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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 4, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the year in san jose. >> jentsing hearing for convicted killer -- serial killer joseph naso began today, convicted of killing four women in 19 70s and 1990s and learned prosecute verers have evidence tying him to a fifth victim. they plan to present proof during the hearing chlg the body found in 1981. naso is suspected in a sixth murder in 1992. jurors swril to decide whether he should be executed or imprisoned for life. >> two people died in a fire in san leandro despite efforts to save them, it began around 3:30 in morning on gland grand avenue frkts say they believe two people became trapped. neighbors say they tried to safety couple. >> i told them are you okay? she said no. i'm not okay.
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>> knocked a section out of the door with a crowbar. and it was too late oo. firefighters say they had the fire knocked down but not in time to save those trapped inside. identity of the couple has not been released. >> traffic backed up for miles last night getting on to the span. near gridlock on city streets in san francisco this, is how it looked at 10:30 on the internate state 80 skyway. so take a look at how traffic is right now on the eastern span of the bay bridge from our camera. you can see things moving along. does the bridge deserve the blame here? >> well, first at harrison i describe it adds slow and of
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this is the entry point to the bay bridge. it's why we're here now dissecting those events. in what should have been ee utopia that has become modern life no one prepared for this. the sun sent down during daylight savings time. are you wondering what happened? >> yesterday, the outlier of outlier autos that is objective opinion from bob hoss. this room has 300 cameras but this is the bridge of the heart of the matter. eye of what is called a perfect storm. >> summer is ending people
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coming back from labor day weekend. traffic level goesing to be higher then you get a wow factor of a new bridge. >> and gawkers. here is one rolling video. >> people have something new here when there is something new, anything there is a period after justment. >> john goodwin knows 2,000 fewer cars took the new span, driving slower. can you blame them? best comparison when caltrans install that had temporary s curve. >> about a three week break in yo.d then, we nound a norm. >> so now we wait the new norm. traffic moving it is better today but not not a lot of fun
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for anyone. >> no thank you. >> bike uneven thuzists talking about extending it including a path hanging to keep it balance add louing bridge vehicles and san francisco chronicle reports project would cost $1 billion could mean imposing a temporary $1 increase to tolls ranging from $4 to $6 now. >> want to take you back to breaking news. an officer shot a suspect in sunnyvale. abc 7 news just talked with police and joins us live now from public safety office. ama? >> i'm here in front of the sunnyvale pun lick safety build weg got an update on the
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shooting. but you can take a look at sky 7 hd that. is above the scene. this just after 2:00. taking part in an under cover drug operation in the hobys parking lot. one officer opened fire. >> there are multiple officers as far as how many filed shots we're still investigating that. >> an under cover drug operation, yes. >> now, sunnyvale was assisting but will be taking over the investigation along with the district attorney. we're told nobody else was injured. >> thank you. >> well, california is once
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again on a spotlight on immigration rights debate over a sing yelling individual. the state supreme court heard the case of a man who came to the u.s. illegallies a toddler but wants to practice law which is against federal law. oor sergio garcia hoping to spend many days inside of a courtroom but today his lawyers fighting on behalf argue he should be able to get a license to practice law. he's an undocumented immigrant. >> this case raises ever vital question whether there is or should be a rule requiring the blanket screening and rejection of bar applicants soley on the basis of immigration status. >> garcia first brought to the u.s. from mexico at 17 months old. he worked through college and law school before passing california bar exam on the first try. but garcia can't open a plaque
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tis until getting a law license. the committee recommends he be granted membership. the final say will go to the al california supreme court. >> i a tough case is that why we're here, i'm confident the skourt going to make the right decision. i think it's a wonderful message that can be sent today fuchl work hard you and don't ever give up you can make your american dream a reality. >> the obama administration is urging state supreme court to block admission to the bar because giving an undocumented immigrant a california lions violates a federal law denying giving public benefits to illegal imgrangts. the state supreme court must make a decision within 90 days. garcia hopes it will be sooner.
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>> u.s. senate taking a step forward to authorizing a strike against syria for using chemical weapon buzz limiting u.s. involvement to 90 days. the full senate needs to approve the me skmur so does the house. local severe syrians are lobbying bay area congress members to vote yes. >> every day, more people are dying and more civilens are being kill wed hope the you us and world act quickly and swiftly. putting an end to the war. >> optz concerned koit lead to pronounced u.s. ininvolvement in seara. we'll hear what nancy pell grossy told abc 7 news. >> and still to come, trang forming the learning pro se.s. >> a brain freeze.
