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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 5, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> abc7 news begins with breakings news. >> we have more on the breaking news from overnight. police are on the scene of a shooting in san mateo that sent one young man to the hospital. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has the latest. ought shooting happened at 11:30 but they are in the early hours of the investigation which is happening here behind us the i was able to get the detective sergeant on the scene to confirm one bit of information at this hour which is that they are
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looking into the possibility, investigating the possibility that the shoot that happened is connected to shooting victims in another city this morning. a lost moving parts. there were reports of gunshots at 11:30 on 1500 block of lodi avenue. officers found evidence of a shooting including a 24-year-old man who was shot now at the hospital. he is expected to live and to be okay. he did live here on this block and that no one else at this location was hurt. as if whoever fired the gun, the detective sergeant said this. >> we have potential investigative leads at this point so i request not say if there are suspects but i can say that we are not, we do not fear there is any risk to other
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people at this time. >> police have the 1500 block of lodi closed off and will for several hours. they will be here all day but no homes in the area have been evacuated because of what happened. some who live on the street are being interviewed at this hour. >> thank you, katie. >> it looks breezy. not sure that is the case but we will check with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we have the sea breeze stronger this morning and more widespread. the clouds will vanish like yesterday and not dropping anything the form of precipitation. live doppler 7 hd showing how dry it is. today, 69 at half moon bay and a lot of-miles-per-hour 60's with the sunshine and 70 in san francisco and mid-to-upper 70's around the bay shore to the south bay and low-to-mid 80's in the north bay. now the morning commute. leyla gulen?
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>> we have construction headed along southbound 680 between arthur road and highway 4, where we have this project. this will stick around until can this morning traveling in the northbound and southbound direction you are moving along at top speeds. at highway four from antioch to pittsburg we are seeing a slow down at 36 miles per hour but picks up closer to pittsburg. to concord you are in exlength shape but the altamont pass is not so grandchild and it picks up at the pass but more volume is building. matt and kristen? >> another morning, another tough commute across the new bay bridge and commuters wonder to mass delays are the new traffic pattern. amy? >> kristen, our love affair with the new bridge could be ending for some people who are getting
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stuck in the traffic. look at what they had to deal with last night: the backup in the city lasted until 10:30 last night. one of the news crews said it took an hour to go a distance that usually takes ten minutes. drivers are starting to feel frustrateed. >> too many people are looking at the bridge. >> worst ever. >> worst ever. >> two days in a row. >> the c.h.p. says they are not sure why this is happening. on the first day it could be that people were taking their time, taking pictures, but if you they don't know what it is, possibly just the combination that school is back in session, vacation is over, and people are getting used to the new bridge. word is out about the backup maybe we can hope some will work from home if they can or choose
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bart or the bus. until that happens, you may want to consider building some extra time into your commute. >> thank you, amy. police are investigating the fatal shooting of a drunk suspect during an undercover investigation in their city. we were over the scene in the parking lot of the restaurant off of highway 101. the motel clerk heard 15 gunshots. a suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital. no officers were injured. a white pickup truck was riddled with bullet holes. questions remain whether the suspect had a weapon and how many officers fired. >> oakland police are asking for help in the search for a suspected killer. officers say this man shot a map to death on saturday near mills college. gary shay is described at 50
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years old with medium dark curly hair. shay is accused of shooting and killing a man. it is believed the two fighting. >> police are searching for a man wanted for self bank robberies in marin county. they have released surveillance photos. this is a clear look of the man. this is video of the robbery, the suspect is on the last of the screen. the man matches the description of a cotton ball bandit. he is wanted for six other bank robberies. >> an alert bank employees locked the doors yesterday and probably stopped a bank robberies. they spotted a man outside match the description of a previous bank robber and that man ran away and the branch has been robbed three times this summer. >> to more people are under arrest this morning in
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connection with a murder of a san jose state nursing student last month. police released photos of the new suspect. they are identified at 23-year-old jesse grant and 22-year-old caras warren. the shooting happened august 3 in downtown san jose. police say the shooting was gang-related shooting and 19-year-old kimberly chico was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> president obama arrived in russia for meetings with world leaders at the g-20 summit arriving a couple of hours ago from sweden. he will attend the gathering along with russian president putin but isn't scheduled for one-on-one talks. relations have cooled since russia granted asylum to edward snowden and could be overshadowed by talk of a military strike against syria and is seeking support from international leaders to punish syria for a chemical weapons attack. >> fire officials are confirming the rim fire burning at yosemite
