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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 2, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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anyone else that we can get the bridge open before 5:00 a.m. >> bay bridge construction is right on schedule tonight and ready to open no later than tuesday morning. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates. one day of construction left on the new bay bridge. you are looking live at our yerba buena camera as crews finish the last-minute work to get the bridge open on time. and a similar sight at the toll plaza. that's where sergio is live with the latest on the progress tonight. sergio? >> ama, there was paving and lane striping and some demolition at the old bay bridge span. they were the major projects of the day and they have been largely completed. tomorrow crews will be focusing on minor details and a special ceremony here at the
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toll plaza. during this tour of the east bay span there is a new bridge is is essentially complete. >> this bridge could uh come tate traffic, but we are not at the point where construction is scom -- completed. >> paving is getting wrapped up and the tunnels have been washed down and lane stripes have been finished. even the first pieces of a temporary bike ramp have been installed leading to the new bridge. crews were hoisting sections of the new ramp into place after they completed the first stage of the old east bay span's demolition. >> for nearly 80 years this is the view drivers had as they made their way into san francisco. as of now this is the last time we will see it. this was the last evening tour of the construction project so crews let us take a few final pictures of the old span including an up close look at what failed during the earthquake. >> this section failed and fell on to the lower deck
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which resulted in one fatal incident during the earthquake. >> a died-year-old woman died when she drove over the damaged section and crashed down on the lower deck. the failed section is what prompted the construction of the new span which is designed to with stand earthquakes. a monday afternoon event is being planned for the bridge. >> there is a ceremonial chain cutting at the toll plaza followed by a procession of historic cars. >> even with the progress and the scheduled event the crews say the public should not anticipate them opening early. they insist a tuesday morning opening is the plan. abc7 news. >> sergio has been sharing some great photos on twitter as he gets access to the construction. here have some of the crossroads of the old and newment follow sergio at svq journalist. the new span will cost $6.5 billion.nstruction began in construction began in 2002 and it has taken more than a
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decade to complete. the new span is designed to last 1 fest years. the bridge is scheduled to open no later than 5:00 on tuesday morning. the first test comes tomorrow during the chain cutting ceremony. 20 cars from vintage models to modern electric vehicles are expected to take a spin across the span. we will bring you live coverage of the event here on abc7. now a look at how it has affected traffic around the bay area. the emeryville cam shows in ter state 80 at berkeley and you can see still a good amount of cars out there. this is a look at the golden gate bridge camera soon to be flowing smoothly in both directions. the san mateo bridge cam, your headlights are coming into the east bay into hayward. a good amount of people on the roads there, but traffic is moving. now we turn to abc7 news reporter lilian kim who is live at the golden gate bridge with a look at the closure it has had around the bay area. >> we are at the toll plaza and it is smooth sailing now,
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but earlier it was bumper to bumper on both sides of the bridge. >> employees at the golden gate bridge thought traffic would ease up. it didn't. it was slow going well into the evening. >> take lots of pictures and doing the usual tour rigs -- tourist thing. >> doyle drive was bumper to bumper all day long. the traffic backed up to marin city. the employees did what they could to alleviate the congestion and nothing, woulded. >> northbound traffic picked up with everybody going out of town for the holiday weekend. and we gave them another lane of traffic. we have four lanes north and two lanes south. as a result the southbound tends to back up. >> some people the traffic back ups were the least of their worries. this couple from poland didn't know the bay bridge was closed. letr gps device them know either. >> they are closed
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unexpectedly and sometimes they don't know what to do when they come into the cone areas. >> they seem to have little trouble and the ferries have been operating smoothly. transit agencies are recording about 279,000 trips on saturday. the second high os a saturday ever. >> it is a fast trip. no traffic. >> a stark contrast to what many motorists were dealing with all day. at the golden gate bridge, lilian kim, abc news. >> coming up, what you need to know before you get behind the wheel on the new bay bridge. here is a live look at the work happening on the bay bridge. we are streaming the live images on get a look at commuter resources. look at our traffic maps to see the latest gridlock. as soon as it opens we will
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notify our twitter followers. could showers hamper the opening? now a look at live doppler 7hd. >> we hope it will not be the case. there is a good possibility that the bay area could see a few light sprinkles tomorrow morning and it looks like it may get close to the bay bridge. already live doppler 7hd is picking up a few echoes right there just off the marin coastline. we are taking you closer and you can see some of the development. most is what we call veer go and it is evaporating before it reaches the ground. clearly we will see a chance of light sprinkles mainly tomorrow morning and we will detail the outlook coming up in a bit. >> a large crowd turned out to honor the life of a shooting victim. he was shot to death in rodeo and found lying in the street with one gunshot wound.
