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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 20, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a massive blaze of gunfire in america's third-largest city. 13 people shot in this chicago park, including a 3-year-old boy. the shots coming from a moving sedan. we have a live report. caught on tape. the school bus driver texting while driving a bus packed with middle schoolers. one hand on the wheel. two eyes on her phone. how one student exposed what could be happening on school buses across the nation. bear emergency. police race to catch a 300-pound beast on the loose in a packed california college town. the black bear roaming through downtown. residents frantically calling 911. the urgent search is happening now. dear, santa -- >> and the courageous letter gone viral, from a little boy who wanted everyone to stop bullying his twin sister.
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giving up toys for love. how the song you're hearing helped make her dream come true with our cameras rolling. ♪ and what a happy friday it is here at "gma." good morning, america. big day here today because we are celebrating robin's first birthday. [ applause ] now, we just explain a little bit. one year today -- one year ago today, robin had her bone marrow transplant. >> you're a bouncing baby girl today, robin. any day, she's going to walk. it's going to be great. >> and anybody who celebrates this, realizes, it's not just today, it's about the future as well. >> it's a very, very, very special day. >> and a celebration for sally-ann, your sister. >> thank you for saying that. i've always been big for my age.
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no. really. it's a very special day full of gratitude. we'll celebrate later in the morning. we have news to get to, first. josh has all of the top stories, starting with the sloot ths overnight in chicago. >> late night in chicago. we're going to go there. a latest act of violence in a city overrun with it. a 3-year-old among the many wounded. abc's alex perez is there. good morning to you, alex. >> good morning, josh. many people were out last night, enjoying the warm weather. here on this basketball court at this park when suddenly a number of innocent bystanders got caught in the mid of of a shower of bullets. this is 3-year-old deonty howard, the youngest victim in what has become an epidemic of chicago gun violence. >> it happened to fast. i heard shots. i came over here. there was a lot of people down. >> reporter: the shootings happened just after 10:00 last night near cornell square park on chicago's south side. >> a lot of shots, man, like
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boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. and a kid got hit. a 3-year-old got hit in the face. >> reporter: two adults remain in critical condition. but all are expected to survive. >> we had 11 victims that were treated and transported to various hospitals throughout the city. >> reporter: there have been over 1,600 shootings in chicago this year. police suspect this incident may be gang-related, with many of the 13 victims, simply innocent bystanders. and this morning, investigators are working to track down the g gunman but at this point no arrests have been made. josh? >> alex perez in chicago. thank you for that. also new this morning, perhaps a thaw in the frosty relationship between the united states and iran. it could be just days away. the white house is suggesting that president obama could meet iran's newly elected president next week, when both are here in new york city. it would then be the first such meeting since 1977. and apple lovers rejoice. the newest versions of the
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iphone on sale this morning. take a look at these fans in japan. fair to say, they got into it overnight. actually dressing in all manner of costume as the doors opened there. here in the u.s., people have been lined up for days, all to get their hands on the new iphone 5s and the cheaper 5c. and ground beef bound for the school lunch program being recalled because it could contain bits of plastic. the meat being recalled was produced on april 1st and shipped to distribution centers in arkansas, california, montana and texas. it was a tense night in the college town of san luis obispo. people urged to stay indoors after a 300-pound black bear was spotted in the heart of downtown. it's a lovely downtown. police sent out a text message warning people to stay inside. after three hours, the bear made a good choice of towns, returns safely to the woods. and finally a teenage dairy
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queen manager from minnesota, rightfully earning major kudos today. joey, you see him there, was appalled when he saw a customer pick up a blind man's $20 bill and slip it into her purse. so, he refused to serve the woman unless she returned the money. instead, she stormed out. so, joey then gave the blind customer $20 out of his own pocket. word of his good deed thankfully spread. and yesterday, got a call from warren buffett himself. >> that explains that picture. >> his company owns dairy queen. the boss man called down and said good on you. to joey, we say, good on you. >> i love those stories, love it. >> that is great. thank you, josh. we're going to get the latest on the navy yard shooting. the warning signs were there. abc news has learned that shooter aaron alexis was kicked out of the navy housing just weeks before his rampage because he was raving about voices in his head. abc's pierre thomas is tracking
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the investigation in washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. today, even more warning signs missed. and disturbing new details about how the suspect had free reign to kill those victims. law enforcement sources tell abc news, aaron alexis abruptly left a newport, rhode island, navy barracks, after constantly complaining that noises were coming out of his linen closet. during roughly the same time frame, new port naval station police were warned by local authorities that alexis was hearing voices and feared he was under constant surveillance by shadowy figures. but navy station police did not pass the information up the chain of command. >> there should have been a mental health assessment done, in order to determine the severity of these hallucinations. >> reporter: alexis' mental state appeared to be rapidly deteriorating. six days before alexis came to washington, a practicing buddhist came to washington, he went to a temple complaining to
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monks that he was hearing voices. >> he said he didn't sleep. >> reporter: sources tell fbi news the investigating whether alexis targeted specific co-workers. and new fbi director, james comey, told reporters, disturbing new details thursday. he says alexis was working on a computer server program in navy yard building 197, which allowed him to enter and move about the facility freely. and we learned, he sawed off his shotgun with a hacksaw, bought at a home depot, and hid it in a bag, walking right by security. the fbi director said alexis appeared to be hunting people in a random way, without pattern. so much heartache. on sunday, president obama plans to attend the service honoring the fallen. robin? >> we continue to think about them, pierre. thank you. now, to a big headline on the economy and your money. new numbers out reveal the housing market is booming. home sales, soaring. more people are rushing to buy right now. abc's rebecca jarvis is here
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now, with what's pushing home sales. >> hi, robin. there were a handful of things that are pushing this. it is a housing feeding frenzy. buyers racing to get homes before mortgage rates, that's a big one. before mortgage rates tick any higher. home sales are at their highest level since 2007. we're hearing that the houses that are sitting on the market are sitting there for less than 24 hours with the pace of existing home sales up 13.2% from last year. the biggest thing spurring this surge are mortgage rates. this morning, the 30-year fixed rate mortgage is 4.4%. that's a full percent higher than where rates were in may. some people could have gotten some people couldn't have gotten a mortgage in may for 3 .4%. >> it's creeping up a little bit here. that means bigger house payments. what is the difference we're talking about here? >> it's sizable robin. every time you see mortgage rates go up about a percent, you're going to see your cost of owning that home go up 10%. on a $200,000 mortgage, you'll
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pay about $2,000 a year more. just for the mortgage. >> that's a big difference. all right. it adds up. >> have a good weekend. >> that housing surge is good news on the economy. we're going to washington, and the dysfunction that could derail the economy. believe it or not, we could be days away from another government shutdown and possible default from the u.s. jon karl is covering it from the white house. two, big deadlines approaching. the government runs out of money september 30th. and can't bore borrow any more money a couple weeks after that. >> reporter: that's right, george. it is a real mess. house republicans are set today to finally pass a bill that would temporarily fund the government until december. but it includes a provision that nothing, no money can be spent on the president's health care bill ever. that has 0% chance of passing in the senate. that puts us back to square one, with the government shutdown set in just over a week. remember, this is just a temporary funding bill. it's the first big thing. we also, as you mentioned, have coming up, whether the government will continue to
