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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  September 28, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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it's 8:00 a.m. let's start you off with a quick first look at the weather. >> good morning to you. plenty of sunshine here in oakland looking at emeryville and temperatures warmest here in the mid and upper 50s over into the east bay. in the north bay it's chilly. santa rosa 46 as well as novato. 40s along the coast but today the much sunnier and warmer day of the weekend. in fact, temperatures today will warm through the 70s over into the east bay. that's putting oakland well into the 70s. sunshine to start at the coast and then the fog moves back through the late afternoon. mid and upper 60s though. pretty mild there. 80s return. but mid 80s to our inland east bay.
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not only changes ahead for the second half of the weekend. we're not going to get away with a dry end of september so we still have rain to talk about before we start a new month, which will feature drier and warmer weather. >> lisa, thank you. we have breaking news out of san francisco where a man has been taken to the hospital after being stabbed this morning. it happened around 4:30 in the area of larkin and golden gate. police say the man was acting as a good samaritan trying to help another person being assaulted by a group of people. those people turned on the man and he was stabbed multiple times. the man was taken to the hospital. we understand he is in stable condition. no suspects are in custody right now. if we get more information during this newscast we'll bring it to you right away. developing news now. the suspect in the fatal stabbing of a dodgers fan is out of jail this morning. 21-year-old michael montgomery from lodi had been in jail since thursday the day after police say he stabbed and killed 24-year-old dodgers fan jonathan denver after a game. the stabbing happened outside of at&t park.
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authorities say denver and his friends got into a rivalry fueled altercation with montgomery and his friends outside of a bar. in an interview with the lodi and news sentinel montgomery's parents claim their son acted in self-defense after being hit with a chair. and a cell mate of montgomery says he was told that he was out numbered. >> he said basically that it was just a typical kind of riot situation that might happen at a sporting event and he was severely out numbered and had to defend himself. >> yesterday district attorney george gascon said they didn't have enough evidence to prove murder beyond a reasonable doubt. he said it is vital for our office to have independent corroboration of the incident in order to meet our ethical obligation to charge in this case. stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage of this developing story. we'll have the latest on the investigation online at abc 7 you can also get breaking news updates any time by following up on twitter at abc news bay area. this morning a kron 4 news
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crew is okay after an attempted robbery led to a shooting last night at 3rd street and lasalle avenue in the bayview district in san francisco. here is a look at the news van as police looked inside for evidence. police tell us two armed men demanded the reporter's equipment. the reporter gave it to the men and then took cover. a security guard working with the reporter fired shots at the would-be robbers. one of them was hit. they took off in a car. a short time later police say a man walked into san francisco general hospital with a gunshot wound. police as you see here taped off his vehicle in the parking lot as evidence. but officers are not confirming if the incidents are related. a horrific car crash in san francisco has claimed the life of a high school student. 16-year-old kevin sands was on his way to lincoln high with his mom and sister when police say a speeding driver slammed into their van, killing him yesterday morning. abc 7 news has more on how fellow students are trying to cope. >> reporter: this was a morning crash that left the scene of
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crumpled cars and killed 16-year-old kevin sands. he was a passenger in a minivan hit by a speeding silver mercedes. word quickly spread at abraham lincoln high school that one of their students was in that crash. >> a junior or senior that passed away. i didn't know who it was. and there was a guy that was in my class that was missing. it was kevin sands. >> we sat next to each other for home room for the last years. we would talk a lot, help each other with homework, play games together. >> reporter: fellow students described kevin as an avid bicyclist and active member of the junior rotc drum corps. three other victims were also sent to the hospital. witnesses say this silver mercedes-benz came careening down goff causing the crash. >> i saw the car going back. then sitting in the van -- >> sitting there. >> and got bumped like that. >> the driver of the silver mercedes was not seriously injured. police say the mercedes may have been speeding at about 80 miles an hour.
