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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 7, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm katie marzullo. let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. >> temperatures in the mid-60s. not real warm bull we are used to 50s and even this time of year we can get some upper 40s. we have the cooler weather up in the north bay this morning. it's already 64 degrees in mountain view. that translates to a warmer start than yesterday. as much as three to eight degrees warmer across much. the east and south bay. a little cooler at our coast, but we will make up for lost time with highs near 80 today half moon bay and the rest of the bay just cooking today. mid-to upper 80s to near 90 around oakland for the day game
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today. warm at the beach. an afternoon sea breeze. not helping much to cool you down, though. upper 90s to near 100 trees today. a spare-the-air day today and a look at my forecast a a few minutes. katie. >> thank you, lisa.
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and also new cries remaining on seen for several ours after powsing out a fire in san jose. the fire broke out inside a warehouse on north wing road near mayberry road around 11:00 last night. extra fire crews raced to the scene after the flames spread to two adjoining buildings. nobody was hurt. investigators do not know yet who started the fire. >> we are learning more this morning about the woman killed by a san francisco wreck and park truck. christine scanemy was enjoying the day with her baby when she was run over. now we learn the man accused of killing her is out of jail. >> 35-year-old christine svanemyr was run over and killed by a san francisco pork maintenance truck at the park. she was a wife and mother to an 11-month-old daughter. she was a zen monk. she worked at new ventures west in san francisco, a firm that offers professional coaching. they co-workers said christy was pull of passion, energy and kindness. her high level of enthusiasm affected everyone she touched. she was also a dancer and performed with a group out of ohio.
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we spoke to the dance director over the phone. >> she was a real generous, loving, beautiful heart. anytime you saw her she was always smiling and had nothing but wonderful things to say. >> police believe 57-year-old tom burnoski was the man who killed her. he is a rec and park employee. witnesses say he drove off after running over her. police found him a few blocks way and arrested him. he's been placed on unpaid leave while police investigate what happened. he has worked as a gardener form the rec and park department since 2006. burnsoki is also dealing with a loss. his daughter was killed in a crash in fresno. abc news. >> christine had bought many meals for her family at this store and the business is
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collecting cone nations to keep sending meals to her husband and baby. if you would like to help, we have a link under "see it on tv.". >> the family of a man killed by officers in sunnyvale is angry about what an investigation into the shooting has revealed. the 34-year-old man was killed wednesday. it happened during an undercover drug sting. they were at a restaurant where officers say they bought a pound of methamphetamine from morales. they say he threatened him and made a movement that looked like he was reaching for a weapon. six officers opened fire and morales was hit several times. officers it not find any weapons on him or in his truck. his family he tells us they are upset with how many times he was shot and that no weapon was found. the six veteran officers are on paid leave during the investigation. dive teams will be out again today searching for a man who diappeared in lake shasta who was swimming with his friends. the 18-year-old went under water
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while swimming with his friends. the dive team was not able to track him down. president obama had address the nation on tuesday in an efforts to gain support with a military strike against syria. he wants the strike in response to a chemical attack the obama administration says was carried out by the syrian forecast. -- the syrian government. yesterday at the g-20 summit in russia, the president said winning support from congress will be difficult. half of the house and a third of the senate remains undecided. >> there's no question what is coming in is overwhelmingly negative. >> it's conceivable at the end of the day i don't persuade a majority of the american people that it's the right thing to do. >> yesterday all nonessential u.s. personnel were ordered to leave lebanon because of security concerns ahead of the possible strike. here in the bay area several groups are planning demonstrations this weekend to convey their feelings about possible u.s. intervention in
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syria. laura anthony has that story from the east bay. >> we need to know what we are to go before we do it. >> i think it's a no-win in the long-term. >> while lawmakers debate whether to support president obama's call for a limited military strike in syria, others in the bay area have already made up their minds. >> we're very much against u.s. intervention in syria. rick is with the mt. diablo peace and justice center, a group that will demonstrate against u.s. involvement in syria saturday in walnut creek. >> basically without a history of false information, it really needs to be investigated. there's no -- the u.s. shouldn't be the policemen of the world, let alone the judge, jury and executioner. >> it can turn the first step in a long and slippery step into a
