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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 16, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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the battery should be there, but it is gone. >> a fatal fire overnight, and three women killed and the one thing firefighters say might have saved their lives. the fire broke out in pittsburgh. abc7 news reporter lilian kim joins us with the latest. >> ama, all three women were members of the same family. they lived in this rental for the past few years. >> family members came to look at the home where three loved ones died overnight. she says her sister was one of the victims as well as her two relatives. >> we are going to miss
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herment my aunt lived there and my cousin. >> the fire broke out before 12:30 a.m. and a neighbor captured the flames on camera. investigators believe the women were sleeping when the fire started, but received no warning because the house didn't have working smoke alarms. >> as you can see the battery should be there, but it is gone. >> this is one of three investigators say they found on the kitchen counter. >> they give you the few seconds that may be the difference between life and death. this morning we are confident that had smoke alarms been installed in the home this would have been a much different outcome. >> family members don't know why the smoke alarms where they were and the neighbors don't know either. the fact their deaths could have been prevented makes it all the more tragic. >> were they going to get batteries and it is something you put off that little bit? >> investigators say autopsies will be conducted on monday.
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the results will help them determine the cause of the fire. lilian kim, abc7 news. tonight the chp says road rage may have lead to the death of jose from san lorenzo. they got into an altercation early this morning on the 880 near 98th avenue in oakland. authorities say it lead to a chain reaction crash thatentuali eventually involved five other vehicles. he was riding a motorcycle and died at the scene. two drivers of other vehicles were arrested for suspicion of drunk driving. turning now to developing news out of colorado. it is raining again tonight and delaying the evacuation of at least a thousand people who are being forced to spend another wet night before possible rescue. five days of flooding has left four people dead and two more missing and presumed dead. nearly 19,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. in all of the misery there is hope. >> the question i had is how can we ever recover from this. i know exactly inch by inch, mile by mile, community by
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community they are taking this stuff back. >> authorities estimate there is $150 million worth of damage in boulder county alone. in all, 15 counties are now eligible for federal aid under president obama's emergency disaster declaration. bay area red cross volunteers are already on the ground in colorado. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana joins us now with details. sergio? >> so far only a small group from the bay area have been dispatched, but if the rain continues and the disaster expands more local volunteers may be sent. for those who are already there, they are moving fast to help so many people who have seen their homes damaged or destroyed. >> nearly 1900 people are in temporary shelters. i spoke with red cross volunteer virginia heart by phone from one of those shelters. she is with the testimony that is helping evacuees who were airlifted out of areas areas in larimer county. another rainy day in colorado
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didn't help. >> they can't run the helicopters in this rain and it is too in this weather. it is too dangerous. the people waiting to be airlifted have another night on the mountain. >> more volunteers may beheading into the disaster, but some teenagers just returned home from the floods. >> this is great. happy to be back in sacramento. i am so happy. >> they were camping near the same area where another group of students was taken out by chinook helicopter. the northern california group made it down the mountain just fine. >> we had a small window of opportunity and we were able to travel down safely. we took our time and we made it in the perfect window. when we go the -- when we got to the airport it started done pouring. joy as the number of people unaccounted for rises, they are helping to coordinate efforts and he says most people are likely safe. >> there is no record of them having gone somewhere. more likely they have gone into idaho and stay with uncle harry, but we just don't know .
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>> tsss asking evacuees to log on to their website at red cross .org. abc7 news. heavy rains and strong winds continue to lash both sides of mexico as two tropical storm systems close in. on the pacific side, tropical storm manuel. the storm killed at least nine people. in the gulf of mexico ingrid has been blamed for six deaths. and now it is time to check on our weather and a look at what is going on on live doppler 7hd. leigh glaser is off and lisa argen is in. >> we had a beautiful day today, but the fog has really returned with a vengeance overnight. we are looking at temperatures still in the 60s. visibility is reduced to two and a half miles around half moon bay. this is what you can expect, the fog everywhere. look what happens about 10:00, 11:00. we are left with full sunshine and almost a carbon copy of
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what we had today. a beautiful afternoon but that is not the whole story. we have a cooler air mass and a warmer one to get through before we round out summer for this week and fall begins next weekend. here is a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, lisa. a 30-acre fire that forced the evacuation of several homes has been contained in leak county. in lake county. flames broke out after 5:00. local crews had to call in cal fire to help. and as you can see from these pictures, the fire sent huge clouds of smoke into the air. there are reports up to 20 homes being evacuated. the cause of the fire is under investigation. with the morgan fire 100% contained officials are announcing mount diablo state park will open tomorrow. 3100 acres have burned since the fire began. crews are setting out bails of hay to prevent soil erosion. it was sparked by a target shooter.
