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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 8, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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against the flam
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i thought about my family and my animals. >> flames forcing people out. homes, power lines and pets in the line of fire. why crews are hoping to make progress against the flames tonight. good evening. i'm ama dates. we start with developing news. two major fires burning in the bay area tonight. in sonoma county a brushfire ignited a pallet factory destroying several structures. and in contra costa county flames are forcing neighbors from their homes after a brushfire ignited in mount diablo state park. evacuations for everyone in the curry canyon area and an evacuation center set up at the clayton community center
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off clayton road. lilian has the latest. >> ama, it is a little tough to make out, but smoke is rising above the ridge line behind that ridge and the fire is very active. at last check 800 to a thousand acres have burned so far. the fire was unrelenting even as the sun went down. firefighters battled the flames all afternoon. crews were called about three miles south of clayton just after 1:00 p.m. gail schwartz was amoung the dozens of homeowners told to leave their homes. >> she made it out. she is doing good. she is just a little nervous. >> how are you doing? >> i am glad to be out. >> the red cross set up an evacuation center at the clayton community library. they ordered evacuations for curry canyon road and curry point. residents saw flames close to the backyard. >> i heard noise coming from below the house and so i walked out and looked down and you can see the flames coming up the hill.
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>> many residents have several animals on their property including horses. volunteers seem to help. they brought their horse trailers to bring stranded animals to safety. >> there is one horse that needs to be evacuated. they can't locate the owner so we will take the horseback to our ranch. >> power lines and cell towers and 75 structures are in the path of the fire. they hope to make progress overnight. >> temperatures go down and the humidity rises and it will give us a better chance to get in there and do some direct and indirect attack. >> residents are keeping their fingers crossed. nancy hayley has never been through anything like this. >> i realize how scary it is. i am so scared. >> the fire is only 10% contained. only one structure, a cell tower vault has been damaged so far. live in clay n to, lilian kim -- live in clay n to, lilian kim, abc news. >> thank you, lilen -- thank
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you, lilen why. fire officials are loading up on equipment and personnel. 250 firefighters are on the lines and being helped by 41 engines and five air tankers and four helicopters and two bulldozers. abc7 news viewers have been sending us peck tours of the fire. you can see the thick, white smoke in this shot from tina. we received this picture of the mount diablo smoke rising in the background. and a look at how far the smoke could be seen. is a shot of it rising from behind the mountain from a concert in concord. and shelby captured a smoke filled sky as the sunset. e-mail us your pictures and video to you report at in the north bay flames shot high into the air when a brushfire reached a pallet factory where firefighters will monitor the situation for days. abc7 news reporter sergio is live in shelby.
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sergio? >> and right now there are still quite a few firecrews from across the north bay here. that's because just beyond this fire continues to smolder and that means there will be crews here throughout the evening and a lot of the streets and roads through shellville will remain closed so the firecrews can respond if there is a flare up. >> intense flames had lots of fuel to burn. that's what crews had to battle when fires fires from a dry field reached a pallet factory reached lots of dry wood. he was cooking when he heard about the fire. >> i look out toward napa and the whole field was on fire. i have never seen it. 7500 foot flames. >> he owns the grill that is yards from the pallet factory. that hissing is the sound of propane tank valves being damaged by the fire. he says he grabbed his ipad to get pictures and got a series
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leading up to a massive explosion. >> here is another one exploding and then there is a grand finale. and that is 200 feet. >> no one was injured, but that is one part of a complicated firefight. >> we evacuated everybody out. every time a power line went down we had to pull people back. >> several power lines were damaged leaving hundreds of homes without electricity for hours. rv, pad at a nearby storage lot were burned and about 10 commercial buildings were damaged. the chp says one of their officers saw what started the fire when he spotted a tow truck with sparks from a tow dolly. >> pulled it over and by that time the sparks had gone into the dry brush and it took off from there. >> this was a disturbing fire to watch and neighbors are bracing for details about the damage. >> then you see the aftermath and you can look at the aftermath. >> crews will be on site for days to make sure the fire doesn't flare up again. in shellville, abc7 news.
