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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 6, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and others, simply stand silently. desks here in this park have shocked residents who live nearby. friends thought she might be a victim. >> i'm 326789 i have a 5-month-old baby zbirl a white dog. >> the accident victim was a 35-year-old zen monk just giving birth to a baby girl. she was a faculty member of new ventures west a firm offers professional coaching. the woman on the grass at holly park enjoying warm day with her baby and pet dog when being run over by a maintenance truck around 2:30 in the after the noon. police identified the driver as a 57-year-old tom burnaski. witnesses say he drove wout stopping. police tracked him down block as way. ask took him into custody. >> i seen him almost hit dogs
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and he's had people yelling at him all of the time. >> many neighbors say they're not surprised that he or other truck drivers would cause a fatal accident here every one here is a mother. you know? has a dog. you know has family. and so they've drive on this road often. >> today, his employer sent a statement saying in part christie was full of brilliance, passion, kindness. her high energy impacted everything and everyone she touched. there is a sad and tragic irony to the story. in april, tom bernoski's 20-year-old daughter was killed on a car accident on interstate 5 in fresno. the 1-year-old baby is reported to be doing fine. now now a company called three stone heart called us today to
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tell us that the bonamir the s were frequent customers and this company has been receiving calls from friends who would like to donate money to continue this meal train especially during this difficult time. now, if you would like to help go to our web site abc and click see it on tv. >> thank you very much. >> well, we have new details about a drug suspect shot in a restaurant parking lot on wednesday. the affect -- the suspect did not have a weapon. saying he made a movement that looked as if he was reaching for a weapon. a search of the body and truck did not find any weapons. all officers were for santa clara police and county sheriff's department. >> a driver in san jose died
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after crashing into a large tow truck. the driver was not injured. police say there is no indication that the driver of the impala had been drinking. >> a man charged with the murder of a school employee. she was found dead on tuesday and the suspect charged with murder during his court appearance today being held without bail. investigators say the two knew each other, but did not say how. >> now want to bring you up to date on a massive fire. a week after the camp was burned in the rim fire city leaders take a look at the damage. the bridges are now unusable.
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the city working on the debris. there is no word on when the camp could reopen. route 120 one of the main routes into yosemite national park. drivers are advised to use caution in this area. the fire now the third largest in california history. it's burned more than 385 square miles since it began on august 7th. officials say the fire was start bid a hunter. >> hotter temperatures today and into the weekend. >> yes. really hot. spencer christian is hire with a spare the air alert. >> that is true. shire look at live doppler 7. notice absence of low clouds and z.fog near the coast. it's warm to hot. high temperatureso far.
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we've got blow lowe to mid-90s in the north bay. low to mid-90s inland east bay. and up to 97 so far in morgan hill. and let's talk about air quality. spare the air day tomorrow, ground level ozone producing poor air quality insanity kbla ya clara valley z moderate in other locations around the bay area. three days of heat coming our way may not help at all. i'll give you a look at the weekend and beyond in just a few minute autos yeah that. won't help, thank you very much. pg&e under fire again tonight for faulty record keeping and for being slow to notify regulator who's discovering the error. just days before the three-year anniversary of the deadly san bruno explosion and fire, california public utility wants more answers.
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and pg&e says there is no safety issue here but the city manager says it just shows there are still problem that's need to be fixed. >> tough time for us. it's made more difficult by the realization that safety deficiencies continue to exist. >> pg&e faces up to $250,000 in fines for this record-keeping problem. cpuc will make a decision about the fine this year. >> a bay area musician is singing blues tonight after someone stole his car and musical equipment he uses to earn a living. abc 7 news reporter how it's helping bring music back. they say playing blues can help a person feel better that. is the good news about ron
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thompson today. ron is a tre skmur hurting now because one of his own personal works disappeared. >> it happened monday night. ron just returned home after driving hundreds of miles from a gig. he was tired. normally he would unpack the car this, time, he didn't. he came out the next morning the car and equipment was gone. >> it was like, i couldn't believe it. i just couldn't believe it. >> as seen on his face book page it's a gibson. >> a lot of new that guitar. >> yes. yes. anything goes weird on a gig, take that out, i'll be all right. >> the police took the report
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about the stolen car and git yafr and equipment. no word yet. when ron played in fresno he used bor yod instruments from central valley blues society. >> one guitar that has a main inlaid in the neck. no one is going to buy that thing from the thief unless it's being sold for nudging. >> that also means everything to a man that would rather be playing blues now. >> if the person is watch something. >> just give it back. please? just give it back. >> the abc 7 news i team obtained the crucial piece of evidence in a controversial case surrounding the death of the young cyclist killed in a traffic accident. that evidence is abc 7 news says the investigation you'll see on abc 7.
