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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 30, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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walkouts in about 60 cities's causing some restaurants to temporarily close. their goal? the right to unionize. and a living wage of about 15 bucks an hour, more than double the current minimum wage. meanwhile, the fast food chains themselves are competing fiercely to keep consumers consuming. big push for new cheaper items based on mcdonald's success with its dollar menu, taco bell is looking to break into the morning menu with a breakfast taco, filled with buwaffles and sausage, and also a burger, mcdonalds is upgrading the nugget, by throwing their hats into the chicken wing ring. meanwhile, after 30 years of rising obesity rates in america, the numbers remained level this year for the first time in every state but arkansas. and that is a good thing, because more than a third of
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american adults are obese, almost 36%, it varies by region, income, education and age. but male and female obesity is now approximately the same. not a gender gap we wanted to close. we still remain the second fattest nation in the world, so the struggle with our collective waistline remains as american as fried apple pie. >> hope you're not mid-snack watching that. thank you for watching abc news though, and world news now coming up soon with overnight breaking stuff. and you can tune into "good morning
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real big deals this week and every week. >> well the work is non-stop. this time lapse video recorded tonight from our camera on yurba buena island as crew put finishing touch on the eastern span of the bay bridge. >> scene of demolition and construction as cal-trans and contractors work to beat the clock to get the span ready by tuesday or perhaps sooner. good evening. i'm in for dan. >> i'm carolyn johnson. there was grid lock it this but also signs that people had planned ahead. >> take a look at the san mateo bridge on the left jam packed during the evening commute and on the right live picture of traffic moving along is inly rate now. >> another option for getting out of the city was the golden gate bridge. it was crowded today but new moving at the limit and going well. >> we are at the toll plaza with the work happening now. >> impressive to see how quickly this is all coming together. as you can see the road surface here at the toll plaza stripped and these crews
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are laying down new asphalt. working their way toward the toll booth. cal-trans says it won't be long before you are driving over a fresh surface and across the new bridge. thinks your drive that san francisco on the new bay bridge. approach from the toll plaza almost complete except for the repaving. more than 1 14,000 tons of asphalt are traveling on truck down interstate 5 80 during peek community hours. >> ampleing between 35 and 37 minutes from their plant to the construction site which is outstanding compute from pleasanton originating from. >> the old brim is blocking the way for the bike path attached to the new span. so big chunk is bei 1,000 feet is being dismantled. as soon as they cut away the steel beam the bike bridges installed. so far everything on schedule. >> very, very slim chance that we are not going to make the tuesday morning opening. >> at the yurba buena island tunnel the new road surface on
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the upper deck firnd and lower deck more than half done. >> new road surface technology that im paragraphs traction in wet conditions. also built to last longer and grooved to reduce vibration on the bridge. >> exist yurba buena island could be tricky. on ramp and very little room to merge. drivers have to stop and take off into the lane. but as you you come out of the tunnel heading natural east bay you won't be under the lower deck for long. old captain leave came is gone. new tower will be waiting for you. >> this fame project is carefully orchestrated right down to the minute but just in case there is a problem they built in slow time that the schedule and so far they haven't had to use any of it. cal-trans optimistic they will beat the deadline tuesday at 5:00 a.m. spoke live in the toll plaza if oakland, allen, abc 7 news. >> good to hear thank you allen. >> this evening drive home was
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grueling for many drivers. watch live on a before c 7 news at 6:00. south on highway 101 on the about instant la. 10:00 o'clock san mateo bridge east bay during abc 7 news this evening. it took our engineer behind the wheel 30 minutes to get from one end of the bridge to the other. 7 morning fuss traffic anchor says we can expect more of the same tomorrow. >> 238 to 8 80 to get to you the bridge that was particularly busy today. folks also heading in the northbound direction to get to the richmond san rafael bridge then coming down through marin to get to san francisco. so we did see those particular areas pretty busy. >> and those roads would have been even pr crowded if all of these people had decided to drive as well. this is photo of packed bart train tonight. taken by one of the directors chris i don't know son half hour ago leaving embarcadero station in san francisco. really unusual to see a train
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this full this late. bart is reporting l 3 97,000 riders hopped on the train between midnight and 7 tonight. those are the latest figure from his the agency. increase of 61,000 riders compared to the same time last year. trains are operating around the clock through labor day with limited overnight sichlts ferry also very crowded morning ridership on beth to and from the east bay jumped 57 percent compared to wednesday commute. on the golden gate ferry officials there reported the 19 percent increase additional ferry added to accommodate all the extra passengers. >> closure will last for up to 5 full days over the labor day hotel day. bridge will reopen 5:00 o'clock next tuesday morning perhaps earlier. we alert our twitter followers the moment it opens. >> another live look now at the round the clock work on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. we are stream thanksgiving video right now at abc 7 new tomorrow morning straeming the morning
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construction update. afternoon briefing is at 4:30. air that live on abc 7 news at 4:00 also on our web site information on all the extra service bart ac traints and ferry providing to help you get to all the fun bay area events this weekend. and the big event monday is that 3:00 p.m. chain cutting ceremony on the new bay bridge. we air that live here on abc 7. morning news team here half hour early at 4 a.m. tomorrow and tuesday so you can see how the project is affecting the commute around the bay area. >> on to other news now san jose substitute teacher is in jail tonight charged with possession of child pornograph pornography. the arrest of brian west fall stunned parents and neighbors. cornell is live in san jose with more on the story we first reported on 7 news at 4:00. >> west fall is a substitute teacher here at eden veil elementary for 7 years now. this week police searched his home and found thousands of images of child porn.
