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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 10, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> abc7 news starts now with breaking news. >> good morning at 5:00 a.m. the breaking news is from berkeley where authorities say one person has been killed in an apartment fire not too far away from the cal campus. abc7 news reporter is near the scene at oregon street at telegraph avenue. amy? >> the fire was coming from the top of the building and you can see it has destroyed the building where the firefighters saw flames shooting from the windows. they forced entry to try to get to the man on the top floor but we are told he didn't make it and he passed away. residents say they got out okay.
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eight or nine people live in the building and there are few units inside the building. a woman woke up to screaming. she did not realize her building was on fire. there were police officers and residents running around trying to make sure everyones with awake and able to escape. our neighborhoods were awake with their dog trying to get us to get out and i ran downstairs and banged on everyone's door to make sure the people downstairs knew it was happening and to get out. >> this happened at 1:30 this morning, residents say the man who lived on the top floor has lived here for 20 years and not a berkeley student. he is elderly, older. other residents are not students so no students in the building. look at this picture, you can see an investigator is on the scene right now, talking to residents, trying to put together what happened here, trying to figure out how the
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fire starts and some residents say the man was a smoker and he liked to light the candles and they speculate that could be to blame and maybe he fell asleep after leaving a candle or cigarette left. the investigators on the scene are trying to figure that out for an official cause. the fire is out, firefighters are all right and no one was hurt and the other residents made it out. from san francisco, a small section of bleachers at the america's cup pavilion is damaged by a shawl fire near the broadcast boston at 3:00, crews arrived quickly and knocked it down in ten minutes with talk that it could have been an electrical fire but an arson team is investigating. >> continuing now with our developing news from the east bay where 100 homes near clayton are still under threat from the
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fire burning on mt. diablo and the fire has scorched more than 3,700 acres and 20 percent contained. the fire is burning at marsh creek road on the east side of mt. diablo state park and abc7 news reporter is in dublin with the latest on the evacuations. >> we are at base camp and how firefighters are battling the morgan fire. i'm joined by the can't public information officer. can you give us the latest on the fire numbers? the ache car is 3,70018 and 20 percent containment. >> as far as the firefight yesterday, how was the spread of the fire? the acreage was the same? >> early in the afternoon the fire made a couple of runs and
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we had more air tankers and the 700 firefighters with boots on the backgrounds and they were able to make a good stop on the forward movement of the fire so we tied in the 20 percent containment and the weather is in our favor so they are trying to take advantage of, that the cooler weather, to tie in that 20 percent and build more containment lines. >> there was concern, as well, yesterday evening, morgan territory road, a concern that the fire could jump that road and to nearby homes and animals, horses, that were there. how was that firefight going? >> i don't have a lot of information on that firefight. i heard a little bit of information on the radio had was a flareup in that area. i know our firefighters on the ground immediately jumped on it and after that initial radio traffic i didn't hear anything more. it sounds like they got a quick handle on the issue. >> the structure is threatened.
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is that still the same number? do you expect people to be allowed back in their homes any time soon? >> i know there is talk about a repopulation plan but we are not going to repopulate the citizens until we feel comfortable they will be safe if their area. >> thank you for joining us. we will get an update in an hour with another interesting note in dublin, yesterday, meteorologist mike nicco reports a high of 96 degrees and today he is forecasting 89 degrees obviously a relief. >> thank you, there could be other factors involved. >> like the wind. we will check with mike and the forecast the. >> the wind picked up yesterday and in the evening with gusts up to 45 miles per hour during the overnight hours. on live doppler 7 hd we saw the radar return from the heavy
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smoke but today, not suspect, humidity is 20 percent and winds are down, still blowing from the northwest at 22 miles per hour and gusts up to 32 miles per hour, and push smoke from the storm into the central valley. here is what to expect gusts around 25 miles per hour but smoke advisory for contra costa county and santa clara counties an open-ended smoke advisory from the air quality management district. leyla gulen? >> we have open-ended closures because the fire. all the roads in mt. diablo park are shut down until further notice and there are additional road closings to regency road and from marsh creek road to high land land and deer valley closed until further notice. if san jose, the drive is clear
