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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 14, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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on an emergency for game day t. lesson for park employees. plus new measures fans will see tomorrow at the raider's game. the evacuation zone in colorado. how they are dealing with the deadly flooding they are coping. the demands of a diplomatic
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break through of the birth of military action in syria. abc news starts now. >> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> practice of a different kind at at&t park. this one to prepare for an emergency while raiders fans get a call reminding them of new security rules. hi, thank you for joining us. welcome to this early edition of 7 news at 5:00 because of college football. a new season means new security rules for football fans and the giants staged a major security drill today. abc 7 reporter is live at at&t park with the story. kornell. >> reporter: hi, i'm sporting events and security. the two go hand-in-hand. and today the giants really put that to the test with an evacuation drill here at at&t park, all in the name of keeping fans safe. >> may i have your attention?
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>> reporter: it was only a test, but it looked and sounded like the real thing. no fans inside but 800 giants' employees played along in this real sometime evacuation of at&t park. a suspect armed with a gun inside at&t was the scenario. it sent some workers running for cover and others filing out to the safe meeting spot near the park. giants' bosses hope the same can be done with 40,000-plus fans inside. >> it's our priority. if we're not safe, then we can't enjoy a baseball game or any event that goes on here at the park. so we continually are testing our systems. >> reporter: 49ers fans packed the stick for their home opener and found new nfl mandated ruse, no backpacks, no large bags inside, but small clear bags like these are okay.
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>> raiders! >> reporter: raiders' fans aka afro dosiac and oak town pirate are ready for the home opener. it comes in the wake of the marathon bombings. >> what are you going to do? they find a new what i to terrorize people and the league has to be responsible in responding to that. >> when are the oak time pirates going to carry a clear bag into the game? >> the oak town pirate has very little to carry. i have to drop all the side arms. >> reporter: this pirate know, raiders love their team and keeping the game experienced, safe for all the fans. raider ticketholders are getting recorded phone messages there weekend reminding them about the policy for sunday's game. as far as the giants go they say today's thrill went very well. next time, they hope to use several thousand. fan volunteers to make the experience a little bit more real.
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we are live in san francisco at at&t park, abc 7 news. >> corn em, thank you. a fifth person is believed to have died in colorado's flooding and people in rain-drenched areas are preparing for the possibility of more flooding. new video out today shows the power of the flood waters. you are seeing the waters submerging a travel trailer. more than two dozen state highways are shut down, inundated with water. several days of flooding has washed out roads and flooded homes with over 15 inches of muddy water. hundreds have been evacuated. abc news meteorologist ginger zee has their stories. >> reporter: epic floods swallowing northern colorado. heroic efforts to save everyone including the farm animals. this horse made it. they are helping others to safety. others water so deep only trailers offered a way out. >> when we were loading, the
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water was up to here. it was running into the trailer as worry asking our horses to load and every one of them loaded and we got them out. >> reporter: not all survived. >> i think we lost three baby calves and two kittens. >> reporter: at least five people have died. >> one friend dead and, you know no idea of when we can go back and what will be left when we get back. >> more than 170 unaccounted for and thousands evacuated from their homes. >> we're getting evacuated and the water is on its way. just be safe and be stuck in it. >> i've never been in an evacuation, i don't think, and it feels kind of scary. >> reporter: scary indeed, watching remorseless water tear through homes and entire neighborhoods. >> it's like everything you know and-you see it get swept away in a matter of hours. >> reporter: it's not over. it's raining again, flood watches and warnings through the end of the weekend.
