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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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we play add long and do you know what sfwh it's not over. >> this is a look of a home crowd with expectations people now mixing with experts. fans felt that way. >> what happens if you didn't win the cup? >> we will. we're going to win. >> those would be the last optimistic words we heard today in race one, kiwis knocked back by two fouls at the start. team oracle, their sixth win. their score 8-7 race number two would be more surprising. despite taking an early lead at the start new zealand could not hold it. in the third a decision to not
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cross. st. >> a thousand meters by the end of the race of the come back seemed impossible. then, ununlikely. you're looking at sports history playing out on san francisco bay. >> it's not a come back. it's where we should be. >> they're going to win this thing. it seems impossible, now, the it seems almost inevitable. it's just very interesting. live from pier 27 wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> it has been incredible, wayne. a fire ripped through a home
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and damaged two others today starting just 2:30 this afternoon on a house in piedmont. crews from oakland fire joined in a response and sky 7 shows the crews working to contain this fire. they had it out in about 90 minutes. temperatures did get those under control. >> police are asking for help tracking down people responsible for a violent attack in a car side show. this video shows the violent contron taigs near the port of oakland. the driver crashed into a white cam yairo and shots were fired. people started to beat the driver of the black car. >> a disturb attack in a supermarket caught on surveillance video. tonight police are asking for
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help identifying the attacker. this happened in san leandro. heather? >> in addition to help from public other thing police snead to be able to talk to the victim. he was caught off guard for the single punch then his head took another hard hit from the floor. just before 11:00 a surveillance camera caught images of a suspect in jeans and hoody going up and down the aisle there is a brief exchange. >> we're confident whoever sees it will recognize a suspect whether it's a family member or a friend. hopefully, bring that information forward we can figure out who it is.
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a co-worker says the 51-year-old lives in orinda and has been at this store three years. >> he's a good guy making everybody laugh, tells us stories. he gossips you know? makes it lively. >> she says he visited him in the hospital but was not allowed to talk to him. his family was there. >> looks like he's going to be okay. i hope they catch the guy. >> police sent a image to other law enforcement agencies as well. >> and we have new details tonight on a fatal shooting in a muni light rail stop in the ingleside district. police say the crime appears random. investigators say this image shows a man just before the shooting. they describe him with a stocky build. you can see he was wearing a black baseball cap and a white jacket. the 20-year-old shot and killed before 10:00 as he
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exited a train at randolph and bright street. if you have information you're asked to contact san francisco police. >> meantime police identified several teenager who's are now persons of interest in the brutal beating of a man. the 51-year-old now in a coma. police say he was attacked. he was with his wife and two daughters at their home when he went outside owe investigate loud voices in a field. his wife found him knocked unconscious in the street. police are now interviewing students from both foothill high schools to see what they know. she say witnesses stepped up to help. >> we credit the community coming forward continuing to come forward and giving us some kredzible tips to follow up on. >> the superintendent of pleasanton schools told us the district will coop with police as needed. >> two suspects arrested in qex a rush hour errorry in a
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casual carpool stop in oakland. seven people held up by thieves who took wallets and cell phones. and searching their home police found three guns officers say it was a great observation skills of the victim that's led to a quick arrest. >> another vigil planned for tonight for boy hit by a car in byron yesterday. the 12-year-old kill ntd accident. he was on his way to school on his bike. hundreds of people turned out to mourn his death at timber point school in discovery bay where burgess went to school. tonight's vigil will be at the school where he was struck by a driver who just crop dropped off her kids. >> marin county had the dubious disstumpx of some of the highest breast cancer rates in the country. there seems to be progress with prevention. researchers report a downward
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trend. we take a look at the numbers and marin count yes had a high breast cancer rate. it started to change after 2003. when the womens' health initiative first reported a link between combination hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer. >> around 2003 as women began to discontinue pesto yon yoe pauseal use we saw a decrease in incident race. >> roits raits reported every five years and found there was a 13% drop from five-year period ending in 2000 to ending in 2010. janice is a zero breast cancer nonprofit. saying saying we need to find out who is more susceptible.
