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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 13, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning at 5:00. thank you for joining us. >> i am here for eric thomas on friday 13th. sometimes you expect weirdness but it is normal in the weather department. >> if you call drizzle on the windshield normal. >> and on friday the 13th, people drive slower. the visibility is 1/2 miles at half moon bay and one in santa rosa so fog is developing there. the rest of us have a low ceiling and drizzle but not much fog. in the afternoon hours, mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast. partly sunny. partly cloudy in san francisco and 70. mostly sunny throughout the bay shore with mid-70's to around
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80. inland, east bay, sunny and the warmest with mid-to-upper 80's. and friday lite commute? >> we hope it stays lite but not weird yet. we were just taking at look at i-80 in the westbound direction through berkeley and we did not have anything wrong. we have a new report of debris in the lanes so watch out for that along westbound to get to emeryville toward the bay bridge. we are in good shape. outside, my favorite picture now is going to be the most beautiful picture using all the time in the westbound direction across the new span of the bay bridge traffic is moving smoothly as you head into treasure island. thousands of workers in california could be on the way to a new raise with the
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legislation underway on a rise in the minimum wage the. >> worker whose make minimum wage should have a little extra hot in hear stop. the governor brown has to sign the bill but he said he will. that means california's minimum wage now $8 will go up to $10 in 2016. along the way you get a bump to $9 slated for next july. it would be the first minimum wage hike in california in six years and workers are all if it. >> that would be great for me. the california chamber of commerce and the state restaurant association both oppose the hike in the minimum wage and they say it would mean unfair rise in costs for el employers and it could mean
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fewer employees. right now, the highest minimum wage not country is now in washington state at $9.19n san francisco, it is the highest at $10.50. >> less than five days after it broke out, the fire on mt. diablo should be contained. folks say the 3,100 acre fire sparked by target shooters but they have not been identified. the ocean -- investigation is ongoing. evacuations and road closures were forced. it is 95 percent contained. there will be a report coming up in the next half hour. >> the bart board is telling the unions not to expect more money when contract negotiations between the two sides resume on monday. "san francisco chronicle" reports that yesterday's bart board meeting the director tried
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but failed to get members to get $5 billion for the bart negotiations which was left over after the books were balanced. bart met with onedown yesterday but did not discuss issues such as pensions which will be considered on monday with talk with both unions resume. >> the court appointed leader of the oakland police department has rejected an initiative passed by the city council which leaves several feeling betrayed. court-appointed overseer overturned the directive to hire civilian clerks to take citizen complaints against officers and have them work outside the department. a council member says it is cop temporary to what the public was promised and what the counsel authorized and was expected to free up eight officers to patrol city streets. the rule was applauded by the police union which wants to keep come complaints within internal affairs.
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san francisco police are the highest paid in the state and next week they could have a deal to keep then at the top longer. the board will sign off on tuesday on a proposed labor deem that gives raises to officers. according to the examiner the contract would give them a 5 percent raise over five years and cash out on six time while new recruits will make 10 percent less. officials say this allows the city to hold three police academy classes next year starting with the class of 50 recruits. >> $4 million cost overruns of the construction of the bicycle pat on the new bay bridge span according to a "san francisco chronicle" reports that obtained documents that showed design 19s and fabrication errors and snapped bolts on the railing. the problems were fixed with money that came from a contingency fund financed through tolls. the bicycle path is safety to use. it will be linked to yerba buena island island when the old bridge is demolished in 2016.
