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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 1, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, attack on hold. president obama's surprise, last-minute decision to get congressional approval before launching an attack. against syria. >> our capacity to execute this mission is not time sensitive. >> are the votes for a military strike there? and how are our allies reacting right now? we have live team coverage. breaking news. nelson mandela home from the hospital. he's now being treated from his home in his own bed. the very latest from his doctors on his condition. facing firing. the foul-mouthed police chief whose ranting and raving while shooting off a machine gun went viral. >> if you didn't get enough the first time around. >> why he won't back down even if it means losing his job. >> how about that?
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and caught on camera. look at this incredible video. a landslide sends a gigantic boulder down the side of a mountain, rolling to a stop just inches away from a car. the video you have to see this morning. >> good morning on this extremely busy sunday with big stories developing here at home and all over the world. >> let's start with president obama. and his stunning decision to put what appeared to be an imminent attack against syria on hold. now looking to congress to approve military action, after britain, a key u.s. ally backed out. now this delays any action against the assad regime for using chemical weapons by more than a week, because congress is out of session until september 9th. we begin with jonathan karl from
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the white house. quite a surprising turn of events. >> reporter: absolutely. while the president has told the world he believes the united states should launch a military attack against syria, he also made it clear he is not ready to act alone. the president made an impassioned case that the syrian government should be punished for using chemical weapons. >> i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets. this would not be an open-ended situation. but i'm confident we can hold them accountable for the use of chemical weapons, deter the behavior, and degrade their capacity to carry it out. >> reporter: but he isn't ready to launch an attack just yet. first, he wants to get a green light from congress. >> while i believe i have the authority to carry out this military action without specific congressional authorization, i know the country will be
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stronger if we take this course, and our actions will be more effective. >> reporter: the move will certainly delay military action by two weeks or more. but the president said he has time. >> our capacity to execute is not time sensitive. it will be effective tomorrow or next week or one month from now. and i'm prepared to give that order. >> reporter: it was the president, who more than a year ago, warned syria -- >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons being moved around or being utilized. >> reporter: now that they've done it, he says america must act. >> we do what we say, and we lead with the belief that right makes might. not the other way around. >> reporter: the president will also attempt to build international support for this action, beginning with his trip to russia this week, for a summit meeting of world leaders, including some that are adamantly opposed to the military strike in syria. >> and that includes the president of russia, an interesting interaction. no question.
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jon karl, thank you for your reporting this morning. now the action from the white house to capitol hill where the administration is going to launch an all-out lobbying campaign. and where lawmakers have already started to grapple with what will be a major decision. abc news' jeff zeleny is at the capital. jeff, good morning. walk us through the order of operations. when does the debate start? >> reporter: good morning. the debate is not going to start officially until next week. congress is still on its week-long recess, finishing up their summer break. the votes start next week. but there's a classified briefing on the hill this afternoon. the senate foreign relation committee begins taking some of those witness testimony statements on tuesday. this is the critical week that the white house has to explain its position, make its case to congress. right now i'm told by senior officials on both sides of the capital, the votes are not there yet. the white house has work to do over the week. >> what's your sense of whether it will pass?
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the whole world was surprised when the british parliament voted against this. what are the odds here in the u.s. congress? >> reporter: the odds in the u.s. congress are, right now, if this vote was taken today, i'm told by lawmakers on both sides, it would not pass. but as always when these things get closer to the end, things can change. but if it were to pass, it would have to be unusual alliance of democrats and republicans. some libertarians and liberals are very opposed to this action right now. so it's threading a very difficult needle for this white house. >> a huge gamble. jeff zeleny on the capital this morning. thank you. let's bring in george stephanopoulos who is the host of "this week." george, good morning. >> hey, guys. >> let me put up a question and ask you -- let me put up a picture and ask a question. this is the situation room on friday night, the president and the national security team. look at the faces. everybody so grim as they make the decision. as i look, let's ask, if the votes go against them in congress, are they likely to act against syria any way? >> if the vote went against him,
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he would be the first president in modern times to lose a vote on military force. that was the question that president obama ignored when he left the rose garden yesterday. that was the question being shouted out. i'm going to ask secretary of state kerry this morning. i don't see how they have a choice. ichb even if they lose, the president -- given what he said about the scale of the crime, a crime against humanity, he called it. he will have to act. he will be doing it without congressional authorization. to bet the white house and the bet that the president is making is that this is going to pass and this will strengthen his hand. >> why not call congress back sooner? did the president box himself in by drawing that red line when it comes to chemical weapons? >> that is the big question. if you look a year ago, a lot of people were surprised with the red line. on the other hand, when you look at the scale of the attack, it would have been hard to ignore any way. i talked to white house officials about why the president didn't call them back earlier. he said, that is their decision. one of the other things he said yesterday is the chairman of the
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joint chiefs of staff, martin dempsey, has told him, it doesn't matter. whenever he gives the order, they will be able to carry out the mission. so a couple of weeks doesn't matter. >> interesting to see if that holds. george stephanopoulos, thank you. george will have a big morning on "this week." he'll be going one on one with the secretary of state john kerry. george, thanks again. and of course, this delay gives the syrians more time to prepare for an attack. terry moran has that from beirut, lebanon. you've been reporting that syrian media is reacting to the president's surprising decision. >> reporter: absolutely, bianna. the bottom line from syria this morning is we won. there were church bells ringing out, prayers of gratitude, and the syrian government playing patriotic music. the syrian deputy prime minister said it was the syrian army that warded off the aggression that the u.s. planned. there is no question that this is a blow, at the moment, to president obama's credibility.
