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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 22, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> now at 5:00, inside the mall in kenya where a terrorist attack has turned into a hostage situation. the brazen move tonight by police. >> the oakland a's come out on top of the a.l. west and secure a place in the playoffs. also, oracle's ceo larry ellison takes over san francisco. he has big reason to celebrate. >> ama: a moment of victory. the clubhouse celebration just began moments agos, as the a's for the second straight year clinch the a.l. west title and move up to the playoffs. good evening, and thank you for joining us, i'm ama daetz. >> swing and a miss. and that's going to do it.
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>> ama: happening now at the coliseum, big celebration, the oakland a's are american league west champions again, despite one of the smallest payrolls the mlb, they clinched their 16th division title. cornell is live with the celebration. reporter: my shirt is covered in champagne, and i haven't even been in the locker room yet. nonetheless, there's a huge party going on here at o dot co-coliseum. the a's clinched the a.l. west title. the fans are love it and the players are savoring victory on the field. this was the moment the a's the minnesota twins. the good news came when the royals took down the rangers, clinching the a.l. west title for the a's for the second
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year in a row. >> how you feel? >> great. woo! >> fantastic. no matter how many times you do it, you can't explain it. have a great time. >> does the champagne taste differently? >> still tastes great. >> the real champagne showering happening right know in the a's locker room. our camera protected by foul weather gear is in the middle of it. we'll bring that to you at 6:00. and also talk to the fans who hope a world series victory is in the works, too. go a's! >> ama: thank you. you can sayre this badge with your friends and family on facebook to let everyone know your a's pride. we'll have all the game highlights in a few minutes in sports. 49ers all-pro linebacker
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aton smith suited up today despite being arrested for drunk driving. there he is, number 99. espn reported the 49ers will push for him to enter a rehab facility this week. and niners management just announced he will not play in thursday's game as they await a decision about a possible suspension. he was arrested for dui and marijuana possession. new video of a fiery car accident in san francisco we brought now on the morning news. this was the scene on highway 280 when a car hit a power pole. the search coins for the driver who ran from the scene. pg&e responded to the fallen live power lanes. at one time power was knocked out for thousands people. service was restored this morning. >> another car crash in san francisco left one person dead and injured two others.
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this happened just after 10:00 last nights when a car slammed into a wall on webbed 80. three people were inside the car. the offramp was closed for an hour. developing news tonight in the terror attack in nairobi, kenya, that became a hostage situation. at least 68 people were killed and the kenyan military has mounted a court attack. troops stormed the shopping mall where the terrorists are holed up and there are reports officials rescued most of the hostages. >> tonight, kenyan troops have launched what they call a major attack. inside, around 30 hostages, held since the attack began around lunchtime on saturday. the shopping gallery became a shooting gallery. the terrorists lobbied hand grenades, fire automatic weapons indiscriminately. some tried to hide from the
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gunmen, others ran for their lives. this woman barely escaped an attacker. >> the young man with the gun, was -- >> the kenyan red cross says at least 6 -- 68 people are confirmed dead. at least 175 more wounded. this photographer was there when it began. >> as far as i could see, everybody eating lunch, seemed to be bodies strewn all over the place. >> loved ones searched for their dead at the nairobi city mortuary. >> i lose my friends. >> kenya's president condemned what he called an evil and cowardly act. >> we have reports of women as well as male attackers. >> a militant group al-shabab claimed responsibility, they targeted nonmuslims.
