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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 8, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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you can see the breaking news. a wildfire burning near clayton in this view. the fire breck out -- broke out around 2:30 this afternoon. evacuations are in effect around curry creek road and oak hill road. at it burning along mortgage gab territory road. here's another look at the fire from the ground level. calfire reports the fire has doubled, from 170 to 350 acres. several fire departments are assisting calfire. some people have tweeted that ash is falling on clayton. we'll have a live report at 6:00. >> more breaking news out of sonoma county. look at that.
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firefighters have heir hands full with a huge fire at a pallet factory. firefighters are having to dodge exploding propane tanks that's battle flames. several trucks and camper shells have been destroyed. the fire is burning in sonoma county near the intersection of highways 12 and 121. >> ama: good evening. i'm ama daetz. we'll monitor both fires. >> first a check on the weather in those areas where the fires are burning, meteorologist leigh glaser is here. >> leigh: you probably noticed, special level the diablo fire, most of the smoke is going up in a column because there's not a lot of wind out there, live doppler 7hd showing you where the fog is, helped to cool many locations, but we'll show you that fog bank moving through the golden gate. up towards the schellville fire, current readings, 85 degrees.
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winds there out of the southwest at 10 miles-per-hour. but let's take a look at the conditions at the diablo fire. temperature on the ground near 98 degrees, relative humidity, dry. and winds at 10 miles-per-hour. fires general rat their -- generate their own wind so they could be even gustier where the firefighters are trying to put out those flames. >> ama: new details on a deadly overnight shooting in front of an antioch skating rink. the sheriff's department says a 31-year-old woman was killed at the paradise skate roller park. two men were also shot but will be company. the shooting happened just after 1:30 following a large argument. the gunmen have not been arrested. >> police in san jose identified the victim of the city's 36th 36th homicide of the year. 39-year-old was stabbed to death just before 11:00 last night.
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she died at the scene. investigators don't know why she was stabbed but she apparently knew her attacker, who has been arrested. president obama plans to take his sales pitch for attacking syria directly to the american people this week. he'll sit down four interviews and swill -- will speak to the nation on tuesday in a primetime address. the goal is to convince americans that assad crossed a red line by killing his own citizens with chemical weapons. some on capitol hill believe the u.s. needs to send message to the alliance between syria and iran. >> endangers jordan and israel and necessarily endangers our national security. i just wish the president had laid this out better and quit backing away from his red line and more of a commander-in-chief than a community organizer. >> some of president obama reside critics believe there isn't enough evidence of an day tack to justify force by the
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u.s. [horn blowing] >> activists played music outside the home of u.s. senator dianne feinstein. code pink and veterans for peace organization e organized the demonstration. protesters claim 80% of americans oppose u.s. involvement in syria. the group later, marched to the golden gate bridge. a man died during today's san francisco 49ers game at candlestick park after he fell over a railing near the stadium. a man in his 30's was walking with his brother when he fell. off-duty paramedics and police saw it happen and tried to help but the man died from his injuries. >> a group of community activists protested at candlestick park about what okay call unfair hiring practices at
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the team's new home, levi stadium. >> we discovered the go old boy's network that has resulted in 1.6% minority participation on a billion and a half dollar project that involves significant public funds. >> we have opened it up to scout reach to the community. some folks came away with contacts, some did not. but it was fair. >> this view shows the 49ers' new home in the making, levi stadium. the team will move there next season. it was a sentimental start for the 49ers faithful with that's game one of the last season at candlestick. the niners just beat the green bay packers, 34-28. we were there for all the action, and we're live at the 'stick. >> what a game it was, season opener, a very close game, but
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the niners pull out a win against green bay. fans are heading home right now, and it was sentimental day for them, knowing the days of the beloved 'stick are numbered. oh, yeah, they're back. niners fans who know how to party. for them tailgating isn't just an art form, it's a tradition. >> everytime. same spot, same tree, everything. same everything. same parking spot. >> they call this party sunday church, with a few rituals mixed in to help the team win. >> got to shake it. good luck. got to take it. >> cheers. >> but among the sea of red and gold, and some impressive niner tats, there's a little sadness, knowing this is the last season at the 'stick. a new stadium opens next year. >> it's going to be weird not playing at camestick.
