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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 7, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, america. new overnight. president obama arriving back home after difficult meetings with world leaders. and now, he's facing an uphill battle with congress, over his plans to bomb syria. what is his next move? security scare at the home of the queen. london's buckingham palace on alert this morning, after a man scales the fence to get inside. what her his intentions? arsenic alert. is this poison in the food your family is eating for breakfast? how worried should you be about arsenic in rice? our dr. rich besser is here. and piano prodigy. these are the hands of a pint-sized musical master. he's here to perform. and you won't believe how young he is.
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♪ where to start the show with the tinkling of the piano. usually, the hard-core "gma" music. we have a lot going on, including a crazy story. allegedly all-in the family crime spree. a father and his two sons, arrested for robbing banks together. dad drove the getaway car. how they were caught. >> not a candidate for father of the year award. a crowd gathering for a major college football rivalry, in ann arbor, michigan. the wolverines taking on the fighting irish of notre dame. i don't think they're riled up. >> i think ginger will take care of that. by the time we get to them in 15 minutes, they will be fully aroused. this is a pair of cheetah
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cubs. they have an unusual playmate. a puppy. why the zoo wants a dog growing up alongside these cats. there's a strategy here. >> the cutest animals. >> you don't like cats. >> come on. i love cats, too. a big "good morning america" weekend welcome this morning to the newest member of our abc news family. sara hanes. she will be fol doing "pop news." >> we understand that you brought dessert this morning. >> i did. i brought something yummy for you guys. i heard food can win you all over. >> i'm won, officially. thank you. we're going to start with the new developments in what may be the biggest challenge in the presidency of barack obama. overnight, he arrived back home after a difficult trip overseas, where he did not manage to rally much support for his plans to bomb syria. now, he has congress and the american people to convince.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. president obama faces a skeptical congress and angry public, as he begins to make the final pitch on syria this weekend. >> we are the united states of america. we cannot turn a blind eye to images like the ones we've seen out of syria. >> reporter: in his weekly address this morning, president obama was adamant, trying to convince congress and the public that a military strike on syria is absolutely necessary. >> this was not only a direct attack on human dignity, it's a serious threat to national security. failing to respond to this outrageous attack would risk that chemical weapons can be used again. that they can fall in the hands of terrorists who would use them against us. and it would send a horrible signal to other nations that there would be no consequences for their use of these weapons. >> reporter: the impassioned plea, comes after a disappointing four-day trip overseas. the president returning last night without the international
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support he had so desperately hoped for. at home, the situation is just as dire. while the president was away, his cabinet and advisers failed to persuade congress for action. >> i knew this was going to be a heavy lift. >> reporter: the president is trying to win over the public with a national address on tuesday. >> i did not put this before congress just as a political ploy or as symbolism. >> reporter: still, an abc news survey of lawmakers finds more than half of congress is opposed or leaning against military strikes. congressman emanuel cleaver, who got an earful from voters in kansas city, told us, he's highly skeptical. >> what would i be doing if george bush were in the white house? what's right should be right no matter who sleeps in the white house.
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>> reporter: now, the president's address to the nation on tuesday is one of the most consequential speeches of his presidency. senior administration officials tell me they're well aware of the public opinion they're going against. but they're working all weekend long, trying to persuade those lawmakers, the skeptical lawmakers before the votes begin next week in congress. >> many saying this could define his presidency. our thanks to you. we're going to turn to a security concern at buckingham palace. a man scaling the fence to get inside the queen's home. abc's nick schriffen is outside the palace right now. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. you're right. this is one of the most serious security breeches in more than 30 years. and police are investigating how it's possible that someone could break into the queen's home. it's like an intruder breaking into the white house. buckingham palace security is supposed to be top-notch.
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but this morning, we're learning a man was able to scale over the 12-foot walls and walk into the state rooms. during the day, the rooms are open to the public. at night, they're supposed to be secure. the man set off motion detectors. that's when police rushed to the scene, arrested him and charged him with trespassing, burglary. >> the let's have a review of security. there will be one. >> reporter: it's the worst security breech since 1982, when this man, michael fagan, hopped up a drainpipe to the queen's bedroom. she woke up and spoke to fagan for ten minutes. in 2004, a more colorful intruder. the caped crusader scaled the walls. and in 2005, the strangest breech of all, a comedian gate crashed prince william's 21st birthday party.
