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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 11, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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from the east coast to the bay area we are at the remembrance ceremonies. >> firefighter make major progress on mt. diablo wildfire with good news. >> presidential plea president obama makes the case on syria to the american people during a prime time address. this morning we get bay area reaction. >> good morning, everyone, 6:00 a.m. and thanks for joining us. the 12th and was of the terror attacks is underway with pictures from the september 11th memorial plaza with the reading of the victims' names continues. at 6:03 there will a second moment of silence to mark the time the second plane struck the south tower. we will bring that to you live. >> right now, a check on the
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weather forecast. >> mike? >> you can barely see the kids' head 12 years ago and now they are grown up and teens. >> radar satellite is quiet as far as drizzle but we have a lot low cloud cover which is stubborn. when it transitions around noon we will have high clouds. the next 12 hours we are starting in the low-to-mid 60's with spotty drizzle. partly sun i by monday and 62 at the coast and at 4:00, everyone is below average, 78 inland and 70 around the bay and 64 at coast. by 7:00, the cool breeze and grab a coat, low-to-mid 60's around the bay with 70 inland. >> speaking of san jose we have a brand new accident northbound 101 on tulhy road with an accident involving a box truck and back to the east bay, the highway is blocked at mountain
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house road because of an injury-accident. they bringing three helicopters to take folks to the hospital. a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is building but it is traveling through the tolls. kristen? >> back to the world trade center site where in a minute the second moment of silence will be taking place to mark the time when united flight 175 hit the south tower and the reading of the names continues. >> we had a moment of silence at 5:46 our time this morning. that is when the first plane flight 11 hit the north tower in new york city. there will be another observance in a few seconds. stand by for that.
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[ name reading ] >> the reading of names continues after the second moment of silence that took place moments ago. they had the ringing of the bell and again there will are four more of these in the morning and the whole program will take another three hours. we have a timeline of the events new york city. >> we had 6:03 moment silence. at 6:37, another moment silence.
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that will mark the exact time flight 77 hit the pentagon. at 6:59, a moment of silence marks the fall of the south tower. at 7:03 a moment of silence for flight 93 crash in pennsylvania and 7:28 a moment of silence to mark the fall of the north tower of the world trade center. >> from new york city to the bay area in 45 minutes san francisco firefighters will hold their own 9/11 remembrance ceremony the abc7 news ace matt keller is at fire station seven. >> the ceremony starts at 6:45 at fire stations across the city san francisco. at the end of the ceremony the names of all new york city firefighters killed in the line of duty on 9/11 will be read out loud.
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this is last year's ceremony honoring the people and emergency workers killed. today is the 12th information of -- anniversary that killed 2,900people. many of the people open flight 93 lived or worked here in the bay area. this morning, the ceremonies begin at 6:45. at 6:58 fire personnel gather in front of the flagpole and the bell will ring at 6:59 for the last alarm when the south tower of the world trade center collapsed and at 7:00 the flags are lowered to half staff and a minute of silence. at 7:02 the names of the firefighters are read out loud. a ceremony is held in young city the at flight 93 memorial that starts at 10:00 this morning.
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>> stay with abc7 morning news and we will bring you the morning events as they happen in the newscast. we are streaming the remembrance event from new york city on our website right now. we have a reminder to get updates on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. >> the mt. diablo wildfire evacuees are waking up if their own beds, firefighters made impressive gains and they hope to keep the momentum going. our reporter joins us from dublin. amyst. >> a go sign of confidence, i spoke to firefighters who will release resources today. they will send some fire crews home so that is how good they feel about this. the post is busy with crews getting their breakfast. we have seen them loading up their trucks with water. they still want to dig out a line around the fire area and they have work to do. you will not see this anymore,
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video of smoke from sunday and monday, big plumes, which is gone. this isn't any active fire burning. just hotspots to watch offer. firefighters say they have the upper hand on the morgan fire. rather than fire, you now see damage around mt. diablo that burned more than 3,000 acres. holes -- homes were saved and the evacuation order has been lifted so people have returned home. everything is looking positive on the firefight. >> president obama is conditionally endorsing a russian plan for syria to surrender the chemical weapons as evers to avert a military strike shift from washington, dc, to the united nations. in a national address last night, president obama tried to sell a skeptical nation on the plan to attack syria if need be.