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>> i know brian. to me he's innocent. >> the news is stun to go verna jovs her neighbor brian west fall arrested for possessing at least 2000 images of child porn according to police. >> so thinks a shock to you obviously. >> big time big time. >> big time. >> san jose police department internet crime against children task force served search warrant at west fall home where they found the troubling image images. west fall has been a substitute teacher in the school district since 2006. most of the teaching jobs have been here at eden veil elementary. this weak police interviewed some students who had contact with west fall but the superintendent tells us there is no evidence to suggest any students within the oak grove school district or involved with or exposed to the alleged criminal actions of
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this individual. arturo nephew goes to this school. >> not safe for the children. kilometer to the school. >> between 1994 and 2004 police say west fall worked for a ymca sponsored after school program hear at simon elementary in san jose. while the investigation continues police urge anyone with information to call them. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> we now know the identity of the san francisco police officer arrested on child molestatio c charges in concord. 37-year-old richard hastings is cuss of molesting 15-year-old boy. case now in the hands of the contra costa county district attorney. abc 7 news i team has also confirmed that the sf pd launched an internal affairs investigation against hastings. >> new at 11:00. touching vigil tonight in honor of teenager killed in an accident in dabville. nearly 300 people turned out to pay tribute 16-year-old robert orlando. he was killed when the car he was
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riding in struck a tree monday night on el capitan drive. teenager driver and another teen passenger were injured. they were coming home from fishing trip before the first day of school. public memorial service will be held tuesday at 3:00 p.m. at the saint general of arc catholic church this san ramone. >> oakland police say he posed as utility work tore break in homes. he's believed to be about 35 to 40 years old 5 feet 6 inches tall weighing approximately 1 80 pound. medium complex and short dark hair. police said man posed as pg&e worker and told victims he needed to check the back of the property. homeowner were in the back yard the home was burglarize. >> up next on 7 news at 11:00. an international set become for president obama. >> also. word from north korea about the young leader and the untimely death of his former girlfriend. >> also. fire burning in and around yosemite slowing down a little. that is why no one declares victory yet. >> famous old bridge troll
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destiny uncertain for weeks. cal-trans decision nichblingts from the sutro tower cam are watching san francisco some fog out there check out the wake up weather. plus look at what
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the. >> major set back today for president obama and effort to build an international coalition to support military striking against sir yeah. britain parliament rejected a vote endorsing action to intervene in the crisis in damascas meaning britain wouldn't play any direct role in u.s. attack. 0pwachl administration presented new
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evidence to lawmakers today that syrian government forces used chemical weapons against their own people. signal the u.s. could be willing to act alone. >> bizarre story from north korea where the country dictator reportedly had former girlfriend executed by a firing squad. south korea newspaper is reporting singer who dated kim briefly was arrested for violating north korea law against pornography. she along with members of north korea orchestra were all executed. newspaper reports some members of the group were found with bible and were treated as political disdidn't. >> happening in the sierra progress to report on the fight against the huge wildfire burning in and around yosemite. rim fire burned close to 200,000 acres but canment has increased as well. now at 32 percent. evacuation advisory that was in place for tuolomne city was lifted. sign that firefighters are slowing the spread of the fire. officials
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say it will not be fully contained for weeks to come. winds shifting smoke from that fire north so officials in gold country now issued an air quality warning for the residents. >> we also get unique time lapse video of the fire from what was shot in the national park service at yosemite. see many visitors to the park have been seeing lots of smoke from the rim fire. some of the heaviest darkest colored smoke coming from the forest when consumed by when flames have consumed entire groves of tre trees. >> commuter traffic fed one trac have new option guest around the bay area. bike sharing program launches around the bay area now 700 of these distinctive blue bike at 70 different locations. cyclist use credit card to bay a membership for a year, 3 days or one day. another 300 bike and 40 additional station end or planned bit end of the year. word of advice to the bike do not come with helmet so you