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national park was not started by an illegal marijuana grow. investigators say the area where the fire started is too rugged and doesn't have a water source which growers like. the rim fire has burned 370 square miles. this morning it is 80 percent contained. a national guard true who work on the fire back in the bay area and this is the video of the 129th rescue wing in action flying nearly 90 hours battling the rim fire. >> we have dangerous fire conditions coming our way this week, right, mike? >> especially up there, with a red flag warning for the sierra today because of the gusty winds blowing through this and the low humidity. as far as back here at him our fire danger is higher because it is going to be so dry and warm but we will not have the wind this weekend. from our camera, you can see the lights on the western span, beautiful! today, we will breakdown the next 12 hours and the dayen
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thatter is 53 in the north bay to 62 and a few more clouds than yesterday and such any everywhere by noon and 64 to 76 and breezes develop around the bay at 66 at the coast and 84 inland and the couping begins already at 7:00 down to 62 at the coast to 76 inland. now, the next three days, three of the hottest days in the forecast, the temperatures are above average and the clouds give way to sunshine and saturday and sunday, looking, still, as hot as we talked about all week, mid-70's at the coast and upper 90's inland. >> as we take you to marin county, 101 is moving well with a report of a deer in the lanes at lincoln avenue moving through santa benicia into san rafael and the rest of the drive is smooth headed for sausalito and toward san francisco. as we look at our drive time traffic, 580 westbound richmond-san rafael bridge, six minutes, and 13 minutes and dumbarton is 11 minutes all
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moving along fine. back into san rafael, you make the drive into central san rafael southbound 101 you can see the traffic is not slow down for you and it will stay clear headed through the tunnel. >> the best way to gear up for a new job search could be to take time off. bloomberg business report is next.
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>> covering burlingame, campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> a look from the new eastern span of the bay bridge. traffic is moving pretty nice right now. it could change later today. the weather is going to be nice and warm. >> city college of san francisco may have another chance to save itself from losing accreditation a little known clause in the bylaws of the mission allows for fresh review of the ruling that could force city college to close next july. the window for review is small and the scope is narrow but officials hope to present enough evidence of reform to persuade the mission to reverse the ruling while city college is going through the appeals
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process. >> t.s.a. program to help passengers check in no their flights faster is expanding to include more bay area airports. it lets passengers keep belts, shoes and jackets on during screening and can have liquids and goals in carry on bags. right now san francisco is the only bay area airport in the program but oakland, san jose, and 58 other airports will join this year. the $85 program is hop -- open to frequent flying public. >> and a new report shows the impact a tsunami will have. santa cruz and other coastal communities suffered millions in damages after tsunami in 2011 spawned by anering in -- spawned by an earthquake in japan. a team found that a subsequent tsunami could flood the oakland airport.
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750,000 people could have to be evacuated. a third of the boats could be damaged or sunk in the >> it could soon cost more to get a bite at mcdonald's. >> the price of items on the dollar menu could be going up and the large of the fast food chain testing a new version of the dollar menu including items selling for up to $5. mcdonald's is facing higher meat prices and pressure from franchisees struggling with rising costs including higher republican. if you have not finished your back-to-school shopping, wal-mart school supplies are 10 percent cheaper than target and 20 percent cheaper or more than k-mart. wal-mart may not have what you want because they are setting up for halloween. >> the best way to get motivated to look for a new job is to go on vacation. nearly 70 percent of those fays were more likely to get off the
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couch and look for better work after returning from time off because the r and r can help you solve problems. >> the pack behind carrot cake cups has a new offering: soup. green roasters is working with campbells to come up with special cups of broth and vegetables after they heard from customers that they use their machines for coffee to make hot water to use for dry soups. >> nothing like a hot soup on a 90--degree day, right, mike? >> we will see what we can do over the weekend. before we get to the weekend and the heat we are tracking fog this morning. we have six miles in novato and
