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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  October 1, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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welcome to "world news." tonight closed for business, nearly a million federal workers sent home without pay winding up on the street to surrounder blackberries. statue of liberty closed, yosemite closed and world war ii veterans storm the memorial. across the united states americans are saying enough. >> i think it's crazy. road rage, news tonight about the bikers who attacked a car with a family inside, the real story behind this video. and abc news goes pink, breast cancer awareness. tonight meet two groups of women least likely to get breast cancer. why? and can their lives help everyone else.
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and a good evening to all of you. as we come on the air right now here is what is happening coast to coast across this country. it's day one of the first government shutdown in 17 years and we are seeing 800,000 workers coast to coast sent home without pay. monuments and museums turn away school children. world war ii veterans had to push their way forward to honor their fallen brethren. everywhere tonight americans are saying they're fed up with the congressmen who dig in and force the u.s. government to screech to a halt. we begin with abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl in washington on the shutdown, the outrage, and what comes next. jon? >> reporter: we are one day in this shutdown and not a single step closer to resolving the impasse. today the president accused republicans of waging an
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ideological crusade against obama care while he rejected their latest offer to re-open just part of the government. a world war ii veteran made the trek from mississippi to washington only to see this, the memorial dedicated to their service closed. world war ii infantryman james nations had no idea. >> we didn't know anything about it being shut down. we didn't watch the news this morning. >> reporter: somebody, not clear who, got the barricade lifted long enough that they could get in. the shutdown hit 800,000 federal workers around the country the hardest, no work, no pay. >> i live from paycheck to paycheck unfortunately. >> these are real people's lives that are being affected and ruined and getting thrown into chaos. >> i'm getting tired of feeling like a ping-pong ball. >> reporter: the whole mess started with a twisted game of political ping-pong, the first volley a week ago friday, the republicans house passing a government funding bill that also defunded obama care.
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a week later the senate rejected it, sending its own bill back to the house. the house tried a slightly different investigation sunday, the senate rejected and then back and forth twice more yesterday. today republicans sat across from empty chairs saying democrats refuse to negotiate while president obama placed the blame entirely on republicans. >> this republican shutdown did not have to happen. >> reporter: that's why people all over the country are finding government parks and facilities shut down. >> bunch of jerks running the show up there. it's not fair. >> we have families that they need to support and they're playing with our livelihood. >> i think it's crazy. holding the government hostage over obama care is ridiculous. >> reporter: perhaps sensing the anger several tea party republicans told abc's jeff zeleny they've asked that their paychecks be withheld during the shutdown. >> do you feel guilty that your paycheck is still coming and some of your staff might not be
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or the janitors, the other workers across the government? is that awkward? >> we are working. we're here today and we've continued to work but i am going to also ask them to hold my salary as a gesture. >> reporter: even the "we the people" section of the white house website is shut down. that's where people submit their own petitions. the latest petition, the last one before the website went dark was one saying that there should be a law that members of congress not get paid unless they perform their budget duties on time. i would imagine that would get a lot of support around now. >> a lot of people outraged. shutdown signs absolutely everywhere. we thank you, jon. even as some members of congress shut down the government, their motivating reason, obama care came online and took effect. 2.8 million americans and counting have checked the government website for their options. there are reports of some technical glitches, some delays, but we wondered how hard was it to get answers about future coverage.
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abc's paula faris spent the day checking with some americans doing just that today. >> my name is max. >> reporter: remember max from last night? he was dropped from his health insurance because of his pre-existing condition. he was excited to sign up today but couldn't get online because the website kept crashing, saying for many others inundating the government's health care website. >> got a message that said health care insurance marketplace is busy, please wait. >> i was not successful. there seems to be a glitch. >> reporter: this family managed to get through. salon owners vanessa and amad of california say they've been living in fear. >> right now we don't have insurance and we're pretty much confused and scared. >> reporter: a pre-existing condition for one of their girls made insurance unaffordable. >> it's way too much right now. >> reporter: the big question, how affordable are the plans?
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our health care expert, michelle katz puts them to the test with our salon owner, vanessa. >> let's go to shop and compare tool and press let's get started. >> reporter: taking us step by step through the site, type in your zip code, age, dependents and income and you get instant plans. >> all your plans are listed here. >> reporter: depending on the level of coverage you want. >> we have the bronze, the silver, the gold, and the platin platinum. >> reporter: when vanessa previously shopped around for her family of four, she was quoted $2,000 a month. today she found a plan for just $427. >> how was that process? >> it was really easy actually. >> reporter: sounds easy but michelle says there is a catch. >> if you look at the fine line over here it says at least one visit year. >> reporter: the website does not list many details and with many of these plans premiums are low but deductibles are high. >> these are questions you need to -- you're not going to find out on the website.