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>> let's head to leigh glaser and live doppler 7hd for a first check on fire conditions and our forecast, leigh. >> definitely we had some cooler temperatures today thanks to the low clouds and fog. live doppler 7hd is picking up on that scenario. all of this will play a part on reducing the high temperatures for us for at least the next couple days. i want to take you over toward the fire area, the diablo range. the temperatures at the highest peaks were the midto upper 80s. humidity levels were at 20%. the wind was not too bad at 11 meals per hour. the -- 11 miles per hour. the temperatures were down to the 70s and the humidity levels have gone to 40% which is good news. the highs today you can see what they were dealing with. livermore 100 degrees. 93 in concord. san francisco cooled to 68 and we had numerous 90s, midand upper 90s such as napa 97 in
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the north bay. cooling trend in my accu-weather seven-day forecast, we will take a look at that coming up. >> thank you, leigh. stay with abc7 news. we will have updates on both of our fires on our website, and the abc morning news at 4:30 a.m. berkeley police remain on the scene near eighth and page streets where a man was shot and killed. just before 6:00 this evening gunshots were reported in the area. upon arrival officers found an adult male victim. he died at the hospital. no suspect information has been released. we are learning more about the victims of a fatal shooting in front of a skating rink at the contra costa county fairgrounds. a woman was killed following an argument between two groups of people at the paradise skate roller rink. an 18-year-old man and a man sheriffs believe to be in his 40s were wounded. but they will be okay. the fairgrounds was hosting an adult late night skate jam. no arrests have been made. president obama is pulling
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out all of the stalks to convince america about a military strike against syria. he will go on an unprecedented media blitz to make arguments to a skeptical public. larry jacobs has the story. >> reporter: this weekend the protesters shouted opposition to a military strike on syria. >> it will be no way to get out. >> reporter: syria's president al-assad again denied any responsibility for a chemical attack. in an interview with charlie rose airing monday night on pbs he is even quoted as saying there will be a retaliation if a strike is made. newly released videos showing dying or wounded syrian civilians after a nerve gas attack on august 21st and it bolsters owe bough ma ma's decision -- obama's decision to punish syrians. president obama says it will be limited. >> it is not boots on the ground. it is not an extended air campaign. it is not iraq, afghanistan or
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libya. 24 is a concerted, concentrated, limited effort. >> the president won't act without congressional approval and polls show a majority of americans against intervention. >> congress is going to vote. are they going to listen to the president or are they going to listen to the overwhelming majority of the american people? >> the pressure is on president obama to convince a skeptical public and congress that military action against syria is in the nation's best interest. mr. obama will deliver a personal pitch in six network interviews on monday followed by a prime time address to the nation on tuesday night. larry jay be coulds, abc news -- larry jay be coulds, abc news, new york. police in san jose identified the victim of the 36th homicide of the year. 39-year-old martha cassie yeahs was stabbed to death on dakota drive before 11:00 last night. investigators don't know why she was stabbed, but they say she apparently knew her attacker who has been arrested. san jose is closing in on last year's record number of
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homicides, 46. a man died after falling from an elevated walkway near candlestick park. it happened on this footbridge. people use it to cross over jamestown avenue at harney way. the victim died at the scene at approximately 1:30 this afternoon right around the same time the game kicked off. police officers and off duty paramedics saw what happened and they raced to his aid, but they couldn't revive him. witnesses say the man in his mid30s appeared to be drunk. 49ers fans did cheer their team to victory as the team's final season at candle steek -- candlestick park began today. spirited teal gate partiesen -- tailgate parties energized the crowd. the parties go back generations. >> my grandfather bought season tickets when they built it. it will be sad. >> my husband and i met at a giants game here, so absolutely sentimental for us.