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seven at half moon bay and inelse is okay with low clouds hanging an the coast. we will keep an cry on sfo to see if there are flight arrival thais. here is a look from the exploritorium at the ongoing western span of the bay bridge this morning and it looks beautiful. we use that for the backdrop for a sunny afternoon, mild highs today and tomorrow. the heat will taper next week but we will stay above a. today, a little bit below of the south bay and san jose and cupertino, and 78 in sunnyvale and santa clara and 83 in los gatos and 86 in gilroy. as far as the peninsula from 72 at millbrae to 79 in redwood city and 80 in los altos and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast. south san francisco and sausalito, 71 and ten degrees warmer in san rafael and hanging out in the low-to-mid 80's in the north bay valley and mid-60's at the beaches and long
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the east bay shore a lot of mid-to-upper 70's with hayward at 75 degrees and the east bay valley another day, probably will not need the aconditioning, mid-to-upper 80's. both teams at home the first place oakland a's, they won yesterday putting them back in a tie at 65 at 7:05 and a cool 62 at 10:00 and across the bay we go and ten minutes later at at&t park we have the diamondbacks taking on the giants and 66 degrees dropping down to 61 under clear skies and a little bit cooler and more of a breeze at at&t park. the temperatures tonight are the same as this morning with cloud cover near the coast and spilling in the bay and mid-50's in the not bay to low 60's for the rest of us. here is the seven-day forecast, tomorrow anywhere from about fur to six degrees warmer than today, and look at saturday and sunday, the heat peaks during the weekend so be careful if you are outside. the plenty of fluids, find some shade, it will feel cooler and the temperatures are still love average but they are cooler by
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ten degrees through wednesday. have a great day. >> we have a report someone who is stalled on westbound 80 yelling at traffic, so, watch out for that. this san jose we have a little bit of a slow down on 85, but not sure what is causing it but in the northbound direction you down to 26 miles per hour. we will look further into that and 280 and 101 and everything else is at top speed and we do not see delays or hearing of any construction in the area. drive time traffic tracy to dublin is building quickly at 37 minutes from the westbound direction along highway 4 antioch to concord is 25 minutes and you can see the time is ticking up 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 16 minutes and a picture of the toll plaza where we have more traffic funneling into the tolls and to the new span of the bay bridge toward treasure island and not going to see any problems as you make it for san francisco. so, everything is locking nice
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and clear. that is me. that is from our c.h.p. boot catch yesterday from west sacramento and what an experience it was. it was a sobriety test. you put on goggles so you feel like you are under the influence. in the grant row, answering the teacher's questions? >> i am always that what you are going to share more with our viewers on that? >> certainly. there is a lot to be done: we did a terrible workout i am so sore. we did hand test, driving around wet road where you skid. we did arm training which i watched, i observed, i did not participate. a hot of great stuff. i got miser and i passed boot camp. >> i did.
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i did. i passed. i have a better understanding and appreciate the new jersey -- the knowledge that goes into c.h.p. and what they do. not ready for the academy, though. >> still ahead, seven things to know as you start your day to day. >> the action prince william took to stop a pub brawl. >> an act of k [ jen garner ] what skincare brand is so effective... so trusted... so clinically proven dermatologists recommend it twice as much as any other brand? neutrogena®. recommended by dermatologists 2 times more than any other brand. now that's beautiful.
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>> here are seven things to know: breaking news, police in
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san mateo are investigating a shooting that sent a 24-year-old man to the hospital. it happened at midnight near south norfolk treat and police are interviewing witnesses and the victim is expected to survive. >> questions remain this morning about the fatal shooting of a drug suspect by santa clara police and the sheriff deputies in sunnyvale yesterday. a man in a white pickup truck was shot several times outside a restaurant and the suspect died at the hospital. >> throw, president obama arrived in st. peterburg for the g-20 economic summit which focuses on the global economy. the crisis in syria is not on the agenda but is expected to dominate were of the discussion. >> four, we could be in for a third straight day of traffic snarls around the new bay bridge since the if you span opened the morning and night commutes have been painfully slow. last night's eastbound commute stayed snarled until 10:30. >> first-class stamps could going up in price again. the postal service is expected
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to vote today on an emergency rate increase on top of the one crept hike expected in the next few months. if approved, stamps go up do 49 cents next year. >> here is a look outside, you can see a few clouds hanging around the bay, total sunshine, again, this afternoon, with an update open how hot it will be this weekend. >> a look at i-80 traveling along in the westbound direction, traffic is building quite a bit as you make it to the maze and that is what we have, plenty of congestion but light on the accidents. >> in london, prince william to the rescue after he broke up a club brawl. the future king stopped a fight between 37-year-old british actor and another man. the actor said that prince william stepped in to save him during a scuffle at an exclusive bar in london. he said the prince said "he is not worth it."
