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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 3, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> the first evening commute is just getting underway. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza now. everyone is sailing right across, even folk who's don't have fast track. >> it was pret gee jammed so this is a delight for people heading into the city. let's take a look from our camera, and you can see
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traffic on the righthand side this is a new view for it. but on the right side what you see right is the old bridge not being used. the picture just froze up just a moment there. you can see the cars heading back to the east bay. then, incoming cars into san francisco. but different perspectives to get used to. >> we can expect it to be slower along this route. people explore what is out there. >> it's a new look. >> well, you get kind of caught up. it almost feels like you're driving through a cathedral. there is a lot of looky looing going on. >> yes. >> i was one of the guilty. yes. >> no major problems to report during this morning commute on the new bay bridge. traffic was heavy and stay that had way much of the day. we ran into several people who say they drove across just to check it out. it didn't happen until 10:15.
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chp says it's surprised how smoothly it went. >> nice to seat commute went well. i was expecting the worst. you want to plan for dire situations so you're overprepared for the smooth commute. >> chp says it did warn or cite some drivers as they were driving. one person received a warning for driving on to the closed section of the old bridge. >> and not a good idea hours after drives made their way, dozens will be able to on the bike and pedestrian path uk get to them in oakland. abc 7 news is live with that part of the story. wayne? >> good afternoon this, is the walkway, approach to the area that leads to the new bay
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bridge. it's a walk actually we're about half a mile from that bridge once you go that way. once you're on the path. sheer look. >> terrence hunter is just one of countless bicyclists and yes, even dogs who now have sore muscles and photographs to prove they were here today. >> it's a little bit surprised me and how exciting it was. >> the path goes two miles within spitting distance of the span, we never play like this before. >> you realize it's from the outside looking in. how fresh and modern this bridge appears walking across
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it. and just bustling at the s curve. final segment may be as many as three years away. time to turn around and head back. >> it's not legal. >> i know. >> someone has to say whenever i say it will. >> back to the live picture, to our knowledge there is nobody on the two eastern spans on the skateboard. we saw every matter of bikes, we saw dogs. we saw a lot of firsts. and leave it at that. live from the eastern span abc 7 news. >> a lot of commuters are soaking in this span. the sun rising for a new era for the bay bridge. abc 7 news talked with some of
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those after their first drive on the eastern span. >> this is what drivers see. this is how they feel. >> it's a beautiful new bridge. >> pretty nice. >> still character dark out smrks took advantage of the traffic. >> really beautiful. yae. i drove slower, everyone driving slower just to admire the bridge. >> commuter arriving later by bus found themselves caught up in traffic but all the better to see the new sights. >> i stayed awake coming akrots bridge. there is excitement. >> drivers and riders are also imples presed with wide lanes and lighting. >> nice, bright. so looks good. >> kintd of fast, faster tan the other one, i agree. >> so far a crowd pleaser among commuters. >> well, i mean, certainly coming across the bridge beautiful span. >> last interviewing commuters they were frustrated and stuck
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on bart trains because of the closure. what a difference it makes. >> let's take a look right now at skyway approach to the bay bridge in san francisco now. you can see on the left-hand side of the screen, it's heavy. traffic moving nicely. new eastern span is one of the most expensive bridges built. a local professor will breakdown costs as well as how this became a megaproject. >> team usa will start america cup's final twoz points in the hole against team new zealand and be forced to lose a key team member for the series. an international jury found team oracle made illegal modifications to its catamarans so as a penalty the team fined 250 thoi.
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the team's star wing sail trimmer is going to be banned from raigs. three others will face suspensions and the team lost two points, each race is critical here, oracle has to win 11. the team spotted saying it's disagree wtd penalties imposed by the jury we have no choice but to make necessary changes to our personal and do our best for the new team to practice, team oracle says the jury did a thorough job, nothing changed for team new zealand. we stril to win nine races. the series begins on saturday. >> members of the obama administration laid out the case for u.s. military intervention today. the president picked up conditional support from two key senate republicans.
