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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 12, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- breaking news, right now. roads turn to rivers as flash flooding turns deadly in colorado. dramatic new images just in. high-stakes meeting. u.s. and russian leaders, face-to-face, to tackle syria's chemical weapons. as vladimir putin makes a rare, personal plea to the american public. we'll have the latest. training turmoil. an airport picks the wrong day to hold a fire drill. and now, the organizers are feeling the heat. and nice catch. a 70-year-old woman, fan in the stands, making the play of the day with a great celebration afterwards.
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good thursday morning. we begin with breaking news. at least one person is dead after flash flooding in colorado. >> the boulder area, northwest of denver, is getting slammed by pounding rain and flooding for the fourth-straight day. >> motorists in a parking garage drivers were trapped in their cars. some families had to be evacuated from their homes. there are now mandatory evacuations in four mile canyon west of boulder. >> and pictures are all over social media. this image was posted by brandon randash. it shows water pouring over an overpass. >> you can see the water almost to her shins. >> we'll stay on top of that story throughout the morning. now, we want to move on to the dramatic and diplomatic efforts kicking into high gear today to resolve the crisis in syria. >> secretary of state kerry sits down with his counterpart in geneva. and the russian president is
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weighing in, calling for restraint, and leveling criticism at the u.s. >> tahman bradley is joining us from washington with the very latest this morning. good morning, tahman. >> diana and john, good morning to you both. both the united states and russia are bringing arms control experts to the talks. meaning the discussions should be thorough. but the two sides are far apart. in geneva, secretary of state john kerry will try to strike a deal with russia over syria's chemical weapons. they can convince syria to hand over the weapons if the u.s. drops its threat of a strike. secretary kerry has been dispatched to test the seriousness of the proposal. >> there's technical aspects involved in developing a plan for, securing syria's chemical weapons and verifying their location and putting them under international control. >> reporter: that will be a daunting task. the chemical sites are scattered across the country. 1,000 metric tons of nerve gas,
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mustard gas and sarin, enough to wipe out the middle east. syrian troops would have to provide protection for the weapons inspectors and the chemicals, as the civil war rages on. >> that's a no-fire zone around the storage depots. >> reporter: before syria agrees to disarm, russia must abandon the threat of force. vladimir putin in a "new york times" op-ed, warned a strike on syria would increase violence and unleash a new wave of terrorism. putin writes, it is alarming that military intervention and internal conflicts in foreign countries has become commonplace for the united states. is it in america's long-term interest? i doubt it. "the washington post" reports that over the past two weeks, syrian rebels have started receiving cia shipments of weapons. escalating the u.s.'s involvement in the war. diana and john? >> tahman bradley, live in washington. thank you. and with airport officials understandably jittery on the
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9/11 anniversary, a former tsa screener was arrested for making threats against l.a.x. officials say the man made two calls to l.a.x. after resigning and told officials to evacuate terminals. parts of the airport were cleared and searched. nothing was found. police also found what appeared to be explosives when they arrested the suspect. >> based on the information of alleged bombs, we pulled out our technical services unit, our bomb squad. we did find several packages. i believe there were five or six, controlled disruptions, rendering packages safe. >> authorities are looking at a website linked to the man in which he criticized america as evil and promised something more devastating than the 9/11 attacks. on this day after 9/11, disturbing new findings of americans allied with al qaeda. authorities tellbc brian ross about a dozen young men is fighting in syria that has sworn allegiance to al qaeda. and recruits are showing up in
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africa. 50 young m, many from the minnesota area, have been tracked to the al qaeda group fighting in somalia. and new worries over north korea's nuclear program. the north is restarting a reactor that could make weapons-grade plutonium. the photo shows steam coming from a reactor that was shut down six years ago. officials in pyongyang said in april they planned to restart that facility. a protester has been arrested. pastor terry jones was taken into custody. they were heading to a park to burn nearly 3,000 korans. one for each victim of the 9/11 attack. we should find out today whether a 22-year-old woman in montana will be held, pending her trial for the death of her husband. jordan lynn graham is accused of pushing her husband, cody lee johnson, off of a cliff in glacier national park. the pair had been married eight days at the time of johnson's death. graham has confessed, saying she
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pushed johnson during an argument. she now faces life in prison. an ohio man who gained attention because of his viral video confession, waking up in jail. matthew cordle's confession for killing another man driving drunk in june. yesterday, he entered a not guilty plea which will be changed to guilty until next wednesday. his client wants to stay in jail until that hearing. >> he wants to make good on his promise. he wants to take full responsibility. he wants the message to stand strong. >> on tuesday, a judge put a stop to the proceedings when she learned of his plans to enter a not guilty plea. he faces up to 8 1/2 years in prison. a destructive wildfire in northern california is being blamed for at least one death. the body of a 56-year-old man was found inside of his burnt-out motor home in shasta county near redding. some families had minutes to escape those flames. this morning, the fire is 40%
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contained and still threatening hundreds of homes. and now, out into the atlantic, where the season's first hurricane has finally formed. it's hurricane humberto out in the ocean. maximum winds near 85 miles per hour. but forecasters say humberto should weaken over the next two days. >> and gabrielle has weakened to a depression. no major damage. as for today's forecast, let's check out the maps. wide areas getting rain in storms today. the rockies, and parts of the southwest and central plains will see thunderstorms. wet for a large part of the eastern u.s. clear skies along the west coast. >> it's going to be 78 in l.a. 88 in portland. 87 in new york, as well as in miami. some pleasant late summer readings around the great lakes. dallas and phoenix around the 90s. it's summer, that's for sure. but one retail didn't get the memo. they're rolling out christmas ads. and the airport holding a drill on the worst possible day. terrifying passengers as they landed. and dramatic escape.
