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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 30, 2013 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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this morning on "world news now," extreme weather. nonstop record-breaking storms slam the midwest. the widespread damage in today's watches and warnings. dangerously close. the boaters off the coast of florida and their close call with five water spouts. [ scream ] big questions for the captain of the boat and what he decided to do when dangerous weather popped up. legal bombshell. the amanda knocks murder retrial begins today in italy without amanda knox attending. her state of mind as the case reopens. >> i had panic attacks and just broke down. i couldn't breathe. >> our one-on-one interview with amanda knox in a "world news now" special report. it is monday, september 30th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez.
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says >> good monday morning, everybody. we will begin with sopping wet weather in the northwest still getting pummelled after another round of soaking rain. >> seattle, portland and other cities are slammed by storms. unleashing record downpours, record flooding, and destructive winds. at one point 20,000 homes had lost power. by tonight, some rainfall totals could hit ten inches. abc's ginger zee has more. look at it, malcolm. look at that thing going! >> reporter: that is just one of the crazy scenes playing out across the pacific northwest. from oregon to washington, they are plowing through record rains. >> it scares the hell out of me to be honest with you. that's pretty intimidating. >> it just came down. it was a deluge. >> reporter: more than a month's worth of water in less than 24 hours sinking cars and shutting
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down roads. seattle, astoria and olympia, marking the wettest september days. >> this is crazy weather. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: with all this rain comes wild winds, gusts up to 75 miles an hour. power lines stripped. 4,000 still in the dark. trees puncturing homes and cars. in portland, they are cleaning up before round two. cleaning drains, pushing cars. >> hopefully it doesn't rain again. >> reporter: but it will and for some it will turn to this. through tuesday, up to two feet of snow could fall in the cascades. >> there are a slew of watches and warnings that stay in place today. this is what you have to expect -- two to four inches in the red area and wind which is what i think will be the most dangerous part of this series of storms gusting to 70 miles per hour. a lot of mountain passes reporting already 95
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mile-per-hour wind gusts. ginger zee, abc news, new york. well, they are bracing for more rain in the pacific northwest. 3500 miles southeast, a dramatic scene played off the coast of florida. a lobster dive was interrupted in the florida keys by these five large water spouts. this amazing video was caught by dive captain kevin johnson six miles north of marathon, florida. johnson decided to cruise right into one of the water spouts. >> another one starting right here. look at the debris cloud. it hasn't formed yet, but you can see the debris cloud on the horizon. literally five water spouts right here. >> no one was injured. a spokesman for the nati weather says they don't endorse chasing water spouts because they can be dangerous, even though these guys made it out okay. >> that is one of those bravery bordering on crazy situations. i used to live in florida. water spouts pretty common, like tornados on the water. >> little weaker.
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>> little weaker. >> but stay as far away. >> don't want to be in an open boat. >> not a good idea. >> he lived to tell the tale. the looming government shutdown. the senate is expected to meet this afternoon and reject the house version of the budget. a what that means is as of midnight there will be no money to fund the government and that will leave thousands of federal workers without a paycheck. here's abc's jeff zeleny. >> reporter: house republicans doubling down, holding firm on their demand for a one-year delay of obama care as the price for keeping the government running. >> this is a program that is too expensive to afford. delay obama care. >> reporter: the house vote pushes the government even closer to the edge of its first shutdown in 17 years. >> what if democrats said we're going to shut down the government if we don't get immigration reform, gay rights or gun control? >> reporter: the biggest question in washington is no longer will the government shut down but who should be blamed if it does.