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secretary of state kerry told lawmakers u.s. actions would deplete the chemical weapons supply. still, some including east bay congressman george miller are hesitant. >> many of us continue to be very, very concerned and reluctant to authorize the use of force in syria because i think it's a no win in the long term. >> this is having an affect, an impact. taking action to achieve something mer than just a message. >> also, chuck haggle revealing for the first time president obama approved plans in june to give weapons to syrian rebel interruption was twice shouting we don't want another
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war. >> we're nearing the third anniversary of one of the worst natural gas pipeline disasters in u.s. history in san bruno september 9th killed eight people destroying 40 homes. today, the mayor of san bruno will never happen. abc 7 news reporter vic lee joins us live now at the cres crestmoor naibtd. vic? >> this is the neighborhood crestmoor ground zero of the blast. now, big homes have replaced many of those that were were destroyed. you can see construction here like one goesing over there. the construction there on the infrom a structure of the neighborhood. you can see empty lots like
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this one, here. >> the evening of september 9th, 2010. a pipeline exploded causing an enormous fire. eight people were killed, 66 injured. 38 homes destroyed. 17 badly damaged. the blast destroyed an entire naind. -- neighborhood. physically and emotionally. >> accidents happen, everybody knows that. after this investigative work over the last almost three years, we're finding out that it could have been prevented. >> san bruno mayor says he'll continue pushing for stricter safety regulations and for reforms at the sate public utilities commission. which he believes has two cozy a relationship with pg&e. it's more than $2.5 billion cpuc wants to impose, saying
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saying it's spent $2.5 bill yn on testing and upgrading. >> we knew we needed to make our systems safer and have been doing just that since the. >> there are signs the neighborhood is healing. nearly half of the homes have been rebuilt. of homes that were damaged almost all have been repaired but neighborhood still in a state of transition. >> nice to see houses come back. it's sad looking around the neighborhood. you see that there are substantial numbers of properties that haven't been built up. >> monday, the city will hold a memorial service here to mark the anniversary. >> let's turn our attention
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now to the forecast. >> here is spencer christian. >> it's another warm, not yet hot day around the bay area are and it's certainly sunny. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. over in the sierra just near yosemite village we had a thunderstorm rumbling away from the rim fire. you see green here that is just smoke that is just rainfall that is all weather action for afternoon. back to the bay another live look at sutro tower camera looking on to low clouds 83 in antioch. one more live view here at
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7 clear skies and mild tonight and overnight. upper 80s inland. still ahead wildfire in yosemite threatening part of television history. >> please, he's back. dennis rodman in north korea again. why he says he's returned to the communist country. >> why this building is being blamed for melting a car. >> another live look at the traffic. as you look at traffic coming towards us heading towards berkeley this is from our camera, back 80 west. part of the bridge righthand turn there going back to 580. it's slow heading into that direction. back with more on
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rim fire threatens the house on the home on the land where another family named ingalls that are now waiting out of flames. the fire burned 369 square miles since it broke out. the rim fire is now 75%
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contained for containment is expected next week. >> crews spent the morning cleaning up after a small fire at sky walker ranch. sky 7 was over the parking lot you can see items from george lucas's famous studo a spokesman says there were no injuries and damage was limited to office furniture. the ranch has a fire brigade but marin county also responded. the cause of the fire is under investigation appearing to have started in a roof top motor. >> microsoft with latest phone purchase and apple's big announcement. >> it's meant to turn the phone maker into the engine and help microsoft diversify. it will be uphill battle as
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microsoft faces increasing competition in the smart phone market. speaking of apple wait for a new pra pro duct is almost over. the tech giant sent out invitations to september 10th event at the headquarters. photography pioneer kodak had to cut $4.1 billion of debt and left shareholders empty-handed. it's quite a bit different from the former self, smaller focusing on printing technologies, touch screen ponents and film for movie industry. wall street today, stocks closing slightly higher economic data overshadowed concern over possible military action against sear area. your bloomberg silicon valley index rising today. amazon will allow a program
