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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 23, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and since then, pg&e paid to $1.83 billion in charges. the personal injury lawsuits are approaching $600 million. one shareholder on the behalf of others saying she's fed up with having to pay the bill. she doesn't cause the pipeline explosion. but executives did. the lawsuit being brought by shareholder and schoolteacher who wants pg&e executives to be held accountable for millions of dollars the company has spent stemming from a 2010 natural gas pipeline explosion. her attorney says it's not just about the money. >> we can seek changes, reforms to change the way they're doing business going forward. that is almost as important to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. >> the lawsuit says pg&e
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diverted $100 million in gas, safety and operations money collected from customers over 15 years and spent it for other purposes including bonuses for executives. that they created a situation in which a catastrophic incident not only possible but likely outcome. and that is the offices and executives including current president, chris johns, and peter darby did so intentionally. >> they're protected if they nake reasonable efforts. this alleges they consciously blew it. >> the mayor and assemblyman believe individuals should be held criminally responsible. >> we felt there is cull pa -- cull pa bigt from the top down. when you look at the former
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top of pg&e, in charge during a large portion of the time, he walked away with $38 million. that is just not right. >> so one of the things is so-to-perhaps get the bonus money back. people in this neighborhood see these lots they don't see homes that aren't here anymore. they remember the people that are gone. this is very personal for people here. the u.s. attorney has two years to decide if there might be a krechl nal case. pg&e says it's reviewing it and will respond to the processes set by the court and remains committed to operating a safe pipeline system. >> fire tore through a church starting just before 3:00 at
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center and 8th streets. fire crews tackled from ground and roof. sky 7 shows the smoke billow inside. it took firefighters about 20 minutes to get it under control. we spoke with a bishop from a church a block way said it's a devastating loss to the community. >> it is a part of us because they do the food twice per month. we do the other service. family services so they're on one end of the block we're he on another. there is going to be a missing link here. >> some witnesses reported hearing what sounded like a trance former blowing before the fire started. there is no confirmed cause this evening. >> a flight from san francisco to atlanta made an unscheduled top in wichita, kansas today. passengers and crew reported smoke in the cabin and the smell of burning plastic forcing delta flight 1480 to make a landing at wichita's mid continent airport. the plane landed safely and
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delta officials say they may have to bring another jet. really disturbing story mr. pleasanton. a man is in critical condition after being attacked outside of his home. police say he may have gone outside to confront noisy teenagers saturday morning. his wife found him in the street badly wounded. a witness reported seeing an suv leaving the scene. >> east bay commuters waiting in line in a popular casual carpooling spot where the victims of a brazened armed robbery this morning. this happened in trendy rockridge neighborhood below highway 24. it's the first time we've heard of such a robbery target being carpoolel -- carpoolers. vic lee is live in a casual carpooling stop tonight. >> this was the fifth armed robbery in a week. we spoke to some casual carpoolers here at this stop
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in downtown san francisco. and while they're concerned about what happened, they all told us that they still felt that the cash wall carpooling was a safe way to commute for those victimized it was striking. -- frightening. >> now, no matter where you're at, you cannot know what is going to happen nowadays. it doesn't matter if you're in a carpool line or not. >> no one we spoke to heard someone being robbed in a carpool line but it happened this morning. >> when have you someone standing there with a gun, you know? pulling a gun, threatening to, what are you going to do? >> give them valuables. that is what sill vee skporj seven carpoolers did this morning. after pick up stop here at rockridge. telling abc 7 news that three young men walked towards those standing in line. one of them pulled out a gun.
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>> in front of everybody, then told with us a robry. you snow to give them everything. >> saying robbers hit the jackpot. >> they took backpacks, wallets, iphones, ipads. you know? people offered to give them money, they took everything. >> in recent weeks armed robbers have been praying on this well to do neighborhood. there have been several incidents where young black men armed with guns have been victimizing pedestrians and offices, this architect began a victim on friday. he was working at his office not far from the cashal carpool stop work to robbers barged in. >> they told stoel my shoulder bag which contained my wallet a recent search of robberies on the shortage of oakland police. >> parts of the city means that you know more afluent parts of oakland are
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vulnerable. >> this afternoon, police said they had detained three men in connection with this morning's robbery. they gave no other details. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> san francisco police are trying to find more of the people who took part in a vicious dog fighting richblgt you may find video disturbing. weel you'll see some of it. investigators released images showing four people at the fight. police isolated images from a individual owe on one suspect's skprel phone that. man initially arrested for another crime. now as first reported here on friday, police arrested three known gang members in connection with this fight in march. >> the town of buyeran is investigating the death of a boy riding his bike to school
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against traffic. sky 7 hd shows us the investigation that followed. the boy was wearing a helmet and the woman stopped and stayed at the scene. investigators believe she did not see the boy as he, as she turned out at the driveway. >> the 49ers faced an important come back game after two big losses but one player may be missing from the roster, alden smith. smith played yesterday. >> yes, he did. but that is controversial in and of itself. owed alden smith's rehab is about as secretive as a 49er play book what. is not a seek skret 49ers are giving him
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plenty of support. skol ofists say they've taken a step to help alden smith, closing rings to give him support. >> very supportive of alden as all of our players and coaches, personnel. >> now, smith faces a hard part. experts say he has to want help. rehabilitation often starts with examining the past its going to be up to anymore terms of driving his current experience to see if maybe that can help him move forward and understand the res sponsibility he has so he can make an impact later on. >> a star linebacker a big paycheck may seem to have it all. but there was a shooting and a stabbing followed by friday's arrest.