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he got all the way to the prince. even kissing him on the cheeks. some of this seems bizarre, but they call all of the incidents serious. >> the royal family do not want to be completely cocooned in this protective cell. they rely on their popularity and publicity. >> reporter: this incident occurred on monday night when the queen and her family were at home. this morning, scotland yard is taking it very seriously. most importantly, trying to figure out how to prevent this from happening again. >> nick, thank you. we have other news breaking overnight. for that, mr. ron claiborne. >> we begin with a recall that parents are going to want to know about. johnson & johnson recalling 200,000 bottles of its motrin drops original berry flavor. the company says the product may
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contain tiny plastic particles. retired basketball star dennis rodman is on his way home from a trip to north korea rodman arrived in china while talking about a charity basketball game he's trying to organize. he had this comment about kim jong-un who he met with. >> he's my friend for life. i don't care what you guys think about him. >> his friend for life, he says there. rodman did not bring back jailed american kenneth bae, telling reporters, quote, that's not my job. and ruth bader ginsburg speaking out about the same-sex wedding she performed a week ago. ginsburg was a guest of honor at the national constitution center in philadelphia friday night. >> it was the marriage of michael kaiser, who is the head of the kennedy center, to his long-time partner, whose name
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happens to be john roberts, the same name as the chief justice. >> and justice ginsburg said the growing acceptance of the same-sex marriage shows the genius of the u.s. constitution and society. nasa is headed back to the moon. an unmanned and unwomaned rocket took off from virginia. the rocket will study the moon's atmosphere. a pontiac, michigan, man has explaining to do. the town was supposed to tear down his home. instead, it demolished the house next door. the man is accused of switching the addresses to save his home. nice neighbor. nice alleged neighbor. turning to baseball. so close. petite of the san francisco giants was pitching a perfect game. retiring every, single batter. and with two outs in the ninth, check that out.
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hunter pence, went for a diving catch. he missed the ball. perfect game over. really bad news for that pitcher. the giants went on to win that game, 3-0. and a school in albuquerque, new mexico, was on lockdown on friday because of, check this out, a bear scare. a 200-pound adult bear in a tree. kids were kept inside until that bear could be tranquilized and moved. and a fat cat named buddha, find agning a and a fat cat named buddha, find agning unique way to slim down, walking on a treadmill in a pool of water. tipping the scales at 31 pounds. buddha has lost six pounds. they're trying to get him down to 20 pounds. >> i thought cats don't like water. >> this cat seems to love it. they tranquilized him, probably, first. >> that's not true. he made that up. >> that cat loves the water. yes. >> love the newscast when ron claiborne makes up facts. thank you, ron. we appreciate it.
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now, to a warning, a real warning, about a staple of the american diet. a food many of us and many of our children eat for breakfast. it is rice. it appears in so many of the foods we eat. the issue here is arsenic. the federal government has finished the biggest study on arsenic and rice. dr. richard besser is here. what did they find? >> this was a big study. they tested 1,300 products that contain race in some form. and they found inorganic arsenic, the most dangerous kind in all of them. brown race, had the highest levels because of the shell on the race. the fda says the levels are not such that it will cause immediate or short-term health effects. but will long-term exposure to this cause problems with cancer and to your heart and lungs? >> what do we do when feeding this to newborns? >> there's several things you can do here. when you're cooking rice, you
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want to rinse it until the water runs clear. that will take some of the arsenic out. cook it in excess water. but vary your diet. don't have rice every day. mix in other grains. as a pediatrician, when i talk to parents about starting first food, we're no longer saying going with rice cereal as the first cereal. mix it up. you can go with other grains and vegetables and meats. that will be just fine. >> coming on the heals of the apple juice scare, as well. >> and the hope is they have a limit for arsenic in apple juice. hopefully in the future they'll come up with a limit for arsenic in rice. >> thank you. we're going to turn, now, to new england patriots get set to start their new season this weekend. a former big star, potential hall of famer is answering charges that he killed a friend. aaron hernandez pleading not guilty to first-degree murder. and reena ninan has the details. >> he was the rising nfl star.