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borrow money. that could put the government in default. >> and the consequences of the shutdown is bad. the consequences of default is catastrophic. and a new poll out on abc that had warnings for both sides. >> reporter: it sure does. this is about the president's health care law. it shows the law is still unpopular. a majority of the public doesn't like the way it's being implemented. only barely a third approves of how it's being implemented. but, george, our poll also shows that more unpopular than the president's health care law, by far, is the idea of shutting down the government to defund it. >> yet. it may happen. jon karl, thanks very much. now, to new details on the abduction of the teenage girl in georgia, snatched from her home at gunpoint. the 14-year-old says as many as four men were involved in the kidnapping and holding her for 36 hours. and newly released court documents show they did demand a ran some. abc's gio benitez has been tracking this ever-developing story. >> reporter: unbelievable. good morning to you, robin. the big question is, was this
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just a random home invasion? newly released court documents show just hours after the girl was taken, her family began receiving calls demanding cash and drugs, in exchange for her release. something that at the time, police publicly denied. the fbi now says it tracked down this man, wildrego jackson, by tracing call records from the blocked phone number used to demand ransom, from ayvani perez's family. jackson seen here in a courtroom sketch, appeared in federal court thursday, facing charges of conspiracy to commit kidnapping for ransom and possession of a firearm. investigators also say that just days before the kidnapping, jackson's girlfriend rented a gray dodge challenger. at the time of the kidnapping, they say a witness saw a gray dodge speeding away from the home after hearing screams. abc station wsb reports that jackson, who goes by the street name, dreco, has a lengthy rap sheet, going back ten years. this morning, we're also learning more about perez's
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harrowing 36-hour ordeal. according to court documents, perez told investigators, three to four men abducted her, hiding their faces. telling her not to look at them. >> a 14-year-old girl -- >> reporter: as national media attention focused on the abduction, it appears the alleged kidnappers may have had a change of heart, calling family and dropping the teen off at a relative's house in conyers, 26 miles away without a ran some. >> this case is unusual. it looks like there were multiple players involved. the kidnapping appears to be an afterthought. when they don't get any money, they release the victim unharmed. >> reporter: meanwhile, police say this man, juan contreras rodriguez was picked up in relation to the case. he's being held on unrelated immigration charges. but we've learned in 2012, he was busted with perez's mom in a pot trafficking ring. charges were later dropped. and we still don't know what was behind this abduction or even that home invasion.
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but we do know police are still on the hunt for two other men. and, robin, that little girl, safe and sound. >> that's the headline. that is the headline. all right, gio, thank you. if any of you need anymore evidence that texting and driving don't mix, look at this. a bus driver with one hand on the wheel, another on her phone, causing the huge vehicle to swerve all over the road. it was all caught on camera. abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: this florida school bus driver is suspended this morning after allegedly being caught with one hand on the wheel. and two eyes on her phone. watch as the hillsboro county driver, steers this bus, backed with middle schoolers, apparently tapping on her smartphone. but it wasn't the school system that caught her. the sleuth in this case, the eighth grade daughter of venus
7:14 am
koto silva, who shot the video friday. >> she showed me the video, i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: the 14-year-old said she was trying to catch her driver cursing. instead, she caught this. >> the scary part is, see how quickly she grabbed the wheel? >> reporter: the school district called it a violation of policy, adding, clearly, the driver is looking at her cell phone. that's a dangerous distraction for any driver. but the potential danger is greater when you have a bus full of children. almost one-quarter of all accidents are now believed to be caused by drivers on phones, apparently smarter than they are. this one was texting when he slammed into a line of cars in texas. and this bus driver in florida last year, apparently also busted while he texted. watch his hand spelling instead of steering. mayors across the country are now rallying for tougher laws. >> we realize it's up to us as individuals and as cities and a nation to put an end to have special epidemic. >> reporter: as for koto-silva, she said she's still concerned.
7:15 am
>> not only are they going to kill a driver, they're going to kill the children on that bus. >> reporter: florida's new law banning while texting while driving. won't apply to the driver of her daughter's bus. it doesn't take effect for another week and a half. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> the official there said it right. social epidemic. it happens all the time. but it has to stop. >> i used to drive a school bus. it's all you can do to maintain your focus. i couldn't imagine trying to text at the same time. now, to the vatican and the surprising comments by pope francis, sending shock waves through the catholic church this morning. signaling a real shift in tone, as he urges a more inclusive church and, quote, home for all. "good morning america" weekend anchor dan harris has the story for us. >> reporter: good morning. first of all, happy birthday. second of all, who knew you drove a school bus? the leads here this morning. let me get to the pope news. it's extremely rare for a pope to grant an interview, and rarer still for a pope to grant one like this. francis speaks openly, candidly and bluntly, signaling the church needs to be less judgmental, less political, and more focused on love, acceptance
7:16 am
and forgiveness. straight from the jump, pope francis has tried to set a fresh tone. he lives in a simple room. not ornate papal apartments. he drives an old car. he takes selfies with tourists. he washes the feet of juvenile inmates. and he makes phone calls to people who write him letters, which has earned him some gentle ribbing from the likes of jon stewart. >> if the pope calls the wrong number, does he admit it? or does he say -- i'm sorry, holy father, you have the wrong number. no, i'm infallible. you're in the wrong house. >> reporter: there's been more serious criticism, too. from hard-liners who do not like this pope's de-emphasis on hot-button social issues. in this new interview, released simultaneously in jesuit journals worldwide, francis seems utterly unswayed. saying the church has become obsessed with small-minded rules. and it must be the home of all,
7:17 am
not a small chapel, that the hold only a small group of selected people. he bluntly declares, we cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods. what a change from his predecessor, pope benedict, who controversially claimed on a trip to africa that condoms actually exacerbated the aids epidemic. to be clear here, the pope is not calling for a change in church teachings on these hot-button issue, but instead, for a shift in emphasis and tone. is this likely to trickle down to local parishes throughout america? >> i think it's trickled up to the papacy from the local parish because the pope is actually speaking to us in this interview in a way in which a good pastor or priest talks to his parishioners. not in a top-down, overly intellectual way. but from his heart. >> reporter: such a fascinating interview. and one of the other striking things about this exchange is the pope's repeated admissions
7:18 am
of personal frailty. he describes himself as undisciplined. and at times naive. he says when he was younger, he made decisions in an authoritarian way. and when asked who he is, he replies, quite simply, i'm a sinner. fascinating stuff. >> everything you do, makes you think of the name he chose, pope francis of assisi, just walking with the poor. >> washing the feet of juvenile inmates. he's focuses on charity and humility. >> and he is changing the tone. dan, thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather. when you're over there by all that -- >> this is tough for texas this morning. overnight, good morning, the heavy rain, two pockets of tropical remnants driving the moisture up in the middle of the country. we have flood warnings and watches for a good part of texas. waco to dallas, there's been overnight flooding. and will continue to be in the morning, at least 4 1/2, maybe 5 inches of rain, kind of in some
7:19 am
of those zones. let me show you the good news and bad news of this. we want as much rain without the flooding that we're getting. look how much of the country is in drought. extreme drought. one of the highest levels in drought. they're about a foot behind in rainfall here. we think probably it's about four to six inches of rain coming in the next 48 hours. the problem is, dry ground, rain coming all at one time. that means flooding. but they need that rain.