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in the middle of it all is 27-year-old maria, one of the 800,000 federal employees who won't be at work or getting paid tuesday morning if there is a shutdown. she has student loans and recently moved out of her parents' house. >> they live paycheck to paycheck. i haven't saved up money to forward pay my bills so i would have to find a way to manage to take care of my bills. >> reporter: for two years, she worked as an information assistant at the pentagon, riding the roller coaster of budget cuts, furloughs and uncertainty. >> it's just one of those cases where here we go again. >> reporter: the fears of a shutdown, reverberating far outside of washington to the keesler air force base in biloxi, mississippi. >> it is going to impact the amount of money i make. >> reporter: joe jones fears his business will suffer if government employees can't come to work. >> if they were to lose their paycheck like everybody else that might motivate to solve some of the problems they are facing right now. >> reporter: abc news, capitol
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hill. we're monitoring a developing story out of santa monica where a small jet crashed into an airport storm hangar. the twin engine cessna had taken off from idaho and ran off the runway at santa monica municipal airport, and exploded into a ball of fire last night. the ntsb is on the scene. there's no confirmation yet on who was on the plane, but firefighters say no one could have survived. wave of attacks across iraq left nearly 50 people dead in northern iraq. four members of the iraqi security forces killed in a double suicide bombing. the deadliest assault occurred when an attacker blew himself up in a shiite mosque, killing 25 and wounding 40. iraq, iran and syria are likely to be on the agenda when president obama and israeli prime minister netanyahu discuss middle east tensions at the white house. netanyahu has expressed skepticism about iran's willingness to negotiate over its nuclear program. the israeli leader says it's
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just a cover for iran's intent to build a nuclear bomb. following that historic phone call between president obama and iran's new president rouhani, word of a gift to iran from the u.s. it's a 2,700-year-old silver drinking cup from iran's ancient past. it was seized by u.s. customs when an art dealer tried to smuggle it in. >> beautiful. >> uh-huh. if you've ever wanted to see the national aquarium in washington, d.c., you better get there today because it is closing. with thousands of fish, turtles, and other animals, it's been located in the basement of the commerce department building since 1932. the building is about to undergo major renovations which means the aquarium will be shut. most of the animals will be brought to the national aquarium in baltimore. speaking of animals, it was a dog day afternoon for folks in peru. through the streets they ran yesterday, owners and their dogs ran the 2 1/2 mile course. >> the event has been held in lima for two years in a row. now's -- it is much more than a race, at least according to participants. >> one guy said it is part of
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letting the dogs know they are loved and part of the family. nice thought. what if the dog doesn't want to run 2.5 miles? just wondering. >> i used to take my dog to central park and he would know when they didn't want to run anymore, he would see a bench and hop up. i'd say, "come on, we're not done yet." >> and he was done. >> they know when they are done. >> all of these people around me and dogs i've never seen before. confusing but entertaining. there's always these people around me and dogs i've never seen before. confusing, but very entertaining. >> cute stuff. coming up a family reunion in the making. how a brother and sister finally found each other. sweet treats as an art form, see how sugar is sexy and profitable. you are watching "world news now." ♪ i want candy ♪ i want candy >> announcer: world news now weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. ♪ i want candy >> announcer: world news now weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance.
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>> announcer: world news now weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance.
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welcome back. welcome back. the retrial of amanda knox starts this week in italy, but knox will not be there. >> that's right. she'll be watching from her home in seattle where she watched as her murder conviction was overturned. knox recently sat down with nikki and she is joining us with more. >> reporter: good morning. it feels like the ongoing trial of the century. amanda knocks -- knox' second appeal trial begins today in florence. she is taking her lawyer's advice to stay home in seattle as they fight, once again, for her freedom.
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>> a walk is really important for coming back. >> reporter: as a new trial looms, amanda knox is haunted by her 1,400 nights locked in an italian prison. >> i had panic attacks and just broke down and i couldn't breathe. >> reporter: she said panic attacks and ptsd still plague her and physical freedom has not freed her mind. so much so that sometimes she thinks she sees fellow prisoners on the streets. >> i thought i was okay. i was home. i wasn't. i was so angry and i was so sad. >> reporter: she says reliving her ordeal triggers her breakdowns, but she can't avoid her reality. her freedom is once again in the hands of a panel of italian judges and jurors. >> facts are facts. and i'm not afraid of them. >> reporter: no new evidence or witnesses are likely. what is possible -- the only person serving a sentence for the crime could take the stand. he admitted to police that he was at the crime scene.