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wall street apparently likes the possibility of a diplomatic solution in syria. the dow surged ahead 194 points. the third-straight day of gains. the s&p 500 posted its seventh-straight day of gains. new signs that the economy is recovering. homes in foreclosure dropped to the lowest level in nearly eight years. the trend reflects a better housing market, steady job growth and fewer bad loans. and the number of foreclosures could return to normal levels by early next year. and tablets are becoming the king of the computer world.
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tablets are expected to drive past laptops and desktops for the first time. apple released the first tablet three years ago. las vegas tourism officials say they're bringing back the wildly popular, what happens in vegas stays in vegas ad campaigns. the commercials set to roll out later this year. and speaking of advertising, are you ready for christmas? kmart is. it's launched its first holiday tv ad. the spot features an office employee and a giant gingerbread man. >> don't get the holidays sneak up on you. >> it's drawn outrage from consumers who say it's way too soon. last year, target came under fire for early ads, which launched on october 15th. >> i haven't started thinking about halloween yet. >> yeah. there's all kinds of things that come between the end of summer and jingle bells. >> snow, maybe.
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>> 90 degrees in new york today. and we're talking about christmas. >> i will say, some people are saying this is not a bad idea. it gets you thinking about christmas. getting your budget going. so that on december 26th, you're not in the red. >> i'm not a procrastinator. but man. >> didn't the kids go back to school yesterday? >> pretty much last week. exactly. easy to think about christmas, though. when we come back, george zimmerman's wife talking about their domestic dispute. and for the first time, a look at the ipad at the center of the case. and fish go belly-up in a harbor. how molasses is being blamed for the dieoff.
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if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor goglossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ ♪ welcome back. that stunning annual sight here in new york city. the tribute in light. two beams of light honoring those killed at the world trade center in the 9/11 attacks will fade away this morning at dawn on the east coast. let's look at your road conditions on this september 12th.
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flooding could be a problem today along several interstates. 95, 80, 75 and 40, particularly in the eastern u.s. and in the west, there's trouble for i-70, as well as 15, and 25 in the rockies and the southwest. >> if you're flying, airport delays possible on the southeast corridor, as well as denver, miami and salt lake city. the officials who run boston's logan airport have apologized for holding a fire training exercise on the 9/11 anniversary. >> people have expressed outrage at the airport and on social media. two hijack planes took off from logan airport 12 years ago. some passengers say the timing of the drill was insensitive and inappropriate. >> i was on landing. and i pointed there was a big, huge plume of smoke. initially, i thought a plane probably crashed. and then, as we were getting further away, i saw it was just like the fire training. probably not the best day. >> massachusetts governor agrees. deval patrick says the decision
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to hold the drill on 9/11, was, quote, just dumb. what's next in the domestic dispute between george zimmerman and his estranged wife. shellie zimmerman was using an ipad to voopt george when she was picking up her stuff from the house earl this week. surveillance video shows george zimmerman destroying the ipad. shellie zimmerman tried to explain away the motive. >> anybody in the world knows their husband is always armed, has a shirt differently. has a brand-new hollister, where this is where he is placing his hand, and he's inviting some trouble, would know that he's probably armed. you don't want to take a chance. but add to that equation, your husband happens to be named george zimmerman. >> as for mark o'hamar'mearo'me attorney who won the acquittal in george zimmerman's case, he won't be involved in his legal affairs in the future. a girl who survivored a
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brain infection is back home for the first time in 55 days. kali hardig is lucky to be alive. of the 128 diagnosed cases in the past 50 years, only 2 other people have survived. doctors say they treated kali with an experimental drug that helped fight off the infection. and thousands of fish are expected to die in honolulu waters after a leaky pipe caused 4,500 tons of molasses to ooze into the harbor. people are being warned to stay away from the area because all of the dead fish could attract sharks and other predators. the fish are dying because the molasses makes it hard for them to breathe. fire crews risking their lives to put out one of the california wildfires have been targeted by thieves. the firefighters were robbed when they left the station house empty for two days. they went to battle the mt. diablo state park fire. the thieves stole watches and wedding bands.
