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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 6, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> san francisco recreation and parks employee has been arrested on suspicion of killing this woman. the 35-year-old who died while sun bathing with her 11-month-old daughter ask dog yesterday. >> police say a city vehicle driving on the grass ran her over, then took off. the baby and dog were not hurt.
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neighbors who knew her dropped off flowers today. >> one woman told us it's surprising to think this could happen in the park. >> we're in shock. it's really insane w baby and the dog, just relaxing in the middle of the day to have this happen is -- it's incredibly bad. >> she worked in a company that offers life coaching training. >> oakland police blocked off a few blocks in the glenn view neighborhood because of an armed robbery suspect barricaded himself in the corner market there. the s.w.a.t. team has been building on mcarthur boulevard and police blocked off part of 17th avenue while they try to talk the suspect out. we'll bring more information as we get it and a reminder to follow us on twitter as we continue to look into the story. >> it's beginning to heat up and this is the start of what is still to come.
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>> tomorrow will be a spare the air day, the sixth issued for the year, spencer christian joins wuts accuweather update. >> as is often the case when we have hot spells, temperatures rise, air quality declines, right now, clear skies from coast to inland. here is a live view at absence of coastal clouds and tomorrow as mentioned spare the air day, ground level ozone contributing to poor air quality tomorrow, we do expect moderate air quality in other regions around the bay area, now, take a look at current conditions. sunny skies, it's 81 degrees now in san francisco. mid 80s in oakland. upper 80s redwood city. los gatos almost 90 degrees. another live view on the east bay looking west it's 80, 93 degrees now in santa rosa.
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and 92 in livermoore, it's warm and going to get hotter over the weekend. here is a look at the first forecast as we take a look at traffic. it will be warm to mild during evening hours, mild overnight, then, tomorrow, sunny skies and hot with mid to upper 70s on the coach. that is just the beginning i'll have more still to come. >> pg&e under fire for faulty record keeping and for being slow to notify regulator autos this just days before the three-year anniversary of the deadly san bruno explosion. abc 7 news is live in that neighborhood now with the story for us. heather? >> carolyn, after the pg&e pipeline explosion which was right down street from us here that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes, right after that, pg&e turned down pressure on the pipeline system here. when it wanted to go back and ask cpuc for permission to
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bring that back up, it had to provide evidence it was safe. cpuc gave perm mission, now, it turns out permission was granted based on faulty documents. pg&e thought a certain pipe was seamless, turns out, it had seams. today's hearing focused on why pg&e took 10 months to reveal it had faulty records on two pipelines, one was in nearby san carlos. pg&e's lead attorney on all san bruno matters said there is no safety issue and there never was. and he said, the attempts to file the error just before the long 4th of july weekend was not calculated soit would go unnoticed. he told the cpuc boy have called alj bushy to avoidy
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kree yaiting the impression we're trying to do something sneaky. san bruno city manager connie jackson says wounds from the explosion three years ago are still difficult for the city to get over. >> this is not a situation you get over. it's one you come to with able to deal with better over time. it's a tough time for us. it's made more difficult knowing that fines exist. >> two san francisco land lords nicknamed landlords from hell are going to jail. they were sentenced this afternoon, prosecutors say they tormented tenants trying to get them to move out of a building they made a plea deal
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to get four years four months in prison and spent time in jail so they'll have to serve about another year, they were ordered to pay nearly $10,000 in restit yugs to victim autos a man suspected of killing a popular school yard supervisor is being held without bail. he was arraigned today for murd year accused of killing the 49-year-old raina figueroa found dead on tuesday. investigators say the two knew each other though did not say how. >> now, latest on 9 crisis in seara. the president taking a case against the syrian government to the american people. he's hoping he can convince the public and congress will vote to give him authority to launch a military strike. >> president obama insists the us you must take military action in syria but today acknowledged he may come up short with a sales pitch. >> it's conceiveable at the
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end of the day i don't persuade a majority of the american people. that it's the right thing to do. >> for days the obama administration has been lobbying to get congress to authorize a strike against syria. the president says he knows this may be a difficult vote for lawmakers. >> you listens and have you to make decisions about what you believe is right for america. >> his best, and likely last chance to convince the public to sack a military strike but with six and 10 americans opposed sit too little, too late? lawmakers say they're getting flooded with input. >> there is no question what is coming in is overwhelmingly negative. >> this democratic congressman got an earful. >> i short answer to this is
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not no, but hell no. >> the senate got the ball rolling majority leader hairy reid introduced a resolution giving the president authority to strike. >> in response weapons. >> the house has not drafted its own resolution. aids say it could be delayed by a week or two. >> state route 120 into yosemite national park is back open this afternoon, the road closed after 9 rim fire began just out siftd park three weeks ago. it's still an active fire zone. the rim fire burned about 385 square miles it's 08% contained. >> more than a we can after berkeley's camp was destroyed in that fire city leaders take a look at the damage. main buildings are gone, two bridges now unusable.
