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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 30, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm carolyn johnson. if five hours the u.s. government will not be able to pay bills unless congress agrees to a last minute budget deal. house republicans continued their effort to tack on a one year delay to the federal affordable care law. president says he is hopeful a deal can be done in time. we are live at the capitol where a compromise snot appearing likely. karen? >> good evening, earlier today president obama said a government shut down does not have to happen. abc news learned just minutes ago he spoke to house speaker john boehner. it was a 10 minute phone call, there were no break throughs. >> the house and senate are
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just hours from forcing the first government shut down in nearly two decade autos putting the american peoples' hard earned progress at risk is the height of irresponsibility. it doesn't have to low pressure. >> this afternoon, democrat-controlled senate did as expected. it rejected a measure passed by the house on saturday keeping the government run temporarily but delay the health care law by one year. >> the republican government shut down has pure and simple. >> in this game of shut down ping pong, the ball is back on the house side this, morning, john boehner indicated he won't budth when it comes to turning the government spending bill to obama care. >> this is law is not ready for prime time. the house has done its work. >> a poll found a majority of americans disapprove of house president obama, congressional republicans and congressional democrats are handling negotiations. but it's republicans who get
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the worst marks. about 800,000 federal workers deemed nonessential will be forced to stay home tomorrow, all national parks, museums and monuments, closed. one bright spot, social security checks and medicare benefits will go out. president obama said he hope that's congress will dot right thing at the 11th hour. the hour is approaching and both sides have dug in their heels so a solution seems unlikely. reporting live from capitol hill abc news, back to you. >> so far officials are not saying what could be closed tomorrow if there is a shut down. tour operators still selling tickets to alcatras, alcatras, one of the biggest tourist attractions is run by the national park service, one vendor says problems could be much worse if this were happening at the height of the tourist season. >> it's coming at the slow
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time of the year, it's not going to affect us, probably as many people as you would think it would. you know? middle of july, people would be going crazy. >> the national parks service will only say if there is a federal shut down, most employees will be placed on furlough, and most facilities will be closed effective immediately. while the shut down highlights gridlock, it is nothing new, it used to happen with regular layer ti. >> there have been 17 government shut down, 12 alone between 1976 and 1984. the most recent took place in 1995 and 96 for combined 26 days. you may recall during that time, is the time mosquito-. >> on air and online follow us on abc 7 you can get breaking news updates by following us on
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twitter. >> a hayward police officer has been suspected of sexually abusing several girls in their early teens working at the kid zone between 1998 and 2007. kid zone is an after school program for middle school students. investigators say the 38-year-old officer sexually abused girls over a nine-year period. >> he made relationships, nothing was forced or anything like that. it was built on being a friend, a mentor, i'll take care of you, then there was fondness. >> the victims were between 12-14 years old. investigators don't believe abuse took place while he was a hayward police officer. >> breaking news on the scene of a shooting on an ac transit bus. a man shot at least once, appears he's going to be okay. it happened on international boulevard around 2:20 this afternoon.
