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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 1, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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what is being done this weekend and is live from the toll plaza. >> right now the to-do list is getting shorter and shorterment we're live near the bay bridge toll plaza and workers are putting finishing touches, screwing the flexible barriers into the pavement. some of the last-minute work. right reasonable doubt around the toll plaza workers are putting in lane striping and paving. >> out with the old. in with the new. workers finish hacking apart a section of the old fan to install the new bike and pedestrian path. it should be open to cyclist tuesday at noon and runs to emeryville. anne discovered the path by accident and left because she didn't want to get into trouble but she'll be back. >> i'll be happy to go on the bay bridge, just to see how spectacular the new bridge and is to see the view. it's really going to be exciting. i can't wait to go. >> workers finished sand-blasting and power washing
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the thumb on yerba buena island and spent the bulk of the day putting asphalt and lane striping. tomorrow there will about a ceremony, featuring and folks who were around for the original bay bridge dedication, 57 years -- 75 years ago. >> dignitaries and people of note are being added almost as we speak. and there will also be a special guest. >> that is being kept a secret. the event will not be open to the public. the lieutenant governor is set to do the honors because governor brown is at a family function in michigan, although transportation officials say there is a chance the governor could return. for now, caltrans says the brim will open on schedule, tuesday at 5:00 a.m., and not the night before. >> we don't want the public planning for some phantom earlier opening that may never
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come to pass. they should plan their morning commute, plan their return trips, from their holiday weekend vacations based on a 5:00 a.m. opening. >> caltrans will give a warning of several hours to let people know when they plan to actually open the bridge. then there will be a final swpee of debris to make sure there's no junk on the road and everyone is safe, and then the entrance ramps all around the east bay on to the bay bridge as well as on the other side will be open one at a time. live near the bay bring toll plaza, abc7 news. >> ama: bay area commuters found ways to get around the bridge today, places like the golden gate bridge were jam packed. this is a other are a view from our golden gate bridge cam this afternoon. not all major roads were this busy. sue hall has a look at traffic today. >> you can see the bay bridge northbound getting there. it's improving from lombard and 19th but still a grind, that fog coming down on the coast. a couple of bottle nebraskas to worry about.
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getting to the city from the north bay, from marin, from highway 1, is just bumper to bumper. the mill valley side of things. let's look at some live shots outside. there's the golden gate grudge. the fog has lifted. the traffic is moving smoothly northbound and southbound. san mateo bridge continues to be an excellent alternate route. minor delays on the hillsdale side. we have bumper to bumper, from golden gate fields into the maze, and we'll take a quick look to drive times. 20 minutes from golden gate field into the maze at this point. i'm am lillian kim joins us live from the golden gate bridge with a look at how commuters were impacted today. >> where we are at the toll plaza, traffic from san francisco is moving along, but earlier today on doyle drive it was bumper-to-bummer.
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the situation was just as bad for the people coming from marin. traffic on 101 south had been backed up all the way to marin city. the golden gate bridge district has been monitoring the situation all day, and no matter what configuration they came up with, three lanes northbound or southbound or two lanes northbound and two lanes southbound, backups were inevitable. >> coming to work, gave us traffic updates, and we had a few commuters calling in, telling us where the traffic us and hopefully open another lane. they're pretty understanding, it's labor day weekend so this is expected. the good thing is when you get here, you don't have any backups at all. >> the can go bridge -- the golden gate bridge does not have anyway numbers but is significantly worse than labor day last year. the fer requests have been taking on the extra load of people who would normally take the bay bridge. jack london square has been
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bustling all day with people trying to cross the bay. and b.a.r.t. yesterday recorded nearly 279,000 trips. barret bate's second highest ridership for a saturday. the highest was october 6th of last year when the blue glass, sweep week, nlds, cal versus ucla and a justin bieber concert were happening on the same day. >> ama: and our reporters are taking pictures of the work being done today. sergio tweeted a work update from the news conference. for more pictures, follow him on twitter. and for all of our bay bridge and break news updates on twitter, follow us@abc7 news bay area. tonight, a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of whoever shot an oak lap man to death. happened just before 11 last night. the 48-year-old victim was visiting a friend when,
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according to the police, he got into a until argument with another man who then shot him. no arrests have been made. >> east palo alto police are looking for two shotters who fired 30 shots into a house, wounding two teenagers. justly afters sass night the shot spotter was activated 31 times. officers arrived to find an 18-year-old man outside the house and a 19-year-old man inside. both hood -- had been shot but are expected to recovery. the motive appears to be road rage. >> the response to the rimfire in sierra has cost $60 million and could burn another two weeks the fire is now the fourth biggest on record in california, burning more than 222,000 acres, firefighters have it 40% contained. it has destroyed 11 homes and 100 buildings. cloudy skies and high are humidity are helping slow the fire's spread. smoke from fire started to
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obstruct views inside yosemite, hours a park spokesperson says it's starting to thin out. >> thanks to some alert deer hunters a cloverdale man has been taken into custody on suspicion of starting a series of grass fires. this morning deer hunters spotted a plume of smoke from the hills. soon after smoke began rising from another spot and the hunters new something was wrong. >> i asked my body, i didn't hear no dry lightning so after that we started watching and then we saw this fire flaring, and then a couple minutes later we seen a dog and a guy come down in the road, and he grabbed a pile of brush and started another fire. >> the hunters confronted the man, identified as 28-year-old james novak and held him until authorities arrived. novak was held in connection with two fires yesterday. >> still ahead at 6:00. why some people who use caltrain will now have to spend more on their daily commute.