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why does it happen? >> coming up lessons being offered to teachers just a mouse away. >> get ready for beach weather. how much temperatures goring to rise this week. >> lawmakers ready to go to mat to get used mattresses out of landfills and lots in california.
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crews making more progress in the fire that is now 80% contained with full containment by september 20th. the fire started august 17th. 111 structures have been
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destroyed. the national weather service tweeted this graphic today giving us perspective of the size of the fire that burned area covering an ear eek call to most of the remember santa cruz suffered millions in damages after tsunami in 2011 spawned by an earthquake in japan. this is based on a 9.1 quake after the alaskan coast. a team led by u.s. gee lone cal survey found koit flood oakland airport state wide 750,000 people have to be evacuated and one third of the boats could be damaged or sunk. >> educators calling for change wtz way reading and math tests are given to california public school students.
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superintendent told a board of education today that instead of getting pencil and paper star tests, tests should be administered by computer. the state sampled tests with about 20% of california students and needs approval from the state legislature and u.s. department of education. >> internet becoming a useful tool for teachers. video sharing web site coming up with an education category focused on sharing lessons for anyone around the world. >> you tube created to share content now wants to share knowledge through a category called you you tube edu with good teachers. >> underneath lies a fierce promoter of science, one of the so called education gurus selected because she's clever at teaching science.
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>> so this is just silly. >> retired audience is anyone interested in science. i try to gear them to high school or college-aged students but make them accessible for anyone. >> it takes about 20 hours to research a subject before it gets posted less time as she's familiar with topics like brain freeze. >> it's focusing on bringing learners and educators nogt a global video classroom. >> we see educators teaching everything from algae bra to spanish and languages which is a good way to reach communities. >> he's another favorite, thousands of subscribers.
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>> like a gun, too. one, two. >> a lot of videos get over 10 million hits on the channel autos saying her popular video is an explanation why caffeine makes us hyper, she drank more than average cup of joe. >> caffeine acts on central nervous system. >> she'll focus on hpd continuing owe-to-inspire others. >> go for it. >> do science. >> cute. >> well, her videos have gotten 800 thousand hits and about 14,000 subscribers now if you twoobt take a look we have a link to the education video at abc 7 cheryl? carolyn. >> great story oo. well, just ahead cost of buying a mattress in california could go up part of efforts to protect the environment. >> yes. you might be paying more for a
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new pat matt tress because of a bill moving through the state legislature, supporters of the bill cover front steps with discarded ma tresses, sponsors included east bay state senator use calling it used mattress for money recycling act. both supporting the fee they'd have to pay. funds going towards recycling used ma tresses. >> they'd probably be here tomorrow. if this was implemented you'd probably have a line waiting to recycle them. >> that means they'd not just be shown around town. the bill awaiting a vote in assembly. warning tonight from fremont police department about fraud targeting members of the south asian american community. since this weekend someone from a washington dv telephone
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number or spoofing a number has been calling potential victims posing as an irs agent telling people they owe the irs $9,000 if they don't pay visas will pay up, pressuring people to wire money or risk arrest. if you received such a call know, it is a fake, call the police department. do not send money. newest version of america's best selling e reader just got faster, paper white features a higher contrast ask a faster processor. those on sale it's not as cheap as some of them, it's $119. i'd get one in a second. i love mine. >> i just bought one of those. >> nice to read outside. in the sunlight next time. >> yes. >> bay area scientists gearing up to send the next generation of space craft to the man. nasa ames headed out a project
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changing the probe's landing. it's the first space craft and say the craft's design and assembly line production could dramatically reduce the cost of space craft development likeford model t did for car autos they're hoping to lead the way. so that others can find same cost savings by not having to use one of a kind craft but can use mod yu lar units. >> it's cool. >> vlade will monitor the moon and lunar dust, always important. >> conditions here on earth let's focus on the weather, warming up nicely. >> yes. gorgeous weather today we're going to turn up the heat. we're going to see
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temperatures close to 100 degrees, get ready for summer. we'll talk about what is going on now then future, we have one lowly patch of of moisture prompted flash flood watch until 10:00 p.m. tonight. thunderstorms have been rumbling throughout the area, flooding likely through this region so watch is up. from our mount tam tam camera you're looking towards ocean beach. you can see patchy low clouds here. 68 san francisco. nice in oakland now. 77 redwood city. mid to upper 70s, 66 in half moon bay. from our kgo roof camera, you can see it's getting breezy out there. winds gusting 20 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour.