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witnesses say the shooter ran from the police, police and the sheriff have not said whether the victim was targeted. there are new details about the driver of a mercedes-benz suv police say was traveling about 80 miles per hour on city streets before killing a high school student. >> the driver is a 58-year-old and police released this mug shot of her today. she was arrested and posted bail over the weekend. abc 7 news is live in the suspect's neighborhood with more for us. heather? >> neighbors here are really just scratching their heads, they can't figure this out. they say that jenny, her husband, and their two children are just the best, quiet, well good neighbors. the 58-year-old was arrested, booked on gross vehicular manslaughter friday, released on $300,000 bail. a 16-year-old was killed when jew's mercedes suv rear ended
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his mother's minivan. there is a growing memorial where it skmapd people are coming here to mourn and remember the lincoln high school junior, police say jew was possibly going 80 miles per hour when she hit the minivan, stopped in a red light. his mother and sister were critically injured. police are finishing their investigation. the neighbors can't believe their unassuming neighbor could be responsible. >> i was shocked when the report came. they started asking, i was just shocked you know? thinking later on, the information probably something going on with the car. because you know, it's so, so untypical for them. >> the vehicle, because of the impact were fused together because of the high speed so that is going to take time to go to the vehicle to see, if
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seat belts were used, or if they weren't, whether mechanical malfunction that. takes time. >> the police department has until tomorrow smrks time tomorrow, to present its case to the d.a.. then, the district attorney swril to decide what, if any charges jew will face. san's father will be speaking to reporters this evening and we'll bring that to you in our 6:00 news. live in the sunset district, abc 7 news. >> heather, thank you. >> a santa cruz police revealed dna from a body nound a canyon this month is a match to this man. the 29-year-old from los angeles disappeared in 2009 after last seen in oakland. investigators believe sorkin was killed during a marijuana deal. two men have been convict ntd murder. the search focused on santa cruz.
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sorkin's body discovered three weeks ago. we have developing news out of santa cruz. investigators say a 20 foot boat carrying marijuana from mexico cap sized in heavy surf on four-mile beach around 11:00 this morning. sky 7 was over the scene, 80 pounds of pot worth up to $96,000 found on the beach. sheriff deputies think the boat could have been carrying as much as 2,000 pounds of marijuana. investigators say it's likely the pot came from mexico and was headed for the east coast. >> some sad news oakland now tops the united states in the number of robberies. statistics show oakland had 11 robberies per thousand residents last year ahead of cleveland and newark, new jersey in top three across the united states. police say robberies are up 24% from this time last year that. works out to 14 robberies per day. thieves targ considerate people carrying smart phones. today the coast guard is warning anyone going near the
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water to watch your back for so called sneaker wave autos sneaker wave as long northern california coast killed five people last year. >> abc 7 news's matt keller has more from half moon bay. >> what is the difference between these high waves in pacifica that scraped the bottom of the pier and a sneaker wave? you can see these waves coming. coast guard warning beach goers today on the northern california coast. they are higher. stronger and they can reach up the beach sometimes catching beach goers by surprise. >> it's dangerous. see the guy there? catching sand crabs? you know, the current is strong. when i cast a line this way, it's going that way. >> national weather service issued a rock bar advisory until 9:00 tonight from point reyes to near carmel. swells 10-15 high creating strong rip currents in the beaches. rockaway beach waves created a
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entertaining view for customers. >> fun to watch the people walking by get too close to rail and occasionally getting a little bit wet. >> big swells are a big attraction. it's opening day near half moon bay. waves are finally breaking. the fog limited our view but surfers we spoke with say it was a great start to the winter season. >> oh, yeah. you go out there, your heart is racing no matter what. it's fun to come here, it never gets old wh. dealing with that much water. >> coast guard encourages you make sure surfing gear is up to date and this n.good working condition. >> spencer christian with a look at accuweather update. >> you may have noticed it's been muggy last 24 hours, we've had sprinkles here, a cluster of clouds up in parts of sonoma and napa counties right now.