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away from 17 northbound with the headlight and a quick drive making the commute into cupertino. flights over mt. diablo dropping a fuel to fight the fire. 11 helicopters and four air tankers were brought in to help the crews. >> this is support for firefighters balancing the fire with these pictures showing people dropping off food and water and asking community remembers not to donate anymore supplies because firefighters have plenty of food and water. here is the you report pictures from our viewers shot from clayton and the color of the flames again the smoky fly and
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another picture showing mt. diablo almost making it looking like a volcano. you can send the pictures to . we have the latest on with breaking news updates by following us on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. . >> evacuation orders remain in place this morning in shasta county where a wildfire is burning south of redding with 6,700 acres blackened. officials say at least 200 homes are in the path of the flames and the fire is only 5 percent contained and residents are asked to limit their water use because firefighters need all the water they can get. san jose police are investigating the death of a baby boy found dead at a daycare center. the san jose mercury news reports that the three-month-old child was found unresponsive at
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the daycare center on piedmont road shortly before 2:00. the baby boy died at the scene. the coroner says that there are no obvious signs the boy's death was suspicious. in oakland former high school track star is under arrest in connection with a string of bank robberies. our media partner reports that the 21-year-old is held in jail on $350,000 bail. he was charged with robbing a bank three times and another bank in july and august. he graduated in 2010 from skyline high school where he was a champion the track team. mike, what do the firefighters face in the east bay? >> a lot of wind. we have the marine layer producing the wind and, also,
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1.5 mile visibility at half moon bay and the other reporting stations are clear. this moisture is creating drizzle here and there but the marine layer is in effect at 23-mile-per-hour wind in fairfield and ten in oakland of the everyone else is slower than that. san francisco is up to 64 in livermore and 68 in antioch and san jose and concord at 61. as far as what will happen today, the day planner is fighting drizzle through condition, with clouds lingering an the bay and cloudy at the coast and all of us should have sunshine but the coast at 4:00, 7:00, temperatures are back in the 60's and 70's and a mild evening. enjoy. >> if you traveling along westbound 380, westbound south
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airport, the connection takes you from the airport to westbound 380 is going to be shut down and that will last until 6:00 this morning and drive time traffic tracy to dublin/pleasanton is 50 minutes from dublin to mission boulevard south to fremont or milpitas at 15 minutes, and 85 northbound from 101 to cupertino is five minute commute and outside, this is the drive across the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is moving smoothly and not much traffic in the westbound direction. >> thank you. a major toy retailer is adding tablets to the lineup. >> breaking developments in the crisis in syria as the country decides what it will do about a plan to turn over their chemical weapons. >> the through smartphone yap that san francisco police say will make the city
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 5:14. breaking news in the crisis in syria, we have just learned syria says they have accepted russia's proposal to place the chemical weapons under international control for subsequent dismantleing. we are in washington, dc, and
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are joined by our reporter. >> good morning, president obama works to rally support for a military strike against syria the dramatic turn events the assad regime is backing down as the president opens the door to a diplomatic solution. >> tonight, syria takes center stage and president obama addresses the nation calling for action against bashar al-assad's regime but as obama gears up for the big speech, a possible diplomatic breakthrough telling use that the assad regime can avoid a military strike if it turns over the chemical weapons. >> i want to make sure that norm against the use of chemical weapons is maintained. if we can do that without a military strike that is overwhelmingly my preference. >> the syrian government embraced the suggestions made by secretary of state john kerry that it could avert a united states attack by handing over the weapons. president obama calls it a potential breakthrough but added he still wants congress to authorize military action. >> if, in fact, the choice is
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between a word in which dictator s and other countries staff believing it is acceptable to use chemical weapons on civilians and children, that will make it more addition for us. >> the possible diplomatic "out" could not come at a better time. on capitol hill opposition is hardening. >> too much risk that a military strike could do more harm than good. >> polls show a majority of americans agree. president bash behalf in an interview with pbs issued a new warning. >> if you strike somewhere you have to expect something in a different form. >> this morning, word that syria has accepted russia's plan to transfer the chemical weapons to international control and the plan is short on specifics.
