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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 16, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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headed down broadway. before midnight, the pedestrian, according to police, suffered life-threatening injuries after being hit bit cab and is hospitalized. witnesses who own businesses along broadway say the man may have been jay walking across broadway. they see a lost that especially on the weekends with lots of bars and restaurants in the area^. police are investigating this. the taxicab driver was detained at the scene for questioning but not arrested. that is the latest on the scene. >> more developing news, a man is in custody this morning after leading police on a chase and crashing into a woman in another car, sending her to the hospital. it started in san lenadro at 11
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11:15 last night. investigators say police officers were pulling over the driver and he sped up. the driver made it to oakland before hitting another car and a building on 98th. authorities do not know why he took off. >> he has some history, criminal history, so we are looking at that. >> the man was arrested. the other driver, a woman, was taken to the hospital. no word on her condition. >> autopsies are scheduled for later today on the bodies of three women who died when a fire tore through their pittsburg home. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is in pittsburg. working smoke detectors save lives. >> that would have been a very helpful thing in this fire: no smoke detectors. investigators hope the autopsy results will help them figure out the cause of the fire. three women died in the house fire in pittsburg that started after 12:30 in the morning.
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the women were sloping when it started and they had no warning because their smoke detectors were not working, they were sitting on the kitchen counter and the batteryies had been taken out. >> is it something you just push off in really, it is sad. investigators have not released the names of the victims. they are in their 60's and 70's. the home next door was damaged, too, but the neighbors get out okay. investigators hope they will discover more clues to help figure out why the fire started. they do not expect foul play. >> in colorado rescue attempts begin for those stranded. downpours grounded rescue operations forcing national guardmen and first responders to stay on higher ground. several towns remain cut off by
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the floodwaters which stretch nearly 200 miles. four people are confirmed dead. two are missing. 19,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. >> bay area red cross volunteers are on the ground in colorado to help. only a few volunteers from the red cross silicon valley chapter have been dispatched but more will be sent. continuing rain has been a challenge to rescuers. >> they cannot run the helicopters in the rain in this weather. it is too dangerous. the people who were waiting to be airlifted have another night on the mountain. >> the red cross says 1,900 people are in temporary shelters and hundreds remain unaccounted for. to keep track of everyone they are asking evacuees to log in to their website at red cross. >> in mexico two homes are hitting the country from opposite directions, the
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remnants of a tropical storm drench the southwestern region with heavy rain and 18 people have been killed. the gulf coast shows >> in japan there was a powerful typhoon that dumped rains and flooding parts of a tourist city of kyoto. there was wind up to 100 miles per hour. the typhoon is expected to pass through tokyo this afternoon. >> mt. diablo will re-open after a wildfire forced it to close. firefighters declared the fire 100 percent contained over the weekend. the fire burned 3,100 acres to prevent soil erosion crews will
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spread out hay and replant trees in burned areas. the fire was sparked by a target shooter. a 30-acre fire that forced evacuation of several homes in lake county is fully contained this morning. flames break out near the community of clear lake after 5:00. the fire sent huge plumes of smoke in the air. the cause is under investigation. >> bart and the two unions will get back to the bargaining stable. the 60 day cooling-off period ends in four weeks. both sides remain far apart on major issues such as pay and benefits. bart is offering union members a 10 percent raise over four years and the unions want a 20 percent raise over three years. a bart negotiators said the agency could begin training managers to keep the trains
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running. >> low clouds and drizzle. have you heard that before? >> there is some out there. the closer you are to the coast, temperature right now is 61 at concord and fairfield and oakland and we have warmer weather and fremont is 62 and 63 in mountain view and san jose is 63 and 59 in san francisco and 5 55 in novato, two to three degrees warmer than yesterday. a milder morning the next 12 hours with the clouds hanging around through 7:00 and by noon we are sunny everywhere and low 60's and mid-60's around the bay and mid-70's inland and sunshine by 4:00. mid-to-upper 60's at the coast. 82 inland. this evening, low-to-mid 60's around the bay. low-to-mid 70's inland. tomorrow is a cooler day in the forecast. the sea breeze is stronger. high pressure makes it a
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temporary "stop" in the bay area wednesday and thursday with warmer-than-average weather and a possible chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. leyla gulen? >> we have construction in the north bay eastbound and westbound 80 we have this project. a few lanes blocked at highway 37. if you are traveling eastbound direction you will find slowing indicated by the yellow on the map and if you are traveling westbound it is not too bad. a circuit of san rafael, central san rafael, southbound traffic is moving smoothly and not a problem with just a few cars. south of the waldo tunnel and across the golden gate bridge, it is 22 minutes along the 20 20-minute stretch with fog. use low beams and not your high beams. >> the major work underway right
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now to upright a capsized cruise ship and the gamble engineers are taking. >> a critical report that will determine the next step washington, dc, will take, in the crisis in syria. >> good morning, topping america's money, who will lead the federal reserve? former treasury secretary lawrence summers has withdrawn from consideration opening the door for janet yellen to be considered the first woman to take the job. that triggered a surge in dow futures with wall street worries summers would end the bond-buying stimulus program faster than bernanke. passengers who got free tickets from united, the company will honor the tickets. a computer is blamed for the mixup that
