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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 3, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and that breaking news is out of san francisco where police are investigating an attempted carjacking of a limousine town car. >> this is video just in that you are looking at, clinton park near valencia is shut down. the driver said somebody tried to carjack that limo and began shooting. the driver actually escaped unharmed but crashed into a parked car. the shooting happened near guerrero street and dubose avenue around 4:20 this morning. the driver complained of pain from that crash. good morning, 6:00 a.m. on this thursday. we'll talk more about that in a second and right now mike is monitoring the increasing winds for us. >> that will be the big story as we head throughout the evening, tomorrow, and saturday. the high fire danger that comes with it. right now all is quiet on live doppler 7, and showing how quiet
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compared to yesterday. no high clouds out there and the sun rise won't be quite as colorful as it was yesterday and the day before. the day planner, the next hours around the bay, we're in the low to mid-50s under clear skies. sunny and 70 by noon and short sleeves possibly in the afternoon and a pleasant 74 degrees and the breezes will kick in and make it feel cooler than the 68 during the evening hours so you may need the same type of jacket as this morning. speaking of coats, we're in the 40s a lot of cool spots in the inland valleys and 70 by noon and mid to upper 70s, it looks pretty impressive for october and it's below average, and it will book breezy around 7:00 and it will continue through the overnight hours. the day planner, 48 this morning, sunshine, low to mid-60s. here's a look at your traffic with layla. and first i want to take you into the east bay where we have a report of this accident blocking one lane. eastbound along 580 at highway 13, if you're making your drive toward piedmont or away from piedmont you are going to see
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this accident not causing any delays as yet. as we head a little bit farther to the east and northbound along 680 at alcosta in dublin, another accident out there involving two vehicles. one is facing the wrong direction but everything is over to the shoulder. noting a little bit of slowing there at the dublin interchange. now into san francisco right at the intersection of dubose and guerrero is where we have the police activity blocking that intersection because of the shooting. what you want to do is take van ness or dolores street instead. 6:02 and we're continuing to follow breaking news from italy. dozens of people are dead after a boat capsized overnight and at this hour rescue efforts are continuing. take a look now. this is all happening onin sici. we are monitoring this from the newsroom and here's the latest. >> the island is the closest italian island to africa, it's a destination for africans seeking
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asylum, 13 people drowned last week trying to reach italy. here's new video. an italian official said 94 bodies have been recovered from the wreck. there are reports a pregnant women and two children are among them and officials expect the number of dead to rise. recovery and rescue efforts continue overnight coast guard boats were bringing survivors to shore. fishing boats and helicopters also searching the waters and we understand between 150 and 160 people have been rescued. still, though, more than 200 people are missing. the coast guard says the ship was trying to smuggle as many as maybe 500 africans into europe when it caught fire and capsi capsized. the boat is believed to have left from libya. pope francis just visited the island there. he's already sending his condolences calling the incident a disgrace. i want to read you the quote from a held official on the island saying we only need caskets and not ambulances.
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>> thank you so much. now to the b.a.r.t. strike threat. both b.a.r.t. and its union head back to the bargaining table this morning and this time there is some progress to report. abc 7 news reporter amy holyfield is live at the, berkeley b.a.r.t. station, amy? >> reporter: yeah, the question is, do riders want to hear about the little bits of progress being made. the unions have two press conferences scheduled for this morning. tough to tell if they have the riders' attention anymore, the riders we're talking to tell us they just want to hear a deal has been made. the unions say they have made a third counterproposal to b.a.r.t.'s offer. b.a.r.t. says it appreciates the movement. it's studying the numbers and it will respond. and the unions are trying to keep the public informed on all the details. riders tell us they just want to hear that it's over. >> i'm following it well enough to know that things are not looking very well. and i also am suffering from b.a.r.t. strike fatigue and sort
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of what's happening with the government shutdown. it feels very similar, just a bunch of folks who really should be getting to the table and agreeing on something and not doing the job. >> reporter: people today only have a week left to reach a deal. if they can't reach a deal, the strike could start next friday morning. reporting live in berkeley, amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 6:05 now. palo alto city officials are trying to put the brakes on a spike of car burglaries, 70 in september the highest monthly count in five years. trouble spots include the city parking garage on bryant street and the oak creek apartments on sand hill road. police believe several groups of car burglars come to palo alto to break into cars knowing the vehicles parked in the affluent community are likely to have valuables inside. another factor? the high number of out-of-town visitors who make the mistake of locking valuables in rental cars a favorite target for burglars.
