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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 30, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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for two years. plus switch and get a total home dvr included for life. why wait? call today. [ male announcer ] choose at&t and build your bundle. it's whatever works for you. ♪ >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news we know who was behind the mercedes that police say was driving 80 miles per hour on the city streets before killing a san francisco high school student. thanks for joining us. >> we have new details about the drive, 50-year-old jenny zhu arrested over the weekend connected with the death of 16-year-old kevin san. we go to the scene of the crash in san francisco. amy? >> this accident is having quite
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an impact on the community. look at all of the flowers here at the scene of the accident of the it is not just friends and family stopping by. we have also met strangers who have come here to pay their respects. police say jennie zhu was not under the influence of drugs are alcohol at the time of the crab. we stopped by her home this morning. nobody came to the door. neighbors say they don't know her. 16-year-old kevin san died in the crash. his sister and mother were taken to the hospital and are in serious condition. several classmates of the lincoln high school junior have left notes and flowers. we also have met people who did not know him. they are interested in what happened and want to know about the woman who is arrested and are interested in seeing her picture. they want to know more. >> too bad. did they say what or why she was going so fast?
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>> very sad. i have two boys, one just graduated from high school...a parent's worst nightmare...i cannot imagine. it is horrific. horrific. i wanted to come by and see...i could not figure out which way the car was traveling. i wanted to pay my respects. it is tell. >> the san family was in a van sitting at the red light at pine when a mercedes s.u.v. slammed into the car coming up behind the car, going in the same direction. it also hit a catering van. the people in the van are going to be okay. the woman driving the s.u.v. was also okay. she now is charged with gross vehicular manslaughter. police say she was speeding for several blocks, driving and zipping across lanes. they have not answered, why? there are so many questions. we have found a lot of public interest in this case. we have a reporter at the police
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station right new getting a briefing. stay with us as we learn more about the story and bring more to you throughout the day's newscast. reporting to you live in san francisco for abc-washington post abc7 news. police are investigating the shooting death of an 18-year-old man shot outside an apartment complex at 7:00 last night. they say he was shot several times, and staggered to an apartment. the victim died before he got to the hospital. >> the family of a dodgers fan stabbed after a giants game asking witnesses to come forward. jonathan denver's father, brother, mother and aunt pleaded for help passing flyers to the fans. denver was killed getting into an argument with a giants fan outside the ballpark. >> i believe that someone may have videotaped the incident.
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they could help us discover the truth. >> the suspect in the case, 21-year-old michael montgomery, was released from jail on friday for lack of evidence. he says he stabbed denver in self-defense. >> the count down to a midnight government shut down is on. congress is supposed to pass spending bills to keep the military and government services going but they are locked in a battle over health care reform. we have that story from washington, dc. >> members of congress are back to work today just hours before the federal government will run out of cash. capitol hill is gridlocked over obamacare and there are no signs of economize. >> it is time for the senate to listen to the american people just like the house of representatives has listened to the american people and pass a one year delay of obama care. >> if you are serious about working together to solve problems, why don't you work together to solve problems? >> barring a breakthrough parts of the government will shut down
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at midnight keeping 800,000 federal workers home without pay and delay first time home mortgages and slow airport security lines and limit food safety inspections. active duty troops will remain on the job but could see delays in pays and benefits. the packs and monuments close. democrats say the only way out is a bill to fund the government with no strings attached. that is a tough sell for speaker boehner with republicans insisting obamacare be delayed. >> if he brought something to the floor and get governments to support and republicans would rebel. >> one top republican says there is still a chance to find common ground. >> we will not shut the government down. we have to negotiate longer, we will continue. >> there are no formal negotiations underway at this hour and many democrats are not eager to come to the table. more americans would blame republicans if a shutdown than anyone else.