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>> thank you. abc7 news will be carrying president obama's address to the nation on syria, set to begin at 6:00 this evening. >> gas prices have jumped as much as 20 cents a gallon at some bay area stations since late august. tensions over soia and -- over syria are not the only reason. >> the san jose mercury news reports that three california refineries suffered problems with prices going from $3.630 to $3.83 a gallon at local gas stations. >> mcdonald's is beefing up the breakfast menu. >> here is the bloomberg business report with jane king. >> mcdonald's is adding a new steak to the menu and will senator it at half of the united states locations. customers can get steak on any breakfast sandwich. mcdonald's calls it a premium product and says that adding steak is part of a plan to offer high price items.
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>> airlines slotting more than $27 billion in extra fees last year according to a new report in the "los angeles times" and it says united collected the most at $5.5 million and spirit airlines generated 40 percent of sales from extra fees the most of any. >> toys 'r us have a new device after a kids' tablet was a sellout coming out next month in time for the holidays as families buy a second tablet. >> that is the news from the new york stock exchange and the bloomberg business report. >> how about a check on the weather forecast. >> cooler, mike? >> absolutely. a a lot cooler. you may need to run the air conditioning just to keep the air clean. here is how it looks from mount tamalpais with the clouds creeping across the bay area and drizzle for the morning commute
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with less sunshine or even slower sunshine and that is on reason why it will not be so hot with a sea breeze more dominant this afternoon. more clouds and drizzle tonight. and the seasonal highs, if you like them, we have them for the week. today we are getting closer and back to 84 in san jose and cupertino and 90 in los gatos for the warm spot and 72 in santa cruz. as far as temperature on the pent that, staying in the 70's and jump to near 80 from redwood city to los altos. at the coast we have low-to-mid 60's and that will spill interest downtown san francisco where you will see more sunshine than at the coast, 68 in south san francisco. across the golden gate bridge, 71 in sausalito and inland, sunny by noon and temperatures in the low-to-mid 80's. along the east bay shore, we have 80's, hurricane cheese and castro valley and union city and fremont and newark low-to-mid 80's but mid-to-upper 70's for richmond and berkeley and oakland at 76 degrees.
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in record highs in the east bay valley but, still, warm at 89 in concord to 93 in antioch and if you are south and east of mt. diablo that is where the smoke will head. 66 tonight at 7:15, rockies in town taking on the giants and increasing clouds and a breeze by the end of the game of the tonight the temperatures are comfortable again, and most of us are cloudy but maybe the east bay and south bay valley. now at look at the seven-day forecast, we drop two to four degrees tomorrow, and coolest day in the forecast with a warming trend thursday and friday and temperatures settle interest seasonal levels for saturday, sunday, and monday. >> we do have a report of a stalled tour bus in fairfield long westbound 80 at the scale and they trying to bring another bus out there to load the passengers and get them on their way but it sounds like 20 minutes until a tow truck gets it out of the lane so we have
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one lane blocked and no delays if you are headed in the east direction. at fairfield, toward vacaville you are in good shape. eastbound 237 to northbound 85 connection that will be closed until 6:00 a.m. and all lanes are shut down this. we will have detours if place and all is not lost. we are starting to see a buildup of traffic at 680 southbound from walnut creek to dublin is thin minutes and 101 from santa rosa to san francisco is under 15 minutes and highway 17 through santa cruz mountains from highway one to los gatos is 23 minutes. >> ahead, batman and captain america to the rescue. for real. two masked men are called "heroes." >> this afternoon on "katie," she talks with john walsh america's most wanted about human trafficking in america. meet a woman who survived being a captive teen
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, breaking news in berkeley, one person has died after a fire this morning at an apartment building that broke out at 1:30 on the top floor of the house on oregon street near telegraph avenue a few blocks from u.k. campus. fund of the eight or nine people would live in the building are students. >> fire crews are keeping a close eye on the fire burning in mt. diablo to make sure it doesn't jump a key road near clayton and threat houses.