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>> the 23-year-old headed to work the morning august 14th whj a truck hit her. it captures impact the truck rolling over here. video changed the direction of the investigation. officers blamed amalie. >> the police report that we obtained indicated and concluded that the victim was at all the. >> a member of the bicycle coalition tracked it down from a business across the street. it appears the truck had a blinker on. but she was next to the cab and couldn't see it. her lawyer says the driver was driving too fast to make the turn. >> he also failed to get into
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the bike lane which is a proper procedure. the company that owns the truck e mailed a statement. daylight foods regrets one of the trucks was involved in a fatal accident and extend our sympathyes to her family and friends. daylight foods take traffic safety seriously of we've cooperated with authorities and continue to do so. district attorney confirmed they've received the case from sfpd reviewing to decide what investigation is needed. the family scattered ashes under the golden gaitd, you can see ashes on the hand of her mother. i spoke with her on tuesday. >> there is no minutes she's going to die. what is going through my
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daughter's mind. >> sources say investigators are having a hard time concluding the truck driver was atd fault. for people like bicycle coalition. i'll let you know what happens. a bill for interruption by a state agency is now headed to the governor's desk. the senator passed a bill inspired by outrage over the decision to shut down cell service to in san francisco august 2011. author says legislation protects first amendment rights. >> there is no additional pass there is only civil liberty pros tex to the public. >> this prevents shut down of cell service unless an agency obtains a court order, if
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signed the law would supersede a similar policy approved by bart. >> still to come finney's friday free stuff. >> and new political firepower of a campaign to legalize marijuana. former world leader come together bay area with very controversial messages. >> plus, nasa's mission to the moon. longstanding mystery researchers are hoping to solve.
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president obama will address the nation to explain why he wants congress to support a military strike on sear yachl the goal to convince americans the us cuss not stand skbi do nothing after agd a.alleged use of chemical weapons. the president told reporters winning support from allies
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will be difficult. about half of the house and a third of the senate remain undecided. >> a motorcycle club will host a ride in honor of a missing oakland toddler been more than eight weeks since the 22-month-old went missing. tomorrow, the motorcycle club will hold a love run to raise money for the search. the ride going start at noon on 87th and that is where her father says the little girl was kidnapped. her father continues to be a person of interest for information about the bth disappearance. >> the funeral for a bay area gay rights pioneer turns into an only in san francisco type of event. it was a packed house this morning for service for jose. in 1961 he rocked san francisco political scene. he became the first openly gay
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man to run for superviseor. >> he blazed a trail. we owe him a huge debt of gratitude. >> he founded a gay rights organization imperial court leaving them instructions for his funeral. women had to wear black mourning gown was vei skpl. a crown. men had to wear dark suit was white gloves and a crown. he was 90 years old. >> a former president of mexico is in san francisco this weekend but is he not here to talk trade. he will be the key note speaker of the first cannibis expo held at city center plaza he's been touring to push for the legalization of marijuana. >> his goal is to abolish pro hib skbrigs in turn, that squashes drug cartel and sustainment of gangs. our goal is to provide save
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medicine to patients so it goes hand in hand. >> sab ska's expo is not marijuana marketplace it's intended to educate people about the benefits of medicinal pot. former president fox speaks at a fund raising dinner. >> nasa going back to the moon but there is excitement about the mission none theless. allen wong is live. there is a launch party tonight. >> that is right, it's expected to launch at 8:27 tonight. they're making a big deal out of this. and ladde was designed, built and tested all right here at nasa ames. this is a 180-day unmanned
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mission to study moon's thin, lunar atmosphere. there will be a number of other experiments and one getting attention is an attempt to send data back to earth using laser light instead of radio waves. that is why defense department and wall street are paying attention using lasers in space can revolutionize space communications. >> this is the first stage to connecting the planet so our robot and people going to the moon can have full connect activity. it's part of a next generation of space craft because there will be reusable and less expensive than conventional space craft. we're about three hours away.
