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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 10, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> reporting ten blocks from the u.k. campus. now the latest on the mt. diablo fire in contra costa county. this remain on, flames charred 3,700 acres. the fire now is only 20 percent contained. 100 homes near clayton are in danger. crews remain on the scene of morgan territory road overnight after flames threatened to jump that street and over to the houses. also road is the last fire break before the homes and stay -- there is concern that embers could spark spot fires. >> you can see evacuation areas here in red on this map.
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officials are discouraging anyone from staying in the fire area. talking about firefighting positions. mike nicco? >> live doppler 7 hd does not show the radar runs. smoke is becoming very light and that is why theory car is passing it by. eyewitness reports at 1:00 o'clock started with a plane and helicopter drop. as i watched them from my driveway, they knocked it down on the southern side quickly. i didn't see hardly any flames so it is pushed to the east and it will remain that way because of a wind moving at 29 and gusting to 42 miles per hour. the cooler air is there and the sea breeze is there and it helps but hinders because it could carry the embers and create new spot fires.
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leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone. i will get to those fire closures in my next report. we have construction going on in oakland if you are traveling on northbound or southbound 880 between embarcadero and high street you will find crews that will last until 5:00. it is causing a delay already headed northbound and southbound direction. the cones will be picked up at 5:00 and it should be open for the commute. look at the san mateo bridge you can see traffic is running smoothly in the westbound direction to the high-rise. from hayward to foster city only only take you 14 minutes but we have a fog advisory on the golden gate bridge. >> smoke and lighter but from the mt. diablo fire you know the smoke is impacting people outside the reaches of the flames. people in several east bay communities are being wanted to
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avoid the fumes. >> these are not optimal working conditions. >> livermore high school football team prepares for the game this friday the players on the field are fighting other opponents: rising temperatures and smoke from the mt. diablo fire. >> i understand the guys are struggle moran that usual so we adjusted our time between the springs. >> smoke problems for anyone engaging in outdoor activity so varsity is now practicing with pads and helmets and drinking plenty of water. for the manning -- marching band it meant keeping an eye on each other. >> it will be tougher to breathe. >> for one students it was tough when the conditions affected a student's breathing so much the teen was given oxygen by the
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paramedics and expected to be okay. the best way to avoid being a victim of the heat and smoke is to avoid being in it. >> i was at work with air conditioning and it was not hot when i got out. >> she waited not sun went down before doing anything outside like watering the garden and shared her trick to staying cool and keeping air in the home chone. >> turn on the air conditioning first thing in the morning. air conditioning can only bring it down 20 below ambien. keep the home closed off from the smoke to avoid the heat and dirty air. >> we will have continuing coverage of the mt. diablo fire and you can e-mail your photos and video to us with the latest on and breaking news updates by following us on twitter.
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>> san jose's alum rock park is closed because of extreme fire danger with no public access or activities inside the park because of the dry and hot conditions. temperatures reached 92 degrees yesterday with humidity at only 27 percent. the park was closed on sunday because of fire danger. >> today san francisco officials will provide an update on how the wildfire burning in and around yosemite national park is affecting the city's water and power system. damage to the rim fire to the san francisco water and power system could reach $30 million. repairs are under way to the roof and transmission lines at the hetch hetchy river very providing water service to 1.7 million customers. it was not affected. the rim fire has burned a quarter million acres and is 80 percent contained. the cost of the fire is expected to stop $100 million.