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war. >> the president obama can make a good case for taking limited military action against syria. >> what a limited military response by the united states would do would be to ratchet up the cause of using weapons of mass destruction against people in syria. >> i think he's making a horrendous choice. >> she said one heinous act shouldn't be followed up by another in a region that's already suffered so much. >> i don't think that we have any clue about what is going to be -- what's going to happen if we do this. you know, here you have the middle east, which is already in bad shape. >> while many lawmakers have made up their minds about potential u.s. action, others like this east bay congressman want to see the details of the president's proposal before making a final decision. laura anthony, abc7 news. the rim fire in and around
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yosemite national park is now the third largest fire in california history. it has burned 385 square miles. it's 80% contained. this morning state route 120, which has been closed since the rim fire began, is back open. damage to the san francisco power and water system is also. the city has also spent about $900,000 for other power sources while those sources were shut down. water service for bait area residents was not affect. a man accused of killing a popular supervisor in san jose is held without bell. a woman was found dead inside her minivan outside an elementary school. the suspect, oscar, has been charged with murder. he did not enter a plea yesterday. police say the two new each other but have not said how. details of the case have been sealed during the investigation. he is expected pack in court
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next friday. a married couple tubbed the landlords from hell has been sentenced in san francisco. they are kip and nicole macy. one of their tenants came to court for their sentencing and he said the sentence doesn't go far enough. we have more from the hall of justice. >> kip and nicole macy already new their fate when they walked into the croom. their four year, four-month sentence was part of a me deal made in june. nevertheless, their attorney criticized the sentence for being draconian. an argument that went nowhere. >> we had meating, we talked about the facts in chambers in this case and i believe this is not a draconian sentence. i believe it is a reasonable sentence. >> the macies have been convict the of residential burglary, attempted grand theft and talking in connection with two-year effort to get five of their tenants to move out of their south and market building. macies doused their tenants bed and doused the beds with aknown
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yeah. they cut telephone lines, shut off gas and power and repeatedly changed the location. one man was in the croom and said their sentence isn't long enough. he was a live in in building manager at the time and fierce for his safety. >> i know they have a criminal mind. i can expect anything from them. they can hurt somebody. that's why i never feel security. >> i'm going to give you credit for having served -- >> the macy's have heard served nearly three years of their sentence. one wags spent in jail in italy where they fled and were arrested by italian police. this is their attorney. >> very tragic. there wasn't anybody in this case who i would call honorable from the macies and everybody else involved. >> the macies should be out of prison in about a year. william kim. abc7 news. >> it's 6:10 and the warm weather this weekend may mean
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trouble for bay area roadways, especially with driver's ting to jam the new bay -- continuing to jam the new bay bridge. we have america's cup and both area baseball teams are back in town with the giants hosting the arizona diamondbacks and the a's are taking on the huston as stros. the cal bears play at portland state today and tomorrow the 49ers host green bay packers in the season opener. it's a day game in oakland, evening game in san francisco. but it it will be hot. >> that's right. we are talking about 90 later on this afternoon. right now starting out in the upper 60s in oakland. what a gorgeous shot from our sutro camera. the radiational cooling in the north bay dropped temperatures into the 50s there but a warm finish for everyone. the accuweather forecast is straight ahead. >> thank you. also coming up, the race for the america's cup. it begins today but one team is
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>> welcome back. it's 6:14. take a look at this gorgeous view from our exploratorium cam. blue skies, blue waters of the san francisco bay. the waters will play host to the america's cup finals today. the race is starting around 1:15. it will be a beautiful day to get out there and enjoy the water. lisa argen, i'll fill you in on the details coming up.
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happening today, apple will unveil it's newest retail store at the stanford shopping center. cupertino-based apple informed it's faithful followers the store will open at 10:00 a.m. it's located at theme muss market and it will replace an older apple store at stanford. the first 1500 customers will receive a free commemorative t-shirt. their design will influence how their other new stores will look. >> also happening today the 49ers will open a new team shop. the store on market street is the third for the 49ers. the time also has retail stores in palo alto toe and san jose. former great rodger cray will sign autographs during the opening day ceremonies. fans can also mean mechanics. -- members of the gold rush cheerleading squad. the america's cup begins today. emrats team new zealand will challenge the oracle.