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officers spotted the speeding suv but had little time to react. >> the car was going so fast they didn't have time to activate their lights or siren to get within even a block of it before the crash occurred. >> reporter: police say the driver will likely be charged. a giant hay fire caused air quality problems in some parts of the bay area. the fire broke out just before midnight yesterday at a business called hay kingdom on interstate 505 in winters about 20 miles from bakeville. there is still heavy smoke this morning and officials say the fire could take another day or so to burn itself out. abc 7 news reporter nick smith has the latest. >> reporter: this was the scene of a hay fire as it burned at its peak. firefighters from winters and at least five other surrounding agencies working to get ahead of a blaze that continued to spread to barns, expensive agriculture equipment, and light up the night sky as more than 200 tons of hay were consumed in the fast burning inferno assisted by the
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winds. >> certainly smoke impacted the freeway last night. we had the slow traffic and at times it closed portions of the highway. >> reporter: smoke also had an effect on air quality in winters and beyond. with the help of the winds the smoke was pushed down to pleasanton, livermore, and at one point could be smelled in parts of santa clara county but shifted before health officials felt the need to issue an alert. now the slow, long process as firefighters wait for the fire to burn itself out. >> we think we lost 20,000 tons of hay and hay sales were going for $200 to $250 a ton. >> reporter: hay stacks require more water than the fire department had on hand so they are switching strategy choosing to protect buildings that aren't burning and prevent the spread of the fire. between the structures, the fire, and equipment, the losses are believed to be well above $6 million at this time. in yolo county, nick smith, abc 7 news. the man accused of killing a college student in san francisco may have been out hunting for a
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victim. he is facing several charges, including murder in the death of 20-year-old justin valdez who was shot in the back monday while getting off a muni light rail train. the district attorney says the defendant also faces assault charges for confronting another person with a gun earlier in the day. >> given the totality of the circumstances and the earlier assault, it appears that he was certainly out there looking to kill someone. it almost seems like in the first instance he didn't quite get the courage to pull the trigger and in the second instance he obviously did. >> police say he also flashed the hand gun on the muni train several times but no one noticed. pinole police are considering reopening the case of a missing girl, a case that was closed more than four years ago. 7-year-old amber schwartz was last seen in 1988. the fbi and pinole police closed the case in 2009 two years after serial killer curtisine anderson
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confessed to kidnapping and killing her. anderson was serving life for the murder of another girl. now he is dead but amber's family was skeptical of the confession because there was no physical evidence. a family friend has started an online petition to get pinole police to reopen the case. pinole's police chief tells abc 7 he'll talk to the fbi on tuesday to try to get more information on why the case was closed and he says they'll reopen it if he is convinced it should not have been closed. next week will mark 20 years since another high profile kidnapping case. 12-year-old polly klaas was abducted from her home during a slumber party in 1993. polly's father says he has not forgotten nor forgiven the man who took his daughter's life. >> i will witness that execution with great joy. yes. i'll drink champagne after he is snuffed. >> after polly's death marc
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klaas started the klaas kids foundation which works to prevent crimes against children. a man who was tackled by a parking control officer in san francisco has died. police say the man started punching and kicking a woman attala guna street thursday afternoon. a control officer saw it happening and tackled the man. police say the man suffered injury and was taken to the hospital and then died thursday night. san francisco municipal transit agency is waiting for a police report before commenting. b.a.r.t. and one of its unions have negotiations scheduled this morning at 10:30. b.a.r.t. says it remains $112 million apart with the two largest unions. transportation officials are already planning ahead in case there's another strike. they released a $21 million strike plan this week. it includes free charter buses, extra car pool lanes, and limited trans bay train service to be run by b.a.r.t. managers. there are negotiating sessions scheduled almost every day through the end of the cooling off period. the dates with hash marks are
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days b.a.r.t. plans to meet with one of the two unions. the 60-day cooling off period ends october 10th and that is the last day talks are scheduled. hopefully everyone, commuters hoping they'll reach an agreement. in the meantime lisa has the weather. >> today is a sunny and warmer day of the weekend. in fact, we're looking at clear conditions. san francisco mid and upper 50s right now. you'll warm to 72 today. but not as warm on sunday. in fact, we're looking at some rain before the end of the month. we'll talk about it coming up. >> thank you. also next the first blast of winter plus the ski resorts have taken a chance it might last. also, good news for people trying to scare up a jochblt
