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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 1, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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so, the park police are still working smrks rangers but you'll not find rest rooms, visitor centers warming huts and parking lots open. the gates swung shut on the parking lot locked by one of the employees kept on the job for essential services related to park and people safety. >> people should realize this is not what the national park service wanted to do this, is not our first choice but we're following the law. >> people passionate about dogs and right to walk them are not happy about the closed parking lot here. >> it really pisses me off if i can say that. >> there is still limited roadside parking but it can take time for a spot to open up. this woman is angry with congress. >> this is my haven. i come out here, my dad just died my dog just died this is my place i come. and i love it here. people are great.
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and we need this. >> this is among many national parks. the service got word to shut them down, secure them, then, about 180 of the 250 employees were sent home. >> all employees were requested to come into work today to shut down their work space, secure everything to make sure if there is extended absence everything will be safe. >> while most of the presidio is in the hands of the private trust and unaffected by the shut down, parking lots and rest rooms are closed at chrissy field. this sign in front of a locked gate at road to four point. there was disappointment where an average 5,000 visitors passed through every day. >> i saw politicians back in the uk. >> the visitors are not allowed to be in the parks
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while closed, national park series says it does not intend to make arrests. >> the closures triggered a number of inconveniences around the bay area today, locked gates at fort point and delayed crews responding to a potential suicide at the golden gate bridge. the threat was resolved. >> workers at federal building showed up today but were only allowed to collect personal belongings. one worker told us she may have to file for unemployment. employees warned shut down delayed processing of home and business loans, same for veterans administration. >> the shut down also forced national transportation safety board to close, and that has delayed the investigation into the asiana airlines crash at sfo. one of the biggest employers in the bay area is nasa, it's facility in mountain view was closed today. and we've got a recording when trying to call. >> visit california, a nonprofit arm of the california travel and tourism
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industry offered an assessment of the shut down. the group issued a statement saying travelers in california spent $292 million every day that $12 million an hour, 2 20 -- $202,000 per minute. and visitors at yosemite today on the 123rd anniversary. >> closed signs now in place at the entrance to yosemite. the had national treasure is shut down. only drivers passing through or have hes res vacations are loud back n all swril to pack up, and leave, by thursday afternoon. kaz brought her sons from south america to see the sights that are now off limits. >> we don't have opportunities to come here. we're from chile.
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it's kind of hard to do this trip. >> the park is quiet with futurists and 660 workers on furlough until a funding plan is passed. neighboring communities are also concerned about the economic impact. the park service says $72 million is spent in areas near passional parks. >> i'll do a lot of shows and craft shows if i have to. and try to expand the web site but the problem is that my employees i'll have to cut hours and work myself. it's going to hurt a chain. >> park officials say anyone whose reservations are cancelled because of the shut down can get a refund. in yosemite, abc 7 news. >> now, if you try california's new web site to sign up for affordable health insurance today, you may have experienced a problem. half a million people are expected to sign up.
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many ran into glitches. a lot of people are complaining. >> the covered california web site is wait times and access problems smrk people simply gave up. >> complaints of slow moving pages and long waits for calls marred the launch. there were complaints on twitter and this artist told us that he gave up waiting to talk to someone at one of the covered california call senters. >> i hit almost hour and a half mark and i gave up at that point. >> so are you looking forward to doing it again or not? >> yes. yes. i'm excited i'm probably going to get snacks skpoutd a drink and so forth. >> julian doesn't have insurance but has a big concern. >> it's hard. because you need to think about income and what if you
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can't afford to have it and income isn't based on that. a lot of us aren't working now. >> experts say the plan will need high enrollment to succeed among young people who may think they won't get sick. >> i'm in the that young but yale tiffly young of the i feel like i'm going to be okay but unforeseen things happen all the time. >> and it will be important to consumers used to fast service. gary is chairman and ceo at e health based in mountain view. >> the reason companies like, ebay are successful is that they've figured out how to make what they market and sell work for consumers. i like to think we've done a similar thing in health insurance world that. is the challenge the government exchanges are going to have, i hope they're able to figure that out. >> once getting through, useful tools there are to help he them determine if they qualify for a subsidy its pretty g not
