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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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whether from los angeles or san francisco, you know that there's no room for violence
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and that kind of action. >> that's why san francisco police added extra security police added extra security tonight jeans some fans were hesitant about coming to the game because of the murder. >> were you worried about come tonight. >> yes. we drove together so second guessing it. when i heard about it this morning made me think twice about coming. you think twice about what i wear. >> search continues for several more suspects. in san francisco, lisa, abc 7 news. >> the giants issued a statement today saying they were deeply sad to learn ofless night horrific incident that occurred several block from the ballpark. thoughts prayers with the family during this difficult time. the dodgers also relessed statement tonight there is no rationale explanation for this senseless act which resulted in jonathan's death. the pain this has caused the family and friends is unimaginable. words not enough to describe our sadness. >> jonathan denver spent early years in southern california
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but went to school in fort bragg and still lives there. fort bragg is in mendocino county 3 hours north of san francisco. laura spoke to friend of his there today. >> he was a die hard dodgers fan. >> matt is talking about his friend jonathan denver. stabbed to deathless tonight after the giants dodgers game. this is a picture provided to him shows ken dear at the game with his father and brother. >> i was just with his family and we are all kind of st feel horrible for his mom and his brothers and just his whole family. >> denver started a job as an apprentice at north coast plumbing in fort bragg where his boss and co-workers said he was a fine young man finding his path in life. he had 2 recent brushes with police and drunkçó in public arrest at the local county fair but denver had no history of violence and
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friends told us that he tried to protect his family and friends. what should people know about him. >> that he was a really great guy and would do anything for anybody and always put a spill on people's faces when he was around. >> denver job at the plumbing store in one but boss said he had already become part of their family. until fort brag bragg, abc 7 news. >> now we spoke with family member today outside january thon denver grand parents house in southern california. he says obviously still in shock. >> family devastated. the grand parents lost a grand son. robert driving home the dad his birthday today and his son died in his arms. >> denver father work security guard for donors. he was in the bay area visiting his son for his birthday. tragedy. new stay with us for tipping coverage of this developing story. we have the latest on
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the investigation on line at our web site. always get breaking up dates any time by following us on twitter at 7 news bay area. >> red flag warning in effect right now. there is high fire danger for the north bay mountains east bay hills diablo rang and santa cruz mountains. sandhya is here with the forecast look at live doppler 7hd. >> this is the kind of year we have high fire danger with gusting winds. skies clear tonight. wind not terribly high at this hour but it is still breezy out there. red flag warnings until tomorrow. 3:00 p.m. gust 25 to 35 miles an hour over the highest peak with relative humidity remaining below 30 percent that's why the fire danger remains elevated right now you cap see it's not that wine. mountain diablo wind gust and back to let you know about a changing forecast for your weekend. that may include the umbrella. >> thanks very much. >> young man murdered monday
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after getting off muni bus was remembered tonight. justin valdez was san francisco state student with bright future. we spoke with number of people about him. the future is denied for no apparent reason. amma is on the story. >>reporter: justin had an enormous impact on everyone who knew him. especially his sister. >> i know he is going to be a guard an angel for all of us watching over everyone. >>reporter: his family and friends gather at san francisco state where he went to school for candle light vigil. 20-year-old shot and killed monday night as he got off muni light rail in this neighborhoo neighborhood. witness came to pay her respect. >> move on without him police now
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releasing more information about the man they believe killed him. 30-year-old nick case has been charged with valdez murder also an sfsu student. police say they found several guns including assault weapons, 20,000 dollars in cas cash, and other survival gear at his home. they also say he confronted other people before getting on muni monday. >> he actually pulled a gun on at least one other person in the area but the person didn't report it until after this had taken place and they had goten home. >>reporter: case is 60ed to be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. amma, 7 news. >> the owner of the 2 pit bull that mauled 10-year-old lost appeal hearing today training to keep the dog from being put down. 10-year-old hunter was attacked by the dog last month and seriously injured. low pressure for the dog owner rick and courtney argue that only one dog attacked hunter. but animal services says both dogs were involved. >> we were able to tell by the