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>> plus, what scientists found on mars that could point to life in the planet's future. >> why the solution to jet lag could be found in a mouse. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. still looking at the high and mid-level clouds across the bay area. sprinkles? we may see a few tomorrow. we'll l
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>> ama: authorities found a missing holster teen although they're still searching for a man who may have been with her. he may me headed to mexico. he was with the girl when she was reported missing. she was found safe in low lodi. >> commuters parking at cal trains stations now have to fork over an extra dollar. starting today parking costs you $5, and monthly parking is now $50, agency officials say the 25% increase is needed to cover the increased costs of maintaining the parking lot. they raised parking fees just once since 2005. >> the white house is giving the cold shoulder to atherton. the city sent two invoices to the white house asking for reimbursement for fundraising events in april. a media partner reports the city manager is recommending the town absorb the cost. it's one of the bay area's most affluent communities.
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>> up next at 6:00, what nasa scientists hope to find on a trip to the moon this fall. >> the top -- the topsy-turvy weather this week,. >> leigh: has the forecast. >> mike: the cal bears have an opening season loss against northwestern and came out with some posit
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>> ama: nasa is going back to the moon this week, an unmanned probe is scheduled to take off friday from virginia. the probe will search for water molecules in the moon's atmosphere and gather information about lunar dust. this is the final mission to moon nasa has scheduled. but some in congress want a mission to moon. >> mars is full of a key chemical ingredient in life. it's rich in phosphate, up to ten times more so than earth according to scans of the planet surface.
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this is a big deal because phosphate is the backbone of dna. scientists believe phosphate was critical to the reactions that led to the origin of life on the earth. it adds to the speculation about whether the red planet once had life. >> the problem of jet lag may be solved thanks to mice. researchers in england and switzerland have found a particular genetic mechanism in rodents that gets in the way of the ability to adjust the patterns of light and dark. when the mechanism was blocked, the mouse recovered faster. if the same mechanism conclude found and blocked in humans, jet lag could be a thing of the past. >> don't need to fly anywhere because we have had some nice weather. >> leigh: may see a sprinkle or two but the forecast model is kind ago pulling some of it out. tomorrow morning, don't be surprised in the east bay, may see a sprinkle.