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hard to find things. the question and answers are very g you walk through and you you get answers pretty quick. >> stay with us. later tonight we're going to tell you about questions we can expect when you go to sign up for obama care. a massive manhunt remembered three people. someone fired through an open door killing her injuring her friend's grandmother and two other children. nick smith is live with the new development autos good evening. through a multi agency task force police say they have the man who pulled a trigger that killed an 8-year-old girl. now, the district attorney's office has added special enhancements if convicted that man could face the death penalty. >> a murder a retammation,
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very to lose my daughter. >> the mother of the victim came to court so-to-see the man police say is responsible for killing her daughter this, smiling 8-year-old was shot and killed answering the door at a friend's house attending a sleepover. three others were also hit but survived their injuries. police believe the two targeted the house for retaliation. >> at the end of the day we got the bad guys and i'm ready to go home. so i can celebrate. >> today the district attorney's office announced charges have been against >> we interviewed witnesses. and we gather intelligence, that is how we're able to come up with a sketch. >> williams identified using this sketch released in september is being charged with two counts of murder, three counts after tempted murder and one count of shoofting at an inhabited dwelling. they say he pulled the trigger. >> darnel williams just opened
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fire without any consideration of what, who was standing at the door. what was going to happen. >> you don't get street credit for killing a kid. >> she would have been a third grader this year. sha kismt ta says she will attend every court hearing until those who are responsible are convicted. >> a hayward police officer suspected of sexually abusing several girls pleaded not guilty. police say he assaulted three girls working as a teacher at kid zone a program in livermore, it happened over nine years before he became a police officer. police say the abuse started when the girls were in middle school, continuing into high school. >> uc berkeley setting up generators in the hope of reopen being a dozen bill buildings closed after yesterday's explosion. this video from daily californians show how far flames shot up from the ground following the blast that. left 12 building was out
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electricity. university officials link explosion to thieves who stole grounding copper wires from a man hole feeding uc berkeley grid. the blast rattled nerves but the university had problem as lerting students to the emergency. >> tumly getting any text messages about half an hour. >> this is a community of 50,000 people. so, we need to see at some point did that distribution of information fail to reach all of the people it could have? >> uc berkeley may cancel more classes tomorrow, some mid terms have been postponed. >> still ahead tonight a neighborhood dispute results in two dogs being killed and it may have been legal but was it justified?. >> and later here kidnapping of polly klaus. friends and family gathered over a 20 year mission to protect your children. >> high clouds and stronger breezes tomorrow, weekend warm up are part of the accu-weather forecast. coming up. >> and a milestone tonight for
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a homeowner in the east bay is furious with a neighbor tonight who she says killed her two dogs. it happened in brentwood but authorities say that it doesn't appear a crime was committed, though the dogs were beaten and burned. abc 7 news explains why. >> these bags of ashes are all that is left of ellen's
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beloved pets. >> i won't be the same. i can't even begin to tell you the kind of loss i feel right now. >> this weekend her dogs went through a hole in the fence of her backyard in brentwood. and despite a search could not be found. on sunday, barkley learned they'd been beaten, then burned and buried after catching this man's chickens and turkeys a couple miles away. randy says his son had nurtured those skbirdz was trying to protect them from the dogs. >> the dogs charged him. and he just defended himself. the dogs are murderers in my eyes. for destroying all of those birds. >> what happened to them was wrong. and they didn't deserve it. and for this man to have done something like this, so unconscionable. >> but what was done isn't necessarily a crime. state law says a person may kill a dog if the dog is found in the act of killing, wounding or persistently
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pursuing live stock or pount tri. barkley and the family are now trying to change the law. >> under no circumstances should be able to brutally murder two animals. >> it's their fault those dogs were out. they should have had them under control all the time. >> any remorse? >> absolutely not. my remorse is for the birds. >> official was brentwood's animal scare control are investigating what happened to yeager and luke. and say if dogs suffered undually, koit be a case of animal cruelty. a felony but at this point there is no evidence. in brentwood abc 7 news. >> bay area public transportation officials getting rid of a loophole allowing some riders to cheat on fares. people could purchase a card for $5 then use that card until it was negative by as much as $10. often people would throw away cards, costing the system