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welcome back everyone. glad you're with us thon beautiful saturday morning. it's 8:13. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. light traffic and beautiful, clear, blue skies. this is going to be a warm one this morning. enjoy that. things change after today. we'll fill you in on the details coming up. meantime developing news out of pakistan where there was a
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6.8 magnitude earthquake this morning. it did hit in the same area where a quake earlier this week killed more than 350 people. pakistani officials say this morning's trembler was an after shock from the earlier quake. no word yet on any injuries or deaths. president obama made history when he spoke with the newly elected president of iran hasan rouhani yesterday. it is the first time in more than 30 years that a u.s. president has done so. the two spoke by phone. >> the very fact that this was the first communication between an american and iranian president since 1979 underscores the deep mistrust between our countries, but it also indicates the prospects of moving beyond that difficult history. >> president rouhani was in new york this week for the u.n. general assembly. before he boarded his flight home he tweeted president obama, wishing him a nice day. the president said thank you and good-bye in farsi. happening today, authorities in arizona are expected to release an investigative report
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into the wildfire that killed 19 firefighters earlier this year. authorities say those firefighters who were part of an elite firefighting team were battling the yarnell hill fire in june when gusty winds blew the fire out of control and overtook them. today's report is expected to provide an account of exactly what happened along with recommendations to avoid similar incidents. fright night is a month away and halloween hiring is getting started now. theme parks and theme stores are gearing up for the spending spree that goes along with that holiday on october 31st. abc 7 has more from great america in santa clara. it's a howling good time at great america's halloween haunt. frightening creatures, scared guests inside this haunted maze. >> really scary. i think the 3-d glasses added a good effect to it. >> reporter: the maze is just one of the attractions bringing in people from all over the bay
8:16 am
area. >> a major piece of our business. >> reporter: great america's vice president and general manager says halloween is huge for them. it's so big they load up on seasonal workers. >> we beef up to about 2500 employees but we add another 500 just for halloween haunts. >> reporter: great america isn't the only employer giving a boost to our economy. this store hires a lot of college students. >> they help with merchandise and mix up for customers. >> reporter: according to a national retail federation survey halloween sales are expected to be down this year with the average person expected to spend $75.03 on all things halloween compared to $79.82 last year, a trend this store isn't seeing. >> has business been good? >> better than last season. >> reporter: carol capper expects to spend about the same this year compared to last. she is shopping for a home halloween decor and costumes for her two boys once they finally make a decision.
8:17 am
>> it could take a while to decide. i might be a zombie or i might be a vampire. >> reporter: whatever they choose, they're sure to be spooky. and if a child's halloween costume is stirring controversy at walmart. check it out. it's the naughty leopard costume causing the fuss. it is the name customers don't like. walmart says it is pulling the item off the shelves and it has disappeared from the company website. walmart is also apologizing to customers who may have been offended by the name. a big win for the warriors and their plans to build a new arena at piers is 30 and 32. governor brown signed a bill yesterday that approved using the piers for the new arena, parking garage, and retail space. the warriors say the billion dollar project will be privately financed and will return $19 million a year in taxes. san francisco's mayor praised the governor and the bill sponsor for supporting the water front marina. happening today, activists
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will hold a rally and a concert protesting the sale of an historic berkeley post office. today's rally kicks off at noon on the steps of the post office on alston way featuring a guest speaker peter brim the author of "going postal." today's is the latest in a series of demonstrations in recent weeks staged to convince the post office not to sell the property. officials in san jose are considering lifting the city ban on fireworks. this comes after firefighters and police say they're overwhelmed by residents complaining about illegal fireworks. city officials hope lifting the ban will dampen interest in the more dangerous and illegal rockets and explosives. fire officials say illegal fireworks have become a growing concern statewide as officials see a much more organized movement toward their youth. the mountain resort has already switched on the snow making kwipment. that's right. temperatures in the upper 20s allowed the resort to begin making the crisp white powder yesterday morning.