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>> firefighters stopped a grandson fire in livermore from being worse with flames reported after 5:00 yesterday near an apartment complex on spring valley common. a news crew was driving by and got there as the firefighters arrived. an acre and a half bound before the situation was undercontrol and no one was hurt. >> former stand for hospital technician faces sexual battery charges in a case involving a patient. the 35-year-old from fremont inappropriately touched a woman while she was sedated. it happened at least two times in february. police arrested the man on sunday on suspicion sexual battery. they do not know of other possible victims. >> the richmond city council meets tonight to discuss ending the plan to use imminent domain to buy underwater mortgages to refinance them. but supporters say they will gather at city hall before the meeting and call for council members to keep it alive. richmond officials and community
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leaders announced the plan in july to help homeowner whose owe more on their home than it is worth. federal housing finance officials indicated they would limit or cease business activities in any squad that uses eminent domain to seize mortgages. >> this is a big day for iphone fans. apple will unveil the iphone 5s in cupertino this morning. the "wall street journal" confirms it will feature a fingerprint scanner for greater security, and it is rumored to have a better camera and new champagne gold color options. some analysts believe apple will announce a deal with a chinese mobile carrier supporting 700 million new potential customers. >> meteorologist mike nicco is checking with the weather hoping for lighter winds today. mike? >> unfortunately it will be the opposite, the winds are faster which is the sea breeze bringing a cooling trend. our lowest visibility is 1.25
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mile at half moon bay so we have low cloud cover. but no fog hanging around the reporting stations. you may run into drizzle this morning. check out wind in fair, 24 miles per hour, blowing inland so we have a nice sea breeze going there. that is going to help us drop the temperatures headed into the afternoon. right now we are at 55 in san francisco and novato and santa rosa and napa at 57. 61 in concord. 54 in mountain view and 52 in san jose. the day planner today, our cool morning coming at us so far this week with 50's and low 60's and it will be mostly sunny by noon and clouds still hanging on the coast and a few clouds around san francisco and by 4:00 we are partly sunny and 64 and 70 around the bay and 88 at the coast. it will be a nice mild breeze in the evening and not so warm as last night. >> good morning, mike, i will
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tell you about the closures as a result of the morgan fire. we have all roads in the park that are going to be shut down until further notice and also that includes north gate, southgate, and summit. so, again, due to the morgan fire, mt. diablo park is closed and all roads in the park including north bay and southgate are shut down. be aware of that. we will go outside and look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have clear conditions and we are seeing a few cars making their way out of oakland and into the tolls toward treasure island and san francisco you can see a few cars piling in but other than that we are looking at top speeds with a fog advisory for the golden gate and slick roads. >> next, pulling back from the brink, a possible diplomatic way out that could avert a united states military strike against syria. >> what they did was wrong. >> the huge legal victory a bay area woman scored after she is
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fired by a clothing store on the peninsula. >> the threat washington, dc, is making over a proposed change to the way california
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new this morning, the crisis in syria: france plans to present a resolution to the security council to syria to place the chemical weapons under international control. the president told abc7 news that the threat of military action still needs to be on the table. russia is also working on plans to carry the proposal forward. this as support for a resolution authorizing force is in congress. for dozens of protesters we gathered in san francisco, one of 200 demonstrations nation-wide. >> we are barely out of iraq and
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afghanistan and now we planning to bomb yet another middle east country? that is wrong. the latest washington post/abc news poll shows two-thirds of americans open pest military actions. the president hopes to convince americans otherwise in his nationally televised address tonight. abc7 news will carry president obama's address to the nation that begins at 6:00 this evening. >> a bay area woman has won a local victory over clothing retailer abercrombie for violating her religious rights. the woman says she was fired from the store in san mateo in 2010 because she wore a muslim head scarf which was said to violate the head code. the judge says this violatesant discrimination laws. she hopes the clothing retailer will rethink policies. >> the judgment from the judge,
