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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 11, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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week of march, of the month, we're stretched. >> patty and her husband paid $425,000 for this home, it's now lost more than half of the value. tonight she has hope. >> if the bank and wall street got bailed out how come we don't get bailed out? >> we call on bafrks to really dot right thing. >> after months, the city council voted to move head with possibly using eminent domain to buy underwater mortgages and with an investment group force banks to renegotiate. the councilman myrick voted in favor. >> we sent letters to the different investors for each of the homes on the list and have asked them to come back to us and you know, they don't like our offer give us a counter offer. work with us. >> he and the mayor face
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opposition on the council. the vice mayor worries about lawsuits and reprizeals from banks. >> it lowers value of the properties in the city of richmond lending instit yult yoougss will not lend where you've taken and used eminent domain. >> councilman baits is concerned it's supposed to prevent blight in neighborhoods the investing partner targeted nicer homes. >> they're cherry picking. that is what they do. they cherry pick, pick out those that they can make greatest degree of profit its worth noting the councilman's underwater in his mortgage but does not want help. the same cannot be said for patty, who signed up for eminent doen domain if it ever happens, anything, she said to keep alive her dream of homeownership. >> we were rather eat rice and beans and tortillas to have our home here.
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>> four people, including a child were injured when two cars collided in west oakland. the crash happened on 8th and union streets. firefighters had to use jaws of live to rescue one person in a vehicle. >> a potential break in the case involving a little girl shot to death at a sleepover in oakland. police released this sketch today of the man who shot four people, killing his youngest victim. nick? >> good evening, evening, you know just days after she was shot and killed, police chief said that he and his officers would do everything to identify the gunman and bring him to justice. well, today, they gave me something they want to you see. a composite sketch of the man they say pulled the trigger. >> i was brushing my teeth. the wind yes was open and i heard shot shot shot.
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just clear shots. >> she is describing the shooting death of her 8-year-old neighbor. killed in a friend's sleep over in july. today, new information from the oakland police. investigators released this sketch of the man they believe is their gunman. he's described as an african american male, 17-24 years old, 160 pounds with a thin, dark mustache. >> children have been victims of serious gun violence in the last several month autos police say at least one gunman rang the doorbell at this apartment on wilson avenue and started shooting when a child opened the front door. bullets hit four of the five people inside two, children, one adult suffered nonlife threatening injuries but bullet struck and killed the 8-year-old. >> it will take time especially a tragedy to, for witnesses to come forward. >> police are hoping someone
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knows or will recognize him. today, wells onavenue is quiet. since the tragedy, the family moved. wallses and doors have been reskpaird for rent sign offers availability for what was two months ago a crime scene. >> if we invest in more community programs, more police officers working in communities we can with start to get around these issue autos youth alive's mission's mission is to stop the skprils she says witnesses coming forward sta step in the right direction. but importantly to, prevent violent crime brit happen weerz all going to be safer if someone like this is not out on the streets. >> alicia would have been a third grader this year. >> police in san jose released photographs of two murder suspects arrested for separate killings over the weekend. a man on the left is a 27-year-old accused of
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shooting his father anthony friday night. and the man on the right is a 40-year-old mario chavez, police say killed his domestic partner saturday. police in benicia arrested a man on charges of molesting a 5-year-old girl identified as a 48-year-old daniel van fisher. police say it occurred while he was dating the child's mother. >> big progress to report tonight on the morgan fire burning on mount diablo. relieved residents headed back home smrks this morning after being forced out this week. orders lifted yesterday afternoon. the reid family worried the worse would happen. >> birds are singing meaning it's gone. >> it will be just to have a cup of tea and sit in my chair. >> the fire has burned more
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than 3,000 acres and now 70% contained with full containment expected by friday. progress is freeing up firefighters some are being sent home as well. >> this is september 11th, and here is how people around the bay earmark the 12th anniversary of the september 11th attacks today. >> at fire station 7 in san francisco, firefighters stood at attention as the flag was raised at 6:59 a.m. the time of the so called last alarm. the south tower of the world trade center collapsed. 423 firefighters were killed and each name was read today. at the college of marin i color guard raised a flag then lowered it to half staff in a
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ceremony honoring not only the victims of september 11th and families but also those who gave their lives in war in afghanistan and iraq. sheer how the fire department in menlo park saluted today, planting 343 small flags on the lawn of a fire station. these flags planlted outside of the clayton station of the fire department. some of the firefighters who have been doing battle against that morgan hill, morgan fire, rather, burning. >> in union city there is a permanent mim mem yil to people who lost lives on the way to the bay area on september 11th. the victims of united flight 93. david louie is live and you attended another there today as well? >> that is right. flight 93 was in route from san francisco to newark, four passengers began a shug strugel and fighterorist triesing to take over the plane. the death of everyone on board remembered here, saved lives.