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ginger zee, abc news, for the colins, colorado. >> here's abc's meteorologist. lisa. >> we do have our own thunderstorm in the sierra, nevada near half inch to three-quarters of an inch through 4:45. can you see isolated storms. the big nude is in colorado, where we're looking at watch boxes and flash flood warnings to continue through wouldered and denver and colorado springs we do have thunderstorms moving through to the north and east and with these thunderstorms on the saturated soil we could expect an additional one-inch of rain coming down anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes that will allow for the rising rivers in the creeks. you can see one of the areas where they're expecting flooding through 6:00. more thunderstorms are likely tomorrow with more flooding lou the afternoon and a look rat our
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own much calmer local weather in a few minutes. irma. >> all right, thank you so much, lisa. coming up in our next half hour of news. a group of northern teenagers trapped in the colorado flooding. we will hear from the mother of one of those teens. to the crisis in syria now. secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart reached an agreement today to secure and destroy syria's chemical weapons. it averts threatened u.s. military action in syria. some republican critics say it could be viewed as a sign of weakness by america. abc news reporter darria aldiger has the details. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterparts broke out a regime to keep syria from using chemical weapons in there the united states and syria are trying to get rid of the chemical weapons. >> reporter: syria is in the midst of a civil war that
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claimed over 100,000 lives. within one week the countries must account for all of its chemical weapons and say where they are stored. under an agreement, international inspectors will be on the ground by november with weapons destroyed or removed by mid-2014 including some of the same nerve gas that exploded in syrian neighborhoods last month, killing according to u.s. estimates more than 1,400 people. for now all eyes are on syria's president bashar al-assad who must hammer down the framework between russia and the u.s.. >> there can be no games no room for avoidance or anything less than full complianceably the assad regime. >> reporter: or else. president obama made that clear in his weekly address. >> since this plan emerged, only with a credible threat of u.s. military action we will mane tain our military posture in the region to keep the pressure on the assad regime. >> reporter: meaning possibly u.s. military strikes against syria have not been ruled out.
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abc news, new york. >> demonstrators protested against a war in syria today. they marched along a new bay bridge bike path this afternoon. the group is the first to demonstrate on the new expansion of the bay bridge. gunfire erupted outside the hotel ohio state's football team was staying at yesterday. our ray fit wsyx from columbus, ohio captured audio of the gunshots, they happened outside the marriott downtown around 3:00 p.m. police say two men were firing at each other. the cab driver about 100 feet away was shot in the leg. no one else was hurt. the shooters ran off before police could arrive. they detained one man but let him go a short time later. a group of fans were in town against cal today. police in anti-och are investigating an accident.
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it happened shortly after 7:00 on hillcrest and sterling hill drive. verts say a car hit a curb then slammed into a tree. the teen inside the vehicle was believed to be under 18 died at the scene. a second person was airlifted to the hospital with critical injuries. the cause of the crash isn't known, but verdicts believe speed may have been a factor. the americas cub racing series could end this weekend. up next dramatic images of a rough day on the water for new zealand. find out who pulled out a win today. boat races of another kind today unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer
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. >> drama on the bay today as team new zealand nearly capsidesed. it happened in the america's cup final. look at that. the wind sail didn't pop to the correct side because of a hydraulic issue. because of that complication, team usa pulled out the win. today's second scheduled race was cancelled because of strong winds. they need to win then more races to claim the cup. emirates needs just three. the new bay bridge towered over one of the bay area's most colorful events today. the dragon boat races got going.
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there are 130 teams competing this year. some of the 3,600 paddleers come as far away as the netherlands. the festival also includes ethnic food options and crafts for the kids. the races will continue tomorrow with the grand championship starting at 3:30 p.m. for a look at how our weather will be and the rest of the evening, let's go to lisa. >> hi there. you talked about those winds we certainly have those on-shore wind keeping it cool on the peninsula. not only that the figure just didn't want to budge from filler point, half moon bay finally sunshine around mountain view and hayward, right now nice and sunny. you can see the breeze west wind up to 23 miles an hour. 64 downtown. 67 in oakland. 70 in san jose. 61 in half moon bay. look at all the sun. golden gate bridge. so no problems here. in fact fafs very nice afternoon up in north bay with idea in santa rosa.