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>> michelle says she will never forget the old place. >> my husband and i actually met at a giants game here so absolutely sentimental for us. >> but many packers fans really don't care about the 'stick. >> not quite lambeau field, but go pack. >> so much for being sentimental. publish -- sorry, packers ex-niners win. folks showing up got one of these, talking about new rules for bags inside of candlestick park and a lot of bags today did not make the cut. we'll talk more about that at 6:00. >> ama: good reminder. abc7 sports anchor colin rush is ahead with highlights. an update on the brush fire burning in contra costa county. and a new name for the old
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stand. the pivotal vote this week that could give the bay bridge a title. a comeback for team u.s.a. how team oracle pulled out in front during day
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>> ama: an update on the brush fire burning near mt. diablo in contra costa come. it's burning in an area long morgan territory road. you're looking live from sky 7hd. thick smoke there. it's hard to tell what you're looking at. the fire has cop -- consumed over 170 acres and is threatening some homes and
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evacuations are underway. residents along curry creek road and oak hill road are being asked to leave. we'll bring you an update as soon as we get them, here and through abc7 news bay area on twitter. now to the latest on the rimfire in the sierra. the blaze entered its fourth week and the cost to fight it has hit $89 million, burning more than 253,000 acres. 80% contained. fire crews are dealing with hot and extremely dry conditions, which is worrisome because the weather could cause additional spot fires. a plan to name the western span of the bay bridge after former san francisco mayor willie brown could get the greenlight tomorrow. the state senate could vote on the resolution renaming the span. the proposal has been contentious with opponents and proponents. it could be called the willie l.
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brown junior bridge. it's only applying to the suspension bridge, not the new eastern span. >> oracle picked up a win today, beating emirates by eight seconds. oracle still needs to ten more races before it can keep the 162-year-old trophy. team new zealand won race three today. its third win in a row. it needs to win six more races to claim the cup. oracle started with a disadvantage because of penalties imposed for cheating. racing resumes on tuesday. up next, the navy christens a new ride. the spiffy new sub that just launched and how long it can stay submerged. a live sunny lock ahead. how long will our high temperatures last? meteorologist leigh glaser has the forecast after the break. now here's david muir with a look at what is ahead at 5:30.
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>> great to see you. coming up, the president preparing the address to the nation and syria's president assad speaks. what he now says will happen if the u.s. makes a move. >> the prince forced to put his hands up in buckingham palace. what was that dazzling americans, until something went wrong, r
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>> ama: here is more on the breaking news we first showed you at the beginning of the newscast. look at this live look from sky 7hd. a wildfire has burned at least 350 acres near clayton on the slopes of mt. diablo along morgan territory road. evacuations are in effect for residents living near curry creek road and oak hill road.
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the calfire reports the fire is just 10% contained at this point. other agencies are assisting in the battle against the fire. we'll keep you updated on this. you're taking a live look at the fire near clayton, burning on the slopes of mt. diablo. at it just thick smoke from sky 7hd as you're looking there. you can see it just billowing high. you can see the huge plume of smoke, people tweeting from at&t park and it was sad to look up and see that. so we'll keep you updated on the latest. the u.s. navy commissioned a brand new attack submarine yesterday. the uss minnesota is the tenth virginia class. it can stay submerged for three
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months at a time. each sub of its class costs $2.6 billion apiece. meteorologist leigh glaser has a check on the weather, which is very hot, which is not helping the fires that are burning. >> leigh: you're right. inland, they're hovering near 100 degrees. live doppler 7hd picking up an eddie. right about here, and that just helped to increase the low clouds and fog near the coast and bay, reduced visibility as the golden gate bridge throughout the course of today, and mist and drizzle overnight. i want to show you the winds out towards livermore valley year, mt. die an -- mt. diablo. wind is really not a huge factor in those fires. also, the ones up in towards sonoma, schellville, but those onshore winds will pick upover in night.