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and some light scattered showers and showers moving over the hills now between so nochl gnomea county and napa county. no significant rainfall occurring at this moment. but totals over 24 hours show st. helena did receive over a third of an inch of rainfall from this weak system. but there is no rainfall to report anywhere else. 2/100ths in napa, 5/100ths in fairfield. 8/100ths in santa rosa. 1/100ths in and no measurable rainfall in the bay aerk it's winding down now. we have a beach hazard. strong rip currents are possible. sneaker waves possible as well. that is through this hazard advisory through evening, then, expecting calmer seas. here is a live view from our east bay camera looking at lingering clouds in the sky but with breaks of blue. temperatures now 68 in san francisco. and from oakland to los gatos,
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66. another live view showing lots of blue skies breaking out over the bay now. 69 in santa rosa. 70s in other locations and looking at first forecast with a view from the background, sunny in the morning and mild tomorrow afternoon. cheryl, and carol? >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 move over, coca-cola, there is a new number one brand name in the world making the bay area proud. >> and if you have questions on the affordable health care act, michael finney and his team have answers. you can call right now. >> taking a look at traffic right now, this is the san francisco skyway. folks making their way on the lower deck vit really slow going. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 cont
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apple moving up in the world now the most valuable brand knocking coca-cola from the top spot. the consulting firm pegs the value at $98.3 billion, up 28% from last year's report. coca-cola dropped to number three. ibm and microsoft rounding out the top five. >> enrollment begins for those who need to enroll for health
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insurance for the affordable care act. >> michael finney is standing by with a panel of experts ready to take your question autos good afternoon. we have got about 20 people here in the 7 on your side offices. they're all here to take your questions and deal with your concerns but the affordable care act. just about any question you have, we can take just about any language you speak we can deal with them tonight or coming up in just a moment. right now i want to talk to peter lee. you're the guy who put together -- you're with the organization that the state set up to to deal with obama care. correct? >> great to be here. >> tomorrow, we'll be ready to go. >> october runs a starting line for coverage starting january 1, 2014. >> everybody has questions like am i affected? how much is it going to cost some. >> first if you have health insurance through your job, keep it. nothing is changing. if you don't have insurance,
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have an individual market we've got a deal for you. we've got support to make health care affordable, insurance that can't be denied or rejected because of a prior condition. it's a new world. health insurance going to be a right not a privilege starting january 1. it's a big deal. >> you said new world. is that going too far? >> not going too far. 50 years ago, medicare. seniors knew they won't lose their home, they'd have health care they can depend on. january 1, 2014, new day for america. every american has a right to health care and a financial leg up to make ate fordable. >> thank you very much for being here tonight with your staff members. we've got about 20 people here taking calls. by the way, the web site that they put together is live now, it gets better tomorrow, covered and you can give us a call right here, we're going to be here until 8:00 tonight taking
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your calls. >> what a great resource. if you need any information just go to our web site. numbers are there. >> it's confusing but we'll get it sorted out. >> spencer looking at drizzle today. >> weather can be confusing. >> muggy. >> yes. >> that is the word everybody has been using, muggy. we'll have drier air tonight and tomorrow, feeling like a fall day. taking a look at live doppler 7 hd. clouds hanging around in the north bay clustered in an area there between napa and sonoma counties. there is light sprinkles going on near st. helena. just very, very light spotty showers there. and we've got low clouds, mostly clear skies overnight looking at this view, sunnier, drier next two days a big warm up.
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satellite radar shing a frontal system swinging lieu the bay area that brought us light rainfall in parts of the north bay yesterday and last night. that front is fizzling now. and some dry air filters in. we'll see clouds passing through. by afternoon, bright sunshine, drier conditions, lower humidity z looking at week ahead, further animation you'll see a center of high pressure building in towards the end of the week to the north. warming up with high temperatures near 90 degrees but that will be later in the week. overnight, clearing, drier air. low temperatures mid-50s tonight then, tomorrow, south bay sunny skies with high temperatures mainly in the low to mid-70s up to 72 degrees in san jose. upper 60s to low 70s in palo
4:20 pm
alto. and downtown 66 degrees up in the north bay looking for highs on the coast low to mid-60s. north bay valleys lows into -- highs rather into low 70s. east bay, highs around 70 degrees in most locations. inland east bay just a little bit milder than that. highs in the mid-70s. here is the accu-weather forecast. going to be a little bit cooler than average tomorrow, and wednesday starts to warm up. by thursday climbing back to seasonal levels. friday, saturday, above seasonal levels. saturday, highs around 90 degrees mid 08s around the bay. low 70s on the coast. going to be a summer weekend. lovely weather is coming our way. and less muggy. >> this is a show i want to see you on. "dancing with the stars". we're going to take you on the set. >> new at 4:30 bay area man
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right now the cast of "dancing with the stars" getting ready for another competition. >> with our sister station in los angeles live for us in l.a. on the set of "dancing with the stars". hi, george. >> hello carolyn and cheryl. we're early in the "dancing with the stars" season, but stars know what best assets are in this competition. when it comes to dancing nicole is getting into rhythm. >> i feel like i'm good at picking up steps we've got the routine quickly but have to perfect it. >> jack osbourne isn't sure what his best asset is, but his partner knows. >> i think he's very musical.