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$40 million contract. fiancee, even a baby girl. sources familiar with the case tell us how the prosecution will build its case. focusing on the alleged double-life the nfl star led. aaron hernandez spoke for the first time in court on friday, pleading six times. >> not guilty. not guilty. not guilty. >> reporter: to first-degree murder and weapons charges. charges the defense attorneys for the former new england patriots player seem confident they would fight. >> in a sense, this is like the opening kickoff. and we have a long way to go before the trial. >> reporter: but prosecutors are also confidence in their case. sources tell abc news, the former nfl tight end tested positive for alcohol and marijuana, the night of his arrest, the night his friend and semipro football player, odin lloyd, was murdered. investigators say he used pcp. and spent his time off the field hanging with a gang. >> applications for search
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warrants. returns on search warrants. still photographs from video surveillance. i think that evidence speaks for itself. >> reporter: odin's family in court. >> we feel confident that when evidence is finally presented in a court of law, that aaron will be exonerated. >> reporter: police have yet to find the gun believed to have been used in lloyd's murder. but they're interested in hernandez's fiancee. prosecutors say she may know more than she's letting on. she has not been charged in the case or commented publicly. hernandez mouthing, i love you, to her and his family, as he left the courtroom. the prosecution will try to show that hernandez was capable of an execution-style murder of his friend. for now, he'll be held without bail. next court appearance will be
4:15 am
october 9th. >> thanks, rena. they are the alleged members of a bank robbing ring that police say pulled off a series of daring heists. what sets these suspects apart is they're all from the same family. two brothers and dad driving the getaway car. abc's susan saulny has the story of how they were brought down. >> reporter: they're bold. they're brazen. and now, we know these alleged bank robbers are brothers. this morning, braden and nicholas budson are in a colorado jail. >> the conspiracy to commit robbery. classified felony. >> reporter: and the family ties don't end there. police say their father, 51-year-old brock busten drove the getaway car. the alleged crime spree started in may. caper after caper to the police. eight robberies in all. and one bank was hit four separate times. at the time, colorado springs police thought they were chasing
4:16 am
one serial bank robber. the descriptions were mostly the same. >> very light, blonde hair. >> reporter: one thing didn't add up, though. the suspect's height kept changing. that's when detectives realized they were probably dealing with more than one robber. then, a crucial crack in the case. >> one of our robbery detectives who was very alert, looking for the suspect vehicle, found it sunday at a motel. >> reporter: a stakeout followed. and thursday, police made the bust. that's when they realized it was a family afair. on brock buston's facebook page, they say he is a screen writer. as for the two boys, they're doing some family bonding. as in a $250,000 bond, set for each of them, as they await their fate. >> family bonding behind bars. time, now, for a check of the weather. and ginger decided to leave us.
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she's joining us from the site of espn's "college gameday" ann arbor, michigan, where the wolverines will take on the fighting irish of notre dame. >> this is the most exciting saturday morning you can imagine. we're in ann arbor. and this crowd's a little on the feisty side. what time did you get here this morning? >> 5:00 p.m. yesterday. >> 5:00 p.m. yesterday. are you students? >> yes, we are. >> and who's going to win today? >> michigan. >> it's heavy on the michigan side. we love our notre dame folks, too. don't touch the hair. is that okay? i want to get into some of the weather forecast. here it's going to be a great start to the day. and later when the game is played, we're going to see, some showers and thunderstorms possible. but what i want to tell you
4:18 am
about is after that college gameday goes on on espn, is the forecast yesterday, what a mess it was in southern california, right outside san diego, really. you had some hail. and i want to show you exactly what happened. and the rain that's going to fall today. that's all in the southwest. that's california. here's the rain that's going to fall again today. some of the extra moisture being enhanced as we go into the work week with some of the tropical stuff from the southwest. let me get to the forecast for the eat. boy, just as hot as this game is going to be, the center of the nation is going to be just that way. 99 in dallas. and in the northeast, only a little burst of heat and then we cool right down. wolverines are on top? how is that going to go today? that's the big picture.