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the first of the races agains at 1:15. two more races tomorrow. the kiwis need to win nine races to capture the cup. oracle has to win 11 because the team was penalized earlier this week for cheating. the america's cup trophy dates back 162 years. america is on its way back to the moon right now. scientists at n.a.s.a. ames in mountain view are lead, the way. they launched an exploration satellite they built and tested themselves. allen wong has the story from moffett field. >> two, one, liftoff! >> thousands came out to n.a.s.a. ames to witness who had -- what had never been ton before. for the first time scientists here built and tested their own lunar explorer. it's called lady, lunar atmosphere, atmosphere and tuft explorer.
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it's a wonderful time to be here. >> this is great capability that made n.a.s.a. ames a flight center where we can build and fly our on satellites from here. >> how many astronauts are on ladty? >> zero. >> he's right. it's a 180 take unmanned mission to explore the tuft, like microscopic glass. they will send complex data from deep space to earth using laser light instead of radio waves. >> to download a high definition movie from the moon right now would take hundreds of hours with the current technology. with a laser communication system we can to it in under ten minutes. >> investors offer wall street are watching closely because it could revolutionalize the way we communicate. there's not enough fuel for
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lady to return on this mission so n.a.s.a. will crash it into the moon. but it's part of a new, reusable low-cost generation of spacecraft and now more could be built at ames. in mountain view, allen wong, abc7 news. we are learning more this dangers of arsenic found in rice. in a new study arsenic was found in 1300 samples of rice and rice products. brown rice had the highest levels. instant rice had the lowest. the amount is so small they say it's safe to eat but you should vary your diet. it's a substance found naturally in soil. there a recall affecting three lots of motrin lots, original barry fever used tore greeting fevers and aches in children under two. medicine may be contaminated with a plastic used in teflon coating. we have the lot numbers on our website. abc7
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once you are there click on "see it on tv." >> there is a fleet of daloreans making the rounds. this one was designed to look like the vehicle from the movie "back to the future." open the uber app between noon and nine and try to spot the delorean icon. rides will be limited to one person per car and a maximum of a 15-minute ride. more than 1100 northern california hence flown to new york on a private plane are know on their final destination. the hens are living out their final days on a cage-free farm in upstate new york. a private donor paid $50,000 for them to be shipped to the farm. they left wednesday from hayward executive airport. the hence are too old to lay eggs and they would have been killed. 6:19 now. uber riders out around in deloreans this weekend.
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>> very cool. >> yes, and it will be warm out there as well. >> yes, today begins the days of excessive heat and a spare the air today. we are talking about the continuation of the fog-free forecast. we get the warmest weather of the year right now in september. we are look agent temperatures well above average. right now no fog to speak of. the official sunrise at 6:45 and setting at 7:29. from emeryville this morning, nice and clear out there. 64 degrees downtown already. oakland 61. good morning, san jose. it is 63 in much. the south bay and the low 60 -- upper 60s los gatos. half moon bay a comfortable 6 degrees. from the exploratorium camera we are looking clear. it is cool in the north bay. radiational cooling has allowed temperatures to drop into the low 50s. kind of nice for napa and santa rosa right now. it will warm well into the 90s today there. novato at 65.
6:21 am
61 concord and livermore and mt. tam this morning looks pretty good out there. if you are enjoying the beautiful morning, it's a spare-the-air day today with 100-degree temperatures inland today, tomorrow, monday a little bit of cooling heads our way on tuesday as the sea breeze kicks up. the sea breeze will be absent today and that has allowed for the ozone to gather closer to the ground. with that spare the air day the poor air quality pretty much across the bay, but it should be worse in the santa clara valley. keep that in mind. try to plan accordingly. already it is much warmer this morning than yesterday morning except at the coast and around the delta where numbers cool significantly there. but look at hayward. 8 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time, as well as san jose with mountain view 35 degrees warming. it all has to do with the wind flow and as high pressure builds in to the north of us, no sea breeze, no on shore push, it's just the opposite.
6:22 am
down sloping winds, compressional heating as the air warms as it desends. it's flowing from the land to the sea in the opposite direction. we are talking very, very warmed to. look how long it will last as we look at oakland today, tomorrow and into monday. you will notice not much relief. very warm. by tuesday into the low 80s. upper 70s for the rest of the work week into next weekend. in livermore close to 100 degrees today and tomorrow. but by tuesday dropping about 5 crease, back into the 80s wins derek thursday and friday and into next weekend it should be pretty nice out there. south bay numbers look like this. 93 sunnyvale, 97 morgan hill. we are talking 80 half moon bay. in san francisco today 86 trees. 80 in the sunset district. 95 in napa. near east bay that day game, oakland, 90 degrees. union city just as warm. you head inland, look at that 99 in pleasanton.