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>> the 49ers kicked off their run at candlestick park in 1971 after the franchise got its star near golden gate park. this animation provided by the 49ers shows their new home, levi stadium in santa clara and it opens next year. still to come -- >> he is a great player. in my eyes he is one of the best players to ever play the game. >> mike shumann sits down with vernon davis as part of our weekly vernon's view. and a big day on the water in the quest for the america's cup. could the u.s. team pull out a win? and hanging in the balance in downtown san francisco. the threat that forced police to shutdown a street.
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it's halloween time and disneyland is ours! going down! boo! with haunted mansion holiday...
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space mountain ghost galaxy, and wicked fun in both parks, the disneyland resort just got spookier! visit trick or treat. connecticut tonight say it was a mechanical failure that caused a carnival ride to suddenly stop injuring 18 people. 12 of them were children. it happened at the oyster festival in norwalk. police say a swing ride apparently lost power causing
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the children in the ride to crash into each other. >> it was a very loud clunk. abruptly the center of the thing came to a complete halt. we looked at it and the chains and the swings were swinging around and crashing into each other. >> fortunately none of the riders went to the ground, but 13 were hospitalized and all released except one. new at 11:00, a dangling scaffold forced police to close a street near union square this evening. you can see the scaffold swaying in the wind several stories above may -- mader lane. firefighters stood by in case anybody fell. repair crews arrived to secure it back to the building. tomorrow marks three years since the san bruno pipeline explosion. a remembrance service is set to begin tomorrow night at 6:00 at the site in the crest more neighborhood. the pg&e gas line explosion killed 38 people and forever changing the community. 16 of the homes have been
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rebuilt remain vai can't. vacant. san bruno leaders are pushing for stricter regulations and reforms. the northbound lanes of 680 near concord will be closed in less than an hour for road construction. starting at midnight, 680 northbound at the highway 242 split in concord will be closed for a slab replacement job. the closure runs through 5:00 tomorrow morning. traffic will be detoured and forced to get off 680 at money money -- monument boulevard. a huge crowd showed up to watch the first race of the america's cup. the marina was jammed with people trying to get a glimpse of the catamaran. the kiwis won the first race and the american victory didn't bother one fan one bit. >> amazing. we are doing so well, but as we expected. we always knew we would do well. >> what do you see for the finale?
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>> of course we are going to win. there is no way. of course we will win. we will dominate the whole time. >> america's cup is the best of 17 races. the first to 9 points wins. new zealand needs six more victories to take on the cup. races five and six are scheduled for tuesday. for a look at what our weather will be like let's get to leigh glaser. leigh? >> you probably noticed as you were looking out over the bay, the america's cup today, the fog just moved right in. so we have a little visibility for some of the spectators. we are picking up on some of the low cloudiness and fog. definitely we will move into the bay and heading over toward the east bay. and we could cause some slow downs for that. monday morning commute with some arriving flights as well. keep that in mind. wind direction right now, i want to show this to you. not a lot of wind to talk about. we did have a pretty good westerly coming out through the bay bridge.
