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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 5, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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our smartphone obsession is tonight's feed frenzy. a viral conversation started by charlene deguzman, was at a concert when she noticed most of the audience was too busy shooting the show with their phones to enjoy the music in the moment. so she made a short film about our national fetish. >> this is something that everybody can relate to and everybody has been thinking about. >> clearly it's hit a nerve with nearly 20 million views and counting. from lying in bed with a loved one to lunching with friends, to bowling alleys to a birthday party. nothing can compete with that little glowing screen. even her attempt at yoga becomes a meditation on the kind of loneliness that comes when surrounded by others. >> who knows how long he was driving with that box under his car. >> american tourists abroad are the easiest to spot than ever,
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they're the ones glued to their phones. more restaurants are banning phones. and today a warning from a committee chair, after senator john mccain was caught playing poker on his phone during a hearing on syria. after the "washington post" called his bluff, mccain said scandal, caught playing iphone game at a three hour senate hearing. worst of all, i lost. the senate will actually vote on syria next week, we expect. thank you for watching "abc news." "world news now" coming up next, "gma" in the morning. see you back here tomorrow, good night.
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finally letting up for drivers getting out of san francisco. here is a live look at the san francisco sky way can see the whereas you can see the -- the headlights are moving quickly. about 9:35 the sky way was still crawling with some drivers reporting it took nearly an hour to get to the bay bridge let alone to cross it. and here is a live look from our yerba buena camera. the cars are on the right and the taillights are making their way toward oakland. things have thinned up there as well. the chp says people are slowing down to take a look at the new eastern span, but once they are past it, the traffic does pick up. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. dan ashley is off tonight. the back up on city streets in san francisco approaching approe on-ramp to the bay bridge has been frustrating who expected a return to normalcy after the bridge reopened on monday. transportation reporter heather ishimaru is at first and harrison for us. heather? >> the congestion did clear up
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markedly around 9:00. up until then it was the usual grind and then some that had many asking why could it be that sparkling new bridge.the thero is always backed up heading to the bay bridge during the evening commute. tonight and last night were as bad as it gets. from the embar broadw broadway to the bay bridge on-ramp is about 1.3 miles and it takes about 10 minutes on an average evening commute. tonight that took us an hour from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. >> worst ever. >> the worst ever? >> it took 15 minutes from here to the entrance of the tunnel. >> last night the back up trying to go east on the bridge lasted until 10:30.hp chn experts can't explain it except to say school is back in session, the holiday is over and the bridge is new.
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>> what is with this? >> usually we clear by now. we leave by 4:30. >> maybe people are taking in too many sights and looking at the bridge and too much time is on the bridge. >> everyone has different ways of coping. >> of course traffic is always frustrating. you have to make it a zen moment. >> al green and plenty of plentd music and the weather is beautiful. >> when the bridge opened it was very congested. it was heavenly when it was closed 6789 -- closed. >> they say it took three weeks to get used to the s curve and it could be about the same for people to settle down on the new bay bridge. heather ishimaru, abc7 news. an under cover drug operation turned deadly in sunnyvale when an officer opened fire. the shooting happened in the parking lot of the restaurant near north matilda in sunnyvale. ama dates is there live for us
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tonight. >> carolyn hobies has been shutdown all day. in fact it was an hour ago when police finally packed up and left for the night. investigators worked the fatal shooting in the par nea for nearly eight hours. they closely examined this white pick up truck a shattered driver's side window. sky 7hd shows the inscene of t scene of the shooting. it happened just after 2:00 p.m. during an undercover drug operation by santa clara police and the santa clara county sheriff's office. >> shots were fired by afternoons -- by officers. one suspect was hit with the gunfire and transported to a local hospital. >> that suspect has later died. police have yet to released his name. the department of public safety is leading the investigation along with the santa clara county district there are a lot of questions to be answered. did the man have a weapon and how many officers opened fire. >> we are still trying to determine that there was multiple officers, but as far as how many fired shots we are still investigating that.