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as court begins, knox will stay in seattle and start her final year studying creative writing at the university of washington. >> i'd like to write more. i'm already working on other kinds of projects. >> reporter: she will be waiting for updates from her italian lawyers in between classes. not exactly the college life she dreamed of. >> i'm really looking forward to getting a place to live. >> reporter: and not the same amanda knox who set off to study abroad six years ago. how have you changed? >> i know my family was expecting the old amanda back, which is the old -- amanda back. i'm not quite as chirpy anymore. >> meredith kercher's family is not expected to be at the trial today. a verdict could come as early as december. >> how likely is an extradition of knox? could it happen? >> it is possible but very unlikely. right now it is not on the table. if amanda is convicted at this
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trial, the case goes to the supreme court. if they uphold the conviction, then italy can begin the extradition process but most legal experts say she will probably never step foot in italy again. >> clearly you spent some time with her. how is she doing? she seems to be doing okay. >> i spent a couple of days with her in seattle. she lives an isolated life. she is overwhelmed by crowds. she spends most of her time -- she has an apartment in seattle with her boyfriend cooking, writing, studying. and i just spoke to her a few hours ago and she said she is feeling very stressed and anxious to get the trial underway. >> she is living in her own apartment which is interesting. this crowd situation, i don't think we were aware of this situation. that she was surrounded by crowds everywhere she went. >> she has panic attacks so she stays clear of too many people. >> not over by a long shot. thank you very much. sure appreciate it. still ahead, candy couture. >> the company that is trying to make sugar sexy again. and ahead in the next half hour, luck may have run out for
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a high-profile, high roller. why investigators think he may have cheated his way to success. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ i want candy ♪ i want candy these days candy isn't
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winning any popularity contests. >> one madison on a mission to sweeten its reputation and he is trying to make sugar sexy again. up all nightline with rebecca jarvis. >> you could turn this way. >> reporter: final countdown to the opening of the latest it's sugar store, and it's time to dress the mannequins. instead of a trendy line from american eagle or abercrombie these ladies will be sporting candy couture. the candy store chain wants to sell you sweets the way victoria's secret sells you lingerie, a little cheeky, a little rebellious and with a lot of flair. >> bananas are great for the cereal in the morning. >> reporter: they are the brain child of jeff rubin, self described chief gummy bear. >> she depicts what our barry bonds is. tongue-in-cheek. >> reporter: what made you go for the victoria's secret brand of marketing? >> we have seen junior retailers do it successfully.
3:20 am
there were two ways to play it. disguise it or it is what it is. sugar, we're fun, cheeky, irreverent. >> reporter: an overwhelming experience. nearly 8,000 different edible items for sale in each store, ranging from old-fashioned standbys to random japanese fruit candy to 26 super sized versions of the all-time favorite sweets like this giant box of nerds. at 3,120 calories, it contains about as many calories as six big macs. >> president obama's wife, mayor bloomberg, a lot of high-level public officials are coming out and leading the fight against obesity and trying to ban things with a lot of sugar in them. did it seem like a risky proposition to do a company entirely based on sugar? >> i don't believe that sugar stands for giving huge amounts of sugar to children.
3:21 am
but if that child wants to have a few gummi bears or something while he watches a movie and have a little box of raisinettes, then he should be entitled it. there's nothing wrong with candy. it's not a bad word. >> reporter: of course there is a small section for sugar free, over in the back corner. for "nightline" i'm rebecca jarvis in deerfield beach. >> was that candy corn? no, i think it is all -- >> i think it's -- >> i don't do gummies. i do chocolate, though. i do candy corn. >> i can do gummy, gooey and delicious. i also like my chocolate. nice and easy. >> one of those, too. >> snacking on squares. boss told us not to do that. i don't -- you know, i don't need my candy to be sexy. i have no problem with candy. candy is winning all the popularity contests with me. >> you are not going to bust out the candy bra? >> i don't think so. no. i don't need that to be conduit for the candy to get in my
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mouth. it's going to happen anyway. >> i had to go there. back in a little bit, folks. n a little bit, folks.