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nevada is 75. breezy, cool side, 74. >> that is in the forecast, a cooling trend for the second half of the weekend. so low clouds and fog near the coast tonight. a little cooler tomorrow. then we'll bump the temperatures up by mid-week before a bigger change heads our way for the end of the upcoming workweek. we will talk about that in a minute. interesting clouds this afternoon as the low clouds continue to just playing parts of the peninsula keeping it cool. >> that patch over hayward and freemont in the 60s there. we also have low clouds an fog to move across the bay tonight. talking mid-50s. san francisco, low 50s up to the north bay and upper 50s if you head down towards san jose. 55 in morgan hill. so here's what's going to happen tomorrow. that fog foot print once again when you wake up with the drizzle. then by 8:00, 9:00, we will be sunny. a weak dry system will be heading lou the bay tomorrow. >> that will will allow for the
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loudz to be scoured out even here along the san mateo coast. temperatures coming down around 2 to 4 degrees tomorrow. you have to go well out into the valley. 60s at the coast. 70s and '80s in the bay. south bay look for 76 tomorrow. a few low- to mid-'80s from gilroy to morgan hill. 72 enin santa cruz. mid-70s with more sunshine for you in redwood city, lock for a high of about 70 in millbring a. 69, though, as you head further up north. in fact south city should top out at 70. temperatures in the '80s here with near east bay upper 60s and berkeley, you too waited on the sun. a little sunny, 74 though, in union city. you head inland a little cooler here. about 80 in pleasanton. the accuweather
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forecast shows pretty much a steady pattern. numbers bump up wednesday, thursday. look at that cooldown. we talk about maybe raindrops friday and saturday. >> all right. thank you so much lisa. cardinals in action today. >> a busy day, a 9:00 a.m. kickoff, they improve to 2 and 0 at west point. it wasn't pretty. the cadets will fight to the finish. got all the details coming u
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. >> today the black knights were looking for an 81 set. the cadets took a 6-0 lead.
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it was all stanford from there. john elway on the side lines, broncos playing tomorrow in new york. 6-0, kevin hogan having some luck here. passes to michael rector. a tip reels in. 26 yards, 7-6 charms. next possession. hogan, montgomery over the middle. 130 yards. on that score 14-6 stamford t. black knights rise, larry dixon up the gut. 15 yards, 17-13 game. army 284 yards rushing. 20-13 game in the 3rd. hogan, gaffney white opened out of the backfield. hogan three td passes in the game. afterwards, one of the great traditions in all of sports the opposing team joining army for the alma matter. elsewhere in the back 12 no. 2 oregon hosting tennessee. marcus marioda down the middle.
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blew by his defender. 54 yards on this touchdown. 24-7 ducks, tennessee's defense. having trouble covering anybody, 4th and 6. how'd he get that wide opened? 45 yards. marioda. four tds oregon wins 59-14 improving to 3 and 0. ucla hosted by nebraska bruins player tragically killed last sunday, the bruins rally from a 21-3 deficit third quarter. bruins on top 24-21. motels later, philip rule into the end zone. he improves to 2 and 0 41-21 that final. all right the no. 1 team in the land alabama advanceing last year's upset by johnny manzell. he came out of the chute firing. he settled down. ing agies led 14-0.
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crimson tide scored 29 unanswered points. kicked off by vinny tesari. boy avoids the tackle. cuts back inside. avoids another tackle. into the end zone, alabama 35-14. after a 'bama fumble on the 5, manzell completes it to mike evans. 95 yards. for evans at this point. 'bama win it 49-42 your final. all right. let's take a quick timeout. your oakland as continue to find their way into the win column. took only one run against the rangers.
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. >> well, the as are on fire. they scored 41 runs taking a lead over the rangers. in the west. they faced off against texas. as wasted for the time. 1st inning. brandon moss, doubles to right. gets only his horse. as on top 1-0. the only run allowed. cologne outstanding, eight scoreless innings, seven hits one walk, he struck out seven. rangers brought the go ahead run to the plate in the 9th. balfour get them working. they now have a five-and-a-half game lead over texas in the west. all right, let's tee it up.
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3rd round of the fedex championships, the field will be trimmed to 30. big story yesterday, a 43-year-old jim furyk shoots only a 6:59 in pga tour history. furyk a mere 260 today. he leads heading into sunday. 13 under on the tournament. one shot over steve stricker. shot of the day, par 3 17. 210 yards for hunter mahan. off the green. going right at it. this is good news. a hole in one. he wins an electric bmw. six back at 7 under. 2nd round of the evian championship. from one hole to another, caroline headwall at one point 6 over. miss the cup, dunks it. the ace and five birdies puts her even farther in the tournament. mika miozota of japan 8 under on the tournament.
