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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  October 3, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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welcome to "world news." tonight chaos and confusion as a woman with a child in a car leads police on a high speed chase from the white house to capitol hill. tourists duck for cover, congress on lockdown, shocked by it. team coverage on what really happened tonight. storm warning, tropical storm karen churning in the gulf and ready to strike land this weekend. already a state of emergency declared. and abc news investigates, the drug more than 1 million teenagers admit taking in the search for strength and speed. >> steroids work like magic. >> the online drug market on youtube and we'll tell you what is really in the drugs so many are taking.
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good evening. we begin with those 38 minutes of fear and chaos in the nation's capitol today. tonight we know that the person at the center was a woman with a very young child in a car. she rammed the barricade outside the white house, next a car chase, gunshots and a nervous city in lockdown. people taking shelter on city streets. police rushing in. a sniper in position on the senate steps. so who was this woman and what really happened? our team was there when the shots rang out and abc's senior national correspondent jim avila starts us off. >> reporter: the unmistakable sound of gunfire as an unarmed woman sources say had a history of mental illness and a toddler in her back seat alludes police. taking secret service and capitol hill officers on a wild mile and a half ride around d.c.
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monuments and up america's most important street, pennsylvania avenue. it started here at 2:12, the southeast corner of the white house compound. the black car rams into a barricade that do their job. eye witnesses say uniformed secret service agents are watching it all. >> the barricade fell down because they were plowing through. at that point secret service was getting more reactive like whoa, whoa, trying to stop them. then they took off after they took the barricade down. >> reporter: secret service begin the chase right up pennsylvania avenue to the foot of capitol hill. by 2:30 she stops at the botanical gardens. look again as she's surrounded by police, guns drawn. a patrol car tries to block her but she puts it in reverse and speeds away. that's when the first gunshots are fired at the fleeing vehicle. >> it was a two-door, dark coupe it looked like to me.
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>> shortly after they arrived i heard the gunshots and then the car tore out of the area back towards this direction with the police cars following. >> reporter: the tv cameraman, an arabic speaker, follows her as she circles the peace memorial in front of the capitol and buzzes up constitution avenue. only then she is out of range and is finally stopped just past the senate side of the capitol, a block from the supreme court, at 2:32. then members of congress walking towards their offices on a perfect fall day begin hearing a new round of gunfire. they are told to hide their identities. >> a police officer ran towards me and saw my pin and said are you a member of congress? i said yes, i am, and he said let me see your identification. i pulled out my identification. he said take your pin off. we wear these little pins around. he told me to take the pin off because he said you could be a target. >> reporter: inside the capitol
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in fact, by 2:23, members of congress have already been told via loud speakers to shelter in place. >> we thought we heard shots, saw a lot of police cars, then we heard shots. then the police told us to go back. we were simply walking back to our office. >> we heard pops, it sounded like shots. >> reporter: the shots they heard came from police surrounding the black car. the suspect is fatally shot without leaving her driver's seat. the most serious injury to a law enforcement officer is a capitol police officer who joined the pursuit and hit a capitol barricade as it was being raised to lock down the area. late this afternoon the house said its thanks. >> if i could, madam speaker, ask for your permission for a moment of silent prayer for those officers who have been injured today. >> reporter: now, police say that this was not an act of terrorism. another interesting note, all those police officers who were
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working today, because of the government shutdown, they were not being paid. diane? >> all right, jim. thank you. we want to turn to abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas who is standing by. pierre, what have you been learning from your sources tonight? >> reporter: police are descending on the home of a 34-year-old woman in stamford, connecticut. they believe she is the dead suspect in today's incident. we have a name but we're not releasing it because police have not confirmed the identity. they are executing a search warrant right now. there is surely going to be an investigation on the use of force here. as you can see from the video, police were chasing the woman and ordered her to stop and were nearly run over. in this town that's a deadly situation. this was all the more scary because there was a 1-year-old child in the car. >> tell me, pierre, as far as we know, that child is all right? >> reporter: the child is okay. again, no weapons were discovered that we know of. but remember the car can be considered a weapon. that's going to be the primary issue, diane, did the officers fear for their lives and the lives of others.