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called kindel matchbook. this program includes all print purchase goings back to 19995 with the kindel edition costing from 2 th 99 to nothing at all from. bloomberg studios in san francisco, i'm emily chang, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. the worm is back in north korea. former nba star says he's visiting the country just to have a good time saying he's going to hang out with his friend, new buddy north korean leader kim jung un and his family. >> unpredictable dennis rodman on another unusual trip abroad back in north korea to visit kim jung un, the dictateor he calls a friend he loves sports and basketball. he me and him have something in common. i come here to visit him to
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see how he's doing. >> the former nba star first visited in february, sparking controversy for befriending the country's leader known for human rights violations. he has until recently threatened to launch a nuclear attack on the united states. >> i'm here to be a friend of the marshal. and of the country of north korea. and to show people around the world you know what? we, as americans have to get along with north korea. >> the visit just days after pung yang denied a visit of a u.s. own joy to plead for the release of kenneth bay, there since september. he denied he's working to bring bay back home. >> i'm not talking about that. >> thank you. >> all right. >> another head scratcher rodman says this trip is sponsored by an irish gambling company paddy power. the same owe company who sent
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him to the vatican to ride around in a pope mobile. >> there is stuff going on there. i don't know where to gin yes. >> yes. that is -- . >> yes. it is, indeed. >> it was 10 seconds ago. >> taking a look at live doppler 7 hd. good line. >> thank you week is getting warmer so let's move along now to take a look at an amazing picture for rainbow sent to us by san ramone, no rain around now. a live look viewing on to the bay. a trickle of low clouds, sunny skies now. mostly clear skies and mild. overnight mild to warm again tomorrow. satellite water vapor shows up
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drier air for the bay area today now over sierra, dry air here. you probably felt the difference today, continuing our animation, tomorrow, looking for sunny skies inn.all areas even at coast a snis, warm day. continuing our forecast animation, looking ahead for wednesday, and thursday and into friday. we'll see a center of high pressure developing friday to our north. circulation bringing us a wind pattern meaning we're going to warm up and have hot conditions several days. overnight, patches of low clouds and fog. clear skies as well. mild overnight, low temperatures mainly around or just above 60 degrees then, tomorrow, sunny, mild to warm again, highs upper 70s to mid-80s. peninsula 79 in redwood city.
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and mild in downtown san francisco again. on east bay, we'll see oakland at 74 degrees tomorrow, 77 astro valley inland east bay, 85 in walnut creek. here is the accu-weather forecast. look at temperatures friday, saturday, sunday, inland upper 90s. on the coast mid-70s. and we'll still remain tain 90s inland. warm san jose here fr a while. >> here comes summer. >> that is right. >> up next a golden find a group hit big time searching the bottom of the ocean. >> then after 4:30 a couple gets a surprise of a lifetime on their big day. how the beach boys get
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katie couric will be wearing another piece of jewelry. her boyfriend proposed to her over the labor day weekend popping the question on a beach in the hamptons. he's the head of a chicago based brokerage. you can catch katie weekdays at 3:00 here on abc 7. >> a family run company struck gold off the florida coast this labor day weekend after
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decades of searching the sea floor they came up with a large find. >> take a look. a 3 hundred year old gold chains and ring worth estimated $350,000. it was discovered about 15 feet underwater, foert pierce is on the atlantic coast. this booty left over from 11 spanish ship that's went down in 1715. the schmidts say the search is not just about striking it rich its about the history. who wore this? respect for the person in the new world and had this made this, is probably his life savings. >> the state of florida gets to keep up to 20% of the gold to go on display. the family and company holding the diving rights will split the rest of it. >> amazing. 15 feet of water is not that deep. sitting there a couple hundred years. >> yes. >> still ahead more more of the coverage on the first day
4:28 pm
of the commuting we'll take a look at the skyrocketing costs to build it and why the price tag might be higher. >> plus nearly half a kbrinl dollar plan what. japan wants to build to stop leaks of water from the crippled nuclear plant. >> other report card children are getting in schools. yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats