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>> we continue to look for causes particularly environmental cause that's may be contributing to the incidents of breast cancer. >> in the past, some studies suggest the numbers were due to alcohol consumption n marin the rate of consumption is higher, it contributes to it but not the only risk factor. >> marin county still has one of the highest rates in the state of california one doctor put it, it's an improvement. >> several more survivors of the sfo crash of asiana flight 214 planning to file a new lawsuit, the first filed by victims from south korea. their lawyers said in seoul the suit would be aimed at boeing and claim the plane had defects. the boeing went down as it was landing in san francisco on july 6th. killing three students from
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china and a federal investigation into the crash continues. >> it's the biggest concert of the year. so big a sailing team is defending the america's cup now so successfully is not quite business as usual. >> they don't make start phones or games. but they do make giant and every year, oracle holds a conference. >> i came from the philippine autos programmers and and executives lined up to give hear him give a key note. >> there was opening act. >> how is everybody doing? >> we can do bet jer than that.
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awesome. >> executives from microsoft announced they're partnering and then, waits time for headlines. >> apologizes wishes he can be here. >> some had to make a decision. >> they deliver his key note and out of the key note hall... >> very upset. -- upset. yeah. i lined up. me my friends lined up. >> he was good friends with steve jobs so he died during his key note. and he had to leave because of it with 47,000 people attending oracle open world bringing $120 million into the city. add to that what the city is making off america's cup, and some folks finding it tough to stay mad at larry ellison.
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>> if i was a multi billionaire i'd be out sailing today, too. >> after all, ellison didn't leave empty-handed. they're setting up a ferris wheel, a party that would wind up being a victory celebration for team usa. >> suppose he couldn't northbound two place autos knox he couldn't. he made a choice. >> still ahead tonight a desperate search for jobs in a community still mired in the great recession. you're going meet people who have not given up oakland put out the call to expose litter bugs you stepped up. how many people have been nabbed for illegal dumping. >> i'm spencer christian. weather cool, and breezy but there is a fire weather watch i'll give you a look at that in just a moment. >> and later you're going to meet a heart patient a new lease on life. how doctors are keeping him alive as they await their next move. [ maragno ] if the car was invented today,
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in southern california a fire spreading through san bernardino national forest started about two hours ago. >> u.s. forest service says it's spreading rapidly. now now about 150 acres and growing. officials say a dozen homes could be in danger ask evacuated if it spreads farther chit looks like it might. >> first glance, jobless rate seems promising. some communities are still dealing with unemployment in the double digits. a job fair is trying to help get workers back on the job.
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>> a lot of hours being cut back meaning money, you know, is -- it gets hard. >> banks is typical of many job seekers here under employed working part time, hoping to find jobs. the postal service is here with a category of full time work and a lot of temp job autos permanent jobs are for auto mechanics then, we have a lot of temporary job that's can lead to careers at a later time, our carriers and clerks and our custodian autos this job fair is an experiment by jackie speier to help one community that hasn't seen signs of a recovery. vait more than double the rest of san mateo county. >> get employers to step forward more in communities like ours to help in ways because otherwise, i think it's not healthy for a democracy to continue to push
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people down and not allow opportunities to get up and move on. >> congress woman speier says road blocks held up a job bill so she's doing what she can locally. >> you don't stay trained. and there becomes almost lethargy to get back to work. we don't want to get to the point where people give up it can take a long time for the rate to drop. but a drop can indicate the people have given up looking for work. >> a scary moment at san jose earthquake practice fa sill till ti when a military tank almost rammed the field. take a look at the pictures. the earthquake practice know. a teflt track for bae systems
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manufacturing bradley fighting vehicle. like the one on the picture there. the barrier stopped for the tank, stopped a tank, rather just 10 feet short and the goal keeper john bush, nobody hurt. it was frightening. >> investigators looking into two home burglaries discovered both victims used a boarding service of this store. sheriff deputies say a 23-year-old was giving thieves addresses of people heading out of town that. employee and two others have been arrested. pet smart says the company is contacting customers and making changes to protect their information. >> in oakland a new city initiative to bust big time litter bugs is sowing success, officials say they're seeing an up tick in photos and videos of illegal dumping.
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this includes license plate numbers. oakland saw about 17,000 illegal dumpings last year, can you believe it is that common? most was old mattresses and discarded construction materials. much can be toxic. that is not all. >> people find cow heads dumped in my district. to biomedical waste. >> tonight the public works committee will consider a new ordinance. new law changing dumping to a misdemeanor and therefore increase fines we've heard about washing machines? but cow heads? that is disturbing. >> lovely weather coming our way. we'll see how that works out. looking at live doppler 7, sunny skies right now from coast to indland.