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>> yes, and did that car trigger the massive response. thank you so much, pierre thomas. those are the dramatic events rattling a city already on edge. one crises over tonight as the other drama enters day three. we're talking about the government shutdown. but is one of the big republican players tonight signaling that the worst threat will not happen? let's bring in abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl right now. jon, where does everything stand? >> reporter: on ending the government shutdown there is no sign of progress anywhere but speaker of the house john boehner is privately assuring colleagues that the worst case scenario will not happen. he is saying he will not allow this stalemate to trigger a catastrophic government default. >> reporter: the stock market slid further today. the dow dropping nearly 700 points in just two weeks as washington's dysfunction spooks investors, and for good reason. today the treasury department
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warned of an "unprecedented" and "catastrophic" financial crisis and recession that could echo the events of 2008 or worse if congress falls to raise the so-called debt ceiling to allow the government to borrow money to pay its bills. >> the longer this goes on, the worse it will be. and it makes no sense. >> reporter: at a campaign-style event today, president obama lashed out at republicans in the house, demanding they vote on a bill to fund the government with no strings attached. >> if the speaker of the house, john boehner, simply let the bill get on the floor for an up-or-down vote, the shutdown would end today. that's the only thing that's keeping the government shut down. >> reporter: republicans have voted to reopen parts of the government including national parks and cancer research, but they continue to demand at least some changes to the health care law before fully reopening the government. >> because there is an insistence on no negotiations, no talking, my way or the
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highway, we are here. >> reporter: there are no meetings going on, no talk of compromise. in fact, the house of representatives plans to spend at least part of the weekend off and at home. >> all right. heading onto another day and maybe another weekend. thank you, jon. we move now and head south to the gulf coast where tonight families from florida to louisiana are scanning the horizon and watching for signs that tropical storm karen is ready to move in. already a state of emergency has been declared in louisiana and abc's matt gutman is tracking it all. >> reporter: hurricane and tropical storm watches are posted from southeast louisiana to florida as those states brace for tropical storm karen in the gulf where nearly a quarter of our oil is drilled, oil and gas platforms evacuated. >> today and tomorrow are the days of preparation because by friday night the weather will probably be going down hill. >> reporter: this hurricane season has been notable for its lack of hurricanes. the predictions were dire, 18
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storms, 8 of them hurricanes but there is no complaining here in florida. >> the ingredients just have not been there for hurricanes. that's why it's been below normal. >> reporter: the only storm to make land fall in the u.s. this year was tropical storm andrea. back in june it hit florida and swept up the east coast. storms can be deadly. since they've been keeping records, 53 hurricanes have formed in october, 16 of them major. one of the worst, super storm sandy which tore a path through 24 states, killing 117. while the gulf is bracing for a late season hurricane, further north, the upper midwest and rockies are gearing up for their first heavy snow. the next 72 hours will bring one to two feet of snow in some places. matt gutman, abc news, veer beach florida. and heading over to italy now, tonight we're learning new details about what happened on board the doomed boat carrying
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hundreds of illegal immigrants from africa to europe. families, mothers, children were thrown into the water when their boat caught fire and capsized. 500 people were on board. at least 159 were rescued. but most did not know how to swim. and back here at home, a new development in that incident that has been making headlines all week, the family, their car swarmed by bikers, the father at the wheel taking desperate action. and tonight for the first time the family in the car is speaking out. we learn just how many times they called for help. abc's linzie janis back on the story again for us tonight. >> reporter: for the first time the driver of that black suv and his wife are speaking out about their terrorizing ordeal with a group of bikers. in a statement the liens said they were out celebrating their anniversary when, quote, we were faced with a life-threatening situation. our fear for our lives was confirmed when the incident ended with a ruthless and brutal attack on my husband, me and
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most importantly, our 2-year-old child. also tonight the nypd revealing that the liens made four calls to until dubs have have during the highway horror and the tenor and number of calls proved how terrified the family was. the first call came in at 1:52 p.m. at around 155th street on manhattan's west side highway. then over the next 8 minutes, another three calls as the pack moves north. the fourth call right after 2:00 p.m. after lien stopped his suv at 178th street and jumped when cops arrived on the scene to find him beaten and the assailants gone. >> reporter: the video cuts out right here. it was taken on a go pro camera like this one strapped to the biker's helmet. police are hoping to find additional footage to provide more clues in the case. also tonight police say they're questioning the man they believe took the now infamous video. armed with a warrant, they searched his new york home on wednesday.