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about $25,000 a month. starting saturday, bart will no longer allow users exit with a negative balance. lots of excitement for sports fans in oakland. a's in the playoffs and major investors appear to be in the line up to redevelop the coal kol see yim complex. sky 7 hd shows us the current stadium and arena. >> we're very excited. this is the kind of investor we've wanted and we're right on target to take this to their approval. >> a's practiced today and fans gathered for a pep rally to root on the green and gold in their quest for a fifth world series title. >> a huge construction milestone was struck today at the san francisco 49ers new home in santa clairea. the first seats of the 45,000 were
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installed. the red seats made in the bay area by plasticon. the company is ecstatic to win this stadium contract. >> you know it's generating 30 some owed jobs for us. and brings revenue to the local economy. >> you know it takes more than 17,000 worker hours to install all of the seats, once that happens will have the largest lower bowl in the nfl. >> threatened species of hawk appears to be making a come back. this is a picture of the net south of san jose. bird watchers witnessed hatching of a chick here not long ago for the first time since 1800s. it was listed as threatened in
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california three decades ago. there are now believed to be 2200 pairs in the state. >> affective today boats no longer allowed in richardson bay sanctuary. the sanctuary closed from october 1 through the end of march and ban on boats by the way includes kayaks and paddle board autos even paddle boards? >> yes. >> okay. if you like weather perfect, you're going to like the forecast. >> and here is the perfect person to deliver it for us. >> sunny skies just thin high clouds around as you can see. here is a live view of the beautiful sky over the bay area. 67 in san francisco and oakland. 69 san jose. 68 los gatos, another live sfru our exploratorium camera
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looking out over the bai. under blue skies, it's 75 now in santa rosa. 70 napa. novato, 68. and one more live view from our east bay hills camera looking out towards golden gate. partly cloudy skies to mostly clear. breezy, mild tomorrow. 1k3 we'll be warming up rather significantly by the end of the week. satellite image there is a big pool of cool air riding a dip there moving into pacific northwest this, isn't going to have a cooling affect on our weather. it's going to produce breezy pattern tomorrow. but despite breezes will be mild tomorrow. so forecast animation starts at 7:00 coast. there will be mild. continuing animation by the
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end of the week a center of low pressure going to produce a nice, warm day off shore flow to us. clear skies and cool up in north bay valley was lows into upper 40s and other locations into mid-50s, tomorrow, sunny, mild, south bay highs mid to upper 70s, 74 santa clara. peninsula, highs from 71 in san mateo to 75 los altos. on the coast breezy but mild. highs of 67 at half moon bay. 64 pacifica. downtown san francisco, 69 tomorrow. 66 in sunset district. up in the north bay 70s. and 75 castro valley east bay
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highs 78 in concord, 79 livermore, 8 owe 0 in walnut creek. here is the accu-weather forecast. warmest day, saturday. mid-80s around the bay. mid-70s on the coast. rarely seeing mid 70s on the coast but sometimes early fall. that will be the case this weekend. beautiful weather coming our way. clouds here and there. sunny, mild,. >> terrific. >> thank you. >> coming up next, the big pay off at school today. >> deserving bay area teachers get some surprise
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tonight new push to drive up the price of apple stock. shares rose 2.5% on word investor carl icon had dinner with tim cook and pushed hard to get apple to buy $150 billion of its stock. icon predicts it could rise to $700 a share. >> wall street pretty much shrugged off the shut down. on word the fastest pace in two years years and amazon said it plans today hire 70,000 full time seasonal workers to help fill orders over the holidays this year. those jobs include benefits and afterward, ama consays
6:25 pm
thousands of the jobs will be permanent. and analysts are blaming a weak month for car sales on calendar, sales at gm and volkswagon say it was largely due to the fact labor day weekend sales were counted as august sales this year. >> a third grade class enjoyed a surprise in oakland today. office max delivering a thousand dollars worth of supplies to world academy in fruit veil district. each student received a pencil box with goodies. the teacher was one of 16 bay area educators selected as winners in the a day made better contest. >> it's an honor and so surprised and i feel lucky and blessed and that this is a wonderful community. >> they're greatful and appreciative for everything coming into this school. >> the principal nominated her because of her devotion to students. office max sponsors the contest to help teacher who's
6:26 pm
often buy every day essentials for kids. a lot of teachers do that. >> they do. >> just ahead tonight a investigation michael finney looks into a company accused of collecting for charity, keeping the cash. >> also here 20th anniversary of the polly klaus kidnapping what supporters are doing to keep your children safe. >> and a world war ii veteran almost suffered
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soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at or call 1-800-300-1506.