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i hope they look into that policy and their practices and they are able to enact changes. >> in response abercrombie says they do not discriminate based on religion and will grant religious accommodations when "reasonable." a trial will determine how much they have to pay. >> lawmakers could move ahead with revamping the california standardized testing systems and the education secretary said state funding could be pulled not lawmakers replace the test with computer tests that emphasize analytical skills over memorization. the "los angeles times" reports that the plan would result in the suspension of test scores for at least a year during a trial run as a new exam. >> the biggest fuel producers and users have team up to keep police helicopters flying over
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oakland. a u.p.s. executive give $10,000 to the police department on behalf of a coalition called fueling california. the donation boys 4,000 gallons of jet fuel enough for 67 hours of flying. police chief says that the helicopter is a critical crime-fighting tool. right now the department has only one full-time pilot for the two helicopters. the chief hopes to find enough money to pay for additional pilots. >> america's cup racing resumes with team usa hoping to build on the moment medium from the victory over the week sweeping head of team new zealand to win race four on sunday. oracle is the defending champion and trails new zealand in the best 17 series. the kiwis have three victories, two part of a penalty on oracle for having illegal weights in the boat. news necessary needs only six more winds to claim the cup and oracle needs ten. >> we told you of the syria story getting breaking news from the bbc that syria has accepted
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russia's proposal to turn over the chemical weapons to international control and avoid a possible united states military strike. we will follow that new development. >> we will see how it affects the president's speech. >> right now it is 4:46. we will see how the weather is affecting things. >> we have a fire danger and the winds are off and that will be issues for anything that develops. the humidity is up, also, and the temperatures are down. here is live doppler 7 hd you can see we have a lot of cloud cover this morning and a little bit of drizzle for the commute especially here in san francisco and along the coast and some of our higher elevations. as you look at our rooftop toward the ferry building you can see the bay bridge and the tops of the embarcadero center giving you an idea of how low the lows are so we will not be so hot today with more clouds and drizzle tonight.
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that leaves tomorrow as a cooler days and we will rebound with seasonal highs as we head into and through the weekend. now a look at the cloud cover is increasing, touching all of our neighborhoods in the north bay and most of the bay it will make a late arrival in the east bay valley and try to make it into the south bay by 8:00 but notice, quickly, those areas cheer and by noon most of us are clear but for around san pablo the lower elevations along the coast in san francisco still dealing with plenty of cloud cover the further west you are. as we head into the afternoon it will be mostly sunny but for the coast is partly sunny. we will hurricane at how it affects the temperatures, we are down to 84 in san jose and cupertino and low-to-mid 80's for the santa clara county and a run at 90 in los gatos and gilroy. the peninsula shows around 80 for redwood city and palo alto. 76 in san mateo. only 70 in millbrae. low-to-mid 60's along the coast. 68 in south san francisco. sausalito is 71.
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low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley with afternoon sunshine. low-to-mid 60's at the beaches. honk the east bay shore, we are at 75 in berkeley and 84 in castro valley so quite the microclimate and around 90 to 93 degrees with haze in the east bay valley but not so bad as it was yesterday. at&t park, 7:15 first pitch sunny and 66 and 62 by the end of the game and temperatures tomorrow a lot like this only, mid-to-upper 50's and a few 60's hanging around mostly in the south bay and the east bay valley. the seven-day forecast: tomorrow is the coolest day, and we will rebound slightly on thursday, friday, a little bit warmer but temperatures pull back on saturday, sunday, and monday. quiet forecast. enjoy it. >> we have a quiet drive this morning toward work, you can see lots of green on the map and a closure in mountain view and it will be the connection between eastbound 237 to northbound 85 and all lanes are going to be
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blocked off and that is going to last until 6:00 and we will have detours in place to help you out. as we look at our drive time traffic 580 is moving along pretty well and headed westbound from tracy to dublin you are under 30 mits long highway 4 from antioch to concord it is 16 minutes. 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 15 minutes. creek southbound 680 to the 24 junction and everything is moving find out there. speaking of moving fine in san francisco today, a plan to create two dedicated lanes for fast-moving buses down the middle of van ness avenue is up for a vote today. the examiner reports that the san francisco county transportation authority will decide on the final environmental impact report and the northbound corridor gets bus lanes separated by a median or