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the police say you are better off carrying your laptop with you. president obama is not expected to meet with congressional leaders today following yesterday's unproductive session at the white house. democrats are continuing their refusal to budge on making the president's affordable health care act part of talks. we're live in washington, d.c., with what's next. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the good news is all of the key players here in washington are talking again. the bad news, there's still no deal. the government shutdown enters a third day after a meeting between president obama and congressional leaders yielded no sign of progress. >> we are locked in tight on obama care. >> all we're asking for here is a discussion and fairness for the american people under obama care. >> reporter: president obama says he won't negotiate with republicans until they agree to fund the government with no strings attached and in an interview on cnbc the president
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blames speaker boehner for the stalemate. >> the only thing stopping him is john boehner right now has not been willing to say no to a faction of the republican party that are willing to burn the house down because of an obsession over my health care initiative. >> reporter: outside washington, the shutdown is hurting hardworking americans. in ft. wayne, indiana, the reid family is awaiting final approval for an fha-backed mortgage, but the government employees who would sign off on the loan are furloughed. >> we're in this hotel for who knows how long. >> reporter: head start is beginning to shut down across the country. geraldine bryant's twin sons have no preschool again today. >> it will impact them in a big way especially academically as far as them not being in school. >> reporter: while government checks are not affected by the shutdown, social security offices have reduced the number of services they provide so these people can forget about getting a new card, at leent asr
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now. house republicans believe that the budget talks should include discussion about raising the debt ceiling. now, the deadline to do that is october 17th, meaning that this shutdown could last for weeks. live in washington, abc 7 news. >> thank you. stay with abc 7 news for the latest developments on the government shutdown on air and online at including a list of the agencies that are closed. you can also get more breaking updates by following us on twitter @abc7newsbayarea. and governor jerry brown is going to sign a bill to allow immigrants to get driver's licenses. it allows immigrants to get a driver's license regardless of their immigration status but it can only be used for driving not as a federal i.d. 1.4 million drivers are expected to apply for the licenses after they become available in january of 2015. it's 6:08.
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checking in with mike, why we should be watching the tinder dry hills very closely in the next 24 hours. >> the winds will pick up and create a high fire danger. grab a coat if you are heading out, cupertino, saratoga, los gatos, alum rock and santa teresa in the 40s in the south bay. we have 52 in santa clara. 54 in san jose. sunnyvale the warm spot, mt. view 54 and and lafayette 52. 49 in novato and 44 up near napa. this is the way it looks from the roof cam this morning as we head throughout today. temperatures will be pretty close to average around san francisco. 72. a little warmer, 76 in oakland. rest of us about 2 to 3 degrees cooler but that all changes tomorrow. with those winds, sure it brings a high fire danger but it also brings, above-average temperatures, 70s for the coast and 80s for the rest of us pretty much all the way through the weekend. hope you get a chance to enjoy
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it. very busy over the altamont pass, mike. a sea of red, brake lights heading into the westbound direction coming into dublin. bumper to bumper and it's going to be at least 45 minutes to make your drive out of tracy and into dublin. once you get to the dublin interchange if you take that ramp to the northbound 680 freeway, we've got an accident there. over to the shoulder so it's not blocking any lanes. as we take a look at the drive along 101 heading away from sfo and into san francisco, once you get into the city we've got a little bit of a slowdown before you get to the central freeway but just want to remind you that off of the central freeway in the mission district at dubose and guerrero we do have some police activity blocking lanes. doesn't sound like muni is being rerouted either as we take a quick look across the bridges, 101, 80, 92, everything is slowing down except the san mateo bridge but the toll plaza is now on, the metering lights. >> it's now 6:10. doctors are sounding the alarm about the government
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shutdown. coming up the possible health impact the stalemate could have on americans. and new this morning twitter wants to get even bigger. the expansion plan in the works for the san francisco tech company and the new jobs that could be coming to the area. and catch this video of a tesla model "s" catching fire. it's going viral and causing the stock to take a dive. now this morning the palo alto company is responding.