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>> turning now to the crisis in syria. they will learn about the report of the suspected it chemical weapons used last month. they will brief members of the security council on what inspectors discovered during a closed session. they will hear about the report later in the day. president obama talked about riding syria of chemical weapons during an exclusive interview on abc's "this week." >> what we can do is make sure that the worst weapons, the indiscrime net weapons that don't discriminate are not used. >> he wants to work with vladimir putin to end the civil war in syria. president obama has accepted a decision to withdraw from consideration as the next fid rail reserve -- federal reserve chairman. summers was considered the top candidate, yet he faced opposition from three key democrats as well as republicans. police in southern california
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have identified the mother suspected of killing her children as being from arizona. santa ana police found her 13-year-old son andd daughter dd 10-year-old daughter dead in a hotel room. edge lives in scottsdale near phoenix. she once lived in san jose. detectives arrested her yesterday after she tried to kill herself. new york city police face questions after officers wounded two women by mess stake. there amateur video shows the chaotic scene square. time square. officers were chasing a man and claimed it looked like he was pulling out a gun. they used a taser and was unarmed. both victims will survive. a major link reopened. four months after toppling into a river. drivers faced detours as they replaced the temporary span with a new one over the skagit river. an over sized struck hit part of the support structure. no one died when that section
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of the bridge collapsed. thousands of bridges in the u.s. need to be fixed or replaced due to critical structural problems. the golden gate bridge and the western span of the bay bridge appear on a government list. they are considered functionally obsolete because they lack many features found on the newer bridges. the study of a government report shows it will cost billions to fix the 7700 worst bridges on the list. engineers say they are safe for drivers. bart and its unions will get back to the bargaining table. the cooling off period has less than a month to go. both sides are far apart on esh yous such as pay and benefits. they said the agency may begin to train managers as train operators. they have offered union members a 10% raise over four years. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, a rowdy crowd turns out to get their hands on some
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designer duds. the attraction that caused this shopping frenzy. and the multimillion-dollar plan to upright a shipwreck in italy. what it takes to raise the costa kwan cord yaw and why -- costa concordia. you just watched miss california come so close to the crown. we will hear from the
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take the pledge. go to it is being called get their hands on the latest lim. this is the west hollywood target. there were similar scenes across the country. the hot item? the purses. the bags sold out on-line shortly after they went on
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sale at midnight and most gone right as target opened up. a lot of you watched the miss america pageant and miss california came close to taking the crown. >> your new miss america is miss new york. >> 24-year-old nina, the first miss america of indian dissent was named the winner. miss california, crystal lee, was first runner up. friends of crystal were watching the pageant at a house in santa clara. they said no matter what, crystal will always be a winner to them. >> i find it really inspiring because crystal is such a great person and smart and ambitious and a good people person. it inspires me to be like her. >> knowing crystal so well for me personally it is like been myhas always perm -- my personal miss america. it makes you feel like you have been friends forever when you first meet her.
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>> if anything happens to the new miss america, crystal will step up and perform the duties. grammy award winner carlos santana is back home after an accident in las vegas. they say he drove into a parked car, but escaped injuries. the san francisco resident was headed home when it happened and he was not driving under the influence. happening now, a fierce thunderstorm has delayed the start of a daring bid to upright the costa concordia cruiseship that capsized off the coast of italy. the project was just getting underway a few hours ago when the storm which was not predicted hit. authorities had just given the green light for the massive project. when it finally gets under way it will present huge challenges. the massive ship could break apart under its own weight or fall back on its side while being raised. >> everything will be in a lot the operationngion and you cannot do it again. it is a one-time opportunity. when we start we have to be 100% ready.