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we have strong breezes as a matter of fact dry winds coming down out of the north right now. and a fire weather watch for higher terrain. gusts at 45 to 55 miles per hour. and so winds may be a big fac factor. we're looking at gusts up to 29 mirn at sfo. 36 miles per hour in novato. 28 inland in concord all around the bay area now it's windy and gusty. here is a live view from our camera. blue skies and 63 degrees in san francisco. 68 oakland. 66 san carlos. 63 half moon bay. another live view at the golden gate bridge, blue skies temperatures 73 in santa rosa.
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68 napa and novato. 66. 68 in concord and 69 degrees. one more live view of a shaky camera looking down at clear skies on the ocean beach area. this is a coolest day in the seven days will be tomorrow, warmer, drier. rest of the week fire weather watch chi told with you in effect through friday. a sweeping dry cold front. we've got active weather none of the precipitation will reach us but will be cool and breezy. now follow lows under clear skies. mainly mid-50s around the bay area but cooler in north bay valleys. high temperatures tomorrow in the south bay, sunny skies, cool upper 60s tomorrow,
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peninsula, up to about 71 and mountain have you on the coast 60 in pacifica. 65 will be the high downtown tomorrow. on the east bay look for highs 68 in oakland. and here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll warm up friday into low 80s inland. saturday through tuesday, mid-80s inland low 08s ash the bay it's going to be a nice, almost summer-like warm up at the end of the week going into weekend. >> thank you spencer. >> coming up next sometimely advise for the holidays. >> they're not that far off. >> need $400? i'll show you
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tonight a big international merger that reaches into silicon valley. a a.plied materials has acquired a rival for $9 billion in stock. applied materials investors will own two thirds of the company, which will have a new name and be jointly head
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quarters in santa clara and tokyo. wall street the dow fell another 66 points today but applied materials gained more than 9% on this news. home prices grew last month. less than 2% on average, however, home builder kabee home reports profits are up because it was able to deliver more houses at higher prices and burger king introduced a new kind of french fry was 20% fewer calories. they use the same ingredients except for new batter that doesn't absorb as much oil. >> 350 airports taking part in a conference underway this week. part of the focus on technology to improve your traveling experience. one app can make travel ease yearer getting you through customs more quickly. you'll soon be able to send to it customs before arriving.
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>> we can see from a 30% to 50% faster and cut line downs to reasonable lengths. >> the recheck allows thom skip certain steps going live in october. there is an annual fee fr that service. >> before moving on a reminder 49ers day is just around the corner now. we'll carry the broadcast on thursday, coverage begins at 4:00 wol have special content on our facebook page and twitter. larry beil, mike assumean taking over at 4:30 and will be here after the game as well. that is coming up thursday.
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>> when coming back tonight the dc talka than and a campaign of words. >> also tonight we're going to look into options you'll be faced with as early as next week when you can start signing up for obama care. >> the earthquake that triggered this response that may have created
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vowing to speak against the president's health care law until he can no longer stand a texas republican remains on the senate floor now. here is a live look at the freshman senator ted cruz urging colleagues to oppose moving ahead on a bill he supports. the measure would prevent a government shut down ask defund obama care. if it passes majority leader would strip prot vision from the bill. cruz says anyone voting to cutoff debate is allowing reid to quote, fully fund obama
6:31 pm
care. >> i do not like green eggs i am. i do not like them, sam, i am. >> that is how he's kill killing time. he goes off topic. he this evening read "green eggs and ham". >> obama care is set to take affect in january requiring everyone to have health care insurance for people who don't have coverage through their employers. the state of california has a program to get you cover kpd help pay for it. tonight, a look at the choices that come with covered california. >> covered california is for people bho don't have insurance. >> peter lee is the executive director of covered california. the law requires all americans have health insurance. >> the aferdable care act doesn't change things if you have insurance today. if you have insurance through the job and medicare and medical, keep it. >> if you don't you can choose a plan best fitting your needs
6:32 pm
starting october 1 what you pay depends on how much you make. there are four level was the most basic be bronze. next comes level two, which is called silver. level three is gold, and highest level of coverage is platinum. they all provide pretrent vent tiff care but there is a big range in what you'll pay. the least expensive option is the bronze plan. it has a $5,000 deductible for medical and drug expenses but $60 co-pay up to three doctor visits per year. the silver plan has a $2,000 medical deductible and a $45 co-pay. gold and platinum have no deductible, you'll pay more monthly but less for doctor advise yismts co-pay is $30 for gold, $20 for platinum. your choice will impact the amount you pay for generic prescriptions with bronze, sill skprer gold you'll pay