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>> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning at 4:41. from the rooftop camera looking to the embarcadero, there is cover there. we will find out from mike what that is, fogger mist. >> highway patrol says road rage may have led to the death of a 35-year-old motorcyclist. the man and a driver got in to an altercation trafficking down interstate 880 in oakland. the fight led to a chain reaction crash involving five other vehicles. the man who died on the motorcycle was dead on the scene. officers questioned the driver who was arguing with the man. the driver of two other cars in the crash were arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. >> police in southern california have identified the mother suspected of killing her
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children as being a former south bay resident. the santa ana police found a 13-year-old son and ten-year-old daughter dead in a hotel room. she lives in a phoenix suburb now but once lived in san jose. she was are ad after she tried to kill herself. >> there are tough questions after two women were wounded by mistake in new york city. there was chaos at times square on saturday night. a man they were chasing appeared to reach for a gun. they opened fire and missed the man and hit two bystanders. police tasered the suspect and arrested him. he was not armed. both women will survive. >> in paris, secretary of state john kerry is briefing the united states closest allies and working out details on ending the syrian chemical weapons program. united states and russian officials reached an ambitious agreement over the weekend calling for an inventory of the program in a week.
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the program will be eradicated by next year. john kerry spoke with reporters after meeting with top officials from france, britain, turkey, and saudi arabia. >> if assad fails to comply with these terms, we are all agreed, and that includes russia, there will be consequences. >> the u.n. chief will brief the u.n. security council on the report from weapons inspectors who went to syria. the security council will discuss a resolution detailing how syria can secure and destroy their stockpiles. >> today, president obama will hark the 5th anniversary of the collapse of lehman brothers the start of the economic collapse by addressing the state of the economy. the president is seeking credit for an economic turn around five years after he took office around the start of the global financial crisis. the white house yesterday released a report detailing economic policies that have shored up the financial system including the bailout of auto
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giants g.m. and chrysler and $800 billion stimulus bill. the speech in the rose garden will kickoff a week long focus on the economy including a visit to business c.e.o.'s on wednesday and a friday visit to a ford motors plan. >> 49ers davis and left tackle stalely will give students a lesson, not in football but in finance. the two players will showcase financial football, a football themed video game to help teach young people financial responsibility. more than 40 students from mission high school will gather in the players' locker room at candlestick park for the demonstration. the state comptroller will also attend. >> team new zealand is a win closer to capturing the america's cup. they won race ten yesterday by 17 seconds over defending champion team usa. the team new zealand leads 7-1 and needs two wins to claim the america's cup.
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the teams will race twice tomorrow. oracle needs to win eight races to hold on to the cup. >> no doubt the racers are paying close attention to the weather. >> hope they are sheeping. it will get windy along the bay shoreline and the bay with a small craft advisory. they are paying attention to that. five miles per hour is visibility at half moon bay. we have fog in santa close and quarter-mile visibility butten else is okay. if you drive in the clouds you will find mist and drizzle along the coast. sunshine this afternoon even to the coast, and sunshine is going to develop but temperatures will remain cooler than normal with limited warning wednesday and thursday, limited by the two days because we have a cold front that will come in on friday and the possibility of showers, especially the further north you are which on this map
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is that way. as far as what will for the rest of us, it will bring in cooler weather for the weekend. today the temperatures are mid-to-upper 70's for most of the santa clara valley and low-to-mid 80's los gatos and gilroy. up the peninsula we start at 80 in los altos and drop to 69 in millbrae. we will have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's along the coast to downtown and south san francisco at 72 and sausalito at 70 but upper 70's to near 80 throughout the north bay valley with mid-to-upper 60's at your beaches and low-to-mid 70's throughout the east bay shore with 74 in oakland and union city. in the east bay valley, low-to-mid 80's so free air conditioning again. we will talk about tonight we will drop back in the mid-50's to near 60 like this morning and cloud cover not so widespread. it will not be so justcy as this morning so i don't think we will see much in the way of mist and drizzle with a lost areas of low
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pressure win wheeling around the trough of low pressure and because of that persistant flow today is a lot like yesterday. tuesday, though, you can see the next trough will roll law and with it comes our coolest push of air and this is it right here. then we get a little bit of a bump up with high pressure moving in, a warming trends for wednesday and thursday and here comes friday's system, the bulk of the moisture strays to the north but it could be the first fall front with a chance of showers. tomorrow, we are about three to four degrees cooler and we gain it back on wednesday and we top out above average on thursday and look at the cooler temperatures for the weekend, we may not make it out of the 60's and 70's in most areas on saturday. have a great day. >> we have a brand new report of an accident on the right shoulder if san francisco northbound 280 so watch out for
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that but it looks like everything is out of the lanes. inlanes, though, we have construction until 9:00 this morning headed along the east bay direction along 580 between greenville and north flynn road with drainage work causing a bottleneck. in the westbound direction we are already starting to see a buildup of traffic from address and here are the travel times, 27 minute, from tracy to dublin and antioch to con toward is 20 minutes and southbound from san rafael is 20 minutes to san francisco. 14 minutes from hayward to foster city. kristen and eric? >> work is underway this morning to finally upright the concordia cruise ship which capsized off the coast of italy. this is the work being done. the project was just getting underway when the storm delayed the start of the massive project. you can still see it.