5:25 am
the winds pushed to morgan territory and embers could spark the spot fires. >>the syrian government says this they have accepted a russian proposal to surrender control over the chemical weapons. the move is aimed at avoiding a possible military strike. the richmond city council meets to discuss ending the plan to use imminent domain to buy underwater mortgages in order to refinance them. but supporters of the plan say they will gather at city hall before the meeting and call for council members to keep it alive. >> five, apple is remaining tightlipped about what is on the agenda for the big reveal at the cupertino headquarters. there are rumors there could be a cheaper version of the iphone including a fingerprint sensor. >> we are looking at more cloud cough around the bay and the coast and drizzle for the commute. this is going to be jump start a
5:26 am
cooling trend in the seven-day forecast. >> seven, we have passengers aboard a tour bus that are stranded on i-80 in fairfield. also, closures due to the morgan fire are coming up. >> it is 5:26 and san francisco is rolling out a new smartphone app that will make the city safer. the app is called justice mobile and will bed it issue for all officers along with a police department smartphone. it will give officers instant access to databases so officers can do background checks developed for san francisco police biological tech companies. officers need a special code that changes constantly to access information which cannot be downloaded or copied. >> forget batman and robin there is a new duo keeping the streets safe. bat plan and captain america, or people dressed as the super heroes living up to the name
5:27 am
when they rushed to a fire in west virginia entertaining kids and they saw the flames. they pulled out a cat and resuscitated it. one of the pair is a firm firefighters what was in iraq. they said they did what anyone will do. >> they work for different comic book companies. >> hope they got tipped. >> that would be nice. the abc7 morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories including more on the mt. diablo wildfire and how the flames are backing people who are not even close to the fire lines. >> san francisco woman is killed after a hit-and-run crash in the city park and what is next for the employee arrested
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>> abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. >> the breaking news comb -- comes from berkeley where a person has been killed in an apartment fire. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on the scene on oregon street and has been there all morning with the latest. >> investigators are here right now trying to figure out why this fire started. it is clear where it started, up there on the top floor of the apartment building. that is where they found the man who died. residents inside the apartment building say that man lived here for about 20 years and is older not a berkeley student and was a very nice man. the apartment building has seven units and the other residents describe a few moments of panic as they tried to escape. >> i woke up and thought, holy crap and two firefighters came
5:31 am
to my apartment and they opened the door and they were like, yell, be grab your stuff. quick. quick. quick. i grabbed my laptop. that is it. >> firefighters say everyone else made it out okay. the call came in at 1:30 this morning to come to the home on oregon street. firefighters had to force their way into the top floor unit and had to pry on the door and bet it down to try to get inside to get to the man. they say they could not save him. now they are looking for the cause. residents say the man was a smoker and he liked to light candles and they wonder if that can have played a role the right now it is too early to tell. thank you, we know there has been a fear fight on mt. diablo and how will this affect
5:32 am
-- how will it be affected by the weather? >> i heard that the radio reporters get doused from the fire retardant, and maybe we will see the pictures on-line. live doppler 7 hd shows no radar returns. the smoke is considerably less than this time year. 76 is the temperature. humidity is 20 percent on mt. diablo. the wins are up at 22 gusting to 32 and they will gust all afternoon and up around 25 miles per hour but the heat breaks and this is still a smoke advisory from contra costa county and alameda and santa clara county. as far as the forecast we have temperatures that will be cooler than yesterday and, in fact, the heat is broken for a couple days. >> we do have a stalled tour bus on i-80 in the westbound direction in fairfield so if you are traveling along the westbound portion you will notice this: we are look at eastbound traffic and westbound it is a tour bus full passengers
5:33 am
and they will taken off and a tour bus is en route. 101 away sfo, into san francisco, beyond the 280 extension everything is moving at top speed and over to the bay bridge you are in very good shape. here is a picture of san jose trafficking along 101 and -- no, no, no, that is the ferry building all lit up. away from 880, traveling smoothly. >> eric and kristen? >> now the latest on the mt. diablo fire burning in contra costa county. flames have charred more than 3,700 acres. the fire thousand is only 20 percent contained. 100 homes near clayton are still in danger. the fire is burning in the area of morgan territory and marsh creek road on the east side of mt. diablo state park. abc7 news reporter matt keller
5:34 am
got an update and has more a spokesman expects the containment numbers to go up in the new report in what an hour the fire now is 20 percent contained. 700 firefighters are fighting the fire that burned 3,700 acres. a trouble spot was near morgan territory road with winds picking up and flames racing to several hours stables. cal fire says it appears everything has calmed down and now no homes are damned. firefighters are staying some residents are staying behind despite the the evacuation orde. the time to evacuation is not when we are trying to get in. it is a hazard.
