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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 17, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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alexis slip through the cracks and get clearance to a military facility after showing erratic behavior? that's what police are trying to figure out as we learn about the gunman who killed people and wounded more at the navy yard in washington, d.c. yesterday. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. and we are learning more about the victims including this woman, mary knight who worked as an information technology contractor at the navy yard and her brother lives in livermore. they shared their grief with south bay reporter lisa amin gulezian tonight. >> we were totally unprepared for and it came as quite a shock to us. >> her family in live more
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can't believe what has happened so par away. the 51-year-old was working in building 197 on the fourth floor when aaron alexis started shooting. mary was one of the last five victims to be identified. >> it is a great loss to my whole family. i think sthee was the core of -- i think she was the core of our family and we lost her. >> the reason mary was at the navy yard was her company, navy c systems was headquartered there. she was an it specialist for five years and recently got a promotion. >> i was so proud of her. she always went for her goals. >> another major milestone was reached just last month when mary's oldest daughter got married. candice feels for her cousins. >> it is horrible. i want even imagine what they are feeling. i want to take them in my arms and hold them. >> they plan to travel to the east coast for a memorial service in the coming days. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news.
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>> tonight investigators are trying to figure out how the shooter, aaron alexis, packed the military background checks despite shooting arrests and dilutional behave. karen travers looks at the shooter's past and how the victims are being reared. remember red. >> they are trying to figure out why he came to the navy yard to kill. >> we are looking at interviews and run down every lead we can. >> law enforcement sources say he was a ticking time bomb and warning signs may have been missed. on august 7th at 6:00 a.m., alexis called the newport, rhode island police. he claimed after an argument at an airport an unidentified person sent three people to follow him and keep him awake by talking to him and sending his vibrations through a microwave. he switched rooms three times trying to escape the voices.
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it is unclear if the military took any action. alexis' friends say they are shocked, but say he suffered from ptsd after he helped rescue people on 9/11. >> he talked about sometimes he would get down. >> we are learning stunning stories of survival. john weaver has, woulded at the navy yard for 13 years. he was on his desk on the third floor when -- >> i popped my head up and i saw him pointing his gun at my friend. >> he used a cabinet to block the entrance to his [cubical|cubicle] -- cubical and then made the decision to run. the people killed ranged in age from 46 to 73. aaron alexis had run ins with law enforcement in the past, but his friends say they can't believe he is behind this tragedy. karen travers, abc7 news. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage.
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you can get the latest information on-line at, our site. and we are tweeting the latest developments on abc7 news bay area. breaking news we first brought you, a a child is recovering after being hit in the neck with chards of glass following a shooting in oakland. you can see from sky 7hd officers zeroing in on this car with the back window shot out. a 5-year-old was hit by flying glass and it all resulted from a gunbattle between two shooters in two cars on 27th avenue. no one was hit by the gunfire. neighbors came out to help the little boy and they say he was with his mother and sister. >> they were very shocked. toddlers i would say crying hysterically. the boy was because he knows something is wrong with him and he couldn't figure out why. the sister was more or less in shock and being held by the mother. >> the boy is expected to recover. police are still looking for
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the gunman tonight. well, it took jurors just three hours to reach a decision against a man they had already convicted of committing four murders dating back to the 1970s. the verdict, 79-year-old joseph nasso should be sentenced to death by lethal injection. here is i team reporter dan noyes who has been following this story from the beginning. >> the prosecution quoted from his own diary, a long history of raping women when he was a teenager. he committed his first murder when he was 43 and the last when he was 60. he was convicted of killing rogash in marin county 1k3* carmen colon and contra costa and two more in yuba county. they added evidence of two more murders. sara dillon and patton in marin. with over em well ming evidence the -- with overwhelming evidence they decided he should be put to death. i wonder what that means if it
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took three hours to decide death? >> the evidence we believe was very compelling and showing his involvement in this case and also what the punishment should be. >> joe naso released a statement through his advisory council. >> i am pleased the jury listened to my mitigation argument. i want to help others in prison. i am on the threshold of a new life and will make the best of it. >> the daughter of one of nasso's victims spoke to the i-team about the decision. >> what do you think about that? >> i think we are wasting money. >> really, why? >> there are so many other things we can use that money for. to waste the money on him is not worth it. >> on appeals and all of that? >> exactly. >> her sister is pleased he received the death sentence. >> he took something away from me 35 years ago. finally justice is served for that. >> attorney robert brian specializes in death penalty cases and blasted the decision