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a dozen cabins remain standing but many of damaged. the city working with the forest service to figure out how to clean up debris here. >> this overnight fire destroyed an apartment he was renting and eight cars in an adjoining all the auto shop. he says he left his home around 3:00 this morning forgetting he had potatoes on the stove. his girlfriend arc sleep on the couch escaped injury. the building owner says he rented the building about a year ago and there have been issues in the past including people coming and going at all kinds of hours. >> water service has been restored to a san jose elementary school after a car crash. wiped out water main there. there is no tap water to drink no, water for bathrooms this morning. we have more now from terrell elementary school. terrell elementary school sounds like a construction
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site. crews work to fix a busted water main. around the area, port o potties under place. the school is also providing bottled watt year great thing about elementary school kids is everything can be an adventure this, is a great adventure before the weekend. >> the drama at 3:00 a.m. san jose police say this mangled lincoln town car collided with a truck hauling cars and crash landed on the water main. >> some parents saw or heard the crash but didn't know exactly what happened. >> i seen a lot of police, fire stations and trucks. i just thought the worst that there is -- someone murdered. >> we had someone crash into our house as well, so i suchled
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it was here. >> the school forman estimated a five or six hour repair job. >> it's a great school. >> they'll ajust, it will be fine. >> crews will do more expense -- extensive repairs. three people in the car went to the hospital one of them is the registered owner of the car. police have not said what charges if any that the three could face. >> let racing begin. america's cup finals starts tomorrow in san francisco bay. this is the 34th edition of what is america's oldest sporting event after years of plan planning and yes, controversy. this week, team oracle penalized for cheating in one of the races meaning the team
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is going to have to wait 11 of 17 races to hang on to the cup. >> oakland monthly first friday fest kral val is tonight between west grand avenue and 27th street. 20,000 people show up to check out the art, muse skbrik food. and one big attractions just moments ago is the great wall of oakland that is used to show art film autos very cool. still ahead macive nir a stunt show this, wasn't the stunt. the mistake sent dozens of cars on fire. a man claims he sped around manhattan in just over 24 minute autos now, at 4:30 a man's online confession to a deadly crash goes others. his hesage to others. >> michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook angs them live later you can contact michael on or on twitter.
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be thankful you're not near the skyway this downtown sf. oncoming traffic go together lower deck of the bay bridge is jammed up and not better on the other side going towards 101 south. ugly this afternoon. back with more on
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time for business headlines and apple's asian push. >> yes. emmill yily chang joins us
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with today's after the bell report. hi, emily. >> good afternoon. first off in war to protect your privacy national security agency appears to be winning according to reports edward snow den reportedly leaked new information saying the government cracked encryption codes that protect online traffic on some of the world's largest internet companies. the report did not name the companies and extent the agency is taking advantage of its code-breaking capabilities. yahoo says it receives more requests for data from the u.s. than any other agency saying it's far higher than number two countries. apple asian eye opportunity the tech giant said to be ramping up with a possible deal to sell the iphone,
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sources tell bloomberg news apple is close to a deal with china mobile to sell it's iphones. the deals help rev up slowing sales growth in the region. now turning to wall street stocks closing little change today after developments shifted attention from the disappointing jobs report and buzz feed growing like crazy. ceo wrote times bigger than last year and now bigger than aol and craig's list in the united states. from bloomberg studios in san francisco, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you, have a great weekend. >> in france, 64 cars destroyed by a fire started by a barbecue grill.
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take a look at this. it took several hours to bringt fire under control. police say two men have admitted to leaving their barbecue unattended. now they face jail time and could be forced to pay for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. >> new york city police arrested a driver they say posted this video of himself speeding around manhattan in just over 24 minutes. the 30-year-old christopher adam things been charged with reckless driving, reckless endangerment and other charges and police seized his bmw x 4. >> there is the proof. crazy. >> yes. yes. >> this is crazy.