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some other barrier with traffic lights timed to speed service in both directions. $126 million project will be completed in four years with service going in 2018. >> safety hardware is installed on the new eastern span of the bay bridge and the metropolitan transportation commission says that a new statue of a bearded troll is in place that was onlied by a local smelter, a good luck charm molds after a similar statue placed by an ironworker after the loma prieta earthquake that will be housed in a museum and park. >> the latest rankings on top colleges. big smile, two bay area schools are coming up big. that is next. >> big surprise, right? new trouble for george zimmerman, a threat that his wife claims he made that had her
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fearing for her life. >> new rules puppy breeders are forced to
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>> nearly 600 jobs will be available at a job fair hosted by the job journal and abc7 news being held at the hotel on market street in san francisco from noon to 4:00 p.m. available positions include financial advisors, librarians and software engineers. a list jobs can be found at the bay area is feeling smart with two colleges ranked among the best in the country, u.s. british columbia has been named the top public school in the country ranking number 20 overall among public and private. stanford is ranked number five overall, tying with the university of chicago. princeton university takes top honors over all, with harvard
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and yale rounding out the top these. all the schools are back from number one and number two positions so be proud. >> now a check on the weather forecast. go, kansas. >> i didn't see either of our alma maters there, eric. >> we knew that someone else's school was there. >> we have a lot cloud cover out there and it is moist. so, watch out for spotty drizzle as you travel around. today, big story, san francisco is two degrees cooler and concord is nine degrees cooler and santa rosa 12 degrees cooler setting recording yesterday 98 and 95, so the record highs are over. 93 in sacramento and 81 in tahoe and a few scattered storms around yosemite national park and only 77 in los angeles. >> back to the fires for a moment i want to let you know we
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have additional road closings so the first of which are all the roads in mt. diablo park, which will be shut down. also, that includes northeast, summit and south gate. we have other streets that are caseyed, marsh creek road to regency road, and morgan territory roads, marsh creek road and deer valley, those are all shut down until further notice. take note of that and try to avoid the area. now, at look at what is happening at the oakland maze driving to 580, i-80 in the westbound direction, traffic is moving slightly. >> another run in with the law for george zimmerman acquitted of killing florida teen trayvon martin. the volunteer watchman was detained by police in florida after his wife called 9-1-1 during a fight yesterday. she says he threatened her and her father with a gun during an argument and cut an eye patch she was holding with a pocket
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knife. police questions george zimmerman but did not arrest him. his wife said that she will not press charges and that maybe george zimmerman didn't even have a gun. she filed for divorce last week. the couple separated after he was acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> the agriculture department is cracking down on the selling of dozen over the internet. owner whose breed more than four females and sell the puppies online must now apply for licenses. this way they face the same oversight as wholesale animal breeders. the idea is to ensure that inspectors or buyers see the animals first. >> two scientists have been aare whatted the american version of the nobel prize. the executive superintendent for research and early development a local company and dr. tom sudoff is a molecule biologist winning a prize for bake medical research showing how nerve cells communicate with each other they
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worked independently of each other but ended up with similar discoveries. thai work sheds light on learning, memory, and mental illnesses such as schizophrenic yam. >> yahoo is out with the first mobile app for watching video on a touch screen which is designed to making searching for video on-line more like channel surf on a tv. so far, it is only available for apple devices. >> we are following breaking news in the east bay where one person is dead in a fire. we are on the scene with what people living there saw as they fled to safety. >> also, the new developments in the mt. diablo fire and how it came dangerously close to getting out-of-control. >> the crisis in syria is already hitting home. how much it is driving up
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>> abc7 news starts now with breaking news. >> good morning at 5:00 a.m. the breaking news is from berkeley where authorities say one person has been killed in an apartment fire not too far away from the cal campus. abc7 news reporter is near the scene at oregon street at telegraph avenue. amy? >> the fire was coming from the top of the building and you can see it has destroyed the building where the firefighters saw flames shooting from the windows. they forced entry to try to get to the man on the top floor but we are told he didn't make it and he passed away. residents say they


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