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and, as you said, it gives syria more time to prepare. we have been reporting that heavy equipment, missiles and tanks and launchers have been moved off of key bases. but that does leave the u.s. with a lot of tools in its tool box still. the destroyers and aircraft carriers in the mediterranean, b-2 bombers from around the world. and still plenty of targets. runaways, ammunition depots and bunkers, and, we understand, munitions factories. the delicate balance that the president has to strike is right now, he doesn't want bashar al assad to lose this war. there is no credible opposition in american position to take power. so he has to damage assad's military enough to punish them, prevent them from using chemical weapons again, while keeping him in power. it's a tough balance. right now the sense is that he backed down, the president backed down, and there is a huge sigh of relief being breathed in damascus. >> it really is the problem from
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hell as has been described before, because so many people in the opposition are linked to al qaeda. let me ask you, terry, while we have you there this morning. what is the reaction in israel, our key ally in the region? >> reporter: worry. concern. this is -- came as a shock to israeli government ministers, to the israeli government and the israeli public. the israeli press this morning is full of expressions of genuine concern, that when the big battle they believe they face with iran at some point over that nuclear program comes, america will not be standing by israel's side. so there is a sense that this has long-lasting implications, especially if the united states congress does not approve the use of force. >> iran looming in the back of all of this. terry moran, thank you for your reporting from the region. we want to switch gears now because we do have another breaking story right now. after nearly three months in the
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hospital, nelson mandela is going home. the former president of south africa and nobel peace prize-winner is going to be treated in his own bed in his own home. why now? and what does this say about his health? let's go to rob nelson. he's in pretoria. rob? >> reporter: good morning, dan. nelson mandela spent 86 days at the hospital in south africa. but this morning, he's back in his private home in johannesburg, where he will remain under the care of his doctors. the president of south africa released a statement hours ago ensuring he would receive the same level of care at home as he did in the hospital. the president said his home has been reconfigured to accommodate his medical needs, and the very same personnel who treated him at the hospital will be administering his care in johannesburg. there were false reports yesterday about the 95-year-old mandela being released. so the actual release that happened overnight was not a total surprise. mandela has been hospitalized since june 8th for a lung infection. there were serious fears that the world was about to lose this
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towering figure. but mandela, for nearly three months now, has shown the same resilience and perseverance near death as he has throughout his life. just weeks ago in july, the country paused to celebrate his 95th birthday. and the gates outside this hospital have been adorned with posters and pictures in his honor. according to the release from the south african government, mandela has displayed grace and fortitude. we still need to remember this is a very sick man we're talking about. he does remain in critical but stable condition. dan, bianna. >> nelson mandela, quite the fighter. welcome news for his family and the people in south africa. you spent a lot of time in south africa covering that. >> finally going home. that's good news. good morning to you, bianna and dan. good morning, everyone. in the news, more breaking news. veteran british reporter david frost, best known in this country for his interviews, president richard nixon after he resigned has died.