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high definition view from the rooftop camera of the bay and the bay bridge. 6:14, winds will pick up and mike will tell us more about that coming up. new this morning social networking giant twitter could be getting ready for a san francisco expansion. today's edition of the "wall street journal" reports twitter is now in talks to lease 300,000 square feet of office space in a building next to its current headquarters on market street. no lease has been signed yet. and "the journal" reports the
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landlord of the building is in talk with other potential tenants. it would double twitter's current office space and could house more than 2,000 additional employees. >> palo alto-based tesla is responding to the viral video showing one of its electric model "s" sedans on fire. this happened in seattle and you see it right there. the car's battery burst into flames on tuesday after the driver ran over a piece of metal. firefighters say they had a tough time extinguishing the flames because it kept reigniting. finally they used a jack to lift the car and as a way to get to burning battery. water wouldn't put out the fire so they used an extinguisher. tesla has released a quote saying it's not a spontaneous event every indication we have at this point is the fire is result of the collision and the damage sustained through that. but tesla stock fell 6% yesterday on news of the fire. at 6:45 we'll go live to bloomberg's jane king at the new york stock exchange to see how tesla stock is faring this morning. the ongoing government
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shutdown could not only have an impact economically but it could also impact your health because of the shutdown the centers for disease control has suspended its annual influenza program which tracks the spread of the flu nationwide. the program also helps states and local agencies track unusual outbreaks. information that's used to figure out if an area has enough flu vaccine. doctors are now warning patients to get a flu shot as early as possible just in case. what is the definition of nonessential? >> nonessential? yeah. depends on where you sit, doesn't it? >> yeah. let's check in with mike with a look at the forecast. >> a lot of winds out there and maybe some extra hairspray this morning. >> okay. >> or gel. >> yeah. the next 24 hours, right? >> a grip on the steering wheel, too, for high profile vehicles. it will be a 24 to 48-hour event. here's part of the side effects of those winds and that is the red-flag warning, the high fire danger and all the areas in red. north bay mountains and east bay hills and diablo range and the
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santa cruz mountains above 1,000 feet goes all the way through 6:00 this evening to 6:00 saturday morning and make sure you have that perimeter around your house up to 100 feet if you can of, you know, noncombustible fluids, the best you can do. i know it's not easy but, you know, if one of these fires does break out it's going to spread rather rapidly. you can see the winds developing in the north bay. 14 miles per hour in santa rosa and novato, 14 at fairfield and coming out of the north, not coming out of the west, they are coming out of an area that would bring us cooler and moist weather it's just not happening right now. check out the roof cam, i wanted to show you the moon there. isn't that beautiful as the tug-of-war begins between the sunrise and the nighttime letting go. naturally gorgeous shot. nice job from our gentleman there in transmission for that picture. all right, let's talk about the fire danger. there you go today through saturday, we just touched upon that. above-average warmth friday through sunday and it will be cooler next week.
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but unfortunately there's no rain in the forecast to get rid of this fire threat even with that cooler weather. area of low pressure finally leaving the pacific northwest alone. but the winds are going to develop there and all the way down here towards us because of the proximity to this area of high pressure. temperatures today down in the south bay because the winds are coming out of the north, you get a little bit of air-conditioning and that's why you are below average in the mid-70s near santa cruz. and low to mid-70s on the peninsula with redwood city and mt. view up to 75. and the half moon bay will be the warmest at 68. and low 70s downtown, with mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys and about mid-60s at your coastline. we'll have mid to upper 70s along the east bayshore and mid-70s to about 80 into our east bay valleys. tonight's temperatures will be up in the 50s. no more 40s thanks to the breezes that will be blowing during the overnight hours. in fact, here you go. your acuweather seven-day forecast 48 degrees warmer tomorrow. fastest winds will probably be tomorrow morning. the winds will start to taper
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saturday. that will be the warmest day and then the cooling hits the coast sunday and spreads through the rest of our neighborhoods, monday, tuesday, and wednesday. hope you have a great day. be safe. >> good advice, mike, thanks so much. we head over to mare island with an accident involving a big rig along the westbound side of highway 37. it sounds like it's over to the shoulder so it's not blocking any lanes but we're looking at the usual bit of slowing in the westbound direction. as you pull out you can see where it ends right at highway 121 and sears point. 37 miles per hour before you get there and jumping up to 38 miles per hour as you continue in the westbound direction. we do have one problem with muni, the cable car, if you need to get between the western addition and ellis street they are providing shuttle bus service there. b.a.r.t., caltrain, everything else on time. outside we go and here's a look at the bay bridge tolls where the metering lights have been turned on and very busy conditions backed up from the maze that will take you about 15 minutes to head from emeryville into san francisco.