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hard to say if it'll stick but if it does the resort is hoping to start up the list in 30 days which would be just before halloween. wow. so it's winter? >> it's going to feel like summer today, fall tomorrow, and then we are going to talk about some showers. so in the seven-day outlook, plenty. right now very little. in fact, low clouds and fog well off the coast but we do have a big storm system to the north. that will be impacting us the second half of the weekend. not a storm but some changes in your weekend forecast as well as the beginning of the work week that last day of september. sunny skies and in the 50s in san jose so a beautiful start to the day. 58 in oakland. the warm spot san carlos 55. we're looking at 50 half moon bay. you're down to 41 this morning. here's how it looks, maybe a few high clouds invading the far north bay today. 46 santa rosa. still cool there with 48 in novato and 53 in livermore. finally from our east bay hills
8:20 am
camera plenty of sunshine today. the warmest day we've seen in quite sometime so enjoy it. tomorrow we're looking at increasing clouds and maybe some sprinkles by the evening hours. chance of showers mainly in the north bay late sunday into monday but a chance over oakland and also in the south bay through monday. here's why. a huge storm system to the north. remnants of an old typhoon allowing for anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain for much of washington state. it will continue to sag to the south. the high pressure keeps us dry and sunny today. as it builds in the northerly winds bringing up a warm afternoon. but look what happened sunday. increasing clouds. the rain stays north until monday. stopping the animation about 11:00 monday morning where we have a few pockets of showers. the focus will be in marin, sonoma, napa. we could see a light shower from the peninsula to the east bay and then behind the system not only do we warm up. we're back to offshore winds. 76 today in milpitas with 77 in
8:21 am
sunnyvale. look for more upper 70s from redwood city to mountain view today. a beautiful afternoon. 73 in mill bray. the fog fest later on today but starting out sunny then low clouds and fog. 72 san francisco. temperatures mainly around 80 from kale stoega to sonoma. 79 in vallejo. near east bay warmer than yesterday. 78 today in oakland. fremont coming in at 79. you head inland and we had some 80s yesterday. today we'll look for 84 degrees in livermore, 83 in fairfield. another look outside across the bay and if you are headed to at&t park this afternoon, wow. it's going to be a nice one with temperatures near 70. we're looking at the accu weather seven-day forecast with more clouds tomorrow, so 60s and 70s, cooler. slight chance of showers mainly north. that will take us through the first part of monday. temperatures will be coolest on monday. then by tuesday we rebound with sunny skies, high pressure building in, and that brings us the typical fall-like pattern with low to mid 80s inland by the end of the week. so really changeable forecast
8:22 am
for the weekend. >> fall is where we are right now. thanks, lisa. coming up next, the bugs are taking over. you can get a larger than life look at some creepy crawley critters. it would run on the most affordable energy source available. it would charge overnight. every morning, you'd wake up with a full tank, ready to go. if the car was invented today, it would be the 100% electric nissan leaf. with over 200 million gas-free miles driven and automatic hov lane access, the question isn't "why electric?" it's "why gas?"
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if you'd like to get things for free and who doesn't you have two things to look forward to this weekend. today the smithsonian magazine is sponsoring museum day live. thousands of participating museums will be offering free admission and that includes the live young in san francisco and the san jose museum of art. free only applies to people who ordered tickets ahead of time at the smithsonian site. check it out. and tomorrow is national coffee day. you can get a free coffee at participating krispy kremes, starbucks, and pete's. one man has found a new way to cross the bay but it requires skill, time, and guts. judah shiller was biking across the bay yesterday morning. yes you are seeing correctly. he founded the bay bicycle project. since it'll be 2015 before the bike lane between oakland and yorba linda island is completed he created his own lane in the water. he mounted the bike on pontoons and rode from oakland to san francisco. took just under an hour. we caught up with him when he
8:26 am
reached the shore. >> this can be really utilitarian. it's something that can travel with you. the ride doesn't need to end at the water's edge. you can keep on riding. >> that's a calorie burner. shiller plans to bring his concept to the east coast where he wants to peddle the hudson from new jersey to manhattan. if you're squeamish about insects be warned. the san francisco zoo is putting bugs under the microscope. a special exhibit all about the anatomy of insects opened to the public yesterday. it featured some larger than life models of all sorts of bugs that you'd be able to recognize only if you saw them under a powerful microscope. butterflies with five-foot wing spans and four-foot long beetles are just part of the new collection which is called big bugs outside the box. >> it is a marriage of science and art. through that marriage we hopefully will capture the imaginations of our visitors. >> the exhibit is open through january of next year and visitors are invited to feel their way through the collection
