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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 27, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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now a look at the san mateo bridge and traveling along westbound direction from hayward to foster city is not a problem. we have some folks over at the high-rise but everyone is moving at top speeds. >> we have developing news from danville where there was a deadly accident involving three teens before 9:00 last night. police say three teens were in the car. one died at the scene. the other two were taken to the hospital. their identities are not released. we are working to get more information on the story and kira klapper arrived on the scene and will have the latest in a few minutes. >> new developments in the massive wildfire near yosemite national park. officials are gaining ground on the blaze. officials say the rim fire continues to grow in size but containment numbers are up. the fire has burned 160,000 acres sin it break out ten days ago and now 20 percent
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contained. more than 3,700 firefighters are battling the flames which destroyed to 3 structures. the governor visits the fire lines and says the state will do what it takes. >> we will be ready. whatever it takes, i will make sure the resources are deployed. >> the governor spoke with president obama who committed federal dollars to battling the fire. the governor could be asking the feds for additional help soon. >> this morning engineers are scrabbling to send more water from the hetchy reservoir to the bay area. ashes falling into the reservoir but not affecting the quality. managers are testing the water they time as day. officials say if the quality is affected, there are other local reservoirs to draw from. >> hundreds gathered in berkeley to remember a city owned camp destroyed in the rim fire. people sang songs and shared memories of tuolumne camp that
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was overrun by flames over the weekend. it has been in operation since 1922. we will have more on the vigil ahead. >> caltran says the problem with defective bolts on the bay bridge have been resolved as they close the bridge tomorrow night. crews showed us shims they placed under the bridge that have been wedged in place to prevent the span from rocking extensively. caltran says they will be removed in december when new saddles are installed to reinforce the bolts. the bridge will be closed tomorrow night at 8:00 for five days and re-open on tuesday morning at 5:00 at the latest. abc7 news reporter matt keller will have more at top of the hour. shows the options that are available to you including the extra service that bart, act tran it and the ferry will provide. you can explore the real time traffic map to see where the
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worst gridlock is. when the bridge opens we will notify our twitter followers so you can follow us on twitter. >> happening today, san jose could become the biggest city in the state to ban styrofoam food containers that takes affect january 1 of next year. the san jose mercury news quotes city officials saying there is no market for recycling plastic foam. most ends in the land fulls. the restaurant association says it would harm small businesses more than help the environment. >> in san francisco, planed clothes police supervisors will wear video cameras during rot search to make sure they are following the law. the san francisco chronicle reports that the pilot project comes following questionable drug raids at residential hotels in 2011.
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the prosecution dropped dozens of cases after footage from hotel security videos prompted allegations that officers lied about the sicks of drug searches and arrests. police were accused of stealing from suspects. the cameras will be warn on their chests. >> pg&e will raise rates after the costs incurred over the big explosion charging customers 4 percent more if the borrowing costs go up, if state regulate lates impose the $4 billion in fine and penalty. pg&e claims the fine would make it hard to raise capital, which would make the company less attractive making it more costly to borrow money. >> a nanny is accused of driving drunk when she picked up two young children on the first day of school. a witness told the c.h.p. the driver of a volkswagen was
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repeatedly backing into a sign and staggering in the street. police arrest the the 48-year-old woman after she failed a sobriety test. >> police are searching for the robbers who stole the can send -- the casino winnings of a couple yesterday afternoon. the robbers barged in as a victim was closing her garage door and point add gun at her husband and "demanded the money." he gave up the cash. the couple says the robbers covered their faces with bandannas. >> the situation is heating up in syria and the foreign minister said they will defend themselves in case of a united states strike. john kerry now says there is "undeniable evidence of a large-scale chemical weapons attack." the u.n. investigators gathered evidence yesterday interviewing survivors. the united states and the allies in europe appear to be laying the ground work for an aggressive response. the white house says president obama has not made a decision on a military strike and still could decide another course.
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>> this morning, bay area activists sheehan will unlaunch a campaign for california governor, a vocal opponent after her son was killed in combat in iraq and gaped national attention when she led a protest out of the ranch of president been. she is running under the "peace and freedom" party. >> time for a check on the forecast with mike. >> we will tack about the temperatures when you step outside. you should notice the difference but for concord and forward where you are about the same if not a degree cooler. everyone else is three degrees cooler. or this morning in oakland and sfo so down in san carlos and san bruno and, also, six degrees cooler in san jose to ten in napa. we will look at the numbers, this is what you should dress for: 52 degrees, napa, novato, santa rosa, the cool spots. 54 in san ramon and 55 in hayward and half moon bay and 59
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in san carlos. 59 in livermore. everyone else is 60 to 61 degrees like oakland and mountain view. >> temperatures will not change through 7:00 but could drop a degree or two with no cloud cough to keep the temperatures up. it will be bright to lunch with a few clouds lingering and warmer this afternoon and we will push into the mid-to-upper 80's at 4:00 and mid-60's at the coast and back in the 60's but for inland by 7:00, and we will still hang around 80 and not so comfortable as yesterday afternoon. pretty quiet weather wednesday, thursday, and friday with the cooling trend still on the way for the weekend. that is coming up but, first, leyla gulen? >> good morning. so far, so good, clear conditions out there and we are seeing a bit of construction as they take you back into the east bay through martinez and if you
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need to make it to the benicia bridge you could run run into this project and northbound 680 at arthur road we will have three lanes blocked off. slow if the cone zone. highway four, though, clear south of there out of antioch into concord and further west into hercules. along 580, westbound from tracy to dublin is 24 minutes from high four from antioch to concord at 16 minutes. san rafael to san francisco is under 20 minutes. san jose, 280, away from 17, northbound side, a couple of headlights but, all in all, an empty drive. >> thank you, next, punishment versus rehabilitation. the confrontation happening this morning in sacramento over the governor's plan to keep more inmates in prison. >> the photos police hope will lead them to a group of jewelry robbers.