6:23 am
100 in livermore. the look ahead, no change tomorrow and monday. then the sea breeze will get a little more generous, cooling everyone down about 5 degrees. and further further cooling wednesday and thursday. so we haven't seen this heat around here i think all summer long. >> and now it's back with a vengeance. >> big time, yeah. >> thanks, lease a. up next, the sendoff for homeland shhhhh!
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>> we are now joined from new york to tell us what is coming up on ""good morning america." >> good morning. president obama is backache his talk at the g-20 summit. he's facing an uphill battle to gain the support of congress. will he gain the support he needs to launch an attack? and also a royal break-in. one manmade it inside the palace where he was held for trespassing, burglary and criminal temperature. more details from london coming up. and an unbelievable friendship. newborn heata cubs are the newest addition of the dallas zoo. they have a special companion, an 8 week old labrador puppy.
6:27 am
why they are pushing for them to become best friends. and a peel an no prodigy. he may not be able to reach the pedals on a piano but it doesn't stop him from performing musical masterpiece. he will be here live to play for us, as well. a cute kid and extremely talented. >> that's incredible to see. and the puppy-cheetah situation? too cute for words. >> i know. cute versus cute. >> all right. thanks. >> see ya. >> it is good-bye washington, hello bay area for janet napolitano, the new president of the university of california. vice president biden led a farewell ceremony yesterday for napolitano, who is stepping down as homeland security secretary. she held the post for four and a half years, longer than anyone before her. vice president thanked her for her service and believed she'll be back in washington some day. >> i think janet should be a supreme court justice. [applause]
6:28 am
>> and that not only speaks to the other qualities i have mentioned your character, but your intellectual capacity and your depth of knowledge. >> napolitano is leaving her post to become the first female president of the u.s. system -- the uc system, which is based in oakland. up next, pg&e could face more fines. what the california public utilities commission has to decide as we near the anniversary of the san bruno pipeline explosion. and a new pilot program to get more firefighters available for emergencies. ♪ [ jen garner ] what skincare brand is so effective... so trusted... so clinically proven dermatologists recommend it twice as much as any other brand? neutrogena®. recommended by dermatologists 2 times more
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than any other brand. now that's beautiful. neutrogena®. ♪
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and there's juicy chicken best foods is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy so delicious it's your secret to making dinner disappear best foods. bring out the best >> welcome back. it's 6:30. we are starting this half-hour
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with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. if you thought it was warm yesterday we will add another 5 degrees today. the warming trend continues. in fact a spare-the-air day today. 68 this los gatos with 58 half moon bay. good morning san francisco san francisco. a mild start for you at 64 degrees. here's a look at what which can expect this afternoon. there is no fog this morning and we won't see any this afternoon. a sea breeze will kick up late in the day but you have to be right at the coast to feel the breeze. temperatures even at the shoreline will be 80 degrees half moon bay and very warm to hot numbers inland. in fact, we are talking about 100 degrees through the weekend and beyond. i'll have a look at the seven-day accuweather forecast, showing when the cooling trend gets underway. katie. >> lisa, thank you. >> pg&e is facing more fines and penalties for another error in its records and for the way it
6:32 am
let the state public utilities commission know about that error. it comes days before the three-year anniversary of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. apc7 news reporter heather ishimaru has the story from san bruno. >> on september 9th, 2010, a pipeline ruptured and exploded into flames. eight people were killed and 32 homes destroyed in the neighborhood. after that pg&e reduced pressure on the gas stem on the peninsula. when it asked for permission to bring the pressure back up, it was required to show it was safe to do so. now it turns out the commissioner granted the permission based on faulty information. pg&e let them know about the error, but only months after discovering it. they are also concerned about the way pg&e submitted the correction just before a long holiday weekend for a process normally used for much less serious corrections. the san bruno city manager said she's not sure a fine will change pg&e, but it might have other benefits.