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>> rescue all the muslims. muslims stand up and go. >> with the kenyan military offensive going on, the number of dead and wounded are all bit certain to rise before the siege ends. >> ama: among the many injured in the mall attack, a uc berkeley graduate. elaine gang. she suffered some facial injuries in the photo posted on twitter by her employer. a second photo was posted on twitter, appears to show her in a hospital bed. she currently lives in kenya. three other americans were injured. today, president obama and the first lady honored the men and women who died in the washington navy yard shooting. ♪ they joined 3500 mourners a at a memorial service at the marine barracks in washington, dc. the ceremony took place not far
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from the nave ya yard where authorities say 34-year-old aaron alexis fatally shot 12 people. he died in a shootout with police. today the dead were remembered with prayers and tributes. >> we come together as a grateful nation, to honor your loved ones. to grieve with you. and offer as best we can some solace, and some comfort. >> ama: the fbi investigation into the shooting continues as new details emerge about the shooter's unstable mental health. there's word that hillary clinton may be in the running for president in 2016. the former first lady and secretary of state says she is wrestling with the idea. in a wide-range ranging supplier says she is weighing the factors. previously clinton said she had no plans to run for office, but her inner circle says she learned from her experience at the state department and is more
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popular than ever. >> an appeal to help from closing the university of san francisco. the knackty is joining in a fight to retain accreditation. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. happy fall to you. it arrived this afternoon. a terrific day today. temperatures up as much as ten degrees. we will cool down. we'll take
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>> ama: oracle team u.s.a. ken the america's cup alive today with two wins. the catamaran took a commanding
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lead in both races against emirates team new zealand. the american team has notched four straight victories since new zealand reached match point last wednesday. oracle needs to take four more races for america to keep the trophy. the kiwis just have to win one more race. oracle boss is celebrating the turn-around. he won't get to celebrate the win for long. right now he is sit to give the keynote address during oracle's con phelps san -- conference inn francisco. open world runs through thursday. >> faculty at san francisco city college say they'll file a lawsuit in an effort to keep the school open. two teachers unions are expected to make an official announcement tomorrow about filing a suit in san francisco superior court. the unions say they want to protect the rights of the faculty and students already
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adversely affected by the impending closure. earlier this year the accrediting commission announced their accreditation will be terminated next july. >> contract talks to avert a possible b.a.r.t. strike are sit to begin tomorrow. b.a.r.t. management and labor leaders resumed negotiation last week but little progress has been made. if no deal is reached, employees could strike as early as october 11th when a cooling-off period ordered by the governor expires. >> gas prices have risen this summer, but the fall they'll fall. taking a live peek outside, sunny day after the stormy saturday we had. so what can we expect for t
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>> drivers across the state could be in for a big treat by halloween. analysts expect gas prices to drop between 40 to 45-cents a gallon by the end of october. experts say gas prices have a history of dropping during this time period. the reason is a light hurricane season and refinery fixes here at home. the average price for a gallon of against in san francisco is 4.07. oakland, 3.99. >> ed in's storm bought snow to tahoe and higher elevations. this is heavenly mountain reresort. some areas reported at least an inch of snow yesterday. this picture from heavenly shows snow at the lodge. there's a chance of more snow at
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heavenly later this week. of course we're into fall, and for a look at the forecast, let's get to meteorologist leigh glaser. >> leigh: when we get to thursday and friday we'll get to the offshore winds so if you get to tahoe, enjoy the snow because it's going to be gone at the latter part of the work week. beautiful sky today. live doppler 7hd not picking up moisture but just a few high clouds moving across the bay area, and here's a look at a nice shot. a lot of blue sky this hour in san jose. temperatures we warmed up as much as five to ten degrees so you probably noticed that out there. san francisco right now, steady at 65. we have 70, in san carlos and san jose. here's a shot from the tam cam. you can look down towards the bay. santa rosa, 77. antioch, 75. and here's a look at our forecast highlights.
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golden gate bridge looking great. you can see the marin headlands as well. cooler overnight because we don't have the clouds. sunny and mild day for monday, enjoy it. because a big cooldown is expected as we get into tuesday and wednesday. here's a look at our overnight lows. where the skies are the clearest, temperatures in the north bay, dipping into the mid-to-upper 40s. 49 in napa. the forecast models still want to put a little moisture to the north of cloverdale. they may be overdoing that. livermore, 53. a little patchy fog near the coast. san jose, 54 overnight. here's the setup. we had low pressure bringing us the rain system yesterday. this low is going to stay to the north. we don't have to worry about that. high pressure building in for at least one more day, 0 storm we look for temperatures to warm
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another four to five degrees, and then after that, this high is going to collapse to the south. a stronger storm system will move in, no moisture but you'll notice a cooler air mass tuesday and wednesday. in fact, here is the planning. oakland, the week ahead, tomorrow, 75 degrees, but check out by wednesday. only into the upper 60s, and then warm up the latter part of the work week, livermore, the same for you. 84 tomorrow. by wednesday, only in the low 70s. and the week ahead in san jose as well. 81 tomorrow, by tuesday and wednesday, managing near 70 degrees. wednesday, only 65. the highs tomorrow, we warm things up. 78, sunnyvale. the peninsula heats up. upper sevenness to near 80. mid-60s at the coast. 70, downtown san francisco, north bay, 82, santa rosa, sonoma, 81.