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>> 32 people died when the costa concordia capsized in january of laster yew. the manslaughter trial of the ship's captain continues next month. they won the race by 17 seconds over orca rail team u -- over oracle team usa. they need just two more wins to claim the america's cup. oracle needs eight more races to keep the america's cup. they will not race tomorrow, so the new zealanders could capture the cup as early as tuesday. an over night road closure to tell you about. cal trans is closing northbound 880 at marina boulevard in san leandro from midnight until 4:00 tomorrow morning. the closure is to make minor adjustments to the first stage of the new bridge at marina boulevard. and for a check on what you can wake up to weather wise let's get to lisa argen. >> the fog has moved in quickly after the sunset, after 7:00, and live doppler 7hd is not picking up any pre
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sip, but we will be looking at low clouds and fog. our roof camera is fogged in and you can see a little trans america pyramid. 64 redwood city and oakland and los gatos. 63 in half moon bay. the numbers are still in the 60s, but we are dropping quickly in the north bay and those nights are longer. we will be looking at temperatures dropping another 8 or 10 dries or so from santa rosa. 63 in novato with upper 60s in antioch. it has been breezy with winds out of the southwest. concord and livermore, mild numbers in the low 60s, but also breezy as well. our forecast, low clouds and fog moving across the bay overnight. waking up to that tomorrow and maybe even patchy drizzle at the coast and mild again tomorrow and not much in the way of change for your monday. we will save that for tuesday and then things change again on wednesday and thursday. all in all giving us a somewhat seasonal finish to the summer season which will
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be over this time next weekend when fall arrives at 1:44 in the afternoon. lows in the upper 50s and milder in the south bay. mid50s san francisco. cool spot up in the north bay where we will be looking at numbers perhaps in the upper 40s from napa to cloverdale and 59 in fremont. tomorrow we will have much of the same as an area of lowthe pressure to the north of us caps any heating. with that we will have the steady on shore flow. the gusty see breeze in the afternoon and we will not really warm up until midday and we will have plentiful sunshine and temperatures about a 25-degree spread. on tuesday we get a little dip in the jet stream. that will bring temperatures down. problem -- probably the cool est day of the week. a ridge is building near this sis -- system that looks impressive. it will fall short and offer
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showers in extreme northern california and perhaps as far south as sonoma and mendocino. increasing clouds and cooler temperatures. for your forecast tomorrow in the south bay, we are looking at a real comfortable 76 in santa santa -- santa clara. similar to today with the upper 70s returning. palo alto and 68 in pacifica. 69 downtown. the morning mist and drizzle and 80 santa rosa. low to mid70s and you head inland and 10 dries are 85 in pittsburgh. cloudy start and sunny and mild finish. cooler on tuesday, wednesday, thursday should be warmer and sunnier even at the coast. chance of showers extreme north. maybe a few sprinkles and a marine layer that wants to stick around. friday, saturday and sunday we will warm back up. some people are welcoming fall so we will try to help out
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everybody. get video forecasts, spare the air alerts and weather tweets. >> thank you, lisa. shu is in seattle and colin,u ad you are in and not what we hoped for . >> the niners went to seattle in december and got thrashed and it happened again. they lost the ground attack and the aerial tack and the turnover battle 1k3* time of possession. the 49ers were out played in every since of the -- every
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hey. look at mommy. dad: maybe the light hurts his eyes. mom: maybe she's just not hungry. look. maybe it's a phase. announcer: avoiding eye contact is one early sign of autism. learn the others today. heavyweight title fight, but rather than ali frasier we got tyson-spinks. it was the domination of the 49ers in football. the seahawk fans with 136.6
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which is a record. the road zone and intended to davis and deflected to thomas and that was their best chance for a touchdown all night. lightning forces a one-hour play when playing resumed. miller with the take down and holding and it is 2-0 seahawks. oakland's lynch, the cal product, 14 of 98 yards on the ground and touchdown makes it 12-0. 11 seconds left in the quarter. complete to miller and smith, look at this, unnecessary roughness and automatic first down. hawks take advantage and a wide open lynch and he just walks into the end zone 9-3. 49ers next drive and kaep going for vernon and under thrown.