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he didn't realize who it was until the secret services began closing in. the actor got thrown out of the club but on way out high looked at prince william and said "cheers." >> just because you are rooting for different teams don't mean you can't be nice to each other. the giants diamondback game in phoenix a fan want add ball from a diamondback outfielder but an older boy got to it first and you can see the young fan was disappointed and sighing the boy was obviously upset, you can see a giants fan walked over and gave him a brand new ball he bought at the game and the giants fan gout a handshake from the father and the diamondback officials saw the act of kindness and brought a new ball to the giants fan. it would have all played out differently if it was giants dodgeers. diamondbacks, you can be nice. i hope the giants did something nice for that boy. >> the abc7 news only news
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continues at 5:30 with the top stories including the go samaritans getting a bad name. >> companies that offer alternatives: taxis could be in for a
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on this thursday at 5:29. >> i an here for eric thomas the we had another beautiful day yesterday and it looks like it will continue interest today but change is coming. >> good morning, live doppler 7 hd still trying to find out where the lowest visibility is and we have improvement. you went from six to ten miles and seven miles visibility and
5:30 am
most of the cloud cover along the coast is spilling into the bay and you can see we are right above the clouds moving from north to south and here is the first forecast, mostly sunny, and sunny in downtown san francisco 64 to 70, and our spread from 72 to 80 at the bay and inland, 82 to 88 to soot bright day. leyla gulen? >> i was look at the remainryville camera toward berkeley westbound 80, we notice that c.h.p. was creating a traffic break and that was slowing things down and we are not sure what the reason was, but i reported this early westbound 80 at powell street we had a report of a stalled vehicle blocking a lane and someone was out there yelling at traffic to move out of the way so that could be the case that c.h.p. is out there trying to help the motorist of my over to the shoulder. we are pretty much back at a normal clip and i noticed
5:31 am
traffic was slow so you may want to watch out for that. here is a picture of the san mateo bridge where you are traveling westbound direction to the high-rise can seeing a buildup of traffic. >> we have new information at san mateo police investigating a shooting in a residential neighborhood in san mateo injuring at least one man. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is on the scene with new information. >> as i recorded 30 minutes ago police in san mateo confirming to me that the shooting that happened could be related to gunshot victims who turned up in other cities. i can tell you we have now confirmed that two people walked into regional medical center in san jose at 12:30 an hour after the shooting in san mateo. they both had gunshot wounds. one died. the other person is being treated. one person died of a gunshot wound in san jose. in san jose they not confirming or denying it could be related
5:32 am
to what is happening in san mateo. police in san mateo got the call of gunshots fired at 11:30 and arriveed to find a 24-year-old man shot. he is expected to live. the injury is not life threatening but police are not admitting if they are looking for suspects. >> there are a lot of things we need to investigate and a lot of information we are collecting. talking to witnesses as well as obtaining additional information. >> police feel confident no one else is in any danger in san mateo. they is the 1500 block of lodi blocked off. they will be investigating pretty much all day. >> we are waiting to see if traffic across the new bay bridge is backed up for a third straight day. this is a look from yerba buena island with traffic moving well
5:33 am
but a lot of traffic out there at 5:32 in the morning. commuters are thrilled to drive across the through span but are not so thrilled with the backups. many take their time crossing to look at the suspension tower and the views of san francisco bay. last night's traffic jam lasted until 10:30. amy hollyfield will have more on how the commuters are dealing with the headache at the top of the hour. >> the extra service provided by guard during the five day bridge closure took a toll on the aging fleet of cars and transit agency says its has been forced to take a dozen cars out of service for repairs. problems like stuck doors and stuck wipers and overheated cars occurred at twice the you will rate. bart moved 280,000 people across the bay and the bridge was shut down over labor day weekend. sunnyvale police investigating the fatal shooting of a drug suspect during an undercover investigation to their city they did not conduct.
