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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 4, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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county, sending smoke across the bay area. ahead the progress crews on the ground are making right now. >> and breaking news in the south bay cell phone video shows a home going up in flames. ahead when live with what's happening right now. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller in for eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. we start this morning with the wind. the accuweather forecast calls for strong gusts and they hit overnight from san francisco to the east bay. there is widespread damage. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in diablo now with details. amy? >> reporter: yeah. kristen, the sound of chainsaws at 6:00 in the morning, what does that tell you? that's what's happening here in this neighborhood here in diablo, which is an unincorporated area outside of alamo. there was a tree blocking the street. look at the video of what was blocking this road here in diablo. this is the road leading into the diablo country club. this tree came down overnight because of wind.
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so did this one. look at this shot taken overnight in oakland. this was on skyline road near highway 13. this tree also brought down a lot of debris with it. the road is covered with branches and leaves. this also started a small fire that was quickly put out. a big mess all over the bay area because of these high winds overnight, but no reports of damage or injuries. live in diablo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. gusty winds are being blamed for knocking two stories of scaffolding into a set of power lines last night. the scaffolding set against a building under renovation at 20th streets this is in san francisco. pg&e crews were called out to fix the damage to the lines. high winds are being credited this morning for pushing smoke from a wildfire burning in nap a county to the south bay. fire is burning in berrysea, but this morning it could be smelled in san francisco and several
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other cities. it broke out around 8:30 last night. the winds are proving to be a challenge for firefighters there but right now they have it 75% contained. firefighters hope to have it fully contained by 6:00 tonight. for two days now, meteorologist mike nicco has been warning us about the winds and the fire danger and here they are. >> all right. thank you very much, kristen. good morning, everybody. they're still pretty serious. these are our sustained winds, these aren't the gusts around 25 miles per hour that pushed the tree leaves down, the twigs, leaves, everything you will be driving through and dodging, trash cans. all of us are above 10, even 17 miles per hour in napa to 25 in fairfield. the wind advisory continues through 3:00 for our higher elevations in the north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range. some of the winds are making it down to the valley floor so watch out for that. our winds will gust up to 50 miles per hour coming out of the east/northeast. expect winds sustained at 20 to 35 through 3:00 this afternoon and because it's bringing dry air, the fire danger is really jacked up right now.
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our humidities are running in the 20% range in the north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range. watch out above 1,000 feet. fire danger until 6:00. get all of your weather alerts and live radar throughout the red flag warning, downloading our abc 7 weather app. when away from the tv, find it at abc 7 a look at your morning commute with leyla. >> okay. quiet conditions for the most part in terms of accidents. we have debris in lanes because of the winds but congestion is going to be a factor along 580 as per usual and we have construction projects that are still in effect and this one is going to last until 7:00 eastbound side of 580 from 82 san pablo avenue we're going to have lanes blocked there and crews will be working to clean things up, so within the next hour you should see all lanes open. drive time traffic 101 from san francisco to sfo, a flight to catch, 11 minutes will get you there, 880 northbound from 238 to the maze, northbound 185 to
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the san jose airport 14 minutes will get you there, live look outside at the tolls the cash pay lanes are loading up. doesn't look like the metering lights are on just yet. thanks. we're continuing to follow breaking news from the south bay. an overnight fire damaged a home in san jose. the dramatic fire was caught on camera by an abc 7 news viewer. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo joins us live from foothill court. katie? >> matt, we're going to get to those flames in one second but i have new video i want to show you and new information. let's go ahead and roll that. we were actually able to follow the homeowners and the firefighters into the house just moments ago. you can see that fire official pointing things out to them. they tarped the bottom floor tried to save as much as they could. he takes them up the stairs and points to the attic and explaining that's where the fire started and it had been smoldering there for hours overnight. we're starting to learn more
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about the cause in that sense. take a look at the outcome of those smoldering flames inside the attic. these flames shooting out of the roof in the house. there were six people home at the time this fire broke out. two adults, two seniors and two children. luckily they were able to get out okay. the wind did not help in the fire fight and there was a second flare-up here at the house but firefighters did bring it under control and as i stand out here live now, i can tell you the last fire crew just left the scene. so they have this situation secure. the homeowners also have just left the scene, so all that is left here is now that burned out house and a lot of cleanup work ahead. live in san jose, katie marzuloo abc 7 news. >> thank you. to washington, d.c., and video of police rescuing a little girl. police say that little girl was in a car with her mother when the mother rammed white house gates and led officers on a high-speed pursuit down pennsylvania avenue. this morning, that mother is dead. and we're learning what may have led to her behavior.
