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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 17, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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we're on this story. >> should this man be given a lethal injection or die a natural death? n.prison? that is the question the jury had to grapple w it took just three hours to reach a decision against a man convicted of committing four murders dating back to 1970s. the verdict? joseph naso should be sentenced to death by lethal injection. we have the story from the court house in san rafael. dan? >> well, it took the jury just five and a half hours to find him guilty. now, just three hours to sentence him to death this, follows a compelling argument that brought the courtroom to tears. >> the prosecution court says he had a long history of raping women. committing the first murder at
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43, the last 60. >> he was convicted of killing carmen colon in contra costa. in the penalty face, prosecutor s added evidence two of more murders. sarah dylan in nevada county and sharia patton, also in marin. the jury decided he should be put to death. >> i wonder what that says to you. they took only three hours to decide death? >> well, i think it is because of the evidence we believe was compelling showing involvement in this case. >> joe naso released a statement after the verdict. >> i am blz plzed that the jury listened to my mitigation arguments i want to help others in presidenton. i am on the threshold of a new skplif will make the best of it. >> the daughter of one victim spoke to the i team today about the jury's decision. >> what do you think about that? >> i think we're wasting
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money. >> really? >> yes. >> why? >> there are other things we can use that money for. that, waste money on him is not worth it. he doesn't deserve. >> appeals and snefrg. >> exactly. >> her sister is pleased naso received a death sentence. >> he took something away from me 35 years ago. justice is served for that. >> attorney robert brine blasted the 79-year-old's decision to act as his own attorney. >> this height of stupidity, bad judgment and arrogance. >> and he cannot argue he had automatic council and it could last 20 years so live without possibility of parole, net affect is the same. >> one will bet he'll die of poor health or old age or
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suicide before being executed. >> brian tells us that it would be highly unusual for the judge to overturn the will of the jury. there is going to be a hearing to set a date for the formal sentencing which has to come within 20 court day autos thank you very much. tonight short staffed police are getting reinforcement to help them with the explosion of crime in the city. that news come was another bit of news. extra cops won't cost a dime. oakland is the third most dangerous city in the u.s. according to forbes, shootings continue nonstop. victims include an 8-year-old hit by a stray bullet during a sleepover. in a baby and his father, killed when someone fired shots into the house. but help has come in the form of a federal grant from u.s. justice department's cops
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program. >> helping this city address issues of gun violence. >> this is now the third grant oakland received in recent years to hire more officer autos 75 officers and cops have funded over the years have made a real difference. >> the police says he wants real cops out on the streets as quickly as possible. probably will be used to back fill patrol officer who's have been reassigned to more violent areas. >> we're looking to add to the police academy. >> mayor jean kwan says new officers this year will beef up the force. police union welcomes the 10 new officers but president donlan says it's not enough. >> officers are leaving in big numbers. so if you continue to hire
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your intaigs is status quo if you can't stop the attrition rate we have, which is high. >> one recent class at san francisco police academy had four former oakland officers including a sargeant with 20 years experience, city councilman gallo wants the federal government to do more than just give a grant. >> assign fbi. bring out home security people to help out. >> oakland received a big cop grant in the country this year. >> police released a sketch of a man who sexual assaulted a hotel housekeeper, friday, this man grabbed a housekeeper on a patio, put a knife to her neck, forced her into a room, tied her up and sexual assaulted her, she managed to fight him off and screamed for help. man took offer, running. another called police. officer dz not find the man. >> police tonight are searching for a driver who hit a blind church minutis zper
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his dog. the past skbror dog were not seriously hurt. police say the driver got out of the car, made sure he was okay, said she's going park but drove away. mackland says the woman hit him as she was backing out of a cul-de-sac. >> move forward, and she gets back in the car and moves her car forward. she makes a u-turn coming back toward me. and goes back out of the cul-de-sac. >> police handed out flyers in the neighborhood in efforts to track down this woman. >> bart talks wrapped up with no real sign prof gres. we're more than halfway through a 60 day cooling off and there is growing concern about reaching a deal in time to avoid a strike. abc 7 news is live for us with latest on the talks. >> it was a very uneventful day. the talks ended at about 4:00