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the project will present huge challenges and the massive ship could break apart under its own weight or fall back on its side while being raised. >> everything will be under a lot strain. you cannot do it again. one time, one chance opportunity so we have to be 100 percent ready when we start. >> 32 people died when the concordia capsized in january of last year. the manslaughter trial of the captain resumes this positive. >> 4:49. a rowdy crowd turns out to get their hands on special clothing. >> and this is a threat to
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>> this is called limb sanity, hundreds of shoppers shoveing and pushing to get their hands on the latest products at target. the hot item was purses which sold out online shortly after they went on sale at midnight yesterday. most were gone in minutes of the target opening up. >> the 12-year-old boy from the bay area who was severely injured in the boston marathon bombing enjoyed a special moment before raiders game posing with the raiders' own. a leg was shredded by a bomb and has had several operations. his mom said this event helped her son fight on. >> for the first time ever,
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thanksgiving cooks who call the butterball help line may talk turkey with a man. they are looking for men for the turkey talk cooking advise line this holiday. they are seek the first male talk line spokesman which has long offered advise for people cooking turkeys over the holidays. butterball will offer an election for men on the facebook page. women, of course, will still be able to apply. >> mike nicco, what do you think about that? >> i was talking to...leyla gulen, talking about fog and low clouds. >> are you calling the butterball hotline and there could be a guy on the line. for the first time ever. >> equal opportunity. >> sure, why not? get us off the couch and into the thanksgiving rather than watching football. a's take on the angels at 7:05 and the rangers are too far
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behind. 67 to 61 is the temperature range. tuolumne county, still, air quality warning with most of the state very dry. live doppler 7 hd shows nothing. we will talk temperatures in los angeles at 87, and 88 in chico and sacramento and 78 in tahoe and 88 in yosemite national park. >> we have the report of an accident, reported either on 280, northbound, or 101 and involving two vehicles, one of which spun out of the control and hit a wall so right now we are possibly seeing it on 280 in the southbound direction with areas of slowing and that could be due to spectator slowing but 101 is traveling at top speed northbound and southbound beyond the 280 extension into san francisco. this is the bay bridge, headed over to treasure island, there is a little bit of slow clouds
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as you head west to san francisco. >> oakland mayor led a walk around fruitville district. a few dozen people joined the mayor for the walk celebrating mexican independence day. the district happens to be the heart of oakland's latino community. >> i am happy to lure a few people who have never been to fruitvale other than to drive through to look at the great regional foods, to buy some of the authentic spices and arts and crafts you can buy from mention quote right here in this neighborhood. >> the mayor believes neighborhoods with more foot track have less crime than those that don't have. the mayor will host walks like this once a month. the campaign began in chinatown. >> carlos santana is home after an accident in las vegas.
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three drove into a parked car but escaped injury. the former san francisco resident was headed home when the crash happened. he was able to perform saturday and again last night. police say he was not driving under the blue. >> a southern california school district is trying to stop cyberbullying by watching what students post on sites. a company was hired to traffic postings by 14,000 middle and high school students. they will monitor 3,000 schools. >> duncan is toning down criticism to get rid of standardized tests. the legislature approved a measure to authorize school districts to shift to new computerized tests next year that would evaluate critical thinking over memorization. the "los angeles times" reports that duncan says the previous threat to withhold federal
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funding over the new tests was a last resort. he now is praising the state for adopting high academic standards. >> study finds the employment gap between the rich and poor is now the widest on record. rates for unemployment for those learning less than $20,000 have topped 21 percent. that matches the rate for all workers during the great depression of the 1930's. households with income of more than $150,000 a year have an unemployment rate of 3.2 percent. the analysis shows it is the widest gap since officials began tracking job rates a decade ago. >> a man is hit by a taxi on a busy san francisco street. we are sharing the new details that the police are sharing about the accident. >>the major ruling expected today that could be first step in helping thousands of people in richmond keep their homes.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:00 on monday. >> first, mike has the weather forecast. >> live doppler 7 hd shows how quiet it is opposed to what it could be later on into the week when we have a chance of showers if you drive into the clouds you could find moisture developing on the windshield. that is about it. the clouds ar


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