5:35 am
we encourage you, whether it is voluntary or mandatory, to heed the evacuation notice. >> it is not just homes threated but pg&e communication lines and historical buildings are in the line of fire. those evacuating large animals take them to the center in walnut creek and the red cross center is on the at clayton library on clayton road and they expect to keep that open at least for another two days. >> fire officials are wanting the public about the smoke from the fire. a smoke advisory is in effect in contra costa, alameda, and santa clara county. health formers are telling people to take it easy if they have to do anything outside. that is hard for students in extracurricular activities at livermore high school. >> these are not exactly optimal working conditions for ran advertise. i understand guys are struggle more than usual so we had to
5:36 am
adjust our times as far as recovery. >> officials say the best way to avoid the dirty air is common sense, stay indoor and keeps windows and doors closed. >> stay with abc7 news if continuing coverage of the mt. diablo fire and you can e-mail the photos and video. we will have the latest on with breaking news updates by following us on twit ter. san jose's alum rock park is closed because of extreme fire danger with in public access or activities inside the park because of dry, hot conditions, and city officials say the temperatures reached 92 degrees yesterday with humidity only reaching 27 percent. the park was also closed on sunday because of fire danger. >> today san francisco officials will provide an update on how the wildfire burning in and around yosemite national park is affecting the city's water and power system. damage from the rim fire to the
5:37 am
san francisco water and power system could reach $30 million. repairs are underway to the roof and transmission lines at the hetch hetchy reservoir and powerhouse. the reservoir provides water service to 1.7 million customers in the bay area. it was not affected. the rim fire has burned more than quarter million acres and is 80 percent contained. the cost the fire is expected to top $100 million. >> a quick responsibility firefighters stopped the grass tire in livermore from being worse with flames reported at 5:00 yesterday near an apartment complex on spring valley common and abc7 news crew was driving by and arrived just as firefighters got there. an acre and a half burned before the firefighters got the situation under control and no one was hurt. >> former stanford hospital technician faces sexual battery champions in a case involving a patient. the 3 35-year-old inappropriately touch add woman
5:38 am
while she was semi sedated happening two times in february. police arrested him on sunday on suspicion of sexual battery. they do not know of other possible victims. >> the prosecution is waiting for more information before deciding whether to charge a city worker with running over a woman in a san francisco park. the 57-year-old map is out on bail. police arrested him on friday on a vehicular manslaughter and felony hit-and-run charge. he ran over the 35-year-old mother in a city truck at holly pack on thursday and drove off. stores found him in his vehicle a few blocks away. police say that she was sunbathing with her 11 in old baby and her dog. the baby and the dog were not hurt. apple is expected to unveil the iphone 5s at a special event in cupertino this morning. the "wall street journal" confirms that it will feature a fingerprint scanner for greater security and it is rumored to
5:39 am
have a better camera and new champagne gold options. some analysts believe apple will announce a deal with the chinese mobile carrier that supports 700 million potential new customers. >> now the weather forecast. mike? >> well start with temperatures on the peninsula: fairly uniform. 58 in san bruno and belmont. palo alto is 63. what a day in oakland this morning: 59 degrees there and in san jose. next 12 hours we will have spotty drizzle through the commute and mostly sunny by noon. most of the cloud cover is back to the coast. at 4:00 and 7:00, total sunshine and temperatures running from 88 to 76 inland and 78 down to 68 and 64 to 62. these is the three day forecast: temperatures today will be
5:40 am
tapering today and tomorrow. they will warm up as we head toward thursday into friday. leyla gulen, how is the traffic? >> we have quite a bit of slowing along highway 4 and language 580 but, first, at fairfield we have a stalled tour bus at scales and it will be 35 minutes before the tow will be this and they trying to get there on highway 12 but that is blocked because of construction. eastbound side has traffic out this. along highway 4, westbound, from antioch to pittsburg, bumper-to-bumper traffic and 28 miles per hour is the top speed. as we inch your way to pittsburg it will ease up from there and we are looking at 45 minute drive to head from tracy into dublin over the altamont pass and 30 miles per hour and lots of tail lights headed to vasco
5:41 am
road and loosening unto the west. here is going to be a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza with catch paying lanes loading up and the early riser from the east bay to san francisco. >> thank you, 5:41. head the threat that washington, dc; making over a proposed change in the way california tests what students are learning in school. >> what they did was wrong. >> the huge legal victory a bay area woman has scored after she was fired by a clothing store on
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>> coughing novato, owe, sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. a bay area woman has won a legal victory over abercrombie & fitch for violating herry lidgous rights. the woman said she was fired from the store in san mateo in 2010 because she wore a head scarf that the company said violated the employee dress code. the policy violates an antidiscrimination law according to a judge. the woman hopes they will