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guaranteed. d-con. get out. welcome to the mix. a story we love to report. long lost brother and sister. parents separated when she was 14 and he was 6. she stayed with mom. he moved with dad. they don't see each other for 30 years. it's amazing, this story. they both enlist in the navy. they are both working in the navy in california and don't know it but finally through the power of social media they find each other all these years later. there's a picture when they reunited. we have a picture of them when they were still together. there she is. her name is cindy murray. his name is robert williamson. just 6 years old. separated because of a divorce,
3:26 am
finally reunited and overwhelmed with emotion. take a look. >> that's terrific. >> yeah. >> the greatest thing. i've looked for him for a long, long time. and now here he is. >> reporter: take a look at that. they are both in the navy they saluted each other when they first saw each other. the, motion was there, but they still had to keep some discipline. >> how weird is it they both wound up in the navy? >> i know. it is so sad, though, that the parents separated and never made an effort for them to see open other. now they are reunited and that's wonderful. >> yep. another cute, funny video. a baby belly laughing. we have seen a few of these on youtube but never stops making you laugh. this is ben, he will be 6 months old. dad had to watch them. mom usually makes him laugh, but dad came up with something that got this reaction. [ laughter ] >> hands up! [ laughter ] >> if only it were that easy, hands up -- [ laughter ]
3:27 am
>> amazing. >> guy's going to think he's robin williams if he keeps that up. that is little ben. too cute. love it. didn't you say you made your son devon crack up? >> by doing this. he didn't even know i was making him laugh. try it at home, guys. it's a winner. quickly we want to show this video. it will haunt your dreams the rest of your life. colonel sanders was a likable guy, kfc. until you put him on the cover of a ketchup packet and cut some holes. >> that is scary. >> a bloody colonel sanders come to eat your soul. >> wow! eat your soul. that was good. this is pretty interesting. the philadelphia eagles have new cheerleading outfits designed by vera wang. distinguished wedding gown designer. there we go. hoping they weren't too prudy. very hot. >> not prudy at all. >> vera wang, she did a good job.
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we're changing the way the world treats childhood cancer by sharing our discoveries with doctors and scientists everywhere. and we'll never have to pay st. jude for anything, ever. at this moment, she wants to be in her own bed. i want to be outside playing. announcer: please take a moment and join st. jude in finding cures and saving children. visit
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this morning oorld n this morning on "world news now" -- federal fears. the government shutdown is hours away and political insiders say it is almost inevitable. the political pressure and the impact on thousands of workers. airport inferno. a private jet crashing into a southern california jet hangar. it goes up in flames. the investigation after a frightening accident. up for bids. dozens of vintage american cars sitting for decades find their first owners. the unusual circumstances leading up to a money-making option. a record-breaking finale. the last episode of "breaking bad." the expensive advertising, social media and reaction from critics. great night for cable tv. that's in "the skinny" on this monday, september 30th. >> announcer: from abc news,
3:31 am
this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. all right. and don't worry, we are not going to blow anything on the "breaking bad" finale. we'll make sure we don't have spoilers. we are going to talk about how advertisers are swooning but we won't give away the plot. we promise. >> safe to continue watching, everyone. let's get started. we begin with a countdown to a shutdown. unless there is extraordinary action in washington, the government will run out of money at midnight. >> that will mean many government services will no longer be available. abc's jeff zeleny reports from capitol hill. >> reporter: the halls of congress quiet. eerily quiet. with one day left to stop the first government shutdown in 17 years. a standoff between house republicans, here leaving the capitol after voting to keep the government open by demanding a one-year delay of the new health care law. and senate democrats dismissing the plan as pointless. a bitter stalemate but real
3:32 am
consequences for hundreds of thousands of federal workers and all americans. if no deal comes through, much of the government will go dark tuesday morning. >> i don't think they need to shut it down. i'm concerned. i'm really concerned. >> reporter: across the government from the labor department where over 80% of the staff face furloughs, to the treasury department, to the pentagon, a looming shutdown that could delay first-time home mortgages, slow airport security lines and even limit food safety inspections. the budget showdown, shining a light on faces of the bureaucracy like maria, 27 with student loans, rent and fresh worry about her job at the defense department. >> here we go again. i do live paycheck to paycheck. >> reporter: fears reverberating outside of washington like in biloxi, mississippi, home to keesler air force base. joe jones whose livelihood depends on after-work and lunchtime hair cuts has a message for congress. >> i think that if they were to lose their paychecks, like everybody else is going to lose
3:33 am
their paychecks, it might motivate them to probably solve some of the problems they are facing now. >> reporter: the senate is moving the debate back to the house. the house will return with another volley. but time running out, less than a day, almost everyone is convinced a shutdown, at least a short one, is likely. jeff zeleny, capitol hill. >> the ripple effects of a government shutdown will reach far beyond washington. stocks fell on friday for the sixth day out of the last seven and ended the week with a decline. investors were focused on the risk of a possible shutdown. overseas markets in asia are down today. and on the west coast, we're watching a developing story. the fiery crash of a private jet in to a storage hangar in santa monica. the multimillion-dollar twin-engine cessna arriving from idaho veered off the runway at santa monica municipal airport, hit the hangar and exploded in to a ball of fire. the ntsb is on the scene. no confirmation of who was on the plane. fire officials say no one could have survived the fire. across the pond, an investigation is underway in london into what caused a tour boat on the river thames to suddenly burst in to flames. this happened within sight of big ben and the houses of parliament. we have the latest from london.