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abc's tamon bradley joins us live from capitol hill with new details. tamon? >> good morning. a lot of panic this city is still very much on edge after a shooting at the navy yard two weeks ago. no gunman instead a woman driving a car recklessly. >> reporter: 47 minutes of chaos in washington. a high-speed chase and lockdown at the u.s. capitol. police say 34-year-old miriam carey is responsible for the frightening moments. overnight police descended on her stanford, connecticut, home looking for clues. carey's family members tell abc news she was suffering post-partum depression serious enough to require hospitalization. police also visited her childhood home in brooklyn. >> smile on her face. seemed like there still was a problem. >> reporter: the lockdown in washington started at 2:12 p.m. the driver of a black sedan rams into a barrier outside the white house. police swarm the scene but the driver pulled away.
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the first shots are fired. >> shortly after they arrived i heard the gunshots and car tore out of the area. >> reporter: a chase up pennsylvania avenue. the driver stops at the base of the u.s. capitol. everyone inside the capitol complex was told to shelter in place. congressmen walking outside told to hide their identities. >> they says, we'll take your pin off. i have -- we wear these pins around. he told me to take the pin off because you could be a target. >> reporter: the driver tries to flee and police fire into the vehicle, killing the woman. inside carey's car, no weapons but something much more alarming, a 1-year-old baby who was unhurt. two officers, one from the capitol police and one from the secret service, were injured in the chase. >> reporter: those brave men and women of the capitol police are not being paid. they're not going to see their paycheck until after the gavin newsom end-- government shutdow ends.
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tamon bradley, abc 7 news. >> [ bleep ]. now you're looking at new video of a car crash involving a capitol hill police officer as a result of yesterday's high-speed pursuit. a d.c. tourist happened to be shooting video as the crash happened. the 23-year-old -- or 23-year veteran at the capitol police force was injured. a secret service member was hurt in the crash. both are said to be in good condition this morning and expected to recover. democrats and republicans in congress praised the quick work of capitol police officers for keeping them safe. lawmakers gave them a standing ovation on the floor, thanking officers quickly containing the threat outside. we'll bring you updates on the investigation into the capitol hill shooting onmk aird on-line on our website, where you can see dramatic images of the shooting from the first people on the scene. >> 6:08, focus in on our high winds this morning and high fire danger.
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mike, what's going on? >> we have fire danger, the wind advisory, we talked about. how about we focus on the temperatures for one second. we're anywhere from 5 degrees warmer in san carlos to 23 degrees warmer in napa. most of us in the double digits. it's very mild when you step outside and that's going to be the byproduct moving forward of these winds. we're going to lose the fire danger tomorrow morning. we're going to lose the wind advisory at 3:00 this afternoon. but we'll keep the warm weather around for the entire weekend. day planner, next 12 hours, 60s through 7:00. 60s to mid 70s from the coast inland. look at this 76 at the coast at 4:00. low 80s for the rest of us and mild this evening, upper 60s at the coast, mid 70s for the rest of us. the winds, look at the san francisco bell in the water around it. isn't it choppy. being on the bay today is going to be rough. leyla? >> it's a little rough on the roads as well in terms of breezy conditions. certainly very windy. however, good news is that chp
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canceled the high wind advisory for contra costa county. highway 4 you are in the clear as you make the drive away from walnut creek through aren da. little slow down into the caldecott as you should but looks like conditions are fairly clear. we have branches on roadways as well and downed trees here and there. all in all you're in good shape. go to our waze app, our wazers are tracking other problems on our roadways and this one sounds like it's south of 380, it's a pothole in the road. watch out if you're traveling southbound on 101. it's a clear drive heading from san francisco to sfo at 11 minutes to get you there. kristen and matt is this. >> thank you. it's now 6:10. >> ahead, the bay area tech company that says its customer information may have been exposed to cyber hackers. >> and investors can't seem to get over viral video of a tesla car on fire. ahead, the new plunge for the palo alto company. freedom of speech or dangerous message? coming up the dress code dispute landing a california teenager in trouble at school.