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hornsby was riding his bicycle near the housing project. tonight the pleaded wi pleaded with people at the vigil to come forward if they knew anything about the shooting. a boater fishing for crab in the bay is dead after he is tangled in rope. the boat operator says the man was dropping the pot and it dragged him into the water. first britain and now germany. both nato allies say they won't join the u.s. if they plan to attack over the chemical weapons. president obama says he wants congressional support. here is larry jacobs. >> it is now up to congress to back president barack obama's plan to use force on syria for the use of chemical weapons of its own people. >> i feel terrible about the chemical weapons that were used. >> opinions differ on the best
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way to punish al-assad. >> we want to hold him accountable. we want there to be consequences. what is that? is that going to war? is that bombing? is that killing more people? >> sunday afternoon the obama administration sent a high powered team to capitol hill to show classified documents to lawmakers in the house and the senate to help convince them to vote yes. >> my mind is far from settled. it is not something that should be undertakenhn kerry >> john kerry on abc's "this week" defending the decision to unleash fire power citing new evidence that poison gas killed hundreds of syrian civiliansment. >> we cannot allow assad to congress of theimpunity. united states will understand that and do the right thing. >> what if the votes aren't there? will the president act anyway? >> the president of the united states has a right to take this action. ar youdoesn't have to go to >> if i hear you correctly you
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say the president will act no matter what. >> no, i said the president has the right to act. >> will he? >> george, we are not going to lose this vote. >> that vote will occur after congress returns on september 9th. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >> david frost, the british journalist whose signature moment was an interview with president nixon is dead tonight at the age of 74. frost died yesterday of a suffering a heart attack on the cruiseliner queen elizabeth 2. frost's career spanned half a century and included interviews with the world's most powerful and famous people. his interview with nixon lead to admissions supporting the widespread conclusion that the ex-president obstructed justice in the watergate affair. nelson mandela is back home tonight. he has been in the hospital for the past three months with a lung infection. his home has been altered to accommodate his medical needs. many people believe mandela was released to spend the last days with his family.
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still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, a series of arsons in the north bay. how hunters track down the man accused of setting the fires. and a major setback in silicon valley. how the push for innovation is proving to be too expensive for the u.s. government. and later, dramatic video as a car is pushed away by floodwaters in southern california. we'll show
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arsonist is in custody after being caught in the act by deer hunters. it was early this morning when three deer hunters saw three separate plumes of smoke. using binoculars they noticed a man carrying a pile of brush and called their friends. >> ian and gabe said the gentleman down there was lighting fires. we went down there and we saw him lighting a fire down
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there. we apprehended him and pretty much waited and got uh hold of the sheriff. got uh hold of the sheriff. there were four pretty good fires. >> authorities linked him to two brushfires yesterday in the cloverdale area including one behind know vac's home. novak's home. crews report good news that their battle in the rim fire in and around yosemite. the fire is 45% contained. that's up from 40% and 35% yesterday. clouds and more moisture in the air made their job easier today. the fire has burned 348 square miles since it broke out two weeks ago. it is now the fourth largest wildfire in california since the state started keeping the records in the 1930s. more claims from bart workers accusing them of stalling their contract talks. three different unions accuse them of refusing to engage in meaningful negotiations. it comes after the governor ordered a 60 h of day -- a
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60-day cooling off period. bart disputes the union's claims and a spokesperson says negotiations will resume next week and the union leaders haven't responded to bart's latest offer. starting today it will cost you more to park at bart stations. monthly parking passes have jumped to $50. system officials say the higher fees are needed to cover increased costs of maintaining the parking lot. leaders of silicon valley's high-tech firms are fuming tonight over it is -- over the shelfing of a planned patent office. the announcement was made last july. now the government has put it on hold because of budget cuts. right now the nation has one patent office and it has a backlog of 590,000. the sill -- the silicon valley has reached more patents than any region in the world. verizon will buy back verizon is wireless.