6:33 am
>> certainly a penalty fine as stiff as possible sanction as a result of this proceeding appears to be appropriate. if only to draw attention to the fact that deficiencies continue to exist. >> the faulty records showed a pipe in san carlos was seamless. it feels near the intersection of britain and rogers. when pg&e discovered last october it had a seam weld when it went in to fix the leak but it didn't try to submit that correction to them before july, just before the long holiday weekend, which san bruno lawyers believe was timed to go unnoticed by interested parties. the lead attorney on all pg&e matters, mr. malcon, testified there is no safety issue and there never was. we filed as quickly as we could without any thought on hi part this was the take before july 4th. 16 of the 38 destroyed homes are rebuilt. five more are under construction. the three-year anniversary weighs heavily on residents who say it feels like yesterday.
6:34 am
>> it's a tough time for us and it's made more difficult by the realization that the deficiencies continue to exist. >> the cpuc will decide on penalties or fines against pick -- pg&e sometime after october. heather ishimaru, abc7 news. >> if you have a sick relative the law might be changing dramatically to allow you more time to care for them. there's a bill on the governor's test being that rapidly modifies the family leave act. we have the story. >> lisa found herself in a situation where she couldn't help care for her grandmother as much as she wanted in her final take. the nurse asked if she could take time off, but couldn't. workers can get 55% of their pay for up to six weeks when caring for sick parents, children, spouses and domestic partners. no one else. >> as part of the paid family
6:35 am
leave act, grandmothers aren't included, and i couldn't believe that. she's my grandmother. >> the state legislator sent governor brown a bill that would expand a list of relatives the leave act would apply to. grandparents, siblings and in-laws. supporters say that reflects the responsibilities of today's families. employees pay for it through their paycheck deductions under short-term disability insurance. >> these are funds paid by the employee and not the employer. they are moneys put into a fund by each. -- each. us at our workplace. >> they say there comes a point when somebody has to do the work. imagine a small business that doesn't have a lot of employees. >> at the end of the day someone has to to the work or companies can't stay in business.
6:36 am
weapon want to support those families, that's why we support parents taking time off, but adding grandparents, siblings, goes too far. >> lisa thinks she will have other sick relatives to care for and urges the governor to sign the measure. >> i can't live without my pay, especially in this economy, and i have two children. i'm the main breadwinner. >> governor brown has until mid-october to take action on the proposed expansion. the california family leave act. in sacramento, abc7 news. >> there's a new pilot program to keep more firefighters available for emergencies. a two-person medical squad will handle lower priority medical calls. they will be based out of station 1 in downtown walnut creek. this will free up others to handle higher priority calls. it will designed to help maintain staffing in the weak of county wide budget cuts. >> we have areas that don't have fire protection coverage like they used to have. there's still an engine that's
6:37 am
going to show up, the fire department is still going to show up to those calls, but they are coming from farther away now. >> fire station 1 was chosen because it's centrally located. five fire stations will been forced to close due to budget cuts in the contra costa county fire district in the last two years. the bay area has some of the highest minimum wages in the country which has some people asking if tipping, especially in restaurants, is really necessary. we have more from san jose. >> the service here is known to be impeccable. diners expect it when they are playing $30 a plate. but what if tipping were eliminated? >> people would feel awkward if is it disappeared entirely. here diners pay a plat service charge to the entire staff.
6:38 am
>> they would put in something like a 10% service charge or gratuity. i think some took more than 10%. >> he's a professor of consumer behavior at san jose state. he doesn't believe the no tipping idea is something americans would go for, even though in europe tipping is minimal and in parts of asia no one does it. restaurant tourists insist tipping is parts of our culture. >> it wouldn't happen here because, one, we would have to raise our prices and it would affect my wait staff not giving the right service. >> what would you to if you at -- if you didn't have tips? >> wouldn't be a server. >> consumers, meantime, had mixed reaction to the thought of having a set service charge. >> you know where the money is going. i think it would be great. >> i will tip either way. >> i will always tip. >> most americans who took an online survey agreed. 63% said they tip even when service is bad. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news.