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81 santa rosa now. 79 degrees in napa. highs mid-60s to mid-80s. check out this view from our camera. lots of sunshine. if you're heading up to tahoe there is a possibility they may see isolated and it's just smoky sunshine with highs in 70s. afternoon hot pattern going to develop on friday. taking us throughout the weekend. here is a look sunny mild to warm day tomorrow here in the bay area. you but that system getting closer will kick up the winds in the tahoe area that prompted a red flag warning
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for thursday. 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. southwestern wind gusts creating high fire dangers up to la tao or reno. looking ahead, beyond tochl, low moves out of here, high pressure starts to build n wind switches direction becoming a off shore flow. it's down sloping weather so. coastal spots going to get warm beginning friday continuing throughout the weekend. tomorrow morning patchy fog around the region. low 50s to low 60s for starters. in afternoon in the south bay 79 in san jose. 83 loss gato, 78 sunnyvale. mild day. 72 millbrae. 80 los altos, mid to upper 60s coastside. 70 degrees, 66 sunset district. you'll have a sea breeze mid-60s north bay you're going to see temperatures 60s
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coastside but not a lot of change for the rest of the region in the 80s. 85 santa rosa. 71 sausalito. sunshine in the east bay. inland spots a little bit above average. 84 pleasanton. a look at the accu-weather forecast we'll feature summer heat friday. we'll see warming mid-70s coastside. mid-90s inland turning up heat more by saturday, sunday. upper 90s inland. mid 70 as long the coast. temperatures backing off a little bit monday. tuesday, wednesday back down to average. we'll have to wait and get ready to cook. >> yes this is unusually warm beach weather. >> yes we're going to enjoy the beach at least. >> september, then, chris cal stall? >> we can't go that far. >> i can tell thu much. san francisco oakland
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september tends to be warmest month of the year for san jose third warmest of the year this, is typical around this time of the year. we'll feel heat here. >> thank you. >> just ahead moving tribute unveiled today for a sailor kip kiled preparing for america's cup. >> new at 6:00 a remarkable 3 d game helping keep your brain functioning as if woah, this kitchenome home! looks beautiful. hey mom! it's bigger! it's great, right? give him the tour. let me show you!
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an autopsy has been performed to determine how a man died during his dive monday morning. authorities say he was 40 feet from the boat indicating he was fine when he suddenly went limp. he was pulled from the water authorities tried for an hour to revive him, pronounced dead at the hospital. >> san francisco international airport will likely keep its name after a policy was
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approved today. airport commissioners voted to ban renaming airport over any terminals after a person. with you will allow dedicating a terminal in honor of someone. the board must vote on the change brit takes affect. this comes after san francisco supervisor called for renaming sfo after supervisor harvey milk. mill skpk mayor george mosscone were assassinated in 1978. andrew bart simpson died in maichl his crew's catamaran cap sized in the bay. simp sorn won in 2008 and a silver for england in 2012. the mural stands tall just one block from city hall. one of the teammates witnessed unveilings. >> the city took it to their hearts and in a way i would
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never have expected from people. it's an amazing type of person that lives here, in san francisco. >> 18 academy of art university students climbed to create that mural that will be there permanently on the side owned by the school. >> tonight online search engine yahoo will unveil it's new logo. it's been featuring a different proposed logo every day for 30 days. the company unveiling it's new look at 9:00 tonight. it will be purple and have escalation marks but that is all we know. some say the switch may be a big mistake because consumers often don't like change. >> when we come back an update for you on efforts to build
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coming up at 6:00 new home
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individual yof a burglary in progress finding what to do and sfai something like that happens to you. >> democrats versus democrats on how to reduce inmate population and a site to find what you want and name your own price. how it's works coming up at 6:00, 30 minutes from now. >> stanford students getting close to a bill to building a net zero house. >> that is a home producing more energy than consumed. this is the first ever entry into a solar dekaja lone. the home will be judged on 10 criteria. >> yes z get this now it's done, the home is going to be dismantled and taken to southern california and rebuilt for that competition.
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>> pretty neat. this is "world news." and tonight it ends in prison. the three women held captive for a decade in cleveland learned their tormenter took his own life in his prison cell and we tell you what happened. under the veil, we have video from the women of syria who are teachers turned snipers. their daring stories caught in the crossfire as president obama makes his case for a strike to the world. and dancing with a star, valerie harper staring down her illness joins the cast and ready for the music. >> as long as i'm feeling well, i might as well dance. and a good evening to you on this wednesday night. we begin with that stunning


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