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they owned 45% of verizon wireless. both boards voted on the deal. it would be the third largest ed the thousands enjoyed the pride celebration. music and sunshine filled the area around the festival at 17th street and telegraph avenue. organizers built a marriage pavilion where same sex couples could tie the knot. there was brutes offering -- there were booths offering merchandise and the after party continues until 1:00 a.m. the red bull youth america's cup kicked off on the bay and it will continue through wednesday. the youth's america's cup has 10 teams from eight countries and two of them from california. the competition for the america's cup resumed from saturday. that's when they challenged the defending champion oracle. >> many watched the 48th annual muscular dystrophy association.
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>> one of the music acts was austin mahone "what about love." the telethon raised $59 million. at last check $54 million has been pledged last year and there is still time to make a difference. just call the number on your screen, 1-800-fight md and make a donation. now for a check on our weather for the upcoming holiday. let's get toly glasserment -- let's get to leigh glaser. >> there were a few sprinkles in the morning and that's about. it you can see live doppler 7hd picking up some of the low clouds. there is a wall of fog that is moving in over the peninsula as well through the golden gate. you can see just in the few flames here, just a few light little showers moving across the north bay right now. we will get a little more organized as we head through the morning hours. most of the monsoonal moisture that we saw yesterday feeding up through the sierra has
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pretty much dissipated and it will be an area to the west of us that will help to feed in a little moe moisture for us overnight tonight. a little breezy out there. a beautiful shot from the east bay hills cam. looking on the new span of the bay bridge. san francisco 63 and you may have noticed it is mild out there and a little muggy. san jose 67. 67 at los gatos and looking at the golden gate bridge, mist and drizzle being reported. look at the dense fog. some could slow down air travel and keep that in mind. novato is still in the low 70s. fairfield 70 and live more is at 67 right now. here is a look at our forecast highlights. we will continue to thicken up the clouds. the fog will be fairly dense in pockets near the coast and the bay. a chance of labor day sprinkles tomorrow morning and then get ready for a warming trend. here is a look at our satellite composite and as this low continues to churn it
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is helping to lift some of the moisture. we will put our map into motion and it is pretty much d you can see the cloudsow. there. check out what happens. this is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. then when we get into 8:00, 9:00 there is a band of light showers. areavy sprinkles are moving from the peninsula all the way up toward the east bay and up toward american canyon and also vallejo by 10:00. most of it will fall apart and we could see a few sprinkl cloum the golden gate bridge southward and northward. that's where we will see a little more in the way of sunshine. speaking of heading over to the golden gate, if you are going to the sausalito art festival it will be breezy in the day, but temperatures in the midto upper 60s. overnight lows, 60s inland and 50s at the coast. your highs for monday, your labor day monday, we will keep 80s in the north bay and 66
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for san francisco. 84 for livermore and antioch is 85 degrees and the accu-weather seven-day forecast, tuesday will look for showers to move on out of here, wednesday, thursday, friday get ready for the heat up. midto upper 60s. we will look for 80s around the bay next weekend. it will be toasty. >> thank you, leigh. speaking of heating up, the a's are looking good lately. >> they sure are. we have a post season preview the next three days at the coliseum. texas only has a one-game lead on oakland thanks to a sweep of tampa bay.
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a sweep of tampa bay. the rangers come to town with three games tomorrow and the a's one back of texas. the a's raise more than 61,000 for breast cancer awareness. and then they got busy with their lumber. cocoa crisp leading it off
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with his 6th homerun in the last 11 games. aj griffin with seven strikeouts and got a little defensive strikeouts. he has to throw and donaldson with the relay. still 2-1. bottom half of the inning and goes deep. third homerun of the season and 3-1a's and now one back into a crucial three-game series with the rangers. a 5-1 victory sweeping tampa bay. >> i think we are excited. we feel we have been playing good ball and we are excited to get to the ballpark every day. like i said, we are feeling good and we are in a good groove and we are looking to keep that going. >> the giants are playing spoiler in arizona. six innings and two runs on seven hits and career high 10k's. the offense did their part. hector sanchez and three r.b.i on the day and two on this double in the fourth. the giants go up 3-1. and then in the fifth his team
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leading seventh homerun of the year. giants take two out of three in the desert with an 8-2 victory. the raiders made more roster moves. they kept the second-year hunter and let go tyler wilson. the u.s. open is through the first week with defending champion serena williams wining a battle for americans. the results coming up
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champion serena williams put the brakes on the future of american tennis as she showed sloane stephens she is still the queen of the court. sloane beat serena in january and serena repaid the favor today. they couldn't wait for the match up. serena won the first set and then cruised in the second with five straight games to
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finish. sloane couldn't handle the power and serena is up 4-1. stevens was overwhelmed in the second set. she air mails the forehand return into the crowd. serena breaks and now serves for the match. on match point and stevens will find the net and serena advances to the quarterfinals for the 11th time in 14 years. 6-4, 6-1. straight set victory anding forr looking for her 17th major title. >> it is definitely difficult, especially playing people you like and that you always want to see do well. you have to go out and put that to the side and realize i want to do well myself and take every point that comes. >> djokovic is taking on souza in the third round play. check out this rally. souza is all over the court. djokovic is not making it easy, but souza keeps rallying.