7:20 am
good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. today, we're going to see an increase in clouds and sea breeze. temperatures 7 to 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. watch out for rain in the north bay tonight, drizzle along the coast and san francisco. scattered showers for the rest of us tomorrow. and dry and cooler than average sunday through next week. temperatures today 60s along the coast into san francisco and richmond. 70s elsewhere, possibly few coming up in the next half hour, we're going to go over where it's cool and where it's warm. a lot of that stuff. >> it's hot in here. >> thank you, sam. happy friday. coming up on "gma," she's the woman who became famous for her nonstop hiccups. now, on trial for murder. the bizarre twist in the courtroom right now. and the story behind the brave letter to santa gone viral. a little boy wanted everyone to stop bullying his twin sister. >> i love that story. and also ahead, selina gomez forced to cancel her concerts in
7:21 am
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like 3 shrubs for $10 at lowe's. ♪ like 3 shrubs for $10 at lowe's. wrong turns on the road to your know yofuture. afford that's why we build tools like our career guidance system. it's kind of like gps, you know, for your career. it walks you through different degree possibilities and even lets you explore local job market conditions, helping you map a clear course from the job you want, back to you. go to and get started today. good morning. i'm eric thomas. this morning a second possible b.a.r.t. strike looms now once again just 20 days away. we've learned b.a.r.t. is already working on a contingency plan. no talks are scheduled today but there are eight scheduled meetings between now and october 10th, that's the final day of
7:25 am
the 60-day cooling off period. b.a.r.t. tells abc news the mediator is working to add more negotiating sessions. and abc news has learned 12 managers who are nonunion certified operators are going through a refresher course on what b.a.r.t. calls non-working equipment. in the event of a strike, b.a.r.t. may use the managers to keep at least some trains running during peak hours. leyla gulen is off this morning. here's a quick look at the friday morning commute. an update on the presid owe, northbound 101 near 19th avenue, a hit-and-run as cars blocking the second lane. it's cleared, but there's still a residual backup there. elsewhere friday-like conditions, but if you look outside right now, take you outside at the bay bridge toll plaza, you see not so friday light here, backup going on, metering lights have been turned on.
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we're back. we're seven to 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. that's the big story until this evening when some light rain develops as the sun sets in the north bay, drizzle along the coast into san francisco. light rain during the overnight hours and some scattered showers tomorrow. temperatures
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there they are. brother and sister twins, ryan and amber. little ryan, not only hugs his sister. wrote a letter that's gone viral. he asked santa to stop kids at school from bullying her. >> it reaches inside of you and grabs you. went understandably viral. this is a little boy who did a remarkable thing for his sister, who really did need it. and it's a story about a great family, as well. a scene i hope we can do a lot with. we have to stop bullying. it's a national scourge. we have to end it. >> you have been on cloud nine since meeting those two. >> they're great. can't wait for all of you to meet them, as well. we're going to turn to the
7:31 am
young woman who was known nationally for her uncontrollable hiccups. she is now on trial. and selena gomez, so red-hot right now. getting an icy reception in russia. why she was forced to cancel all of her concerts there. if there's a certain satisfied smile across the desk, it's the sweet birthday. it's our robin roberts' one year. first year after a successful transplant. so many people consider this a look forward. we do, as well. >> i'm telling you. i'm just so excited in sharing it with everyone who is celebrating, as well. thank you, sam. we're going to have a party later. we're going to begin this half hour, with a trial of the so-called hiccup girl. her hiccups returning in court this week. she's on trial for murder. could face life in prison. abc's linsey davis has her story. >> reporter: as she sat in the
7:32 am
shadow of her attorneys. standing trial for first-degree murder. for more than an hour, the same hiccups that made jennifer mee famous, returned. the now 22-year-old who gained fame when she was 15 when she couldn't stop hiccupping for five-straight weeks. is now one of three defendants to stand trial for the death of 22-year-old shanongriffin. prosecutors say the then-19-year-old met griffin online, and lured him to an apartment, where two of her friends robbed and shot him four times in the chest. in court thursday, prosecutors played a jailhouse call between mee and her mom, where mee admits to setting it all up. >> who did you kill? >> i can't kill nobody. >> why are they charging you with attempted murder? >> because i set everything up. it all went wrong, mom. it went downhill after
7:33 am
everything happened, mom. >> who were you trying to kill, jennifer? >> nobody. it wasn't even supposed to happen like that, mom. >> reporter: experts testified that mee's dna was found on the victim's shirt. the defense argued it could have been transferred to the t-shirt by another person. in a crime lab dna expert agreed. last month, la ron rayford was sentenced to prison. mee could face life in prison, which is what the victim's family would like to see happen. >> we have to go to a graveyard to see him. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> we should mention that mee has pleaded not guilty. >> let's bring in abc's chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. we would not be talking about this had we not been talking about her from her hiccup case. how does it affect it in trial? >> the defense attorney has mentioned it in the course of this case. i think the defense is hoping
7:34 am
that the jurors may feel sorry for her. there's been periods in court when she hiccupped for 20 minutes straight. it's not really going to be relevant directly to the case. no question, the defense is hoping that jurors feel bad for her. >> and no one is claiming she pulled the trigger. but facing murder charges. >> if she had the intent to commit the robbery. if she had no idea that anyone had a gun, but had intent with regard to the robbery and someone gets shot and killed, she's on trial now for felony murder. that's all they have to prove in the context of this case is, she had the intent to commit that robbery. >> i know you've read a lot into this case. how strong is the prosecution's case? >> when you think about it with regard to just the robbery, it's pretty strong. she made comments to her mother, as you heard on tape, saying that she set it up. but she's going to say, when i said set it up. i didn't mean set up the robbery. i just meant set up a meeting. the defense is going to be, she
7:35 am
didn't have intent to commit the robbery. prosecutors have a lot of evidence. >> many eager to see what's going to happen here. >> happy birthday. we're going to turn to selena gomez, caught up in an international controversy. she's been forced to cancel concerts in russia. is s is she having problems because she's the latest performer to protest their anti-gay policies. >> selena gomez, caught up in an international firestorm. scheduled to perform in st. petersburg and moscow next week. both performances have been canceled. quote, due to complications with visa applications and timing. but now, some are speculating that gomez is the latest victim of russia's controversial crackdown on performers who publicly favor gay rights. >> western pop stars have used the stage as a platform to speak out about the anti-gay actions
7:36 am
going on in russia. they felt that maybe salena could do that herself. >> reporter: increased violence against gays and the passage of a law that makes it illegal to speak about homosexuality in front of children, has prompted performers like lady gaga, to denounce the country's anti-gay policies. on mother russia's home turf. this is lady gaga performing in ma moscow. >> tonight, this is my house, russia. you can be gay in my house. >> reporter: madonna did the same in st. petersburg. >> and gay people here and all the rest of the world, have the same rights. >> reporter: the russian agency in charge of issuing the visa says the timing of the request is ultimately to blame. not gomez's stance on gay rights. however, on wednesday, a
7:37 am petition asked gomez to stand in solidarity with russia's gay community. a request many think may have caused the visa complications. well, elton john says he wants to play in russia in december, to lend his support to the gay community. but there's no word yet on whether or not he's actually received a visa. meanwhile, cher is reportedly turned down the offer of playing at the opening ceremonies of the winter olympics in russia, citing the country's anti-gay laws. the list of celebrities keeps on growing. robin and george? >> people stepping up. stepping up. that's it. sam, a scene for the east coast. >> you like the warm numbers, george? they are look pretty good. we're going to start with some pictures that came to us. you don't always see this. when a waterspout develops, it develops over water. it looks like a tornado. but it isn't officially one until it moves onshore in the same form.