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we're going to see triple digits inland for three days. here is a look it's sunny from coast to inland. getting hotter over the weekend. notice absence of the marine layer there. so far reaching 9234 clover dale. 95 down south. 77 half moon bay on the coast. warm conditions coming our way for the next three days with 100 degrees or higher. cooler pattern begins on tuesday. clockwise circulation bringing
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us a flow of land from land to sea. here is a look at high temperatures trend for the next several days in oakland. about 90 degrees in oakland. now, let's travel over hills inland to liver morks tomorrow, sunday, monday, around 100 degrees to a mere 96 tuesday, then further cooling wednesday, thursday, friday of next week. overnight, clear skies and lows mid to upper 60s, highs tomorrow low to mid-90s. 90 in palo alto. 79 half moon bay tomorrow. 84 will be the high downtown tomorrow. 79 in the sunset district.
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oakland topping out at 90 degrees, inland east bay will sizzle in san ramone and upper 90s everywhere else. here is the accu-weather forecast. triple play of triple digits and a cooling trend starting tuesday, much, much cooler weather for next three days will be sweltering. >> up next when twerking goes wrong it lights up the internet. plus... new music video that
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more than 16 years after the death of princess diana a new movie about her life is about to hit the big screen. the film is called "diana". naomi watts stars as the late princess and neveen andrews plays the role of her lover. many film critics are slamming this movie. it's set to open in theaters november 1. >> katie couric says she's
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looking forward to a big year for her talk show beginning season two on monday. >> it's been quite a run recently for couric not only professionally but personally. last weekend her boyfriend plop yosed to her during a walk on the beach. >> he told me all the reasons he brought me there, he loved me and wanted to spend my life with me and i still didn't get it. i guess i must be not the sharpest tool in the shed. he said to me, couric, i'm trying to propose. >> she accepted. you can catch the premier monday at 3:00 here on abc 7. >> you probably heard about twerking. >> yes. we have an important tip for you if you're going to wall twerk stay away from doors.
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that is horrible. >> he she said she was ryeing to make a video to her bow friend when it turned into the epic twerking fail. she was not seriously injured but that is a candle she fell into. >> you can see it caught her pants on fire. two million hits in three day autos i told my daughters if you're going to wall twerk stay way from doors and not around open bay flame, okay. >> this is what not to do. >> yes. >> still ahead latest pitch in the high-stakes fight to around a's to move. >> we were drinking heavily. >> a shocking online confession. he admits to killing a man. hitz message. why some are questioning his reason for doing this.
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a fight is heating up over efforts to allow a's to move mouth. >> -- south. >> david lieu gee live at the
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site of the proposed stadium. david? >> attorneys for san jose today argued in court and file aid brief indicating this case should go to trial just like baseball, san jose fight to get major league baseball to allow a's to move is a game of rules and regulations and attorneys are arguing it applies to labor issues. >> ifr time the court found there is no anti-trust exemption for major league baseball. or any other sports franchise. and we're asking the court in our filing today, to reaffirm that position. >> major league baseball standing firm it's antitrust exemption is iron clad so seeking dismissal of the lawsuit of we reached out to
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john kecker but there was no response. phillip greg very part of the legal team in burlingame arguing against dismissal october 4th. to bolster the case this is what he concluded. >> there is no economic reason why major league baseball shouldn't wholly support athletics coming to san jose. >> we contacted major league baseball in new york which has not seen the latest filing and was not able to comment. >> we're here in the heart of silicon valley. competition made silicon valley great. and we simply believe that major league baseball should be subject to the same competition every other league in the count story subject to. >> the judge who issued a controversial rape sentence
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was forced to cancel today, telling the judge he didn't have authority to reconsider the 30 day sentence he gave a former teacher. judge g todd ball was widely criticized for justifying the sentence by saying the victim acted quote older than her chronological age. the judge apologized and tried to change the sentence today. the case is being appealed. >> aaron hernandez pleaded not guilty to first degree murder and follows the latest indictment in the killing of a friend authorities say lloyd was shot five times in an industrial park in june. defense attorneys agreed the 23-year-old will continue to be held without bail but reserve the right to request bail. >> controversy brewing over a man's confession to a deadly crime. he speaks about how after a
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night of drinking he drove into traffic and hit a car killing a man. the face of the 22-year-old comes into view. he says he'll plead guilty and accepts the fact he will be going prison for a long time. >> i'm willing to take that step for just one reason. that reason is that i can pass this message on to you. i'm begging you, please don't drink and drive. >> prosecutors will now ask a grand jury to indict him for aggravated vehicular homicide. defense attorneys call the video a strong testament to his character, some request saiing he's trying to moon nip plate prosecutors and the public. the family of the victim has wret to respond. a documentary shining a spotlight on lance armstrong specifically his lies and deceit as they were unfolding showing his life falling apart
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in front of the cameras. >> lance armstrong's fall from grace about to grace the big screen. >> i was confident i would never be caught. >> the former cycling great opening up in a new documentary titled arm trong die lis detailing you drug use and scandal that brought his career to a halt. >> it's like living a lie. i didn't live a lot of lies but one big one. >> abc news given clips of the documentary that started as a feel good story if 2009. back then, he even lied to gibney but soon, his life started unraveling and giggy was there. >> this is a guy used to win
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skpig you can see in his physical post you're a real vulnerability which is unusual for lance. >> this drama is far from over. the cyclist now faces a civil suit with a judge's order he must testify about how he cheated. >> the question for lance is reckoning with what he said and how to go forward. >> gibney says armstrong wants to seat film. it will be released in the us news november. >> i'm not sure what the motive is but there will be no sympathy after what he put people through in cycling. >> coming up at 4:00 introducing you to a mini mots yart. please... brace yourself.