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>> i'll support our viewers if we can work towards being better teammates. i believe alder wants to do that. >> the 49ers won't say whether smith will be back this season. rehab is a process, and being off the roster, a problem for teammates ask coaches and critics thought he should haven't played sand sunday, smith had to know when he was thinking of them in the stands. >> i wanted to apologize to the team. everybody i let down. >> those words can be the first step. >> so far that accept stance, tans, understanding and awareness, it's the first step. >> and the next time the niners played you can see them here on abc 7. they'll northbound st. louis thursday, our coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. we'll have special 49ers day
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coverage at abc 7 on our facebook page and on twitter. >> still ahead here tonight we'll show how far $1 million can go towards taking a bite out of crime in one troubled neighborhood. >> why is this brand new library been forced to sit empty? parents turn out in force to demand it allowed to open. >> i'm spencer christian. maybe sprinkles. i'll give you a look in the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> what you can expect when >> what you can expect when si ♪ for a store near you go to
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san francisco bay view neighborhood will soon have financial help to fight vi.s it's a million dollar grant from the federal government. it won't be used to spend money on cops and put more on the streets but rather focusing on victims. abc 7 news has the story. like many other urban areas san francisco bay view has a crime problem. according to san francisco district attorney and fbi, violent crimes such as assault, robbery, rape, murder are three times higher here than rates citywide. now, the federal government would pump 1dzs million over three years into the neighborhood. >> i think it should be spent on the kids and the youth. >> the plan george gascone announced is designed to benefit children and adults. so unusual san francisco was
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turned down. the first time this city applied. >> we know that people have been exposed to severe violence early on not only are more likely to being victims but often go commit crimes them self autos gascone says research shows today's victim could become tomorrow's offender so the grant will support research as well as counseling and intervention. >> looking at the medical aspect of the impact of violence on people, and the brain. >> we're talking about going beyond adding more police to the problem. >> sab fran is one of 10 cities nationwide and only one here in the bay area to receive this grant. we're in dire need of this. and have been for a long time. >> now this bay view resident hopes to join with the d.a.and other city leaders who will have a year to develop a plan
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of action. in san francisco, abc 7 mus. >> a political money fight in the south bay keeping jant clara's newest library from opening this, is a picture of the ban dwlaer sits aboard the north side branch library. construction was stop whtd agency was dissolved and the state and city began fighting over money. today, parents went before santa clara oversight board ask asked them to fight back them. want the city to pass a resolution allowing to it transfer money back to santa clara to finish building. >> maybe we'll manage to get this library open before third graders graduate and go to different schools and never manage to use the empty building nairnts paid for. >> a proposal would let cities use old funds to finish libraries under construction when the agencies disappeared. >> teachers in city college filed suit to keep the school from closing down.
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the suit accusing the commission for community and junior colleges of acting illegally when taking away accreditation. the lawsuit seeks an injunction to stop the closure. >> there is growing concern this commission acted improperly, as a result punishing students and community of san francisco. >> san francisco city attorney sue add crediting commission for political buy yags, enrollment in city college down 15% this semester over concerns it could close next june. >> there is a big expensionive change about to be tested in a few community college as cross california. it's expensive. not the state. a policy helping students get courses they need by paying extra.