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photographs that we have got 2 different of size bite on the child. >> basically preventing it from happening to someone else in the future and if they did allow the dog to go back home next one may not be a survivor. >> the couple has another opportunity to appeal. hunter parents say they are now filing a lawsuit to rue coop 300,000 dollars in medical bills. >> coming up next on 7 news. could understanding your gut be the key to losing weight. how healthy bacteria could translate to healthy use. >> pilot of packed jet liner both fall asleep mid flight. what happened. >> dangerous exercise program could make your muscles explode. >> and still ahead in sports. exclusive one-on-one interviewer with 49ers davis
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for $199 a month. >> key to losing weight controlling what goes into the stomach. but now bay area researchers pay special attention to what is already there. it's the gut check that could some day make us healthy in other ways as well. >> when she looks through a microscope she see familiar faces staring back. unique
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population known as our micro buy o. they live in our stomach and could improve our health if we treaty them right. >> if you could take a pill or eat a make row buy ought ick yogurt and that would reduce euro bees ty people would consider doing that. >> her lab located at the institute here at ucsf key player in identifying the vast array of microbe this take up space in the stomach. but researchers in europe and the u.s. were able to trigger weight loss in mice by manipulating the bacteria in the gut. she hopes the same strategy might work in human. >> specifically in body weight that obese people have a different microbe than then people. >> company offer customers a chance to do their own gut check. they have begun mailing out kits for the stomach and other areas of the body. >> use learn information about your gut and that can help to
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you understand better what's going on in your body. >> it's partnering with other companies and areas including diet and nutrition with hope to some difficult overbroad array of services based on specific. >> if mean time katie and her team are working to identify mark that's could help identify if it's healthy or producing disease perhaps some day help target weight related disease such as diabetes. >> we could use this as diagnostic tool but what i'm i wanted in long-term is not these markers for disease but actually using what we learn from them to understand the mechanism of disease and hopefully find cure. >> ultimately unlesh being the bacteria why in our own bodies to help make us healthier. >> just this week researchers at penn state announce results of another study that drug alter the bacteria balance in the gut of mice significantly reducing weight gain in those test animals. >> fast tonighting.
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>> more health news. new at 11. pop already fitness regimen may cause your body more harm than good. cross fit is an extreme work out and now being linked to potentially fatal condition when people push their body so hard the muscle cell actually burst. rare condition called tl rabd o for short. >> tl more importantly you lose your kidney first so you will be on dialysis for the rest of your life. >> pain, swollen bicep or tricep and dark urine. know to look for with athletes. head of the italian pasta company is apologiesing for anti-gay remark made in interview. on wednesday the chairman says would i never do a xhrtion wall a homosexual family not for will of respect but because we don't agree with them. ours is a classic family
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with woman playing a fundamental role. after backlash of social media including call for boycott he says he supports gay marriage but insist traditional family identify with the brand. >> filled with passengers on this jet laneer fell asleep on flight last month leaving the aircraft on auto pilot. pilots were severely fatigued so they agreed to take turns napping. not uncommon. but they both nodded off at the same time. one payment reported the incident to the british civil aviation authorities blaming long shift over the holiday season. they refuse to name the british base air line or release any flight details. don't want both e.not something you want to err had a. >> let's check on the forecast right now. >> sandhya is here. >> we have some warmer weather for tomorrow and then we have the possibility of some showers this weekend. talk about that in just a moment. here are the highlights. here's clear skies
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across the bay area right now. here's view from our exploring camera transamerica pyramid financial district crystal clear sky at this hour and the temperatures falling 59 in san francisco. san carlos. oakland 62 degrees. san jose 59. check out half moon bay. it is getting cool there. 46 degrees already and that's not where they are going to end up obviously. from emeryville camera you look back to san francisco this is the time of year when fog at minimum tonight we don't have any fog. 55 in santa rosa. 60 in nap a.currently mid 60's in antioc antioch. 56 in livermore. high today were up in where i from low 60's to the upper 70's. we start getting you up that the low 80's tomorrow. from our roof cam are not really breezy out there along embarcadero but we have gusty wind around mountain diablo 29 miles an hour. red flag warning remains up for the hil hill. sunny warm for tomorrow. and we look at shower chance