5:34 am
sky was over seen in the parringment off highway 101 and north matilda avenue. a motel clerk heard 15 gunshots and were fired by santa clara police and the sheriff deputies. the suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital. no officers were injured. a white pickup truck was riddled with bullet hells and -- holes. >> there were multiple officers and as far as how many fired shots, we are investigating. >> the police knew of the operation in advance and had officers nearby. the district attorney's office is also investigating. >> the court-appointed leader overseeing reform of the oakland police department is demanding quick action to recruit officers from other cities. former baltimore police commissioner says that failure to hire more trained officers quickly will drain the department's senior leaders and leave an increasing percentage of junior officers.
5:35 am
the oakland tribune reports that oakland had only 625 sworn officers despite be authorized for 665. the ranks increased when a police academy choose graduated this year but a stream of retirements and resolutioning nations have chipped away at staffing. >> burlingame police are searching for the three men who pulled off a theft that they are warning the public about the an elderly woman was driving tuesday when a van pull up and the people inside the van told the woman there was something wrong with her car so she stopped and police say she wasried off. she pulled over they said this was an issue with a tire and they would help her change the tire and distracted her to get her to go in the trunk and the people in the car or the van reaped into her car and took her wallet. >> there have been similar insurance democratics targeting the elderly around the bay area. police say most important is to be aware of your surroundings and keep car doors locked all
5:36 am
the time. >> fremont police released a photo of a woman using a snake scam to burglarize homes. this woman poses as an animal patrol officer saying she is investigating snake infestation. homes in at least seven bay area cities have been hit by this woman. similar burglars have been reported as far away as roseville. >> oakland police say the driver would hit and killed a two-year-old boy is cooperating with investigators. sky 7 h.d. flew over the scene at embarcadero near 9th avenue. the child was playing in a parking lot feet from where his mother was selling fruit from the truck when three was hit by a truck pulling into the lot. police are calling it a "tragic accident." >> president obama is if russia this morning juggling international and domestic reaction to his military plans for sorryia over the alleged use of chemical weapons on the
5:37 am
civilians. the president arrived in st. peterburg for the g-20 economic summit did hours ago. the crisis in syria is not on the agenda but will dominate the discussion. rebound is face off against russian president putin who backs syria. chinese officials warn that military action would have a negative consequence on the global economy especially on oil prices. >> on capitol hill a senate panel approves a resolution supporting a military strike in syria. the full senate is expected to vote next week. russian diplomats tried to set up a meeting with lawmakers aimed at persuading them not to support the resolution. house speaker boehner refused. >> the home of nelson mandela is operating on a backup subsequent operator after the power want out. he was released from the hospital four days ago after three months stay in the hospital. he is under doctor's care at his home.
5:38 am
the last night, the power went out and the city power workers are on strike and private contractor had to be brought in to get the lights back on. >> bay area ride sharing companies will be the topic of discussion at a meeting of the public utilities commission. the start-up companies use mobile apps to summon private vehicles to transport customers. cab drivers say the programs are operating illegally and they say the services avoid regulatory accountability such as vehicle inspection, driver qualification and insurance requirements. they are considering rules to regulate the ride share programs like limousine services. >> another day mild weather and it heats up. right, mike? >> absolutely. the week ahead is starting with oakland and the heat peaks near 90 on saturday and sunday. barely takeers pend to 89 and temperatures are closer to average but, still, warmer than they should be tuesday,
5:39 am
wednesday, and thursday so that is a heat wave of one city. today, this thursday, we will breakdown the next 12 hours in the dayen maker with a few clouds around bay and the coast and inland it is i i don't it. we have a 53 in santa rosa but most of us are in the low 60's by 7:00. by noon, the clouds fading even at the coast and mid-to-upper 60's around the bay and 76 inned land and to 4:00 we will be mid- 60's at the coast and ten degrees cooler by 7:00 and evenings are shorter. temperature, in the 90's inland and 70 at the cost and saturday and sunday the two hottest days and a few inland neighborhoods could hit trip per digits. leyla gulen? >> congestion is building and building over the altamont pass. a long line of brake lights. 33 miles per hour over the pass
5:40 am