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>> dawn is revealing the extent of the damage from a fire that devoured a boardwalk in new jersey. this was in seaside park with smoke still rising from the ruins of 50 businesses as firefighters continue pouring water on hotspots. this is the area just rebuilt after super storm sandy. no word on major injuries but the damage is expected to be in the millions. we will go to new jersey for the latest. >> in colorado the rising water is raging so violently that thousands more people have been ordered to we evacuate from downtown boulder. power will flash floods have claimed at least three lives. here is the latest from boulder. >> good morning. the flooding here in colorado is now proving to be a 24 hour concern. this is the bolder creek in a suburb outside of denver in
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boulder, and the creek has been flowing violently at a pace of more than 200 times the normal speed. we are told three people are confirmed dead across the state account national guard has been brought in to bring supplies to the areas where the roads have been washed away. it is too early to tell damage estimates. but one sheriff deputy said we are in live-saving mode. >> how is the weather in colorado in we check with mike nicco. >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd where you can see to the east of denver it shows sporadic storms this morning with the heavier stuff in northeast colorado and headed to nebraska and kansas as it rolls off to the east. what we are seeing now is all the areas in green, just a flood
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warning. the creeks and streams are slowly rising and going to spill out of the banks. that is ft. collins and colorado springs and right along the front range of the rockies and thinning into the plains of northeast colorado. right now we have a flood warning that extends to the north of boulder and back to est. schiller park continuing until 6:00. the forecast shows more rain with temperatures in the mid 60's and shoulders likely today and thunderstorms tomorrow possible and more thunderstorms on monday and they are probably a better chance on sunday. when you get the thunderstorms that is when you get the heavy rain coming down in a shorter period and the flash flooding develops which is what they are worried about. anymore rain that falls is going to run off and cause more flood ing. leyla gulen?
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>> we have traffic conditions so far but friday lite and hopefully it will stay that way. we have tomorrow in downtown walnut creek the walnut creek festival twilight parade so the streets around downtown walnut creek will be shot down and it will start around 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. but expect to see street closings before that and make the plans accordingly. the traffic, 580 westbound from tracy to castro valley toward 238 is under 40 minutes and we are moving along at top speed 101 northbound from highway 85 to the san jose airport at 13 minutes and 280 northbound from highway one is under ten minutes to friend. outside, san jose along 280, a few extra headlights in the northbound direction approaching 17 and everything is still looking go. >> lucky passengers nag a tremendous deal from united but they may not be able to keep it.
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the bloomberg business report is next. >> the challenge to the controversial plan in richmond to save hundreds of hopes from foreclosure. >> disgraced bicyclist lands lapse making -- lance armstro
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a federal judge will rule monday on a lawsuit aimed at preventing richmond from using imminent
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domain to stop foreclosures. half of the homeowner have mortgages underwater. the judge denied a motion for an injunction. wells fargo and deutsche bank claim the use of imminent domain is unconstitutional. richard wants to use the power to buy mortgages. it is usually used to buy private land for public use when the owner doesn't want to sell. >> in antioch a man is if jail if shooting at police during a pursuit. the 19-year-old tried to ram a police vehicle, collided with two other cars, and shot at an officer yesterday. he was out on bail after a bug hear arrest and was taken into custody after an officer hit him with the patrol car. >> oakland police say security video has helped nba -- grab a thief. this was a t-shirt on grand
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avenue and the video shows the thief running into the store grabbing the owner's laptop and sprinting out the door. police arrested the suspect in hours. investigators are still looking for another man who was the lookout during the crime. the stolen laptop has not been recovered. >> lance armstrong is trying to clean up his hand. he has returned the bronze olympic medal he won in 2000 giving to the olympic officials months after they asked him to give it back and tweeted this picture of the medal and came clean about using performance-enhancing drugs. >> nasa says the probe has left our solar system a voyage no other man made object has made before. we spoke to nasa engineers and scientists say it drifted outside the solar system in august of last year and is now entered the space between the stars where everything comes from the explosion of other stars which exploded 5 to 10
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million years ago. >> what is exciting for the first time we are in space filled with matter that has come from other stars. we knew the space was there because there is a hot space between the stars. we had never been if that area and now we can measure the mickey -- milky way galaxy. the voyageers were launched in 1977. they will turn off the science instrument in 2020 with power being cut off in 2025 and then it will continue to orbit the center of the mill canny way galaxy. >> jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, twitter, tweeting too 200 million users but it has filed to go public. the service could avoid some of the hype surround facebook