5:45 am
retinge their policy. >> what the judgment was from the judge i hope they look into their policy and practices and they are able to reflect changes. >> this response, abercrombie & fitch says the company does not discriminate based on religion and will grant religious accommodations when "reasonable." a trial will democrat how much the company has to pay her. >> american's top educator is threatening to withhold federal funds to california if state lawmakers move ahead with revamping the standardized testing systems. the education secretary says funding could be pulled if lawmakers decide to replace the paper tests with computerized tests that emphasize analytical skills over memorization. the tests is been in use since 1999 and the "los angeles times" reports that the plan would also result in the suspension of test scores for at least a year during a trial run of the new exams. >> some of the biggest fuel producers and consumers are teaming up to keep police
5:46 am
helicopters flying over oakland. a u.p.s. executive gave $10,000 to oakland police on of behalf of a coalition called fueling california and the donation will buy 4,000 gallons of fuel justify for 70 hours of flying. the police chief says the helicopter is a critical crime-fighting tool. right now the department has only one full time pilot for oakland's two helicopters. he hope to be able to hire additional pilots. the team usa hopes to build on the momentum over the new the kiwis have three victories and two of the victories are part of a penalty on the oracle team for illegal weights. new zealand needs only six more winds to claim the cup.
5:47 am
>> how are conditions if. >> gusts up to 15 knots but not small craft advisory. it should be nice with clouds lingering through, probably, about 1:00 o'clock across the water where they sail and then it will cheer out after that. here is a look at our radar and satellites and you can see how the clouds are filling in the bay. here is a look from downtown as we look at the ferry building and, also, as we look at the bay bridge, you can see it better than you could earlier this morning with the clouds lower and i had to deal with drizzle and because of that the drizzle will hock in all the clouds and not is warm as yesterday with yeahs on twitter for that. more clouds and drizzle tonight and seasonal highs headed into the weekend. the cloud cover shows it is increasing as we speak all the
5:48 am
way through the 8:00 hours and it will make it into the south bay and east bay valleys but when it makes it there the sun is up and you are pulling out. at noon, just a little finger of fog is rolling across san francisco and the golden gate bridge and alcatraz and to angel island and to richmond, a little in be become by 1:00 o'clock or 2:00, that is gone and a few holes of sunshine developing at the coast today. we will talk temperatures in the south bay the remain warmest around los gatos and morgan hill a run at 90 and low-to-mid 80's for the santa clara valley. low 80's for most of the peninsula and san mateo north low-to-mid 70's and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and into downtown with 68 in south san francisco and as far as the temperature around sausalito 71 and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and low-to-mid 60's at the coast and we will have mid-70's and berkeley at 75 and oakland at 76 up to 84 in castro valley and union city and newark and fremont around 81 or 82 degrees. east bay valleys not so hazy as yesterday and the smoke will be
5:49 am
mostly moving in the central valley with temperatures in the low-to-mid 90's. for at&t park tonight, rockies and the giants at 66 and dropping down to 62. tomorrow is the coolest day as we loose another couple of degrees and we will gain those back on thursday and more open friday, and temperatures settle into seasonal letters saturday, sunday, and monday with morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. >> the stall with a tour bus now is a sig-alert. it is blocking the transition define highway twelve and westbound 80 at scale where the tour bus konked out with another bus picking up the passengers but you need to use red top road. we are not look at too much in the way of delays, a little bit of volume building as you come up on 680 junction but other than that, actually, we are look at clear conditions but not is clear is westbound 580 but to add to the pain, there is a stalled big rig at grant line
5:50 am
road with bumper-to-bumper traffic from the central valley it will take you closer to an hour to make it into dublin/pleasanton and as we look at san jose, it is quiet but 101 the usual bit of slowing we see between the 280 and 680 split we see delays and other than that, it is moving along at top speed. eric? >> happening today in san francisco, a plan to create two dedicated lanes for fast-moving buses down van ness avenue is up for a vote. the san francisco transportation authority will vote on the environmental impact. if approved the corridor will get bus lines separated by a median or another bear area with traffic lights timed to speed service in both directions. the 120 million dollar project is expected to be completed in four years with service starting in 2018. >> the latest rankings on tom
5:51 am
colleges is out and two bay area schools are near the top of the choose. that is next. >> also, new trouble for george zimmerman. the threat his wife claims that had her fearing to her life. >> washington cracks down on online puppy sales, with new rules septic system breakdowns affect over 1 million homes a year, and can cost thousands of dollars to repair... thankfully, the powerful dual action formula of rid-x has enzymes to break down waste and time released bacteria to reduce tank build up. rid-x. #1 in septic maintenance.