7:38 am
it happened in the bahamas. the waterspout and coming onshore as a tornado. incredible pictures. we thought we'd bring that to you. this is the warmth that georgia is excited about. raleigh, 80. jacksonville, 86. four to five degrees milder than this time of year. when you look at that warmth, enjoy it. i know it's been a cool last couple of days. on the west coast, here's where the heavy rain is. medford, eureka. seattle, portland, almost to sacramento, really, showers that get you almost an inch of rain nchs good morning. i'm mike nicco. changing of the guard today. increasing clouds this afternoon. some drizzle along the coast and san francisco to light rain in the no >> all that weather was brought to you by at&t. you'll see this word cooling. it's a little more than cooling. that's a pocket of cold air with
7:39 am
a little light stuff. already on the boards. >> all right, sam. coming up, brawling over co co co co cory. ale announcer ] now, taking care of things at home is just a tap away. ♪ introducing at&t digital life... ♪ ...personalized home security and automation... [ lock clicks ] ...that lets you be closer to home. that's so cool. [ male announcer ] get $100 in instant savings when you order digital life smart security. limited availability in select markets. ♪ [ male announcer ] some people lift your spirits... the same way the smooth, creamy taste of coffee-mate... makes coffee and your day better. coffee-mate. coffee's perfect mate.
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uh. we're back at 7:43, with a battle brewing over cory monteith. the emmys are sunday. but some say he doesn't deserve recognition. abc's neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: of all the places for controversy will be brewing at the primetime emmy awards, the speeches, the outfits. this year, it's the in memorium segment. five people will be singled out for longer tributes. james gandolfini.
7:44 am
actors jean stapleton and jonathan winters, along with producer gary david goldberg. and, this is where the controversy comes in, 31-year-old cory monteith of "glee." ♪ why should we worry >> he certainly doesn't have the body of work that the other people do. the fact that he was beloved and people would really be upset if they didn't acknowledge him. >> reporter: emmy producers found themselves defending the decision on a conference call with reporters after many argued that while monteith's overdose and death is tragic, he doesn't have nearly the body of work of, say, larry hagman of "dallas" fame, or jack klugman, who didn't make the cut. "variety" published an editorial against the decision. >> cory has a wonderful career that was cut short. what about the other people who had longer careers and we miss terribly? >> reporter: emmy show top producer, ken ehrlich, said it
7:45 am
was important to represent younger viewers. cory's appeal was to maybe a little different generation than some of the others we're honoring. show producers say they're standing by the decision on what is become an awkward controversy. vafing an actor friends remember, as always humble about his fame. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> in our abc news online poll, we asked should the emmys honor cory monteith with a special tribute. and it is almost exactly 50/50 right now. >> it's hard. >> it is a hard decision. >> not so much to honor him. it's the other -- jack klugman. >> that's right. >> they are honoring them. >> good way of putting it. >> join us monday morning for our complete emmy coverage right here in times square. it will be good. and coming up, so will the rest of the show. we have a show coming up on former reality show jon gosling.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> let the party begin. we have a birthday girl on the couch with us. >> thank you. >> d.j. kiss appropriately going to swin some tunes. here we go. a little superstar for you. this is it. the artist that you're going to hear is an artist named jungle. but it's 6-year-old tara, tearing it up. >> come on, now. >> no way. >> this is just a little warm up. 6 years young. >> wow. and just when you think, all right, she's got moves, then, she does this.
7:51 am
♪ >> oh, wow. >> oh. >> oh. >> that's fake. >> no. >> is that real? >> that's 6. >> no way. >> it's real video. >> yes. >> that is not real. >> yes. it is. >> we need to bring her here to prove it. >> that's a good one. good one. >> little tara, ask your parents if you can come on and play. come on. it's robin's birthday after all.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. the new iphones go on sale on the west coast in just a few minutes from now. the line at the apple store in downtown palo alto grew to more than 200 people this morning going all the way down university avenue and around on bryant street. some people have been there since monday. this is the first time the company's releasing two iphone models at once. the 5c and the 5s. let's check out our forecast. mike. big story today, good morning, everybody. cooler temperatures by about 7 to 12 degrees. barely 80s in fairfield. the rest of us in the 60s and 70s.
7:57 am
drizzle tonight along the coast san francisco and into the north bay. light rain for the rest of us overnight, light showers tomorrow. there is a car blocking the fast lane watch out for that. also, for b.a.r.t. there's a major delay at san bruno and the san francisco
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ look at that crowd out there in times square. big, happy, friday crowd on this special day. and listen to that anthem from d.j. kiss. "ain't no mountain high enough," all to celebrate robin's birthday. her first birthday since her bone marrow transplant. >> i already apologized to george for this hour. i'm going to dance. i'm going to have a good time. i thank everybody for their tweets. and i tell you, that was my strength. that gave me courage. the support here. the support from all around. and when you have your
8:01 am
transplant, it's known as your birthday. and i'm not the only one. i heard from natasha. she had her transplant one year ago today. that beautiful woman there, also celebrating. >> happy birthday. >> one last thing i'm going to say, a lot of us might not be a bone marrow transplant. we all got something. everybody has something. and we say, one day i'm going to be happy. one day, i'm going to be healthy. turn the script. make one day, day one. make it day one of your journey. that's it. that's what you have to do. all of us. >> well, the first couple of minutes of a great hour, has me going. >> you have a great story you're going to share. >> it is terrific. it's the story of a kid. an 8-year-old boy, wanting to give up everything. wrote a letter to santa. i don't want anything. i just want you to stop kids at school from bullying my twin sister. you see them both there. two wonderful children.
