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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> after the effort and time put in to help folks at seaside park rebuild, to see this going on, as i said, it's just unthinkable. >> the governor says state is using all available resources to battle that fire developing news on a wildfire, cal fire determined someone target shooting started it. the fire first reported sunday afternoon near clayton. the 3100 acre sfir now 90% contained with full containment expected tomorrow, today, officials started demobilizing crews. to ensure winds don't cause flare ups. >> 22 years after a fatal outbreak of legionnaire's disease swept through that building abc 7 news bacteria from the disease has been
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discovered there again and some employees are understandably concerned. laura? >> well, looked like business as unusual inside of the federal building today but some employees tell us they're anxious inside it's been almost exactly 22 years and now, at least the precurseor, the bacteria has been found again. >> i feel nervous. >> a long time social security administration employee is one of hundreds in this building who received word that the bacteria legionnaire's was found inside. >> we're told itd was in men's and womens bathroom on the fifth floor and had been in the basement. >> to cording to a memo, testing done august 27 found quote, a positive reading for
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legionella from water sampling and goes on to say would it have no impact on health and safety of building employees. that is little consoleation to long time employees who worked near 1991 when an outbreak killed a woman and jinged more than a dozen others. >> i think there is a reason to be concerned about health. i got sick 22 years ago. and think i can get sick again, from it. >> it's a severe lung infection including pneumonia. another form caused pontiac fever, a milder illness. according to 9 spokeswoman, bacteria has been boiled out of the building's water system. in richmond abc 7 news.
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>> cdc says people age 50 and older are most at risk for developing legionnaire's disease so are recurrent or former smokiers and people with weakened immune systems either because of diseases or because they take medication. legionnaire's disease requires treatment with antibiotics. pontiac fever goes away for treatment. antibiotics do not make a difference. >> east san jose neighborhood is locked down this afternoon, police searched for a home invasion robber around 11:00 in the morning. police arrive skptd men took off, running. officers went door to door in the school and schools were locked down. >> we searched through 7100
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homes in the area. but, we weren't very successful at getting the fifth suspect. >> investigators have not determined why robbers targeted that home. >> also in san jose, 62-year-old craig uhara appeared in court in connection with a death a man whose body was nound a vehicle near san jose state university. he faces charges of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting of the 48-year-old on sunld thchl is a complicated case here, police say uhara fired a shot at people he thought were car thieves outside of his home in los gatos. the thought is that bullet hit him and car kept going. >> well, tonight, east palo alto police saying a gunman who shot go teenagers matches
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a description of a man firing into a neighboring home on labor day. the victims told police a man drove up to a home last night about 11:00 and started shooting at two teens. one went to school but came home in pain. >> hurts. i don't know. it's worst pain i've ever felt in my life. >> never been shot before. >> i just want everybody to figure everything out this, hurts. i don't want it to happen again. >> police need help in catching the shooter. the 17-year-old brother remains hospitalized police say both are gang members. the house has been site of four separate shootings since may. a woman found stabbed to death this morning in nap kra. police arrest her husband in that killing. the woman's daughter called police from an apartment and officers found the suspect, a
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42-year-old in front of the home, holding a knife. he was arrested. the daughter was not hurt. she's now with other family members. >> the fiancee of a man murdered three years ago in berkeley is still searching for answers tonight. he was shot to death after celebrating his 35th birthday. they were confront bid two men today happens to be the third anniversary of the zpej there have been no arrests in this case. nelson says she's not giving up. >> i am just here with idea cannot forget until there is that closure that there tlb a presence here. >> nelson asking anyone who may know something to come forward. >> i team obtain aid crucial piece of evidence. surveillance video of a fire truck hitting a motorcycle
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rider in san francisco last june. the firefighter at the wheel is being investigated for driving under the influence and hit and run. now, take a look. the 43-year-old at the wheel june 29th. it hit the motorcycle, sending the rider across pavement into the fire hydrant as you saw there. this video take gren a bar at the skeechblt abc 7 news reported investigators say quinn twent went into the bar to drink watt yir trying to avoid getting busted for a dui. coming up at 6:00 dan noyes will have reaction from the chief and why there is a corruption investigation now underway against some firefighters. >> federal government launching a smart phone app trying to help catch fugitive
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child molestors. ice calls the operator predator. >> kit down load the free app from apple. and says they'll have a software on other smart phones. and what they want is help catching the fugitive sex offenders. saying this is the first of its kind you'll see kevin trask is a 37-year-old that once lived in the bay area,. >> he and there is over 700 images and child sexual exploitation. >> ice hopes someone out there will know where they are.