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the public policy institute says years of budget cuts resulted in 86,000 fewer courses and a list of half a million students waiting to get into class. another 600,000 have been turned away since 2008. all of which hinders graduating or transfering to a four-year university. >> there is a need to look at ways to meet student needs. >> a bill on the governor's desk would allow six campuses to start a four year pilot program allowing them to offer extension courses for credits. if successful, it could go state wide. what. >> it's not equitable. >> many are upset over creative over creating a system where income can
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determine how fast you can finish. >> students that have means can get in the front of the line. those that do not are left behind. >> vincent stewart says it violates the noigs give everyone access by funneling tax dlors to keep tuition know. >> jur just gofg students bear the cost. >> supporters argue one third going towards financial aid, helping low income students enroll in the more expensive classes. >> able to i can care of the students through the motion in sacramento abc 7 news. >> we're seeing a lot of sunshine today. following rain over the weekend. >> it came down.
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spencer is here. >> came down on the last day of summer. looked like a winter day. didn't it? old reversal. >> yes. >> here is a look at sunny skies now on this first full day of fall. spotty areas of low clouds mere the coastline. but sunny skies from coast to inland. here is a view from our roof top camera here looking across the bay. current readings 68 degrees in san francisco. san carlos, 75. los gatos, 77. mild another live view from our camera looking back towards the coast you can see this part of the coastline we have low clouds there mild inland, 76, 79 in concord and livermore, one more live view looking from mount tam down
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towards ocean beach. breezy, cool, slight chance of sprinkles. let's take a look at radar image. there is a cold front north. sagging slowly south ward along -- not so slowly. just trying to be literal. that system may bring us sprinkles and cooler conditions as it swings through. we'll see passage of a few clouds front swings lieu followed by breezy conditions into afternoon. and by wednesday, a slight chance of isolated showers inland. winds picked up today from light this morning into afternoon hours, a bit
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stronger into evening hours winning to get stronger with gusts expected up to 31 miles per hour. skies mainly clear. we may see patchy low clouds here and there. lows mid to upper 50s. then, tomorrow, sunny skies. 74 degrees in san jose. highs will be into low 70s mid to upper 60s on the coast. nice, mild there. north bay highs mid to upper 70s. here is the accu-weather forecast. start to warm up thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. inland highs mid-80s low 80s around the bay. mid to upper 60s on the coast.
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>> spencer, thank autos coming up next, breaking news in southern california. >> yes. fire spreading in
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tracking breaking news outside los angeles a wildfire
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in the community of akuza. it's about five acres but it appears to us it's larger than that. we've seen it get bigger as we've been keeping tabs on it. we dmot have word of evacuations at this point. but there are a lot of homes in that area. we'll keep an eye on this and bring up days as we get them. our breaking news continues now on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> police in napa asking for your nep finding a missing man with dementia. the 78-year-old driving a silver toyota forrunner. we're told he's easily confused. his card has been used in gas stations, and believed he may be headed to river rock casino. this man was brought to valley medical center today. he does not know his name and did not have an id with him.
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he's hispanic. 154 pounds z you can see he has gray hair and a full board. you're asked to call the hospital if you recognize him. >> abercrombie and fish will pay 57,000s totdz two women, plus attorney fees and change employee appearance policy. hani khan she was fired because she wore a hijab says it wasn't about the money but the policy. >> i'm just happy they're able to change their policy and they're able to accommodate for the hijab now they've taken a look at their policies and changed them. it's been a roller coaster for three and a half years, i'm happy it's been settled. >> part of the new policy is
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an appeals process for workers key denied religious accommodation autos still coming up at 6:00 troops regain control of the nairobi mall taken over by terrorists. one uc berkeley graduate got caught up in it all. >> and the first of a series of reports on what you can expect when you sign up for obama
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kenya's foreign minister claims two and three americans as 18 or 19 years old of somali decent. u.s. officials have yet to confirm that. today, smoke could be seen rising from the shopping center in nairobi after four large explosions. security forces have yet to clear the building. members of the terror yuft
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group. experts say they're a multi national group. a uc berkeley graduate is speaking about the attack now for the first time. the 26-year-old suffered injuries to her chest, arm, leg and face as you can see here in this twitter photo. >> i'm okay. i'm very grateful to be aly. and also grateful for the kennan people. everyone was so helpful and supportive. >> dang is a general manager for eat out kenya, leading co-workers when the gub fire broke out. >> number of imgrants coming into the united states illegally appears to be on the rise again. unauthorized immigration dropped off at the height of the recession. and is now edging back up,est maifting 11.7 miltin illegal
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immigrants living in the united states with the number of people coming from places other than mexico reaching an all time high. >> a judge expected to decide this week whether to show videos of prison guards using pepper spray on mentally ill inmates. the videos part of a legal battle over how mentally ill prisoners are disciplined. one reportedly shows an inmate being pepper sprayed for refuse tg take his medication. a state witness says he was stunned at how much pepper spray is used by guards. the brown administration wants the judge to view them in secret. >> a powerful reminder of the iphone franchise, apple sold nine million of the new phones and three days since they went on the market. the original i've yoin five