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it's now 6:19. >> oakland mayor jean kwan is one year away from re-election but this morning she's facing eroding support. ahead the new poll that could be causing concern in the mayor's office heading into next year's race. but coming up next working it out, 7 on your side and "consumer reports" check out treadmill desks, can they help you shed pounds and get your work done at the same time? here's the prime-time lineup at abc 7, at 8:00 the season premiere with "scandal" the secret is out. and a new episode of "grey's anatomy" at 9:00 and then the season premiere of "scandal" comes on at 10:00 and join us at 11:00. and remember you don't have to miss a moment. our watch abc feature lets you watch abc 7 on your computer, tablet or smartphone. ♪ [ male announcer ] harvey's "i'm so happy you're home" dance? that's real love. and so is giving him real tasty food. now there's new so good! dog food from iams.
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to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. good morning, 6:23, let's take a look from the mt. tam camera looking down on sausalito, san francisco and even alcatraz barely lit and closed to visitors as you know due to the government shutdown. that's too bad because it will be a lovely day, though, breezy indeed and we'll talk to mike about that in a second. i'm sure your doctor and every magazine has told you this but sitting at a desk all day can be unhealthy. you still have to get your work done. new treadmill desks let you
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complete your tasks and workout at the same time. >> "consumer reports" has partnered exclusively with 7 on your side to check the math. >> hey, good morning. we've all heard that sitting all day is bad for our health. so, what are the options for those of us who work at a desk for hours and hours? "consumer reports" tested what could be the desk of the future, a treadmill desk. some people have already made the switch. >> reporter: like many of us chris brown felt sitting at a desk all day drained his energy. so, he made a change for the past six weeks chris has been working and walking at his new treadmill desk. it's not really for exercise but to keep your metabolism above a resting rate. the recommended speed while working is less than two miles per hour. >> i can do pretty much anything at the treadmill desk that i could do sitting down behind a desk. >> reporter: "consumer reports"
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tested two treadmill desks using a panel of 12 staffers. >> we had them read and type on the computer. we had them talk on the phone and we had them surf the internet. >> reporter: the work fit is less expensive at $750 but for some it wasn't comfortable. >> it's not an ideal height for a short person because you can see my shoulders are hunched up and it's just -- to try to type for any length of time it just -- it's not doable. >> reporter: and several panelists complained their feet kept hitting the motor casing. >>er gonomically it was easier to walk and work on the lifespan. >> reporter: this lifespan caused twice as much $1,500 but most panelists preferred it. >> the overall stability with this machine is very sound. >> reporter: as for chris brown, he says switching to a treadmill desk is word it. >> i feel better about myself both physically and
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psychologically. >> "consumer reports" said it takes some time to get used to walking while you work and panelists say surfing the web was easier than trying to write with a pen or using a computer mouse. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> hope there are showers nearby. >> oh, yeah. the abc 7 morning news continuing at 6:30 with the day's top stories. including developing news, a freeway road rage incident sent a woman to the hospital. ahead the highway patrol tells us what happened. following breaking news. the number of dead continues to rise in the shipwreck off of sicily. hundreds of people were on board seeking asylum in europe. the winds have changed and coming into our neighborhoods which means it's going to get gusty and dry and the fire danger is going up. i'll tell you when it gets here and how long it lasts in your acuweather seven-day forecast. and it looks from the emeryville camera is bouncing around a little bit indicating some breezes, but no chp-issued
6:27 am
high wind advisory. we've got a stall as you approach the tunnels into san francisco and police activity blocking streets in
6:28 am
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an update now to our
6:30 am
breaking news out of san francisco. this is new video of the limo involved in an attempted carjacking being towed away right now clinton park near valencia street is shut down. the driver says somebody tried to carjack the limo and began shooting. the driver escaped unharmed from the gunfire but crashed into a parked car. the shooting happened near guerrero street and dubose avenue at 4:20 this morning. the driver is complaining of pain from the car crash. 6:30, thanks for joining us. we also have to be concerned with higher fire danger. let's check in with mike, mike? >> 6:00 this evening this is when the fire danger will start above 1,000 feet and the wind speeds themselves will cause the biggest issues. right now the dry air you can see on live doppler 7. no high clouds this morning and no radar returns to speak of. let's talk about our day today, the day planner in the next 12 hours around the bay. 55 degrees at 7:00. not bad there. sunny and 70 near noon.