4:24 pm
he's very ridge mickal. >> the stars maneuvering their way to better dancing and three feel it's their best assets are skills they've developed. >> it has to do with being a professional pefsh former, like an old fire horse, they hear the bell. they run out of the station house. >> my background is an actor. to be able to get into character and sell a performance. >> i think it's just that i love performing. you know? whether stand up or dancing >> for some, greatest asset is simple. they have a strong love for dance. >> i work hard, i want to learn it and perform it.
4:25 pm
>> maybe my passion for this. i want to be here. and i have -- i'm willing to learn. i don't want to go. i want to be here, i want to learn. >> this is holly wood movie theme night. one star will be dancing to "come fly with me". another celebrity performing to the theme from the loen ranger. back to you in the studio. >> what is the word on the science guy? is he going to be able to dance? >> that is the $64,000 question here, i can tell you he was scheduled to do the jive. he hurt his knee last week. but the jive requires a lot of knee action. whether or not he performs we won't know until the end of the show. he's scheduled to perform last. that is how they do drama here
4:26 pm
at "dancing with the stars". >> well, you know, it's going to keep us tuned in. it airs at 8:00 tonight followed by "castle" then abc 7 news tonight at 11:00 f you're not going to be home you can see abc news on the smart phone or tab blet with watch abc. you'll find details on abc look under see it on tv. >> just head open enrollment for affordable health care act beginning tomorrow arks tendees in a health care conference weighing in on whether this system will be able to handle the wave of new patients. >> also, warning the president received today from israeli prime minister. >> and later on this looks like a standard mug shot but shine a light on the suspect? looks like halloween. huh?
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at 9:00 our time, the u.s. government will shut down unless congress makes a last minute deal. some house republicans have stalled, citing the budget plan they want to add in a pro vision to delay the health care reform law. senate democrats say the time for debate is over. several house republicans have indicated they may break community and approve a stand alone plan. abc news reporter marcy gonzales tells us what happens if they can't come to an agreement. still, hours from a possible government shut down, there is already a price tag. the white house estimating
4:30 pm
that a shut down will cost taxpayers $2 billion. >> it's a common misconception shutting down the government is free. there are administrative costs and loose tondz tie up, then, the cost of put things back in order. >> before that deadline, consequences are being felt. the dow opening down 150 pounds this morning. u.s. futures in morin -- foreign markets taking hits and retirement investments, threatened. last time there was a government shut down, typical 401(k)s lost $7,000 within weeks. the gridlock is putting a hold on hiring. >> it's having a marginal impact on gdp. business leaders saying look. politicians in washington once again, are sort of holding the economy hostage so i'm not going to hire until i see how
4:31 pm
this shakes out. >> if the government shut down, national parks and zoos will close, 800,000 government employees considered nonessential will be furloughed, meaning they won't get paid but people on capitol hill making this decision will. >> if they were to lose their paychecks like everybody else that, might motivate them to probably solve problem autos on top of this u.s. set to hit the debt ceiling experts say will be a bigger, more impactful problem than a shut down. >> abc news, new york. >> stocks lower today as wall street braces for a shut down. the nasdaq dropped 10 points. s and p lost 10. >> as we've been talking about the program to provide affordable health care to more americans kicks off tomorrow, witness comes concern over how an overtaxed system can handle the wave of new patients.
