abc 7 news. to egypt now. egyptian forces have fired at the mosque with protesters barricaded inside. gunmen opened fire on security forces from inside the mosque. also this morning, the muslim brotherhood says a son of its spiritual leader has been killed in cairo. that would make him one of more than 170 people killed yesterday. the number of those killed this week has reached above 700. the muslim brotherhood and others have been marching and holding demonstrations to protest the ousting of president mohamed morsi. now that we know the new eastern span of the bay bridge will open over labor day weekend, the question is, what happens to the old one? abc 7 reporter wayne freedman with more on the teardown. >> reporter: they say we're a disposing society, easy come, easy go, the new gets old. when it comes to bridges, we get
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sentimental, apparently. >> we were just thinking we're going to miss this old bridge. >> it's less than a week until this old bridge becomes obsolete and abandoned, at least by cars. if you thought it would be easy, hear this. >> it's going to be very complicated. >> millions of parts to join. a structure 1 and eight-quarter miles long. >> reporter: back in the '30s, the bridge cost $87 million to build. the expansion it will cost nearly $300 million to bring it down. it will be done by three different contractors working from the top to the middle of the bay. amazingly enough, in the top section, the first piece they put on will likely be the last
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one they take off. since we're more environmental, the bridge has lead paint and cron kre concrete. they want to make sure none of it falls into the bay. as for what remains -- >> yes, we want to have a little piece of history. >> perhaps a park or a pier. these are artist questions. dumb question. will your new memorial be seismically sound? >> yes, it will be. because it has nowhere to go. >> reporter: except the history books. in oakland, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> the bridge will be closed for five days over the holiday weekend. that closure will start late in the evening on wednesday, august 28. the bridge will reopen by tuesday, september 3, the day after labor day. ac transit is offering extra bus service to eastern bay bart stations to help people get
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across the bay during the shutdown. bart will be operating trains around the clock during the closure, and san francisco bay area is expanding its schedule. if you need to drive during the shutdown, download abc 7's exclusive ways traffic app to get around the gridlock. and remember to follow us on twitter for bay bridge updates. it's hard to believe the time has actually come. it's going to be crazy when that happens that weekend. weatherwise, crazy now. >> it's getting there. you know, we have increased fire danger the next couple of days, and no red flag warnings yet, but they could be issued. in fact, probably for sacramento and we'll see about the bay area. but live doppler 7 hd, despite our dry forecast picking up a little bit of moisture in the upper layers of the atmosphere, and we are looking at the threat of moisture increasing starting tomorrow right on through the middle of the week. but we still have our stable atmosphere. this is what wins out for today. the buford mt. tam, and that is the marine layer, is compressed
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at about 5 or 600 feet. we're looking at cool temperatures in san francisco. 58 for you, it's 59 in oakland. good morning, redwood city, 60. 57 now once again. it should be pretty nice at the beaches with numbers climbing through the 60s. here's our san jose bureau with a lot of cloud cover, and the cooler numbers are in the north bay. we've had more clearing there through the overnight hours. 58 santa rosa. napa valley at 62, 57 in nevada and mid-60s in livermore. warmer day in the valleys. looking out from volmer peak and through diablo, and you can see a marine layer and quite high clouds visiting us today. hot temperatures inland. today i think the mid to low 90s will make it hot inland, but tomorrow even warmer, and then the threat of thunder late
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tomorrow into monday, tuesday and wednesday. take a look at our close-up clouds, and you'll notice that the brighter, whiter clouds indicating more texture, and the higher level clouds, and that is what is associated with a system offshore that will really be the main focus of our weather in the next several days. it's an upper-level low, and it will be dropping to the south. and as it does, it brings up the subtropical moisture. but as for today, higher pressure is winning out, and this high is going to build a little closer to us tomorrow, and that brings the added warmth in the next couple days. but looking ahead from tomorrow through monday, tuesday and wednesday, notice the green around the screen here, and this indicates the chance of unsettled weather not only for shasta county, lake county, the sierra nevada, the southern sierra and included in that the bay area. we'll be looking at increased relative humidity. it's going to feel stickier. we always have the higher humidity in the morning, but
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we're drying out for 83 for san jose, 89 morgan hill. look for mid-60s around half moon bay. yesterday you were at 70 degrees. today downtown partly cloudy and 70. 88 in sonoma with 85 in vallejos, so getting warmer again. if you head to the hills, 92 degrees for the river valley as well as walnut creek. a look ahead, a hotter day tomorrow. we'll still have the higher clouds and more moisture will lead to temperatures feeling like the mid-90s around here, so kind of feeling like the east coast tuesday through wednesday. back to dry air thursday and friday. good news for the happiest place on earth. coming up, the new attractions that are coming to outside of the park in
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new this morning, the neighborhood surrounding disneyland may be in for a hotel boom. according to the register, they plan to build 14 new hotels near the anaheim theme park.
