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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 18, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the southbound lanes. >> you can see it is much calmer now. we will check with mike nicco the. >> high pressure is taking over. look at winds: less than eight miles per hour. fairfield is at six miles per hour. the sea breeze is being stopped and not so breezy this afternoon. the coast will still be breezy. the america's cup should be fine. live doppler 7 hd shows it is quiet with clouds. from the east bay hills to the bay bridge, our first forecast: warmer conditions and not so breezy and mid-to-upper 80's inland and mid-70's to near 80 and the coast into san francisco is mid-60's to lower 70's. >> breaking news in the south bay: an elderly woman was taken to the hospital after a fire in san jose. it broke out in a front room of
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her home. firefighters are crediting the smoke detectors with saving the 83-year-old woman. she made it out safely after waking to the noise. she suffered smoke inhalation and is checked out. >> we have new information about the mental state of the washington, dc, navy yard shooter. there is word the navy got warnings that aaron alexis was showing signs of instability from the police. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has more. >> police in rhode island say they encountered aaron alexis early august and he told them voices were harassing and following him and the following week he moved to washington, dc, for work. law enforcement say he was treated for serious mental problems but the security clearance was not stripped. overnight, law enforcement sources have told abc7 news that he sought help from v.a. hospitals and rhode island for
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insomnia. president obama ordered the budget office to examine security standards for government contractors and employees across federal agencies. >> i am concerned this becomes a ritual every three or four months where we have horrific mass shootings but we are not willing to take bake actions we know can make a difference. >> f.b.i. behavior analysts are looking for his motive. mission essential personnel and the navy yard remains an active crime scene. >> we are learning more of the victims including a 51-year-old woman whose brother lives in livermore. mary knight was working as an information technology
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contractor on the 4th floor of the building and aaron alexis started shooting. she was one of the last five victims identified. her brother says her oldest daughter just got married last month. >> a great loss for the family. she was the core of our family and we lost her. >> it is horrible. i feel so bad. i want to take them in my arms and hold them. >> the family plans to travel to the east coast for a memorial service in the next few days. we will have continuing coverage of the navy yard shooting with the latest information online at we are tweeting the latest developments at abc7 news bay area. >> child is recovering from cuts after gunfire shattered a window in oakland. the officers are focusing on the car with the back window shot out yesterday. a five-year-old boy in the car was hit by flying glass.
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the bullet came from a gun battle between shooters in two cars on 27th. no one was hit by the gunfire. neighbors who helped the boy say he was with his mother and sister. police are looking for the shooters. >> two days from now convicted serial killer joseph naso will find out if the judge will go along with the recommendation to be put to death. the jury will sentence the 79-year-old on friday. it took a jury three hours yesterday to recommend the death penalty for joseph naso for killing four california women decades ago. he must decide whether to follow the jury's wish or sentence him to live in prison. all victims had the first and last names that began with the same letter. >> san lenadro police are looking out for two men who broke into a home and threatened a family and released a sketch of a man. police say the burglars broke in through an oakland window in the neighborhood on saturday. the family was home.
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the men threated him with a hand tool and demanded money. the family cooperated and no one was hurt. >> bart nexts aimed at averting another strike will resume at 9:00 this morning for the third straight day. there is no sign of progress toward reaching a deal after the talks yesterday of the both sides are still far apart open how much each of the proposals will cost. time is running out. after today's session there is only one session scheduled for all of next week and three days of talks scheduled for each of the following two weeks before the 60 day cooling-off period ends october 10. >> san francisco auditors made startling discoveries conducting a study requested over hiring and training programs. the auditors found an instructor napping while the rookie driver navigated through heavy traffic. another trip they found the instructor chatting with passengers. the six month audit found training classes often canceled because instructors were absent.