6:39 am
>> a bay area designer working for the royal family. the one-of-a-kind creation he's putting together for will, kate and baby george. >> get a load of this. a live look outside from our mt. tam cam. i can't remember the last time i saw anything from this camera other than a thick layer of clouds. lisa argen will be along in a few minutes with your [ mom ] in my family, so we just look for this g. 'cause general mills makes over 40 yummy flavors that are 130 calories or less per serving. and they're packed with vitamins and minerals. from lucky charms to cheerios. over 40 cereals. 130 calories or less. [ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch,
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'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.®
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a bay area man has received the assignment of a lifetime, to build a baby stroller for the britain's royal family. only on abc7 news we are introduced to an east bay designer who is creating a one-of-a-kind set of wheels with a royal price tag. >> big celebrities like courtney kardashian has called and placed orders, but nothing prepared joseph for the call he recently received. >> i'm really excited about this one. it could be because of all the hype with the royal baby. it's like probably the coolest thing for any baby company. >> he said the call came from someone within the inner circle of prince william and kate middleton asking for a baby stroller for prince george. >> it's nerve-racking when it's for a high profile client. you want to make sure it's the very best of your capabilities. >> this man in livermore calls
6:43 am
his one-of-a-kind strollers wobblers, for walking toddlers. they start at $1,500. this is what he designed for the prince. >> they want to do a british racing green scene stroller for prince george. biits all put big circles on the side of their cars and they wanted the number 2 on the side of it. just had to make sure i had the union jack included. >> he doesn't know what the number 2 stands for. this masterpiece costs $4,500. he won't say who made the order, but the money has been wired to him. now all he needs to do is ship it. with its leather seat and smooth ride, he said it's a stroller fit for a king. >> my hope is that, you know, i can see them cruising around the capital or down one of their popular areas. that would be found watch. >> when the prince outgrows his stroller, no problem, it converts into a tricycle.
6:44 am
a perfect way for him to zip through the halls of buckingham palace. in livermore, abc7 news. >> pretty fancy stuff. hot wheels and hot weather this weekend. >> yeah, even warmer than yesterday. you can see nice and clear. it will be warmer. it was 89 yesterday. how about 94 today? i'll be back with a look at the rest of the high temperatures today and the accuweather forecast. we will keep the heat around for a couple more days. >> thank you, lisa. almost perfect, a giant inches away from baseball immortality. we will hear from the pitcher we will hear from the pitcher and hunter pence, who had a are you growing old
6:45 am
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>> welcome back. a lot of backup commuters getting used to the new bridge. you have an a's game in oakland this afternoon and it's going to be a hot game. no matter what happens on the field, it will be hot temperature-wise. meteorologist lisa argen with all those details. >> it kind of looks that way. it looks still and stagnate. no wind or fog. a spare-the-air day today and we are looking at triple digit heat. how about 80 today half moon bay. yesterday 77 degrees. today on average about five degrees warmer than yesterday. we already have the dry air with us. and with no fog and the absence of wind, you can see it looks very still out there. emeryville this morning. good morning san francisco. 64. it's 59 redwood city. temperatures continue to drop with the official sunrise just two minutes ago. the radiational cooling with the longer nights keeping us
6:48 am
comfortable. 58 in half moon bay. the exploratorium camera showing the clear sky. look at the cool numbers. napa low 50s. 54 novato, low 60s from concord to livermore and from mt. tam this morning. a little hazy. boy, is it going to be warm today with a spare-the-air day. many 90s all around the bay with even some 100s out toward san ramon and also livermore. the cooler pattern not getting started until tuesday. ground level ozone this afternoon. take it easy out there. 24 hours ago we were cooler. this morning we are anywhere from two to eight degrees cooler on average. cooler up by the delta where you, too, experienced the radiational cooling with the big drop this morning. otherwise it's all due to high pressure build to go the -- build to go the north of us.