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oakland, 7 5. interior east bay, 85 for brentwood and 83 for concord. the seven-day forecast, enjoy the heat tomorrow because tuesday and wednesday really chilly around here. winds will bring the clouds in. thursday and friday we rebound with the offshore warm winds, which could prompt some high fire problems reasons the bay area. we will keep you updated. >> ama: colin is in for sports. >> shu was tweeting the whole game, do i need to put a uniform on there and get this team some yard? it was a tough game nor niners. i didn't income they could play any worse than they did last sunday in seattle, and then they played the colts today. played the colts today. niners were bad across the bay. we love this kitchen! what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that!
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>> the a's are division champions for the second consecutive year. they took the field, the rangers were scoreless against the royals. a texas loss or a's win would assure another pennant. reddick and barton score. next batter, coco crisp, the changeup down the line, and into the fans. three-run shot. 22nd of the year for coco. 5-1 a's, this happened in kansas city. bases loaded. justin maxwell, walkoff grand
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slam, royals beat the rangers 4-0. a's fans see the score, and in the top of the third in oakland, give bob melvin and the team a standing ovation. the 16th division title in a's history. they clinch with 16 games left to play. the a's division champions. never gets old. >> everybody counts us out but we're grinders. we played the right way. >> we were chasing the whole time. this year we all came into spring training and knowing last year wasn't a fluke, and we had that belief. >> giants and yankees, final home game for mariano rivera after 19 years with the club. given a willie mays signed guitar and painting. the fans said goodbye. the shortstop, first major league home run off andy
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pettite, playing his final game of his career. the giants get the win 2-1. >> vernon davis questionable with a hamstring injury all week,erring on the side of discussion. the did not play against the colts. bad news for an offense trying to find yards. trent richardson, first start for indy. 7-0 colts. he combined with bradshaw for 130 yards rushing. kendall hunter on the late handoff, scampers to the outside. ties the game. that's where the scoring ended for the niners, collin kaepernick, horrific game. sacked three times. andrew luck, efficient as usual. 165 yards passing, 24 on the ground. six yards in the boot leg. the niners beaten in every stat. lose the turnover battle. 27-7 the final. niners first back-to-back losses in the jim harbaugh era.
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>> you can question just about everything right now. we didn't play well enough to win in enough areas, they made the plays, offensively, defensively, and we did not. >> to golf. henrik stenson has been the best golfer on the planet all summer. bird on 15 for a three-stroke lead. that's the winning margin. the fedex cup champion, $10 million bonus to go with 1.44 million he earned for today's win. not bad. >> back to niners. team owner, jed york, saying after the game that aton smith has been placed on a voluntary leave of absence indefinitely. to seek treatment. we know what happened, that dui, and the marijuana in his car. as for vernon davis, mike shumann will speak with him tonight at 11:00. >> the 49ers really only have a couple of days to turn
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themselves around. >> they've play the rams on thursday, so smith not playing in that game. a couple of days on the practice field to figure it out, and then go to a very hostile environment, st. louis, where they always struggle to turn things around. >> that game will be on our air. thank you, colin. >> a piece of americana on display today in san francisco. next, the driving force behind a and struggle to sleep comfortably together, now there's a solution. the company that individualized your comfort with the sleep number bed brings you sleep number dual temp, the revolutionary temperature-balancing layer with active air technology that works on any mattress brand, including yours.
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>> coming up at 6:00. why disney is ending its current program that allows disabled visitors to move to the front of the line. the new iphones go through the first crash test. we'll have the results at 6:00. some classic cars cruised into san francisco today. the 29th annual free wheelers car show took place in the castro. the show benefits the harvey milk civil rights academy. it's an event where gay gearheads show off their wheels. that does it for this edition of abc7 news at 5. see you at 6:00.
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welcome to "world news." tonight, breaking news in the terror attack. the mall massacre in kenya. teams moving in late this sunday, the all-out effort to end the attack. more than 60 dead tonight. and the new and haunting images emerging. shoppers racing through the store aisles, trying to escape the gunmen. and tonight here, what we're learning about the terror group claiming responsibility. and how they've recruited americans before. our team on the ground in kenya, and abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross right here. in other news, will she run? tonight, the interview. hillary clinton and her most revealing answer yet about running for president. the sunday surprise from the pope, talking about a god called money. right after urging the faithful to stop obsessing over abortion and gays.


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