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that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
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on this first full day of service for the new bay bridge drivers marveling at the buttey and also the price tag. >> carolyn tileler live now where commuters are paying the bulk of the project. carolyn? >> price tag we keep hearing about is $6.4 billinin but wait there is more, much more adding in finance charges. >> the new bridge is spectacular, but beauty come was a price. >> $6.4 billion. >> and. >> it's nearly three times what they thought would it cost when construction began
4:32 pm
on the bridge. but political bickering dragged the process along. uc berkeley professor has made a career out of researching the bay bridge which she calls a megaproject. captivating and costly. >> time is money. over that time, steel prices increased. construction costs in general across the industry. with september 11th insurance and bonding costs went up. >> i think it's worth money but not that much money. >> commuters are paying the lion's share of the project according to the transportation commission about 69% coming from tolls. $6.4 billion is staggering final final is likely to be nearly twice as high. $12 bimin by the time bonds are paid off in 2054.
4:33 pm
>> just >> but the spokesman says increases are not forecast for this project. >> if you expect the bay bridge becoming a tourist attraction. there are great views and we caught up with people snapping selfees of themselves and the bridge. this is now some wandering tofr check out eastern span. >> i'm kind of emotional with it it's like a new landmark in the bay. means new chapter in live. >> rather historic moment. and all of the glitz and glam yoer cooled down. i think norm folks can come, enjoy it.
4:34 pm
>> another spot is east shore state park including a view of the bridge and san francisco skyline behind it. >> a 93-year-old was among a visitor to the bay bridge there also in 1936 for the opening of the original span. here interview is ahead at 5:00. >> san jose police will now document what happens when officers temporarily detain people to sit on the curve when an officer makes someone sit in pait troll car for a short time this, policy will allow officials to see who sk stopped by police. officers have been accused of racial profiling for using practices like curb sitting or stop and frisk. >> our officers are held to a legal standard.
4:35 pm
>> if arresting someone they need probable cause. >> officers will be reporting other details like if that person was searched. >> japan working on a project to keep the damaged power plant from leaking more radio active water, hundreds of tons of tainted water poured into the sea. japan announced it will spend $150 million to upgrade nearby water treatment facilities. radiation is so high now it could kill an exposed person in just hours. >> the teen-aged survivor what was shot in the head last year was targeted for campaigning for education for girls in her native country, pakistan.
4:36 pm
she now lives in birmingham, england seeing this new library to help change the world. >> i truly believe the only way we can create global peace and to have peace and prosperity is only through knowledge and education. >> the library will house one million books alock with archive autos students calling them fat qlerts. reports to parents indicating whether children are passing a grade when it comes to body mass index. >> this middle schooler has multiple report cards to worry about. one concerning her academic grades and this one. concerning her weight. >> i'm taller than a lot of girls in the school and also
4:37 pm
bigger than them. >> the fitness gram she received is part of a growing initiative to track student bmies. schools in 19 states take part measuring students at weigh ins then sending reports home to parents. indicating whether in the green zone or red danger zone. pediatricians say it's helpful in combatting childhood obesity. >> it's the best measurement to determine whether a child's weight is healthy or unhealthy. >> experts worry the readings do more harm. >> i would like to see bmi testing in schools banned. for those that are already insecure about weight these tests can trigger an eating disorder phone shallly. >> as many as 60% of all six to 12-year-olds are worried
4:38 pm
about weight. we asked lucy to weigh in on the reports. >> i know your schools have a bmi reading now. how do you feel about snem. >> i hate them it doesn't do much except for make them more insecure about yourself. >> they knew how much you weighed if it's a high number, like 100? >> mothers are also concerned. >> their bodies are changing they get this number says you're not the right number. and it's a horrible way to start womanhood. >> there is so much stress last thing they need is school announcing you're too skinny. you're too fat. >> coming up at 4:00 horses on the run. how animalses escaped. >> also can a building belt a car? where this is happening when
4:39 pm
we come back. >> from our camera we can puffs of clouds. >> another live look at the commute here this, is the skyway that hasn't improved much since bringing this picture to you. bumper to bumper for cars on the lower deck of the bay bridge. traffic better for folk goings head towards 101 south. back with more in just a moment.