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before it traded. twitter is keeping the financial data under wrapped if now. twitter could be valued at $14 billion. >> you may think 7/11 of selling slurpy but they will sell healthy snack alongside other healthy brands. the research says americans now snack more frequently than they eat meals. united is trying to figure what to do after they put zero dollar fares online if a couple of hours yesterday. they say it is taking a look at whether they will on the tickets. >> an unusual site over lake michigan: this massive twin waterspout was spotted over a lake near wisconsin yesterday and tornado sirens blaired as twiters were spotted along the shoreline, as well, with no
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reports of damage. >> not one but two? wow. >> no reports of raining fish, either? >> maybe but the fish would be reporting that. >> it happens when the waterspout sucks up the fish. >> shark-nado. right? >> absolutely. satellite and cloudy and drizzle and not so heavy or widespread as yesterday. i had to use the wipers only two times yesterday. from emeryville, a beautiful picture of the eastern span of the bay bridge with a bright afternoon and seasonal highs and everyone fighting over the
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beautiful picture. cooler breeze on sunday. quick traffic report? >> sure, do you want me to come up? >> later. my, it is friday the 13th. >> 80 in san jose and cupertino and low-to-mid 70's in los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy. 72 in millbrae and mid-to-upper 60's on the peninsula and near 70 in downtown south san francisco. good morning to you at santa rosa, napa is sunshine and 84 and mid-to-upper 60's. 72 in berkeley the cool spot and up to 79 in hercules and castro valley and headed into the east bay valley the mid-to-upper 80's and nothing out of the ordinary for this time of the year.
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temperatures tonight are mid-50's to around 60 and cloud cover is probably as rest length as it is this morning but more dry with drizzle less likely than this morning. we are stuck between the two areas of high pressure with the main pattern to the north and we will rely on the sea breeze that will not fluctuate were. tomorrow the seven-day forecast is the same and the sea breeze kicks in on sunday and we will hold steady monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. good morning, everyone, so far, so good, with quiet conditions across the bay area so friday 13th we are off to a good start. we have con justification over the altamont pass with the red behind me as you make it in the westbound direction coming from tracy to livermore. we have construction going on in san jose southbound along 880
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between stevens creek and 280 you will find construction crews only slowing for the cone zone. 680 southbound is a short commute and from santa rosa to san francisco is 50 minutes with highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains northbound from highway one to los gatos is 24 minutes. the san mateo bridge has mist or drizzle fogging up the camera and cleared a moment ago but we have moist weather. you can barely see the tail lights so slow down and watch for the speeds. >> ahead, seven things to know as you start the day. >> life imitates art. >> good news biologists have about the california sea otter population. >> today, everyone's favorite mobster, robert deniro joins
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agood morning, the golden gate bridge shows clear conditions but there is drizzle out there as well this morning. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast coming up. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. number one, fire officials are blaming target shooters for starting the massive fire last sunday on mt. diablo. no word yet on what charms if any the shooters will face. they expect to have the 3,100 acre fire fully contained today. more from abc7 news reporter amy
5:24 am
hollyfield in a few minutes. >> thousands of california workers wake up with a smile upon word they could get a big raise. the governor will sign a bill to increase the minimum wage. >> the state legislature approve a bill to let undocumented immigrants get california driver's licenses. the licenses will include a special mark that indicates the person is not allowed to vote or receive social services. supporters say it could make streets safer. >> four, new jersey firefighters have been on the scene of a devastating boardwalk fire all night keeping an eye on the hotspots. officials are calculating the loss and trying to determine the spark of the fire that stretched across two resort towns and destroyed 50 businesses. >> in colorado boulder police chief says it looks better after officials sent evacuation notices to thousands of people living along a creek. the police chief says the creek
5:25 am
has dropped from the peak. >> we will focus on the weekend trust, the seven-day forecast shows a warming trend. will it last the whole weekend if that is the question. >> looking behind me the bay bridge toll plaza where we are still seeing clear conditions and despite it being it from the 13th, we are lucky in traffic. >> good news for california sea otter population, the survey finds that there is an increase in the number of otters, a 3 percent increase which is because of a record number of pups but scientists say it is encouraging for the population growth of otters. it was listed as "threatened" in 1977. 100 percent increase in cuteness on abc7 news, right? >> the abc7 morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories including the east bay city seeing a sharp increase in
5:26 am
crime and the possible solution. >> bay area hospitals are ready for lay offs and putting the blame squarely on washington, dc.