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his family said he died of a heart attack on a ship where he was set to give a speech. david frost was 74 years of age. and moving on to new signs of progress in the effort to get the wildfire in yosemite national park in california under control. it is now 40% contained. the u.s. forest service now saying firefighters expect 100% containment by september 20th. and retailers across the country participating in a patriotic labor day celebration, made in america. awarding discounts to shoppers who buy products made in the u.s. walmart, best buy, omaha steaks, and others are in on the promotion. and ruth bader ginsburg is the first sitting justice on the highest court to officiate a same-sex wedding. the two men are personal friends of hers. and indianapolis, indiana, a driver is recovering from injuries this morning after a
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near fatal accident. the delivery man's car going straight into a garage. the couple who life there were home at the time but were unhurt. witnesses say the car was swerving before the crash. police are investigating. and rolling into the record book, the world's largest food truck rally hitting the florida state fairgrounds in tampa, florida, this weekend. 99 mobile food vendors rallying together at once. the previous record, as we all know, was set back in miami back if april with 62. >> who could forget? >> who could forget that one? >> it was 62. how a new record to break. >> what is it about florida? >> let's not even get into that. >> i feel like there's an answer there. >> i've spent some time there. i love florida. >> for the record. >> for the record. >> ron claiborne reporting. thank you. >> one more story. >> sorry, i didn't know that. >> i didn't know that either. sorry. >> you've pushed me out the door here. >> no, no, no, keep going. finally, dan harris, we have
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a story about a navy mom who pulled off a heartwarming surprise reunion, returning after a year and a half long navy deployment. you want to hear this one, 9-year-old yagel and younger sister josie were thinking they were in the same classroom to celebrate his birthday. they were unaware their mother was about to burst in through the door. check it out. >> take a look. >> hi, mom! >> hi! >> how are you? >> hi! do you like your birthday present? >> see, you didn't want to miss that one, dan. >> no, worth the wait. >> the entire classroom, the other students were brought to tears witnessing that. the long-awaited reunion. the mom, home for good. >> totally, totally worth it. >> that's okay? that's it. i'm done now. >> thank you, ron claiborne. sorry to cut you off. that was absolutely worth it. >> tears of happiness.
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>> you okay? we have something to cheer you up. ginger zee with the national forecast. >> i don't know if i can do that. but what i was doing all day yesterday, believe it or not, i was glued to my radar, especially in the southwest. let me show you pictures of what was happening. flash flooding in parts of southern california. this is from landers, california. this is why we tell you don't drive into flood waters. see what happens? the car gets stuck and pushed. yes, that person had to be rescued, and yes, that is going to happen again today. flash flood warnings are going to go up, probably around las vegas like they did yesterday. right there in parts of utah, arizona, and southern california. all of the humidity, the moist air that they're not used to, that's sticking in place, at least through the end of the holiday weekend. and it was unsettled all the way into the central parts of the country. a tornado reported, crystal north dakota, thank you for sending that in. erin white, from our affiliate there. and south dakota, we had tennis ball-size hail. really unsettled. but in kentucky, lexington area, i want to show you exactly what was happening. you have damage there from
7:16 am
damaging winds, hail, and flash flooding. i have so many pictures, it's wild, what happened across the nation. and the east coast, today, and into tomorrow, that flash flood warnings also possible. in a lot of places, it will just be thunderstorms, strong at times. key west, quickly. looking down the street, a water spout there yesterday. i have much more coming >> and here's that shot you have been waiting for all morning. we saw at the beginning of the
7:17 am
show, watch this. this is in taiwan. car driving along, and see that spurt over the top, land slide comes down, hits the car. and here's the kicker. >> wow! >> look at that. >> so close. they made it out. >> so close. >> they've had a typhoon in the area. they've had so, so much rain. incredible flooding. this is some of the wildest video we have seen of late. >> it's huge. >> objects in the rearview mirror may be closer than they appear. >> and the driver is okay. that's great news, too. >> thank you, ginger. incredible video. now to the police chief with a taste for foul language and youtube fame. this guy's made a series of viral videos where he shoots off his gun and fires off his mouth. now he is on the firing line himself. quite literally. he has been suspended and could get canned. linzie janis is on the story. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: the man seen here shooting off his mouth and his weapons is perhaps one of the last people you'd expect to star in a profanity-laced youtube
7:18 am
video. >> and that's how i handle these [ bleep ] parts. >> reporter: mark kessler is the chief of police for gilberton, pennsylvania. and this morning, he's in hot water over these videos, featuring the chief firing semi-automatic weapons while angrily arguing for the right to bear arms and against several politicians. >> ban the [ bleep ]. all right? >> reporter: the council suspended him in july, accusing him of using borough-owned weapons in the videos without permission. that suspension was set to expire this weekend, but it was extended indefinitely after kessler and his lawyer were unable to attend a council meeting. abc news spoke to him overnight. >> i didn't hurt anyone. maybe i hurt some feelings. and maybe i used some choice words that people didn't like. but that's my constitutional rights. >> reporter: and in his videos, he's anything but apologetic. >> well, i'm here to say i'm sorry. i don't think so.