8:02 am
inspirations. a wonderful family. and this is taking head-on, an issue that needs to stop. bullying has to stop. >> now. >> and today, it's day one of that, as well. we take our first step. >> good for you, josh. let it stop now. hey. how about a little talk with pink. how about a sitdown with pink with the -- exclamation point. one of the things she's going to reveal is, she thought at some point that people were afraid of her. let's get some news first from josh. >> we're going to chicago, where last night, violence unfolded overnight. 13 people hurt in what police are calling a gang-related mass shooting. the youngest victim a 3-year-old, who is already out of surgery. meanwhile, police are searching for the gunman. and the clock is ticking towards a possible government shutdown today. the house votes on a bill to fund the government. but it is unlikely to pass
8:03 am
without a deal. a shutdown will happen, now, in just 11 days. and the new hazing scandal is rocking one of the nation's leading universities. it is happening at cornell, where the entire men's lacrosse team, they've all been suspended. their fall schedule canceled. that suspension comes after freshman players were allegedly forced to drink alcohol by other team members. and "forbes" magazine is out with a new list to envy. the highest-earning celebrity couples. and for a second year in a row, it's good to be queen, with a king like jay z. jay z and queen b. topping the list. tom brady, gisele bundchen getting by with $80 million. and poor brangelina, just $50 million. can you feel it? postseason baseball is right around the corner. the red sox, the latest team to qualify. they wrapped up a postseason berth last night, winning over
8:04 am
baltimore. first time since 2009. oh, and maybe baseball's first division champs, your los angeles dodgers. >> what? >> celebrating in arizona. and then, they have a pool at the stadium. so, into the pool they went to celebrate. apparently they asked the dodgers not to celebrate on the field. and overnight on social media, it got anti-social. some calling the dodgers' celebration, classless. i would just say this. there's not an unwritten rule for don't dive in another team's pool in a baseball stadium. >> i was wondering how long it would take you to mention the dodgers. congratulations. >> thank you. >> so happy for you. hey, everybody. how about some "pop news." a wonderful friday. are you ready for more j.t. justin timberlake released his second single from the new album. tko happened yesterday with
8:05 am
teases and notes on social media. j.t. is so smart. it included a video of justin singing the tune. and then, asking fans directly, should i release a new single today? the answer, a resounding yes. "tko" is out now. full album release, set for later this fall. talented and supersmart. good guy. the emmys, not the only thing being celebrated in hollywood this weekend. the iconic hollywood sign is turning 90. tinseltown marked the occasion with a celebration on the roof of the "w" hotel in hollywood. the giant letters, not always the sign of all things showbusiness. built in 1923. as you said, hollywood. almost tore down in the '70s. hugh hefner saved the day by auctioning off the land. and that is the story and the history of this iconic treasure. >> hef, getting it done.
8:06 am
>> yeah. with an asterisk. and a few true slices of americana up for sale. norman rockwell. now, three of his paintings will be sold at sotheby's. "the gossip." a shot of this beautiful painting. we also have "walking to church." and "saying grace," which is estimated to bring in between $15 million to $20 million alone. steven spielberg owns one. george lucas owns one. and now, you can, too. >> robin, you would like one? >> for my birthday -- >> you want "saying grace"? that's "pop news." out to sam for the weather. >> everyone out here live in times square, where everybody comes by to say hello. ladies, why are we all in the same shirts? read it for me.
8:07 am
just because we're in new york city at "gma." that's right. now, you didn't have to dress me up like a razorback. let's get to the boards. let's just go. just go. we'll start with a little breckenridge snow. here's the deal. at 4:44 on sunday morning, you're have a little cool chill that will run from the base of your spine between the shoulder blades. that's the official start of fall. chicago, detroit, nashville, pittsburgh, get ready for the numbers to drop. it is 64 by the time we get to sunday. i love it out here with you guys. i may stay out here all day. good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. today, we're going to see an increase in clouds and sea breeze. temperatures 7 to 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. watch out for rain in the north
8:08 am
bay tonight, drizzle along the coast and san francisco. scattered showers for the rest of us tomorrow. and dry and cooler than average sunday through next week. temperatures today 60s along the coast into san francisco and richmond. 70s >> we're outside having a good time. i don't know what's coming up next. what's coming up next. we're going inside to -- >> lara. >> good job. thank you. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." life for former reality star, jon gosselin. and the letter that's gone viral. josh brings us this story about a brother asking for kids to stop bullying his sister. and our interview with pink. and, everybody, it's robin's first birthday party, coming up on "good morning america," live in times square. ♪
8:09 am
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8:14 am
on a happy, happy friday for all here in times square. i hope for you there at home, as well. we're back with the "gma heat index." the hot stories trending right now. beginning with the surprising new reality for former reality star, jon gosselin. four years after a bitter divorce and "jon & kate plus 8," he is working as a waiter. linzie janis has the story. were he starred in a tv show about his life. appearing with his wife, kate and their eight children. "jon & kate plus 8" pulled in 10 million viewers a week. >> you can't walk away without lea. >> you need to wake up. >> reporter: this morning, four years after he left the show, jon gosselin is revealing he works as a waiter. >> my name's jon. >> reporter: and lives in a cabin, with no tv and no internet. in an interview with "entertainment tonight,"
8:15 am
gosselin said when he exited the show, he couldn't find work. >> it's near impossible to find work. >> reporter: picking up shifts at this pennsylvania restaurant. >> at first, i was nervous because i was like, how are people going to react? then, i'm thinking, it's fun. i get to talk to people. and they technically already know me. are you the guy? yeah, i'm the guy. >> reporter: his boss is having the former tv on staff is great for business. >> he fits right in. it makes a good experience for the people. they enjoy him. they like him. and he likes to talk to people. >> he's gone from being one of the biggest reality stars on tv, to a waiter in a local restaurant in eastern pennsylvania. it shows that fame is a very fleeting thing. >> reporter: what happened to gosselin's tv fortune? >> i haven't grossed millions of dollars. >> reporter: gosselin says he doesn't pay child support. >> agreed upon situations. >> reporter: despite it all, he says he has no regrets. even proclaiming his more humble
8:16 am
life is a happy one. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> good for him. >> exactly. >> he's working. >> he's working. a story we've been waiting to share with you today. a brother's letter to santa claus. an early one, at that. it went understandably viral. 8-year-old ryan, writing that the only thing he wanted more than any other toy for christmas, was for kids at school to stop bullying his twin sister, amber. take a look. 8-year-olds ryan and amber suffern are you typical twin siblings. but as ever, clearly attuned to the other's needs. and in the worst of time, feeling each other's pain. something their mother, karen, discovered recently. a single mom with a part-time job, struggling to pay the
8:17 am
family's bills. she asked her kids to write a note to santa early. >> i need you to go ahead and write what you want for christmas. >> reporter: ryan wrote his letter to santa almost immediately. >> i decided, let me take a peek. >> reporter: and what he wrote, was as beautiful as it was gut-wrenching. would you do me a favor? read your letter out loud. >> dear, santa. i wanted a remote-control car and helicopter. but i don't want that anymore. kids at school are still picking on amber. and it's not fair because she doesn't do anything to them. and it makes me mad. i pray that they will stop. but god is busy. and he needs your help. is it against the rules to give gifts early? >> reporter: and ryan, so genuine, so pure, didn't stop there. he also asked for his sister to be able to meet her favorite band. >> can you ask big time rush to come to amber's birthday party?