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♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. happy friday the 13th. may you have some good luck today. thanks for joining us. >> i am matt keller with good luck out there as far as the weather. >> mike nicco has lucky details. >> good morning, yes, the drizzle is not so widespread as yesterday and not so heavy with fog developing.
5:29 am
1.25 mile at half moon and 1.75 in santa rosa. no fog right now with fog cover from the exploritorium to the port of oakland and the first forecast has minor warming, and north bay inland around 80 to 88 and end at the bay is sunny with a few clouds lingering at 72 to 80 and the coast to san francisco we go partly sunny-to-partly cloudy 64 to 70. >> we have a report of a stalled vehicle by moffitt airfield blocking one lane but not causing any slowing. personally, i didn't have the type in the box but it is at ellis in the northbound direction. we have slow going traffic in the northbound direction but other than that, we are in good shape. to the south, we have a construction project for another 30 minutes and southbound 880 between stevens creek to 280 is
5:30 am
watch out for that and northbound traffic had early progresses which have wrapped up and outside here is the picture of this, the drive into central san rafael traffic is winding its way down and it will be fine there. california fire officials have a warning of how easy it is to spark devastating and pensive while fires after new information on the mt. diablo fire. amy hollyfield is in clayton with the latest. >> firefighters have released the cause and they think target practice was to blame an act that caused a huge fire. it burned 3,100 acres over this week on sunday. firefighters are using this opportunity to ask people to be ask careful with their activities that could cause any spark. the fire want up so quickly. residents say guns are a way of
5:31 am
life. airports are -- you get used to the apes shooting and it is private property. people cannot hunt out here on the private property. my neighbor across the street is constantly shooting his shotgun. >> the fire is out. now the concern is mudslides when the rainy season hits with no vegetation left the crews are still up there on the mountain around mt. diablo doing what they can to get the land ready to try and prevent mudslides. no arrests have been made. officials have not said would they think was shooting a gun on sunday when the fire starts. the cause is all they are ready to release right now. >> developing news from new jersey where firefighters still on the scene of a tragic fire 18 house after it broke out. the fire destroyed dozens of businesses in an area still
5:32 am
covering from super storm sandy. now over to seaside, new jersey. >> the fire is contained but firefighters are still out here working hard to contain the hotspots. >> a bitter burning end to what was, until now, a summer of rebirth for the jersey shore. devoured in the flames, the only portion of the seaside boardwalk to survive super storm sandy re-opening months ago only to crumble if an uncompromising wall of fire and smoke. >> seaside again? after sandy? it is devastating. >> it started on thursday afternoon at a frozen custard stand. high winds picked up embers carrying the names for blocks until this was all that was left of dozens of businesses that were just rebuild. after all the effort and time
5:33 am
and resources we put in to see this going on, it is unthink unthinkable. just blocks from where the roller coaster was swept into the ocean crowes cut through a newly rebuild portion of boardwalk to keep the flames from spreading. business owners vowing to bounce back, again, saming what they could. >> this is jersey shore. do we have a close? do we have a choice? this is our livelihood. this is where we make our living and feed our family. we have no choice. we will recover. >> such a positive outlook and so many people, so grateful that no one was seriously sure, and guest varieties -- investigators are on the scene this morning now. >> happening now in colorado fast-rising floodwaters keeping
5:34 am
thousands from their homes this morning. officials are watching rivers and creeks across boulder county. a giant surge of water was expected to trigger more flash flooding but it [ up before it reached boulder and flood waters have washed away homes and roads and killed three people. president obama declared it a disaster area yesterday and this morning rain is still falling and several towns in the rocky mountain foothills are cut off by flooding. >> a bill to raise the california minimum wage to $10 is headed to governor who will sign it, the first hike in five years. it is now $8. it will go to $9 in july. and $10 an sure in january of 2016. few communities have a higher minimum wage including san jose at $10 an hour and san francisco 50 cents higher. katie marzullo value -- will
5:35 am
have more at the top of the air. >> bill could let undocumented immigrants get driver's licenses including a special mark that indicates the person is not allowed to vote or receive social services. the governor brown said he will sign the measure. imagreements have to be properly insured. >> violent crime is rising in berkeley. the police department mid-year report shows robberies were up by 25 percent in the first what of the year. burg hears have jumped 34 percent. there have been four homicides this year. the latest was on sunday night when a man was shot to death at 8th and page street. last year berkeley had five for the entire year. our media partner reports that the city's police union says more officers are needed. the police chief is scheduled to prevent the report to city council on tuesday. >> the san francisco worker who ran over a woman with a city maintenance truck is apologize.