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take a look at this, wireless police horses gallopping along mexico city streets. 30 bolted when the sound of car eastbound engines startled them. one person suffered injuries and horses trampled 11 cars in all. city officials say they'll pay for repairs. some horses cut legs during the mad dash. >> horses or traffic car owners in london have a new hazard to worry fwh. is odd. >> yes. this skyscraper has been blamed for reflecting light hot enough to melt portions of cars. it has shiny panels. >> the ob owner of a jaguar
4:43 pm
says he found parts of the car melted in the reflection zone. >> i said will do you it? i said have you seen what happened to your car? she said i think it happened on the reflection of the building. >> the building developers agreed to pay for the damage. parking plais spaces are now off limits as the matter is being investigated. >> that is weird. >> good kind of sun. >> here is spencer christian here is a look at sunny skies right now. coast to inland spotty patchy fog mere the coast. this from fremont we had moisture there moving through the area. and some light showers passing
4:44 pm
through. rain ows all over the bay area, tomorrow no, extremes anywhere. maybe showers here or there. and down in phoenix 108 degrees. thunderstorms today move over the line into nevada side tomorrow, here in the bay area tomorrow, sunny skies. and warm conditions coast to inland. on the coast highs into upper 60s. 70s in san francisco tomorrow, mid to upper 70s around bay shore line this, is just a hit of what is still to come by the end of the week z into weekend high temperatures upper 90s to l 100. let's enjoy.
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>> thank you. >> coming up an unexpected discovery using zebra fish. >> a couple planned for details of the wedding except the beach boys? how the ban you're sure to get a better bundle. just choose the two, three, even four services you want to build a bundle that works for you. [ female announcer ] call at&t now. choose a u-verse triple-play bundle for just $79 a month. get the same great price for two years. plus switch today and get a total home dvr included for life. [ male announcer ] with u-verse high speed internet, connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices to your wireless gateway and save on smartphone and tablet data usage at home.
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endurance swimmer diana niea came ashore in key west, florida yesterday after swimming 110 miles from cuba, the first person to do this without using a shark cage. took her nine tries to complete the journey. >> i think i'm a person representing a, never give up. find a way. something is important to your heart you look and see what is inside of yourself and you find a way. i'm also 64. a lot of this country are baby boomers i think people look at me saying hell, no! i'm not old! when i'm 90 i'll get in a
4:49 pm
rocking chair and look at the sunset. >> she's got incredible energy and spirit. the swim took 53 hours, she says challenges were high winds and getting sick from swallowing sea water. >> something tell meez when she's 90 she'll not northbound a rocking star. >> ucsf researcher may have found a way to treat severe ep lepsy. using zebra fish with a identical symptom gave the fish an antihistamine and it sopped seizures. it can phone shallly hit the market by next year. >> this is fda approved we can design potential add on trials now. we can use a small group of the patients to see how they respond. >> the fish becoming a favorite because they can be
4:50 pm
bred quickly letting researchers do 10 years worth of experiments in just two years. >> a man from novato suing blue man group claiming he was pushed during one of the shows. the lawyer says he got injured trying to protect himself from a blue ball thrown into the audience wout warning. in 2011. his bills totalled $40,000. the lawsuit claim the man suffered quote shock and injury to his nervous system. the blue man group has not commented on the lawsuit. >> now to, a story about oakland wedding crashers a couple getting married got a surprise on the big day. >> from beach boy autos abc 7 with more on the gift they'll never forget. >> mark and jamie had been anticipating this day but august 4, the wedding day didn't turn out as planned.