6:33 pm
$19, with platinum, $5 for three plans maximum out of pocket expense for one person, is $12,700 for a number. on platinum, numbers drop to $4,000 and $8,000. monthly costs based on the plan and annual income tax credits may be available for individuals making up to $44,680 or a family of four earning up to 92,000. the less you make, the less you pay. to find out your payment covered california has created a simple calculator, let's say you're a 32-year-old making $24,000 a year, silver would cost $272 per month but you would get a $140 credit from the government so monthly premium could cost $132. a family of four making $48,000 per year getting a $557 credit and pay just $257
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a month. you'll find a link to the calculator and a breakdown of the plans on abc 7 under see it on tv. so what happens if you're ininsured already? there are skmaimpkz we'll have that for you tomorrow night right here at 6:00. >> and this from 7 on your side. state investigators shut down a rogue web site they suspect is posing as official covered california web site. sheer what it looks like. authorities say it has been traced to pan ma through a server in austin, texas. according to investigators it's likely people behind this site are just aggressively marketing their service. however, new state laws are now in effect to protect people from misinformation or confusion when looking up plans on official government web sites. >> president obama spoke today at united nations but the talk tonight is about meeting that didn't happen between the president and iran's new leader. saying it will be too
6:35 pm
complicated to explain back in iran. u.s. and iranian leaders have not met in 36 years. he did pledge to resume talks over the nuclear program. >> i do believe if we can resolve the issue of iran's nuclear program that can serve as a step down a long road towards a different relationship. >> president obama did meet with palestinian authority president, praising abbas for rejecting violence skpk open to peace negotiation autos a powerful earthquake hitting pakistan may have created a new island. the 7.7 quake centered in a remote part of southern pakistan. witness says a new land mass appeared just off shore. 39 people were killed in the quake. this shows them streaming out of office buildings and into the streets for safety. the earthquake struck
6:36 pm
pakistan's largest, but least-populated provence. >> coming up next california heart patient with a new lease on life. >> how he's getting along awaiting his
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new program helping to keep ill heart patients alive as they wait for a transplant offering them a bridge to life with a surprising amount of freedom as well. >> it's -- . >> the coach attacks the game with both intelligence and heart. >> this is equivalent to what an athlete will fill he coached players to a state championship. but next move won't decide the outcome but potentially whether he lived or died. >> june 15th my heart went into cardiac arrest. you can see the left convenient tri cell -- ventricl sex big, or dilate ootd
6:40 pm
director of support at sanford hospital's team has been monitoring his decline, involving both ventricle writing was on the wall. we knew the heart was not going to get better, if anything, it was going to get worse. >> since there was no donor heart available, surgeons implantd van with a total artificial heart in this procedure. it's a bridge device designed to keep him alive until a donor is located. earlier implants have been available to assist patients total artificial hearts. >> once removing it, for lack of a better taerm lous us to attach chambers. >> but what has improved is the technology driving the implant. back in van's room he's recovering with the help of a
6:41 pm
full-sized floor version but in weeks he's scheduled to return home with a portable pumping system known as the freedom driver. just over 13 pounds fits in a back back. >> to go home without a heart and just have an artificial heart. >> i'll allowed to move back to gress know and live my life style the way i do. which is walk animals, dogs go to the grocery store. and go shopping and the movies. everything i would normally do. >> and returning to the game he loves pouring his new temporary heart in coaching chess. >> i could then pick up my life and move on. and do what i want to do. >> doctors say one advantage into allow a pishent to remain strong enough to recover from that heart transplant of. >> that is remarkable. >> yes. >> coming up next, a timely report on holiday shopping. >> michael finney shows how you can save
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all right. what you do now could make your life a lot less stressful on your budget this holiday. >> yes, it's hard to believe but this is the perfect time to strategize your holiday shopping. >> bah humbug! that is what we're finding. with create activity and planning you can come up with $400 for holiday gifts and i'll she how one woman pull that had off. >> sounds of christmas will be upon us. it's only september but elizabeth is thinking green to stay out of the red. >> i wasn't willing to go into debt. >> she sets a budget, and source the malls throughout the year for bargains and importantly, she saves. >> i set aside money not only for gifts but a lot of side budgets every month. as a regular expense. >> that is sound advice. andrea is a consumer expert.