and it doesn't loosen up until you get further interest livermore and highway 84, 22 miles per hour, and it moves along closer to the sunol grade and 680 in the southbound direction but it will take you 41 minutes to head in the westbound direction if you are travel along 580 but mass transit is running open time if you plan on ditching the car and bart is clear and muni is not seeing any problems, but a look at san jose, northbound, 280, we have quite a few extra cars away from 17 and 17 is moving along and there are a few headlights in the northbound direction. >> want out for a call from someone claiming to be from the i.r.s. and what you need to do to protect yourself from a tax scam. >> flight full of feathers, hundreds of chickens flew coast
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>> covering daly city, dublin/pleasanton, los gatos and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> breaking overnight in england, 200 people have been injured in a highway pileup today involving more than 100 vehicles. check this out, the video is
5:44 am
mindboggling. this was thick fog 50 miles from london in kent mostly on an overpass. most injuries are minor. firefighters had to cut five people from the vehicles. visibility was down to 50' in some places at the time. >> hundreds of jet-setting egg laying california hens start a new life in new york state this morning. 2,000 hens rescued from a california egg farm needed new homes and a farmer could to longer afford to take care of them and called the animal place for help. the hens normally only live for to years before being euthanized but now they are going into retirement because an anonymous donor would paid $50,000 to fly them to a place to take them out. >> this money is not coming from animal place, but all being donated by one very generous person who cares a lot about
5:45 am
chickens. >> they were load on a special cargo flight from hayward to make the seven hour journey to the new home in new york. >> a warning this morning from fremont police about fraud targeting members of the south asian-american community. since last weekend someone from a washington, dc, has been posing as an i.r.s. agent saying they owe the government $9,000 and if they do not pay up the visas or passports could be revoked. caller pressures people to immediate lie wire the money or risk arrest. >> something looks different on yahoo's website this morning: the new logo unveiled last night, the company says any wanted a logo that was fun and purple that embraces the company's evolution, the first redesign since the company launched 18 years ago. >> a lost purple and a lot of orange here on our new set for "national go orange day," and it
5:46 am
is not a coincidence that we woke up and decided to wear orange. >> it is to stop hunger and there are many ways to get involved to help: volunteer, or leadership more about all options on our website as eight -- at abc7 news >> think food banks. >> we will see air conditioning this week, right? >> 9 hottest days are saturday and sunday and after sitting in air conditioning, you want to do something, your body will go, that is not right. plenty of fluids, the nonalcoholic variety. winds at 15 to 25 miles per hour with breezes along the bay shore and starting around 1:00 o'clock and up toward 9:00, that is why we have a small craft advisory, with breezes along coast, also, during the same timeframe. sea breeze is more stout this morning at sfo at on miles per hour and we are faster than ten miles per hour between 10 and 15
5:47 am
miles per hour and 18 in fairfield and still a dry layer so the clouds will probably go an quickly. the western span is still showing us beautiful artiste from the exploritorium camera. the temperatures will be 80 or near 80 in the city on the weekend the sunny and mild conditions, and in the south bay, a lot of upper 70's and los gatos and gilroy, mid-80's and sunshine and 80's at santa cruz and 79 today in san jose. mid-to-upper 70's on the peninsula, could hit 80 in los altos, and mid-to-upper sit along the coast and near 70 in sausalito and low-to-mid 60's at the valley locates in the north bay and mid-60's at the beaches
5:48 am
and oakland at 74. we will have mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay valley. a couple of games, today, first one at 7:30 a, first place a's take on the astros, at 68 at 7:05 and dropping to 62. at 7:15 it will be sunny, breezy, and temperatures are 66 dropping down to 61 with the diamondbacks in town. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures jumping tomorrow from four to eight degrees warmer but saturday and sunday, that is when it is oppressive especially inland with temperatures above average although they will not be so hot monday, tuesday, and wednesday of next week. have a great day. >> good morning, everyone, we are seeing mostly congestion in the bay area over the altamont pass, highway 4 through antioch, as well, and as you make it across the bay bridge we see a bit more traffic forking fors that didn't want to take the bridge. we have clear conditions in san jose and if you are traveling
5:49 am
along 85, we had an area with some delays and it looks like everything is clear by saratoga avenue, 280 is moving along fine and 101, the buildup of traffic away from 280/680 at the nimitz down to 40 miles per hour beyond the san jose airport fairly decent condition. the bridges, all looking clear with no accidents to report. the toll plaza show the metering lights are on, on the early side with traffic stacked up as you make it in the westbound direction. >> the newest buzz about apple isn't just about the newest iphone: it is about where it will sell the newest product. the company invited journalists in china to an event on september 11 the day after the expected unveiling of the new phone in the united states. this is a big deal if apple. the company will use the china, then, to announce a new deal with china mobile, a carrier