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>> reporter: we tried contacting their california state run website this morning and we're still waiting. before you sign up, here are the four questions you should ask any potential provider. what is the maximum i'll pay per year, what doctors and hospitals are in the plan, how many visits are included each year, and are my prescriptions covered. for vanessa and her family the choice is easy. >> i'm going to sign up. >> and you feel comfortable with that decision? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: now, if you do not have health insurance, you have 181 days or until march 31st to enroll before the government fines you. however, if you want your coverage to kick in january 1st, 2014, you have to purchase a plan by december 15th. diane, i just spoke with the white house. and they are, quote, incredibly please the with the traffic on that website. >> thank you, paula. next now we turn to a story that has riveted people across
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the country. people imagine themselves in a dangerous situation on a highway. we're talking about the motorcycle group that swarmed the car with a family inside. we showed you the harrowing video. tonight we have more about the real story behind those pictures. here is abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: this helmet cam captured horrible events and we've learned this biker is facing serious charges for cutting off an suv and causing on accident. the driver, a 33-year-old banker with his wife and young child in the car stops. police say what's not caught on camera, some of the bikers slashing his tire. he makes a break, running over 32-year-old biker edwin miasas. >> he's paralyzed from the waist down. his spine was broken in two different places and there is no hope for that as well. >> reporter: the bikers then chased the suv three miles up the highway. then this.
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we know where and how it ended but what the video doesn't show is how it all began. police say they're now investigating the driver's conduct. should he have waited for the police? >> i think there is no easy answer. you have to use common sense. obviously if you can get out of there without hurting anybody, that's what we advise you to do. >> reporter: bike gatherings like these happen all over the country. last year the same group called hollywood stunts invaded times square posting videos on youtube. the organizers told abc news under no circumstances do we condone any violence, hate or any riding that can harm pedestrians or riders. chris mcneil is a professional stunt rider who got his start on the street. >> 99 percent of the participants on these rides aren't going to be breaking the law. you really can't judge the actions -- everybody on the actions of a handful of riders. >> reporter: but as this video shows, a few bad actors can lead to serious consequences.
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linzie janis, abc news, new york. and today abc news has gone pink across every broadcast saluting breast cancer awareness month and the search for a cure. tonight we're also asking about prevention, specifically which women get the least breast cancer and why. abc's chief medical editor dr. richard besser brings us the answer. >> reporter: ask mao in the chinese country side, a perfect example of what can happen if you eliminate breast cancer risks. >> i have heard of it but i don't know anyone who has ever had it. >> reporter: not in her village or in any village she knows. rural chinese women like mao have the lowest rates in the world. she eats mostly rice and vegetables, little meat and fat which lowers her risk. a healthy weight and exercise lower it more and her days are filled with exercise. >> we are working all the time and we sweat every day. that's why we're so healthy. we sweat so much. >> reporter: add this.
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mao had a child before she was 30 and she breast fed, both protect her from best cancer. here's what it looks like to have the lowest risk in the world. if chinese women like mao moved to the united states studies show that within a generation her daughters would have the same risk as an american woman. the highest risk in the world. another population has an intriguing and more mysterious protection. debbie howe has it. it's because she's blind from birth. why would that protect against breast cancer? because no light has ever reached her retina, her sleep hormone melatonin is incredibly regular. not so in women who work night or have an unsteady sleep schedule. some studies link this to lower best cancer. keeping a regular sleep schedule may protect you. two populations that raise hope that prevention really is possible, that every woman can lower her risk. there is another source of hope, a vaccine. yes, scientists are at work on
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vaccines against breast cancer, they're being tested here at walter reed medical center. part of an international triumph. giving experimental breast cancer vaccines to women who are already survivors. >> what have you seen so far? >> from early studies we really observed they cut the recurrence risk in half. >> reporter: it works like any vaccine works, delivering a small protein found in cancers so the immune system can respond to it and kill off cancer cells. if this works the hope is to eventually come up with a vaccine to prevent best cancer in the first place. >> some might say a vaccine to prevent breast cancer is a pipe dream. do you agree? >> no. i think it's within reach. >> reporter: american women like mao could some day be able to say i've heard of breast cancer but i don't know anyone who has ever had it. >> wouldn't that be a dream. a vaccine within reach? when and could it be for everyone?