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he says there is proof the regime of bashar al-assad unleashed a deadly chemical weapon attack on civilians last month and a strike on syria would san a message that no other country can deliver. >> a targeted strike can make assad or any other dictator think twice. >> the president's plan did fought get much support at the commonwealth club in san francisco where a now hundred people watched his address. >> somehow, magically, an american freedom bomb will only kill the bad guys? this is unreal. unrealistic. >> the united states has bought some time and russia and our allies try to get syria to hand over the stockpiles of chemical weapons. >> now a check on the weather forecast. >> we will start with the temperatures in the south bay where it is 60 in mountain view and san jose the warm spots and cupertino and saratoga 55.
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59 in san ramon. a lot of low-to-mid 60's including san francisco and san carlos and lafayette at 62. alameda is 64, a warm spot. today, they will be short of average with high clouds taking over throughout the afternoon hours, temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's along the coast, 67 in san francisco, a lost low-to-mid 70's around the bay shore and upper 70's in the south bay and warmest are low-to-mid 80's a reprieve from the summer heat. we warm back to average tomorrow and friday and saturday, a couple of warmest days in the forecast and we are above average. >> we have bart on track with ace train three, though, delays getting out of the yard because a problem with the burl
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we have heavy delays westbound highway 4 but the accident is cleared where there were two accidents, actually, that left us with bumper to bumper bumper-to-bumper traffic. it will take 36 minutes westbound direction. 580 from tracy to dublin is 47 minutes in the red along highway four and 101 san rafael to san francisco is under 20 minutes. a three day forecast shows everything is fine. kristen and eric? >> anthony weiner lose the bid to become new york city mayor but it does not end there, a sign frustration follow the former congressman's loss. >> the "sin" out of sin city so
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visitors stay safe.
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>> covering cupertino and wine country and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> on the morning of the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, these are birds from new york city. relatives of the victims are reading their names off. we had a moment of silence at 6:03. new to arlington, virginia, where ceremonies. they will observe a moment silence marking the time that flight 77 struck the pentagon. >> more right now on 9/11 on the anniversary. we have new time-lapse video showing the construction progress of one world trade center which begins in october of 2004 and ends this in. you can see the rise of the
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building and the installation of the spire which bring the tower to 1,766' the start of our nation. high definition images were captured and edited to make the incredible video. when the tower is completed the one world trade center, next year, the 102-storying will feature three million square feet of office feet. >> anthony weiner failed to win the nomination to mayor and did not take it well. reporters tried to talk to him of at loss and he is sitting inside the car and that is when he gives reporters the single fingered salute with more drama when he had trouble getting into the event. a woman behind the latest sexting scandal showed up and attempting to chase weiner down
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but security stopped her. >> former new york governor spitzer lost, too, his attempt to return to politics and was running for new york city comptroller and resigned after being connected to an escort season. >> what happens in las vegas does not always stay in las vegas. the police department is revealing they set up 37 cameras across the strip to help police at intersections. officials say the cameras are needed because tourists bring lots of money to las vegas so there will always be people would want to steal and commit other crimes. the cameras cost around $300,000. >> the first dog in california is staying put, governor jerry brown's pet corgi. his sister, kathleen, has moved back to california to take a new job in los angeles stirring up speculation show could take back her dead. she left the dog with her brother when she left the state in 2010 but now she says the dog
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will stay put adding that the dog humanizes her brother and helps make him more approach approachable. >> only a sister would say that. >> the governor. >> it humanized you. now the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, the breezes are out there and will hang around so that is a factor in keeping us cooler-than-average. delta community, all the way through 11:00 this evening. beautiful picture of coit tower remembering 9/11 from 12 years ago and this is the backdrop for the forecast highlights, low clouds this morning. high clouds this afternoon. a sea breeze is why we will be cooler-than-average temperatures today. tomorrow, friday and saturday,