5:36 am
christine svanemyr was killed on thursday in holly park. the garden neither thomas burnoski left the scene but he was arrested. in a statement to abc7 news through his attorney burnoski said "my action caused the death of this person and there is nothing i can do to bring her back. i'm absolutely devastated by this tragic accident." burnoski is facing felony hit-and-run charms. >> john muir health is offering voluntary buyouts to hundreds of employees. cop con time -- "contra costa times" reports that john muir health wants to save money by trimming 200 full time positions with no doctors asked to leave. officials say the cost-cutting is to get ahead of next year when president obama's affordable health care act takes effect and there will be small are payments from the government. >> the bacteria that causes legionnaire's disease was found in richmond, in a federal building.
5:37 am
the bacteria was found in the bathroom sink water of the facility. we on the add copy of a memo to federal employees that says the water tested for last month and the memo says it has been boiled out of the water system and no one can contracted the disease. 22 years ago a fatal outbreak happened in the same building. >> driving out there you could find clouds and maybe something on your windshield. >> patchy drizzle is possible and not is widespread as yesterday. hopefully actual not cause issues this morning. temperatures are running an 59 in san bruno and belmont and wood side at 57. palo alto is 61 so not much of a spread. in hayward it will be 57 and fremont is 60. los gatos at 59 and concord at 58. 58 in napa and fairfield and novato and san francisco. it is cooler this morning.
5:38 am
it will remain that way through 7:00. the next 12 hours, clouds are lingering longer along the east bay shoreline and low-to-mid 60's around the bay and the coast but, still, possibly like jacket weather. at 4:00, mid-80's inland and temperatures close to normal and mid-60's around the bay and you will need the light coat in the evening as we fall into the upper 60's and 74 inland. the next three days, tomorrow is like today. the cool sea breeze kicks in sunday, the cooler day of the forecast with the least amount of sunshine and temperatures rebounding slightly on monday. no big swings in the forecast. have a good one. leyla gulen? >> we have a report of a nasty accident on mission boulevard this fremont. it was first reported to be on 880 but i looked at our exclusive app and we have several reports saying it is on
5:39 am
mission between 880 and 680. the map shows that one lane is getting by involving five or 60's vehicles with a big rig involved. we will watch that as the morning wears on. avoid that because it will cause a problem in the commute. headed along 580, that is building westbound from tracy to dublin at 40 minutes and highway 4 is busy between antioch and concord and 101 is clearing and a two car accident in the number 12 toll lane so avoid that. the center lanes, though, moving just fine. >> a toddler and a woman fall interest a sinkhole and. coming up the dramatic efforts to save their lives. >> caught on camera: a top actress is knocked to the ground and a bibbist could
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. developing news from western afghanistan, american security forces have stopped an attack on a consulate after militants used
5:43 am
a suicide truck bombing to gain access. after the explosion militants breached the outer gate and got into the compound. officials say that is when there was a gun fight between the militants and security forces. two afghan security guards were killed in the attack as were five attackers. all consulate personnel were safe and the taliban claimed responsibilities. diplomats are washingtoning a second day to hammer out an agreement on ridding syria of the chemical weapons. secretary of state john kerry and russia's foreign minister are discussing the film work of a deal while the technical experts work out a plan and bashar al-assad has sign add decrease for syria to become a full member of the u.n. treaty banning the use of chemical
5:44 am
weapons and george stephanopolis will have a one-on-one interview with president obama at the white house. you can see the interview on "this week with george stephanopolis," on sunday morning at 8:00 right here. >> today in san francisco, governor brown will sign a global warming agreement for the government of china the it is an out growth of the trip to beijing in april talking about clean energy and low carbon development. >> some students at a high school are disappointed because a dance tonight was postponed at last minute. the administration decided to reschedule it for next friday after receiving complaints because tonight is the start of yom kippur. the board holds the dance to raise money for prom and graduation. the student bed say they are losing hundreds already spent and missing out on what they would raise. they canceled an event for observance of a religious