6:46 pm
>> you can rack up enough money for a few different gifts without feeling like have you to put it on your credit cart. >> she suggests starting to put away money. if you begin today, setting aside as little as $10 a week you'll have at least $120 before your christmas card bill arrives. rummage through home for clothes you no longer wear or gifts you never used. >> i post them to my ebay account last year earning $175, i believe. >> look at reward points on your card and consider redeeming them for gift cards. >> i did that last year as well. and was able to he redeem $50 gift cards and a $50 card to ama >> savings, $395. once you know how much you want to spend stick to it. elizabeth know that's is easier said than done. >> no matter what budget i
6:47 pm
always go over. so i plan on whai whatever i do estimate, i do go over. >> i have been known to give nice cookies for holidays and continues and another creative ideas like that. trading meals with pechl i used to be a business owner. i trade services. >> the key is reduce the stress. she predicts there will be big promotions so you need to keep your eyes open. you can be buying counterfeit designer brands and not know it. tonight at 11:00 i'll show you how to spot the fakes from the real thing. >> that is a problem, too. >> it s it's big. >> thank you. >> sure. >> let's get another check on the forecast right now. >> from the genuine article, spencer christian. >> cool conditions across the
6:48 pm
bay area and that is going to last another day. we'll see wet weather across the state. snoo southern california cool to mild weather, sunny skies and breezy, cooler than today as a matter of fact with highs from low 60s to upper 60s maybe 70s around the bay only low to mid-70s inland. we'll warm up thursday as you can see here. and by friday highs will be back into low 80s then saturday through tuesday, mid-80s inland and mid to upper 60s on the coast. pretty mild to warm weather coming our way starting at the end of the week. >> very nice timing on that, thank you. >> speaking of timing mr. beal arrived. >> with seconds to spare.
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>> good evening, peyton manning carved up raiders last night. good news is that he doesn't remember what happened. pryor made progress as a passer giving hope moving forward. last night completed 19 and 28, 7 p coming on this pass to moore goating rocked and left the came with a conugs cushion. now being he's got to pass a series of tests. >> we'll look at, you know, how he's doing tomorrow. we'll see whether or not he's able to go or not. and then, we'll see as the week goes on to make a determination. >> i think we've got to be prepare forward options you know? if terriblel not able to go
6:53 pm
matt will be the guy. >> after game one, 49ers looked like the best team in the league. after game three, looks like the ship is shimpking. -- sinking. niners have problem was injuries from inability to establish running dwim a collin kaepernick to receiver that's cannot get open. >> execution needs to be better and i think we can do that. we have the means to do it. and you know, it's something that is not just one little thing. >> i don't think it's -- you can pinpoint one thing. we have to get better as a unit. >> reminder to join me this
6:54 pm
thursday after the in for our pregame show and jerry will be with us as soon as the niners game concludes in st. louis. once upon a time shaquille o'neal calls the kings franchise, calling them the queens now he's singing a different tune. >> we're not worried. i'm not going to do this all year going back and forth with this. nobody cares that we won last year so we need just to focus on the new year. >> and today he declared the city's new name is shaqramento. and made amendments. >> to passionate fans from sacramento, i apologize for calling you queens. i love people in shaqramento.
6:55 pm
if you see me, give me a hug and kiss. or what whatever you want. i'm sorry. i apologize. >> back pedaling. okay. oracle boss decided to stay on the water and oracle trailed 8-1 and have nonstop ever since. race 17 collide brg the start. oracle did not look back winning by 27 seconds then on to the seconds race of the day take advantage of a mistake and won by 54 seconds so now, it's easy. the final race for tomorrow and abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> that is a degree tiff and
6:56 pm
cable channel 13 a body ink and new he rules for recruit what. you can, and cannot get tattooed. >> then facebook and local lawmakers hear from stud skbrernts parents about cyber bull eyeing what they say needs to be done to protect kids. >> and for new shows beginning with agents of shield, two new comedies followed by lucky 7. >> you can see them online or on demand with our watch abc app. >> we've goit all for you. >> our coverage of breaking news continues on twitter. >> frf all of us here at abc 7 news, thanks for joining us.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- an editor from redwood city, california... a writer from austin, texas... and our returning champion, a financial analyst from cedar rapids, iowa... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! hey, johnny. thank you. ladies and gentlemen, welcome. you folks seem to prefer it when we get to all of the material in each program, so no preamble today -- just good luck to matt, neal, and loni. and here comes the jeopardy! round.
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and here come the categories, starting off with... and a lot of the clues in that category will be delivered by cnn correspondents or reporters. matt, start us off. let's start with the ague-leading stat for $200. matt. league-leading stat, $400. matt again. what are rushing yards?s. league-leading stats, $600. tt. what are points per game? right again. league-leading stats, $800.


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