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djokovic would win the point. and the match in straight sets. djokovic is moving to the round of 16 as does your defending champ. third round and second event of the fed ex cup playoffs. 8 under 63 and birdie on 15. birdie on 11. it puts him at second at 17 under. he is two back chasing sergio garcia. he is 19 under for the tournament into monday's final round. a rough night for jeff burton in the 31 car. he was bumped coming out of the pits. kyle busch lead the last 35 lapse. he will take the checkered flag for his fourth victory of the year. this sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. a look back at cal's home opener and a game of college football coming up. stick around. >> thank you, shu.
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just ahead, we are a little more than 24 hours away from the scheduled opening of the bay bridge. we'll have a live report on the progress. plus, what you need to know about driving on the bay bridge before you hit the road on tuesday. and the nation rocked by severe weather, the flooding and what is ahead. abc news at 11 will return in a quick moment.
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i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines, a vigil for a man shot to death over the weekend brought out a large crowd in rodeo. chad hornsby was found wounded in the street. many of those at the vigil urged people to come forward if they knew anything about the shooting. a suspected it serial
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arsonist is in custody thanks to deer hunters. they noticed smoke from three separate fires and then they saw 28-year-old james novak of cloverdale light another one. the hunters held novak until authorities arrived. and bart unions tonight are playing a familiar refrain. they say system officials are refusing to negotiate. bart says that's not true. the governor's 60-day cooling off period expires in october. four days down and one day left. crews are furiously working to finish the bay bridge construction with a little more than 24 hours left to go. could they actually finish ahead of schedule? sergio joins us live from the bay bridge toll plaza with the latest. sergio? >> ama, for most of the evening the crews have been finishing up the lanes leading out of the toll splays swraw and over -- toll plaza and over to the bay bridge. a lot of the minor projects are done as well. lane striping is mostly done.
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the yerba buena island tunnels have been washed and new lights installed. all that is left to do are a few minor projects. a chain cutting ceremony is already planned for tomorrow afternoon which will wrap up with the procession of classic cars across the bridge! crews continue to -- insist that the new bridge will not be open until tuesday morning. >> the cars going over, i am not sure if they are going to the city or turning around and coming back. the ceremonial chain cutting procession is not an indication that traffic is flowing on the new bridge. >> demolition of a stretch of the old span was completed today meaning crews could begin piecing together a temporary bike ramp. that work will continue even after the bridge opens on tuesday. the permanent ramp to the bike lane will be completed in a year. yesterday crews were telling us the only delay they could it nevers if there was rain
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of course it never rained. by all indications crews are on schedule and likely even ahead of schedule. reporting live, abc7 news. >> driving across the new eastern span will look like this. the highway patrol wants to remind everyone that the normal rules of the road apply on the new bridge. if you are tempted to pull over on a shoulder or the center median to snap photos, the chp says do not do it. >> it is illegal and unsafe for any vehicle to pull over to the shoulder or center median for anything other than a emergency situation. we remind people that it is a moving violation as well as a point on your record. >> the chp points out that drivers can be cited for distracted driving if they try to take pictures with their cell phones while driving across the bridge. people are turning to public transit to help them get around the bay bridge closure. yesterday was the second busiest saturday in the
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system's history. the trains a the trains are running 24 hours a day during the shutdown. the ferries were packed. the golden gate ferry reports more than 3,000 riders turned to their boat yesterday. ferries to and from the east bay were considerably busy yes, sir. stay with abc7 news for live coverage throughout the bridge closure. we will be streaming the cal trans morning and afternoon briefings at every day. and the official chain cutting ceremony is tomorrow at 3:00. we will have live coverage of the event here on abc7 and our morning news begins half an hour early on tuesday at 4:00 a.m. so you can see how traffic is flowing on the new span. for millions of americans the weather is the big story. you severe storms hitting across the country stranding motorists and in other parts of the country, record heat. here is ginger sze. >> holiday weekend washout.