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sunday night don't cancel your plans. don't worry this is going to be late sunday night going that monday morning so hopefully most of the plans done by then. computer animation wind gust 29 to 34 miles an hour along the coast. winds dial back a little bit only to pick back up for the start of the morning commute. mid 30's range gusting out of the north fairfield 34 miles an hour so may have to hang on tight as driving to work or taking the kid off to school in the morning. they really lighten up by early afternoon that's why we expect warmer weather for your freud. beyond friday here's what's happening. sunday area of moisture autumn front comes in sunday night and into monday when we see a chance of some showers for your sunday tonight monday morning time period but you will notice cooler weather both sunday and monday so enjoy the warm-up. while we have the change again. tomorrow morning the chill quite evidence as you head out the door. grab your jacket or coat or sweater. look at the numbers. low 40's to the mid 50's. you know the seasons
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have changed when you see morning low like that with clear sky. afternoon high 79 san jose south bay. 81 mild sunny on the peninsula. 81 redwood city. nicest warmest time of year. september and october for the coast. 71 daly city. north baylow 80's for santa rosa, napa, san rafael heading out to the east bay. sfeep oakland 77 newark temperatures up tomorrow inland 81 in livermore. 83 walnut creek. 7 day forecast inland areas will rise to the mid 80's saturday low 70's coast side cooler pattern sunday monday rain chance sunday night into monday morning light showers at this point then we dry out warm it up tuesday through thursday. >> all right thanks. >> 49ers facing success on abc 7. >> how about the game. larry is here. >> kuwait the victory. back to old formula for success when in ♪
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[ male announcer ] the all-new cla. sna good evening. 49ers new the importance of tonight game. 35-11. kaepernick team pumped up before the game. focused. second quarterert niners on a drive. cap first td and week 120 yard to bolden. nice shot to stay inbound. turn it over three times. sam going deep in the end zone. the pick there. fourth and inches. touch down niners. 153 yards rushing for gore. davis with the 85 percent. 85 is good enough.
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12 yard td. niners even the record at 2-2 with a 35-11 route. unleashing gore one of the key to the game we discussed with nipper legend jerry rice in pre-game show rice had the 213 yard rushing exactly what the green and gold needed. >> we gnaw that grower had to be the work horse for the team an he got momentum going then all of a sudden it started to click and points on the board. >> now from abc 7 this is vernon hue. >> the time for vernon new teamed up for the season every week we have special access to the forty-niner star tight end writ after each game we have the insight on the match up and mike in st. louis and right after the win against the ram. >> first of all big win get you back on track. seems like veteran players. you saw frank
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gore, dante stood up following your lead. city. coach mentioned earlier in the week he said that the leaders you have to step up. you have to take charge and that's exactly what we did. as leaders we have to step up and lead the way so that the younger guys can follow and i take my hat off to guys like frank gore and those guys. antoine they did a terrific job leading. i jumped in i tried to lead right along with them. if. >> touch town san francisco. >> if i gnaw exactly what it was. play was called. i saw the fake d on top of me and when it's on top of me on that corner route, i just lick my lip and run. here goes. it's
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about to open up. here we go. >>reporter: lick my lip and here we go. fix week the niners play texans at the stick another addition of vernon view only on abc 7 news 7. >> tim on the mound tonight.
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tim 43 agent at the end of the season so after 7 years this might have been his final game as a giant. come out of the giants don't go tim come back. 7 innings last 2 runs struck out 6 ended up with if decision in this game. tied at two in the eighth here it comes and there it goes for angel as the giants meet the dodgers by a score of 3-2. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> very nice. giants and knight looking great. >> good day. >> cheek one last time with wake up weather.
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>> dress warmly in the morning. high fire danger for the hill hills. breezy. temperatures 40's, 50's and we are here in the morning. >> all right sandhya thanks. >> that's all for now. thanks for watching. >> abc 7 news continues now on all the mobile did he swris our new app. >> next newscast at 4:30 tomorrow morning for all of us tomorrow morning for all of us here we appreciate your time
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, rebel wilson, anthony bourdain, this week in unnecessary censorship, and music from avril lavigne, with cleto and the cletones. and now, moving right along, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] hi, everyone, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show.


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