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sfo airport is reporting westerlies at 12 miles per hour. much of the rest of the bay area is reporting calm winds or winds less than 5 miles an hour. sutro camera with a beautiful shot. we have 68 in san jose and los gatos 63. half moon bay right now overcast at 55 degrees. this is what i'm talking about. the golden gate bridge, very low deck. very low ceiling. you are going to find some mist and drizzle there. the windshield wipers tonight as well as early tomorrow morning and of course this reduced visibility and it could slow your commute down. novato 55 and we still have 80s for antioch and concord 70 and livermore 76 degrees. here is a look at our forecast highlights. we will continue with fog at the coast and bay overnight. it looks like one more day of high heat inland and then you will get a little more in the way of relief. a cooler pattern will begin as we head into monday night,
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tuesday and wednesday. the wake up call, cloud pattern and you can see how we had a little eddie right here with a counter clockwise spin and much of the clouds are near the coast. at least for tomorrow, one more day of excessive heat inland and the high pressure will start to move a little more toward the east. as it does so it will shift the heat area more toward the central valley. we will look for the cool conditions near the coast and a hot one once again for interior east bay valley areas. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow and get ready for a low overcast and the patchy morning dense fog and possibly coastal drizzle and it burns off the coast and we will look for plenty of sunshine by late in the afternoon. 60s coast side and then bump it up to upper 90s to near 100 degrees inland. the warmest locations will be in the east bay with overnight temperatures in the 60s. 50s elsewhere. here are your highs for your monday. 87 for san jose and 86 santa clara. at the coast, 64 for half moon
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bay. mid to low 80s on the peninsula, 68 for san francisco. you will see afternoon sunshine in the north bay. 84 petaluma. 100 tomorrow for clear lake. oakland is enjoying 78 degrees for a monday afternoon. union city 82. i know, one more hot day for you. 96 for brentwood and concord, 94 degrees. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, cooling inland. it begins on tuesday. enjoy it. by wednesday, thursday and try day, inland temperatures in the 80s and 70s around the bay. we will even see 60s at the coast. go to live doppler 7hd. get video forecast and spare the air alerts and power outage info and weather tweets from your weather team. there you go. >> thank you, leigh. shu is back with us. >> not bad. 49ers hosting the packers in the home opener and it was like a playoff game.
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packers staged some of the best games in nfl history so what better way to kick off a farewell season at candlestick than a niners-packers rivalry renewed. coach harbaugh is chatting up the officials and probably protecting his quarterback. the first strike to vernon davis and a 7-049er lead.
11:24 pm
he was vocal about kiting him early and often. matthew goes airborne for the clothes line. staley will have none of that. he should have given them fourth down. the refs blow it. 14-7 san francisco. boldin with a huge day. six catches and 98 yards and two scores and 21-14 niners. aaron rogers 313 yards passing. the game tied at 21 and the fourth quarter and the pats take the lead. the first nfl touchdown and the packers are up four. 80-yard drive and the frank gore finds the end zone 31-28 and only 44 yards rushing. after a 3 and out by green bay the niners are driving again. to kaep and to boldin. 34-28 your final. a career high 412 yards passing. boldin is his favorite target
11:25 pm
and 13 receptions and a score. >> you never know when your number is going to get called and you will have the big day. you have to be prepared. i know not every game will be like this. you have to be prepared when your number is called. >> it feels great. we did give up a draft choice and paying him a lot of money. definitely think he is worth every penny. >> it is awesome having him here. that was probably the best thing we did this off season. he is a great leader and a great person and loved blocking for him and loved watching him play. >> terrell pryor at indj. indy. andrew luck is on fire. 12 yards to reggie wayne and it is a 7-0 lead. pryor was hesitant and he was running off balance all day. 29 of his team leading 112 yards on the ground. that set up a darrin mcfaden one-yard plunge.