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vernon pulls up lame and pulls a hamstring, more on that later. as a team, five turnovers and everything that could go wrong did go wrong in a 29-3 loss. >> certainly not proud of the way we played tonight or coached. it wasn't our finest hour. >> i don't think it was something they did. we didn't perform. we didn't make plays like we normally do. whoa won't win if i play like that. still to come, while the a's were running away with the west in texas, mcfaden and the raiders were running away from the jaguars. a little
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just win, baby. style had nothing to do with it. pretty, ugly, it didn't matter. it wasn't pretty against the raiders. woodson is back where he belongs. oakland scored on the opening
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drive of the game since week 17. 11-yard touchdown and finds some friends in the black hole. woodson finding the fountain of youth and takes down the de la salle product. afternoon -- an ankle injury. midway through the second quarter and janikowski and 46-yarder good. 10-3 raiders at the break. alan going with a healthy dose of run-d.m.c. today. 32 yards and 129 on the game and lead to a field goal with a 16-3 raiders score. this was one of five sacks on penny. 19-9 the final. silver and black go to 1-1. >> overall i thought it was sloppy. i don't think it was up to the standard we want. there are a lot of things we have to continue to improve
2:30 am
on. >> the coach never happy, even in a win. parker unbeaten in 19 starts since may, but he couldn't go due to illness. in steps malone and the a's complete a three-game sweep of the rangers. donaldson takes malone to an early lead and pulls this pitch down the left field line and it is gone. 2-0a's after one inning. malone goes five and six hits and struck out five and gets a win to improve to 11-9. nice to say this. a two-run shot in the 9th. the a's lead texas by six and a half with 13 games remaining. giants and dodgers, of what planet hunter pence is on i would like to visit. a grand slam last night and two homers today and now 25 for the year. nine this month alone. how about 19 r.b.i in six games? amazing stats. in the eighth and tied at three and go ahead homer off rodriguez. his third in the season.
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4-3 giants and they take three of four in l.a. this sports report is brought to you byasino. riverwalk casin. now coming up next, vernon's view. abc7 has teamed up with vernon davis. get his take on tonight's game? seattle. vernon's one on one conversation with mike shumann. that's good stuff. vernon, candid after tonight's game about what happened. >> sounds good. thank you, colin. and coming up, new technology to protect your privacy. but does it really work? what they say about keeping hackers out of your business. 1k3* it sounds like box office bold. but he is beaten by a $5 million
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view. they have teamed up this nfl season and every week we have
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special access to the 49er star right after each game for his insight on the match up. abc7's mike shumann is in seattle tonight. he talked with vernon right after the 29-3 loss to the seahawks. >> vernon, a tough loss up here in seattle and let's start off with your injury. what did you do to your hamstring? >> i'm not sure. felt like i pulled something. that's why i pulled up the way i did. just going to pray that it is nothing too strenuous so i can get back and help the team win. >> tough loss up here. 29-3 and seattle seems to own you guys up here. the offense couldn't get in a rhythm. five turnovers and what was it about the offense you couldn't get going? >> exactly what you said. it was the penalties. you can't turn the ball over. you can't get penalties. all of those things can cause you the game. i think we act instead of thinking.
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we have to get it corrected and we have to think before we act. we can't afford to do those things. we are a smart team. we are physical. we have been in situations like this before. we know how to bounce back. the great thing is we will get it next time, the next opportunity. >> the thunder and lightning stopped the game. you had some things going and then after that delay just couldn't get back on track. was that a difference or no? >> i am not going to blame it on that. i just think the penalties got us. we lost our composure and we couldn't put it together. >> the noise is just so hard to communicate. >> it seems like they are playing in the huddle and gets you lined up properly and you hear about it all the time. does it affect the offense? >> a little bit. it makes it difficult to hear
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the plays when it is being called. that's about the only thing. you just can't hear. that's why maybe you give a lot of signals and things because that's a lot easier on us than going up to captain and listening to him call plays. >> you get them another time at your placement pay backs? >> yeah, we get to see them again. >> we definitely have to prepare, go back and prepare. there couldn't be a game like, this cannot have that we know we are better so we look forward to the next challenge. >> how worried are you about your hamstring? >> i am not worried about it.
2:38 am
i stretch four times a day. i don't know why it happened. but everything happens for a reason. it sounds weird, but you just have to do that. it could have been something else. i don't think it was anything too crazy or too over the top. get in and check it out and hope. >> that's vernon's view for week two here from seattle. good luck to you next woke. >> thank you, i appreciate that. >> give the seahawk defense credit. vernon 98 yards receiving a week ago against green bay and just 20 tonight. next week the 49ers host andrew luck and the colts at candlestick, and then we will have another edition of vernon's view on that sunday night. vernon's view on abc7. ama? >> thank you so much, colin. they will be giving students a lesson in financial planning tomorrow.