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warmer-than-average and on sunday we come back down but that only returns us to normal. >> we have heat advisories up-and-down portland toward seattle. this is bringing us the low clouds to the west, the low to the east is bringing the high clouds rotating backward and could kickoff a few thunderstorms in the sierra. mid-to-upper 70's in the south bay and los gatos at 81 and in santa cruz only at 66. a lost -- a lot of mid-to-upper 70's today. downtown, 67. toward sausalito, 68. low-to-mid 70's with partly sunny conditions in the north bay valley and clouds at the beach and low-to-mid 60's and sunny along the east bay shoreline with low-to-mid 70's and 70 at berkeley and castro valley and more sunshine in the east bay valley because we don't
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have the low cloud cover. we will have the high clouds and temperatures in the low-to-mid 80's a reprieve from the air conditioning. at at&t park, a gorgeous afternoon but partly sunny the u.v. index is high. temperatures in the mid-50's. tomorrow, two to four degrees warmer. thursday, two to six degrees warmer. saturday we still hold above average. notice sunday, monday, and tuesday the morning clouds more dominant and temperatures are back to average. we get warmer but not so warm. >> we have a sig-alert involving a minivan and a whole foods big rig that jackknifed. we have parties trapped. three helicopters are brought to transport the victims to area hospitals where it is blocked off so avoid this area.
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as we look at our drive time traffic over the golden gate bridge it is nine minutes from sausalito to san francisco across the bay area and ten minutes and metering lights are on and the san mateo bridge is 13 minutes in the westbound direction. >> now 6:20. meet the california prison guard getting in the wine-making business and the good cause they hope to help out. >> first be another look from new york city at the world trade center site where a memorial continues on the anniversary of the september 11th attack with the september 11th attack with the reading of the if you're seeing spots before your eyes, it's time for aveeno® positively radiant face moisturizer. [ female announcer ] aveeno® with soy helps reduce the look of brown spots in 4 weeks. for healthy radiant skin. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results.
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>> a unique group of winemakers breaking into the wine business: correctional officers called "solitary sellers." correctional guards teaming up with the state prison and the women's facility to train future winemakers. it is for a good cause. they use the label to raise money for victims of crime. >> we see all the bad guys and we have seen the guys who have created victims so it is all to all of us we can give back
6:24 am
using that solitary sellers' fame. >> among the solitary sellers first production is 2011zin made with the help of a local winery. their logo is a key. clever, right? >> very cheffer. >> as we told you, a lot of observe amendments going on this morning across the country especially in new york city. we will check with josh for a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, nice to be with you in the bay area as we were discussing today, we remember that september 11th is a national day of remembrance, the four flights that were high jacked were making their way to california and certainly one to san francisco so we do remember the victims and their loved ones, first responders and everyone touched by that day. today we will do that. we have a lot to get to including a story from montana,
6:25 am
a bride charged with pushing her news husband off of a cliff and to his death a week into their marriage. it appears she has confessed to this crime. it is monday we saw lara at penn state and today as so machine -- many in san francisco can appreciate we are going back to santa barbara. what of us go south and half go north and a lot of my friends watching at kgo are going back with me to the prettiest campus on earth and certainly a st. louis -- a slice of heaven, all coming up here on "good morning america." >> 6:25. our coverage of the 9/11 and was
6:26 am
continues at 6:30. >> a picture from arlington, virginia, with a ceremony to mark the plane hitting hitting the pentagon. >> the firefight at mt. diablo is enter a new phase today. cooler weather on the way but i have a warming trend in the seven-day outlook. >> the sig-alert in the east bay has
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. silence and reflection, two themes as the nation marks the 12th anniversary of september 11th attacks. these are pictures from the pentagon in arlington, virginia of the president obama at podium along with joint chiefs of staff and chuck hagel, secretary of defense. >> in the bay area there are self-events underway this morning. fire station 7 in san francisco
6:30 am