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>> despite the bickering over the law, a government shut down won't stop it from launching tomorrow in california. the funds are not dependent on the congressional budget process. later today, to help folks out, "7 on your side" michael finney will host a hotline to answer questions about the new law allows you to comparison shop health plans open from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. today. >> the bay area is seeing all kinds of different microclimates including early morning sprinkles. now our camera on mount tamalpais, where you can see the fog. across the bay, you can see still pretty overcast. the sun is coming out the further south you go. this is san jose. meteorologist mike nicco has more. >> good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 hd shows how sporadic the showers have been and even the light rain, the
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drizzle, over for the most part but for the coast and the higher elevation. we will talk about how the nuisance for the north bay during the morning commute, .32" this napa, and .08" in petaluma. you have to be high up to get something worthy of measurable precipitation. we have a small craft advisory along the immediate coast and vessels less than ten meters will have issues navigating 10 to 15 foot waves. we have sneaker waves and we have a hazardous situation until 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. and swells up to 16'. >> your warning takes us to this story, beachgoers, there is a big reason to stay away from the coast in the bay area and all of
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northern california. matt keller is in the bay. there were fatalities last year, matt? >> sneaker waves killed five people last winter along the northern california coast. today the coast guard is watching you to watch color back at the beach. >> what is the difference between these 10' high waves that scrape the bottom the pier and a sneaker cave? you can see the sneaker waves coming. the coast guard is warning people about them. they are higher and stronger and can want beachgoers by surprise. >> it is dangerous were see that guy? it is -- the current is pretty strong. when i cast my line this way, it is going that way. >> the national weather service issue add rough bar advisory until 9:00 p.m. to point reyes to near carmel with swells 10' to 15' high creating strong rip
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currents. >> it is fun to walk the people walk by and getting too close to the rail and a few get wet. >> the swells actually a big attraction for surfers. it is opening day for mavericks where the waves are breaking. the fog limited our view of the 20' bigger waves but surfers say it was a great start to the winter surfing season. >> yeah, you go out there and your heart is racing. that is what is so fun. it is never old. you deal with that much scares the heck out of you. >> the coast guard is also warning boaters to check the weather and make sure all the safety gear is in good condition and up to date. >> matt, thank you. bart contract talks resume with union leaders with a week and a half to go before another strike but negotiators met with
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representatives of the service employees international union one of the largest unions. nobody is saying if they made any progress. bart workers are threatening to strike october 11 after the end of a 60-day cooling off per. if it happens, the transit agency plans to provide limited service using managers to run trains. there would be free charter buses and around the clock car pool hours on some freeways. >> you may want to add extra time if fast food is on your lunch menu. >> child's play in san francisco takes a dangerous turn after they found something in the bushes. >> the change, of the guard at the university of california. why not everyone is happy ab
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>> happening now new details about a jet crash in southern california. a construction company president and his son are among the victims of the crash. the crash occurred when the cessna crashed into the hangar and burst into flames. it served the idaho sun valley area. the ntsb is at site. the total number of victims is not known. >> no one got hurt but kids playing in golden gate park found a loaded handgun that was found in bushes near the conservetory of flowers yesterday and the kids were attending a birthday party and one of them found the weapon.
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they told their parents and they contacted police who came into possession of that gun. >> today is janet napolitano's first day as the president of the university of california system. the former homeland security security secretary weathered the first challenge of the administration with a no confidencest launched by student activists failed. they believe napolitano's last job makes her a bad sit for the system because she is overseeing campuses that welcome undocumented students and the u.c.'s are prone to student protest. meteorologist mike nicco is back. >> still great if some areas but if hose hardly anything. a few drops this only but now the sun is breaking out and it will be the forecast, a story two stories. the south bay is sunshine. in the north there is drizzle. we have clouds here from the south beach toward the east bay. we will talk about how much more moisture and a big warming trend in the seven-day outlook. >> the bay area company taking a
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bite into coke's lead as the most valuable company. that is the china. >> plus, why you need to extra extra time to take a
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> do you recognize these two men caught on surveillance video breaking into an el cerrito home last tuesday morning in police hope someone will recognize the burglars. one guy kicks open the door while the other guy notices the camera and breaks it. there is also video of the two suspects walk up to the house.