3:34 am
>> reporter: dramatic images show the moment the front of the london duck tour boat packed with tourists, including children, suddenly catches on fire. sending them fleeing for their lives, jumping overboard on the river thames. close to the iconic houses of parliament. >> it was a bit scary. the engine caught on fire, then we saw smoke and fire. my husband and i said, i think we are going to jump in the river. >> reporter: luckily all 28 passengers and crew members were saved. a few suffered smoke inhalation and one a head injury, but most cold, wet and in shock. thousands of tourists take the thousands of tourists take these duck tour boats to see britain's famous sites like big ben and london bridge. even the queen was spotted on one last year. the company hasn't commented yet.
3:35 am
investigators still don't know what caused the boat to burst into flames. it's now been pulled away from the scene on the river thames as an investigation gets underway. abc news, london. in the u.s., a deadly incident at a church in louisiana. 53-year-old church deacon woodrow karey is charged with murder after allegedly shooting the church's pastor while he was preaching to the congregation. he fled the church after the incident on friday night but later surrendered to police. he has no criminal history but is being held on $1 million bond. one of the navy's top officials is in the middle of a gambling scandal. vice admiral tim giardina is the number-two man in charge of all u.s. nuclear forces. he is suspended indefinitely from his job as naval investigators look into the possibility that he was using counterfeit poker chips at a casino in iowa. he has not been arrested or charged. now a consumer alert about prepared salads that could be tainted with listeria. 19,000 pounds of chicken and ham
3:36 am
salads made by garden fresh foods are being recalled. they were shipped to stores nationwide and sold under a number of brand names. they may contain listeria that can cause serious illnesses and miscarriages in pregnant women. people in central florida are warned about a deadly bacteria lurking in sea water. a man died last week after he was exposed to the bacteria while fishing for crabs. this is the ninth death linked to the bacteria in the state this year, and there have been 29 total. health officials are warning people not to eat raw shellfish and say anyone with an open wound should stay out of the water. >> scary stuff. >> very scary stuff. >> it can affect anyone who has an open wound. if you are a swimmer and sometimes you don't realize you
3:37 am
have an open wound. it is not like it needs to be a gash, but it just needs to be open skin for this to sneak in there and now you are infected. >> we heard about the brain-eating amoeba. >> and this is different. it is from a family that causes cholera and lives in warm sea water. again, those open wounds. >> right. some of the signs to look for is gastrointestinal distress, abdominal pain. if you are vomiting or have diarrhea, all that is reason to be alerted and go to the hospital. >> yep. millions of people across the northwest are getting slammed by back-to-back storms triggering record downpours and ferocious winds as high as 75 miles an hour. it is one of seattle's wettest septembers ever. more than a month's worth of rain came down in 24 hours, swamping roads, burying cars, and turning manholes into geysers. when the rain finally stopped, snow may be on the way. poor people can't catch a break. >> you are not kidding. here's a look at the weather for the rest of the nation. outside of the pacific northwest, it will be absolutely pleasant across most of the country heavy showers from orlando to new orleans and into south texas.
3:38 am
>> temperatures above normal for the eastern u.s. and the mild weather as far south as atlanta. summer-like along the front range of the rockies with temperatures in the 80s and seasonal along the west coast. talk about making an entrance. how about these newlyweds in north carolina over the weekend. before getting hitched to each other they clipped to a zip line and rode in to their ceremony. >> in tandem there. pretty cool. >> they had to pull themselves to the last couple of feet. >> fun for their guests, for themselves obviously. they did a great job of that. congratulations to them. look at her crying. i will say i have seen -- we did a story on this show. >> wasn't there some kind of zip line mishap? >> it was a mishap. >> i remember something. yes. >> i feel like this wasn't in tandem. everyone was on the same zip line is the story we did and they crashed rate into each other, and it was not cute. >> yes. although, of course, you had to do that at the end, right?