7:19 am
this boy don't roll that way. >> reporter: the gilberton borough council says they will hear chief kessler's side of the story before making any decisions. >> the next step in our process as it moves on is to have a meeting to allow him to tell his side of the story. >> reporter: meanwhile, kessler says he has more videos in the works. >> come and get it! >> reporter: his lawyer says what his client does in his personal life has no bearing on his job. if he is terminated, he's going fight to get his job back. as for the people of the tiny borough of gilberton, they're split. some see him as a hero fighting against gun control laws, some are embarrassed he's the police chief and want him fired. >> a rambo quality to them. >> a taste for subtlety, thank you, linzie. appreciate it. >> oh, yeah. now to the young war hero serving up inspiration at the u.s. open.
7:20 am
despite his serious injury, he's made it all the way to the show courts, scoring points with the world's best tennis players and of course, their fans. marci gonzalez is at the billie jean king national tennis center in new york. good morning, marci. >> reporter: he has one of the best views in this place, but it's the way he sees the challenges that brought him here that's really incredible. angelo anderson never thought he would be here. on the court of the u.s. open, running alongside some of the biggest tennis champions in the world. in fact, the navy corpsman once worried he may never run again. >> at the time i didn't really see myself being athletic again. >> reporter: that time, three years ago, as he lay on the ground in afghanistan, bleeding from two gunshot wounds. >> the entry wound of the bullet was actually here. and then it exited here. >> reporter: the other bullet
7:21 am
shattered his femur. it's not the scar he focuses on, but the date tattooed next to it. >> the tattoo on my leg is actually my alive date. >> reporter: symbolizing not the day he almost lost his life, but the day he began fighting for it. undergoing several surgeries and six months of rehab learning to walk again. when he was asked to try out to be one of the ball persons at this year's u.s. open, he knew all that hard work had paid off. a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. a chance to inspire. >> military-wise, people who may be disabled or anything like that, please take what i'm doing as something that you can also do as well. your injury isn't the end of the world. >> reporter: his world, he says, opened up by that nightmare day on the battlefield. you think the injury was a blessing in disguise? >> yes. i can't say it's a burden or the worst thing ever. look at the opportunities i've gotten that came from it.
7:22 am
>> reporter: and anderson, who is still on active duty, says before this, he had no interest in tennis. never watched, never played. but now he says he's hooked and hoping to score some lessons while he's here. dan and bianna. >> great story. i love that. his alive date. >> he's earned those lessons. thank you very much. he's great. real role model. coming up here on "gma." the young woman who looks more like a model than a murder suspect. the alleged victim? her own mom. why the cops and her father thought they had prevented the violence. plus once the biggest name in sports, but this morning tim tebow is out of a job. is he now considering a career change? >> huge change for him. and coming up in pop news, what happened to little suri cruise? that's coming up. keep it here on "gma." much more to come on this very busy sunday morning. we're back soon. wow, this is good, mom. yeah.
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♪ hey, everybody. >> oh. jesus. he has risen. >> jason sudeikis, aka jesus on "saturday night live." remember when tebow was so big, that he was even parodied on that show? how quickly things change. tebow is out of a job. cut by the new england patriots. what's next for him? we'll get into that later. good morning, america, i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris, saturday, september 1st. welcome to the new month. also coming up on the show this morning, big changes to the game we all played as children. the new monopoly piece. the iron is out. we'll show you what is in. and a new way to show your favorite hunky celebrity some love. get out your burnt see yen that,
7:31 am
periwinkle, and midnight blue. >> burnt sienna. you hear that, ron? we'll start with a young woman at the center of a brutal brutal murder case. the alleged victim? her own mother. >> the cops and the girl's father said they tried to intervene in the hours before the killing. so what went wrong here. our aditi roy is in the los angeles studio with the report. what a gruesome story. >> reporter: it is a chilling story. good morning, dan and bianna. before the murder, police were at the teenager's house with a stern warning for her, to respect her mother or be thrown out of the house. hours later, police were back, this time to a bloody murder scene. >> district 1 is looking for isabella guzman, cut her mother's throat. >> reporter: police say this is the face of a killer, and that 18-year-old isabella guzman's victim is her own mother. the 47-year-old's body the center of a bloody crime scene
7:32 am
in this aurora, colorado, home. police say guzman stabbed her mother 79 times. >> she's on foot somewhere in the area. >> reporter: after an all-night search, undercover police discovered guzman in a nearby parking lot. in a police affidavit, the girl's stepfather heard his wife cry out. he opened the door to the bathroom and allegedly found his step daughter standing with a knife over her mother's bloody body. her biological father says he spoke with his daughter earlier that day. the topic of conversation, her troubled relationship with her mother. >> i still can't believe it. i thought that i made progress. obviously i didn't do anything. because hours later, then this thing happened. >> reporter: prosecutors say in the days leading up to the murder guzman yelled at her mother and spit in her face.