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>> one by one, the names of 40 individuals aboard flight 93 were read along with acknowledgement of an unborn child. the flight bound for san francisco but crashed near shanksville, pennsylvania. many had bay area ties. >> it gives us a place here, you know? i have within to new york. i have been to shanksville. and it -- it is -- just important that we have this spot here, too. to honor victims. >> flight attendants were here, too. merry christmasy knew, and train tworksd flight attendant autos special day to us and we appreciate the fact this is here. there is somewhere for us to remember. and... keep reminding folks
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what that day means to all of us. >> the man thind mem jill working on another one that the site in downtown hayward a memorial to all september 11th victims and hayward first responders memorial is ready to go, now, just collecting money from local sit skpenz businesses to build it. >> the project will require $100,000 in fund raising. hayward turned down the memorial. in union city, abc 7 news. >> in shampkzville, pennsylvania where flight 93 crashed people remembered heroism of the passengers. six bay area natives aboard flight heading to san francisco when terrorists hijacked it with likelihood of crashing it into the white
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house or u.s. capitol. the plane crashed in a pennsylvania field. during the service, the sefkt interior vowed to protect the site. >> to families i'd like to say we're entrusted with a final resting place of your loved ones. we're in the forever business. we'll make sure to protect this ground, make sure future generations know the story. >> a ground breaking took place yesterday for a visitor center at site. the building will be broken into two at point of the plane's flight path overhead. >> a bay area mother who lost her son on united airlines flight 93 is spending the anniversary in new york city. her son, mark bingham is one of the heroes of flight 936789 you've heard the story. she marked the anniversary with thousands turned out to remember this tragedy. >> feels very special to be here to see what they've done to honor the september 11th families. and they hope to look into eyes of people who, like me,
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lost loved ones on september 11th there is something very special in new york. here there are many more of us. >> she is in new york to attend a screening at lincoln jernt of a new documentary about her son called the "the rugby player". >> our coverage continues tonight what. an east bay town is doing to honor another victim, a tribute to ambassador killed in benghazi. >> two of silicon valleys biggest names tackle tough questions on post september 11th security what. we've done wrong, how they aim to fix it. >> lots of clouds moving through today, cooling continues but there is another warm up coming our waichl i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and here is a live picture from new york tonight. the new world trade center tower. you can see twin beams of
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light representing the two that fell to mark the anniversary of the september 11th attacks.
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roorks in piedmont tonight officials making plans to honor another september 11th victim. christopher stevens, ambassador to liba, killed on the september 11th anniversary last year when terrorist as tacked the compound in ben gazy. today another assault, a car bomb exploded outside of a
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foreign ministry building bleeg parts pafrts the ministry. a witness said at the bombing occurred an hour later, street would is been packed with people. abc 7 news is live now with more on the tribute. laura? >> this is where chris stevens went to high school in about 45 minutes this is part of a larger tribute. the school board is expected to rename a library in his memory. a year after piedmont high alumni. was killed in liba, the school board plans to rededicate the high school library in his name. >> it's something to do in a board meeting but importantly what we're doing at pete mond high school, continuing on. we're going honor him at a home football game, then, also on constitution day. we have a series of cirriculum
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to honor him, and his work. >> stevens was editor of the school paper and active in model united nations club. he went on to uc berkeley, majoring in history after graduation joined peace corps. >> we're celebrating the legacy of ambassador steven autos with money donate bid his family and friends the center announced a found support student research and travel to north africa and the middle east. to. >> there is a legacy is that he was willing to risk his life in purse yuft his job which is in this case international diplomacy. >> stepfather told us today quote, what he stood for and represented is pop ported by memorials and tributes paid to hism he became a hero, we're proud of him.