3:39 am
>> always have to pull yourself in. zip lining one of the adventurous things i will do. very fun. >> i would do that, too. >> plus i have a helmet and i'm tied in. >> yes, bungee jumping not so much. coming up, an unthinkable reaction it a celebrity breakup. what katy perry says about her broken heart. and cars of the past never driven before. the treasure trove of classic chevrolets up for sale. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by no no hair removal. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by no no hair removal. or you are watching "world news now." e you are watc "world news now." >you are watcho now." now. are watchingcf1 o now." >nnoucer: "world news now" weather brought to y hr reoval.
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♪ you have to know when to hold them ♪ ♪ ♪ you got to know when to hold 'em ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em ♪ know whether to walk away and know whether to run ♪ good advice there from kenny rogers. advice one high roller may not have taken. >> his name is archie karas and is known for having the longest winning streak in history. officials say he cheated his way to blackjack success. here's abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: high-stakes poker is not a game for the weak of heart. when it comes to cheating, as hollywood movies like "rounders" have taught us, poker can be downright dangerous. >> aren't you supposed to read us our rights? >> reporter: california police say one of the game's biggest names is a real-life big cheat.
3:44 am
62-year-old archie karas, an idol among card sharks. >> archie is a living legend. >> reporter: is behind bars. karas was arrested at his home in las vegas this week after authorities said in a statement karas was caught on surveillance cameras marking cards at a black jack table in july. >> he really has no regard for money whatsoever. no fear of having millions and losing it. >> reporter: he may be best known for turning $50 into $40 million over three years in the '90s, only the gamble it away. he kept his poker face talking about losing his winnings on espn. >> i did it my way. >> reporter: when it came to blackjack at this san diego area casino, authorities say his way involved placing a mark on the back of high value cards, small enough not to be noticed but clear enough for a the trained eye of a cheater. >> there are many ways of marking cards, putting a dent in
3:45 am
the corner of a car. >> reporter: the nevada gaming control board has also investigated him in the past, arresting him four times for cheating. he pled guilty to lesser charges in three cases and one was dismissed. karas is held in las vegas on no bail waiting to be extradited to san diego. that's where he'll face charges of burglary, winning by fraudulent means and cheating. his hearing is scheduled for monday. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> fascinating guy. listen to this -- the california justice department said he was doing a marking with a dye inserted in to a hollowed out gambling chip. when he passed it casually over the card that's how the ink got on the card. >> you think of it and the cards are used over and over again. and eventually they get their own nicks and
3:46 am
marks if you are savvy enough and can look at them you can figure out which ones have the nicks but they change them so often. >> i think they change the decks frequently. so -- >> it is funny the gentleman at the beginning of the piece said he had no regard for money whatsoever. when it comes so quickly to you, $50 into $40 million -- >> easy come, easy go. if i lost money i'd say i'm not coming back in here. >> very true. revelations about rehab from a well-known actor. and what critics are saying about the "breaking bad" finale. don't worry we are not going to give away any plot lines here. stick around for "the skinny" next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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- ( snaps, clatters )playing ) that sounds awful. ( music stops ) but a lot better than last week. ( rock music playing ) ♪ we weren't born to follow. ♪
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> all right. let's you do it. "breaking bad." we won't give it away, but this finale was last night and talk about wow, you know how much the advertisers were drooling to get on them. they were paying $400,000 apparently. this is according to the article here in the "huffington post." >> like the super bowl. >> for a 30-second spot. is that a hot show or what? this is a show in 2008, 1.2 million people watched, and now more than 6 million people watch. as for the finale, people loved it. critics gave it a big thumbs up. we got a couple of tweets. put one up.