7:33 am
and reportedly via e-mail sent a clear message, you will pay. a teenager that looks more like a model than a murder suspect behind bars. she's held without bail on first degree murder. the next court appearance is september 15th. an incredibly disturbing story. dan and bianna? >> disturbing indeed. all right, aditi, thank you. we're going to ron claiborne with the other top stories developing. hey, ron. >> hi, again, bianna and dan. in the news, president obama says he will ask congress for approval before launching an attack on syria. the president said he is convinced that the syrian government launched a chemical attack that killed civilians. the president now looking to congress to support military action, limited, to punish them for the use of those weapons. and john boehner received a resolution on the use of force. congress is set to return on september 9th. no plans to be called back before then. the white house is briefing members of both parties on the situation in syria in the meantime. and breaking news out of
7:34 am
south africa, former south african president nelson mandela was discharged from the hospital. returning to his home in joh johannesburg after being hospitalized for 86 days. he is in critical condition, and will continue now to receive medical care at home. and finally an embarrassing gaffe at notre dame stadium. not all the focus on the football field. this morning, a twitter user drawing our attention to the cups that the patrons got at the concession stand. supposed to say the fighting irish, instead it says the figthing irish. close. close, but not quite there. now time to go over to the weather and ginger. >> i got so excited about what happened yesterday, i forgot about what's going to happen today. severe weather possible south of chicago down to st. louis. a lot of areas pummelled this weekend. springfield, illinois, and joliet, included there. a headline out of the south, the heat. it has been for over a week in a lot of places. the humidity high.
7:35 am
104 dallas today, 98 oklahoma city. it will feel like 100 or higher at times. 96 in st. louis. and then the beach forecast. everybody enjoying or hopefully you did enjoy coney island. nicest day of the weekend was certainly yesterday. because it's going to get a little rainier. especially in the northeast all the way down to the southeast. but i thought why not check in on the water temperatures anyhow. miami beach to 84, daytona, 84, myrtle beach, the water temperature is 80. if you can slip in, get the dry air, maybe that will work out for you on the beaches. a horseshoe of rain, but nice in the center and closer to the coast in the west. >> this weather report has been brought to you by purina.
7:36 am
and today's kid forecasters, maya and alex, twins, both 6 years old from northbrook, illinois. >> hey, maya, what is the weather going to be like today? these? >> no. >> this? >> no. you have to wear these and this. >> i'm mya. >> and i'm alex. >> we are 6 years old from northbrook, illinois. thank you for watching "gma" little forecasters. >> why don't you come with props, ginger? >> i just was going to say, i need props. for the next weather forecast, i do. >> they are cute. >> so, so cute. thanks, ginger. coming up on "gma." he's a man who became so famous, his last name became a verb. tim tebow, out of a job. will he be saying good-bye to football for good? she almost upstaged her sister at her wedding. now pippa middleton may have her own engagement news. sister at her wedding. now pippa may have her own
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it's been a tough run for tim tebow. not long ago, he was a national sports phenom. this morning, he's a man without a team. >> the latest blow coming yesterday, when the patriots cut him from the roster. does this mean no more tebowing on the football field for good? gio benitez is here. hey, gio. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. less than two years ago, he was plying high. called the biggest name in all of sports. the inspiration for tebow mania. which swept the nation. today some say tim tebow's football career could be finished after being cut by the new england patriots in the preseason. the devoutly religious quarterback with an unorthodox playing style won two national
7:42 am
championships and the heisman trophy before being drafted late in the first round by the denver broncos. >> he does a great job of being professional. i think people are drawn to him. >> reporter: starting out on the bench, he didn't start for the broncos until mid season. then propelled the team all the way to the playoffs. >> to the 10, going all the way to new england zblchld! >> reporter: the florida native turned his trademark pose, tebowing, into a viral phenomenon. spreading across social media and late-night comedy. >> hey, everybody. >> oh, jesus. >> reporter: all the while maintaining the humility that made him so easy to like in the first place. he spoke to robin roberts. >> oh, it's a key. what does it symbolize? >> i gave it to her because she was the key to my success. >> reporter: one season later, tebow was welcomed to new york as a jet. only to have his rising career knocked down again. >> well, they didn't use him correctly. they were asking him to do some
7:43 am
things that he's not suited to do. >> reporter: it seemed he finally landed a home with the new england patriots. but yet again, he finds himself a man without a team. >> he does it the right way. he does it the professional way. you would hope other guys would try to emulate how he goes about his business. >> reporter: with his career in question, the quarterback handled his latest defeat with the grace that everyone has grown accustomed to. tweeting his gratitude to -- the entire patriots organization, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a classy organization. what renines be determined is not what tim tebow will do next, but whether he will rise again. and he had said in an interview with espn that some day he might consider running for office. yesterday he tweeted out, i will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an nfl quarterback. >> he seems like a nice guy. >> he does. some day we may see senator tebow. >> let's see. >> thank you, senator benitez.