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>> nobody inside the restaurant was hurt during the shooting. abc7 news. the search is on for three men wanted in an elaborate theft in burlingame. a woman was driving when a van pulled up alongside her. the:00 -- the occupants said there was something wrong with her car. that's when police say she was ripped off. >> when she was pulled over there was an issue with one of the tires and they would help her change the tire and distracted her in a way to get her to go into the trunk while one of the persons or two of the people in the car and in the van reached into her car and took her wallet out of her purse. >> there have been similar incidents targeting the elderly around a the bay area. police say the most important thing you can do is to be aware of your surroundings and keep your car doors locked at all times. police released a photo of a woman accused of impersonating an animal control officer. this is the woman helped police burglarize several homes. she pretends she is investigating a snake infestation and then lures the residents into their backyards
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while her accomplice sneaks in and steals from the home. homes in seven bay area cities have been hit. similar burglaries have been reported as far away as roseville in placer county. we have new details on breaking news we first brought you on abc7 news at 6:00. the vehicle tim of a deadly accident in oakland was a 2-year-old boy. flew over the investigation scene. the child was playing in a parking lot just feet from where his mother was selling fruit out of her truck when he was hit. it happened just after 4:00 this afternoon at embarcadero near 9th avenue. police call it a tragic accident and say the driver is cooperating. a new development in the syrian crisis. house speaker john boehner refused a request for a meeting with russian diplomats hoping to discuss possible u.s. military action in syria. the diplomats appear to be aimed ng down president voting t obama's call to support a military strike. a senate panel today approved the plan while mr. obama pushed for international
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support. >> the international community's credibility is on the line. and america and congress' credibility is on the line because we give lip service to the notion that these international norms are important. >> the full senate is expected to vote next week on the proposal. under the resolution any military mission in syria must last no more than 90 ca cannot involve any american troops on the ground for combat operations. oakland police are asking for help in the search of a suspected it killer. take a look. officers believe gary shea shot a man to death last saturday near mills college. he is described as a 50-year-old white man and 5 foot 6 and 160 pounds with medium dark, curly hair. shea is accused of shooting and killing cory prentice. police believe the two men were fighting when shea opened fire. police are searching for a man wanted for a series of bank robberies in marin county and they released surveillance
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photos from a robbery at the credit union in san rafael. here is video from the same robbery. you can see the suspect on the left side of the screen. witnesses say the man matches the description of the so-called "cotton ball bandit" who wears a beaning with a cotton ball on the top. an east bay supermarket employee is under arrest after police say he stole hundreds of dollars worth of meat. it happened at the lucky store -year-oldpolice say 46-year-oldr curly filled two shopping carts with $700 worth of meat and then left the store. the store security team contacted police on tuesday. officers then arrested curly. he faces an embezzlement charge since he worked at the market. toyota is recalling 400,000 cars for two problems. the first recall involves lexus rx400. the inverter system may cause the alarm to go off and prevent the hybrid from running. the second recall is for lexus
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gs350, is350 and the is350c. toyota says bolts may loosen causing the engine to stall. the car owners will be notified by mail. why hundreds of chickens flew coast to coast and the price to rt chaer the plane. to charter the plane. progress made. containment is weeks away. the fire burning in and around yosemite and the bay area firefighters that are finally coming off the front lines. plus -- >> that's up to you to gunnel, my friend. to judge my friend. >> campaign clash. what sparked this heated exchange between new york mayoral hopeful anthony wiener and a potential voter. >> i am abc news meteorologist sandhya patel. here is a look at your morning commute. a look at your wake up weather and a look at when it will get
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hence -- hens headed for death will live out their lives in the animal sanctuaries back east. the story of hof they are getting there -- of how they are getting there is raising eyebrows. they flew out on a chartered cargo plane to new york. abc7 news reporter alan wang was at the hayward executive airport for the sendoff. >> we all know chickens can't fly, but all 1,150 of these hens are about to fly to the east coast where they will be adopted. >> these hens have lived a a life of misery before we were able to free them. >> mar gee beach -- margie
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beach said they were rescued from a california egg laying farm. they are kept in battery cages and only live for about two years before they are euthanatized. >> the egg farmer contacted us and said we would like to work with you. >> the animal rescue cared for 3,000 hence, but could only keep 2,000. the only places that could take them are on the east coast. >> a donor said i will pay to fly them out there. none of the money is coming from animal place. it is coming from a generous donor who cares about chicken. >> that generous donor paid $50,000 to fly these chickens across the country. and that's no chicken feed. the animal place sees chickens as unique individuals worth rescues. >> we thought it was a little -- bogus. >> it was no joke and the cargo companies would like to treat them like passengers and they even made a sacrifice at
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no extra charge. it will be a seven-hour flight and they won't be able to roll down the windows. in hayward, alan wang, abc7 news. crews are making progress on the massive wildfire in and around yosemite national park. the fire burned 370 square miles and it is now 80% contained. it began august 17th and it has destroyed 111 structures including 11 homes. a national guard crew that worked on the fire is now back in the bay area tonight. this is video of the 129th rescue wing out of moffet field in action. the 129th flew nearly 90 hours with some 450 water drops on the rim fire. -- thorn california county one northern california county wants to be the 51st state. supervisors are voting to pursue the seating from california. residents say they are fed up with a lack of representation in sacramento and they want more attention paid to major issues in their county such as
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water rights. advocates want other rural counties to join them. they hope to form a state called jefferson. despite their vote we won't be adding a star to the flag anytime soon since the session needs approval from both congress and the state legislature. surgical equipment is linked to a deadly cause of a rare brain disease that killed one person and others may be at risk. health officials in new hampshire believe up to 13 people in other specified states were exposed to the disease known as mad cow disease through contaminated surgical equipment. the patient underwent surming re in man manchester, name m that. new hampshire. they say the risk is considered extremely low. struggling new york city mayoral candidate anthony wiener is defending himself after getting into a shouting match with a heckler at a new york city bakery. >> that is coverage. >> come back in here.