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flash flooding closing highways. up to three inches of rain falling in less than two hours. and more than -- and at least a dozen water rescues. watch as this water flows in and the driver is getting out just in time after wave after wave buries his car. severe storms smothering the midwest and dropping tennis ball-sized hail in south dakota and a tornado in north dakota. >> abc7 news meteorologist leigh glaser will be back with our forecast in a few minutes. in developing news, a report from japan about the nuclear power plant. not only are tens of thousands of gallons of highly radio active water leaking into the pacific, japanese officials say the radiation level is 18 times higher than thought that is enough to kill someone in four hours exposure. a tsunami crippled the power
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plant in 2011. there are fears that the contaminated waters could reach our shores in less than a year. just ahead, japanese cars are known for their reliability, but not all are equal. coming up, 7 on your side's michael finney has a look at the best and worst cars. and the newest craigslist trend. the bizarre item that is popping up for sale on-line. >> and i am meteorologist leigh glaser. doing traveling on the holiday labor day. we will look at some destinations and with live doppler 7hd.
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slashing prices on iphones. wal-mart says it is slashing the price of the 16 gig iphone 5 to $98 with a two-year service contract. the phone usually costs $200. other retailers like radioshack and best buy are clearing inventory ahead of the unveiling of the new versions of the iphone. a bizarre new trend is popping up on craigslist. positive pregnancy tests. in the last few months a growing number of listings have been popping up on the classified ad site selling for roughly $25 to $30. we checked it out and so far none for sale in the bay area right now. japanese car makers take
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all five top spots in consumer reports list of who makes the best cars.t all japanese not all japanese cars are an accolade. there is a report on how the -- on the low-scoring carts. michael finney has the details. >> consumer reports puts cars through more than 50 tests over the rough roads on the highways and breaking -- and braking tests and the emergency handling. while many cars score high a surprising number haven't made the grade recently. >> one of the cars is the ago raw rlx. it costs $55,000, but it is just not competitive. >> for $16,000 less consumer reports says the chevrolet imala delivers a comfortable ride and has hams better. handles better. >> another we don't recommend is the honda cross tour.
2:45 am
it has the flexibility of an suv and the cargo space of a station wagon. the problem is it doesn't really do any this well. >> some small nissans scored too low as well. >> the nissan sentra is good on gas, but has handling is not agile and it is noisy and the front seats are uncomfortable. >> the nissan versa has the same drawbacks and it it hasn't proved reliable. consumer reports doesn't recommend the least expensive car, the yaris. >> the yaris is vary liable and fuel efficient, but it feels cheap and unpleasant to drive. >> for the same money, around $16,000, consumer reports says you are better off with a a hyundai accent. so while japanese cars often earn top scores and are reliable, consumer reports say it is not a sure thing. we contacted the car manufacturers mentioned in this report. honda says the acura rlx with
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the package and it is the most affordable. the rlx scored competitivly in braking, acceleration, driving position, visibility and seat comfort. as for their 2013 cross tour, the company says although we appreciate the opinions of the editors of consumer reports, we feel strongly the 2013 cross 4 4 -- cross tour has styling and class leading efficiency and features that the owners love. nissan says the nissan veer saw has let it -- lead its segment in sales for 38 of the last 42 months because it offers an outstanding combination of versatility and style and technology in an affordable package. we called toyota, but we have not yet made contact. >> that was michael finney reporting. two other car makers have an
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excellent test track. nearly all their models are recommended. we have new video out of china tonight. look at that. it was show and tell as a month old baby panda met for the first time. they took his weight, temperature and size and they say he or she is doing just fine. it is hard to determine the sex of a baby panda for the first year, but they say they believe it is a girl. leigh, that is hard to beat, but you do have the all important holiday forecast for us. >> yes, the forecast for you. live doppler 7hd is showing you just a few sprinkles starting to develop off the coast and migrating from southern marin county up toward napa as well as sonoma. but some may not be reaching the ground. there is a pretty good shot that some of the moisture will move in by about 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 tomorrow morning. it won't amount to much. maybe a little tam penning of
2:48 am
the -- dampening of the ground. i wouldn't can sell any plans.look for isolated showersw york down to atlanta. it will be hot and humid there. 89 atlanta and dallas will see maybe a pop up afternoon thunderstorm. ninety 7 there. 106 for phoenix. if you are traveling to southern california look for sunshine in l.a. and maybe a sprinkle or two. palm springs 104. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, once the sprinkles move out of here, get ready for a nice warm up. the heat will be on thursday and friday. it is climbing to the midup ander 90s and possibly 70s at the coast. he will be here 4:30 to 7:00. >> thank you, leigh. and shu is here with a look at sports. tough effort by cal.