3:49 am
hunter moore says, gosh darn it, something to that effect, the last "breaking bad" episode was perfect. eric deggans said, "this is the best finale of "breaking bad." may rank of one of the greatest achievements. >> my goodness. >> i didn't see it maybe i should. >> with 6 million people watching, i'm afraid to say this, i only saw a couple of episodes of the first season but i may have to go back. >> two more than i have seen but i realize now this is something special. we can catch up. >> yeah, a lot of catching up to do. check this out. zac efron. we brought you the news. e! news had reported he had completed a stint at a treatment facility, this happened five months ago, for a cocaine addiction. that is tmz. he posted a picture on his instagram account and he is opening up for the first time about what may be his problem. so he posted the picture you see there. this is in peru. he visited it with his father and he says, "hey, guys, just returned from an incredible trip to peru with my dad and wanted to thank you for your support. the past few weeks means the
3:50 am
world to me. love you guys." what is interesting, we are poking fun, but peru, just surpassed colombia as the cocaine capital of the world. interesting that would be where he would go to finish -- after his rehab. >> ironic. >> very ironic. it is not really the cocaine capital, it is just they grow more cocoa than colombia and so there you have it still interesting. >> it is awesome. i'm sure it must have been great to be in the mountains after getting out of rehab. very cool. >> sure. katy perry, listen to this. she said she had suicidal thoughts after her split from russell brand. >> oh, my. >> pretty serious is stuff. she had suicidal thoughts and she explains in the lyrics by her emotional song "by the grace of god" and admitted she questioned whether she should continue living. >> wow.
3:51 am
>> she told "billboard" magazine how tough it is at a certain point an do i want to endure and should i continue living. obviously she did and is feeling more positive these days thanks in part again to her on again/off again boyfriend john mayer who is mentioned in the interview as well. she's doing much better. >> she is so incredibly talented. >> yeah. >> even when she was in the midst of all of that, no one had any idea. she obviously threw herself into her work. so amazing. check it out. oprah has been asked why she doesn't marry her long-time boyfriend. >> yeah, what's up with that? >> she is receiving demands she marry him. her good friend tina turner is demanding she marry her long-time boyfriend, but oprah is standing firm, saying she doesn't mind leaving the earth as a never married woman. she made her feelings very clear. she told "access hollywood" as in no, i will not marry him. yeah, i think that's my final answer. there you have it, america. she will never ever marry him. >> poor stedman, do you think he
3:52 am
is dying for the ring or is he just fine with it? >> ring from oprah? i think so. >> yeah, wouldn't be so bad. i think so. >> yeah, wouldn't be so bad. -- >> ring from oprah. >> yeah, wouldn't be so bad.
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♪ a car enthusiast's dream has been discovered in nebraska. hundreds of classic cars waiting for someone to restore them. >> that's why it is one of our "favorite stories of the day." >> these cars are up for auction, and the collectors are amazed at the condition. here's our friend rob nelson. >> reporter: despite decades worth of dirt, dust and grime, this nebraska field is definitely no junk yard but a treasure trove. hundreds of vintage american cars, some barely driven, others still covered in factory plastic, all up for auction.
3:56 am
>> how often do you see a 50-year-old car barely used? >> reporter: car enthusiasts around the globe have descended on the tiny town of pierce, nebraska, for a chance to grab the wheel of automotive history. 500 classic chevys from the '50s, '60s and '70s from an era long gone. >> a lot of these cars i have owned, driven and had when they were new many. >> reporter: they were leftover from a now closed chevy dealership. ray and mildred lambrick retired in '96. many of the vehicles were put into storage, either in a warehouse or in this field if they didn't sell in the first year. >> been sitting 50 years, collecting dust. it is just like it came off of assembly line in 1963. >> reporter: this sky blue 1958 cameo pickup has just one mile on the odometer and sold for a cool $140,000. this 1955 chevy 150 fetched more than 50 grand, and this 1963 impala sold for $97,000. >> needs some work but looks like an awesome car. >> reporter: 50 years later,
3:57 am
finding new owners. rob nelson, abc news, new york. that brings us to our facebook question of the day. we want to know what is your favorite vintage car and why? log on to our facebook page, and make sure you weigh in. >> i have a funny feeling we will have a lot of answers when it comes to this. do you have a favorite? >> when i was in high school the car i wanted was a 1969 mustang 428 cobra. yeah, a mustang. >> very interesting. don't ask me the same question. wow. hello. don't ask me because i'm an expert on all cars. >> what are you holding right there? >> the dip stick. >> well done. >> nice. >> nailed it. that's all i know. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning -- shutdown standoff. the clock is ticking for lawmakers to come to an agreement as the political game of chicken plays out in the halls of congress. how will a shutdown affect you? we're live in washington with the details. a luxury private jet crashing into an airport hangar. shortly after landing. new video just coming in as the investigation gets underway. brave boaters. fishermen come face to face with mother nature. taking their camera where you have never been before. duckman soars. no room to spare. a daredevil films the wildest wingsuit jump yet. good monday morning.


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