4:27 pm
1 shot over amateur lydia ko. we will be back with america's cup update. wow, what a day already. >> thank you. still ahead, fire crews say they now have a good idea when they'll have that mount diablo fire contained a. progress check ahead. moments of terror on a high school football field. what investigators say led up to this powerful explosion. plus meet a man who can fly, a dreamer
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unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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. >> now from abc 7 news. >> fire crews expect to have full containment of the wildfire burning in mount diablo state park by 6:00 tonight. firefighters are still mopping up and patroling the ziemt i diameter which is 95% contained. authorities believe the fire was started by target shooting sunday afternoon. it burned 48 square miles. fortunately, no structures were destroyed. officials say the firefight has cost $4.5 million. crews worked to strengthen the rim side on the western side of i don't want. today state route 120 in the area reopened. though, fire crews are still working in the area. firefighters expect the flames to continue to spread to the northwest into the wilderness. the fire has been burning since august 17th and has charred 400 square miles, destroyed 11 homes
4:31 pm
and more than 100 other buildings. it is now 80% contained. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a group of teenagers from sacramento is now set to come home tomorrow after being trapped in do. by the flooding there. more than three dozen students left on september 3rd bound for a ranch. just before the ten-day trip came to an end, massive flooding hit the town of lions. the group needs to travel through the city to get to the airport but the roads are flooded. what's worse for worried parents, their children don't have cell service at the ranch. >> it's been terrifying. we hope, pray she's safe. >> the ranch says the students are dry and doing fine. they were scheduled to return home yesterday. a wild scene at a high school football game in fresno after a propane tank at a food cart exploded injuring several people. abc news reporter juan clayborn has the story. >> reporter: bystanders had their cameras rolling last night
4:32 pm
when a 20-pound propane tank went from this to this. watch again as the flames engulfed the metal food stand, fans just yards away from the blaze. >> oh. >> reporter: rocked by the blast. it happened at a football game at fresno christian high school in california. firefighters on the scene say the explosion injured three people after sending shock waves and debris in every direction. >> the debris from the trailer was found as far as the ponding basin 150 feet to the south. >> reporter: two of the injured were treated at the scene and release. a third person was hospitalized with non-critical injuries. fire officials say the men operating the cart were attempting to fix a slow gas leak when it ignited. >> that was ron clayborn reporting. fire officials say one of the injured men was moving people away from the trailer area when the blast happened and likely prevented more people from getting hurt. six passengers plus the
4:33 pm
driver are hospitalized in ohio after their greyhound bus overturned injuring 34 people. the accident happened at 4:00 in the morning our time. 52 passengers were on the bus as it made its way from cincinnati to detroit. one man said he was watching a michigan state football game on his cell phone when the accident happened. >> i heard two ladies scream "wake up wake up." i look up, the bus zrooifr driver looked like he was slumped over. the next thing they know, the bus just went off the road and we rolled at least twice. >> the injuries range from miner to minor to severe. parking could cost double what drivers are paying now. a proposed a plan would mean $2 an hour instead of a dollar at downtown parking metres. they would be extended by two
4:34 pm
hours each fight t. city wants to get drivers in parking garages to open up crowded streets downtown. walnut creek transportation dmigs will discuss possible changes at a meeting this thursday. 18 people are now in custody in santa barbara as part of the beach drug bust. early yesterday morning this 30-foot double engine smuggling boat washed up on a beach near downtown santa barbara. drug agents say it was loaded with marijuana. the california national guard happened to spot people on board offloading a whole ton of drugs. the u.s. coast card homeland security investigations, the chp and santa barbara sheriff arrived on the scene. >> multiple agencies responded and they arrested 14 people in connection to this and seized about 2,000 pound of marijuana. >> this is my like weekend get away with my 4-year-old son hudson and to hear there is drug
4:35 pm
traffic on our oceanways is sad to hear. >> some of the suspects were arrested on the beach. others scattered to the highway and even ended up miles away with some of the marijuana. agents say they are searching for one suspect. police in spain arrest canadian hell's angels with a california connection. the spanish government released video of the takedown. savannah's police arrested the four hell's angels at a cafe for collectively smuggling 1,000 pounds of cocaine into the country. one arrived by yacht having sailed from columbia with the drugs. one of the others is a known member of a san diego chapter of the hell's angels. the spanish interior ministry also released a picture of the co-kane. surgents from around the world are learning techniques that could save throughs of lives in their home nations. it's a part of a training program sponsored by uc san
4:36 pm
francisco. the goal is to teach what could be described as the cutting edge of practical. abc 7 news health and science reporter carolyn johnson has a look. >> you deal with a lot of orders. >> reporter: inside, orthopedic trauma institute dr. rich gosli in is sharing techniques with doctors from developing words. this is no ivy tower lecture t. doctor has honed hot spots around the world most recently at a refugee clinic just outside the border of syria. >> yeah, i was i guess unfortunate enough to be there at the time there was this big battle you might have heard of. >> reporter: he says several patients were diagnosed with lesions consistent with exposure to chemical weapons, specifically sarin gas. while those reports drew international intelligence, the insurgent's point of view is trauma, severe injuries from car accidents and worse often left untreated until patients reach the border.