5:50 am
with almost two-thirds of the chinese market the first time they are offered the iphone. the small of the new addition to the national zoo in washington, dc, has been keeping a big secret. this ors we will finally learn a very important fact about this cute little thing. >> got to see the pictures: campaign mack down what sparked a sheeted exchange between new york mayoral hopeful weiner and a potential voter. >> jack nicholson made headlines with an encounter
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>> after two weeks of waiting we will learn if the new baby panda born at the national zoo in washington, dc sex a boy or girl. the sex will be revealed at 6:00 our time. officials are expected to release details of a second cub stillborn. the surviving panda cub is doing well and is described as healthy and active. a d.n.a. sample was collected to determine who the father is. >> now, mike nicco, meteorologist, how is the warm up? >>guest: check out this beautiful picture of the cloud
5:54 am
cover playing hide-'n-seek with the golden gate bridge. the bridge is winning. compared to yesterday we are four degrees warmer in fremont and oakland and concord. the same in san jose and santa rosa and san francisco. poor air quality through noon tomorrow in tuolumne county. high fire danger today including tahoe and south of i-80. 74 in tahoe. 87 in sacramento. sunny and 90 in los angeles. >> we have slowing in the usual spots. it is clear in fremont. traveling along the nimitz, not a problem, and you at top speeds in the northbound and southbound direction and 680. everything is locking clear toward the sunol grade. southbound, a slight tap on the brake as we head over to the drive time traffic, 680 southbound direction from walnut creek to dublin/pleasanton it is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san
5:55 am
francisco, under 50 minutes and highway 17, traveling through the santa cruz mountains from highway one to los gatos that is a 23-minute commute. it is light and no reports in the accident report, just a couple of stalls so we hope it stays that way. >> struggling new york city mayoral candidate weiner is defend himself for getting into a shouting match with a heckler. >> i tell you what, i . >> i have courage. i am not afraid of you. >> you have the nerve. >> you are perfect? you are my church? you are my judge? >> you fine. you thank god and work out your problem stay out of the public eye. >> the former congressman said high stood up to the heckler because that is what mayors have
5:56 am
to do he admitted he continued to send lute text messages to women after his resignation. >> a dozen people were infected with a rare brain disease. they all had brain disease. one patient died and doctors learned he developed a protein disease that puts later brain surgery patients at risk. the odds of someone else being infected are low but they are not taking any chances. our medical editor will have more on the story on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> a safe way will pay $600,000 fine and spend $4 million to reduce greenhouse gas emissions after failing to fix leaks from refrigerators at stores allowing a gas to escape that contributes to global warming. they are blamed, also, future
5:57 am
failing to keep records of safety. >> statute lay makers want standardized testing for california students to go digital. the governor brown reveals whether he likes the idea. >> first, breaking news in san mateo, an overfight shooting forces streets to shut down. we learned about the victims. >> getting your pots and pans clean, "consumer reports" and "7 on your side" put
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i gotta have that bag. italian leather? for an amazing deal. [ shopper ] you paid how much for that? [ female announcer ] two stores. two amazing ways to score. t.j.maxx and marshalls. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking news at 6:00, a shooting on the peninsula overnight and there could be multiple victims across several cities. we are live with new details. >> backups on the bay bridge cannot go away as we look at
6:00 am
yerba buena island. ahead, commuters sound off on the traffic tieups and what the hey patrol is telling us. >> president obama arrives in russia overnight for the g-20 summit and steps being taken to make sure he does not get too close to russian president putin. >> thank you for joining us. >> we are looking at another warm day ahead of us and heating up for the weekend. >> normal today temperatures so enjoy them but the heat is on the way tomorrow. it peaks this week. we will talk about what is happening this morning, the fog is not so prevalent as yesterday with low clouds along the coast spilling in the bay and they have not made a great push inland. the next 12 hours we will start cloudy and low 60's at 7:00, and sunny and 68 at noon, and hanging out in the mid-70's in the afternoon but breezy from time to time, and upper 60's in th


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