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to act as his own attorney. >> it is the height of stupidity and bad judgment and arrogance. >> he says nasso can't argue he had ineffective council and the automatic appeal that takes place and the process can last more than 20 years. so brian points out no matter what the penalty, life in prison without the possibility of parole or death, the net effect is the same. >> one will bet that he will die of old age or poor health or suicide before he gets to the death chamber and being executed. joy brian tells us it -- >> brian tells us it would be unusual for the judge to overturn the will of the jury. there will be a hearing here on friday to set a date for the formal sentencing that has to come within 20 court days. abc7 news. >> prosecutors say there are two more victims of a suspected it child molester who works at the morgan hill ymca. he is accused of molesting five girls ages three to
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seven. he was arrested in july after a girl said he troid to force her to have -- he tried to force her to have sex. the victims were found when investigators contacted parents he had supervised. prosecutors say there could be more victims. new at 11:00, san leandro police are on the lookout for two men who broke into a home and threatened a family. police say the burglars broke in through an open window in the marina vista neighborhood. the family was home at the time. the men threatened them with a hand tool and then demanded money. police say the family cooperated and we are glad to tell you was not hurt. there is no fallout from the decision to fly the chinese flag over san lea january droa -- san leandro city hall. abc7 news president arer john alston is live for us tonight. john? >> carol a lynn, a protest vote at the san leandro school board that meets at city hall
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voted to hold their regular meetings someplace else on october 1st, the day the chinese flag will go up one of these flagpoles. >> flags from the people's republic of china fly over san francisco on a regular basis. but the decision to raise it over city hall in san leandro for one day has riled the human rights activists, the president of the tibetan association of northern california. >> but it represents the floods of the tibetans and the chinese people. >> critics have long accused the chinese government of oppression including the files from the dalai lama. they voted to temporarily replace the flag at city hall on the date the people's republic was formed in 1949. >> the motion passes. >> supporters of the measure say it is a way to attract chinese american business to
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san leandro and the chinese flag represents the people of china and not political support for the government. arlene is the president of the asian community cultural association. >> we want to welcome them and come and live here and open up businesses. >> san francisco has raised the chinese flag on october 1st along with oakland and alameda. when it goes up for the first time next month, opponents are planning protests. john alston, abc7 news. an arrest and an apology. next on abc7 news, the search for the driver who struck a blind reverend and his guide dog and the controversial way police handled the case. >> and the red-hot real estate market in san francisco is about to hit a whole new level. >> and we will tell you why some east bay residents can sleep a little easier tonight. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. clear skies tonight, but big changes may be coming before
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the seasons change this weekend. i will have all of the details
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struck and then the car drove away from the scene of the accident. but they are equally upset with police and how they handled it.
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laura anthony has the story. >> the reverend told abc7 news that it is something he and his guide dog do often, go for a walk in the neighborhood. but they didn't get very far. it was one block from home before someone driving a car hit them. >> backed into me and then -- hit the dog first and then hit me. luckily my dog was small enough to go up under the car. gite driver who sounded like a woman asked if he was okay. she said she was going move her car and then she suddenly drove away. >> i think she pulls over. she goes into the cul-de-sac and makes awe turn and then goes around my body and back out of the cul-de-sac and speeds off. >> police say simply asking if someone is okay isn't enough. >> that is still hit-and-run, isn't it? >> it is. you are obligated to stop and
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provide your information and your financial responsibility. >> besides the frightening run in with the car, he was frustrated by police officer who would not take a report because the reverend who was totally blind could not of oner a description. an officer did return to take the report. police are circulating fliers in the neighborhood asking anyone with information about the car or the driver to contact them. in east palo alto, laura anthony, a abc7 news. the luxury condo market in san francisco is about to reach a new level of opulence. the park lane building on knobb hill is being converted into condos. san francisco business times reports the 33 units could fetch a a total of $100 million including a penthouse for $10 million. each will be sold as a tenancy in common with each owner buying a percentage of the property making it co-owners to make it the most expensive
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building in history. doing this is actually tremendous. >> general motors has an electric car that can travel 200 miles on a charge and according to the "wall street journal" they plan to offer it for $30,000. by comparison tesla's model s sells for about 70,000. the vice president disclosed plans for the car on monday. he didn't say when the car would become available. the real object tau scale now is the -- the real object tau scale now is the cost of the batteries which will come down in two years. a couple of wild pigs running wild have been captured. they have torn up lawns and the wildlife experts say the moist grass and the soil are just filled with grub that the pigs love to dig up and eat. the trapper captured the pair and they are about 60 pounds apiece. they don't just trash lawns, they carry diseases that will