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muni is short 100 drives because they did not hire enough recruits although it is in the budget. the short average cause an average of 38 runs a day to be canceled in four million dollars in overtime pay the. >> the oakland a's are smelling like a rose on the field but you cannot say the same for the dugout. raw sewage has backed up into the facility inside the oakland coliseum. pipes understooded the locker room on the bottom level of the stadium requiring a major clean up and new carpeting. on tuesday, something similar happened in the duck out during the 2-1 win office the angels. the maintenance is looking for the cause. >> heard the wind yesterday but it is different this morning. we have high pressure that will warm us and that will be on the late tomorrow. nice to see you, visibility is
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unlimited. a few clouds along the coast around half moon bay where we have a six-mile visibility. keep your fingers crossed. in san francisco, the ferry building is the warm spot. we are mostly in the mid-to-upper 50's, though, including forest hill and ocean beach at 54 degrees. 57 in the financial district, richmond, san lenadro and walnut creek at 55. santa clara is 52 and saratoga is 53, and half moon bay is 46 degrees. that happens when you do not have clouds or very many at the coast. petaluma is at 54 degrees. breaking down today: the next 12 hours, most of us hanging in the mid-to-upper 50's and cooler conditions this morning through 7:00 and it will be calmer at noon and we are in the mid-60's at the coast, 70 around the bayen at way to mid-to-upper 80's by 4:00, and mid-to-upper 70's around the aand holding
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with mid-60's at the coast and as we head to 7:00, 62 at the coast and going to need a coat and 68 around the bay and 76, night, inland. moving forward this time of the year we cannot keep the weather locked in for long so today is warmer. the heat peaks tomorrow with 90 above-average temperatures in livermore and a ten-degree drop on friday and another five degrees so we will will be below average friday night into saturday morning and cleaner on sunday, monday, and tuesday with below average temperatures. the rain let is over. the weekend will be good. we will look at all of our neighbors in the seven-day forecast. kristen and eric? >> thank you, mike. we will have a check on traffic in a couple of minutes. >> the senator is on this morning for the driver who hit a blind reverend and his guiding do and why the victim wants an apology but not from the driver. >> flood victims return home in
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colorado and the new concern being raised now that the floodwaters are receding. >> let the dreaming begin, the huge jackpot at stake for the powerball game. first, though, america's money. >> good morning, topping america's money, wall street is expecting a big decision from the federal reserve today. fed chairman bernanke is widely expected to announce a cut in the popular stimulus program which is aimed at holding down interest rates and boosting economic growth. >> the decision will likely have a major impact on the positive gains and the nasdaq closed at 13-year high and the dow is on track to have a second best monthly gain this year. >> boeing has tested a new version of the dreamliner, the stretched version fitting more passengers and fly further, and it does not have the battery system that grounded the fleet of dreamliners this year. >> that is america's mo
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>> covering santa clara, san
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francisco, east bay, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning, at 4:42 on the morning news. a gorgeous shot from the east bay camera of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. there is construction on the bridge from eastbound yerba buena island to the metering lights. otherwise, no major problems to report. >> today and tomorrow activists and family members of shooting victims will gather on capitol hill to mark nine months since the sandy hook school shootings in connecticut. events were in the works before the navy your shooting and is organized by the new town action alliance renewing efforts for background check legislation. a gunman killed 26 people on campus at sandy hook elementary school before he shot and killed himself. >> a group trying to raise money for domestic violence funerals needs your help. a 39-year-old was stabbed to
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death 11 days ago by her husband and father of their they children. the nonprofit mothers against murders says only half of the $17,000 needed to pay for her burial has come in. they need $8,500 by tomorrow. >> if you would like to help we have a lincoln our website at >> this morning a blind reverend in east palo alto wants an apologize after they were hit by a driver who took off but the police, not the driver, who needs to apologize. we explain. >> the reverend told abc7 news that something he and his guide dog do often. the go for a walk in the neighborhood. on monday night, after 8:00, he and the dog did not get far, only a block from home, before someone driving a car hit them. >> he backed into me, hit the dog first and ran interest me. my dog was short enough where it