2:39 am
the two players will showcase financial football. a football-themed video game and classroom curriculum to teachers and young people financial responsibility. more than 40 students from mission high school will gather in the player's locker room at candlestick for the demonstration. the 12-year-old bay area boy who was severely injured in the boston marathon attack enjoyed a special moment before today's raiders game. he was down on the field 1k3 hern who is from martinez had one of his legs shredded by chrapnal. she says events like this help her boy fight on. just ahead, protection or invasion of privacy. what school districts are doing to keep an eye on students. and apple's newest security feature. but will fingerprint scanners keep your phones safe from hackers? and the future of computing. why it won't be on a computer. >> and fog has moved into most of the bay area tonight.
2:40 am
temperatures will be dropping. can't see much of it ther be bbp tomorrow and warming up. i will tell you how much and what to expect for
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firefighters say the deaths of three family members could have been prevented. none of the smoke detectors in their house were working. all the detectors needed were
2:43 am
batteries. a san lorenzo man is dead of a a possible episode of road rage that lead to a multi car crash on the 880. he was on his motorcycle early this morning when authorities say he got into an altercation with a motorist and it may have lead to a crash that killed him and involved five other cars, one of which burned. red cross volunteers are in colorado helping flood victims and a lot of help is needed. the swift waters have destroyed or damaged 19,000 holes. at -- homes. at least 100,000 people are stranded because of the rains. a southern california school district is trying to stop cyberbullying by watching what students post on social media sites. they hired people to track 14,000 middle and high school students. geo listening expects to be monitoring 3,000 schools worldwide by the end of the year. many are wondering if the fingerprint scan deer -- scan
2:44 am
-- scan neither willisen in. one security expert says not to worry. >> the data will not be stored. people's information won't be prize access. >> they may soon take second place to something called biotech mapping. vascular technology reflects patterns of blood vessels for identification. and there is iris or eye recognition that is said to be faster and more accurate than fingerprinting. we have already seen big improvements in computer technology in the last few years. but much more is on the horizon. is as jonathon bloom found out the computers of tomorrow may not feel like computers at all. >> people love making magic happen. so when they move their hands and a little ball goes racing
2:45 am
around the course it is magical. >> dan busby's makes them power bettered by new school computers. >> somewhere between the flashing lights and pushing buttons with your nose it hits you. games are a lot more fun when you are in them. >> nobody likes to watch a screen. they want to be a part of it and move around and engage in it thoroughly and to see things move with their own eyes and not just pixels. >> it goes to show computer technology that was trapped behind a piece of glass is emerging into the physical world. but making the two worlds blend together in a way that feels simple is a task that is not simple at all. >> ironically it is the simplest things. >> he made this sales kiosk you can point to. >> the computer has to know if you are talking to it or someone else. >> i can use the command. and i will speak directly to the camera so it knows i am
2:46 am
paying attention to it. >> and the image just pops up. >> a lot are tiny new sensors. they could soon be in everything. >> it will be the things we wear in our bodies. >> they showed sensors so efficient you could power them with a glass of wine. >> i am powering my solution from what was left over from last night's dinner. >> and sensors could be life changing. >> and the eggs have been positioned around the city. >> brian david johnson shows strapping of pollen down to the street level. >> this is how the wind comes in and how it moves around the building. if you have asthma or if you have breathing trouble you know to stay away from the area. >> or just stay inside and play twister. in san francisco, jonathon bloom, abc7 news. >> another blow budget horror movie claimed the top spot at the box office "insidious chapter 2" the sequel to the haunted house thriller cost just $5 million to make.
2:47 am
it is the fourth low budget horror movie to win the box office. the others are "the purge,"" ma mama" and "the conjuring." "insidious chapter 2" debuted on friday the 13th and it dominated" the family" that cost six times the same amount to make. "the butler" and" we're the millers" round out the top five. >> for a last check on our weather let's go to lisa argen jie. ama, despite the temperatures in the 60s we have a nile and a half visibility around -- a mile and a half visibility. it is pushing the fog across the bay in the overnight hours and they will be coming down quickly. the fog moved in a couple hours ago and the temperatures will tumble. but we will be looking at high pressure to dominate our weather. low pressure stays to the north and that is allowing for the on shore flow and allowing us not to get too hot. it bees brought the thunderstorms to seattle.