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the app makes it easy to contact investigators you can text online or press button as louing you to phone in the tip. the agency has had success catching fugitives. >> within 24 hours, tips came flooding in. >> authorities hope it will help them find registered sex offender who's fail to check in with police. the trouble is that many are homeless, finding them is difficult. >> if you went through megan's law and looked for people they don't show nupt areas. >> last month the task force went into a homeless encampment looking for 20 fugitives. also on the software are john d. oes, those seen in child porn
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whose identities are unknown. they're hoping this app will lead to name and an arrest. >> twitter going public revealing it has filed confidential documents for an initial public offering and is taking advantage of federal laej lej slaigs passed last year that allows companies to avoid subordinate ipo documents publicly. most revenue comes from advertising. estimated $582 million this yeerk twitter made announcements in a tweet which said we submitted fr a mand ipo this, tweet did z not constitute an offer of securities for sae. all that in under 140 characters.
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afterward tweeted now back to work. >> naming the western span of the bay bridge an offer to name after willie brown. the decision not sitting well with some people. a lawsuit filed today claiming state lawmakers violated rules by naming the span after a living person. >> a fa ill ti to be named after someone that person must be deceased. willie brown ain't dead. >> you taught say smu tu to people whom you think have done something. i'll be damn if you can hear that. >> officials waived the requirement for the vo. he cannot veto the measure because it's a nonbinding resolution. >> willy would rather be alive than see the name on the bridge. >> yes.
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>> more head including a celebration that drew hundreds of people. >> i'm sandhya patel. live on the roof of the kgotv broadcast center a drizzly start today. we'll gain and lose going into the weekend. >> plus, you can find ratings and reviews for just about anything these days but can you trust them? 7 on your side finds out. ab
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>> a flooding emergency in northern california. heavy rain sent waves of water crashing through hillsides and ravines. officials say the mountain
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town is cutoff, everybody there is believed to be okay. in boulder students ordered to evacuate of university of colorado after heavy rains flooded the town. officials say six inches of rain fell just a 12-hour period this is just late gleft a series >> long lines as a new nordstrom rack opened in the east bay. a lot of shoppers were excited but there seems to be confusion and congestion. >> it's aa moment to celebrate the only nordstrom kak vak now open. but one person's joy is another's hardship. >> my concern is traffic. >> bargain shoppers now on a collision course at the edge of the nordstrom store parking
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lot is safe way discount gas station. a destination with long lines of cars waiting to get n now, add nordstrom shoppers into the mix. 2000 lined up for grand opening. the mayor says city planners saw this issue coming. >> we have folk that's worked hard with engineers to make sure this was going to happen the right way. >> they reconfigured how customers get to the pump. old route is now nordstrom parking lot. >> i don't like the situation. they keep change how to get into here. >> i don't like that. that big u-turn there. >> engineers made sure we don't have problems on the contra costa boulevard. and we have attendance
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monitoring cars as they come in. >> there is plenty of appreciation for the store, one woman in this line wished she was in this line. >> i was just informed by my cousin they're giving away gift gift cards this morning. >> it's crowded but the mayor saying this nordstrom rack is bringing more than 100 jobs to the area. >> when et comes time to hire help around the house people turn to online services but can you trust reviews there? >> consumer reports partnered to find out. >> you know hiring the right plumber, painter or handiman can be hit and miss so rating services say they can help you find the best company and professiona. consumer reports money experts checked out
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ratings services actually work and whether you can rely on it. >> dr. judy wanted to hire a house cleaner, she registered with angie's list, angie's list says grades are based on reviews from customers. >> angie's list rated this business with an a. i had to go behind them and dust areas that were supposed to have been cleaned. boy have to give it a b. >> consumer reports money advisors say of course it's not unusual to disagree with user reviews. but, be wary of jumping on companies at the top of the search result autos we found business was a or b rating that's pay for advertising rise to the top of the search on angie's list. >> consumer reports money advisor checked out other ratings services including yelp and google plus local.