4:32 pm
abc 7 news is live at a tech conference in santa clara looking at this issue. david? >> there is no question they're going be treating a lot more patients, 700,000 new patients as a result of people signing up near california starting tomorrow. so, those professionals are turning to technology for help. >> california facing a doctor shortage, by estimates reaching 17,000 two years from now. >> we vai shortage. i'm hoping technology is going to be a tool to allow our paish dwronts interact with us in a way that makes our time with them more productive. >> that is why they hope these tech based solutions will provide better and faster care this, doctor runs a start up called direct term tolling.
4:33 pm
>> this enables us to give access to patients a lot quicker no, wait times no, need for patients to take time off from work. >> today's faster connections will enable beam to connect medical experts. many discussions fekus on getting patients to develop trust and confidence using smart phones to share records and data in both directions. some technology will be behind the scenes such as helping doctors decide what tests to order. >> it's changing medicine but there is a lot of confusion we have an ip tool that helps them select the test for patients and place an order electrically. >> the challenge for entrepreneurs to attract capitol in millions of dollars making a case it will save money for care providers and patients. >> so the tools of technology
4:34 pm
together can help patient who won't know how to manage their care are important to develop. >> in santa clara, abc 7 news showing you earlier, 7 on your side has a team ready to take your calls on the affordable health care act. call this number in if have you a question. >> israeli prime minister says iran remains committed to his country's destruction. and urging president obama to maintain sanctions against iran. he spoke during an oval office meeting with president obama. his visit comes just days after president obama's historic phone call with the iranian president rouhani. netanyahu warned president obama not to mistake his moderate language for real change. >> the bottom line is that iran fully dismantle its
4:35 pm
nuclear military program. i want to express my operation to you for the work that has been done to have sanctions regime in place. to thwart iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. >> president obama says the u.s. is entering clear eyed and all options remain on the table including military action. iran denies it's trying to obtain nuclear weapons. >> the vatican announced a spring date that pope john paul ii will be canyonized, april 17th of last year and said retired pope benedict in the ceremony in july, pope francis will canyonize two popes together. and. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 it's stg smg to see.
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half time entertainment entering the crowd in the way never intended. >> i'm spencer christian. clouds still hanging around. skies clearing and humidity, disappearing. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> taking a look at traffic now in walnut creek you can see it's heavy for drivers but all in all, an k at them with we co back in our day, that u-verse wireless receiver. we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted.
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official was a southern california construction
4:39 pm
company say they believe the ceo and son were killed in a fiery jet crash at santa monica airport last night. that jet went off the runway slamming into a harngar just after landing from idaho. the hangar then collapsed in flames. officials believe the construction chief and his son were aboard that twin-engine cessna. >> san francisco based twitter is expected to file initial public offering papers this week accord together "wall street journal" meaning twitter stock could begin trading in late october or early november if it goes as planned. twitter announced this month it had made a confidential filing with regulators their ipo the most anticipated in recent years but expected to be smaller than facebook's offering. >> let's check on the forecast now. we have a cluster of clouds i showed you earlier up in the north bay between napa and
4:40 pm
sonoma counties. associating moyer with clouds has been producing sprinkles in napa county. this isn't amount to much. just pockets of light showers but no significant rainfall. tomorrow a fairly calm day, mainly showers along the gulf coast. highs 74 boston, 80s in new york. highs in the 70s there. cooler and showery there, in the northwest with highs into the 50s in portland and seattle a cross california tomorrow, mainly dry conditions, maybe a little shower or two around eureka. but will be dry, mild, high temperatures into 70s. 79 in los angeles. tomorrow, we'll have dryer air moving in overnight. sunny skies than what we had today. it will be pleasant with high
4:41 pm