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>> more trouble tonight for a highway project that is coming under fire from environmental protestors having a permit revoked caltrans resumed hauling dirt but can only hall at night through the town of willit. two demonstrators chained themselves backing up trucks and stopping work on the project. three people were arrested. caltrans is building a bypass but they're building sensitive wetlands. >> quite a stinky mess in san pablo strip mall, raw sewage seeped out of the ground today. customers had to step over smelly water covering spaces in the parking lot some pechl say they can see human waste
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coming up from the ground. officials say this was caused by a clogged sewer line. a city worker was sent to wash away the mess. >> oh! >> dinner time. >> let's talk about the weather. >> we had clouds around. and warmer days coming our way. you can see outline of clouds near the coast. and some clouds with us through overnight hours today. with us now and you can see he clouds there. santa rosa, 15 degrees cooler. and here is another view, a
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nice one from mount tam, low clouds drifting in from the coast. high clouds up above coming in from our east, southeast. right now, 68 degrees in san francisco. 70 oakland. and 61 half moon bai. beautiful view over san francisco. it's 67 in santa rosa. 74 napa. novato, 66. and we go to a final live view of a cloudy skies and spotty drizzle and warmer pattern settles in by week's end. here is what is producing cloud pattern. clouds moving in from the east. high clouds, low from the west
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and southwest. and clear skies headed our way looking at animation, warnler air mass coming up from our southwest. and that builds nrk clouds will move out. overnight lots of clouds around maybe a spot or two of drizzle. maybe a degree above or below 60 but narrow range of lows overnight, then, tomorrow, sunny skies and south bay high temperatures getting into upper 70s to low 80s. on the peninsula, highs of 79 in mountain view. mid-60s on the coast.
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and inland east bay lork 0s, warming up friday, saturday. and it's a nice steady pattern, mild to warm. >> kids have probably been back to school for a week now. >> coming up, why first day of school ♪ for a store near you go to
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ac transit wants to run more buses across the bay bridge as part of a big service change. right now ac transit board is considering a proposal with a number of changes $48 million in all including $9 million for increased transbay service there is a proposal to add routes in oakland with a park and ride option at the beginning of each one. increased service could lead to higher fare buzz most commuters seemed okay with that. >> i can go if it's not too much. you know? >> i don't see a problem with it. >> i like ac transit. i feel like if that is what needs to be done, then that is what needs to be done. >> ac transit says there will to get feed back beforeearings
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deciding on change autos took a bit longer but students at win school district finally headed back to class today. and returned to updated and expanded campuses. a construction project to add new classrooms to seven schools caused the delay because of the booming enrollment about 200 students every year. >> our turn overis quick. so it's attracting llt of families. we have a great school district so people want to move into this area. >> next year's break won't start until june. >> still ahead tonight despite fierce opposition state lawmakers act on a bill to raise the rates to one of the highest in the country.
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>> you'll hear what the senator has to say. >> why timing with
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a lot of low paid california workers set to get a raise under a plan backed by the governor. jerry brown signed ton a deal to raise state minimum wage but opponents are questioning timing. >> working in a cafe, cooking, you name it, he does it. but, at $8 an hour, california minimum wage, it's tough to make ends meet. >> to pay rent is a struggle sometimes. and paycheck isn't consistent. >> colton and other minimum wage workers will likely get a rairksz soon. governor brown and democratic leaders reached an agreement packing a pay hike next
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summer. effort spearheaded by assemblyman vallejo removes cost of living adjustments. >> gives us dignity of z.respect to workers they work full time they can be able to provide for families and pay bills. >> the governor's office says 25% of the children in california or 2.4 million live where one parent earns minimum wage. there are two big costs hitting businesses over the coming year. many families don't know how much the federal affordable care act will cost them. california may have to boost contributions to the state unemployment insurance fund which is $10 billion in the hole awe may create a scenario where employees goring to
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jobs so committed to looking at minimum wage. i would lake to know weather to costs first so we don't price people out of the labor force now. >> this is a proposal expected to be approved. the last minimum wage hike was in 2008. workers are already paid $10 or hour in some areas, per hour. >> in sacramento today both houses of the legislature approved a plan for dealing with california prison crisis. the federal courts ordered state to reduce the population by 9600 inmates. measure approved today asks for an extension giving the state more time to establish rehabilitation or find other places who-to-house those that are too dangerous to release and said skpoil gas companies must disclose chemicals in