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>> good morning, topping america's money, syria speaking wall street with stocks reversing their games yesterday slipping 64 points to finish at 14,946. traders were worried about united states intervention in syria. >> another reason to "like" facebook it is rolling out a new feature to allow your friends to contribute to your photo albums a plus for sharing pictures and special events like wedding and reunions. >> mcdonald's adding something new to the menu, chicken wings of a successful test run in chicago they will make the national debut
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we are following developing news in danville police are investigating a car crash that killed a teen and sent to to the hospital. it will make for a difficult
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back to school for high school students in the area. abc7 news reporter is on the scene. >> the road just opened the last hour and we are here where the crash happened. you can see the car plowed into a tree. one teen boy is dead. his two friends are in the hospital. one with broken ribs and the other with a broken leg. all are under the age of 18. look at the video. the crash happened before 9:00 last night. we are in danville, and it is just near crow canyon road. police say that the vehicle was traveling alone for unknown reasons and lost control and hit the tree and the fence. the one passenger who died was pronounced dead at the hospital. his two friends are now at the
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medical center in walnut creek for treatment. police do not know how the crash happened or why it happened. there were no ones. they are looking for anyone with information to come forward because they were investigating for seven hours overnight. again, it will be a tough first day back to school this morning. >> it will, indeed. thank you, kira. now the rim fire burning near yosemite national park which has damaged two bay area-run camps and destroyed the camp run by the city of berkeley. abc7 news reporter has more on the vigil held to remember the camp. >> they sang the songs they have been singing each song for tuolumne camp, their home away from home open since 1922 destroyed by the rim fire. viewers e-mailed photos to us.
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>> a playful memories and those will be with us, but it is again. >> other bay area-run camps were spared from the destruction. >> this survivor of the holocaust survived, too, inside the dining hall and removed days ago. the only structure that burned down was one cabin. >> we do not know about the surrounding lands. if the tremendouses are burned, and if areas where we do programs that do not have buildings are burned. >> at san jose stanley cap flames destroyed 12 cabins and outbuilding and infrastructure and the reminder of the season is scan selled a disappointment to the families who get together at the camp each year. >> they always ask, when will it happen? is registration open? disappointment on my end. >> these families home them --
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the hope the camp will be opened. >> educators helped criminal justice and care records to rally calling on stopping of the governor's plan to expand the state prison system. rally organizers want lawmakers to reject the plan to spend up to $1 billion on private and out of state prisons and invest, instead, on programs that develop healthy and safe communities. >> walnut creek police have released new security photos of a burglary at the tiffany jewelry store. the photos show six suspects meeting in a parking lot near downtown walnut creek last thursday, and they removed the length plates of a white chevrolet blazer used in the get away and the suspects use add stolen pickup to smash the store door's at plaza and abandoned the vehicle. two other novembers have been identified, a cadillac sedan and a dark mid-2000 chevrolet tahoe.