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sold only $5 million. the rest of the market didn't do so well. the dow fell almost 50 points over concerns about a possible government shut down next week. and a sign of faith in the economy. walmart says it will hire 55,000 workers for holidays, plus, 35,000 temporary workers. ump bumped up to part time. and part timers will get full time job was benefits. >> beginning january 1, everyone in this country will be required to have health care coverage. it's the law. >> yes. if you don't vit, you can sign up for it starting nemt week. we want you to make sure you understand choices out there. >> beginning this evening, abc 7 news looks into what you can expect from covered california. president obama signed affordable care act in 2010
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but it's just now becoming a reality. it hasn't been without controversy. a number of parties sued claiming the reform law was illegal. but last year the supreme court decide add fordable care act is constitutional. paving the way for the biggest overhaul to american health care system since the creation of medicare and medicaid nearly 50 years ago. >> cover california is how it's played nout california. >> it's a state run agency to ensure california uninsured get coverage. 5.3 million californians do not have insurance, beginning october 1, californians can choose from four different levels of coverage offered. those plans coverage 60% to 90% of the claims and you cannot be denied coverage. >> today, health insurance companies can deny people if they've add asthma, diabetes,
6:36 pm
cancer in this new world health companies have to take everybody. >> whether it's through your employer or cover california you had must sign up for coverage. if you don't, you'll be fined. 1% of your income or $95 which is greater. >> you make $30,000 you pay $300. >> mer than half will qualify for financial assistance to help pay for the coverage. for the first year the program paid for but granlts. after that, premiums paid by insured californians will keep the program afloat. >> the success is about getting all californians enrolled. >> if you have insurance from your employer or medicaid you swront to choose from one of the state plans. but what will you get from the plans? and what will it cost you? we'll have that for you tomorrow night right here on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> good stuff, important decision. >> it's important. >> yes.
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>> some kids want to help out their grandmother. maybe offering to run an errand. >> not this teenager. he created a hand. what it does, and how koit help a lot of people including his gran
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two year ago google launched a competition from students around the world. >> the finalists were flown in to google head quarters to show off their experiments. >> a few were found to be handy. >> just by wearing this, you can benefit our society. >> this 18-year-old wanted to help his grandmother who has arthritis created the movement enhancing glove. >> so you can see this is a center. the motor pushes a finger. >> he has a prototype, smaller and not as bulky. he's among 18 finalists in the google science fair, two bay area students are competing. one came up with a better understanding of tumors ask the second, research how to
6:41 pm
protect endangered speesy during large infrom a structure projects. >> giving an easement of land so they can be protected. >> here is a clever experiment. the 16-year-old from turkey created bio plastics from banana peels by boiling, pureeing and adding chemicals. yes, she called it going bananas, used for insulating cable. >> the plastic can be used, here is a sample. it runs through the baseball but not through the plastic. >> this year the winner gets a $50,000 scholarship. >> we look at impact, the passion, we look at the problem they're tackle skpug know, how innovative they are. >> i'm curious to know what past stud yechbts have done and how lives from been
6:42 pm
changed. >> i i am now at harvard a sophomore this year, working in a new lab working with metabolism ask cancer. >> most of the finalists will end up working with mentors to help develop their plo jekts. -- projects. >> wow. coming up next a woman learning thousand write with the blink of an eye. >> how technology is filling in gaps left by a there are so many things that we do on a daily basis. we run errands. we run to the grocery store. in fact, the average american drives fewer than 29 miles a day. the 100% electric nissan leaf goes two-and-a-half times that on a single charge. it's a car. it just doesn't take gas. [ farrar ] so think about where you go in a day. do you really need gas to get there? [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪
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you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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patients suffering from lou gehrig's disease face a frustrating decline but one center tapping into technologies to help those patients stay connected. >> are you comfortable. have you a good angle? okay. >> eloise looking to write with her eyes. as an author words have come naturally, but a diagnosis has
6:46 pm
made expressing them difficult. >> when you have alf your voluntary muscles begin to not work. all of the muscles that move our arms and legs to speak. >> she says technologies are evolving to fill in gaps for als patients, advanced software can track direction of eyes, as they scanned for words on the screen, detecting a blink, or less. >> some cases you can't blink so we set it to dwell. they look at the word long enough, it will select the word. >> and she says explosion of consumer products like ipad and an droid have also ushered in a new era of technologies -- solutions. many adopted on the fly like these glasses. >> when laser is on and
6:47 pm
patient is, can only move their heads and they could create their message. >> basic programs now cost as little as $2. >> i need a glass of water. >> to have technologies to be able to communicate that is, i mean that means a lot. >> the forbes center runs a lending program with support from the als association. with her hand, she let's us know ability to write is invaluable. >> you have to know what is on her mind. >> now, it's continuing her work on a book titled a new rye yalt. my life with als. a story she can tell with her art, her hands and even her eyes. >> i want to keeping people doing as many things as they used to do. their smind in there.