4:51 pm
a boat went by and met us there. said you know sn, interruptions are going to happen in the marriage. it was funny. >> all risks coming with an outdoor wedding in downtown cleveland but what followed next door changed the day. they were interrupted bit band "the beach boy autos during the ceremony their sound check they were performing and couldn't have picked a better song. >> if anyone can upstage a bride the beach boys had unwittingly done just that. >> it couldn't have been more pr. we felt awkward that it made a lot of noise during their wed sog we invited the party to the concert. >> when jamie heard the news she and her aunts rushed over and before they knew it, they were up on stage with the band
4:52 pm
jamie's loved from childhood. >> we didn't think bit just did it. it's what you do. you just do stuff. in the moment. >> we had good vibrations. have fun, fun, fun. >> i was like oh, i grabbed on and i was just checking it. >> all fun was unfortunately missed by her husband mark, back at the wedding partying so they both say there is now no question about what their special song will be. >> i think it's a good excuse to make the beach boys god only knows our official song of our relationship. >> just bailed on him to hang with beach boys? >> i guess so. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 if you're looking to buy a new car. >> the newest sentence. >> the ab krcht 7 newsroom at
4:53 pm
5:00 san francisco dodges long term trouble from a fire burning near yosemite. ask calling for more cops in san jose. a plan that may get the mayor's stamp of
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
zbrait news in you own an electric car, you'll be able to use the car lane, even when driving alone. now today's developments, nannette? >> solo drivers sometimes look at the left lane with envy but with the right car they may be able to get access without carpooling. more incentive to buy cleaner cars. a free pass as a solo driver until 2012. legislature approved a bill
4:57 pm
extending tos green stickers for plug in hybrids and wide for electric cars for three more years. the greener vehicles can help clean the air because they emit fuser green house gas autos california has been leading the way these will entice californians. >> up to $10,000 more than a regular hybrid sales have been slow and ked yits have not helped. as of july, dmv issued 16,000 green stickers. goal of cleaner air is worth while, proponents don't like opening up to people driving alone. >> i think most people out there would love to be able to get home from work in a timely fashion. that was the innocent to encourage people to carpool, then, they can spend time with family autos during the last
4:58 pm
program te gave privileges to drivers. the federal government warned california that too many solo drivers were clogging hov lanes. this time, lawmakers have learned their lesson. >> they do in fact lead l.leave wiggle room to let them look at how to modern yait the use of the pictures. >> one more procedure before the programs head to the governor's desk. live in sacramento abc 7 news. >> thank you. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00 i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you very much. next at 5:00 a great day for a drive. thousands doing that over the new new eastern span of the bay bridge. >> also pou jer flowing again to san francisco.
4:59 pm
the rim fire residents are still concerned. >> live from the roof of the broadcast center i'm abc 7 news reporter get ready for a blast of summer, i'll show you how hot coming up. >> so beautiful. i loved it. >> i like it. it's open. you can't really tell. it's just really nice. >> rave revies for the new eastern span on the first day it's open to traffic. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. commuters head nootd city for work this morning now experiencing the bridge from a different viewpoint as they make their evening commute back across the span. >> you can see things are moving nicely here this, has
5:00 pm
cleared up because traffic is been sticky there all day long. take a look at video from today, you can see those conditions i was just speaking of. lights were on most of the day to try to limit the number of cars on the span to help reduce speeds as well. >> here is how it looked leaving the city. pretty spectacular. >> heather? >> so far, so good chp says the afwreejis we haifor was make their way on to the old span for a photo op. explaining it's not safe z it's getting less safe by the day as it is dismantled. other than that, it's been smooth sailing


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