8:27 am
because it has touch zone so you can actually handle some of the insect models. coming up the health problems that shut down a bay area pool. next the strange symptoms plaguing water polo players. and the plans to radically transform part of san francisco's presidio. the giant gifts that and struggle to sleep comfortably together, now there's a solution. the company that individualized your comfort with the sleep number bed
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good morning everyone. glad to have you with us. coming up on 8:30 we want to give you a quick look at the weather this half hour. here is our meteorologist. >> good morning to you. looks a little bit hazy here but we do have plenty of sunshine and cool temperatures up in the north bay. still in the 40s for some of you. santa rosa 46. 48 in novato with 57 in antioch. more 50s san francisco and oakland. everyone warms up today, though. it'll be mild to warm with temperatures climbing through the 70s over into the east bay. clouds will increase late in the day. that's the low clouds. the coast starting out sunny, mid and upper 60s. a mild afternoon for you. inland will be a few degrees warmer with low to mid 80s today. everything changes tomorrow. the storm system is on the way. it could offer up a little bit of rain for parts of the bay area. that's going to be the beginning of the work week. so a lot to cover in the next few minutes. we'll see you then. >> thank you. obama care has survived a vote in the senate.
8:31 am
that keeps the government running through mid november. yesterday's vote, which was along party lines, sets up a showdown with house republicans. the senate amended the bills that the house passed last week and put funding for obama care back in. house leaders say they will not accept the bill the senate has sent back to them. now it is up to house speaker john boehner to come up with a plan to avoid a government shutdown by tuesday. meanwhile, president obama is asking americans to spread the word about the new health insurance market places. in his weekly radio and internet address president obama said starting on tuesday americans can go online and use the health insurance market place in their state to shop for coverage plans. >> this is a website where you can compare insurance plans side by side the same way you'd shop for a tv or plane ticket. you'll see new choices and new competition. many of you will see cheaper prices and many of you will be eligible for tax credits that bring down your costs even more.
8:32 am
nearly 6 in 10 uninsured americans will be able to get coverage for $100 or less. the president says it's disturbing that republicans are willing to shut down the government to kill the affordable care act and he says the health insurance market places open tuesday no matter what. happening today, kaiser will kick off the flu shot campaign with a drive through flu clinic in fremont. officials say more than a thousand people are expected to get their annual flu shot at the drive through. last year more than 2,000 people took advantage of the first day of the clinic at kaiser. today's clinic will run from 9:00 to 5:00 at kaiser permanente fremont medical center. the 11th annual avon walk for breast cancer is under way putting thousands of people in pink on the streets of san francisco. opening ceremonies kicked off about an hour and a half ago at fort mason. participants are walking a route of either 13.1 miles or 26.2 miles so a half or full marathon
8:33 am
and then tomorrow they make the return trip to complete their trek raising millions of dollars for breast cancer research. berkeley high school students are being told to stay away from the school's swimming pool. this after students reported strange side effects after being in the water. tests show a chemical imbalance in the water from a high ph level and ten times the acceptable amount of a chlorine mixture. parents and water polo players suffered burning eyes, bleached hair and loss of body hair. the school district is downplaying the effects. >> i don't think you saw a list of things that happened but a list of potential things that could happen with the chemical imbalance. the only complaint i know of is from the parents specifically saying that he was concerned about that happening with students. >> the chemical imbalance was traced back to a broken carbon monoxide tank. a replacement has been ordered and the pool should reopen sometime next week. there are now six confirmed cases of e-coli in marin county. four of them are children. the cases are reported in
8:34 am
tiberon, and three other cities. officials are trying to find out if there is any connection between the victims and trying to pin point the source of the outbreak. e-coli infection usually happens by eating food that is contaminated. we have links to information on e-coli including symptoms to watch out for on our website abc 7 click on see it on tv. one of the world's biggest construction and engineering firms is given a major boost to the effort to redevelop the presidio. san francisco based bechtel corporation is donating $25 million to help fund what is being called the tunnel top parkland. abc 7 has more on what it means for the park. >> reporter: from far away the sidewalk along these historic buildings in san francisco's presidio appears to go all the way to the bay. only when you get closer do you realize it doesn't. for decades a freeway has separated the hills and trees of the presidio from the meadows and marshes of chrissy field. but now with this mesh of rebar