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affect wildlife. they say it will make the situation even more dangerous. leave it to the professionals. >> speaking of the professionals let's get a check on the forecast. >> sand jaw is here with the -- sandhya is here with the forecast. >> live doppler 7hd is showing some clear skies. a couple patches of low clouds, but that's about it. check out this view from our camera. you are looking at a gorgeous shot. the visibility is great and that's because we don't have the fog there. 61 in san francisco and oak lantd -- oakland and redwood city. 55 in half moon bay. east bay hills camera, you can see things were calmed down quite a bit and we had wind gusts as high as 50 miles an hour at sfo. right now a little breezy over the hilltops, but good visibility. 63 in santa rosa mostly 60s from novato and livermore. looking at this view, it is a
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sign of what is to come. as you see the clear skies, we are expecting sunny and warmer weather for wednesday and thursday. cooler on friday and saturday and we are looking at a slight chance of showers. autumn starts at 1:44, but the changes may be coming before fall's arrival. one trough went through and the high pressure is building in. the jet stream is dipping right over us and that's why the winds were funneling here across the bay area. expecting breezy conditions, but not as much as today. high pressure comes in and then the changes begin. as we head into your friday, if you are making plans for the weekend friday is the day we will see more cloud cover and perhaps uh few showers and then looking at the possibility of more lingering showers. moisture is confirmed in northern california and it is limited by the time the cold front gets down here. we may squeeze out a few light showers and drizzle friday night going into saturday
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morning. if you have plans keep that in mind. temperatures in the 50s and a clear start. you will want to bundle up. it will be on the cool side and breezy in in spots. rebounding nicely. 80 in san jose and 76 in mill pea dis. cupertino, 77 in sunnyvale. breezy still, but not as windy as today. 80 in redwood city and 64 pacifica and downtown san francisco, 72 degrees. 68 in the sunset district. in the north bay, gorgeous day. gets you into the 60s coast side. calistoga and sonoma and san rafael. east bay communities are breezy, blue skies and near normal temperatures. 78 oakland and 79 in newark. 82 for castro valley and in our inland spots this is where it will get warm. 88 fairfield, 87 pleasanton. if you are going to the a's game they take on the angels at 12:35. breezy and mild.
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76 by 3:30 and getting warmer on thursday only to turn cooler on friday and saturday with the slight possibility of needing the umbrellas. by the time sunday arrives, the firs day of fall, we will warm it back up. >> speaking of a's they are looking good. >> they sure are. >> their owner is not happy with the lack of crowds, but what they are doing on the field is fantastic. he is closing in one game at a time and one pie at a time. 9th inn
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favorite meal tonight, post game pie. a walkoff win against the angels. the magic number is down down to six. 19,000 in the park tonight. i can't see over the -- sorry. mike trout launches a solo
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homer and trout becomes the first player in al history to hit 25 homers and steel 30 bases bases and draw a hundred walks in a season. angels are on top. he allows one run and a little help from josh red duck, please? to the seventh and tied at one when blevins strikes out hamilton. you bases loaded. 0-2 count for josh donaldson. he scores the game winning run. good night, game over, drive home, safely. a's eke out a 2-1 win. texas also won, but the a's walkoff win produces the magic number down to 6. jerry seinfield dropped by the booth. no soup for you. we will hear from jerry in a moment. angel pagan and singles off zach wheeler. the giants build a 3-0 lead. mets come back in the fourth.
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an r.b.i single off the former met prospect. he tags him in a run down. mets were up 4-3. the top of 7. pagan and doing damage against his old team. 3 for 3 and three r.b.i's. they hold off a late rally to win it. first it was aaron rogers and now russell wilson and now they have to deal with another elite quarterback. andrew luck of the colts. jim harbaugh helped mold luck into the number one pick in the draft. and now like dr. frankenstein harbaugh has to figure out how to control his qb creation. >> the ball comes out quicker than it looks. the velocity is more than it looks like. as physical as he looks in the pocket and as tough to bring down, it is even harder to bring down than you think. >> the third week in a row
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playing one of the top quarterbacks in the league. >> we mentioned seinfield calling the giants-mets game in new york. what a shock. he was really funny. here is the sample. >> thank you. thank you. this is one of the most exciting moments of my life. if only that were true. >> do you want to do this show. it is a seinfield show. they said what is that? they told me we can get keith hernandez. i said who is that? >> boom, don't mess with jerry. >> she a professional comedian. you don't want to trade punches with him. thanks very much. >> man versus mcdonalds. >> yes, next, the foody behind an
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join us at and thrive. wake up weather. it will be cool and you want to bundle up. breezy in spots and temperatures in the 50s to start out. 8:00 a.m. getting into the low 60s. mike niko is here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. carolyn and dan? >> well, a wisconsin man has taken the big mac to a whole
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new level. >> why have just two all beef patties when you can have mceverything? >> they recently went to the local mcdonalds and ordered one of everything. the workers were shocked, but they accommodated the request. >> he decided to stack all 43 sandwiches and breakfast items included to create the mceverything. how much does it all cost? >> about 143 including tax and a soda. that looks like something joey chestnut might try. >> it looks brutal. coming up, amy pohler. >> and jimmy kimmle will shutdown for a two-night concert. that's our report. >> see you tomorrow. good night, everyone.
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dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, amy poehler, stephen merchant and music from bastille. with cleto and the cletones. and now, how do you like this? here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: that's very nice. and thank you very much.


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