7:44 am
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♪ she chases tornadoes. she brings us the forecast. she brings us "pop news." zwri zwringer ginger zee. is there anything she can't do? >> nothing i love more than weather except other people's business. that's what we're going to talk about. starting with pippa middleton. we all fell in love with her, and her behind, i mean, let's face it, years ago. but now the world's most famous sister may be in love and off the market. friends of pippa say she is secretly engaged to her banker boyfriend. miko jackson. she's supposedly waiting to make this announcement to not take
7:49 am
the spotlight if her sister, kate and her young nephew, george. >> he's handsome. >> he is. accidents happen, everybody is concerned about it, including celebrity kids. 7-year-old suri cruise broke her arm. and get this, ron claiborne, allegedly from punching a paparazzi. >> i love that. >> i'm kidding. i'm kidding. that's a ron story. >> i love that. >> we don't know how that happened. we do know she's okay. but it's a good bet she won't be at gymnastics class for awhile. okay, we have a monopoly board on the desk. when you play, you have the classic game pieces, the dog, the thimble, the hat. well, as you may remember, they got rid of the iron. and five people were outraged i mean, who's played with the iron any way? did anybody pick that? they've added a new game piece, and it is for dan harris, a kitty cat. i know. >> it actually says in the
7:50 am
teleprompter, make fun of dan right here. >> of course i will make fun of dan. 10-year-old dan harris said i had to play with the dog. >> i lost an intense lobbying campaign with the people at parker brothers. >> you probably voted a lot. the cat beat out the helicopter, a diamond ring, a robot and a guitar if that contest to select it. >> dan has a lot of pull. >> you won, dan. good job. >> very powerful. moving on. the only thing harder than channing tatum's chest is saying channing tatum's chest. so let's not say it. let's color it. grab your crayons and get ready to add a hue to your favorite hunk. it's a brand-new calendar called color me swoon. ron is flipping through his right now. everybody's got a copy. we all have crayons. so you can do robert pattinson, hid bedroom eyes. bradley cooper's smile. i found this throwback very fun. tom selleck. >> look at that. >> i'm seeing party favors for ginger's engagement party. >> the men will love that. it comes out september 3rd.
7:51 am
so you can get your hands on it. >> bruno mars. >> the look of consternation on ron's face. >> this is the best part. i think they're going to add two new faces to the new edition. what do you think? dan and ron? >> yeah. oh, nice. i like it. >> that's me on the left, by the way. >> a kitty cat, yeah. >> only one of those people is a hunk, and it's ron claiborne. >> look at this one, it looks like christian bale. >> yeah. >> is he holding a cell phone? all right. we'll be right back with more "gma." keep it here. we'll be right back with more "gma." keep it here.
7:52 am
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and that does it for the broadcast -- >> pretty much. we're not sure. >> get your attention. this is her literature. i like that. thank you for watching, everybody. david muir is back with "world news" later today. we'll see you tomorrow. e you tomorrow. news" later today. back with you tomorrow.
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good morning and welcome to "this week." stunner, the commander in chief decides to strike syria. >> we cannot turn away from the massacre of civilians, chemical weapons. i'm asking congress to send a message to the world. >> will they approve, what if they don't, what are the risks of delay? we're live with terry moran in the middle east, christiane amanpour from london. >> these are the facts. >> i'll go one-on-one with the man who made america's case to the world. secretary of state john kerry. plus the team of experts is here to break down the global and military consequences of the president's decision. and we weigh in on the politics of war and the fallout


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