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>> this morning, 19,000 pounds of ready to eat chicken and ham salad is being recalled. the food and drug administration says the sample tested positive for miscarriages in pregnant women. so far, though, there are no reports of illnesses lynched to- linked to the recall. >> it could be great in one place and blue somewhere else, because we congress such a large area and the nature of the bay and its shape. here is where the bulk of the storm system is. you can see the flooding from over the weekend as torrential rains pounded them and overwhelmed their evacuation
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system. they are getting heavy snow in the mountains to the eat of seattle and portland, up to 2' of wet and heavy snow. this system spent the energy up north and we had a report 2.36" of rain in crescent city and fort dix. that is where the energy was. it is moist. it is humid. the winds are coming from the south to southwest gusting up to around 14 miles per hour. when you step outside the temperatures are going to feel warmer and just kind of sticky even without the sunshine. our coolest temperature around the bay is 65 in san francisco and hayward and half moon bay is the coolest at 61 and gusts up to 70's already novato, oakland, mountain view, san jose, 73 and 71 in fairfield and livermore. you may need the umbrella in the north bay for the rest of the afternoon just for spotty light showers and drizzle but look at santa cruz right new: sunny and
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doesn't the water look inviting? we use this as a backdrop and along the coast there should be a dry commute, clearing and cool dry air in the 40's and 50's in the forecast and warmer afternoon and nights, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday when we will have team oracle u.s.a. in accident have a seesaw in the forecast. the clouds are stubborn and this is why even with the moist warm flow it will be one to six degrees cooler-than-average. the temperatures show a lost mid-to-upper 50's along the coast and san francisco and richmond and vallejo and san rafael and santa rosa where the clouds the be thickest and the possibility of drizzle or a light shower. to the southeast we have mid-70's in the east bay valley and also in the south bay san jose at 74 because we are seeing more sunshine. tonight the lows are 40's in the north bay valley and some of our east bay valley especially
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through the san ramon valley block into the upper 40's and you will not need the umbrella but you will need a coat at 10 or 15 degrees cooler. san that rose is getting light rain and continuing through about noon and possibly to 5:00 with the higher elevations still dealing with the wet stuff. to 7:00, notice the clearing taking place and maybe some patchy fog in the forth bay tomorrow morning and everyone else should be fairly clear. here is the seven-day forecast, with the extra sunshine we are starting so were deeper tomorrow, we will probably end up in the same range as today and a few degrees warmer on wednesday and look at the offshore wind develop right now without a great fire threat but the temperatures could flirt with 90 inland and mid-80's at the bay and 70's at the coast. >> thanks. >> san francisco-based twitter is expected to file initial public offering papers by this week. that is according to the "wall street journal" and that means twitter stock could begin trading if late october or early
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november if the offering goes as plan the at this time are announced they have made a confident am filing with regulators and their initial public offering is the most anticipated but it will be smaller than facebook with a value of away $10 billion. >> two bay area companies have topped cocas the most valuable brands in the world: apple and google are number one and two on best global brands report. apple and google edged out coca-cola as the top brands with coke holding the top spot for 13 years. apple is one because the company has "literally changed the way we live our lives." >> the vatican announced the spring day pope john paul and pope john the 23rd will be canonized saying they will be declared saints april 27 of next year. the vatican also said retireed
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pope benedict could join in the ceremony. in july pope francis decided he would canonize the two former popes together. >> the "fast" in fast food is losing stream at the drive through. a study found that average time from order to pickup is 181 seconds, just over three minutes. that is eight seconds slower than last year's average up 173 seconds. the group evacuated seven major chains like taco bell and mcdonald's and chalk it up to more people in the drive through and chains offering more complex orders. chick-fil-a was the slowest with an average time of 2304 seconds. wendy's was the fastest at 134 seconds. >> coming up next the athletes
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among us who use their brawn to strike a pose. >> today at 3:00 on katie two families struggle with infertility and how they make
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>> this looks like a standard mug shot but shine a light on this and he grows in the dark. we will explain what causes the transformation. at 5:00, the california epidemic of whooping cough and they know what fuels it. >> something about the glow in the dark? >> athletes are now seen in a new life featuring the derby girls getting on muni. he wanted to show the athletes going about their every day lives. the nfl player in a grocery store. >> thank you for joining us today.
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