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no progress to report. >> before bargaining could begin, the first matter of business was sorting out how two sides were arriving at numbers. train operator chris fin says bart and unions came up with different price tags, for the same offer. >> morning members of 181515 and some meshes of management got together to sit down to talk about where numbers come from so we understand then we can proceed with common understanding. >> the unions made a counter offer they believe is $10 million less than the previous but bart saying it's still too expensive. >> big thing there slft difference between where we are and they are. we crossed it out and working late into the night. we're taking -- talking $115 million difference over four years, a lot of money. >> unions insist bart can afford to give union what's
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they want. >> they have $125 million surplus per year and we found a couple hundred million dollars so we know they have the money. >> wart says it's preparing for how to handle a one-month strike. a dozen former train operators might get back in the cab to provide lifeline train service. unions think that is not save for anyone. >> we have been saying this for a long time. they don't care about live next put workers lives in danger to keep killing our workers. now, they're playing to put lives of the passengers in danger if run during a shut down. >> the governor cannot order a second cooling off. >> i think that is what aught to happen. it's just a matter of how to get it done without causing or having another strike occur. that is what we're trying to
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do. >> earliest of strikes could begin is october 11th. in oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> still head tonight here on abc 7 news we'll follow up on a case of vandalism. how, who or what, did this damage? we can tell you culprits have been apprehended. >> i'm nannette mirror randa. governor brown giving young criminals a second chance, just signing a bill giving many of them a parole hear chg could lead to their release. >> later tonight environmental showdown over an abandoned military base where air force left radio active waste behind. >> i'm spencer christian. sunny, breezy today, warming up tomorrow, will it rain at the end of
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san francisco is a so called sanctuary city with protections for undocumented immigrants. but one supervisor pushing to go beyond that when it comes to policy versus local justice system. now, we're live frf city hall where this has hit a snag. carolyn? >> well, carolyn this is one of the times when the supervisors worked up until the last minute here at city hall trying to forth a cop r compromise. but the vote has been delayed on what just until weeks ago was thought to be a done deal. the federal immigration enforcement promotes its program known as s come to protect communities. san francisco supervisor calls
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it a drag net. snairg more than expected criminals. >> often, victims of crimes, witses of crimes. who are undocumented get cut up in criminal justice system. asking the sheriff to hold that person. >> the supervisor says fear of deportation makes people afraid to report crime. sonia had courage to call about domestic abuse last year but tells of an s come nightmare. >> the police arrested me and took me instead. i spent three day autos that is the kind of haste promming avalos to suggest city ask county no longer cooperate with ichls he has backing of the sheriff and district attorney. but mayor lee wants exceptions for serious offender chz is basically current city policy. >> our record of convictions of violent offense or child
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molestation or human trafficking. i believe that we ought to have a second look at that individual. >> the head of the police r police officer association agrees. >> can you not tie the hands of law enforcement whit comes to violent offenders regardless of immigration status. >> the proposal to snub federal requests had the support originally of the majority of the board but with pressure of the mayor a flurry of last minute amendments was introduced this afternoon. and the vote put off until next week. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> there is a new law on the books giving children who commit adult crimes a chance at a second chance. the governor signed it last night. civil rights groups are pleased but nannette miranda reports victims groups are not. >> california criminal justice
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system will begin to recognize kids can't always make the right decision when their brains are not fully developed. a measure gives young offenders a second chance if committing a serious crime under age 18 and prosecuted as adults. depending on sentences they can be eligible for a parole hearing dur thirg 15th, 20th or 25th year of incarceration. >> if they reflect on what they did, if they feel remorse, if they take advantage of educational opportunities they have a chance to live on the outside. in the world, again. >> attorney ellen eggers visited young fellows in prison and says many know better now. >> they were lost souls at the time. they zrnt adult supervision. may have had parents that were out of the house, gone. in prison. on drugs or alcohol. themselves.
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>> 6500 inmates under prison now. who were mine qlorz convicted as adults not all will be eligible. sex offenses and three strikers are excluded from consideration. >> murderers? torturers? cop killers? >> still, crime victim groups are worried about who qualifies. they're upset about a new pro vision that changes how parole decisions are made. >> a parole board has to take into account age that the individual was. not the crime committed, not their behavior in prison. weight must be given to how old they were. >> christine believe that's would jeopardize public safety. >> so really people goring to be putting out skpleft right not ready to come back into society. >> ward looking at ways to start a referendum to overturn the law and says there are already other legal avenues available to reduce terms.