temperatures into low to mid-70s inland areas. upper 70s near the bay, low to mid-60s along the coast. so muggy weather moving out, dry weather moving in. will be a pleasant day tomorrow, and a big warm up coming towards the end of the week. >> and stick around for the story. you're going to love this, a car booby trapped in london made a thief look like he's ready for halloween. police say when he broke into the car and stole a lap top and other items he was sprayed with an invisible liquid called smart water, take a look. police took a mug shot, yikes it made him green. experts say it's near limb possible to wash out of clothing and can stay on skin for week buzz police say it led to a 40% drop in street robbery and 80% drop in burglary autos nice idea. >> yes. absolutely. take a look at this. the high school band performed
4:42 pm
friday night. the toppled section did manage to rise to its feet. musicians did their best to pick up where they left off. nobody got hurt but it did damage two of the tubas. so school has been quick to toot it's own horn fostposted on the facebook page where tubas are famous. >> it's hard to tell, but one guy loses footing and went down. it appears domino affect. everyone just collapsed. >> and there is a part of the show. >> pretty school kool. >> still ahead a call for action over staggering number of california school kids cutting class. >> also, aging of the world's population. the problems it's expected to cause. >> the sign up for affordable care act begins tomorrow, so tonight we're answering questions.
4:43 pm
>> taking a look at abc world news at 5:30. >> good evening, the minute by minute details on the government shut down and what it means for a family wallet. also, which is the fastest drive through fast food restaurant? what difference does it make to us? what are they think something daredevils thind video. it's water spouts. back to you for now. you're sure to get a better bundle. just choose the two, three,
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a new study out of the state attorney general's office says california needs to do more to reduce rampant truancy. during the last school year, one million elementary school students had unexcused absences and the study found it may be costing billions of dollars through increased crime and poverty. the report recommends bringing together parents, educators, lawmakers, law enforcement and community groups to fight the problem. >> this afternoon a global study found the world is aging rapidly and most countries are
4:47 pm
not prepared to support the swelling numbers of elderly and found by year 2050, seniors will outnumber children under 15 for the first nim history. the study looked at well being and health and sweden came out on top. afghanistan ranks last. >> a new report is calling on the medical and pharmaceutical industries to establish a global fund to fight cancer, onkolgists warn that the rising rates will overwhelm governments for years still to come especially in poorer countries. they're recommending a found help with diagnosis, care and treatment. >> first lady fishel obama released a new you tube video in an effort to give a boost to the girl scouts. >> in order to bring the fun to more girls, girl scouts needs to you volunteer. girl scout volunteers can be moms, dads, aunts, uncles grandparents or anyone looking to help girls in their
4:48 pm
communities fulfill their boundless promise. >> the girl scouts launched a new campaign to get more el mental tri school girls and adult volunteers to join. girl scouts base fais aid decline in membership and it's been dealing with a pension deficit. did he have knew short falls and layoffs at the head office. >> polls show confusion is still high among american public whit comes to the affordable care act in this state. >> now is the time to get answers. >> michael finney joins us now with a special hot line. >> yes. we've got a hot line going tonight and dozens of people here to help answer questions. let me give you the phone number. we have experts here from covered california. consumer action, health access ask california pan ethnic
4:49 pm
network. and ellen wu is the executive director, you've got an abbreviation. how important is this to your community? >> it's a huge, huge win for communities of color, especially in california. our communities are making up the majority of the uninsured and both expansion and covered california to pay for affordable coverage in the marketplace is going to be a huge opportunity to really get them health care they need. >> part of the issue is language. you fwiz are dealing with that? >> yes. yes. we've worked to make sure that out reach and education are culturally appropriate so people understand nfs who don't speak english well. and also, providing services like interpreters so when people ask for help, they can
4:50 pm