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a dog making a brave jump in oregon. flames shot up from the home. the dog climbed the railing and jumped down to the owner standing on the ground. it survived, along with another dog in the home. >> thank goodness for that. time for sports. rumors are swirling about jets quarterback mark sanchez and a possible season-ending surgery. >> here's neil and stan with the details. >> good morning, america. welcome to our "sportscenter" studios in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. this is neil everett. the jets may be going with gino the rest of the season. >> the shoulder injury may end his season now. he may need season-ending shoulder surgery. it's likely that's the way he'll go, according to our chris mortensen, because of a labral tear in the q.b.'s throwing shoulder. he took the jets far in his first two seasons. not so much the last two. sanchez and mort have been
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exchanging texts. if i need surgery right now, i would have never left andrews' office. i would have stayed and got the surgery. if he wanted to deny he was likely to have surgery, sanchez texted, there's nothing to report. it's reckless. we'll see what happens here. a bigger story in new york, the captain, done. derek jeter. 17 games this season. that will be it for him. yanks/orioles. if the yankees don't start winning some games, it will be it for them. chris davis becomes the first oriole to have 40 homers and 40 doubles in the same season. it's not enough. top nine. robinson cano, off tommy hunter. and it's his 27th. and the yankees win it, 5-4. >> what do you think? jeter done? >> woo. >> we need an answer. >> we're out of time. that's all we got. back to you. >> that's a loaded question. >> all right, guys. up next, "the pulse."
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such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® is not for patients with artificial heart valves. jim changed his routine. ask your doctor about xarelto®. once a day xarelto® means no regular blood monitoring -- no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit time for "the pulse." we start with evidence that miss america is going modern. exhibit "a." forget the red bikini. check out the ink on miss kansas. it's right there. theresa vail is her name. >> she showed it off in the first round of the preliminaries. vail is a student of kansas state.
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he's been a member of kansas' national guard for five years. >> they supported her. vail said she would be a hypocrite. i am who i am, tattoos and all. a hawaiian woman is refusing a rare request by officials in her home state to shorten her name. >> that's because janice's last name, which i will not attempt to pronounce as 36 letters. the last letter can't fit on the driver's license. and there's not room for her first or middle name. janice has been asked to use some of the letters. >> janice is saying no can do. she wants to keep the name in honor of her husband, who passed away. hawaii is now considering extending the number of characters allowed on a license. >> i'm going to try that -- >> wow. >> that's pretty good. >> what the heck? finally, unexpected cat-like
4:24 am
reflexes in the stands at a baseball game. >> you can't call this cat-like reflexes. the giants playing the rockies. you're going to get a look at it here. >> watch it in slow-mo. >> watch when it c comes in slow-motion. the batter fouls one off. a look at who caught it. here's how she catches it. she didn't get up. >> landed in the glove. >> just landed in her glove. that's okay. she had her glove out. made the catch. >> we mentioned, one more time, she's 70 years old. >> indeed. >> awesome. by the look after it, they may have been celebrating a little belated st. patrick's day. >> and she had a -- she caught it. maybe not. >> i used to wear my glove to the baseball games. met games at shea stadium, waiting for that ball. never once. >> you had a chance. >> i know. i have to keep trying until i'm 70. eventually, one will land right in my glove. >> you're actually going to a game soon, right? >> friday. >> take your glove. you never know. >> i'm inspired. >> we all are.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning at 4:28. thanks for joining us. >> on this thursday, friday eve, according to mike nicco. >> you like the sound of that? >> we dusted that off. it took a while. good morning, everyone. there is a little bit of fog out there. we have 1.25 mile visibility at half moon bay. live doppler 7 hd shows good visibility but the drizzle is more widespread than yesterday. you can see the clouds are lower with more moisture. unlike yesterday we will see more sun. from the north bay to east bay it is 73 to 83 degrees. in the bay and south bay, 72 to 80. the coast and san francisco is 64 to 68.
4:29 am
leyla gulen? >> we have clear conditions so far. we do have construction as we take you into oakland and alameda, the tunnel is closed until 5:00 for road work. if you travel out of alameda and oakland, clear conditions but slowing on 880 northbound. it is creating a bottleneck causing bumper-to-bumper traffic eric and kristen? >> more commuter news. bart and a key union resume negotiations with renewed pressure. halfway through a cooling-off period the two sides seem to be making little progress toward another strike. abc7 news reporter matt keller
4:30 am
is at the fremont station. >> bart and officials will meet but rather than talking of the big issues they will focus on the small stuff. bart and the union are scheduled to meet to negotiate supplemental provisions. the big stuff -- salary and benefits -- are not going to be discussed until week. management said they need to take into account replacing of costs for parts and investment of expansion. unions say this is a pay cut and employees are forceed to pay more for health benefits. if no deal is reached another strike could begin october 11 and the governor will be powerless. bart riders want them to come to a deal because of the problems a strike creates for them on the commutes.


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