4:37 pm
>> resetting the bones that have healed crooked or not healed chronic wound that have been draining for weeks. >> reporter: during the seminar held at san francisco general hospital, the doctor and other surgents teach free flap, drawing in skin from around a wound in order to close it. along with other methods that don't require surgical hardware. >> so we're accustomed for using here for many injury like nail plates screws and so forth were not, are not available over there. here is a syringe. >> reporter: engineers at the institute have adapted to devices to give insurgents alternatives in the field. the doctor shows off a syringe that draining affected areas and applies antibiotics. sterilization bags allows bone repair. >> we are here to share ideas to try to get people thinking of what can be constructed locally in many of these environments that don't have access to high-tech things. ro many of the students come from sub saharan africa and
4:38 pm
southern asia, bringing ideas they've developed regionally. those are shared along with the ucf curriculum. the goal is to empower doctors to teach what they learn to colleagues at home. >> in fact they get a number of great procedures and techniques that they can take back and use right away as soon as they get back to their hospitals. >> and that was carolyn johnson reporting, powerball fever is heating up. there is still plenty of time to buy a ticket for tonight's huge jackpot drop. it has climbed to $317 million after no one matched all six numbers in wednesday night's draw. that's an estimated value of more than $176 million. the largest jackpot in powerball history was $590 million earlier this year. the winning numbers will be picked at 8:00 p.m. with your last chance to boy a ticket at 7:00. thousands of people will descend on san francisco's giardelli square there weekend to eat chalk lat for a good cause. 35,000 are expected to attend
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the chocolate festival. for $25 at the door they get to taste 15 dock lat samples. there is a wine and chocolate pairing event. last year the festival raised $65,000 for project open hand, a non-profit that treats elderly people in the bay area. up next, we will introduce you to jetman. he's no super hero. but he sure looks like one afternoon. a a chic canadian monkey is back in the spotlight. what a judge ruled about his future. taking a live look outside, looks nice, some weather changes are ahead in the forecast. a cooldown, maybe even
4:40 pm
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4:42 pm
. >> he is known at jetman. you can see why. look at him go. he uses a jet pack to fly over the grand canyon and swiss alps. who is this guy why does he do it? abc news reporter has answers. >> reporter: this is what you get when you combine the wings of a bird with the enjen of a plane. >> i have not seen it in air. no dock puts, no fuselage. i am the fuselage. >> reporter: jetman rossi rockets across the sky as high as 4,500 feet all with the help of the jet propelled wing suit he created. >> this kind of risky activities opens you to such pure moments, such moments of beauty that one
4:43 pm
you take. >> reporter: he's flown over the grand canyon even the swiss alps. this week, he's onto the reno air show's 50th anniversary. man's desire to fly with the bird has been a long time running obsession, inspired by james bond in thunderball. so why has this invention taken so long? >> now it's 18 years that i am in the projects, so it is really step by step at the beginning without an engine, just glideing. >> as engineers would solve one problem, another problem would crop up. >> reporter: and what about safety? >> despite the fact that we're talking about how dangerous they are. they actually had a very good safety record. >> but don't expect it to be widely available to the public. the price tag for this one. >> is probably going to cost you $100,000 or more. >> reporter: so for the adventurous in spirit. there is always the jet lag, a back pack that shoots 1,000
4:44 pm
gallons of water to keep you in the air. our very own dan harris gave it a try. >> it's hard to stay in control. >> reporter: and as for ives rossi, he offers this advice to fans. >> hold on tight to your dreams. >> another man with big dreams and a bigger appetite has set a new world record. san jose native and hot dog eating champ joey chestnut has a tweet tooth. who knew? he took home the top prize downing 13 apple pies in eight minutes. champ sonia the black widow thomas. was it hard? talk to the pro. >> get into a rhythm. control my breathing. drink water. do the same thing over and over again. you try to keep eating them like i did the first one. >> don't overstuff my mouth. get this chestnut says he had room for a whole another pie. all right a monkey that's back in style made him a star