8:35 am
rising up from the roadway, that's about to change. it will be the place that will be the center piece for the whole presidio, i think. >> the presidio trust has long envisioned a ten acre park built on top of the tunnels that carry the new approach to the golden gate bridge. it's land that once sat in the shadow of a crumbling, elevated freeway but now with those tunnels it's the freeway's turn to be in the shadows of a new national park built on man made bluffs with views of the golden gate. it is a $50 million project and now half of it is paid for. >> well, it's the largest cash gift ever given to the national park system in the history of the country so it is an amazing act of generosity on the part of the bechtel foundation. >> the billionaire whose engineering firm built hoover dam and the bay bridge is donating $25 million to build a park that finally joins the presidio with the field. >> we'll create overlooks, a visitor hub. our visitor center for the presidio will be in that space. >> reporter: along with building
8:36 am
the physical landscape part of the gift will go to the field center which sits at the foot of the park land to help expand programs for kids. >> we do inenvironmental education, high school level programs to help young people develop leadership skills, speaking skills, sense of civic engagement. >> reporter: the center moved to a temporary home by the beach during the road construction and now plans to turn the original home into a new youth campus. >> we have thoughts about a wellness center that focuses on the health of kids and young people and the health of communities in general. >> reporter: work on the park could start sometime in 2016. in san francisco, jonathan blume, abc 7 news. here is a feel good story happening today. oakland will host a back-to-school shoe give away to benefit children in need. more than 1500 children in alameda county are expected to receive new shoes during the community sponsored event which is now in its 17th year. today's event runs from 10:00 to 3:00 at oracle arena and the coliseum. coming up next on the abc 7
8:37 am
saturday morning news, a silicon valley tech pioneer hoping to make a comeback. the buzz that john mac afteree is generating over his claims get this that he can hack proof the internet. let's take a live look outside at 8:37. the view from our emeryville camera. you see the golden gate bridge smack dab in the middle. far off into the distance blue sky, blue water in between. we'll have your full forecast
8:38 am
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a silicon valley tech pioneer is claiming he can make the internet hack proof. john mcafee esclapd from belize where police want to talk to him about a homicide. now he is promising a solution to internet security. he calls it decentral. the plans will be unveiled this afternoon. our business and technology reporter looks at the buzz mcafee is generating at a south bay tech conference. >> reporter: john mcafee was and apparently still is a person of interest in belize after a neighbor was found shot to death. but the tech pioneer is now a person of interest at this technology conference. the founder of the internet security firm mcafee is back in silicon valley promising he has a way to make the internet hack proof. he'll unveil details this weekend and everyone is paying attention. is it going to be john mcafee or
8:41 am
someone else? elon musk? it is going to be somebody who has decided to jump past well past boundaries. >> reporter: internet security is important to online retailers who reaped over $225 billion in sales last year and to banks. but steve wozniak wonders if mcafee can create iron clad security with the existing internet. >> how do you modify the existing infrastructure that is so huge? it's almost like saying we're going to totally get rid of highways and cars and go to some other underground transportation. we'd have to build it all and destroy what we're used to. >> reporter: while online commerce is a concern the founder of atari says hack attacks become more critical as more devices from tooth brushes to coffee makers will be connected to the internet. >> those items that may sound like they don't need security but they really need it in a big way, some hacker turning on my coffee pot when i'm on vacation, you know, things like that could be a problem rncht mcafee's
8:42 am
escape from belize and crazy man imoonlg brand him as an out of the box thinker. he left the security company that bears his name years ago yet silicon valley embraces people who keep coming up with brash, new ideas. the unconventional risk taking visionary john mcafee will be speaking here at the san jose convention center this afternoon. in san jose, abc 7 news. all right. we understand the avon breast cancer walk is happening right now in san francisco so what kind of temperatures are the walkers dealing with? >> really comfortable. the upper 50s right now. plenty of sunshine. as they walk across the golden gate bridge into marin county numbers are going to be warming through the 70s. a beautiful day today. in fact, sunnier and warmer day of the weekend. rain to talk about when we return. >> thanks, lisa. also next as pitcher bartolo colon makes his pitch for
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let's do a warm welcome.