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you're going to have this song in your head for days. a new global dance hitting the internet. you'll not want to miss this. >> i'm still taking your questions and you can contact me on facebook and on twitter, i'll answer questions here live later. >> from mount tam it's sunny and warm. hot hot will it be where you are this weekend? >> taking a look at drive through marin. this is san rafael, highway 101. looks nice and warm. traffic moving nicely. headlights heading towards san francisco. stay with us.
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>> sth doesn't sound real. this 5-year-old boy in florida being called a piano prodigy. he's been playing since he was barely four, his parents say he has a photographic memory for reading music. he learned it in just three weeks. his hands still too small to play certain pieces. his teacher is confident he will grow into this role. >> that would be beautiful,
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classical music, right? >> yes. >> this would be unclassical. a new music video like the gangnam style of scandinavia. >> it's catchy. it's called "the fox" by a pair of norwegian brothers who go by the name illvis. >> the video shows people dressed as animals dancing in the woods. i think the budget was $8 for this. if its anything as catchy as this it's going to have a lot
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of viewers. >> you can see larry doing it throughout the newsroom. >> you're going have to check. >> yes. >> what dispenser say? i don't know what to say to that! illvis. >> hoor is a look at sunny skies coast to inland. we're warm today, not the next three days. 90s in chico and sacramento. 103 down in palm springs. here in the bay area tomorrow, we'll see triple digit readings up to 100 degrees tomorrow in livermore. mid-90s in north bay valleys. 83 in san francisco. we've got a big event going on tomorrow, mountain view art and wine festival. sunny skies and mild. by noon, sunny, warm,
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temperatures 85. by 3:00 p.m. sunny and hot. evening hours, sunny skmild a breeze. beautiful weather for outdoor activities this weekend. >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 head of cal state university visits san jose state. issue he's addressing. >> a rare friendship between two horses why one can't go anywhere without the other. >> a major recall of baby motrin.
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it's goodbye washington hello university of california for janet napolitano. vice president biden led a farewell ceremony for napolitano who is stepping down to leave the university of california system. she held the post for four and a half years, longer than anyone else. the vice president thanked her for her service and said he believes she'll be back in wash some day, perhaps on the supreme court. >> head of the california state university system was
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today, he promised to visit campuses, today was san jose state's turn. >> everyone liked to hear cal salry goesing up. it's a modest 1.3% increase, one that the new chancellor of the system says was necessary the money from what was received from prop 30 funds. >> i think the move is going to be able to give >> unfortunately our african american studies department has been neglected. >> some stood up to complain about programs being cut others said students are
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having a hard time graduating on time. >> a lot of kids don't get to take classes they want. >> the chancellor admits they're still under funded. >> we have 5% more students today. and have about 6% fewer employees. >> every year, number of students goes up, in one year, san jose state went from having 30,000 students to 32,000 today. he told people he remains bullish about the future the system is the largest system in the country. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> if you eat a lot of rice
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you may want to consider varying your diet over concerns about arsenic found in rice. fda officials say amounts are small and rice is safe to eat. the agency is setting long term affects of consuming rice. it's grown in water on the ground where contaminants can be absorbed. >> special relationship between two horses is proving to be a huge boost for one organization in north carolina. a video shows a 25-year-old mare named sugar bear opening the stall door next to hers. the one belonging to 2-year-old luna who happens to be blind. it kept happening day after day. the two are inspep rabl. >> she works the same way a guide dog works for a blind person. luna just follows her around knowing she's safe as long as she's with her. she keeps her calm is what she
4:49 pm
does. >> she we thought she's meant to come to us so we can help her, she came to us so she can help us. >> so sweet. >> yes. >> the operation called helping hands, hearts and hooves is struggling but the friendship between the horses is helping the nonprofit grow and help to make ends meet. >> that is a neat story. >> consumer news now. >> first more on a motrin recall. >> yes. a warning for parents this afternoon. johnson and johnson recalling 200,000 bottles because they may contain tiny part cells. -- particles. the company warns if it may be contam paited with ptse. now, we have numbers affected