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tonight a 7 on your side investigation a san francisco based company is coming under fire for collecting money for charities, nonprofits and companies and then, keeping the cash. michael finney is here now with a result of his investigation. you night hear this. >> yes. the company is activa. if you're involved with a nonprofit or trade show you may have been involved with activa. >> san francisco based activa
6:30 pm
runs a web site taking registration payments for as it web site says, events meetings, fund-raisers conferences, trade shows, classes and training programs. participants sign up online, activa takes a cut, and passes the reflt onto the organization. or, is supposed to.. >> and this year, that check did not arrive. >> that is laurie wiseberg a board member of the san diego society of professional journalists. the organization held this fund raising dinner earlier this year. hundreds were in attendance, thousands of dollars raised, not one dime got to the organization. >> this is a company that indicators to nonprofits. organizations that can least afford to have this kind of financial hit. >> the society of professional journalists is not alone. jason brown set thup web site says it's dedicated to educate
6:31 pm
the public about the business practices of activa. the web site name? >> i've got a range of emotions on this, i've had fits of anger. one day got choked up on it when i saw wuchbt organizations checking on my site. >> he says a bay area based university and local environmental group are among the dozens of groups that have contacted him. he says many organizations don't want their names revealed. i contacted activa. >> you're giving me a lot of details but you're in the giving your customers any opinion. >> the ceo declined an oncamera interview and talked to me by phone saying amount owed is in the range of $5 million none of this is intentional and his goal to pay everyone back. the ceo, gupta tells me he's
6:32 pm
had dialogue with the district attorney. we are contacted the d.a.and were told there is no pending case involving activa. i'll report back if things change. >> thank you. >> police in pinole today reopened a missing persons case unsolved more than 25 years. a 7-year-old amber schwartz vanished from in front of her gnome 2008. serial killer curtis dean anderson confessed to kidnapping and killing amber. anderson is dead but schwartz's family says they've been skeptical about the confession because of a lack of physical evidence linking him to amber. investigators are reopening the case because amber's bod yeah has never been found. >> another case tonight marks 20 years since a bay area child was kidnapped. a tragic act with a terrible outcome but the polly klaus case led to great good.
6:33 pm
wayne freedman looks back at change that's its brought. >> in north petaluma, live is about sets and costume for the director. the next play. but that october 1 rolls around. like any other long term petaluma resident... >> everybody in petaluma our minds go to polly klaus. >> she remembers a young actress. >> she was very, very talented and driven. >> it changed for her 20 years ago tonight. richard allen davis broke into a slumber party, tied up her friends, dragged polly off, assaulted her, killed her and aband beyond her. waits a heinous crime and a trauma in a community until the polly klaus abduction felt so safe and immune. >> the change in perception was that petaluma wouldn't be touch by that type of a crime.
6:34 pm
and after the fact people realized it could happen anywhere. >> dan fish was the first officer on the scene. for 63 days they combed the countryside. a community obsessed. >> the best of us came out. the worst of us came out. everything in between. but we did it together. >> they found polly's body atop a pile of trash in cloverdale left there by richard allen davis who remains on death row. it's best to not ask mark klaus about forgiveness. >> i will witness that execution with great joy. yes. i'll drink champagne after he is snuffed. >> at least he's giving mean together death. amber alerts, sex offender registrations, three strikes law. all come about because of polly. yet, on this 20th anniversary... >> i'd trade everything in a moment there. is no question. if i can have one sit down
6:35 pm
with my child, i would trade everything that happened in 20 years. but that can't be. >> in petaluma, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> we are now more than 21 hours into the government shut down. and there is no end in sight. most house republicans continue to insist they will not agree on a deal unless there are changes to the law that went into affect today. the president said the tactic is unnecessary, and hurts americans. >> they demanded ransom just for doing their job. had they been allow td take a vote on keeping the government open, with no partisan string as tached, enough votes from both party woz have kept american people's government open and operating. >> the republicans latest plan was reopened parts of the government peace by piece, such as national parks, veterans affairs but the plan would defund the health care law. the president has promised to veelto it. a alternative plan would
6:36 pm
include a clean budget plan and future negotiations on the law. at least one republican said woe go along with that. >> when measure upd against the pain both economic and damage including a full shut down, you try to balance those out and my point is that i don't think that the continued shut down answers our agenda. >> and economists estimates a shut down lasting longer than three weeks could cost the economy about $55 billion. >> a group of veterans would not let the shut down keep them from seeing national world war ii memorial in washington, d.c. today. they went through barricades set up to keep out veterans. the 87 vets traveled more than a thousand miles from southern mississippi to see the memorial. several lawmakers showed up to support them. and blamed the while the house, one visitor seemed to point blame at everyone in washington. >> i feel like our government is wasting our taxpayer money.