11:26 pm
he almost takes the coach out. fourth quarter and 11th play and a 74-yard drive. the lone td pass to moore and raiders roup 3. the colts rally from seven times last year and they do it again. luck weaving his way and 19 yards for the go ahead score. 31 seconds left and third and goal to pryor. picked off by bough that -- bethea. the colts win it 21-17. we will take a brief timeout before we hit the diamond as the a's make their run to the post season. again great pitching and heavy lumber did the trick. we will look at the
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football teams playing today we can't forget baseball. the a's going for a third straight win at home against the lowly astros. colon was solid in the third inning. one of the seven strikeouts and colon improves to 15-6 on the year. they brought out the heavy lumber. seven runs. smith cap itself with a three-run homer. the a's win it 7-2 and texas
11:30 pm
also winner so they are hanging in there. oakland stays one and a half games up on the ranger in the american league west with about 17 games west. "star wars" day at at&t park. yoda is along for the ride. bumgarner and zeks score less -- six score less against arizona and gets a no decision. adrianza is pinch running for sanchez and beats the throw. the giants are still playing like they are going to the playoffs. they hold on to win it 3-2. u.s. open and top seed serena williams facing rival az sai rinka. her backhand will sail long and wind was a huge factor. serena handled it better and drops a set, but wins in three for her fifth u.s. open title. what a year she has had. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. we will take a tour of the
11:31 pm
rest of the nfl later in the newscast and i go one on one with vernon davis right after the break. stick around. i have to say at candlestick you could feel the nostalgia. it is the last year and everybody was coming up to me and telling me their stories. i remember when you played, which is not true because you have to be over 70, but it was a lot -- you could feel people are realizing that it is over for the stick and they are moving down to santa clara. a lot of those people didn't buy their ticket to move down so it was a lot of fun. >> thanks, shu. up next, a progress check as crews battle a brushfire in the east bay. and controversy over some citizens' rights to bear arms. the state where the blind can carry guns in public. and turning your smart phone into a personal protection device. the phone cover that is giving some people peace of mind. stay with us.
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thank you for being with us. i'm ama dates. mike shumann is back now with us. tonight you are introducing a new segment. >> that's right, ama. every night this season i will sit down one on one with tightened vernon davis for what we call vernon's view. we will talk football, his personal life, fashion and we will cover it all. the big win over the packers vernon and i agree was like a playoff game. >> i applaud them in their effort. i think they played a great game. me and my teammates were able to stay in it and keep our focus and continue to push and push and push. we didn't let our guard down. >> when you play a skilled position like yourself you want to get involved in your game early. you made the first catch of the game and the first of it down catch -- the first touchdown catch of the game. what does it mean to get involved like that especially
11:36 pm
at a skilled position? >> it is about getting in the zone. it makes the game a lot easier for you. you can relax and take it one play at a time. >> you probably don't realize this, but you have more touchdown catches as a tightened against the green bay packers than anybody in nfl history. you now have six with your two today. >> i didn't know that. >> jimmy giles had five and you were tied for second and you now have the most td catches. >> that's a pretty good accomplishment. that's pretty cool. >> colin kaepernick today, give us a review. >> colin is always focused, always in the zone. he is one of those guys that no matter what happens he will still give his all and will
11:37 pm
out perform. he will out perform everybody on the field. >> and the respect that you have for him when clay matthews gets him out of bound, no, you don't mess with our guy like that. >> you're right. one thing i like about this team is we love one another. >> we genuinely love each other. that's how you win games. when the man across from me, i can go to sleep and know that he got my back. >> boldin, the trade was made for boldin and 13 catches and 208 yards and you have to love the fact that this guy just stepped right in. >> he is a performer. you look at his track record and you definitely have to respect this guy boldin. he is a great player.
11:38 pm
he is probably in my eyes he is one of the best players to ever play the game. i am not joking. >> it is a strong compliment. i mean it from the bottom of my heart. as tough as your schedule is the first five games how key is it to get that victory? >> it is pretty key to get that victory. you don't want to fall behind. that's the hard -- the hardest thing to do is fall behind. you look up and you lost three and four games and it is so hard to get out of the hole. >> what does a guy like vernon davis do after a big win tonight? >> i go enjoy a nice dinner with my family. after that go home and get in my hyperbaric chamber for an hour and a half, two hours. probably have another snack and get into bed and relax and watch a movie and fall
11:39 pm
asleep. >> vernon, we appreciate it. i know you started off easy with the fashion and it will build. >> it will build. >> a hyper baric chamber. impressive. he is a rare athlete who thinks before he speaks. hope you enjoyed it and we have a tour around the nfl coming up. stick around. >> i like he had dinner with his family. >> that's right. >> thank you, shu ?ie. we have more on our developing news. a brushfire continues to burn in mount diablo state park near clayton. lilian kim has a live update. lilian? >> behind the ridge is where the fire is still active. so far 800 to a thousand acres have burned and it is only 10% contained. the crews hope to make progress when the humidity is higher and the temperatures are lower. sky 7hd captured images of the fire shortly after it broke out around 1:00 this
11:40 pm
afternoon. the fire started along morgan territory road on the eastside of mount diablo. evacuation orders were put in place for oak hill lane, curry point and curry canyon road. one resident saw firsthand how quickly the fire was moving. >> it was a small amount of smoke rete across the street from us -- right across the street from us. the fire trucks went up to that area and they were working on it. and then this whole other area broke out. >> starting at midnight there will be two major road closures. marsh creek road near camino de ab blow -- diablo. only the local residents will be able to get through. live in clayton, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilen why. and we have new video of the fire in sonoma county. firefighters battled not only flames, but exploding propane tanks.