5:45 am
holiday. we believe we should separate religious actor from anything that goes into the planning. >> a unified spokesman regrets the sport notice but says the principal is, working with the student government to make this a learning opportunity about respecting all religions. >> nicole kidman could press chaz after being hit by a bicyclist and knocked to the ground. video shows a freelance she screamed and grabbed her ankle in pain but said she was okay. the 19-year-old photographer was given a ticket and this morning several media outlets report that she could press charges, as well. "good morning america" will have more on the story starting at 7:00 this morning.
5:46 am
you are not supposed to ride your bicycle on a sidewalk. >> that picture would have been blurry anyway. really dangerous. >> interesting they got a picture of him laying on the ground. that is funny. >> we have drizzle this morning and damp for bicyclists. do we get a picture of that? >> no, someone is probably recording it. we will have bay bridges but faster than yesterday. southwest winds at san francisco, san pablo and into the delta communities but that stretches out to the coast where we will have winds at 15 to 25 15- to 25-knots through 5:00 tomorrow morning. the embarcadero has a lot of
5:47 am
traffic. we are still looking at the ferry building in gold and red this morning and it will be a bright afternoon with temperatures close to average with a few clouds lingering along the shore. a cooler breeze on sunday. today and tomorrow are the warmer days and it is not that obnoxious but close to average. through next week we will settle into a steady pattern. no wild swings in the forecast. as far as cloud cover, you can see all of us are covered with clouds and we will be that way through 10:00. that is when we will see the eat bay and south bay clear out and by noon you are clear but we have clouds lingering and along the coast in the lower valleys in the north bay and still around in the afternoon hours. we will go sunny an the bay and sunny at the coast. a lot of 70's in gilroy.
5:48 am
in santa cruz, 76 and more sunshine. millbrae is 72 and mid-to-upper 70's along the peninsula and warmer and 70's around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and north bay is low-to-mid 80's today with mid-to-upper 60's at the beaches and we will have mid-to-upper 70's for the peninsula and berkeley is cooler at 72 and inland the temperatures are back to average mid-to-upper 80's. tonight is like this morning, cloud cover less drizzle and mid-60's. tomorrow, the temperatures mirror today and the cooler sea breeze to sunday drops us two to four degrees and mondays tuesday, wednesday and thursday close to average with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. leyla gulen? >> an accident in fremont on mission boulevard between 680 and 880 we have a nasty crash involving a big rig and five to six other vehicles. you can see what it is doing to
5:49 am
traffic: bumper-to-bumper traffic with one lane only and a major accident. northbound along the film it you will see traffic as you approach beyond mission boulevard northbound. southbound is not too bad. bay bridge has a two car accident. try to avoid that. we have more traffic funneling into the toll. it eases up when you approach treasure island. this is san jose away from 17 a few extra cars making it in the northbound direction. >> in kentucky, a two-year old and a football coach are recovering after falling 18' into a sinkhole. the emergency crews were called to a park in louisville. witnesses say the toddler was running on the football field and she fell in. the coach eased himself into the hole to comfort the girl. authorities say it was a drain average hole. the two were trapped for more than an hour before firefighters
5:50 am
pulled them to safety. >> an aviator's attempt to be the first to cross the atlantic using helium balloons 12 hours into the journey. that is jonathan after he took off in maine in a small yellow light boat with 370 helium balloons. he planned to travel 2,500 miles to europe across the atlantic. he was forced to land early in canada because of a technical issue. better he crash landed early rather than halfway. >> pretty picture. >> 5:50. speaking of pretty picture, want to look better instantly without surgery or dieting? one thing you do every day that can improve your looks. >> baseball fans can pitch in to pay for the injured