6:49 am
this is compressional heating. down-sloping winds. the air warms more as it descends and that brings the numbers up quickly this afternoon. we have numbers in the mid-90s in sam men toe. the absence of fog or sea breeze late in the day keeping coastal temperatures quite warm. in fact 77 monterey. 103 in fresno. definitely could be worse. and temperatures in and around the bay today with a narrow spread with 80 half moon bay. 100 livermore. that's the 20-degree spread. 91 in fremont with three or four tees of warming in the south bay. look at that 91 in santa cruz with 95 in santa rosa. plenty events happening around the bay today. if you are headed to mountain view, the art and wine festival, it will be pretty warm. this afternoon 91 with the afternoon temperatures in the mid-80s. definitely wear the hat, take
6:50 am
plenty of water. the day game today in oakland with testimonies in the mid-80s by -- with temperatures in the mid-80s. the evening game at&t park, looking comfortable with temperatures in the mid-70s by 6:00. only dropping about eight degrees or so by 10:00 the mid-60s. accuweather seven-day forecast shows we will see very little change today, tomorrow and monday with 70s coastside. near 90 around the bay. 100 inland. a little cooling, bringing the numbers town as much as five degrees on tuesday. and we are where we should be come wednesday, thursday and friday. i guess we are due. we haven't had the heat and it's pretty typical in september. >> sounds like a lot of outdoor activities this weekend. maybe people although like it. thank you, lisa. in sports, great drama at&t park all in the pursuit of perfection. abc7 news sports director larry beil has more. hire are this morning's sports
6:51 am
highlights. >> good morning. >> the giants may take my bicycle last place but this didn't matter for one night because the pitcher petit flirted with history against arizona. he was working on a perfect game. petit making just his third start of the season. sanchez, now 2-zip. petit in his fifth year in the majors, started his career with arizona. struck out 7 there. aaron hill there. sixth inning. patrick corbin looking to end the perfect game. perez the diving catch. perfection intact. he was inserted for defensive purposes. good move by the skipper, bruce bochy. we go to the ninth. petit gets the first two out. the umpire bill cuzy said ball three. next pitch. the form early a with a line drive that falls in front. a diving hunter pence for a base hit! so close! a. j. pollack rounds out to end
6:52 am
the game. it goes in the books as a one-hit shutout for petit and a 3-0 giants victory. >> it was special for me. it's the first shutout win. comes a long time for me because my family is here tonight. >> it felt like when it was hit it's like one of those dreams where you just can't run fast enough. just a little too far. i gave it my best effort and just a little bit shy. >> so close. >> the a's beat the astros the first ten times they played this season. but now when they need to beat huston the most, every game is a struggle to the finish. a's started the night half a game out of first place. second inning. runners at the corners. chris young fools everybody. the bunt. perfectly placed and scoring cespedes. 1-0, a's. in the fourth, tied at three.
6:53 am
johnathan answers fire with fire. that's a bunt that brings in a run for huston. 4-3. seesaw game the says get control of in the sixth. donaldson, a two-run blast. a's win 7-5. texas lost to anaheim so the a's are in first play, up by half a game. u.s. open semifinals in new york. four time open champion serena williams. rolls through the first set like a machine. serve being the bagel. came back in the second set. won five of the last six games. match point there. sir reasonna one win away from her 17th major title. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> still ahead on abc7 news, aquarium attraction. the viral video of a young
6:54 am
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a bay area girl has an unusual new friend and a viral video. a horned puffin at the aquarium couldn't get enough of this nine-year-old. you see him swimming in the water, following dakota as she runs back and forth. the video was posted by her mom and has already racked up nearly 200,000 views in just a few days. cute. it might feel like the middle of
6:57 am
summer but many folks are beginning to kickoff the harvest season in the bay area. two different autumn moon festivals take place in weekend. the san francisco autumn moon festival between 22nd and 25th avenue on irving street and tomorrow the san mateo autumn moon festival take place in central park from 10:00 to 4:00. >> it will feel very hot out there. yes. 97 in morgan hill. 86 downtown. 90 oakland, 94 vallejo. the academy whenever seven-day forecast, sun sets at 7:49. it is a shorter day. that will help with the heat coming down in the overnight hours. but hot again monday and cooler by midweek. >> brace yourself and be safe out there. enjoy. thank you for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news.
6:58 am
abc7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. good morning america is next. have a great morning! shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter.
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good morning, america. new overnight. president obama arriving back home after difficult meetings with world leaders. and now, he's facing an uphill battle with congress, over his plans to bomb syria. what is his next move? security scare at the home of the queen. london's buckingham palace on alert this morning, after a man scales the fence to get inside. so, what were his intentions? arsenic alert. is this potentially dangerous poison in the food your family is eating for breakfast? how worried should you be about arsenic in rice? a major, new study this morning. and our dr. rich besser is here. and piano prodigy. these are the hands of a pint-sized musical master. he's here, live, to perform. and you won't believe how young


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