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good friday morning. it's 6:13. live look here san francisco and
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across the bay bridge. in this shot it doesn't look that terribly windy but there are those gusts and it is windy. meteorologist mike nicco will elaborate more on what you can expect coming up. >> the search continues for any survivors from the boat that capsized off the coast of italy. officials say at least 114 are dead, 200 more unaccounted for after the boat caught fire and sank south of sis saly. authorities say the boat was smuggling hundred of african migrants. 159 have been rescued. pope francis calling today a day of tears. officials at an orange county high school are apologizing to a 16-year-old student forced to take off a national rifle association t-shirt or face disciplinary action. this is haley holding up the t-shirt she wore to school. it features a buck, american flag and silhouette of a hunter with a rifle. the t-shirt landed her in the principal's office for violating the school's dress code.
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>> i was not allowed to wear that at school because it promoted gun violence. >> i think if you consider the hunter, image of the hunter to be offensive, why would you not -- certainly there are groups that would consider the indian chief to be offensive. >> that's the school mascot. bullwinkle's dad says the drill team is allowed to twirl fake rifles. they offered the student an apology. >> viral video of a tesla sedan catching fire sent the company's stock sliding down for the sexds day in a row. they closed down 4.2% to 171.31 on top of a 6% slide wednesday. analysts are concerned that the fire that occurred tuesday in seattle may tarnish the company's image. as we've been reporting a tesla model sedan hit a metal object causing the battery pack to catch fire. adobe systems says nearly 3 million customers have had their credit card information exposed
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to cyber hackers. officials say hackers took customers name, encrypted credit and debit card numbers and other information related to customers worldwide. the company is notifying customers and resetting passwords. officials say someone has gained illegal access to the source code of adobe products. a hurricane watch is in effect for parts of the gulf coast after tropical storm karen formed in the southeastern portion of the gulf of mexico. karen is expected to reach hurricane strength by tonight. people in parts of alabama, mississippi and louisiana are being told to get ready. state of emergency has already been declared in louisiana and mississippi. officials say fema workers who have been furloughed because of the government shutdown are being called back to work to help protect life and property. all right. we are all very excited here at abc 7 news for the oakland a's taking on the tigers tonight. 6:30. >> great weather. >> good by then? >> mid to upper 70s. maybe only 70 by the end of the game. sunshine. giving way to stars rather
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quickly and it won't be as breezy. show you what's going on, talk about what's going on with our tropical storm and a lot of travelers and monday may affect our nation's busiest airport. here's a look at karen, 70-mile-per-hour gusts, 60-mile-per-hour sustained winds. we need to get that up into the mid 70s before it becomes a hurricane and it could do that right before it hits new orleans. or new orleans if you will. sunday at 1:00 in the morning with 70-mile-per-hour winds. thankfully moving fast and most of the rain will be on the eastern side of the storm hitting probably mobile, alabama, panama city, more so. there you see, 2:00 monday morning, not too bad if you're flying that way, but, you know, take the red eye, yeah, you could be getting in some delays. it's going to head through charlotte into d.c. by tuesday late early in the morning late at night. here's a look at live doppler 7. notice how dry and quiet it is as far as radar returns and clouds. temperatures look at this, everybody in the low to mid 60s
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and it's going to stay very mild because of those winds. this is a look from the tower. see it bouncing around every once in a while as we look off to the east and it's going to be warm and dry with the breezes being the main issue in the forecast. once those subside warm highs this weekend even out to the coast. both days looking warm and cooler next week and i did find a chance of rain, better chance than yesterday. here's the thermal trough. the area where the weather is warmest, usually sitting in the central valley. these northeasterly winds are pushing it to the coast. the sharp pressure gradient between the high and low developing the winds pushing the warm weather over our neighborhoods. mid to upper 70s san francisco and richmond, low to mid 80s for the rest of us. here you go, heading to the game tonight. tigers in town to take on our al west division champions. 77 at 6:30, dropping down to a star filled 70 at 9:30. going to feel great at the coliseum. temperatures tonight won't be as