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have to bring your own. >> 6 flag discoverynding extending the hours. vallejo theme park announce plans today to stay open year round starting in january the park will be open every weekend throughout the year. also opening new ride next year. tsunami soak era boat ride that includes giant water pistols. >> back to our bay bridge closure coverage now and impact on businesses in the bay area. first full day of the shut down it appeared many people decided to perhaps work from home or take a long holiday wean. many parking lots in downtown san francisco were half empty. this lotto for example handle 200 vehicle or but only 85 this morning. lot supervisor says big hit to the barack obama lane. >> bay bridge troll will have a home on the new bay bridge. mounted on the side of the old bay bridge fate was uncertain until today. it was welded on to the eastern span by workers repairing the bridge after the 1989 earthquake. it's to be a lucky charm against natural disaster. cal-trans told us
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that the troll will absolutely have a home on the new span. >> abc 7 news craw take amazing pictures as they cover the bridge shut down this one from january thon bloom shows the new stand in the back ground and the rusted span in the fore ground on the right. jonathan tweeted this photo today. he's bloom tv on twitter and that is certainly a great picture. >> we can see lots of blue sky back there. really warm one today. >> yes. find out how it is for the holiday weekend. >> holiday weekend looking great. today temperatures got up in the upper 80's inland. coastal spots you are in the mid 60's tomorrow another in the mid 90's inland so pretty big jump in our temperatures. live doppler 7 hd writ now she go you fog near the could he g go. few patches close to the bay but fog not as wide spread as it was last night near the coast and bay. 2 and a half mile advice nibility half man bay. watch out in the morning. here's the view from the tower cam are lacking to san
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francisco. look carefully here there's the shallow fog layer exploratorium 63. 66 in oakland. pretty comfortable close to 70 degrees. redwood city san jose 64 in los gatos. 63 half moon bay and here's view from the east bay hills camera. beautiful shot of the new bay bridge there with the fog in the background. santa rosa napa novato mid 60's. 68 in concord and in livermore from exploring camera look at sparkling view of the financial district in san francisco. so fog near the coast bay tonight warmer in all 80's tomorrow and we go with cooler pattern for the holiday weekend but i think saturday you will still be able to salvage pretty warm day inland. no, sir as warm as tomorrow. check out satellite radar we have a system heading up into the pacific northwest seeing some showers. there were thunderstorms in southern california this afternoon. expecting another round tomorrow so disturbance north and south sandwich in between and enjoy blue sky for your
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friday afternoon so here's look at the computer animation fog in the morning sunny sky very warm to even hot conditions. for the afternoon and then changes begin as we head into the weekend. high cloud start to enter the picture saturday sunday taking a way a little bit of the solar radiation talking about cooler weather as we head into the weekend. now here's what it is looking like for the tahoe area heading up there dense smoke advisory continues low 80's friday saturday hazy smokey sky there mid 40's for the morning and slight chance of thunderstorms on sunday looking at 47 to 78 for the high. over nature temperatures here in the bay area. pretty mild. upper 50's to low 60's and fog will be limited to the coast in parts of the bay lick i said. but it is becoming compressed as an area of high pressure building so maybe dense in spots tomorrow morning for the commute near the beaches. for the afternoon 86 in the south bay san jose tomorrow 90 in los gatos 84 santa cruz peninsula you look at sunshine mid 80's
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mountain view redd with city,mas day downtown san francisco 72 degrees north baylow 90's clover dale santa rosa, napa east bay 82 in oakland. union city inland spots you are up that the summertime range. 94 fairfield. 91 in please anton and lack at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. micro climate continue saturday although temperatures back off as we head into the sunday monday labor day mid 60's to mid 80's. only to see recovery by wednesday heading in thursday but over all lacking grand jury for labor day weekend. >> all right thank you. >> sports is here with the sports report. >> a lot of pre-season footbal football. 9 percent a nice problem. interesting decision to make loaded with so much talent who do you keep or cut. learning lesson no celebrating tonight