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you notice blew skies. san francisco right now 64. we have 84 degrees in san jose, los gatos, 60 -- 86, and here's a shot from our mt. tamalpais camera. santa rosa, 90. livermore, 98. concord, 95 degrees. so, that marine influence did not go up and over the east bay hills. in fact the east bay today, the temperatures close to 100 degrees. here's the forecast highlights. fog at the coast and bay overnight. more heat inland. your last day for the cooling pattern sets in for the entire bay area on tuesday. you can definitely see the cloud pattern as all of that just pushed inland, even towards monterey bay. this high will stay put for a day, then shift a little bit, and that's where the hot trough will be. so we'll look for the hottest air mass tomorrow east of the -- towards livermore valley, and
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then the cooling influence near the coast. looks like most locations will cool down tuesday and wednesday. your highs tomorrow, 87, san jose, 85, cupertino. 82, palo alto, san francisco, 68. afternoon sunshine. still warm in the north bay. petaluma, 84. 100, clear lake. 87, napa. 78, oakland, 82, union city, and this is where it's going to heat up tomorrow. brentwood, 96. 98 for pittsburg, and 94 for concord. hears the seven-day forecast. one more day of excessive heat and then things trend down. more low clouds and fog on wednesday, and thursday, temperatures in inland in the 80s. >> ama: colin rush is in for shu because shu is at the game.
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>> it was nice weather. seeing the fire from candlestick. terrelle pryor making coach look good and no love lost between the niners and packers. the antagonist stick clay matthews at it
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>> oh, it's on this, week packers linebacker clay matthews says he planned on hitting colin kaepernick early and often, jim
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harbaugh called that targeting. pregame, harbaugh looking for verification on protecting his quarterback. no michael crabtree, more balls for davis. 7-0 lead. second quarter, almost decapitated by matthews. that would get everybody's blood boiling, joe staley would get in the mix, offsetting penal advertise should have given the niners fourth down. then it's 14-7. boldin a huge day. davis, six catches, 98 yards. 21-14. aaron rodgers doing what he does. 333 yards passing, jordy nelson, 130. 28-24 packers, niners answer. five plays, frank gore finding the end zone. after a three and out by green
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bay, niners driving again. fourth and two at the packers' 46. huge. boldin, 15 yards, led to a field goal. 34-28 the final. boldin, 208 yards on 13 receptions, kaepernick, 312-yard. here's coach. >> feels great to have -- we did give up a draft choice for him, and paid him a lot of money, but definitely think he is worth every penny. >> as is rumored, terrelle pryor getting a chance against andrew luck. luck, 12-yards there to recommendingie wayne. 7-0 colts. pryor's willingness to run kept the colts defense offbalance. second quarter, darren mcfarland. pryor goes for a chest bump on
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dennis allen. 11th play, five yards, to moore. raiders lead 17-14. colts rally from behind seven times last year, do it again. luck, going ahead right there. 31 seconds left. third and goal, pryor locked in, and antoine reads it like a book. the colts win it 21-17. let's not forget about oakland's other teams, the a's for the third straight win at home against the lowly astros, colon solid for a feeling, strike three. seven k's for colon. bottom half of the third. touchdown and a point after for the a's. seven runs. a's win 7-2. texas win as well so oakland stays one and a half up on the rangers in the west. star wars day at at&t park.
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madison bumgarner, gets the no decision. 2-2 in the 11th. that's pagan, the game-winning hit, giants win. >> serena williams is the u.s. open champion for the fifth time. highlights at 6:00. we'll hear from anquan bolden and the niners.
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an update on the breaking news we first showed you at the beginning of the newscast. a wildfire has now grown to 400 acres near clayton. it's burning on the slopes of mt. diablo along morgan territory road. this is a live look before the scene. there are evacuations in effect for residents living near curry creek road and oak hill road. cal fire reports the fire is just 10% contained. other agencies are assisting in the battle against the fire. no injuries have been reported no structures damaged at this point. we'll have a live update on this fire and another fire in sonoma county at 6:00. we'll see you at 6:00.
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this is "world news." tonight, making his case. the president and his team preparing that address to the nation. why get involved in syria and why now? amid new and disturbing images of that gas attack. as president assad speaks tonight. what he says will happen if the u.s. moves forward with a military strike. extreme weather. the rivers of mud, the sinkholes opening. the punishing rains. and tonight, the new concern, preparing for intense heat and nighttime frosts. the weather whiplash on the way. palace jitters, after an intruder makes his way parainto buckingham palace. security on high alert, forcing a prince in the garden to put his hands up. and moon shot. what was that dazzling, millions looking up this weekend, on a perfect track for the mo


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