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the first one could open as early as december. it would add 41,000 new rooms to the region, an increase of 30%. both garden grove have 2500 hotel rooms. hotel taxes make up the budget in both cities. san francisco's chinatown will hold its third annual ping-pong tournament tomorrow. mayor ed lee serves a wicked backhand and will be one of the participants. san francisco police will field the team as will the warriors with star harrison barnes. it's all happening at the chinese culture center auditorium. next, why people are being encouraged to get up close and personal with these today. also, allegations of cheating in the america's cup races draw angry words from the accused. teaching the teachers? the high-tech program at san
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francisco's exploretorium that helps kids do better in school. you are looking live at the cu east bay conference. it will be
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welcome back, everyone. we're coming up on 8:30 and starting this half hour with a
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quick look at the weather. >> hey, katie, good morning to you. hi, everyone. the view quite interesting. we'll see a layer of clouds adding a further dimension to the sky and temperatures are cool in san francisco at 58. 59 in oakland, 63 in san jose with mostly cloudy skies. the cloud layer is compressed scompressed, but we have some higher clouds. after that burns on back, we'll see a mostly sunny afternoon and our warmer temperatures returning to the east bay, the low to mid-90s for the valleys. we'll see low 80s as you get closer to vallejo q comfortable 70s as you head to oakland and berkeley. we'll talk about the fire danger visiting us in the next several days. katie? we have breaking news right now. there is a shelter in place in both fremont and loss pedos
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while police investigate a robbery. the shelter in place extends half a mile into fremont and a quarter mile into melo pedos. police got a call of a home invasion robbery on bernard street. police say they are looking for two people who ran away on foot after authorities conducted a traffic stop. we'll have more on this breaking news as vfinformation becomes available. happening right now. all eyes on warren hall in cu east bay. the building has been up for 40 years and this morning it will come crashing down. keira is live at the scene. good morning, keira. >> hi, katie. we're just 13 minutes away fr-- minutes away from this 13-story building being blown away. this building is a landmark on
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the cal state campus. it can be seen across hayward. it's been here since the early '70s, but it was built right along a fault line. it was deemed the most seismically unsafe building in the cu system. it's been abandoned for the last two years and the campus is closed this morning for the demolishing of warren hall. this is how it will work this morning. 462 pounds of explosives will be used to make the building lean and then collapse on itself, kind of like a pancake, with the bottom floor falling first and then everything else falling on top of it. the cu trustees authorized 50 million there are for this collapse, and then the replacement of the building, it will end up being just a five-story administrative building, but we will be here for the actual collapse as it happens at 9:00 this morning and get reaction from all the excited people who are here this morning waiting to see this landmark be destroyed forever. but people are excited about it, so we'll keep you posted on how everyone is doing out here this morning. reporting live in hayward, keira
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clapper, abc 7 news. >> if you want to see the implosion as it happens and you can't be there, we will be streaming it live on our website, so go to abc7 at 9:00 a.m. a top official of oracle's america's cup team are shooting back at rivals who accused them of cheating. he is in the middle of a scandal after admitting cat marans used in winning recent races were modified. however, the team knows nothing about the modifications. kute calls those accusations slanderous. >> i do not think it's right when someone implies that a team of 130 people are somehow implicated in this when we said on the record that it was a few individuals involved in this. >> reporter: kutz refused to say what happened with the boats and