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people getting seated here. reporting live from mountain view, abc 7 news. >> exciting. thank you very much. >> all right. spencer christian joins us now. we heard singing. >> yes. >> heard that. >> yes. >> exactly. >> heating began today increasing and continuing over the weekend. so a little bit of a hot spell here. sunny skies from coast to inland. we have a land to sea flow which brings warmer weather. 16 degrees warmer at sfo. it's been a warm day. it's going to get warmer tomorrow, live view from our
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camera over the bay. 84 in oakland. 75 in half moon bay. looking west, it's 91, low 90s in loks from jant rosa to napa and novato. and looking over the bay, warm to hot with 100 degree temperatures above in our inland locations. and a relief from the heat. center of high pressure positioning itself due north to our north. the clockwise circulation bringing us a flow of wind from land to sea. that has been contributing to warm up. let's take a look ahead for seven day as head, high temperatures in oakland highs picking peaking tomorrow and
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dropping sunday, monday, further cooling next week. traveling over the hills, into east bay. highs around 100 degrees dropping off to 96 wednesday, thursday, friday. this is the pattern over the next several days overnight, mild, clear skies, lows will be into mid or mid to upper 60s so very mild to warm in spots. then, tomorrow, sunny skies 99 in morgan hill. we'll see upper 80s to low 90s. 90 palo alto on the coast mid to upper 70s. and north bay, highs mid-90s
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from santa rosa to sonoma to napa. lots of 90 degree readings tomorrow, 90 in oakland. 90 union city. inland east bay will see highs around or just above 100 degrees probably about 101 in pleasanton. and 100 in livermore. here is the accu-weather forecast. we have three days of triple digit heat coming our way. inland loks about 90 degrees around the bay. and it's going to be sweltering. >> thank you. >> still head finney's friday free stuff. >> yes. at 6:00 california on the verge of expanding paid family leave to include just about any relative. that
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enter finney with finney's friday free stuff. >> do you like corn on the cobb? >> yes. >> perfect for this. check this out. it's sea salt and pepper butter. this is coming from challenge butter. the butter guys. you know them. what they have is canola oil and cracked pepper on spreadable butter. you can get that size fr free. it's worth about $4.50 but you're going to get it for nothing. here is the relaxing part. i know you don't live in the bay area, if you don't do yoga or don't know someone who does yoga. okay. if p you just moved here maybe you should give it a shot. one free week of yoga.
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september is national yoga month. over 2000 studios are getting in on this by offering a free week of yoga. the offers generate awareness about yoga. a couple other item wez have, too, it's free fishing day tomorrow. the department of fish and game. here in the state of california have you to log on to get paper work. tuesday, mcdonalds giving away lunch to dwidz if they bring -- excuse me, breakfast to kids. >> good deal, thank you very much. >> what do we need to do? >> let me show you. >> elf tend. >> and downward dog. >> yes. >> exactly. >> keep practicing. >> that is the only pose i know. >> still to come ambitious project proposed but never realized. >> we're going to take tout
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coming up at 6:00 it's judgment day for landlords from hell. what they can d.that landed them in prison. >> also, how an online company left thousands of people hanging. plus... the grateful dead's micky heart setting out to prove music is the best medicine. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you very much. nicky always doing something interesting with music. >> what san francisco could look like is on display its a clever idea called unbuilt opening tonight at five san francisco venues including california historical society. >> visitors can see a model of
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a development planned for marin headlands before it became a national park. >> also plans to tear down ferry building and build macive world trade center there. >> the most odd this. this is a giant monument built at the foot of market street. >> that is why it's approved but later shot down. >> great to learn about that. >> and so a lot of fun to check it out. >> that is going to do it for us. >> from all of us here thanks for watching. connect with us on twitter. see you at 6:00.
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this is "world news." tonight, tough sell. we asked president obama, would he still launch a military strike on syria if congress votes no. >> reporter: i haven't heard a direct response. >> you're not getting a direct response. >> reporter: it's a pretty basic question. also tonight, confession. a man goes on camera to say his actions killed someone. >> i will plead guilty. i will take full responsibility for everything i've done. >> as prosecutors move in, he begs everyone watching not to make his mistake. and arsenic in rice. a new report, a new caution. dr. richard besser here with what you should know about the rice you eat. good evening on this friday night.


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