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was able to go under the back end of the car because she was pulling out of the the corner. >>the driver would sounded like a woman asked if he was okay and said she was going to move the car but, instead, he heard her suddenly drive away. >> i was thing she was putting over and she makes a u-turn and comes back to me and goes around my body and back out of the street and speeds off. >> police say asking if someone is okay isn't enough. it is still hit-and-run accident? >> absolutely. you are obligated to provide all your information and your financial responsibility. >> he was frustrated by a police officer who would not take a report because the reverend could not give a description. an officer did return to take the report and police are also circulating asking anyone with
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information about the car or driver to contact them. >> life on the run is over for a pair of wild pigs that have been destroying property in the east bay. they is torn up lawns around westside drive in san ramon. experts say the moist grass and soil are packed with grubs that the pigs dine on. a trapper captured the pair yesterday. the 60 pound pigs are put down the they do not just trash lawns but they carry diseases that are dangerous to humans and to wild lie. >> enormous powerball jackpot is up for grabs, sparking another round of lottery fever. the drawing is estimated at $400 million. it is the 5th largest jackpot ever six weeks after $425 million in may, a move after california joined when it swelled to $600 million. the odds of winning are one in
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175 million. >> it will take a while to count all that. >> no problem. if you win $2, you are lucky, right? >> you win your money back, that means a great day. >> it will be calmer today so that is good for america's cup. it will be breezy over the ocean where we start this morning with live doppler 7 hd a wind around 15 to 15- to 25-knots and small craft advisory from noon until 9:00 and the wins will be slower again around the bay and the tell that. from our roof camera you can see how clear it looks to the southeast the embarcadero center on the right, and ferry building and bay bridge on the left and this is the back drop for our highlights. the sunshine, warmer and calmer today, a great day to be outside but you can still be burned. u.v. index is high, clear sky, cool overnight, and we have the weak system for friday night into saturday morning and still
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looks like some of us could get measurable wet weather. not a lot. not this time of the year unless it is hooked with a tropical system or the remnants of one. now, temperatures in the south bay: 76 in milpitas to 86 in morgan hill and 80's in san jose and cupertino. on the peninsula, 80 in los altos, and redwood city is the warm spot and millbrae is nice at minority 70's and 78 in menlo park and palo alto and at the coast, breezy but sunny, and mid-to-upper 60's and 64 at daly city and 72 in downtown and 73 in south san francisco, and 74 in sausalito and ten degrees warmer through the north bay valley with mid-80's and mid-to-upper 60's at your coast. mid-70's to near 84 most of the east bay shore with oakland at 78, and union city, fremont, castro vehicle, hercules and richmond, 80 to 82 and the warmest weather is inland east bay, mid-to-upper 80's from 85 in pleasanton to 87 in walnut
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creek, fairfield, and antioch. now, temperatures tonight, they will be mild again, mid-50 to around 60 degrees with clear conditions and maybe a few clouds along the coast but mostly no marine layer clouds. here is what is happening: high pressure is moving in and this is bringing us the warmer and calmer pattern for today and tomorrow. here is the next system lining up behind it gathering a little bit of moisture and will some cooler air as it comes down from alaska. what we will look at as far as the rain we are talking about a possibility of it moving into the north bay during the evening hours with sprinkles in the north bay friday evening and some of that will head to the coast. overnight, we will have sprinkles as far south as the south bay and not measurable to maybe .1" in the north bay which is generous by saturday morning and you will notice the temperatures on saturday are going to be 10- to 15-degrees cooler than just two some days
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prior. when we get back into the rhythm of sunday county monday, and tuesday, fall is back if the forecast. enjoy it. >> a look at new traffic this morning, away the bay area, we have an issue with the east guantanamo bay bridge at treasure island the off-ramp big rig was stuck making a town and that is blocking the fast lane eastbound. also, we have construction causing a slow down in the northbound 880 area in oakland from 16th to broadway to around that area so want out for the cone zone and at the bay bridge toll plaza there is light track, no problems, with cash lanes, the car pool lanes or fast track. >> more bay area red cross volunteers are on the way to colorado to help in the relief effort. red cross chapters have sent 16 people to rejobs around boulder to provide food and shelter and relief supplies. the death toll in colorado now
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stands at six down from eight. state emergency officials say two people resumed dead are now listed under "missing." 300 are not accounted for as teams continue air lifting stranded victims to safety. authorities have begun assessing damages to bridges and crops and irrigation. the broncos and ski resorts have announced donations of $50,000 and $100,000 to help victims. >> parents, get are your credit cards ready, the hot new toys your children may bug you for on this holiday season. >> way to fund breast cancer research and how it begins this morning with a beautiful pair of shoes. >> first lady calls food makers and advertisers to
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>> good morning, at 4:52.