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live doppler 7hd, you can see the high and mid-level clouds and fog making its way in through the peninsula, through the golden gate, and heading over towards the east bay. i want to show you some of the subtropical moisture. it was more intense, more organized yesterday, and not as much development here along the sierra this afternoon, although we do have an area of low pressure to the north that could possibly bring in a little bit more moisture as well. highs today, we all came down as much as two or three degrees across much of the bay area. still a pleasant day. 84, santa rosa. san francisco, 66. 76 in oakland. san jose, 81. morgan hill, 88. 90 in antioch. san jose, bureau cam looking at high and mid-level clouds. san francisco right now, 64. san jose, 73. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. the cloud deck starting to lift but get ready for more low,
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dense overcast there overnight tonight. napa right now, 7 2. novato, 73. livermore, 78 degrees. here's a look at the labor day forecast. your forecast highlights in through mid-week. clouds overnight. fog at the coast and bay. it will go with the clouds, labor day, a very slight chance of the sprinkle, mainly in east bay locations. here's the satellite radar composite. low low here and high here, and the wrap-around moisture that is drawing up from the south towards the bay area, and here's the forecast animation. start at 11:00 tonight and the clouds will be with us, but check this out. what happens at 4:00 or 5:00, we're looking at a few light showers developing towards sacramento, heading down towards the vallejo area, and then here is 7:00 tomorrow, and you can see just a scattering, mainly in the east bay, as i mentioned, tomorrow morning, and then after
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that, folks, just evaporates and everything starts to dry out by lunchtime. so look for plenty of sunshine heading into the 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 time period. here's a look at your lows for this evening. mild inland, 60s. 50s at the cost and the pocket of dense fog that could slow down air travel tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow, more sun. north bay. so look for numerous 80s there santa rosa, 82. bring the clouds in, mainly the east bay. 73, oakland. livermore, 84. the accuweather seven day forecast, we're going to see temperatures slowly begin to warm up. by wednesday and thursday, low 90s inland, and friday, saturday, sunday, a miniheat wave with daytime highs inland mid-to upper 90s. >> this sports report brought to you by:
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>> ama: mike shumann is here with sports. >> mike: good day for baseball, a's sweep tampa before the rangers come to town tomorrow. texas a loser today so the a's a game back in the west. the a's raised 61,000 in breast cancer awareness dade. coco crisp in the first, sixth home run in the last 11 games. 1-0 oakland, griffin, seven innings, five hits, one run, help from the defense. griffin with the relay, vogt with the tagout. then vogt goes deep. third of the season. now one back heading into the crucial series with the rangers with the 5-1 victory over the rays. >> we're excited. we feel like we've been playing good ball and excited to get to the ballpark every day. like i said, we're feeling good and we're in a good groove right now and looking to keep that
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going. >> giants looking to take two out of three from the d-backs. petit, solid baseball. six innings, two hits, and a career-high ten ks, hector sanchez, three rbi on he day, two on this double in the fourth. 3-1 giants. in the fifth, hunter pence, his team-leading 17th home run of the area. two rbi day. giants win, 8-2. >> despite the loss to northwestern, sonny dykes' cal bears were fun to watch. wasn't perfect but the true freshman goff made quite a debut. he complete 38 of 62 passes for 445 yards and two touchdowns. but he had three interceptions. two of his three picks were tips but nonetheless two were taken back for touchdown. the kid was cool under pressure, and i know why coach dykes within with the true freshman. he started about his start after
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the loss. >> i can do better. i had a few nice passes but a lot of stuff i can do better. nice reps, and bad luck, but that's no excuse. have to get better. >> we'll learn a lot films game. i was really, really proud of the way the players played. we played hard. i thought we showed we're -- we have what it takes to be a good football team. we made too many mistakes and young football teams have a tendency to do that from time to time. >> defending u.s. ohm champ serena will must be getting tired of hearing sloan stevenses the heir apparent in women's tennis. sloan beat serena and serena repaid the favor today. serena won the first set and cruised in the second, winning five straight games. a finish stevens cannot get back in time. stevens wasn't there for the second set as she air mails it into the crowd.
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serena won the break point and served for the match, and on match point, stevens finds the net. serena advances to the quarterfinals for the 11th 11th time in 14 yours at flushing meadow, looking for the a 17th major title. >> third round for the men, defending champ andy murray no trouble dispensing his opponent. last year's u.s. open champ, his first major victory, he moves on to the round of 16 in straight sets. layton hewitt also moving on. >> third around, deutsche bank. second event of the fedex playoff. steve stricker, right up there. 8-under. three back of the leader. henrik stensen always seems to be in contention, birdie on 11 pushes him two back, 17 under, and they're all chasing sergio garcia,. a 6-under 65. 19-under on the tournament, heading into monday's final round. this abc sports report brought to you by orchard supply
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hardware. >> ama: thank you, shu. next on abc7 news at 6:00. why researchers are spending the weekend observing sci-fi and fantasy fanatics in their natural habitat. what they hope to find
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>> ama: join my tonight on cable 13. we'll look at samsung's new device that could be a rival for iwatch. and then the newest craigslist trend. the bizarre item that is now popping up for sale online. all that is at 9:00 and 11:00. more than 50,000 people invaded atlanta this weekend for a one of a kind event. dragon come is one of the largest fantasy sci-fi comic and gaming conventions in the world and features these players which are people who dress up in costumes. this year they're being studied for their choice of the uhoby. professors from east tennessee state will try to find out why thigh dress up. they want to know what drives them to identify with fictional characters. i like those guys. that's it for us at 6:00.
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ama daetz. we'll be back at 9:00 and 11:00. and leave you with a live look out.
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