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who was responsible. he said oracle boss larry levinson is angry not only that the boats were illegally modified but that his top tenants are being accused of cheating. those who will challenge in the america's cup will be held this weekend. there will be the finals of the louis vuitton cup. there will be two races today, tomorrow, and if needed, a week from tomorrow. the person who takes seven points takes on oracle next month. with the help of abc 7 news, the local public library and school district will give away 10,000 books today as part of a back to school campaign. the books provided free of charge by abc 7 and our parent company disney will be given out to children through grade 6. along with the books, the city plans to give away a thousand backpacks. today's book giveaway is from 11:00 to 3:00 at six different
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library locations throughout the city. a back to school event starting at 11:00 this morning will provide more than 3,000 san francisco children with free backpacks stuffed with school supplies. the annual bay view hunter's point back to school event is in its fourth year and guy mcintire is expected to attend. it runs today at 3:00 on hudson street. california is one of 26 states who have agreed to improve science education. california's board of education is expected to adopt new standards this fall, and they would most likely be implemented the following school year. but as anchor dan ashley reports, some teachers aren't waiting around. >> reporter: you may know san francisco's exploretorium as a hands-on museum, but it's also a cutting edge training site for teachers. they have run a summer training
8:36 am
program for science teachers for more than 25 years. >> this thing here is called a finekitescope. >> reporter: the program is so popular, the staff has to turn away two of every three teachers that apply. but now the exploretorium has moved to a new, much larger building, so they will be able to accept more teachers. the timing is perfect because california is getting brand new science standards for all grades, and teachers have to learn how to put it into action. >> we were so excited to see the new generation science standards because this is what the exploretorium has been doing for erv. >> reporter: the new standards call for more hands-on learning. the focus is making sure the students have the knowledge and critical thinking skills they need for 20th century jobs. >> finally the emphasis isn't going to be as much on what scientists know but what they do. >> reporter: that could be an expensive equipment and supplies. but the exploretorium is showing
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teachers how to create meaningful experiments with everyday materials. the camera in the computer is taking still pictures as the teachers pose for all kinds of crazy movies. it's silly and it's science. >> they're modelling kinematics and physics. they're doing velocity, acceleration and deceleration. >> reporter: the new standards also include engineering, a new challenge for some teachers. >> i might look at something and wonder as a scientist myself, how does that work? and an engineer looks at that and goes, how can i make that better? >> reporter: she's been to the exploretorium teaching before. this experiment involves solar cells and little motors that spin. >> you need to be quantitative. >> it's like science camp for teachers. to learn to explore, to get
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rejuve natuoouuv rejuvenated for the new school year. >> teachers attend for free. they even get a little stipend. as soon as school starts, they can't wait to switch back into teaching mode. >> that was dan ashley reporting. if you're a teacher and sn interested in applying to the teacher institute, we have a link. next on abc 7 saturday morning news, it's the final wrap for the grand prix. why the popular amusement center is closing down after 35 years. and speaking of the exploretorium, here's a live look from our cam. what a
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welcome back, everyone. the clock is ticking. we're just about 19 minutes away now from a building implosion on the cal state east bay campus. it is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. and keep in mind, this event is going to last like 10 to 12 seconds. so don't blink. this is warren hall. it was built in 1971 on a fault and is now the most seismically unsafe building in the cu system. you can watch that come down on our website at time to say goodbye. speaking of goodbye, it is the final chapter of the grand prix. as jonathan bloom found out, there is still plenty of fun to be had there, just not much longer. >> reporter: on a hot afternoon, you'll find kids speeding around in bumper boats, sweating it out in the batting cages, playing mini golf or in the air-conditioned refuges of the ar cade.