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fracking, a controversial drilling technique and state senate okayed legislation to regulate a form of marshal arts popular among children. >> pro testors taking a stand against any u.s. military strike in syria. they're protesting her support of the proposed strike on seara. right now the obama administration is relying on efforts to try to put syria's chemical weapons under international control. >> i believe that russia's goal is in, fact to eliminate these weapons and i point out that that is also our >> george zimmerman will not face criminal charges stemming from a domestic dispute with
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his estranged wife. he's the former florida neighborhood watch captain acquitted in the death of trayvon martin this year and claiming zimmerman punched and police are able to view a mid vido clip recorded by shelly skimmermanman on an ipad she says he smashed. >> at this point we do not have tools available to affectively look at the video on the ipad. >> police investigators say they found no evidence to support shelly zimmerman's claims. she filed for divorce last week. officials at logan international airport are apologizing tonight fr a badly timed emergency drill. take a look. this is what passengers arriving this morning saw out
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of their windows flames coming out of something appearing to be a plane actually emergency drill held on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. travelers said timing was unnerving. >> seechlz insensitive and inappropriate to me. >> not the best day. i think i should have warned everybody first. >> the airport did tweet it was conducting a drill but later apologized for the timing. the two planes crashing into the world trade centers on slerj were hijacked after leaving logan international airport. >> tonight money matters apple's iphones get pand again, by wall street. a lack of wow factor in yesterday's announcement sent stocks tumbling another 5.5% today, analysts are disappointed in the price of the new iphone 5 c and rack lack of any dazzling new features in 5 s. sudden shake up at pan dora. the service, the company replaced it's chief executive
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officer effective immediately with the former head of digital advertising company pan dora stock rose 2% after hours. verizon the bond will finance the purchase of verizon wireless and mcdonalds teflting what could be a game changer an app let's you orderer and pay for your food with smart phone and pick it up in a drive thru window, it's being tried nout salt lake city and austin, texas. >> coming here, soon. >> we'll hear from a couple silicon valley biggest rock stwharz they're doing to protect your privacy post september 11th. >> and here is another look live at the new york skyline and twin beams of light representing of course twin towers that fell 12 yearsing ayes, today, stay with us. back in a moment.
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today tech crunch conference went out with a bang on the third, and final day.
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>> yes. abc 7 news shows us, chief executives took to the stage in san francisco to answer tough questions. ceo marisa mayer was the hot ticket. people packed floors and aisles to hear about the vogue photo shoot. >> the photographer said, in show form. woup -- would you please move upside down? i said sure. >> and of course. >> that is the logo. what happened here? right? >> well, i mean i should say... that, i like the way the logo turned out and i like the way we did it she said she's most proud they didn't spend millions of dollars on it. >> to be fair mobile products a year ago sucked. >> they did. we took a year and retool that had and took a lot because we
6:40 pm
weren't focused on making money on mobile. >> mark zuckerberg says 40% of the facebook company comes from mobile device autos big question what are these companies doing when the federal government comes asking for private data? >> i think that blew it. don't worry we're not spying on americans. oh, wonderful to companies trying to serve people around the world and want to inspire koofdz so face gook sued the government for right to report the nsa made requests for data in the u.s.. >> we pushed back on requests we can't talk about why because they're classified. >> why? >> releasing classified information is treason. it can you incars rated.
6:41 pm
>> both lawsuits are involved in a lawsuit for more transparency from nsa. today a novel idea presented to empower you to decide how your tax dollars should be spent called par tis pa tori budgeting and backers hope it will eliminate back room deal making. governments could enable people to vote on portions of the budget outline. online, skpraerj decide what projects or initiatives should get funded. it's caught the eye of board of supervisors president david hsu. >> we ask you for best ideas to we should spentd our money. and would vote on those ideas. >> now, if hsu gets his wish the city would become a fronteer in american direct democracy. a similar concept tried in value layo. >> interesting.
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>> yes. >> just ahead here tonight doctors come to the bay area to learn latest technique autos then, now, saving lives
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surgeons from around the world learning techniques here that could save thousands of lives in their home nations. it's part of of a training program sponsored by uc san francisco. the goal to teach what could be described as cutting edge of practical. inside ucsf trauma institute, this is no ivy tower lecture, he honed field techniques in hot spots around the world. recently in a clinic just outside of syria. >> yes. i was, i guess, unfortunate enough to be there at the time there was this big battle you might have heard of for a city called kusar. >> he said several patients were diagnosed with lesions consistent with exposure to sarin gas.