6:48 pm
>> the golden west chapter provides the equipment. we have a link to their web site for you at ours. >> what great work. >> yes. >> simple solutions that make a dimpbs yes. >> let's update the weather forecast. >> looking back at today's high temperatures. here is a look back. lots of 80s but that is going change tomorrow, pleasant day coming our way. but notice how much cooler it's going to be. highs reaching into 70s inland. mild on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooling down, tuesday, wednesday, maybe sprinkles on wednesday. mid-80s inland over again. >> i guess it's me. 49ers facing adversity.
6:49 pm
alden smith taking a leave of absence. 49ers offense has issues, namely finding the end zone. we'll break it do
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it's early but a lot going on. today, placing alden smith under resempblt he enters rehab for substance abuse, will be out indefinitely. patrick willis mri on an injured groin. but, what is up with 49er offense? i'll tell you what. it's -- 10 points in 10 games. they've got the running game going in the first half. 22 yard gains set up their only score. frank only touches the ball three times, keeping collin kaepernick in the pocket ask he's struggling in a raid. besides bolden, caps getting no help what. is up, coach? >> we're working on a precision. that is, the area that needs improvement. and we come under that.
6:53 pm
not going to hang our heads. we're going to keep working and we'll try, try again. >> it's tough. you know? you know? you don't want to lose. we've got to look at ourselves. everybody has to look at ourselves. so do what we've got to do to get done. >> join us on thursday for our abc 7 news 49ers rams pregame show, jerry will be with us on after the game as soon as niners game is in st. louis. now time for vernon's view. abc 7 teamed up for this season. every week we have special access for 49ers star after each game. vernon missed yesterday's game skpaf wards, i asked him what the 49ers can do to ghet offense back on track. >> we need to look at film get it corrected. or eliminate penalties called out there.
6:54 pm
and continue to play as a team. there is nothing can stop us. >> pretty shocked. we're wanting to. which is shocking for us. we expected ourselves to come up with a boom. but... it's not going the way we wanted it to go so. we have to just stay in it. like i said before, just stay in it. we can't get overwhemd. we can't point fingers at anyone. just have to continue to build what we v stay together. and this is at the end of the day that is what it is all about, winning games. so just have to come together and play, play as one. >> we'll have another edition thursday night. vernon sits down with me for a conversation after the rams
6:55 pm
game only on abc 7 news. raiders and broncos facing off in denver on monday night football. peyton manning trying to keep his team undefeated. score as we speak, 24-7 broncos in the second quarter, highlights coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. america's cup got a race today. oracle won again, cutting new zealand's lead down to two. oracle winning five straight in seven of nine. new zealand on match point so they're getting tight with every loss, now 17th day, longest in cup history. race is 17, 18, set for tuesday this, awbc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> wow. >> that is what we'd like to
6:56 pm
hear. >> join me tonight at 9:00 coming up no rescue to too small. in this case a stuck skunk. the team of trained animal rescuers braved that smells to bring to it safety. >> then, at 11:00 they've been called anlt in a tiff to smoking but are electronic cigarettes safe? dangerous malfunction that sent a child to the hospital coming up at 11:00. >> prime time tonight here on abc 7, dancing with the stars and "castle" both available online or on demand. >> then, join us for abc 7 news at 11:00, at 11:30 jimmy kimmel features a special performance by paul mccart ni that is going to be cool. >> yes. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news, our coverage continues on twitter. thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. >>
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a recycling operations specialist from arbutus, maryland... a presbyterian minister from pollocksville, north carolina... and our returning champion, a financial analyst from cedar rapids, iowa... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome. last friday, we said goodbye to a "jeopardy!" champion who left our program having won over $180,000. he got our 30th season of great start.
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will it continue? well, let me tell you that the young man who is our returning champion, matt, is the player who defeated that $180,000 winner. collin and stephanie are his challengers today. good luck to all three of you. here we go into the jeopardy! round. and here come the categories, starting off with... simple stuff. each correct response will end in o-y. broadway: this season's hottest shows. alex: matt, you start us, please. let's start it off with the agricultural hall of fame for $200. matt. what is wheat? good.


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