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we will take a look back and we had the finish of the year in high school
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at northwestern the bears were sure fun to watch in the home opener. it wasn't perfect, but he made quite a college debut against the wild cats. he completed 38 of 62 passes from 445 yards. two td's, but he had three interceptions. two of those three picks were tipped, but nonetheless, two were taken back. he felt more comfortable as time went on. jarod talks about his first start after last night's 44-30 loss.
2:53 am
>> a lot of stuff i can do better. i had a few nice passes and good plays, but there are things i can do better. i had some bad luck, but that is no excuse. i need to get sharper and learn better. >> we will learn a lot from this game. i was glad with the way we played the game. we played hard. we have what it takes to be a good football team. we made too many mistakes and young teams have a tendency to do that from time to time. louisville is taking on ohio. a rare sunday night game. today it was a great showcase. rolling out and delivers a 34-yard strike to wide open copeland. he is just getting warmed up. 21-0 and 40 yards on this strike. 355 yards and five touchdowns. his fifth and final connecting with robert clark. louisville crushes ohio 49-7. high school football and check out the finish in this game.
2:54 am
they went up with one second remaining. watch what happens and here is the call. >> it is an on site kick. it shows the bulldogs that it is still up. they flip it back to brandon jackson. jackson turns around and he needs a little running room. he may get in trouble. he may toss the ball back and the tigers have some running room. he circles around and he has a wall on the near side. derrick with the ball with 50, 45, 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, touchdown! >> texas high school football. you can't beat it and it is only week one. the a's swept tampa bay with a win and texas lost to the a's. they are a game back in the west. guess who is coming to town tomorrow? the rangers and a's. raised 61,000 for breast cancer awareness day and then
2:55 am
treated their fans to a homerun derby. cocoa crisp with his 6th homerun in the last sen games. 1-0 oakland. seven innings and five hits and one run. got defensive help. donaldson with the relay and tags him out at home. the bottom half of the inning. his third homerun of the season. they are now one back heading into the crucial three-game series with the rangers. they are sweeping the rays. >> ited. excited. we feel we have been playing good ball and we are excited to get to the ballpark every day. like i said, we are feeling good and we are in a good groove right now and looking to keep that going. >> giants playing spoiler today in arizona. he pitched solid baseball for the g men. six innings and 7 hits. the offense did their part. hector sanchez with this double in the fourth. giants are up 3-1. and then hunter pe nce. r.b.itw.
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giants take two of three in the desert and 8-2 your final. defending u.s. open champ serena williams put the brakes on the future of american tennis showing sloane stephens she is still the queen of the court. stephens beat serena before and she couldn't wait to repay her. sloane just couldn't handle serena's power. spheef fence wasn't -- stevensons wasn't there in the second. serena breaks her and is serving for the match. serena advances for the 11th time in 14 years. straight set victory. >> it is definitely difficult. i am playing people i like and you always want to see do well. you have to go out there and put them to the side and
2:57 am
realize i want to do well and take every point as they come. >> a busy day as usual. >> thank you, shu. >> and thank you for joining us. ama dates and leigh glaser and mike shumann. the news continues at 4:24eur9 with
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this morning on "world news now" -- syria bombshell. the u.s. confirms it was a potent toxin used in the deadly chemical attacks. >> from first responders in east damascus, we have signatures of sarin in their hair and blood samples. >> the pressure is on members of congress to decide if the u.s. launches a military attack. firing line. >> the demand on a pennsylvania community police force after the chief is seen spouting off and firing weapons. [ bleep ]. [ gunfire ] >> behavior from a top cop you have to see to believe. >> fighting to play. the u.s. marine veteran who had to launch his own personal battle to score a spot on his university's football team.


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