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>> we are following breaking news in the east bay where firefighters are on the scene of a small strip fire in san ramon that started at a starbucks. no word on what started the fire. crews have the situation under control. >> the san francisco giants holding another fundraiser for the fan who was beaten up outside dodgers stadium two years ago. the team is selling special event tickets if the game on tuesday september 24, $10 in every ticket goes directly to the brian stow fund. the package includes reserve infield seat and subject to dynamic pricing and today listed for $25 each. a few months ago the insurance company said they would no longer pay for full time care in a rehab center. the family is suing the dodgers to pay for the medical needs. >> pre-orders underway for the new iphone 5 colorful and
5:54 am
cheap are iphone went on sale at midnight and sprint and at&t and verizon taking the pre-orders and t-mobile will take them later today. the new iphone 5s is available in stores on friday september 20th. >> and mike nicco has the weekend forecast. >> from mount tamalpais across the bay you can see the clouds are hugging the water. from fremont, 78. concord is 85. warmer than yesterday. san francisco and oakland all one degree of yesterday's temperatures with poor air quality to yosemite national park through the afternoon today. the cloud cover and lack of thunderstorms compared to year across the sierra, much more quiet and we will have 90 in yosemite national park. sunny and 83 in los angeles. headed to tahoe, here is the weekend forecast, a lot of sunshine and near 80.
5:55 am
we have a crash at the bay bridge toll plaza that is possibly overturned in the number five lane. san jose shows everything running at top speed but 101 between 280 and 680 and the nimitz we see a buildup of traffic to the san jose airport. other than that, the rest of hose is clear. on the bay bridge number 12 lane we got word in the number five toll lane an over town with more details on that coming up. you can see the traffic is running smoothly in the westbound direction. >> thank you. the woman accused attacking a bay area hue -- a bay area musician faces arraignment, assault and battery charges. she attacked a musician lester chambers in july who dedicated a
5:56 am
song to the family of trayvon martin, the florida teen shot and killed by a volunteer wantman. this attack happened at a blues festival when she juneed -- jumped on stage and pushed the musician down. >> wal-mart says they will target chemicals in household cleaning, and but but beauty pr. in 2015, suppliers are required to post lists of ingredients. wal-mart is working with the environmental defense fund with offices in san francisco. >> want an instant makeover? get more slope. university of michigan researchers found sleep makes the big difference in how you look. they studied 20 adults after sleep treatments and noticed two-thirds looked more alert, useful and attractive after treatment. that means less facial redness
5:57 am
and puffyness but no difference in swelling and dark circles. >> state lawmakers work into the night over driver licenses for immigrants. >> flash flooding continues in colorado with a raging river threatening homes and people the. >> we will go to the jersey shore hours after a destructive fire.
5:58 am
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♪ >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the california minimum wage hike is all but official and how much workers will take home and the impact on businesses. >> we know the cause of the fire at mt. diablo and chased
6:00 am
people from their homes. >> a popular boardwalk on the jersey shore is up in flames. we are learning new details of what led to the fire in the first place. >> it is 6:00 on friday. we are seeing a little bit of drizzle out there. not so much drizzle as yesterday in quantity or how it is covering our neighborhoods. there is a lot less of it out there. santa rosa is four miles visibility up from one mile last hour and 2 1/2 in half moon bay which is an improvement. we will keep an cry on the flight arrival delays. less drizzle an the pay and 61 degrees with clouds. clouds will stay longer and noon we will be 66 and cooler-than-average temperatures at 4:00. next 12 hours, dry but pa


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