6:31 am
74 at 4:00 and you'll notice the breezes kick in this evening, it will feel cooler than the 68. we're in the 40s and 50s once again with clear conditions, we'll be in the 70-degree range at noon and upper 70s, that looks pretty warm but still below average and your breezes will also get aggressively during the evening hours. at the coast the wins are already a little aggressive and they'll stay that way for the better part of today. we're starting out in the 40s and in the low to mid-60s from noon to 4:00 and back to 60 by 7:00. have a good one. here's laila. report of a stalled vehicle that's really slowing traffic down as you make your drive across the bay bridge right at treasure island and you can see where we've got the bit of red through the tunnels as you approach it. it's blocking the fast lane and once you get past it, though, traffic is running smoothly into san francisco. as we take you right up to mare island we had some earlier slowing there due to a crash involving a big rig but you're going to be on the brakes until highway 121 it clears up from there. as we take you into the east
6:32 am
bay, the crash on the shoulder but causing slowing coming out of richmond 37 miles per hour is your top speed out there a quick live look outside and here's a picture of 680. walnut creek it is sluggish as you make that push away from highway 4 down to the 24 junction. developing news in the east bay where the chp is investigating a road rage shooting. that sent a woman to the hospital last night. it ended in richmond off potrero avenue but started on 880 all the way in hayward. investigators say that's where two young women in a black honda got into an altercation with someone in a white truck. one of the women in the honda was shot in the leg and was taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. the driver of the truck took off from the scene. now to the peninsula where palo alto police are dealing with a rash of car burglaries as matt keller tells us live, burglaries are now at a five-year high, matt? >> reporter: yeah, police say they are going undercover and increasing patrols to catch these car burglars especially at
6:33 am
downtown parking garages like this one here on bryant street. so far this year 260 auto burglaries have been reported more than the annual total for each of the past three years and september has been the worst month since 2008. police say the majority of the crimes have taken place during the evening hours, but many happened during the day and overnight. police believe several auto burglary crews are coming into palo alto and rental cars are especially attractive to thieves. >> they know it's a very transient community here with visitors from europe and asia and folks would not be aware of certain crimes and leave their laptop bags and luggage in the car. >> reporter: police say the thieves smash windows or use a punch tool on the door lock to get in and use the trunk release to get in the back to take items there. officers say the best thing to do is take your valuables with you whenever you leave your car but if that's not possible they say the next best thing you can do is roll up your windows and lock your doors. reporting live in palo alto, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you.