8:42 am
this is summer like it used to be. sure, some of the games are different, but the spirit of the malibu grand prix in redwood city has been the same for 35 years. >> this is probably the only place where it's truly family. you can get the kindergartners all the way up to high schoolers to be happy and entertained. >> reporter: at the center of it all? the racetrack. scale model indy cars. once a staple of the amusement world, they're now almost impossible to find. and now -- >> we'll be shutting our doors next friday. >> rising rents have made it impossible to stay awake. people are coming back for one last spin on the track. getting around this track in less than a minute takes quite a bit of traffic, but in only a few days before it closes for good, what have i got to lose? they'ren t not the smoothest ri no thanks to my driving, but those little cars can go.
8:43 am
it's gotten expensive and it's also addictive. it's low-tech entertainment barrelling its way deeper into a high-tech world. >> i guess every kid has an ipad or game system at home. >> reporter: families scramble to cash in years' worth of tickets. >> reporter: how long have you been coming here? >> years ago. we were talking about birthday parties and that was 30 years ago. >> this is the first place they wanted to come when they got their driver's license because that would enable them to drive grand prix cars. >> put the pedal to the medal. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. we would like you to join us this weekend for a look at the special camps being held in livermore for kids with life-threatening diseases or life-threatening conditions. sharon miller with a special report called "just like me"
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airs at 7:00 p.m. on abc 7. definitely a different-looking sky this morning and over the weekend. we're seeing increasing shower chances throughout the weekend. yeah, isn't this pretty from our citro camera. you can see the city below there with temperatures in the upper 50s. we'll be warmer inland, but maybe the threat of fire dangers around the area. your forecast is next. >> lisa, thank you. also next, a 49ers rookie quarterback impresses as he
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welcome back, everyone. a live picture for you at 8:46 of warren hall at the csu east bay campus in hayward. it is 13 stories high. it's been standing since 1971,
8:47 am
and it is coming crashing down in just a matter of minutes. it's scheduled to be imploded at 9:00 this morning as it was built on a fault line and is now seismically unsafe. in fact, the most seismically unsafe building in the csu system. so the implosion scheduled for 9:00, and you can watch it live on our website, we'll be streaming it there. in sports, the niners play they're next pre-season game against the vikings. they met a similar foe. here's highlights in sports. >> reporter: thank you. the game was built by adam smith. it ended with a focus of 49er b.j. mcdaniels who might not be fourth string anymore. just like last week, holland p kaepernick played only one
8:48 am
series. he missed something in the end zone there, but we're not worried about cap. phil dawson field, he was great. the niner defense yet to get a td this pre-season, but special teams, it's a problem. quentin dibbs, off to the races. a 140-yard kickoff return. receivers had several drops. alex gets dropped by paris harrellson in the half. niners get their first td itself. b.j. mcdaniels, perfect. the fellow rookie shuked jacobs and the niners win 15-13. he used to coach under shawn payton, drew brees. 402 yards. he has an eternity to throw. 16 yards to kenny stills for the
8:49 am
touchdown. nice touch to denarius moore. rangers were down 23-7 at the break. their defense in the third quarter, seneca wallace hit hard by david bass. ronald robertson, thank you very much. but the raiders would fall 28-20. the a's opened a weekend series with cleveland, a chance to gain some ground on first place texas because the rangers lost to seattle. this is how we like to loosen up before a newscast. johanis expodus. this is his bobblehead year. regained the lead thanks to eric soguard doubling home. top 9, two men on. cabrera with a liner that looked like trouble. josh donaldson turned the game ending in a double ended play.