11:41 pm
wow. that incredible ball of fire. this was a pallet factory in shellville. firefighters contained the blaze at 40 acres. several trucks were destroyed as were six structures. it caused several residences to lose power. crews will be on site for days to make sure that fire does not flare up again. ahead, a new smart phone accessory some find shocking. and a husband's devotion. how his determination may have saved his wife's life. >> and hi, everyone. i am meteorologist leigh glaser. if you are traveling back east or to southern california, we will look at travel destinations and anothe
11:42 pm
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for a man in south carolina after he went on a journey to help his ailing wife. she needs a new kidney and somebody has volunteered to donate one of their kidneys thanks to her husband's effort. david muir tells us more. >> it started with a devoted husband and his urgent message. need kidney for wife. the fear of losing her after 55 years drove him every step of the way. >> i just want her. >> he started his quest last year.
11:45 pm
his wife born with one kidney and that one was failing. larry traveled 250 miles on footwearing his sign. foot wearing his sign. >> i knew it was going to happen. i know him. he wouldn't stop until he got me one. >> he did. the donor ready and willing and the surgery could come this week and larry couldn't wait to tell everybody at work. >> i run through the shop and say i got a kidney. >> he got the kidney for his wife, but it doesn't stop there. all of the attention pads to his his -- of the attention paid to the sign and the walk leads to the hospital where she will have the operation. >> every person that has called, i appreciate it. more than i could ever tell them. >> amazing story. that was abc news anchor david muir. they will undergo one final set of tests this week to
11:46 pm
confirm the donated kidney will be a good match. tonight many people are saying diane nyad's swim from -- to florida are too good to be true. they want to know how she doubled her speed on the 53-hour swim suggesting she held on to the boat that was with her. they denied the claim saying the swimmer was helped on the 110-mile route by the fast moving gulf stream and they say she violated the traditions by wearing a special mask and wetsuit to protect against jellyfish. nyad's team says no swimming association has dictated rules for swimming from cuba to florida. blindness can't stop sitten sens in iowa to -- stop citizens in iowa from getting a permit to carry a gun. they have the right to carry a weapon despite their physical abilities. they say baring the blind from owning guns might violate the
11:47 pm
americans with disabilities act. some received permit even though their vision is so bad they are not allowed to drive in iowa. a new accessory is turning smart phones into personal devices. this is a stun gun. they say the yellow jacket is the world's first smart phone self-defense case that charges your phone's battery. the stun gun packs 650 volts, enough to drop a man. it sells on-line and yellow jacket will have versions for the iphone 5 and galaxy f4. just in time for christmas. now one last check on our weather with leigh glaser. >> it will be a foggy go tomorrow morning if you live near the peninsula and travel over the golden gate bridge or even along the coast. you can see on live doppler 7hd a wall of fog just moving inland . it will burn back off the
11:48 pm
coast. temperature wise across the rest of the state, hot in saint luis and 99 degrees and look for our afternoon thunderstorms from denver and salt lake city and phoenix 92 and new york and 74 with some sunshine there and if you are traveling along the state los angeles 82 and maybe an isolated thunderstorm and yosemite 96 and sacramento 10 sun. it is going to be hot inland. the inland temperatures near 100 degrees. 80s around the bay and 60s at the coast and we all cool down as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday and of course mike niko will be here on the abc7 morning news at 4:30. >> perfect. thank you so much, leigh. as shu told you, the 49ers beat the packers 34-28. but we knew who would win long before the game. we asked baby aubrey. >> are the green bay packers going to win aubrey? aubrey? are the packers gonna win
11:49 pm
today? no, they're not gonna win today. >> cute. aubrey is just six months old and she lives in reno. her mom and dad say she was excited to watch her first 49er game today, even though she already knew who would win. >> take her to vegas. >> bet on the baby. let's go over those highlights. the 49ers are the winners. first we take a tour around the nfl for the plays of the day. that's right, they are back. that's right, they are back. stick around insured with geico.lion de so get a free rate quote today. i love it! how much do you love it? animation is hot...and i think it makes geico's 20 million drivers message very compelling, very compelling. this is some really strong stuff!