6:34 am
now to breaking news in italy, right now the death toll is climbing after a boat caps i'ded overnight plunging hundreds of be into the water south of sicily. we've got the latest update. >> a health officials pretty much sup sums it up saying theyd caskets and not ambulances and it doesn't bode well for rescue efforts but the rescue and recovery efforts continue this morning as 200 people are missing in the water. the number of dead has reached 94 reportedly that includes children and a pregnant woman. officials expect that number to rise. overnight coast guard boats were bringing survivors to shore, fishing boats and helicopters also searching the waters between 150 and 160 people were rescued. so, that's some good news. the coast guard says the ship was trying to smuggle maybe 500 african refugees into europe when it caught fire and capsized. the boat is believed to have left from libya. the island is the closest italian island to africa and
6:35 am
it's a destination for people seeking asylum. just last week 13 people drowned trying to reach sicily. live in the newsroom, abc 7 news. 6:35 now. now the latest on the b.a.r.t. negotiations. b.a.r.t. managers are reviewing the union's latest proposal with just a week to go until the cooling-off period comes to an end. union negotiators say they two accept a 3.75 wage increase in each of the first two years and a 4% wage increase in the fourth year. both sides will be back in the bargaining table in oakland this morning and a strike could come as soon as next friday if they can't reach a deal in time. there are negotiating sessions between b.a.r.t. and its union schedule every day except sunday through the end of the cooling-off period. the 60-day cooling off period ends next thursday and that's the last day talks are scheduled. now a story you'll only see here, and it's a heartbreaking one. newark police are investigating a case of animal cruelty after a pregnant german shepherd was left tied to a park bench while
6:36 am
giving birth to puppies. a police officer took the dog and her seven surviving pups to a fremont vet, all eight are doing well this morning. that's a big relief to officer jennifer bloom who spoke to us via facetime about the unusual situation he found herself in. >> you know, we go through training on how to if we ever have to help a woman deliver a baby but we've never had to deal with puppies. >> she's grateful for the help she got from the central veterinarian hospital. if nobody claims these dogs, they will go up for adoption as a family. 6:36. drug dealing not on the street corner but online. coming up the san francisco man just man just busted by authorities. but eroding support for oakland mayor jean kwan. the new poll that could be causing her concern ahead of next year's election battle. let's take a live look outside right now. from our tam cam, you see the bay and san francisco and the beautiful lights on the bay bridge. it's -- >> i was gawking at its beauty.
6:37 am
>> were you? i was wondering what was going on. >> it looks like dry ice around the bay.
6:38 am
6:39 am
we're back. coming up on 6:40 a little halloween theme to the morning
6:40 am
there. you got black and orange looking back towards mt. diablo. 24-hour temperature change, three degrees warmer in fremont, san francisco, oakland, the same in san jose, 76, concord and santa rosa, you'll be at 78, one to three degrees cooler than yesterday. here's where the winds will be fastest starting at 6:00 to 3:00 and north bay mountains and east bay hills in the diablo range, and east to northeast winds about 20 to 35 miles per hour. if you are traveling the state it will be breezy through the central valley, 78, much cooler in tahoe, 52. safe travels. we're seeing lots of slowing on westbound 80 if you are traveling across the bay bridge at treasure island due to a stalled vehicle in the fast lane and you can see now we've got solid backups from the tolls 32 miles per hour will be your top speed. i'll have a live look at it for you in a moment. but as we take you into san jose, southbound along 85, winchester boulevard before 17
6:41 am
we've got an accident and debris in the lanes of northbound traffic that is starting to stack up to saratoga avenue. and you can see the emeryville camera traffic snarled as you approach treasure island. new this morning public support for oakland mayor jean kwan has eroded over the past year. a new poll shows she's less popular than her one-term predecessor ron dellums near the end of his tenure. "the oakland tribune" reports two out of three people view the mayor unfavorably in the poll conducted by the oakland chamber of commerce a month ago. 46% said they would definitely not vote for kwan next year. only 5% said they would definitely vote for her. 6:41 trading under way on wall street and investors are reacting after video of a tesla car fire goes viral. we'll check that company's stock. here's a live look right now of the big board. the dow is down 61 points. ahead we'll go live to bloomberg's jane king at the new york stock exchange. but coming up first online drug sales busted and disrupted
6:42 am
and a san francisco man is believed to be responsible. ahead how police caught up with this a [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter... because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey!