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i am not afraid of you. >> and you are a perfect person? >> what have i taught you? >> you are fine. you work out your problems. stay out of the public eye. >> the former congressmanb overa his job over a sexting scandal. on twitter wiener said he stood up to the heckler because that's what mayors have to do sometimes. polls show wiener in a distant fourth place right now. something is looking different on yahoo!'s website. the new logo was unveiled a couple hours ago. they wanted a logo that was whimsical and would embrace the company's evolution. it is not a drays steek change, but it is the first design since the company launched 18 years ago. warmer today and a big warm up for the weekend.
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sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd. >> i suspect the beaches will be popular as it is toasty inland. live doppler show is showing low clouds and fog have formed not just near the coast, but around the bay as well. as you look at the view from our camera looking back toward san francisco, cameras are bouncing and it is a bit breezygusts 25 to gusts 25 to 30 miles an hour. san francisco is 61. mid60s oakland and redwood city and san jose and 63 currently in half moon bay. a beautiful view from the trans america pyramid. patchy fog out there. it is in the 60s in santa rosa and napa. today's high temperatures are about the same as yesterday. we were in the mid60s to the mid80s, but we will turn up the heat later on this week. from our high definition high emeryville camera we are looking toward the bay bridge here and here is a look at the forecast. mild to warm tomorrow afternoon. hot pattern is setting up for
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the weekend. then we will see some changes as we head back to work next week. we are not worried about that right now. here is a look at the satellite and radar. this is the area of low pressure that has really been spinning off the pacific northwest coast keeping our temperatures really quite comfortable. so another sunny day tomorrow. once this area of low pressure moves out of here the heat will be on. with this area of low pressure approaching and moving on shore to our north we are going to see the winds getting kicked up in the tahoe area. a red flag warning and gusting at times. low humidity. thursday 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and tahoe and reno will be looking at danger fire danger. here is a look at beyond thursday. low pressure exits and high pressure starts to build in. and with that ridge of high pressure over oregon we are going to see the wind flow coming off the land and taking the heat and bringing it down toward the coast. we call it the offshore flow. that will mean warm conditions at the beaches and hot weather inland. tomorrow morning starting out with a wide range of lows, low
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50s in santa rosa and napa valleys. sheltered valleys. but low 60s right around antioch, concord, oakland, palo alto, and we will see areas of fog and low clouds first thing in the morning. not necessarily just at the coast or around the bay. tomorrow afternoon 79 in san jose and a mild day in the south bay, 83 los gatos and 80 in santa cruz. you are looking at nothing but sunshine and mild weather. 75 san mateo and 79 in redwood city. look at that, half moon bay is 69 degrees. 64 in daly city. it will be breezy in downtown san francisco. later in the afternoon, 70 degrees and for the north bay 60s coast side and mid80s santa rosa and napa and east bay, you will be right around where you should be for this time of year. 75 hayward and 74 oakland and 78 castro valley. midto upper 80s and concord, livermore 86 degrees. the accu-weather seven-day forecast getting warmer. you really don't know the heat until the weekend when you will feel it. near 100 inland. mid70s coast side. the temperatures will start to
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dial back on monday and it is considerably cooler by wednesday. upper 80s inland and mid60s coast side. >> sounds like a lovely weekend ahead and a toasty one. thanks, sand yaw. sandhya. >> larry beil is in with sports. >> pure power. >> why didn't we see this earlier? >> especially from the giants. raising a question. can you remember the last time they combined for 10 homers in one day?