8:18 am
it will make her so happy. if you can't get them to come, just get her everything she asks for. thanks, santa. >> so, needless to say, i started crying. >> reporter: prior to the letter, you were aware that your daughter was suffering. >> she would tell me things that kids would say at school. they would call her names. amber suffers from a few mental disorders. they would egg her on to do different things. and it was a pattern. >> reporter: a pattern that karen also bullied and suicidal as a child, decided must end after her recent talk with amber. >> they were like, yeah. they pick on me sometimes. i feel like i want to die so they'll leave me alone. and as soon as the words came out of her mouth, i felt my heart stop. sorry. >> reporter: it's okay. >> i told her, i was going to do
8:19 am
everything to protect her. >> reporter: and so would her twin brother. what's it like having ryan as a brother? >> he protects me. >> reporter: are kids mean to you? >> yeah. but i don't know why. they, like, say i'm fat, i'm stupid, i'm ugly and i'm heinous. i don't believe them. >> reporter: do you wish people would mess with you instead of amber? >> yes. >> you don't have to do that. >> reporter: amber, did you like hearing this letter? >> yes. >> reporter: did you give him a hug? >> yes. >> reporter: amber, can i tell you one other thing? it's going to get better. >> yay. >> reporter: i promise. but what amber and ryan and their mother don't know, is that santa may have already answered her brother's letter and sent
8:20 am
amber's favorite band, big time rush, to meet her. ♪ i decided i could give it a try ♪ >> reporter: you asked can santa give a gift early? >> her birthday. >> reporter: yeah. for the birthday. hmm. i think -- i think somebody up north might have gotten this already. let's see. i do think that -- i think somebody actually did get this letter early. guys? >> hi. >> hey. >> hello. >> how are you doing? >> what's up? >> how are you doing? >> can i get a hug here? >> how are you? >> all right. awesome. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: amber didn't just get to meet big time rush.
8:21 am
♪ worldwide >> reporter: an early christmas for a deserving young girl, who already has the best gift of them all. always love and protect her. >> how was that? all right? >> reporter: one more. ♪ just one thing that i know >> oh. >> you know -- >> that's enough. >> oh. >> that's so adorable. >> i want to thank the suffern family, for joining us today. >> okay. okay.
8:22 am
>> i want to thank big time rush, who came out. they're going to be -- the family's going to be their v.i.p. guests this weekend at a big concert. i want to say to you, i said it all morning long, bullying is a scourge that is taking our most precious resource, young children in this country. we need to stop it. and so, thank you, guys. thank you, guys. >> that was really great. >> really great. congratulations, josh. >> yeah. i hate to -- >> no, it's good. day one. >> day one. i love that. >> first day. >> your favorite artist is also in the "heat index." pink, honored as billboard's woman of the year. she's tackling her first major acting role in "thanks for sharing." and nick watt is sharing with us. take a look. ♪ right from the start >> reporter: pink is going
8:23 am
stratospheric. ♪ just a little bit of love >> reporter: just named billboard's woman of the year. >> i'm humbly just walking around saying, really? thanks. thank you. >> reporter: you like it. nice. >> well, it doesn't suck. >> reporter: yeah. ♪ don't you ever feel >> reporter: she claims motherhood has fed her success. >> i think since i became a mom, people are less afraid of me. i seem a little more human. >> reporter: right now, she's on a world tour with 2-year-old willow grace, plus her very much on-again husband, along for the ride. >> she's a great traveler. >> reporter: and your husband? >> not as good a traveler as she is. >> reporter: how did you get to the place you are now with your husband? >> i have trained him. oh, wow. i get them young and train them. >> reporter: and you're also a makeup model now. >> i'm a cover girl. can't you tell?
8:24 am
can you make it so my tooth goes ding? >> reporter: she just made her silver screen debut in "thanks for sharing," playing a recovering sex addict. >> there's a lot of dudes in here. >> reporter: looking for a lovable tough girl with a soft center. is that you? >> you found her. >> reporter: is that you? >> that's me. >> reporter: soft center? >> yeah. the hardest shells have the gooeyest middles. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> just love her energy. >> i know. >> i mean, i'm really -- i'm loving this whole show today. >> positive. >> a great, young, female pop star. terrific. >> a great show. there's a lot more to love. >> can i tell everybody, "thanks for sharing," is in theaters today. right now, we're warming up for the big birthday celebration. this is a little more fun, as well. one of our special mashups. and, robin, this one is for you. >> okay.
8:25 am
♪ two, three, one >> robin. it has to be you. >> it's going to be. building great futures. >> get it started. ♪ early in the morning it's a dawn of a new day ♪ >> robin. >> we got nothing but love for you, baby. >> we love robin. >> you inspire me every day. >> and all of us. >> at "gma." >> love you, baby. >> all right. >> and you look sexy every morning. >> everybody. >> with power to be present. >> and we love what you do best. >> and say nothing yet. >> you're a big part of the abc family. >> so, we got a toast to -- >> the prettiest thing on tv. ♪ early in the morning it's a dawn of a new day ♪ >> "gma." and the best way. >> robin. >> it's robin. >> without, building the future,
8:26 am
with you. >> get it started. >> we love you. >> robin roberts. >> it's robin roberts. >> thank you. >> i had sally-ann now. >> there we go. more of that. >> i share this with ryan and amber, and everyone today, celebrating life. >> a lot more to celebrate. stay with us.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas with another possible b.a.r.t. strike just 20 days away, the transit agency is already working on a contingency plan. abc 7 news has learned 12 managers who are nonunion certified operators are already going through a refresher course on mayer island. b.a.r.t. says it moved nonworking trains to a facility for this training, but the unions claim the trains are functioning, so it's a violation. b.a.r.t. would use managers to keep some trains running during peak hours if there's a strike. at this point, no talks are scheduled for today. leyla gulen's off this morning. here's a look at the bay area traffic. there's a fire in the concord-pleasant hill area at the north monument offramp. the smoke is visible from southbound 680. and that's causing a slowdown there. there's no details on the cause.