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a pair of fer ral pigs that has been destroyed property in the east bay has been captured. they torn up lawns and experts say the grass and soil are packed with grubs that the pigs dine on. today a trapper captured both of them. they will be put down. they do not just trash lawns but carry diseases dangerous to people and wildlife. the man who trapped them believes many more are living in the hills. >> a disappointing day for both teams competing for america's cup. yachts on the water ready to go but strong winds would not subside. racers had to be scratched. yesterday, officials proposed incruising the -- increasing the wind limit. new zealand needs just two wins to claim the cup. oracle still needs eight more
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victories. >> they have a long way to go. >> yes it was windy on the bay and other parts of the bay area, too. >> it was. >> we had gusts at sfo. they're teeming down a little bit but still breezy. sunny skies, patches of low clouds cite add long the coastline. current gusts still pretty strong. and calmer across the skbai oakland. here is a live view from our mount tam camera. you can see trees shaking in the strong breeze there. it's cleared out z temperatures 66 in san francisco. and los gatos, 59 half moon bay. another live view from our east bay hills camera, looking
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at golden gate and clear skies, temperatures reporting this hour, 76 degrees in santa rosa. 74 napa. novato, 73. and the golden gate forecast features a warmer pattern next couple days turning cooler towards end of the week and auts yum sunday afternoon at 1:44. here is our satellite image. you can see jet stream over the bay area. winds calming down and a warmer, less breezy pattern next two days. tomorrow, thursday, friday, storm system approaches, cold front trailing out a bit sweep through and in the weekend will fall apart, the front will. there is still a remote chance
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of a shower or two. meanwhile, we've got a big storm raging down on to the west coast of mexico. this was tropical storm manuel. now regaining strength and about to become a tropical storm again. and it moves northwest turning west over baja friday. expect it to produce more flooding there then moving out to sea. tonight, clear skies, tomorrow, sunny warm day in the south bay. highs up to 80 in san jose. mainly upper 70s to around 80. and warmer neeft bay. highs upper 70s to about 806789 mid to upper 80s in the inland east bay two. days of warmth through thursday, cooling down friday. saturday, coolest day in the
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forecast and yes there, may be a shower overnight into saturday. but it's just a slight chance. then, warming up sunday, first day of fall. >> terrific. thank you. >> okay. >> coming up here next, the poison pill plan now in effect in safeway. >> the possibility of a we run errands. we run to the grocery store. in fact, the average american drives fewer than 29 miles a day. the 100% electric nissan leaf goes two-and-a-half times that on a single charge. it's a car. it just doesn't take gas.
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the board of supervisor as proved a settlement today to add years of wrangling over a tax dispute.
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the dispute centers around property value of the energy giant's richmond refinery and taxes paid from 2004 to 2012. part of the deal the county acknowledges chevron overpaid by several million, but the company is waiving its claim to the money going forward, both sides will discuss the property value. >> going to save taxpayers legal fees and litigation fee autos the deal still needs approve yl of the richmond city council. >> tonight money matters a secret investor may have its eye on safeway. the chain adopt aid poison pill plan allowing stock holders to buy shares at discount prices to discourage a hostile takeover, someone has been accumulating safeway stock and the price rose 10% after today's announcement.
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the dow gained 35, nasdaq adding 27. safeway ended almost $31 a share, good news if you're a microsoft stockholder. microsoft said today it will increase the dividend by and invest another $40 billion in a buy back program set tochl pir at the end of the month. >> and shares of the internet radio company pan dora rebounded today. skb z.said would it try to raise money by issuing stock. initial reaction negative but today, the price went up, 5%. >> we have another half hour of news ahead for you tonight here on abc 7 news at 6:00. p coming up yesterday's navy yard shoot ygt gunman is described as a ticking time bomb. >> we're going to show why the university of california is preparing to spend hundreds of thousands to upgrade this empty mansion.