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in sports tonight both cal and stanford are meeting foes in the pacific northwest. cal travels to eugene to play the ducks while stanford could be tested at washington state. the as are also in the pacific northwest playing seattle. last night the athletics beat the mariners as they tune up for the playoffs next week. here is abc 7 sports director
8:46 am
larry mills with the highlights. >> good morning. the as have some decisions to make. do you start bartolo colon in game one of the playoffs? colon was on the mound last night. as opening the final series of the regular season in seattle and the yellow shirts mean trouble. that means king felix is pitching. he usually kills the as not in this game. brandon moss in the first. gone. the blast, 29th of the year. colon making a case to start game one. colon strikes out eight in six innings of work. allows just two runs. in the seventh a pinch hitting derrick norris. two run off oliver perez. as win 8-2 in the first round of the playoffs. giants and padres. the most inspirational giant voted on by players, coaches, and fans. second inning san diego up 1-0. not anymore. juan perez going deep off burt smith for his first career home
8:47 am
run. way to go, kid. 2-1, giants. what better way to cap off the night for pence than a home run of his own on willy mac night? giants struggle all year to hit homers but slammed three in the first three innings. number 26 for hunter pence. contract year, giants win, 7-3. this was a scary scene at san jose state. spartans corner back wickary had to be carted off the field with a head injury after a hit against utah state. long-time nfl and san jose state alum honored before the game. utah state up 23-6 at the half. spartans opening the third quarter. burke appeared to score but they called him down a yard shy of the end zone. the coach should have challenged, didn't challenge. snap over the head of david fales. enviewing drive scary moment as the senior corner back tried to make the sack, lowered his
8:48 am
helmet, knocked unconscious instantly. down for a number of minutes. taken off the field on a stretcher but does have movement in his extremities. chucky keaton, his third touchdown pass of the game. 17 yoords to brandon swindle. the aggies and utah state roll. nfl news the one positive of playing on thursday night, niners get a few extra days off before they face the texans. two sundays, october 6th. that'll be appreciated by tight end vernon davis nursing a sore hamstring. he caught a touchdown pass in the 35-11 win over the rams. >> vernon is just i guess a special creation. he has a different kind of blood flowing through him than you or i do. had a tear in his hamstring and all of a sudden it just heals back together. >> great to see him out there. a reminder college football tonight on the abc 7 ohio state and wisconsin kicking off at 5:00 right here. have a great weekend everybody.
8:49 am
during thursday night's 49ers game you may have seen the abc 7 wave make its way through our newsroom. took a lot of team work to get the right shot. after a few takes, we did nail it and we were so happy to do so. what you might not know is that the wave kept going. here's more of the abc 7 team getting in on the action. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:50 am
you know what the best part is? you can have that song stuck in your head all day. thanks for sharing in the 49ers fun with abc 7. if you want to see the waves again you can find both videos at abc 7 and on our facebook page. while you're there look at the seven scavenger hunt questions we laid out for you. so far our fan with the most right answers, she is a die hard niners fan. margaret h. thanks for sharing in the fun. for the rest of you as well. lisa and i are not going to do the wave again. we're tired. we are going to give you the weather. >> looks beautiful right now. we have some changes before the weekend is out. in fact, rain could be a dampening some of your plans on monday. that monday morning commute could be on the wet side as we head outside and take a look at live doppler 7 hd. there is nothing on it right now but we are anticipating onshore flow with fog later on in the day and also some increasing clouds in the north bay. south bay, sunny skies. san jose. 56 right now.