get someone to speak their language. >> they can call our phone number tonight. we can hook them up with all of the 800 numbers and resources you v correct? >> yes. yes. and tomorrow there will be 800 nems -- numbers available to call. and either an interpretor will be on the phone or customer service representative will be on the phone to answer questions. >> so now have have a financial barrier. there is a sliding scale for those that make $95,000, family of four or less. >> depending on income up to $94,000 for a family of four, they will get help from the federal government to purchase health insurance. and there is a maximum that is only they have to -- amount they have to pay that would deem to be affordable. >> is this going to succeed? or as some people will have us
4:51 pm
believe it's going to snail. >> goitsing to succeed. we have amazing leadership in california. everybody has been working so, so hard and committed to making this work. >> thanks for joining us tonight. you can call right now with any questions about obama care. we'll be here live until 8:00. >> michael, thank you. when ke we come back at 4:00 bay area man pedaling a new way to get around with a bike that delivers. >> and coming up at 5:00 first medicine approved for breast cancer before surgery ask an epidemic of whooping cough. now scientists know what heals it z a special solution for these
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yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
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a contest is asking teens to make video autos these aren't just any kind. students being asked to make videos on safe driving habits. topics include speeding and texting behind the wheel. >> it's being sponsored by a council member. winners will be picked on create activity and number of hits the video gets. >> san francisco's supervisors about to take up the issue of double parking. and it's a bicycle that really delivers. >> stroller. >> theers not normally things you'd put on a bicycle, then again this is anything but normal. >> okay. let's see if we can make it up this hill. >> the thing practically
4:56 pm
flies. a bike that defies gravity. >> 20 miles per hour? >> yes. >> with cargo? >> yes. >> magic isn't voodoo. together they help you pedal. it's like the fariday electric bike one difference. >> you can't carry one of the things that frustrated me is that i like to ride a bike but have to resort to getting a car out if i want a gallon out. >> so he designed a bike around a cargo basket. >> the reason no one invented one before is because when you get a lot of bulk load steering of the bike goes to pieces soy had to reinvent how it steers it puts motorized
4:57 pm
>> packages, food, flowers. every delivery in the city. >> there has been a lot of interest in the new bike from europe but hills like these that he thinks will be worth it. >> if you want to use naf investigation. >> neil knows it's a tech town and coffee town. he built the bike tough as nails. >> there is no more chain. >> people want to carry lap tops and get groceries after work. so so it's kind of like everybody. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> bay police officer arrested suspected of molesting several young girls.
4:58 pm
>> and a government shut down and attraction that's could close their doors. ask double parking in san francisco. the new plans to do something about it. >> i'm sandhya patel. autumn rain today, summer like heat on the way. i'll have details coming up. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jengs. >> a hayward police officer is under arrest suspected of sexually abusing several girls over nine-year period. >> these crimes happened in an after school program for middle school children. >> richard mccloud hasn't worked here since 2007 so no current students are insolved. investigators told us took six years for a young victim to
4:59 pm
come forward. >> he befriended the kids. >> investigators say it happened before 2007. before richard mccloud became a police officer. mccloud is accused of sexually abusing several 12 to 14-year-old girls over nine years. when he worked as a teacher in an after school program in a middle school. >> nothing was forced or anything. it was built on being a friend and a mentor, there was fondness with the young girl who's got an adult male giving me a lot after tension. >> the 38-year-old worked at the kid zone program. accusations including sexual intercourse span from 1998 to 2007 whe. left to become a hayward police officer. >> i'm shocked. >> tim barry is the general manager of the livermore area recreation and park district. >> we'll see what the outcome is.
5:00 pm
and we do a lot with employees which is why we have a good record to date. >> he remains in jail, bail set at $750,000. >> new developments tonight police announced a second passenger shot when someone fired into an ac transit bus. the bus driver discovered two people on board had been wounded. the driver kept going and victims are expected to survive. investigators have not sfed they're targeted. >> countdown is on for the government shut down now just four hours away. fit happens social security recipients will did he have benefits. taxes will be collected and the military will continue to fight but if you ne


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