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>> and environmental showdown over an abandoned military base where air force for a store near you go to
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the secretary of the navy ordered a review of procedures at all navy and marine corps bases following a shooting rampage yesterday. the suspect a 34-year-old aaron alexis was just starting an information technology job at the base no. word on what motivated the attack. sources toll abc news he was a ticking time bomb haunted by voices. among the 12 victims this man attended a program at stan nord 2007. he was the father two of boys and worked in navy logistics a cross the country flags at half staff, now, through friday, this one at the federal building. >> defense secretary aa.long with other leaders honored
6:30 pm
victims by laying a reej. across town a touching the players held to their heart before the game. >> it's nicely done, nice touch. >> there is a moment of silence on the floor of the senate. >> i wish we can do more and i do have ask we now a moment silence. >> we're learning about the victim whose identify p.ti ti has been released. people like kenneth who forke forked -- worked at the navy yard. his neighbors describe him as hard working and loved spending time with his son autos he's a nice guy z as soon as we going to see him, he say hi. nice family man z he got
6:31 pm
school. it's sad. >> now, focusing towards determining what led alexis to commit such a heinous act. so far, indications are he acted alone. >> we continue to conduct interviews exploit digital media. and am doij everything we can to piece together recent movements. >> the fbi also saying early reports alexis used a assault rifle were incorrect. investigators say he launch add tack with a shot gown that he owned, legally. >> university of california regents closer to spending 600,000ses today fix an empty nangs east bay hills, located just north of berkeley. university of california presidents have lived at the home since 1968 but it's been vacant five skbreers needs repairs. it's in bad shape, uc will spend $10,000 per month to rent a house in oakland for
6:32 pm
incoming president janet nap tan crow but that could change. minutes ago a committee voted to fix up the blake house. a final vote comes tomorrow. >> a sheriff's department proposal to sell it's weapons got a thumbs down today. idea to sell back to the manufacturers and raise $150,000 but the board said that would be inconsistent with policies of getting guns off the streets. >> we have confiscated through this buy back about 700 guns and now turning around and saying we're going to sell 700 guns into circulation again. >> this is to try to make money. the way to think. we can't come in there with our dukes up or looking for a fight.
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>> when mcclellan air force base closed the air force left radio active waste behind it and hasn't been cleaned up. our media partners have been looking into what turned into a showdown over this, a battle between officials and the federal government. >> the sacramento fire department runs practice drills at the losed mcclellan air force base but local leaders are worried about radio active soil. >> i want what we need for training of firefighters. surrounding land, i know it has problems we need to take on united states government problems. and so, all we want is train training our firefighters and don't want responsibilities for anything else. >> the problem is the soil underneath these tarps. the waste comes from raid yoi
6:34 pm
active used to make aircraft in the dark. soil contains raiden 226. a substance the epa says may increase the risk of cancer. the california department of public health says that is not legal. >> so department position on the mcclellan unit is that not able to transfer that site to a private entity due to our state laws. >> the air force ship smd soil out of state to idaho and colorado. it decided to bury the rest here. he says covering is a violation of california law.
6:35 pm
>> i helped draft legislation that is current lit law. facility would not meet those requirement autos the epa says it's all rate for the air force to bury waste here. >> it will stand the test of time. >> right now, the base is on federal land. congress mandated air fers turn it over. >> you know if the situation occurs where they convey the land, we're prepared to walk away. united states government has to accept it didn't take good care of a lot of land on case baiss and swril to be responsible for cleaning it up. >> california department of health says it will not approve the transfer of the property unless all radio active soil is removed.
6:36 pm
>> if the air force attempted to trance for a local entity then we'll weed have to take legal action. >> if the air force manages to transfer ownership, epa says it is still responsible for the contaminated soil. >> air force will have mandate from us to make sure sit maintained. whoever owns it, fair force will not be able to france fer maintenance. >> the air force refused to comment but can d.tell the center for investigative reporting it believes lanld is property for trancer. >> if it's not safe, on state property, it's not safe on federal property. radiant doesn't know whether it's in the hands of the air force or sacramento fire department.
6:37 pm
>> now no, matter who is in charge, the radio active wasteland fill will be the first in california. environmentalists worry that could set up res dent for what happens on old military base as cross the state. >> well, coming up next, we'll take you on that satellite shopping trip we've promised you. >> yes. technology that can lead you right to the best deals of
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>> there sap place that it hasn't worked well, incoors. >> today, abc 7 news jonathan bloom took a walk with an entrepreneur these blue suede shoes have a lot of miles but the walks has been indoors. >> now, elevators. >> there. >> it works in the places where it doesn't work. >> this is the most challenging place you can find. >> for your technology? >> it's opt mim place in side of the building a cell phone only knows it's downtown.
6:41 pm
if you turn on wi-fi, kit tell it's insaid of the mall. >> what store are we in front of. >> the compass picks up any interference. they need to walk around to record the interference and from then on, the phone will know where it s kit tell what floor it's on. >> will build them into their own app. imagine a mall with its own app. he says he's working to make it happen. apple, google are working on similar technologies he thinks there is an edge because it
6:42 pm
does require the business to have wi-fi you don't need hardware. and the building is infrom a structure. >> animals. animals, yes. >> now, they'll be able to navigate to find new ones. >> still to come abc 7 news morning news reporter our traffic reporter spends another day at chp boot camp.