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a. >> good evening. 49ers wrapped up pre-season tonight in san diego. kaepernick a little cameo appearance. but the real goal essentially is make sure nobody got high pressure. niner faithful making a trip to southern california for this one against the chargers. kaepernick played one drive and successful. quick pass to patton rookie out of louisiana tech. play maker. 43 yards for the touch down and finish was his own unique dance. just the way miley would have done it too. job son certainly earned himself a roster spot tonight. 2 sack. blocked this punt and hustle up and recovers it for a touch down. johnson doing everything. daniels threw 2 td passes has to make. >> hawkins. juggle then
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smashed then brick away. is goes down the side line for touch down 45 yards. remember last weak he got scolded. this time no td and stay away from me. please. i don't want to get yelled at. niners roll 4 41-6 they go 3 and 1 in the preseason. police don't touch me raiders raiders final pre-sen game against the shawchblingts you need a hard hat if raider fan these days. wilson drives 80 yards. 3 yard touch down. 7 nothing seattle. didn't inspire a lot of confidence. 3 of 8 for 31 yards and this interception picked by thurman. well intended for jacoby well and thrown. i don't know what they do at quarterback. i guess prayer over flynn but raiders lose 22-6. go 1 and 3 this preseason. on to basebal baseball. a's close grant is angry. at himself. a's were 1 out away from sweeping detroit and the closer could not close. matt going for the 20th win
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today. he got shelled. whatever moss is eating i want some. this is his seventh hom homer in the last 10 games for the green and gold. a's cruising. up 6-1 and the lead just vanishes. bottom 92 out 2 on 6-4 game now hunter. gets a pitch up and crushes it. downtown against but only blowing one save all year that is a walk off 3 run homer. 7- 7-6. tigers the a's with a loss drop 3 games back of the first place rangers. who were idle today. 20-13 college football season tonight begin tonight. san jose state open with sacramento state. ryan making the spartan debut following mci hope tire left for colorado. if throwing to jones 31 yard strike. 123 receiving yards for jones at the half. failed 16 of 32. 225. 2 td. 15 yards to briggs
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by. he crusts in the opener 2 24-nothing over sack state a.low had a. usc visiting hawaii. rainbow warrior ferocious early. kessler sacked for the safety and led 3-two kessler. perfeond. perft throw. fell son aguilar. 19 yards and he did get a foot down for the touch down. tronl an i have to say i'm sad to report will escape paradise leading 23-5 in the fourth quarter. >> abc 7 sports brought to you by refer rock casino. >> we would have thought that game score could have really gone much higher. >> it would have been a lot better if the hawaii quarterback hasn't thrown 4 pick. >> good point. >> thanks. >> up next. cat on the track. >> a little feline shut down
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>> wake up weather in the morning. fog near the coast and around the bay. dense clear mild inland temperatures 50, 60's at 5:00 a.m. check out 8:00 a.m. 62 to 66 so it is going to warm-up. we track the temperatures 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thanks sand why. >> everything is on track for the new eastern span of the bay bridge. >> look live now at the span from the yurba buena island camera. construction moving along as planned. >> cal-trans says no reason why they can't meet the 5:00 a.m. tuesday dead lane to reopen the bridgeñi and the new eastern spn to traffic. streaming the individual quo live at 7 new >> different type of commuter mess today in new york. >> power had to be cut to 2 subway lines in brooklyn after the 2 little kitty got loose on the track. cat caper caused two hour of delay in service and eruption. transit worker
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with cat have had and crate fi corral corral the kitten and train back up and running again this afternoon. >> got them out safely. >> next on "jimmy kimmel live", larry david and back street boys. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks for being here, have great night see you tomorrow great night see you tomorrow morning
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she had this cinderella amazing night. so young. she will take this now. next time she comes back won't be as intimidated. you can't buy that experience. >> to have the experience at her age. is wonderful.
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if she doesn't come back. sure she will. if she doesn't come back. a great experience under your belt. >> yep. coming up a splashy wedding for a bride and groom, thriving on adrenaline. >> popping pills to get sleep. warnings about insomniacs getting hooked. new important information, especially at this hour. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. to you by er cellular.


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