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this is san francisco, the university of san francisco and you can tell from the shot it is calm the you do not see the camera bouncing around. meteorologist mike nicco says less wind and warmer. you will have a look at the forecast ahead. >> today, a luxury shoe boutique in sausalito opens to the delight of many women shoppers in marin county. the opening of shoe stories is welcomed by zero breast cancer marin. the stores' owner is donating 10 percent of the proceeds until the end of october to the carety to coincide with breast cancer awareness month. he lost two sisters to cancer. robin died just six months ago. he says he will select a different charity each month to donate a portion of sales to. they sell high-end shoes. not many go for under $1,000. >> toys 'r us are gearing up for the holidays with the annual "toys list including big hug
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elmo that costs $50. there is the lite pad ultra that starts at $150 and shimmer and sparkle crazy loom which lets kids make rub are bracelets. it costs $15. for a list of the hot toys go to and click on "see it on tv." now the weather from mike. >> it will be great if you are outside, be careful at the game, u.v. index is high as the surging oakland a's take on the angels. way to close out the last couple of week, 73 degrees and warming to 78 by end of the game. air quality in tuolumne is finally out of the warning which is great news. everything is quiet. we will talk about our forecast. 71 today in tahoe.
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sunshine. upper 80's in the central valleys and 69 in monterey. >> at look at traffic here, the early progress we told you about on the bay bridge, eastbound, treasure island off-ramp, the off-ramp will be closed with a big rig trying to make the turn and it got stuck, a sharp turn so you understand why no estimated time when the off-ramp will re-open. walnut creek shows 680 the tail lights headed southbound with in problems to report here but we have construction showing on things 880 northbound from 16th and broadway. >> police released a sketch of a man who sexually assaulted a hotel housekeeper. on friday, this man grab add housekeeper on the patio at the double tree hotel and put a knife to her neck, forced her into a room and tied her up and assaulted her. she screamed for help. the man took off running. officers searched the area but
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could not find hill. >> an ohio man who confessed in a video to killing someone while drunk driving plans to lead guilty. the 22-year-old pleaded not guilty but that was a procedural move to allow a judge to be appointed to accept the guilty plea. he will make good on his pledge to take full responsibility for the crash. in a video posted two weeks ago he admitted to killing a 61-year-old navy veteran in june. >> the first lady is convening a summit to make your children healthy focusing on food marketing. she wants food makers and media companies to spend less time advertising sweet and salty foods to kids and more time promoting healthy options. the studies show food marketing contributes to obesity because children are influenced in what they eat. >> boeing is testing out a new stretch 787 dreamliner that made
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the maiden test flight yesterday over eastern washington landing in front of hundreds of employees. it is 20' longer than the 787-8 and holds 40 more people. there are 388 orders. boeing said the first flight was as close to flawless as possible. >> next at 5:00, brewing up a controversy, the line starbucks is drawing on customers who show up armed. >> a city is stirring up a fierce debate, the neighbors and school board and human rights groups are fuming over a flag. >> developing news in san francisco where flames break out along highway 101. the investigation underway.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 5:00. thanks for joining us. >> first up a check on the weather forecast. mike, we are staying calmer today. >> calmer along the bay water. the radar is quiet this morning. we will talk about what the high pressure will do to the temperatures and the calmer conditions. 68 today at half moon bay and 72 in san francisco, and mid-70's to near 80 around the bay shore and into the south bay and the north bay and east bay valleys: mid-to-upper 80's. enjoy the break from the cool breezes we had yesterday. now christian has track. >> a few


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