4:19 am
>> so, i have to tell you. how long has the body paint been on? >> six hours, baby. >> six hours. and many more to go because right here, "college gameday" is about to go down. thanks to all our friends at espn. they've got a happy crowd. and coming up, we have desmond howard, right here. talking to me about their game today. stick around for that. i'll have more weather coming up, too. >> we're seeing the professionals of the future, right? i feel we need to see notre dame
4:20 am
representation, as well. have you met any notre dame fans? >> i know. i think they would get eaten alive out here. >> ginger's forecast for notre dame fans, danger. ginger, back to you later in the broadcast. now, prepare yourself for a dosage of cuteness that may exceed your doctor's recommendation. dr. besser is standing by with a defibrillator. these are cheetah cubs playing with a puppy. >> i don't think people at home realize how cute this is. it's not a stunt. it's all happening at the dallas zoo. there's an important reason to have a puppy growing up alongside these cats. abc's aditi roy has more. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, dan and bianna. these cubs are precious. not only for how they look. but the fact they're also endangered. only 7,000 grown cheetahs are raised. it's important to officials that the baby cubs have a smooth transition into adulthood.
4:21 am
these adorable balls of fluff are the newest attraction at the dallas zoo. 8-week-old male cheetahs are brothers. >> it's play, eat and then sleep. and not necessarily in that order. >> reporter: and they are about to get an unlikely playmate. an 8-week-old black labrador retriever. there's no danger for amani. he's 14 pounds. almost twice as big as these guys right now. we're going to socialize them in a way that when they're two years, they're going to have that established relationship. it's a slow process. just getting to know each other. they'll be together 24/7. and they'll really forge a relationships just like the two cheetah siblings are. they're almost about to go to sleep. >> reporter: they're cute and cuddly now. as all three grow, sharing the same room, they're going to start noticing some big differences. cheetahs are expected to go to three feet long and weigh 140
4:22 am
pounds. >> eight months from now, the cheetahs will be running, 50, 60 miles per hour. and it's going to be great to have a dog that can show them how to run and chase and do all those things that we want those animals to do because that's a natural behavior. >> reporter: the cubs are part of the zoo's animal adventures outreach program, to teach the public about highly endangered species. >> there's less than 10,000 cheetahs in the wild. hopefully this education is about learning more through books, the internet, how they can help wild life. that's really what we're all about. >> reporter: the world's fastest land animals. they can go from 0 to 60 in three seconds. and amani means peace in swahili. hopefully his name will live up to it. >> thank you very much. coming up here on "gma," caught on tape. the former marine who runs to the rescue when he sees three
4:23 am
bullies picking on a teenager. the price he paid. and why he would do it again. also, sofia vergara has something to brag about. we're not talking about her figure. we're talking about her figures. plus, the amazing little kid who is a piano prodigy. he's here to perform live. [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts... well muddlers, muddle no more. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour one on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour three. zyrtec®. love the air. ♪
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a brutal beating caught on camera. a former marine steps in to stop three bullies who attack him. despite his injuries, he's convinced he did the right thing. that's a brave man. >> really brave. that's a tough situation he stepped into there. we'll tell you the story in a minute. good morning. i'm dan harris. this is saturday, september 7th. alongside bianna golodryga. he's a little guy that learned how to play piano a year ago. he's going to shock you. he's live in our studio. >> such an impressive kid. we begin this half hour, with that hero stepping in to stop three bullies from picking on a younger boy, all caught on camera. his bravery got him a brutal beatdown from the thugs.