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the lien family also offering their sympathy tonight to the now paralyzed biker, edwin mieses and his family. linzie janis, abc news, new york. next we have a wonderful update now. last night we showed you david muir's reporting from ethiopia and the american doctor giving sight to the blind in just seven minutes. it costs only $11 each. well, as of tonight, more than 1600 of you have gone online to donate more than $130,000. helping to change a lot of lives and we thank you. still ahead right here on "world news," an abc news investigation, the online world of steroids on youtube, the irresistible promise to make you stronger, faster. >> steroids work like magic. >> the truth about where these drugs often come from. and 50 years after the beetles made it big, the timeless idol and how he reunited two best friends separated by time.
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over the counter treatment for overactive bladder. it's good to know how to put the control back in your go. new oxytrol for women. see this sunday's newspaper for a four dollar coupon. next tonight an abc news investigation uncovering a vast market of illegal drugs, hundreds of thousands of people try to buy them from overseas, drugs that promise speed and strength, but what is really in them? abc's david kerley with the investigation tonight. >> reporter: some want this look. six pack abs. muscles cut. others want to hit a baseball like this. teens have been flocking to steroids, a staggering 1.5 million admit using the drug. taylor hooten, a high school pitcher did to get big but not outside effects. now there are certain over an easy way to score steroids.
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>> steroids work like magic. >> reporter: on youtube some videos promote, others lead to sites where you can buy. >> we're looking for steroids -- >> reporter: 22 million hits. guess what? most of these drugs come from overseas. >> prescription is not required to order our products. illegal in the united states. >> reporter: an online watchdog, the digital citizens alliance, saw an explosion in these sites and went shopping. one package arrived from thailand. the product said made in pakistan. one from slovakia, the box said china. another a vial disguised in a cake wrapper. testing showed one vial did have steroids but it's unclear how potent. this voial was supposed to be human growth hormone. it wasn't. in fact, the lab couldn't determine what users would be putting in their bodies. where it's lead. >> reporter: the steroids are not always made in sterile conditions, flies on filters. look at that, a motorcycle parked in the drug. >> this is international drug
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dealing and it's coming from places we have no control over and it's going directly to our kids. >> reporter: google makes money from ads for all kinds of things that accompany those videos, telling abc news it has systems to prevent ads from appearing on objectionable material and it removes millions of videos that violate our policies. videos flagged for our attention. don hooten says youtube should be more proactive. tailor was his son who, after using steroids, became depressed and committed suicide. >> if the kids can find these sites, then google and youtube can find these sites and shut them down. >> reporter: tonight after abc news started asking questions, youtube says it is now blocking its ads connected to buy steroid searches but thousands of sites remain just a click away. david kerley, abc news, washington. coming up next here, you remember the movie rose and jack on the titanic, 100 years after it sank, something we had never seen coming up in our "instant index." ething we had never
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are you ready for our "instant index" tonight? it's a new twist in the spectacular saga of marina shifrin. more than 11 millions of us now have watched her quit her job with a song and some bold dance moves. today she talked, telling queen latifah, there is no looking back. >> no regrets for you? >> no. sometimes i think that you need to forcibly close one door in order for the other one to open a little easier. >> so are you looking for a job? >> yeah, are you hiring? >> guess what, latifah said she is hiring looking for a producer of digital content. once the shock wore off shifrin said she's interested. we remember the movie, rose and jack in happier times on board the titanic. but now 101 years after the ship went down an eery prophetic piece of paper.