8:50 am
the two lowest scoring teams in the national league combined for 24 runs. hector sanchez, a three-run bomb and they win a slug fest, 14-10. that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. luckily it's clear, because fog could have been a problem. >> the airport reporting a 10-mile visibility, and we've seen the sunshine from keira, and it looks like we'll enjoy some sunshine with a few upper level clouds around. the weekend starting with a precip threat starting in the south bay just to loftsville. we're not looking for any of this to reach the ground, but late tomorrow night we're looking for more changes heading your way. mt. tam right now looks pretty
8:51 am
gray out there, but we do have pockets of clearing in the north bay. it's 58 in san francisco. good morning, oakland. 59 for you with low 60s in san jose and redwood city. it was warm today and today different temperaturewise. we'll see a different-looking sky and warmer numbers as we head toward sunday and threats of fire danger increasing as well. look at the cloud cover with temperatures in the north bay in the upper 50s from santa rosa, 59 in the valley. up to about 20 miles an hour fairfield, but that won't inhibit the warming. in fact, we will warm well into the 90s for the livermore valley, the san ramon valley, and speaking of the east bay, here's a look from our east bay camera on top of vollmer peak, and you can see a bit of haze and higher clouds. hotter inland today, but tomorrow temperatures will be hotter, too. threats of lightning beginning
8:52 am
late tomorrow and that will continue monday, tuesday and wednesday. our visual satellite kind of interesting. we usually have low clouds and fog banked up along the coast, and we do have that, but we also are looking at the higher clouds, those brighter white clouds indicating the moisture in the upper levels of the atmosphere, and that continues to increase as an area of low pressure will head our way over the weekend. there it is. so we're in between two parcels of air with lower pressure to the north and west of us, and we're looking at higher pressure. this is bringing on the heat, especially for tomorrow. but we're also being influenced from some subtropical moisture as this system drops to the south. the northern is southern sierras already looking at the possibility of thunderstorms throughout the afternoon. we're going to call it unsettled and you may notice a few extra clouds around throughout the day, especially tomorrow, but even perhaps some today. it's going to be a hot one today. yosemite, 96. 102 fresno, and still the low
8:53 am
clouds, monterrey, 67. pretty nice but we will look for that wide range, the variety today. temperatures should climb to the mid and upper 60s and low 70s. 78 san mateo, 81 in palo alto. we'll see more sunshine throughout the day. highs in the upper 70s but dropping to the 60s for the game, 6:05, and we're looking for a warmer day tomorrow afternoon way few extra clouds around. mid-80s around the bay, upper 90s inland. that should be the warmest day out of the seven, but notice a slight chance of thunderstorms through monday, tuesday, wednesday and then back to the somewhat more typical pattern. >> all right, lisa. thank you. next, the annual space walk honoring a bay area newscaster who passed
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the ninth annual breast cancer challenge to raise money for low-income patients kicks off this morning. the fundraiser honors a bay area broadcaster who passed away in 2003 after a long battle with the disease. the money from the race goes to uninsured women and men who are fighting breast cancer. this year's fundraiser takes place at 10:00 a.m.
8:57 am
registration is under way right now. and at 11:15, dan ashley and the band push will perform. for more information, go to and push on see it on tv. last year it was cold. we were bundled up out there. >> different story for today. temperatures are in the lower 60s in oakland and they'll climb through the mid-60s in the 10:00 hour. then through the afternoon, upper 70s. 80 in fremont with 95 in antioch. it will be a warmer day in the east bay, warmer tomorrow, and we'll see a few extra clouds around here leading to a chance of showers. maybe a thunderstorm right on through the middle of next week and then we'll cool off. >> lisa, thank you. thank you all for joining us on abc 7 saturday morning news. we leave you with a last, and i mean last, live look at warren hall on the cal state east bay campus. it is set to come down in an implosion in just a couple minutes. it's the most siz mierks i seise
8:58 am
building on the campus. have a great day.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everyone. i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus goo. you know, there' eerie in the air around here on "wild countdown." [shudders] >> look. >> millions of bats-- that's amazing. not to mention, dancing cobras. oh, gosh. >> ow! >> and real life devils. daggumit. i can see why they call it a devil now. and later, don't miss my blooper of the week. hold it, hold it! oh, my god, it got him. you feeling nervous yet? i am. things are getting creepy on this week's "wild countdown." oh! i don't like surprises.


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