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6:44, develops news here, palo alto police are investigating a random attack on a motorist for no apparent reason. police have just released this
6:45 am
sketch of a suspect one of the two men involved in the attack. investigators say the victim was stabbed with a knife after he stopped because he was having car trouble. this happened late saturday night on melville avenue. if you recognize this man, palo alto police are asking you to give them a call. a san francisco man is being called the mastermind behind a multimillion dollar online marketplace for drugs. the fbi arrested ross olbrick for running the silk road, they say that's a secret internet site that criminals use to trade drugs and offer other illegal services such as forgery. he's also accused of using the site to try to assassinate a former silk road employee who thought was stealing. the website is now shut down but the fbi says he made tens of millions of dollars for being the middleman in the sales of drugs like heroin and meth. the federal government shutdown enters its third day this morning with no end in sight. president obama held a white house meeting with the top four congressional leaders but it
6:46 am
only produced more bickering. john boehner left the gathering saying the president refuses to negotiate any changes to obama care. senate majority leader harry reid says democrats won't change the three-year-old health care law as a ransom to reopen the government. more bay area residents are feeling the impact from the shutdown, the latest having to do with canceled weddings. weddings have been canceled for china beach and the muir beach overlook. a ceremony planned for this weekend at the maritime museum had to be relocated creating challenges for those behind the scenes. >> we kind of have to redesign a little bit the food to make it work in a closet. >> yeah. >> because that's the size of our kitchen there. >> meantime, the cliff house served its last meals last night. the building is a national park property. its website reads closed as of thursday due to federal shutdown. it's not clear how it stayed open the first two days of the shutdown. and stay with abc 7 news for the latest developments on the
6:47 am
government shutdown on air and online at including a list of agencies closed. you can get breaking news updates at any time by following us on twitter. california's new health insurance exchange greatly overstated the number of hits received during tuesday's debut of the covered california website. instead of five million people state officials say only about 646,000 people actually visited the site. the error was blamed on an internal miscommunication. late yesterday delays and technical glitches were still a problem creating a second day of frustration for consumers hoping to sign up for coverage. if you have any additional questions on the affordable health care act, you'll find helpful links on our website, just look under see it on tv. 6:47 now. some automakers are offering to put the brakes on the shutdown for furloughed workers. >> in just a few minutes we'll be checking in with jane king at the new york stock exchange, but mike checks in with a breezy
6:48 am
weather forecast, mike? >> all right, here we go. let's start with live doppler 7 and zoom down to sfo where we've got a weather warning for the afternoon and evenings hour from 3:00 to 9:00 west winds 20 to 30 knots and gusts 35 to 40 knots sew it's going to be going to be a bumpy time getting in and out of sfo. let's talk about the east bay valleys, 44 in danville and san ramon, grab a coat, 45 in dublin and pleasant hill and pleasanton at 47, and lafayette, 50, on the other side of the ridge we're near the upper 50s. and only warmer in fairfield at 60. we've got 49 in hayward, 48 in los gatos. 54 in san jose and san francisco. 56 in oakland, san carlos, novato and santa rosa at 55. doesn't it look beautiful the orange glow on the early autumn morning in san francisco? we've got the fire danger that starts today through at least saturday. we'll have above-average warm
6:49 am
coinciding with that but it will be cooler next week but fortunately no rain to get things greener around here. near 80 in morgan hill and mid-70s from santa cruz and the rest of the santa clara valley, we'll have low to mid-70s today on the peninsula with san mateo right around 72 degrees. mid-60s, upper 60s along the coast, pacifica, colma, good morning, 64 degrees for uf. that's your high. low 70s downtown and san francisco and sausalito, and mid to upper fi eper 70s in the sou valleys and mid to upper 70s along the east bayshore with oakland and san leandro and union city at 68 degrees. pleasanton is the coolest spot in the east bay valleys. breezes will keep the temperatures up tonight except for our extreme sheltered valleys. most of us in the low to upper 50s. so, the 40s will be gone because of the breezes. here's the setup. notice that low that was bringing so much rain to the pacific northwest, it has moved off to the east.