6:37 pm
>> the group was on a planned trip to washington, d.c. thanks to a nonprofit raising $90,000. >> government shut down impacting investigation into a fire eye plane crash in santa monica. officials left the scene of the accident this morning before completing their investigation. the recage was moved so it can be examined whenever they're able to return to work. four bodies removed today, slamming into a hangar, bursing the into flames sunday night. the dead believed to be a ceo of a construction firm and members of the family. >> well, coming up next a trimmer on the first day of obama care. >> some of the questions you'll be asked now that you can
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more than five million people will be eligible for obama care. >> one maij areor pro vision requires you to have health insurance. >> ever since he retired mark
6:41 pm
bought his insurance but says premiums keep going up, it's getting harder to understand what is covered. >> it's a terrible situation. to be in. not knowing what you're going have to pay for something. and there is no limit to what you could be paying for it. >> mark buys individual health insurance or is uninsured under the law they will find a new way of choosing and purchasing insurance. starting october 1, each state will have a virtual insurance store in california, it's called covered california. allowing to you compare plans and learn whether you qaul by fr asis stabs. >> if your plan is expensive or excludes services you may find you can qualify at a lower cost on your state marketplace. >> but not ifr one needs to shop for new insurance. >> most americans have insurance through someone's job or a government program like medicare or medicaid.
6:42 pm
and probably won't have to do anything but it never hurts to check. >> to find out what you need to do there is a tool called health law helper. first answer what age will you be, how many people nrt family, what is your family income, then, click to get your results. >> you'll learn what options have you for complying with the law and will get information on your next step autos mark is hoping he'll be able to cut his costs. covered california is the agency helping people choose under at fordable care act. their web site has been flooded today. the agency just alerted us the enrollment section of the site will go down at 9:00 tonight to make improvements and should reopen sometime early tomorrow morning. >> many people rushing on there to get questions answered. >> still ahead how much time
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as you know calling to make an appointment with a doctor or hair stylist leads to haggling over what time you're available. a company is promising that you'll never have to do that again. thanks to a free iphone app you can down load starting on thursday. abc 7 news explain what's my time is all about. >> take a deep breath. there you go. >> not every day we interview someone in the middle of getting a massage but that is only the time she sits still. she works for a start up who. knows when she'll have time to get a hair cut. >> i don't have time to call five salons to be like hey, do you have an appointment at 2:00 p.m. day off, i don't know my schedule tomorrow. >> like every appointment she booked at the last minute but not over the phone. she's once of the first users of my time. the creator is making a bold claim.
6:47 pm
>> i don't think anyone will be calling to to make appoin appointments in five years from now. >> it lines up your calendar with electronic calendars of massage therapists, and dog groomers, showing you who is available. >> click, book, purchase, done. it's easy as using open table to get a reservation. >> just like those services it shows ratings and reviews,. >> there has been a lot coming out in the last weeks about you know, 20 plus percent of the reviews being fake. >> the top is my time's own brand. >> what i like is that you can only leave the review after at pointment. so you can't fake it there. is no gaming. >> my time is free for customers charging businesses a commission the first time a new customer walks into the door. that is often just fine because that is a spot that would have been empty. >> like santa claus. look there are presents on the schedule.