4:31 am
but the good samaritan is saying, despite his severe injuries, it was worth it. >> reporter: he may be a former marine. but he's a man still on a mission. the moral kind. it's a brutal beatdown, caught on camera. this morning, we're hearing from the man at the receiving end of that thrashing. a man many are calling a hero. >> all of a sudden, i was in the middle of a melee. >> reporter: he's a former marine and father of two. his instinct to protect kicking into overdrive when he stumbled upon three men bullying 14-year-old dion wright. wright's own father tried to help. >> i seen these guys were not backing down. and i had to keep them at bay. and then, i looked up. here's mr. jones. >> reporter: before he knew it,
4:32 am
jones was taking the brunt of the attack and fell unconscious. once police showed up, the suspects, eric dieter, tiler carswell and cody ruin, fled the scene. jones was sent to the hospital with a broken eye bone. this morning, he says it's all in the line of duty. moral duty. and says he'd do it again. >> doing the right thing is always the right thing. >> if he didn't receive a purple heart when he was in the military serving, he deserves one now. he's a true samaritan. >> all three suspects have been arrested and charges with aggravated battery. those charges have been upgraded to felonies because jones' injuries were so severe. a lot of news overnight. for that, as always, we turn back to ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, president obama is back home in the u.s. this morning, after a three-day trip to the g-20 economic summit in
4:33 am
russia. the president facing an uphill battle as he searches for congressional support for a possible military strike against syria. and a security review under way at buckingham palace this morning. this after a man scaled a fence to get into queen elizabeth's home on monday. he arrested that man. and he faces burglary and trespassing charges. and aaron hernandez was formally arraigned on friday, for the murder of his friend, odin lloyd. lloyd's family, as well as hernandez's family were in the courtroom. and brewer ryan braun is apologizing to fans one at a time. braun is calling season ticketholders of the brewers to personally apologize for taking performance-enhancing drugs. braun was suspended for 65 games. time, now, for the weather. and back to ginger zee in ann arbor, michigan. home of the -- i think they call themselves the champions of the west. right there?
4:34 am
>> you know, they have a lot of names. and one of them is rowdy this morning. you can see the crowd building here around all of espn's "college game day." right here in an arbor. summer-like around this region. i want to start in minneapolis. that's where we find a live shot of what will be a hot, hot saturday. temperatures will rise again into the 90s for minneapolis. and let me tell you, it's a little hazy. humid, too. and watch this. the numbers, they drop off. so, we will see some cooler weather as we go through this weekend. especially in the areas that have been seeing that extreme heat. this september heat wave will eventually come to end. the bubble breaks down. kansas city, close to 100, as we start the workweek. look at what's happening there. severe weather-wise. in the northern plains, more to be watching will be montana into the dakotas. and i'll leave you there with a final look across the nation.
4:35 am
>> listen to this. espn has been on the air, now, since 1979. it's their first day. they went on cable this day. i want to bring you behind the scenes. you see the "college gameday" setup here. you met the folks in the crowd. and we saw the big stage. and the big man. dustin howard here. i cannot tell you. when you walked out, dustin, these people, they love you. how good does it feel to be right here in wolverine territory again? >> it feels great. it doesn't get any better than this for me. this is like a second home for me. i have such fond memories of my stay here, my career here and a student athlete. just to be back on campus, it's just special for me. >> we have to be impartial.
4:36 am
we love michigan and notre dame. one of the folks in the crowd said can you get ahold of coach kelly and keep the rivalry going. the fans love it. >> whoever told you that, they're 100% right. people with no affiliation to either program, they love the rivalry. it's great for college football. michigan to play notre dame, it's magnificent for college football. you have two of the best and greatest storied programs in college football playing each other. for that rivalry to end after next year, is a downer for a lot of fans. >> all right. we look forward to your show today. you're on the air, of course, right here, with a brilliant crowd. desmond, thank you so much for being with us. on "good morning america." we're partnering here with our friends at espn. thank you for all of their help. let's get back into the studio. how about one more big cheer, though. [ cheers ] we couldn't go away without that. >> thank you to ginger. thank you, desmond.