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on our web site on abc 7 just go there and click on see it on tv. >> get to questions now. grace ce mailed this one s there a way to get service without giving out your social security number? >> yes. you can get the prepaid services and there, just buy the phone coming with the prepaid minutes so no one is asking for social security numbers, however whurks buy a prepaid phone and minutes you tond pay more. do you have more privacy. >> yes. >> brianna asked i want to use a bike share bike in san francisco. but i'm scared to ride with cars can i ride on the sidewalks? >> yes, those are cool. we've got one outside of the station. very, very good. i'm glad they're bringing them in. answer is no. san francisco's wall to ride on the sidewalk unloes you're
4:51 pm
under 13. if you're a child they give you the break but you know once hitting teenager years you've got to be on the street along embarcadero they've done a great job of adding bike path autos i yes, big green one autos if you come down here, it's pretty safe. >> okay. >> another question, melvin asking does anyone win prizes offered for doing surveys at grocery stores? >> they better do. the state of california has a lot of laws. you're allow td say when is the drawing? so afterwards they have to tell you who won, how much they won. it's very specific. >> there is a prob them they have your name, number, then,
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you're being hounded for years. >> never give your name. >> you know it's coming. >> like county fair. never fill out forms. >> thank you, michael. >> new service, truck that fire is trying out to respond to certain calls. >> coming up at 5:00 a musician sing the blues after someone stole his tools of the trade. tonight a message for the thieves. >> nasa's latest mission to the moon. how researchers hoping to
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there is tonight's prime time line up. then, 2020 at 10:00 and join us for abc 7 news at 11:00.
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>> a new pilot program for contra costa fire department kicked off today to help fill gaps left by budget cuts. >> abc 7 news shows us how working may not be enough for residents. >> firefighters known as problem solvers. contra costa county, big problem is a budget crunch forcing closure of five stations and loss of seven engine companies since 2011. today a solution started. it's a 90 day pilot program to respond to lower priority call autos we have areas around walnut creek that don't have fire protection coverage they used to have. >> the squad will be based on civic drive two firefighters will run it.
4:57 pm
allowing the full crew to respond to calls like fires and other hazards. >> a sprained ankle we go to thois, we go to the gym. people who have a muscle pain or something along those lines. >> the squad could help out but filling holes will be difficult. response times will be minutes longer, residents are just glad to see more help. >> it's dangerous so it's going to be a good thing. >> i wish they won't cut anything back more. they took one on saranak way. closed it down. i think anything that can help them, that is what i'm in favor of. >> a new station is scheduled in january. the board has to decide which station that will be.
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>> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and dan. >> thank you. break news from oakland a standoff from a robber just ended. >> plus information about a mother run over by a worker in a public park and the tragic loss. >> hot weather coming our way for the weekend. temperatures wreak breaking 100 degrees in some locations. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> that breaking news is in oakland. an armed robbery suspect has just been arrested after barricading himself inside of a corner market in glenn view neighborhood. >> it's 1600 block of mcarthur boulevard and the swathd team
4:59 pm
has building surrounded and sent dogs in just to make sure nobody else is inside. >> let's go live to sky 7 hd. we'll bring you more information and our breaking news continues now on twitter. good evening. >> tonight a city worker is facing charges in the death of a woman sun bathing in a park. >> a lot of new information tonight. the woman killed was an ordained zen priest enjoying the day with her child ask dog. >> the man police say was behind the wheel suffered a loss himself because of a car. >> vic lee is live with the latest. >> rec and park driver has now been charged with hit and run and vehicular manslaughter and booked in the san francisco county jail. here at the park, people have been coming by this spot all day long, some bring flowers,
5:00 pm
and others, simply stand silently. desks here in this park have shocked residents who live nearby. friends thought she might be a victim. >> i'm 326789 i have a 5-month-old baby zbirl a white dog. >> the accident victim was a 35-year-old zen monk just giving birth to a baby girl. she was a faculty member of new ventures west a firm offers professional coaching. the woman on the grass at holly park enjoying warm day with her baby and pet dog when being run over by a maintenance truck around 2:30 in the after the noon. police identified the driver as a 57-year-old tom burnaski. witnesses say he drove wout stopping. police tracked him down block as way. ask took him into custody.


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