has the fire department holding their own remembrance. the flag and bell-ringing begin in 15 minutes at 6:45. we will take you there when it begins. >> thanks if joining us on the 12th anniversary of the attacks of september 11th. >> before we get to the coverage a check on the forecast. mike? >> we start with live doppler 7 hd. we have flight arrival delays at 45 minutes at sfo. the thickest clouds are in the north bay. mostly cloudy an the bay because the drizzle is confined to the coast. 64 degrees and transition from low clouds to high clouds and not completely rid of the low clouds and a mild 70 degrees and cool this evening and maybe you need a coat. inland the thick of the clouds in the north at 61 degrees and transition to the high clouds by noon and 71 and cooler in the
6:31 am
upper 70's in the afternoon and a comfortable 70-degree temperature by 7:00. >> we have a sig-alert in the east bay and this is blocking the entire road s way and this is involving a my any van and a big rig and has struck the van. it is jack knifed and we have parties traps. three helicopters are on the way to transport the accident victims. at san ramon road another big rig accident off the road. along highway 24, a stalled car here with slow traffic into the tunnel. >> firefighters hope to further contain the intense mt. diablo fire today after their success allowed the residents to return home. our reporter is at the command post in dublin. they still have to watch out for the spot fires.
6:32 am
>> they will transition into the mopup table so that -- stage ant is good news. the briefing will be underway and they will talk about the new number we have gotten a hold of. they say that 3,133 acres have burned and the fire is 70 percent contained. we saw them dropping water from above yesterday and there is no active fire burning now but firefighters still do not want to be surprised. they will release crews and let some firefighters go back to their home units or other fires. >> that means we iron the down hill slide. crews made some go progress last night on the containment lines. it will improve the lines today and mop up 300' in from containment line. >> here is a soft the most
6:33 am
harrowing moment monday night when the fire was pushing toward a row of homes. it was terrifying but firefighters held the fire back, saved the homes and since then firefighters have done nothing but gaped the upper hand on this and everyone is feeling very confident today with evacuation orders lifted and life is returning to normal. you will see crews out there but not the 1,700 firefighters that have been here throughout this week. they want to get a containment line established around the home fire and they will have that done by friday. they are feeling good. they will start the mopup phase. >> a team of east bay firefighters are the victims of crime after they were robbed while fighting the mt. diablo fire. walnut creek firefighters were called on sunday to fight the fire leaving station seven empty and while they were gone
6:34 am
burglars stole two wedding rings, ipads, wallets and watches and cash. they latertied it break interest a station three across town but were scared off by a sleeping firefighter. >> it is a slap in the face. would thinks to do that kind of thing? >> the contra costa county fire protection district is considering installing supreme court cameras and extra looks. >> the active fire in california has destroyed 80 structures and threatening 500 more. it is burning 150 miles north of action men to and started monday afternoon and the flames were spreading at 500 acres an hour. the fire has burned 6,400 acres and 40 percent contained. the richmond city council is moving forward with the controversial land to help
6:35 am
underwater homeowners. the council voted to team up with the san francisco-based investment group to acquire mortgages upside down. richmond could invoke eminent domain for mortgages that exceed the value of property. >> powerful explosion in libya has damaged the foreign ministry building and left civilians slightly injured on the first anniversary of the consulate attack in benghazi that left four americans dead including ambassador stevens, a piedmont native. the obama administration has been criticized about its role including not doing enough. yesterday the white house issued a statement saying it remains committed to bringing those responsible for the killings to justice. >> secretary of state john kerry will brief the senate on syria in a closed session on capitol
6:36 am
hill today. president obama called on congress to postpone a vote authorizing a military strike against syria and a russian plan for syria to surrender chemicall weapons is worked out. >> we have seen encouraging signs. in part that is because of the credible threat of military action. >> the president will keep the military option on the table. >> we are coming up on 6:37. we go to the pentagon where defense secretary chuck hagel is speaking and president obama is at the podium ready to mark a moment of silence when the pentagon was struck. >> in all of the men and women and all of you, we see the strength, the resilience and the sense of purpose that have always defined the united states of america. that, too, is what the american people reflect upon today.