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months, but worth the wait. it is time for our play of the day. the niners' for example opponent is seattle. russell wilson and 43-yard strike. wilson threw for 320 yards and the seahawks win it 12-7. former 49er quarterback impressive. the kansas city debut and 473 yards and the chiefs cruise 28-2. the vikings running back adrian peterson wants to break the single season record. 78 yards for a touchdown and finished with 93 yards as his team falls to the lions 34-24. cardinals and rams and the former raider carson palmer loves fitzgerald. the two connected twice, but
11:53 pm
the rams take the game 27-24. a wild finish in the jets game. smith running out of bounds and is shoved and a 15-yard roughing penalty. the jets kick the winning field goal and it is 18-17 the final. eli manning with four td passes along with three picks. the cowboys get the tip right into the hands and goes 49 yards for the score and the cowboys win 36-31. chicago bears beat the bengals 34-21. cutler with two td's. this one to marshall. 104 yards receiving on the afternoon. and we end with the saints holding off the falcons m. atlanta quarterback picked off in the end zone. shaw payton was on the sideline who was suspended all season. 49ers and packers, the greatest games in nfl history so what better way to kick off the farewell season at
11:54 pm
candlestick than a rivalry renewed. kaepernick, career day. 412 yards passing and 20 here to vernon davis for a 27-049er week. they talked about hitting kaepernick early and often. goes airborne are to the clothes line. he should have given them the fourth down. the refs blow it. they replay the third down. he had 13 receptions and 208 yards and the niners win it 34-28. >> it was definitely a playoff game. i think the guys realize that after half time. they are not laying down. we beat them two times so they are trying to win the third one. we made the adjustments and got the w. >> a goodwin to set the tone
11:55 pm
for the season. the raiders opening up their season in indianapolis with a little expectation nationally. dennis alan has these guys believing. he was a one-man wrecking crew and picking it up in the fourth and five yards to moore. raiders go up 3 and andrew luck though and a great first half and lack luster second. 19-yard touchdown run. colts on top and 31 seconds left and raiders driving and pryor and picked off by bethea. interception seals it. 329 total yards of offense. the colts go on to win it 21-17. for a second straight day cal players making key contributions this is the amateur version of the ryder cup. he won the ncaa championship and in his singles match 114-
11:56 pm
tee shot and par 3 sex. >> shot and a par 36. kim is a junior at cal. he went 3-0 in the singles matches. it was 17-9. chia pet night at the buck shaw stadium. the mascot looked better. shea salinas, great name, passing to himself. great goal by salinas. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. busy day. >> absolutely. >> long day for you. >> thank you so much, shu. and for all of us here, thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates and for leigh glaser and mike shumann, the news president coulds tomorrow morning at 4:30. have yourself a great week and remember we are always on we will leave you with a live look from our camera on the
11:57 pm
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