6:48 pm
we didn't have anything to do it's a surprise. >> for sarah, it's like having a night receptionist in, a few months my time found who nearly half appointments are booked at night when businesses are closed. the only time she has to herself. >> i love it so. convenient. >> we'll let her get back to the message now. >> well, air quality in the bay area is a lot better now thanks to a law forcing ships to burn a cleaner blend of fuel before reaching the golden gate. a new study found particulates in skies have dropped by 3% and shichs now required to switch to cleaner fuel at least 24 miles before entering the bay. >> interesting. it seems to be working. >> it's perfect out there tonight. >> it s spencer christian is back. >> okay. here is a nice moving picture of the time lapse view.
6:49 pm
showing a few thin, wispy clouds moving overhead but lots of blue skies and a gorgeous afternoon. it's gorgeous evening looking at live doppler 7 hd. we have a few thin, high clouds around. but lots of sunshine out there. and state wide tomorrow another sunny day, mild to warm conditions in the interior sections of the state of california. and here in the bay area, highs on the coast mid to upper 60s, low to mid-70s around the bay. up to 80s into warmest loks. here is the accu-weather forecast. saturday mid-80s around the bay. 70 as long the coast. it doesn't get nicer than that for a fall weekend. >> let's talk about the a's now. >> yes. larry beil is here. good stuff. >> yes. great baseball weather. >> it s perfect. >> awesome weather. >> yes. >> and warm. a's decided on a rotation for
6:50 pm
the playoff series with tigers. chance for
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> good evening. a year ago bartolo cologne was suspended for steroid use. now at age 40 will start game one for a's against detroit. he's stunned everybody and posted an earned run average of 2.65. he gives a's an experienced pitcher in game one friday night. >> we have that veteran presence going to lead us all. we didn't have that last year. our guys were well suited to perform. they were, i think, rookies last year but now you have a guy that is pitching plenty of games looking forward to leading the wi last year tigers beat the a's thanks to
6:54 pm
justin burlander lights out in game five tossing a shut out. a's receive burlander in game two. and this is a team filled with confidence. >> we're looking to surprise people, i guess. and we believe we have you know a long way to go. you know? game one going to be the first step to getting where we want to be. >> nationally pirates and reds playing in the wild card game. loser goes home, pirates leading in the fifth. surprising move by 49ers releasing their third string quarterback today, daniels was a 7th round pick who played well in the preseason. got a similar skill set to colon kaepernick but word is
6:55 pm
that niners going to sign veteran as a back up. if daniels were to clear waivers he can be on the practice squad. getting expensive to play safety in the nfl. daunte whitner fined for that hit in the 4th quarter of the rams game. and he says, he -- take a look here, he's going appeal that penalty. game by game cardinals coming off of a thrashing with washington state. kevin hogue yarngs 9-0 found a new favorite target. two touchdown catches.
6:56 pm
>> there is no question. we've seen a lot of practice he's got those moves and that dna through his veins, he can do those things we know there are going to be clash was the shows. and we're going keep giving opportunities. >> low anger, he's fun to watch. government shut down spilled into the sports world. air force navy football game scheduled for saturday. may have to be cancelled. the schools expected to tie by thursday, if they have the funds to travel and play those games. >> all right thank you. >> well, join me tonight at 9:00. the woman made an i quit video for her boss. the company posted a response on video of course. that is at 9:00. >> then at 11:00 are you tired of washing clothes?
6:57 pm
but what if they never got dirty? >> tonight marvels agents of shield followed by goldbergs, trophy wife ask lucky 7. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. our breaking news coverage continues on twitter.
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soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at or call 1-800-300-1506.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- an accountant from allentown, pennia... an attorney from chicago, illinois... sylvan and our returning champi, a writer from port jefferson station, new york... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. well, now, fidelito got us off to a great start for our "jeopardek, picking up 20 grand yesterday. rich and elisabeth, they'd like to keep that thing going for themselves. let's see how it works out.
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here we go into the jeopardy! round. and these are the categories, starting off with... good ones, though. ...with "rose" in quotation marks. fidelito, start. let's go with mapping the nfl for $200, please. all right, here's kelly with the first clue. situated more than 2,700 miles apart, they're the northernmost and southernmost nfl teams. fidelito. what are seahawks and the dolphins? you got them. mapping the nfl for $400. the rivalry between these two teams goes back to the 1930s. fidelito. what are the chicago bears and the green bay packers? nope. fidelito. rich. what are the chicago bears and the detroit lions? that's it. mapping the nfl, $600, please.


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