5:52 pm
read closely. this is the titanic's original insurance policy for $5 million in the event of, quote, a total loss. look at the date, march 30, 1912. 15 days later the titanic hit that iceberg. all lost in history. now a fitting reward for a hero from the boston bombing. dave henneberry. you may remember he discovered one of the bombers hiding in his back yard, called police. his beloved boat was destroyed in the shoot-out but grateful americans rallied to raise $50,000, a tribute to the man they think may have saved a lot of lives. tonight he tells us he's used the money to get a new boat. well, a used boat. 24 feet, a kind of fixer upper. he plans to name it "beth said yes." it's homage to his wife. the money left over is being donated to a charity for the victims of the terror.
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and finally tonight, sometimes if you wait long enough, the universe will hand you a lovely surprise. 50 years ago two best friends sent a message to their rock and roll idol, and tonight that star reaches back across time to help them reunite. abc's jon donvan shows us what paul mccartney did. >> reporter: december 1963, four guys who had just broken out over the ocean. their first number one hit in the u.k., please, please me. and they were two british teenagers trying to figure out how to meet the boys. barbara bezant, 19 then, and lynn philips, 17, who decided the way to reach the beatles was to go high tech. reel to reel recording. and the message they sat down and taped that december day, 50 years ago -- this is the original. >> hi boys, two of your fans here sending you this tape.
5:57 pm
we hope you like it. my name's barbara helmor, i'm 17 years old, i'm 5 foot 4, my hair is gold -- >> i'm linda johnson, 19 years of age. i have green eyes, long dark hair. >> this dream is just to come and see you. but i suppose that will never happen but we can always live and hope. >> reporter: and then they put it in a box that then looked something like this. here it is. this is the original, addressed to where the boys were playing next. ♪ and near the town where they were born, they cast it upon the postal system, from where it floated, somehow, for 50 years. while the music changed, from "yellow submarine," to "long and winding roads," and on, until one day it landed in a flea market. this bbc show was notified by the guy who happened to buy the tape and listen to it. and their reporter set up a lovely sweet moment. because barbara and lynn had lost touch 40 years ago. oh, and the reporter got through to paul mccartney who did the right thing and answered his
5:58 pm
50-year-old fan mail with a letter to them. thanks very much for your lovely tape. it finally got through, better late than never. great to hear that you found each other after all these year. keep enjoying the music, love paul. well, as lynn and barbara said, we can only hope. nice ending now and 50 years back for the pair of them, the originals. jon donvan, abc news, washington. >> we thank you for watching. we're always there at, "nightline" later and we'll see you right back here again tomorrow night. good night. we'll see you right back here again tomorrow night. good night. tonight a new perspective on the stabbing death of a dodgers fan. witnesses tell us it wasn't self-defense. >> looking at lovely weather but dry, gusty winds increased a risk for fire. the latest on the red flag
5:59 pm
warning in just a moment. >> new criminal charges noont a massive securities fraud case, one victim talks to the abc 7 news i team about losing his retirement savings. >> and fortunes of bit coin. the internet occurrencey linked to an online marketplace for illegal drugs. >> someone took my brother's live, tuesday skpismt had to be there. >> he witnessed the stabbing that claimed his brother's live tonight he's telling the story from the victim's perspective for the first time only to abc 7 news. good evening. >> last week a lodi man was arrested for the stabbing death of the 24-year-old jonathan denver but release whtd d.a.said there wasn't enough evidence. denver lived and worked in fort bragg in mendocino county.
6:00 pm
>> that is right. these two men say were the only two men with jonathan denver when he was stabbed in be san francisco. they admit there were words exchanged, a chair thrown but dispute the suspect's claim that denver was stabbed in self-defense. >> i was a kid that took my brother from me so soon to be behind bars. >> robert priest says he decided to tell the story because he wants justice for his little brother jonathan denver. the dodger fan stabbed to death last week after a giants game. >> we were walking up the street. that is when the group of guys came from behind us he says they went to the game to celebrate their father's 49th birthday. not everyone was a dodger fan. some wo


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