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>> good morning, sneerly 600 jobs will be available at a job fair today hosted by the job journal and abc7 news hell --
5:54 am
held at the hotel on market street in san francisco including financial advisor, librarian and software engineer positions with a lot more with a complete list of jobs at >> in the bay area we are feeling pretty smart this morning, two of our colleges are ranked among the best in the country. us news and world report has named uc berkeley the top public school. here are the numbers: princeton. two, harvard. flee, -- three, yale. bay area schools are sanford at five and cal is the top public in the 20 best schools in the country! >> congratulations. >> very happy about that. best bang for your buck. >> now, what is going on.
5:55 am
as we look off to the east from mount tamalpais you can see the marine layer developing along san pablo bay and the clouds that it brings including the cool weather. we will break the heat and concord at 98 and santa rosa at 95 record highs and you are down nine or 12 degrees around the bay, down two in san francisco to four in san jose, still poor air quality in tuolumne county. the smoke is going to be excessive from time to time. any thunderstorms are going to stay in the high desert to the south and 77 today in los angeles and 81 in tahoe. >> we have a report of a blown out tire and a crash along southbound 880 near 92. the first one is car with a blown out tire. c.h.p. will be on the scene but there is slowing approaching highway 92 to the south, there is a report of an accident.
5:56 am
the traffic is building quickly westbound 580 from tracy to dublin is 41 minutes along highway 4, still in good shape at ten minutes from antioch to concord and 26 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes. >> thank you. another run in with the law if george zimmerman the man acquitted of killing florida teen, trayvon martin. the volunteer watchman was detained by police after his estranged wife called 9-1-1 during a fight yesterday. she says he threatened her and her father with a gun during the art and cut an ipad she was holding. police questioned george zimmerman but did not arrest him. she says now she will not press charges and that george zimmerman may not have had a gun. she filed for divorce last week. the couple separated after he was acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> the agriculture department is
5:57 am
cracking down on the shing of dogs over the internet. dog owner whose breed more than females and sell them online by mail or over the phone most new apply for a license and face the same oversight as wholesale animal broders to ensure that inspectors or buyers see the animals before committing to buying. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news from berkeley and a fire leaves a man dead. we are on the scene with reaction from neighbors. >> the wildfire burning on mt. diablo continuing to burn this morning and ahead the late night scare for a neighborhood and where containment stands this morning. >> seven-day
5:58 am
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>> abc7 news starts now with breaking news. >> at 6:00, the breaking news comes from berkeley with one person dead following an
6:00 am
overnight house fire near the uc berkeley campus. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is joining us with what we have learned. >> on the top floor, two investigators are up there right now and you can see their flashlights lighting up the room and it is dark up there but they are doing their best to figure out what started the fire. it is clear that it starts in the top floor of the building and that is where an older man lived by himself. firefighters busted down the door to get to him but it was too late and he died at the hospital. there are seven apartment units inside this building and eight people were live here. police, firefighters and residents were knocking on doors, trying to help people escape. everyone else did make it out okay. the top floor of the third floor was engulfed, stuff was flying off and burning and the fire de


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