4:45 pm
online will not be returned to his previous owner. darwin the monkey was seen wondering around a toronto ikea last december. his owner has left him in the car. darwin escaped wearing his infamous coat you saw there. the owner says dar when is a pet and was illegally taken from her after his escape. friday a judge ruled darwin would not be returned to the owner. the judge said he is a wild animal and lost him once she lost possession of him. dar when will remain in a wild life sanctuary where he has been living sense his trip to ikea. tortoises at the oakland zoo are having a ball, take a look. they are taking part in an enrichment program. this is ralph a 100-year-old tortoise who is still young enough to play. the soccer ball is the world's first nearly indestructible ball designed specifically for harsh environments. so it can withstand all 600
4:46 pm
pounds. for one more check of the weather, let's go to lisa. >> hi there we are looking at low clouds and fog still in pacifica a little in hayward half moon bay and you can see how the low clouds and fog are hugging the san mateo coast. plenty of sunshine numbers have been pretty comfortable. tote winds, onshore winds have picked up in san francisco at about 13 miles an hour. 64 degrees. 67 in oakland. 70 in san jose. low 70s and cloudy skies half moon bay. you see the sunshine from the golden gate bridge. numbers in the north bay were pretty nice. to 80 in st. rosa, 76 in na pa. the clouds clear by about 9:00. mid-70s, though a little cooler, livermore and cochran. >> that will be the trend for the rest of the weekend as a weak system heads our way tomorrow strengthening that on shore push. to the low clouds and fog back toompbt across the bay allowing for just a little bit of a later
4:47 pm
burnoff. but we will scour off the clouds along the peninsula. with temperatures a little cooler, we look for those on shore wind to keep breezy in san francisco. warmer days, though before something more interesting comes our way. here we are right now with the cloud cover from around half moon bay. you can see the winds will be allowing for this to push back in quickly. this is usually our driest team of year with those offshore winds. not so much the next couple of days. we will have the higher relative humidity with low clouds and fog greeting us each and every evening and morning. so overnight lows from the low 50s santa rosa and napa. 55 in morgan hill. here's a quick look in livermore. you will notice with the high in the low '80s we keep it there on monday. then we dip a bit on tuesday. the warmest days of the week look to be wednesday and thursday. look what happens by the end of the week. not only cooler temperatures. we could be looking at a few sprinkles around the bay. another look at san jose with
4:48 pm
upper 70s tomorrow and mid-70s by monday. a weak system drops the numbers into the low 70s for the coolest day on tuesday, then bumping it back up before we come down with the cloudy skies and the possibility now looks like rain north of the golden gate coming in late thursday into friday. monterey tomorrow in the upper 60s with low 90s in i don't want. we saw a few isolated showers in the sierra nevadas today, tomorrow, it should be dryer with upper 70s, in and around the bay we're looking at mid-70s, half moon bay 70 in san mateo. a little cooler here. we will bring in a mostly sunny sky, 72 in freemont. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast with temperatures in and around the mid and to upper '80s for the first couple days of the workweek, so it so you would be pretty nice with very little change until we see that bump up mid-week and all to come crashing down with more
4:49 pm
clouds and our first significant weather system of the season. >> that will be fall next weekend. >> wow. all right. thank you so much lisa. storms aren't the only communication deviss to smarten up. now, writing pens are getting smarter as well. 7 on your side has been looking at the new smart pens and shows us the technology. . >> this looks pretty much like ran average notebook. and this looks like an average writing pen only a bit bigger. but put these two together and you have quite the setup. it's called the sky wifi smart pin. brian rodriguez works for the maker. >> there is a camera inside the pen. each page of the notebook has a unique pattern, every 3 millimeter square is a unique pattern. that's how it tracks exactly where you are. >> reporter: you see, the pin records everything it writes and drawings. if you want, records your voice, too. >> mass energy equals