2:48 am
here is the set up for the look ahead. a little dip in the jet stream on tuesday as it passes to the north. it will allow for cooler temperatures as much as 5 to 6 degrees cooler. ahead of the stronger system the ridge builds. it brings the warmest days, wednesday and thursday. it looks impressive and promising, but look what happens. not much. it will fall apart and bring showers to extreme northern california. we will be left with more clouds and temperaturing coming down. the look ahead for antioch and features temperatures in the 80sand a slight dip on tuesday. the warmest weather on tuesday and wednesday and then the cooling trend for the first weekend of fall. upper 60s in monterey and 78 in san diego. back home, back to the mid60s and some sunshine with fog off the coast in half moon bay. palo alto and the look ahead. a pleasant day tomorrow and the dip on tuesday, warmer on wednesday and thursday and then looking fall-like on
2:49 am
saturday, but the numbers are bouncing back up on sunday. >> just in time for fall -- fall back. colin rush is here with sports and 49ers didn't pull off the win. >> it was a rough go. you mentioned the thunderstorms up there that delayed the game. nothing went right. the game didn't live up to the hype. colin p cayer nick was under -- colin kaepernick was
2:50 am
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2:52 am
49ers. after a week of hype it was the seahawks who impose their will on the 49ers who faltered on sunday night foot -- football in seattle. a decibel level of 136.6 is a new level. kaepernick downplayed the noise and first quarter in the red zone and intended for vernon davis, well the noise may have played a factor there. three minutes left in the first lightning threat and that forced a one-hour delay. lynch, the cal product, 98 yards on the ground and 14 there and touchdown makes it
2:53 am
12-0. russell wilson to a wide open lynch. look at this. insult to injury. i will step into the end zone. 49ers next drive and kaep going deep. under throws it. picked by by richard sheerman. he -- richard sherman. three picks in the game and as a team san francisco with five turnoffs and basically everything that could go wrong did go wrongment -- go wrong. >> it was so much fun to be in the stadium and our guys felt it and put together a good night. >> we are not proud of the way we played tonight or coached. wasn't our finest hour. >> i don't think it was something they did. we didn't come out and perform. we didn't make plays like we normally do. we won't games. >> they did a great job talking to us and it is a new game and a new opportunity to go out.
2:54 am
the score is 0-0 and let's play one at a time. >> andrew luck and the colts. former raider carson palmer on a 61-yard drive and men den hall scores with two left. falcons hosting the rams and sam bradford's pass is deflected and the one-time giant defense is now a line backer with the touch. atlanta winner 31-24. terrelle pryor was efficient and mcfaden was explosive, but the defense deserves the gameball after their performance against jacksonville. he gives oakland their first opening drive touchdown since week 17 of 2011. 11 yards and celebrate with friends in the black hole. that was the only touchdown of the game, but they ride mcfaden and janikowski kicked three field goals. they won it 19-9 and are now 1-1. >> they want to put the ball
2:55 am
in my hand and let me run with it. offensive line did a great job. >> raiders next opponent a week from monday in denver. peyton manning and brother eli facing off in new york. there to thomas and holiday with the play of the game. scampering his way through the giants punt team and he is gone. 81 yards and 41-23 denver and peyton is now 3-0 in head to head games with little bro. two touchdowns and no picks and chiefs beat the cowboys 17-16 and they are now 2-0. a career day for cal product aaron rogers. 335 yards passing and finished with 480 and two to major de nelson. -- jordie nelson. going to the windy city and cutler is back and shoulder throw and bennett hauls it in
2:56 am
with 10 seconds left. 31-30 chicago and they are now 2-0. in buffalo, a late pass interference call gives manual another chance. johnson is wide open with six ticks left. bills beat the pan -- panther twos 4-23. sacked on fourth and 10 at the miami 23 with a minute and a half left. dot finishes get a good road -- dolphins get a good road win. like i said, they are in san francisco next sunday. this sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. the niners will look to bounce back with the colts coming to town. another marquis match up with another young quarterback who was good at stanford for a longtime. >> thank you, colin. and thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a great night. we leave you with a live look outside.
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the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen, i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and, if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ]
3:00 am
. this morning on "world news now," deadly dull edge. this morning on "world news now," deadly deluge. colorado's flood disaster. the victims, survivors, and rescue workers facing the impossible task. >> mile by mile, community by community, they're taking this stuff back. they are doing it. people are getting those things done out there. >> terrible conditions, widespread property damage and when will it dry out. painful mistake. a skilled hiker's nearly fatal turn in the wilderness. a message he recorded for his loved ones because he thought he would die. >> mom and dad, i fell in a crevasse. uh! >> his back-breaking fall and how he found help. then painful punishment for


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