8:28 am
but could be a problem, so keep that in mind. outside, san mateo bridge, take a look at traffic there. moving right along friday-like. meteorologist mike nic
8:29 am
good morning. big story during the daylight hours, 7 to 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. we have some drizzle coming in. and look at this, some rain coming in during the overnight hours. the drizzle during the evening hours will be mainly along the coast, san francisco and up into the north bay.
8:30 am
once that chance of light rain passes overnight, we have some scattered showers tomorrow in your accuweather seven-day forecast. it will be ♪ early in the morning it's a dawn of a new day ♪ ♪ new hopes new dreams new ways ♪ no, let it play. let it play. >> we can leave it on. >> what a beautiful morning. a beautiful day. >> remember? >> that's right. you got to join india.arie, with the song you wrote. >> that was after my first battle with cancer. >> it was a beautiful day to have you back. and it's a beautiful day today. day one today, everybody. >> i love that. >> thank god d.j. kiss is here to spin us into that day. all of robin's favorites because it is her first birthday.
8:31 am
day one. exactly one year ago since you had that bone marrow transplant. sally-ann got in there and stayed in there. >> hallelujah. >> and away we go. a very fitting bash planned. we're going to kick it off. we can't kick it off without a little cake. >> a birthday cake. >> what do you say? we roll out -- do we have a cake? bring in the cake. >> oh. >> oh. michael. ♪ happy birthday, dear robin >> thank you. thank you. oh, wow. michael. >> a ton of other people you know here, too. >> i'm a big girl now. >> this is great. i thank you.
8:32 am
this is so sweet for you to take time. you're a little busy. you have a day job, too. >> i have to go to work. but i'm not leaving without a piece of cake. i know it's early in the morning. but it's a birthday. >> that is beautiful. >> i think it's going to be my favorite. could it be? oh. you're a big boy. let me get you some. i'll get you a piece. we know you have to get on your way. a nice slice of red velvet cake for michael strahan. >> oh. >> thank you, michael. >> see you in 30 minutes. >> this is a wonderful -- a wonderful, wonderful -- barbara, jane, ben, you came in on the
8:33 am
red-eye. that's why he has the glasses on. derek, tom, just everyone here, surrounding us, you loved me through it. this is nancy, the one that tried to sell my car. i just want to thank everybody. thank you for this wonderful moment. >> we feel blessed to be a part of today. and you're celebrating it in a way you do by giving back. that's one of the things you want to celebrate today. all year long, we've been talking about be the match. and encouraging people to join the bone marrow registry. and 65,000 people have signed up, thanks to your efforts. more is coming right now. robin is launching a brand-new psa. take a look. >> it's my one year birthday. one year since i received the best gift i will ever get. a life-saving marrow transplant from my big sister, sally-ann. and right now, my first and only wish is simple. that you support the be the
8:34 am
match marrow registry. if more people are on the registry, there will be more people who can find a marrow match. you have the power to save a life. and make somebody else's wish come true. >> sam and josh, they got your first birthday cake. we have a couple more surprises for you. joining us on the phone, your donor, your sister, sally-ann. such a huge part of this celebration. >> she's the reason for this celebration. sister sally. >> sally-ann, good morning to you. can you hear me? sally-ann, are you there? >> i am here. and i just want to let you know, robin, how much i love you. how much our family loves you. and i'm so very happy that on this day, you are one year old.
8:35 am
my baby sister. [ applause ] >> you said it, sally-ann. and we see robin improving every, single day. i know a lot of people want to know, how are you, sally-ann? >> lara, i am doing well. everyone needs to know that to be a donor, it is -- it's like a walk in the park. it is so easy. i had no side effects, no problems whatsoever. and i just want to use this opportunity to tell people out there that there are so many who are waiting for a bone marrow match. and if you can, please join, be the match. and get on the registry. save a life, do what you can to make this world better. and i want to thank abc for being there for my sister, robin. you have been her extended family. i want to thank everyone across the nation who prayed for my
8:36 am
sister, who loved my sister and who supported my sister. and i want to -- everything that you've done for robin. >> i said i wasn't going to cry. i said i wasn't going to cry. >> in case you're wondering, this is sally-ann at home, doing all that. this is it. >> one of the greatest things you see all year long, is all the people that have been helped by following this path. >> we have done stories, george. we've seen where people have joined the registry. and we've seen them go and -- sister sally, i'm here sister. and people who are total strangers. and people have to realize, they think because i have a beautiful family and so blessed and we're closer than ever now, all of us, all four children of lawrence and lucimarian roberts, only 30% of a chance that it will be a sibling. so, that means the vast majority of time, you need strangers. you need people who are willing to step up. and sally-ann, the reason she's not here, she's a motivational
8:37 am
speaker, in case you didn't guess. she had a commitment today in new orleans. and i just -- i thank you, sister, sally. i thank you for everything. thank you for the gift of life. >> i want to thank god for what he has done in your life, robin. he has literally flipped the script. and my prayer for you, on this, your first birthday, is psalm one and three, that your leaf will never wither, and in all you do, you shall prosper. >> amen. sally-ann, i will see you soon and dorothy and butch and all of the kids. i love you, sally-ann. thank you. have a wonderful, wonderful day. celebration. thank you. >> how about a celebration song. if there's something that you can do at home while you're feeling wonderful like us right now, is get online, get that bethematch kit and send it in.
8:38 am
what robin was just pointing out, we're a human family. the match might not come from your brother or your sister or an immediate relative. it might come from someone in another country. it might come from someone that you never even imagined. make sure that you get -- whoever you are, you're a match for somebody. >> we all did it. it's easy. it doesn't hurt. it takes two seconds. you've got to do it. >> and everybody have cake for breakfast. let's do a little bit of weather. it feels so good. let's start with a sunny shot out of seattle, by the way. why not? why not start with a beautiful, sunny picture. and thank you, seattle, for sending it in. park city, utah, a double-rainbow there. it's all good. when that little chill runs from the bottom of your spine at sunday at 4:44 p.m., that's fall. just working its way. >> robin's having such a nice time. >> that's the weather around the
8:39 am
na nchs good morning. i'm mike nicco. changing of the guard today. increasing clouds this afternoon. some drizzle along the coast and san francisco to light rain >> be the match registry kit. get them. send them in. send them in. send them in. all that weather was brought to you by honda odyssey. robin? >> thank you, sam. we're going to move this party upstairs after "gma." okay? but also, the real celebration today is tennis great billie jean king. this marks the 40th anniversary of her historic battle of the sexes match with bobby riggs. remember that? 40 years ago. it was back in the news recently, with accusations that riggs threw the match. billie jean fought back. she was relaxed and funny. we're going to have more of it
8:40 am
on "this week." i had to ask her a little bit, because i was doing it for you, asking her about what fathers can do when they have little girls like you do. george has two adorable little girls, elliott and harper. what is your message to parents who are raising young women today? >> first of all, usually the father, like george, is their first hero. mom's a shero, but dad's their first hero. i don't know if men realize how important they are to their daughter sometimes. but always tell your girls, like my dad did, that you can do anything. i'm sure george is doing a great job. >> you or george? who is going to go down? you or george stephanopoulos? >> he beat me. i'm not playing that much anymore. >> oh, come on. that can't be it. >> i don't know.