6:50 am
high pressure's moving in right behind it and because they're so close the tight pressure gradient is creating the winds and the winds will be dry because they are downsloping off the mountains when they ascend into the valley, they compress. they heat, they dry. they heat some more and that's why our temperatures are going up, but that's also why above 1,000 feet where you see the red north bay mountains, east bay hills, diablo range and we've got the red-flag warning and the high fire danger from 6:00 all the way to saturday at 6:00 a.m. let's look at your temperatures at the same time we jump 4 to 8 degrees and the heat peaks saturday and the best day to be at the beach because of sunshine. the cooling starts there sunday and the rest of us get our cooler weather next week, monday, tuesday, and wednesday looking average if not a little bit below. have a great day. here's layla. >> we've still got problems in san francisco. the first one is in the mission district where we had an attempted carjacking and san francisco police blocking off the intersection of dubose street at guerrero. so, watch out for that. also if you're heading into the
6:51 am
presidio along highway 1 at the macarthur tunnel a report of a tree blocking a lane. as we take you over to the bay bridge we've got a report of a crash involving a motorcycle blocking a middle lane westbound side of 80 at treasure island at the incline there. it safes sluggish as you head into san francisco. but here's a view from the maze as you're traveling out of berkeley as you approach the maze that's where you're going to start to see 6-mile-per-hour speeds and down into the single digits there along the 880 you are at top speeds looking clear. as we head to san jose we have spots of slowing along 101 as you approach the t280 and 86 split and a quick live look outside and here's this. it's going to be the san mateo bridge if you are traveling between hayward into foster city, traffic building up there as well. >> all right, thank you. 6:51. >> some automakers are offering to put brakes on the shutdown pain for furloughed workers. and palo alto-based tesla in
6:52 am
hot seat after video of a car fire goes viral. jane king is live at the new york stock exchange, jane? >> reporter: good morning, tesla shares are lower again this morning. in fact, at the moment they're trading down about 1.25% after the battery fire incident in seattle smoked the stock yesterday. it closed about 6% yesterday and had been down more than that earlier in the day before investors learned a collision with what appears to have been some type of metal object started the fire. tomorrow's monthly job report from september for the labor department will likely be delayed because of the government shutdown but the weekly claims did come out. they are out at the lowest levels since may of 2007. markets nervous about the government shutdown and the impacts on the economy. you can see there we're trading lower across the board. and the bloomberg silicon valley index in the red. automakers offering help to the customers hurt by the government shutdown. nissan and infiniti offering to
6:53 am
delay three months without extension fees and honda is offering to defer payments during the shutdown and to delay payment for 90 days on the purchase or lease of a new hyundai. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> thank you. it's 6:53. ahead seven things to know before you go. >> the
6:54 am
6:anymore as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america," seven things to know before you go. police are on the scene of an attempted carjacking of a limo in san francisco. the limo towed away from clinton park clear valencia street a few moments ago. the driver escaped the gunfire but did end up crashing into another car. number two italian oh-fers say the bodies of at least 94 people have been pulled from the
6:55 am
sea after a ship caught fire and capsized off an italian island. 500 african migrants were on board headed to europe and hundreds are still missing but 150 has been rescued. the government shutdown is in its third day with no end in sight after a white house meeting with president obama and top congressional leaders didn't provide any progress. republicans say the president refuses to negotiate any changes to obama care. democrats say the gop keeps moving the goalposts on a budget deal. number four, b.a.r.t. is reviewing the newest wage proposal from its unions with just a week left in the cooling-off period. talks resumed this morning in oakland. if no deal is reached, the unions could be on strike just a week from tomorrow. number five governor jerry brown is expected to sign a bill this morning that gives the green light for undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses. regardless of their immigration status. the licenses could only be used for driving not for federal identification. number six, the winds, right
6:56 am
now not much of a factor if you look at our hilltops, 12 miles per hour calaveras road, and 13 mt. tam, and the afternoon and evening hours they'll kick up a high fire danger for that. good morning, golden gate bridge, good morning sunshine there, that time of year, 75 to 80. inland 72 to 70 around the bay and mid to upper 60s along the coast. and here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see packed conditions all due to an earlier accident at treasure island involving a motorcycle. it looks like that's in the clearing stages but it will take you 20 minutes heading away from the maze to san francisco. and? solano county a grand new accident blocking two lanes there westbound along 80 at green valley road. abc 7 news continues online and on twitter and facebook and all your mobile devices. >> we'll be back here in 25 minutes with news, weather, and traffic during "good morning america." have a great day and we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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