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>> google plus local didn't respond when we asked how it responds to revuls. yelp admitted the system has not been tested. >> yelp allows businesses to buy their way to the top of the pack in search results but unlike angie's list clearly labels the ad. >> i think there is no substitute for using family and friends. bottom line ratings services aren't perfect. we saw ratings for the same business can vary from site sto site. it may be worth to it look at the business on several sites. >> most communities angie's list charges subscribers to sign up. yelp and google plus local are free. another free service is a nonprofit better business bureau.
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i think they do a great job. >> yes. >> all right we're looking out sichld we saw the sun break through this afternoon. >> yes. did not look promising. hi, sandhya. >> yes. beginning to wonder if we've seen light of day. overcast skies, areas where sun is hot early it warmed up, today, let's talk about what is coming up. we'll have some low clouds near the coast but otherwise nice, sunny afternoon in some areas. inland spots in the east bay and parts of the north bay running higher if you look around oakland, temperatures mountain view running cooler.
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i want to show you sutro tower, that point of the tower is 1600 feet. we're expecting temperatures to rise in areas heading into next two days this afternoon, coastal spots throw mid-60s and antioch, 87. check out this view from our camera. looking towards mount tamalpais clouds out there, blue skies, 79 santa rosa. 75 napa. 81 in concord. gorgeous view from our camera. so beautiful up there. 78 into afternoon. morning sun. and we're looking at ice slaitd showers, thunderstorms for afternoon. areas of fog tonight warmer days coming up for bay area friday, saturday. a cooler pattern segt up for
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sunday. so if you have plans just keep that in mind. area of high pressure bringing warmth, lows on both ends west and east end of under the circumstances. we're just sandwiched in the middle. bumping up to where you should be going into tomorrow. west coast develops towards monday this, is what is going keep heat at bay. we're not expecting any real heat here in the bay area. upside to this of course is low fire danger, good air quality. tomorrow morning watch out for the fog. we're going to lose drizzles there. 80 in the south bai. 84 los gatos. 78 redwood city.
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inland spots upper 80s fairfield. accu-weather forecast will start to see a downward trend in temperatures going into weekend. very mild weather is expected low to mid-60s coast side. i would say comfortable weather including the weekend. live on the roof of the kgotv broadcast center, back to you. >> thank you. >> just head a move to get phone shallly dangerous chemicals out some of product autos firgs smart phones now, smart pens. at 6:00 michael finney showing us these devices recording everything they write and draw
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for san francisco airport it had the worst delays in the nation this summer. and found only 62% arrived on time, airport officials say the drop was due to runway work in june. the crash in july and more days of just low clouds and fog in august. among air carriers spirit airlines had worst ontime performance in the country, 53%. >> there are claims of victory by environmentalists this evening over walmart's decision to ban chemicals found in common items today announce it will require suppliers to phase out 10 hazardous chemicals found in care products and cleaning supplies starting in january. some suppliers were doing so before the retail giant's move. walmart is taking that action in collaboration with epa and environmental defense fund. a nonprofit group with offices in san francisco.
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>> big change coming for students in mount diablo. school board increasing grad waigs requirements school seniors. current juners will be needing 210 units. the decision reduces units needz needed to graduate. >> the bay area school growing so many veg yeez in their garden they're try
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orks coming up at 6:00 exclusive video obtained by the abc 7 news i team who. is to blame for the accident along with charges of skrupgs. also, a prove that could mean
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more money for housekeepers and other domestic workers. those stories is more coming up at 6:00 now back to cheryl and layer yes. >> school year barely underway but students reaping fruits of their labor. >> ruth school of the arts uses part of the campus. and growing vegetables and tomato autos also tending to 22 chickens kids are now opening a farmer's stand selling veggies eggs and honey. good job, guys. >> thanks for joining us.
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welcome to "world news." tonight wall of water, the 20-foot flash flood that raced down a mountain, swamping towns, the dramatic rescue, a driver pulled from his car with seconds to spare. breaking news, a monster fires burns along the iconic jersey shore, a new blow to the people still trying to recover from hurricane sandy. culture and the cross roads, the big debate today after a popular tv host said she felt she had to change her asian eyes to change success in her career. and a good thursday evening to all of you. we begin with the state of emergency out west tonight. more than 2.5 million people in a raging flood zone.


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