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darvish is the ace of the staff, but he is treated like a batting practice pitcher.
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he went right back to the tie. he is a star like verlander and picking it up in the firs inning and brandon moss launching his team best homers of the year. a's up just like that. parker is unbeaten in his last 18 starts. that's a team record. six innings and allows two runs and fans -- i am not sure if everybody expected barton to do this, make a huge contribution when he was called back up, but there it goes. it president continues the barage and the twitter handle is bringer of rain120 and making it rain with his 20th of the year. you want more? we got more. cocoa crisp turns on one in the eighth. four homers on the day for the athletics. a's win it 11-foir and they are tied with texas on p to of the west. the giants exploded with six homers today in san diego. three by sandoval himself. he has 13 on the year. sandoval was four for five and
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six r.b.i's. if you are wondering according to our twitter follower and stat fee nome -- phenom, the last time they combined for 10 homers on one day, august 3rd, 1991. where were you that day? giants win it 13-5. i was the a work. expect the nfl teams to employ a simple game plan against the 49ers this year. kill the quarterback. colin p cayer nick know -- colin kaepernick knows exakly what is coming. the packers are not going to let him run wild when they meet in the season opener sunday at the stick. coach jim harbaugh has heard the tough talk in the off season he wants his qb protected when he is in the pocket. >> i believe that he is a quarterback until hes ares he is a runner. those are the conversations right now. >> you can only line 11 people up so many ways. we have seen a lot of different things.
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they do a lot of things well. we have to be ready. >> the raiders open sunday in indy. pryor did his best to talk about playing quarterback while not saying that he will play quarterback on sunday. pryor took snaps and head coach dennis alan will not reveal who was starting for competitive reasons. dennis, the whole world knows. hash tag, breaking, pryor is playing. >> i will be a a starter and i believe coach told the team and he addressed you guys about the situation. he doesn't want to be talking about it. let coach answer that. >> i say nothing. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. it is impossible for him. >> it is a difficult position to be in. i looked really good and i am -- oh no, i am not. >> i cannot say that. you have to talk to the
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coach. >> coming up, the act of kindness from one young baseball fan to
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♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars.
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wake up weather. you have to watch out for the fog out there and low clouds as well. breezy in spots and temperatures low 50s to low 60s by 8:00 a.m. getting you to the mid50s and mid60s range. mike will be here at 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. carol lip? >> thanks. just because you are rooting for different teams doesn't mean you can't be nice to each other. one young arizona fan wanted a ball from a d-backs outfielder. when the player threw that ball an older kid got to it first. you can see the young fan sitting there, hat pulled low and looking upset when a young
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giants fan walks over and gives the opposing fan a new ball he bought at the game. the giants fan then got a handshake from the boy's father. diamondbacks officials saw that act of kindness and bought a new ball to the giants fan. a lot of high five's there. >> giants fan coming to the rescue. >> we like it. thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm caroly
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>> you know who judges me? you know who judges me? go visit with your rabbi. >> oh, boy. weiner later said that he thought he put the man in his place. the man accused weiner of only caring about himself. >> informal referee here, i think that man stood his ground pretty well. that's my opinion. >> a couple of insensitive comments for sure, but i think he voiced what a lot of people are saying. you're in the public eye. your morals count. mine don't. there's a new director at
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the helm of the fbi. james comey was sworn in yesterday by attorney general eric holder. the number two man at justice department under secretary of state. opposing a white house for wireless wiretappings. and takes over for warnings for puerto rico. accuweather's jim dickey is joining us now with more on the projected path of the storm. good morning, jim. >> good morning. we have a new tropical storm, tropical storm gabrielle. two separate systems. an area of thunderstorms off the north and east looking more impressive at this hour. you see that concentric circle. you see our circle. that marking, tropical storm gabrielle. borderline. wind at 40 miles an hour. first advisory. prime to bring soaking rainfall to puerto rico. drift this way. strong westerlies offshore. that will keep the system offshore. john, diana. back to you. >> thank you, jim. it is that time again, just 215 days since february's super bowl. tonight starts another nfl season. what a start it will be. super bo


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