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>> last night the city council approved an order nens banning stores from bag prog ducts in single use bags. the ban would not apply to restaurants or protective bags used for meat and produce. paper bags would require a fee f the counsel formizes a vote the ban takes affect january 15th ooj in a few weeks a class of 48 cadets will become
6:46 pm
full fledged minutes of the patrol but only two are women. laila was invited to attend and says that is the number of patrol hopes to increase. >> this. >> yes. >> the 25-year-old came to the academy in april. she's in the minority here. today, fewer than 7% of the chp officers are women last week, inviting anyone, but especially women to learn more about becoming an officer. >> just going to have to look for the best candidates. >> alisa learned once a cadet, everyone, male, or female
6:47 pm
reacts equally. >> it's like we're all one unit. and chp accepts average of 20,000 applications every year. after rigorous checks and exams, only one to 2% of the applicants make it as an officer. alisa has become a standout, the akad my named her a commander. >> saw i was dedicated. >> for her, law enforcement is familiar territory, her father is a now-retired veteran serving in marin county 27 years. >> i found training was top notch. >> i asked where she's going to go after graduation. she said she'd love to be in the bay area or los angeles
6:48 pm
where a large number of new officers get their first assignments. there is a lot of freeways in los angeles and we wish her luck and safe trails in her career. >> you can see her every day on abc morning news and let's get another check on the forecast now. >> you know something not moving today, sitting in nice weather we've got sunny skies from coast to inland. just patches of low clouds scattered near the coastline. tomorrow, we'll look at sunny conditions and temperatures ranging into upper 80s for the most part. palm springs 103. bay area, sunny skies and warmer conditions and here is the accu-weather forecast.
6:49 pm
two warm days coming our way thursday saturday, cloudier, cooler maybe a morning sprinkle, sunday, sunny skies and mild on the first day of fall. >> excellent to thank you. >> yes, one necessitated by jury. 49ers add one stanford man getting ready for another. jim harbaugh raised andrew luck, now can he stop him? that is next in sports.
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good evening, 49ers still in recovery after sunday's beat down in seattle without nose tackle ian williams for the rest of the year. they have signed former stanford running back flourished under jim harbaugh. saying luck is deceptive as an
6:53 pm
athlete. >> the throws are more than what it looks like. tough to bring down he's harder to brick bring down than you think. >> both teams coming at one and one. saturday, hosting arizona state both teams ranked in top 25. more on the team dry triing to live up to lofty rankings. >> fifth ranked stanford cardinals have a little more pep in their step this week. >> interest is tl is no question. you have a win-loss column which is great. the conference column pits putts any praise in the conference that is all we're prepared for. and so that is when games
6:54 pm
start counting. >> defense is the strength but the quarterback have developed a chemistry this season that has opposing defenses on their heels. the coach has s.not surprised if the surge in production. >> he's been strong and physical. and his keeling is very high. got banged up a little bit sophomore year, coming back now just very comfortable in himself and the abilities. and in the offense. >> montgomery has 10 catches averaging 21 yards a catch. >> he's playing unbelievable football now. i think he's just getting started. just comfortable. and he's running past people. he's playing great in the
6:55 pm
running game, being a team player and that helps the whole offense. >> stanford will need another big performance to keep their perfect record intact. >> giants in new york this week. curious scheduling here. interesting. staying in new york then playing yankees three times. it's about equality. giants continue to swing that bases loaded for angel pagan. mets ral yeah in the fourth. man den decker with an rbi single with a run that wilmer flores races tomorrow. pagan doing damage against his old team. you know that had to feel good.
6:56 pm
giants leading in the 8th. a's playing angels tonight. magic number for athletics is seven dames -- games and counting. and at the a's ascending, texas is descending. they're winning tonight with their manager a former a's coach. saying he's now concerned for his job because of the way rangers have plummeted in the last month. >> good timing for a's. >> yes. >> thank you. >> all right. >> join me tonight all electric qar an affordable price at 9:00. >> then at 11:00 an east bay city's controversial decision. why residents and human rights groups are fuming over the flag.
6:57 pm
>> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here thanks for joining us.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a graduate student in education from princeton, new jersey... rginia... and our returning champion, a recent college graduate from austin, texas... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome to our show. i hope you were watching yesterday because our returning champion, jared, started our new season in the same way he ended last season -- with a big win -- $88,000-plus after just three appearances.
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