8:51 am
58 in los gatos with 58 across the bay in oakland, san francisco 57. a little hazy mount tam. we'll look for maybe a few clouds here. still pretty cool at 46 santa rosa. 53 livermore. 50 in novato. finally from the east bay hills camera looking at plenty of sunshine today over in oakland. temperatures climbing well into the 70s. so warmer for some. cooler for those at the coast with that fog rolling in late in the day. 82 yesterday in santa cruz. today going for a high of 78. we'll look for light rain in the north bay tomorrow night. the rest of the bay we'll see increasing clouds, cooler afternoon, and a chance of showers not only just for the north bay on monday. we could see some along the peninsula and into the east bay. it should be light. most of the energy stays to the north. high pressure is building into california and that is allowing for the northerly flow. the warm day today. but the chance of rain begins to sink south and here is a look at the rest of the day today. plenty of sunshine in and around the bay. as we go into tomorrow look for
8:52 am
increasing clouds that will cool us off. by late sunday into monday, not only maybe some mist to drizzle but overnight in sonoma and marin we could see rain showers. this is 11:00 and the reine line will sag to the south and we'll look for light rain monday. but behind the system things change once again. in fact, we are looking at temperatures today. very comfortable out there. in fact, with numbers starting in the 20s in the northern sierra. 68 in tahoe. red flag warning for reno. also san diego looking at high fire danger. 87 in fresno. 72 in monterey. and temperatures across the bay today pretty nice with numbers in the mid and upper 60s at the coast. then the fog moves in. 78 in santa cruz. a few degrees of cooling for you but 79 fremont as well as vallejo with mid 80s. yesterday we topped out around 80 inland. we're looking at 83 today fairfield. 81 in napa. 72 in san francisco. and speaking of the fog we're clear and sunny in pacifica. right on through the noon hour.
8:53 am
then the low clouds and fog return with low 60s so pretty appropriate for fog fest and then for tomorrow over at the coliseum we're looking at partly cloudy conditions, numbers in the 70s for the raiders with upper 60s into the afternoon. the accu weather seven-day forecast, chance of a rain late sunday into the north bay spreading across the bay but mainly north monday. maybe 0.1 to spoi 25 inch. we expect lighter amounts and sunny skies to return on tuesday. warmup wednesday, thursday, friday. 60s, 70s, and 80s and, folks, sunshine looking like an offshore flow once again the end of the week looks like something for everyone. thanks, lisa. coming up next the annual alcatraz invitational is just a day away. how three swimmers will make history when they make the mile and a quarter
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's 173 megamillions draw. 9-23-27-49-51 and the meganumber is 38. nobody got them so tuesday night's jackpot grows to $189 million. here are some winners. three young swimmers from phoenix, arizona getting ready to take on alcatraz. this morning they're in the water practicing for tomorrow's 18th annual alcatraz invitational. it is a challenge of course for anyone but these swimmers are visually impaired. they're the first blind team to compete in the event.
8:57 am
they'll have guides with them. the swimmers are trying to raise money and awareness for the foundation for blind children. tomorrow's race begins at 9:00 a.m. at alcatraz and ends about 10:30 at the south end rowing club which is at the foot of the hyde street pier. best of luck to them. i'm sure they'll have plenty of spectators out there. >> so impressive. a beautiful day today. plenty of sunshine. in fact, on the warm side if you're inland. san francisco going for a high in the low 70s today. plenty of sunshine. we will look for the onshore flow to return and the fog to situate itself along the shore line later on today. so 68 half moon bay. twoos almost as warm yesterday. 76 san matteo with low 80s for livermore. 84 in morgan hill. the accu weather seven-day forecast, chance of rain north. late tomorrow. increasing clouds 60s and 70s for everyone tomorrow. maybe some light rain tomorrow and into monday. then we'll look for the warmup and return to sunny and very mild conditions with that offshore flow coming back into full swing by the end of the
8:58 am
week. >> lisa, thank you. thank you for joining us on abc 7 saturday morning news. programming note for you. abc 7 news continues at 4:00 p.m. today because of college football. number 23 wisconsin battles fourth ranked ohio state at 5:00 p.m. that is followed by after the game with larry beal and mike shoeman at 8:30. next, 12th ranked south carolina battles central florida. that is right here on abc 7. thanks again for watching everyone. have a great day.
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