6:37 am
it is in these timeless qualities that we fine hope for a better world and a better future. we are honored that president obama is here to help us commemorate this anniversary. it is my privilege to introduce our chappedder and -- commander in chief would leads our country with compassion, strength, and wisdom. ladies and gentleman, president obama. [ applause ] good morning. in scripture we learn of the miracle of restoration. you would have made me see many troubles and calamities revive me again. you will bring me up again and
6:38 am
increase my greatness and comfort me again. secretary hagel, general dempsey, members of our armed forces, most of all, the survivors who bear the wounds of that day and the families of those we last, it is an honor to be with you here again to remember the tragedy of 12 septembers ago, to honor the greatness of all who responded and to stand with those who still grieve and provide them some measure of comfort once more. >> president obama is speaking at pentagon this morning on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks when flight 77 hit the pentagon. in new york they were observing another moment silence.
6:39 am
>> 125 people died in the pentagon attacks. over all, 2,9783 died this day 12 years
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coming up on 6:42. the sun is coming up and you has
6:42 am
been blue all morning. we will talk about what will happen today. temperatures are below average by three to seven degrees because of the morning clouds and the afternoon high clouds and the sea breeze keeping us away from summer. poor air quality in tuolumne county and we have thunderstorms threating sierra this afternoon and down into the high desert and temperatures will be 87 in yosemite national park and 9 at tahoe and 65 in monterey and low-to-mid 70's from san diego to los angeles. leyla gulen? >> we have a new accident along 101 at alum rock involving a couple of vehicles. we see heavy slowing coming up to it and when you pass the accident we are still on the brakes. as we travel to the north headed out san lorenzo to union city it will take 14 minutes to ralph that -- to travel that stretch.
6:43 am
traffic is heavy to treasure island on the other side of the bay bridge and a five car crash headed into san francisco all on the shoulder. >> trading is underway on wall street with investors marking the 9/11 anniversary and we go to jane king at the new york stock exchange. >> first, though, san francisco firefighters are minutes away from going their very own 9/11 remembrance
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>> covering novato, oakland and sunnyvale and all bay area. this is abc7 news. >> happening now in san francisco, firefighters are holding their own 9/11 remembrance ceremony. >> in san francisco, abc7 news reporter matt keller joins us from fire station 7. matt? >> the ceremony is about to start. you can see they pulled out a fire engine and they will be flanking the drive. you can see 48 cadets standing at attention. they raised the american flag and other personnel are standing in front of the flagpole. the day is the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that killed 2,973 people and two planes
6:47 am
crashed in the world trade center in new york city and another in the pentagon and another bound for san francisco crashed interest a field in pennsylvania the many people on flight 93 lived or worked in the bay area. at fire station seven at 6:59 the bell rings signifying the last alarm when the south tower of the world trade center collapsed. the station flags will be lowered to-staff followed by a minute silence. at 7:02 the names of the 243 new york firefighters will be read outlou. you can see the flag is still raised to the top at 7:30 1 and at 7:00 the flag will be lowered to half staff and the ceremony takes place at all 43 san francisco fire stations and thing theres will remain at half staff all day long. >> thank you, matt. traders this morning are marking
6:48 am
the september 11th anniversary and the market is reacting to apple's new iphone. jane? >> good morning, shares of apple taking another dip here today a decline after failing to wow analysts and investors. we have seen so many new leaks the past few months before year's announcement. an analyst tells bloomberg business report that apple wasn't as aggressive on price as some hopeed. at $640 rice target on the stock, trading around $470. facebook chief operating officer tries to make nice with china home to the largest number of web users but facebook is blocked from "legal and regulatory complexityies." cooperation lab discussed including the role facebook lays in helping companies expand.