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>> they're finish enrolling 1,000 women in this trial and in three years they'll know whether it prevents breast cancer from coming back. the question from there is can it prevent it in the first place. this gives us a lot of hope there. >> i want to go back to the two groups of women you showed us. what does this teach us? how radically different is their rate of breast cancer than everyone else's? >> women in china, it's one tenth of rate of women in this country. we can learn from their behaviors. those are things we can do. that's what pink is all about to learn to prevent, to learn from others, to reduce breast cancer in women here. >> thanks so much. we've set up a special website. with resources and information for americans with breast cancer. go there, take the pink pledge, pay tributes to loved ones battling the disease. start the conversation and join in the conversation about breast cancer. information always the best weapon. still ahead on "world news," thieves getting caught green-handed. a glow in the dark spray that
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case closed. now watch it in an undercover sting in florida, detectives equipping a decoy car with the spray. watch as this alleged burglar takes the bait. >> he opens the door, grabs something on the front seat. then he starts to rifle through a wallet. that's when the smart water agent sprays him. >> reporter: it takes months of scrubbing to get this paint off your skin and the chemical can stay on clothing for years shown here in video from smart water csi. you can't see it or smell it. can you tell that this leather jacket has been sprayed? it has. smart water csi says several hundred law enforcement agencies across the country now use this product. it's not just for police. people are putting the spray systems in their homes and cars. get this. the invisible paint can be used to mark watches or iphones. if stolen, a special dna-like
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code in the paint can be used to find the owner. this has led to a lot of convictions worldwide? >> there have been over 1200 convictions in the u.k. and europe alone over the last 17 years. >> reporter: police say that thief this in london found out the hard way and was convicted. say it isn't so. one of the characters from the simpsons getting the axe. bart? homer? maggie?. it's our "instant index." and compare costs. work it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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penelope and kelsey grammer as sideshow bob. it's official, the best place on the planet to grow old is sweden. the u.n. ranked 91 countries on how well they cared for their citizens over the age of 60. a strong universal pension pushed sweden to number one. the richest country in the world, the united states, came in 8th. as you sit down to dinner tonight a reality check about a glass of wine. a new study finds wine drinkers may be consuming a lot more than they think. a standard serving size is five ounces. researchers found three things make you pour too much, if the wine is in a wide glass or if you hold the glass while pouring the wine or if the wine is white. and when we come back, something for all the frustrated workers everywhere, a woman who created a stunning message for
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on hiring and jobs in america, but tonight a very different phenomenon. this one is for everyone who has ever had a frustrating job and fantasized about quitting in a spectacular way. one woman found a way to do it. abc's jon donvan says she's become a poster girl for walking out the door. >> reporter: as it says on screen, it's past 4:00 in the morning and marina shifrin has a message for her boss. dancing to kayne west's "gone" on desktops, in the aisles, her way of saying i quit. which gets her approaching 6 million hits on youtube since saturday. and pages and pages of applause. and confirmation that the art of the quit is a dream that lives inside us all. there are songs about it. johnny paycheck singing, well, "take your job and shove it." but the home-made quit clip in its own youtube art from. a man shows up with a chorus to say he's out of there.
5:57 pm
and then there's joey defrancesco who brought a band and said this to his boss >> i'm quitting. ♪ >> reporter: two years later joey has 4 million hits. >> i immediately started getting messages from all over the world. >> reporter: in this job market yet which is about what exactly, escape, delusion, revenge? she has a certain poetic justice. the company where she made this video is a company that makes videos. the company said it doesn't understand why she's mad at them but while she said the company is awesome, she also complained it only cared about how many views each video gets. with nearly 6 million views for this, maybe marina should be running the place. no, too late. the lights are out. she's gone. jon donvan, abc news, washington. >> so gone. and we want to thank all of you because all day you've been sending us inspiring words and photos for our go pink campaign. honoring breast cancer survivors.
5:58 pm
we wanted to share some of them with you as we thank you for watching. good night. ♪ ♪ government shut down. the impact it's having in california. the travel industry losing millions by the hour. >> lines open for obama care in california. no shut down here, these are state employees but it won't be easy getting through. >> three people facing charges in a sleepover murder of an
5:59 pm
8-year-old girl. she was apparently not their only target. >> is a san francisco base kpd taking money meant for charities? 7 on your side is coming up. >> like everybody else we thought there owe could o.would be an 11th hour keel. >> she's one of the thousands of workers federal employees caught in the squeeze of a government shut down tonight. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. like hundreds of thousands of others she will not be drawing a paycheck during the shut down. the pain is also being felt by millions of people using our national parks here in the bay area. abc 7 news is live at alcatras landing with that part of the story. heather? >> the golden gate national park service got word at 3:00 in the morning the shut down was real.
6:00 pm
so, the park police are still working smrks rangers but you'll not find rest rooms, visitor centers warming huts and parking lots open. the gates swung shut on the parking lot locked by one of the employees kept on the job for essential services related to park and people safety. >> people should realize this is not what the national park service wanted to do this, is not our first choice but we're following the law. >> people passionate about dogs and right to walk them are not happy about the closed parking lot here. >> it really pisses me off if i can say that. >> there is still limited roadside parking but it can take time for a spot to open up. this woman is angry with congress. >> this is my haven. i come out here, my dad just died my dog just died this is my place i come. and i love it here.