4:37 am
coming up, his feet cannot reach the pedals. but this little guy is backing a piano prodigy. we're not showing you his face. when we reveal it, you're going to be surprised how old or young he is. he's going to play for us live. keep it here. also coming up in pop, sofia vergara at the top of a very special list. what it took to get there. we'll add it all up, coming up.n tool system in the industry.g the ridgid jobmax. all these different power tool heads lock into one power base. giving you the flexibility to get an amazing amount of work done. sanding, drilling, driving, fastening, cutting, and much more. like all ridgid power tools, the ridgid jobmax is covered for life. only at the home depot. this complete jobmax starter kit is now only $79, and this 12pc blade kit for just $49.88. [ jen garner ] what skincare brand is so effective... so trusted... so clinically proven
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well, now, in our "gma" studios, we have somebody who is ready to give you a special perform manse right here on this piano. >> the one that pea jana's making me hide behind. they call him minimozart. and baby beethoven. you're going to see him play in a minute. but quick, we're going to take a first look at how he stunned his parents with his talent. his feet don't reach the pedals. his fingers are barely able to stretch across the keys. but that does not stop 5-year-old jacob velazquez from playing a mean piano. this minimozart started playing the piano a year ago. and learned beethoven's sonata in just three weeks. even jacob's mom was surprised
4:42 am
by her son's ivory-tickling talent. the first time she heard him play, she thought it was her husband in the other room. is that jacob? oh, my gosh. >> reporter: turns out, jacob has a photographic memory. his music teacher says he is able to master songs in just one class that most children take a month to learn. >> handel. >> reporter: he recently auditioned for the national musicians guild. a performance his dad says he nailed, right away. >> he had to learn ten classical pieces, by memory. and he did. he did great. exceeded the expectations. >> reporter: move over beethoven. this pint-sized pianist, is here to play. >> i said, who is that handsome guy? he said, me. he has a good sense.
4:43 am
we're happy to have jacob here in the studio. along with parents, tina and willie. we were talking before the show. you were saying not long ago, your son was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. and that playing the piano has helped. >> definitely. he definitely expresses himself. he is an outlet for him. sometimes i notice he'll play really fast if he's anxious. he'll start playing really fast. if he's angry. he plays low-key. he plays very hard. >> he's demonstrating. it's an outlet for him. >> jacob, while dan was talking you're so anxious, you're ready to start playing. so, take it away. >> go. ♪ ♪
4:44 am
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4:49 am
account. the "modern family" star, television's top-earning actress for the second year in a row. "forbes" says the latina bombshell is raking in $30 million this year. beating out tv stars like the kardashians. many congrats to vergara. she's earned it. and a different star is leaving her mark on the dance floor. christina milian, twists, tamps and takes it low. she's back in the game on this season's "dancing with the stars." the show doesn't start until september 16th. but milian is working at it. >> shake it out. >> i like that. >> that's my motto. >> when in doubt, shake it out. >> i do that to warm up for the show. oscars season is coming early for angelina jolie. she is receiving the gene herschel humanitarian award.
4:50 am
she'll receive her iconic gold statue at the academy's fifth annual governor awards event. she'll be joined by angela lance berry, steve martin and and what you've been waiting for. something delicious from dominique ansel. he's at it again with a brand-new treat. he says the magic souffle will warm up a chilly fall, without collapsing. it's to be eaten immediately while the treat is still warm. and we got an advanced dose. >> this is still warm. ron complains that our food is cold. are you eating mine? >> i'll start with yours. >> i feel this might help me later when i'm in doubt and need to shake it out.
4:51 am
>> it's too hot. >> this programming alert for tomorrow's "pop." who says selfies are a dying trend? right when you thought that, this happened. pet selfie. this is my little girl, taking her own. we want to see your best pet selfies, paws and all. our favorites tomorrow on pet selfies sunday. >> thank you for dessert. thank you for the selfies. we'll be back with more "gma." >> you're going to shake it up. >> i'm going to shake it out. ♪ ♪ i gotta have that bag. italian leather? for an amazing deal, and i love that designer. [ shopper ] you paid how much for that? [ female announcer ] two stores. two amazing ways to score. t.j.maxx and marshalls.
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before we go, we can't get enough of 5-year-old jacob, the piano virtuoso. want to watch a little more video. do we have that? we can pull that up for you right now. >> that's not jacob. that's not jacob. this is supposed to be -- a surprise for our producer.
4:56 am
this is another -- in the family of piano virtuosos. this is 19-month-old brett bernstein. and look, he's taking it away, too. i see a bright future. >> not a prodigy yet. thanks for watching, everybody. see you tomorrow.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> good morning. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm katie marzullo. let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. oakland is sitting at 67 this morning. so the 50s confined in santa rosa, napa and up in novato. we are look at numbers elsewhere low and mid-60s. temperatures today, once again soaring. we are clear and mind this morning but the fog is nowhere to be seen. temperatures this afternoon near 100 degrees in the inland east bay. but look at all the 90s.


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