6:46 pm
reports drew international attention, the overwhelming challenge from a surgeon's point of view is trauma. severe injuries often left untreated. >> resetting bones, chronic wounds that have been draining for weeks he and others teach techniques like free flap, drawing in skin from around a wound in order to close it. >> so what we're accustomed to use here for injuries like, nails, plates, crew asks so forth we're fwhot available over there. >> engineer as dapted devices to give inexpensive alternatives in the field. the doctor shows off a syringe and then applies antibiotics. sterl saigs allow commercial drills for bone repair.
6:47 pm
>> we're trier to get -- here to get people thinking about what can be constructed locally in these environments. >> many students come from southern asia, bringing ideas they've developed regionally. the goal is to empower doctors to teach what they've learned. >> they get a number of great procedures and techniques they can take back ask use right away as soon as they get back to their hospitals. >> and one example is a doctor held a seminar of his own that drew 100 doctors from the area who likely would never intrn able to travel oversea autos neat idea. >> yes. >> very cool. let's go back to update a cooler accu-weather forecast. >> yes that is true. >> here is a time lapse view looking at clouds traveling over the bay area. we have some breaks of sunshine.
6:48 pm
so clouds hovering near the coastline now. low clouds, higher clouds coming in from our east overnight into tomorrow. state wide sunny skies tomorrow. except for thunderstorms over the sierra. warm throughout the sections of the state. highs in the 90s. here in the bay area, starting to warm up again tomorrow, we'll see highs into low to mid-80s, 70s around the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. friday, saturday, will be the two warmest days of the forecast period inr indland locations up to about 90 degrees but throughout the period inland areas cool down we'll maintain 60s on the coast. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we're moving into week two of the nfl season. >> yes.. >> coaches say your next game
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is the most important game, all of the time. how big is this sunday's game for sea hawks? we're going to try to set a
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good evening. a long game last night over four hours lie lighting by a moment that brought miles to everybody. the great grand another snagging a foul ball she's are from santa rosa and always brings her glove to the park. this was the first twim a casual grab she caught a foul ball. so matinee action, one hour aby from a no hitter surrendering three runs today, against rockies. driving in a run in the 6th. giants rally with bases loaded brandon bell going the opposite field. angel pagan in for what would
6:53 pm
be the game-winning run. texas lost in pittsburgh today so a chance to take a three-game lead against al west. coco crisp. that is crispy, indeed. his 19 manith of the year for a 2-0 lead. and it's now... 10, 1 in the 4th. 49ers visit seattle on sunday, so many story lines the ongoing sagga, jim harbaugh. young guns, collin kaepernick and seahawks trying to set a guiness world record for decemberinnel level so. it might be loud. clash of titans and nfc west, coach asked about the hugeness of the game on a scale of 1-0 where does it rank? red and gold offers this.
6:54 pm
>> your next game is the most important of the season. it's 10 out of 10 every time you play the next game. that is the way we look at it. >> can't be 11 because it's 10. cal football team hosting ohio state. looking fantastic for cal, passing from 930 yards eyes qb has a sprained knee. >> handled this well but it's really very few bad decisions. >> he's hoping to play, which, you know he's not your pocket quarterback and does things for us. so those are the decisions if healthy to go, he'll go.
6:55 pm
this will be everything we've got to win this game. >> terrell pryor asked if he's going to be on the side lines. >> i am. >> do you have plans to wacht game? >> can you give me tickets? i'm kicked out of there. >> and -- well, it's a long story. he had a situation there. no scandals saturday on after the game. will be on after notre dame, purdue we'll have new coach in studio as well. abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. >> pretty chipper. >> did not leave on the best of terms. >> i think -- . >> because of -- he was grinning. >> happy now. >> was of what? tell use an autograph swaichlgts and -- situation.
6:56 pm
and stool skool was penalized. >> so he likely won't be on sitd line autos may be rooting for cal. >> good point. >> join me on cable chan 13. coming up cracking web of office politic what's many workers are doing to get ahead. that is at 9:00. >> then, on abc 7 news at 11:00 east bay yards turned into pigsties. >> our schedule tonight here on abc 7 begin was shark tank follow bid modern family and return of nashville then abc 7 news at 11:00. >> but that does it nor edition of abc 7 news, thanks for joining us. >> here is one more look at the new york skyline tonight z september 11th twin beams of light. from the entire abc 7 news team thanks for watching. connect with us on twitter. our reporting there goes 24-7.
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see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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