4:50 pm
oc-squared. the other one i like to talk about is a squared plus b squared equals c squared. >> that equation and accompanying illustration is recorded be i the pen then sen to the cloud storage, where it can be downloaded and shared on most any device. here's what it looks and sounds like on replay. >> the other one i like to talk about is this a squared plus b squared equals c squared. let's see if i can spell that right. >> reporter: teachers can use this, students can use it to take smart notes. >> it is completing the circle in a lot of ways. there is a lot of stuff can you do on paper that you can't do on glags and on these devices and so it's really a partnership. >> and here's another partnership. a tablet and penmanship. the app crayon isser go nomically set up for little hand and it uses arrows to show kids how to properly cre crate their
4:51 pm
letters. >> when you start maybe alphabetic. i shows you the path. if you try to go off the path it won't let you write anything. it teaches you to stick to that path. >> reporter: at 7 on your side staff noel garcia heres here take. >> one of the benefits i thought was great the pen or the crayon can be for left-handed or right-handed individuals sitting up it's not focusing on one type of writer. >>. >> i want a smart pen that ups my iq. >> i want to allow for the memory alone. a lot of wonders in the bay area. sanford over army at west point. we have your highlights. the as increase their lead over texas in the american league west.
4:52 pm
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. >> in fuego, they take a 4-and-a-half game league over the rangers in the american league west. it turns out they faced off with bartola bartola cologne. josh donaldson on his horse. trying to score from 1st. it's a long way to run. as on top 1-0. the only run he allowed. bartola cologne outstanding. eight scoreless innings. one walk, struck out seven at 40-years-old. as lead fx by five-and-a-half games for 1st place in the american league west. races eight and then of america's cup, team oracle gets
4:55 pm
out of the negative due to penalties handed down before the races, with two wins today the new zealand team had a chance to clench the up the tomorrow. however, they lost to oracle by 52 seconds. the second rates was called due to high winds. kiwis lead right now 6-0. all right, stamford hoed hosted by army. the black nooifths were looking for an upset t. cadets took a 6-0 lead before the cardinals woke up at the 9:00 a.m. start. john elway on the side lines 6-0 army late first quarter, kevin hogan passes temperatures, locked in, reels it in for a touchdown. to 20-13 in the 3rd. kel see young, gaffney wide opened. 43 yard line touchdown over 100 yards rushing. hogan three td passes in the game. 34-20 your final.
4:56 pm
cardinals improve to 2 and 0. number 1 alabama visiting texas a&m t. crimson tide loss to the aggie's third quarter. johnny manzell pass picked off by vinny sunseri. he has blockers ahead of him. fights his way into the end zone. manze whether l 604 yards, five touchdowns. the crimson tide improve to 2 and 0 with a between-42 victory. coming up next purdue and notre dame right here on abc 7. stick with us for after the game with san jose head coach joining larry biel and myself aroundle:30. he'll talk about his spartans as they look ahead. co-hosting, the bears are trailing 24-7 in the ferc. complete highlights and reaction after the game. hope to see you then. >> sounds good. lisa has another check of our 7-day. >> you know a little cooler
4:57 pm
tomorrow after a beautiful day today. 2 degrees cooler. we stay that way on monday. temperatures dipping again on tuesday. boy, a big warm-up wednesday, before our first pretty significant system of the year heads our way. so maybe some raindrops friday, saturday. >> all right. thank you, lisa. that does it for this addition of abc 7 news. thank you so much for joining us. college football is next. we will see you tonight at 11:00. have a good one.
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♪ >> brent: welcome to espn saturday night football presented by windows. you are looking live at ross-ade stadium in west lafayette, indiana. purdue versus notre dame and the fighting irish are determined to start a new winning streak. good evening, and welcome, everybody, with kirk herbstreit i'm brent musburger. the big story, of course alabama


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