6:49 am
>> in stocks, a mixed day although we have been on quite a streak. so far, little movement across the board and the silicon valley index is trading more than 1 percent and apple is one of the ways that it is waiting on the index. >> before i go, wall street remembering september 11th pay tribute to those who lost their lives. it was a minute before the opening bell and 9/11 is a memorable day to many here including myself as we experienced it in our own way twelve years ago. hard to believe. >> and over to meteorologist mike nicco. the clouds are keeping us warm. >> temperatures are warmer than yesterday and flight arrival delays are 45 minutes. breezes are kicking up and they will get faster throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours and by 11:00 the west wins
6:50 am
at 15 to 25 miles per hour will relax but be around san francisco bay and the delta communities until that time. from sutro tower at the low clouds hanging around this morning, we will have the low clouds slowly dissipate and be taken over by high clouds this afternoon. that will keep our temperatures below average and warmer tomorrow through saturday and temperatures will pull become to seasonal norms headed through sunday, monday, and tuesday next week. high temperatures pinched to the north by the low pressure. the area of low pressure to the east is bringing us the high clouds combined to bring us the temperatures that will only be in the mid-to-upper 70's in the south bay. santa cruz is at 66 and san jose and cupertino are about 78. low-to-mid 80's for most of the peninsula and los altos is the warm spot and 68 sausalito, low-to-mid 70's through the north bay develop and low-to-mid
6:51 am
60's at behalf beaches. most of us partly sunny this afternoon. even along the east bay shore where we have low-to-mid 70's and the east bay valleys are we will see more sunshine with temperatures in the low-to-mid 80's. two to four degrees warmer tomorrow, and two to six degrees warmer on friday the warmest day in the forecast. back to average temperatures sunday, monday, and tuesday. the traffic is slow on the bay bridge because of two separate accidents involving three vehicles. that is causing very heavy traffic and it will take you closer to to minutes away from the maze to san francisco. along 780 westbound direction at columbus parkway, one lane could be blocked and we seeing slow traffic to the west. a highway is shut down because
6:52 am
of an injury accident jackknifed big rig and all lanes are blocked and the sig-alert until further notice. this is the drive into central san rafael and you can see the traffic is snaking through the hills and it will take you eight minutes to head down do this area. >> ahead, seven things to know before
6:53 am
>> on this 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, this is a picture from shanksville, pennsylvania, where the observance will get underway. they are marking the people who were on uniteed flight 93 reading the names of the victims. that plane was headed from newark to friend when it crashed weapon the passengers overtook the hijackers. >> here are seven things to know before you go.
6:54 am
one, happening now in san francisco, firefighters holding a 9/11 remembrance ceremony on this 12th anniversary. this is fire station seven. at 6:59 a bell will ring for the last alarm on the south tower of world trade center collapse. >> two, tributes are marking the anniversary in new york city. and the pentagon and shanksville, pennsylvania. here is the world trade center site where relatives are reading the names of 3,000 victims, nearly who died there 12 years ago. >> president obama is cautiously embracing a russian plan for syria to surrender the stockpile of chemical weapons and said he would seize a last diplomatic opening if it helped avoid a military strike on syria. >> new update from fire officials show that the mt. diablo fire is under control this morning and now is 70 percent contained with over
6:55 am
3,100 acres burned and crews will mop up and improve containment lines, with evacuations lifted. >> problem for an elementary school in vallejo facebook video shows bats on the >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza that is packed. some of the slow traffic is due to an accident on the other sides of the bridge. in san francisco there are two separate accidents involving three vehicles. our drive time traffic, tracy to dublin is 47 minutes and 53 minutes westbound high four from antioch to concord. >> a blanket of clouds is keeping us warmer and only san ramon and los gatos at 59 and not in the low-to-mid 60's. the clouds are hanging other san francisco and we will check out temperatures inland, east bay is the warmest at 79 to 83 and the
6:56 am
coast in san francisco is lower to upper 60's and everyone else is in the lower to upper 70's. >> thank you. we continue on-line and mobile devices streaming the observances. see you in 25 minutes.
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