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>> berkeley police help residents can watch out for copper thieves after 30 feet of communications cable was stolen on thursday morning knocking out cable and tv service. this is a chronic problem because copper prices are rising. at&t claims some >> and, now, how is the weather? >> the immediate forecast is warmer today although we start off cooler. we will talk about the winds, small craft advisory from 2:00 to 8:00 with winds at 15- to
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25-knots on the bay. the winds are quiet, fairfield is 13, that is a weak sea breeze this morning. everyone else, hayward is 5, six at half moon bay, and that is it. if you do not have a wind registered on the map it is calm in your neighborhood. check out this beautiful picture from emeryville of the new section, soon-to-be busy section of the bay bridge and the old one sitting next to it looks very glorious. brighter this morning, warmer this afternoon. not so many clouds this morning. mild weather through friday and it still looks like it will be cooler this holiday weekend but not so much as yesterday. downtown right now you can see the lack of cloud cover, and santa rosa hits 84 like yesterday. oakland is 74. san francisco is 68. san jose is 81. you will top out at 88 in
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concord. six degrees warmer and 79 in fremont, a big jump from yesterday. 90 around gilroy. 86 in los gatos and sunshine and 78 in santa cruz and same pictures in milpitas. up the peninsula we start at 80, and redwood city same thing and 72 in millbrae and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast into san francisco and 70 in south san francisco toward sauce lady and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and low-to-mid 60's at the beaches from 70 in richmond to 80 in hercules and 79 in castro valley and fremont lined oakland at 74 and a few 90's around antioch and brentwood. tonight we will hang out in the mid-50's to near 60. the seven-day forecast shows a couple degrees cooler tomorrow and holding steady through thursday and we could bump up to these temperatures on friday before the cooling friend hits for saturday, sunday, and monday. leyla gulen? >> we do have a report of a
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stalled vehicle from the altamont pass in the westbound direction if you are headed along 580, that is where you will find slowing. watch out for this. a stalled car is block one lane and from tracy we have a buildup of traffic taking you under half an hour to get you from tracy to dublin. into san jose, a wide view shows the roads that lead northbound and southbound through san jose along 101 at top speeds and 67 miles per hour. 280 is clear into cupertino. as we head outside, a look at the toll plaza where we have construction to the end of the tunnel and westbound side will last until 5:00. it is being were whatted up right now so everyone is moving smoothly without any problems. >> new information this morning an n.s.a. leaker edward snowden's journey any to asylum. a respected russian newspaper
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said he spent two days in the russian consulate in hong kong before trying to get to latin america and flew to now in june and then plans to go to cuba and bolivia. if that is true it suggests greater russian involvement in his efforts to escape american justice than the russian government has acknowledged. >> next, a tasty treat that is the air force's new target on illegal drugs. >> president's testimony just released, ford talking about the woman who try today assassinate him in sacramento. >> deal apple could be about to
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>> good morning to you, a look from our sutro camera to the beautiful lights of san francisco and the bay bridge. you know, if you look just at the top of your screen you can see the lights on at the eastern span of the bay bridge and it
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will be attached to the system with closures coming up. >> apple could pay you for your old phone. a tech website quotes sources saying that the company is going to launch a trade in program allowing owners of older iphones to upgrade to newer models at a discount. first you have to be eligible and you can get town -- up to $250. the program is already available at some apple stores. >> warriors fans will see changes next season at the arena. the team is adding a second row of floor seats giving fans the opportunity to feel the hardwood and experience it closeup. a new v.i.p. space is being created and 16 new theater boxes which include seating for four, a private chef table dining, bartender, food and beverage, and access to the exclusive court-side and side line clubs.
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the team did not release dollar amounts for the new amenities. >> i like it. >> look at the forecast. >> of course. >> you are welcome. injury. the parking lot looks good. here is 7:00 this morning. we are looking at yosemite national park and i wanted to show you what is going on. by noon you can see the clouds on the way and near the rim fire, we are showing a potential for thunderstorms but the winds outside of the thunderstorms will only gust up to 25 miles per hour. firefighters will deal with 93 degrees in the valley and 72 in the high country. can you see smoke will be an issue for tahoe and reno. temperature at tahoe is 78. low 90's in sacramento. aye -- 85 in the high country and around los angeles. >> construction in the east bay and we will wrap it up shortly
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in the next six minutes. traveling along westbound i-80 away from berkeley to emeryville you will find the construction project with all lanes shut down and detours are in place. to the south between embarcadero and high, you are going to see some construction crews with lots of projects going on in that area. it could slow things down but that will clear up shortly. as we look at mass transit, bart, muni, ace train, caltrain, everything is on time and a look outside, you can see what is happening in walnut creek along of 80 in the southbound direction tail lights headed away from highway 4 to the 24 junction is clear. >> 4:55. video shows former president ford giving a first-hand account of the day he was nearly assassinated in sacramento. in 1975 charles manson follower tried to kill ford on the groups of the state capital and pulled a gun but it did not fire. secret service agents wrestled
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her to the ground and arrested her. the newly released recording is from the testimony he gave against her. >> i stopped because i had the impression she wanted to...speak to me or shake my hand and as i moved to either shake hands or speak to her i noticed the gun. as i indicated, it was in her hand and it was approximately 2' away. >> the federal government allowed the release after historical society and the sacramento bee requested to preserve it. >> the popularity of greek yogurt has been soaring and now get attention from the air force. the ingredients include hemp seed and since policy bans construction rod with hemp seed, the pentagon has ordered all airmen to avoid eating that particular yogurt. the air force says yogurtfullies without hemp are fine.
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>> officials say there is a slight increase in tobacco sales to minors but over all the numbers are still very low. a report from the substance abuse and mental health services administration shows the average rate of tobacco sales to young people was over 9 percent of all tobacco sales up from 8 why 5 percent the year before. with the increase, the numbers are the second lowest on report. good news could be on the way for beer althoughers. this is a bill to make it easier for craft beer fans to shop around. if you buy half gallon container of beer right now at a micro brewery you can only refill at the same bury but a new law lets you fill at a place your choice. >> a car cash killed a teen and sent to to the hospital. >> raising their voices, the loved ones making a demand this morning to end the violence in
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oakland. >> apple's revised design for the new store in san francisco that will save an
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, welcome at 5:00 a.m., i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> we will get you a check on the forecast. mike? >> good news. it is clear outside this morning. we have fog along the coast. we watching to see if any develops in the north bay valley over the next couple of hours. as far as our forecast, from mount tamalpais you can see sausalito and san francisco all the way down to the san


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