8:41 am
>> you have to take george down? >> oh, no. i don't know who would win. i think his children are going to win. >> it goes back to. >> the same thing with you and serena. and you as a mother. having him see a strong mother. it makes all the difference. >> and you, too, buddy. >> billie went on and on. she talks about that moment, her last conversation with bobby riggs. you can see all of it on "this week." >> endlessly fascinating. >> great to spend time with her. coming up, my turn for bringing to breakfast. the perfect person. >> i'm so excited about this.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ everybody dancing to d.j. kiss. what a week this has been. and my guest for coming to breakfast, is the perfect guest, given everything we've been talking about today, and celebrating today. he's been called america's best short story writer. he's become an unlikely internet sensation. if you haven't heard of george saunders yet, i hope you get to meet his moving works and listen to his wise words. >> what i regret most in my life are failures of kindness. >> reporter: what a simple thought. be kind. the man giving that advice, george saunders, syracuse
8:45 am
university professor, gifted writer. and now, with this graduation speech, an internet superstar. >> do the extent you can, err in the direction of kindness. >> reporter: i was a huge fan of saunders' work. his pose is crystal and packed with empathy. and then came that speech. >> kindness is hard. >> reporter: he gave it in may. a few weeks later, "the new york times" printed it. and then, it took off. viewed more than 1 million times. tweeted, blogs, facebook. suddenly, kindness was hot. my girls are still a few years away from college. but i hope his words resonate with them as much as me. a graceful lesson for life. [ doorbell ] >> there he is right now. welcome, george saunders. [ applause ] >> nice to have you here. >> thank you very much.
8:46 am
perfect, george. >> it is. >> you're the man of the hour. >> george is celebrating today, too. this has been an incredible year for you. your book "tenth of december" shoots to the of the best seller list at the beginning of the year. the speech goes viral. we found out yesterday you got nominated for the national book award. >> that's wonderful. >> that's great. >> yeah. >> tell us about the commencement speech. i read that you didn't actually know the power of it from the first reaction. >> no. it was a nice reaction. but you know, as often when you're doing a thing like that, you're focused on the three people asleep. so, it was a nice reaction. and i went home and thought, i'm done. now, i can get through my summer. and a couple months later, it kind of took off. >> it completely blew up. >> where did it spring from? i know you sit down to write it. and there's something crystallizes. what is that? >> in this case, i had done the middle school graduation for our daughter when she was
8:47 am
graduating. so, i had that speech in mind. i thought, i'll just crib from that. but i couldn't find it. and so, i thought, well, i'll re-create it from memory. part of it was, i had given a speech similar to a crowd that had both my daughters and my wife and all their friends. it was an intimate, affectionate, really frank speech. that's where it carried over. >> in the speech, you talked about a little boy, i guess in seventh grade. the victim of bullying. josh did this great piece earlier in the show about amber. and you weren't even one of the bullies. but the fact that somehow you didn't do more suffered your entire life. >> i was pretty nice. i tried to be nice to her. when it got too hard, i did what we all do, which is sort of diplomatically withdraw. i wasn't mean at all. but i think maybe the reason it stuck with me is that was the first time i was ever aware of betraying the best part of myself. before that, i was a pretty
8:48 am
strong catholic kid and i thought, yeah. i'm like jesus. and then, in that moment, just sort of for reasons of basic self-preservation, i took a step away from that part. and i said, i'll be back in a bit. i'll be back when it gets easy. and then, i think maybe it sticks with you the first time -- a lot of the e-mails i got were, i have one in my life, too. maybe when we do that first little betrayal, it sticks with us. >> i printed out the speech. i have an almost 12-year-old and almost 9-year-old. it resonated with them. it's a life lesson, i think that not only college graduates can take, but everyone. it's just words to live by. >> full of hope. it's easier to get kind as you get older. >> as you get weak. >> kindness is contagious. you smile at somebody on the street, and all of a sudden, they just -- >> it keeps going. >> george, thank you for your great story. >> thank you. >> please read the speech, everybody. coming up, melissa leo is
8:49 am
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. welcome back, everybody. great to be outside with our friends and melissa leo. she is starring in the gripping movie, "prisoners" opening today. her character, the aunt of a young man who is a prime suspect in the abduction of two young girls. so happy to have oscar and brand-new emmy-winner, melissa leo with us this morning. just received an emmy, at the creative arts emmy. >> it's mostly, you know, workers, the unseen workers. and a handful of actor awards are given out last week. and this coming sunday. >> in the role in louis c.k. >> exactly right. >> congratulations on that. and this film. talk to me about "prisoners."
8:52 am
it is very dark. you're such a chameleon in every role you play. but what drew you to this project? >> i didn't want to do it, quite frankly. it's very dark water. you take people with their children dying or in this case, with them being abducted in a way. and it's some serious water to get into. but denis villeneuve does such an excellent job, the filmmaking is so fine, you really get deeply into this story. so, yes. a gripping thriller from the moment it begins quietly in the woods. >> it's really a film noir, a genre we haven't seen in quite a bit. what you think, is not what is. that's all i'll say. jake gyllenhaal was on the other day. he's phenomenal in the film. hugh jackman is also in it. and jake told me, despite how scary and serious, quite light on the set. >> so much fun making it. denis villeneuve, the director, again, is the captain of the
8:53 am
ship, right? and he's just such a loving guy to all of us, made us all feel we were cared about. and you really hear it as you go around and do the press. but every other actor had the same experience. dark water. but safely held by our fearless leader. >> in a nutshell, one word. hugh jackman, jake gyllenhaal, two of the biggest hunks in hollywood. how was it to work with them? >> heaven. what can you say? heaven. >> melissa leo, also heaven. a great role. a great film. "prisoners" in theaters everywhere today. thanks, melissa. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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yeah, baby. >> a program note before we go. lenny venito is here. star of abc's hit, "the neighbors" second season. 8:30, 7:30 central here on abc. brilliant stuff. >> watch it tonight. 8:30. it's going to be some show. >> fans, all of us. >> one final happy birthday to robin. >> party upstairs. party upstairs. >> party upsta party upstairs.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. emirates team new zealand still one win away from capturing the america's cup when racing resumes this afternoon. oracle team usa held off elimination by winning yesterday. race 13 postponed at the last-minute due to high winds. a change in the weather though is coming. here's meteorologist mike nicco. good morning. the big story, the cooler temperatures today from 60s along the coast in san francisco and richmond, 70s elsewhere, few 80s in the east bay valleys. temperatures will be even cooler tomorrow in your accuweather seven-day forecast. for the evening hours, some drizzle along the coast, san francisco and north bay. the rest of us light rain tonight. check on traffic in hayward. accident at the 880 connector. watch for slowing at the h.o.v.
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