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warm as this morning but mid to upper 50s, fews 60s tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon fire threat over, winds are dying down, temperatures couple degrees warmer. a couple degrees warmer sunday when the warm peaks. temperatures changing monday and the chance of rain with the coolest weather tuesday. have a great weekend. here's leyla. >> all right. quiet friday i have to say, although we do have plenty of congestion, we're light in the accidents as we take you into the east bay towards livermore, between greenville to north land road. a construction project out there and with the high winds that will kick up the dust. when traveling near these construction projects be very careful there for reduced visibility. if you are traveling over the altamont pass into tracy and dublin, to go that 24-mile stretch, flip those numbers around that's how long it's going to take you, 42 minutes to make it in the westbound direction. take you into daily city towards san francisco, 280 to get you over to king street you are looking at clear conditions,
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nothing to slow you down. nine minutes. heading outside as we look at the bay bridge toll the metering lights have been turned on. a look from our emeryville camera traffic is slow but moving into the tunnelses and out towards san francisco. >> thanks a lot, leyla. as mike has been telling us the bay area is definitely waking up to strong winds, the bay bridge bouncing there. >> just the camera not the bay bridge bouncing. that's posing a fire danger out there. coming up at 6:30 the overnight flames breaking up near a large east bay refinery and where the fire fight stands this morning. >> coming up next the oakland a's getting ready to begin the playoff hunt tonight. ahead the reason today's game may feel like deja vu. >> and here's tonight's prime time lineup on abc 7. at 8:00, "last man standing" and neighbors at 8:30, shark tank, 20/20 and join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> you don't have to miss a
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good morning. a live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic moving fine in both
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directions. this camera isn't bouncing too much but the winds are out there and with us for quite a few hours still. we'll check in with leyla and mike coming up. >> all right. let's check in with george stephanopoulos for a look at good morning america. >> good morning. coming up, more about the woman behind the capitol hill shooting. miriam carey led police on a high-speed chase and we now know she may have been suffering post-partum depression. coming up on gma. the mobile photo sharing app says it will start showing occasional photo and video ads in the coming months. until now the app owned by menlo park based facebook has not shown ads. the users can follow ads and businesses. instagram says it will be selective and only show high quality pictures from a few brands. the app has more than 150 million users and popular with teens and young adults.
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the oakland a's opened the postseason ohhosting the detroi tigers. they will be facing ace matt scherzer who led the league with 21 wins. bartolo colon will start for the a's. the 40-year-old won 18 games and still throwing heat. the two teams met in last year's division playoffs. the a's will host the tigers tomorrow night and travel to detroit to resume the best of five series on monday. >> we're not saying 40 is old. >> you can do anything at 40. >> just getting started. 6:25, winds, flames and smoke, the bay area seeing it all this morning. coming up at 6:30 the wildfire breaking out in napa county and how far away people are smelling the smoke from this late night incident. the winds brought down trees overnight in the bay area. coming up next, we'll show you what happened. >> i'll tell you when those winds will finally subside. the fire danger, how much longer we'll have to worry about that and the warm weather for our weekend.
6:26 am
>> and i'm leyla gulen in the abc 7 traffic center. as you continue down 680 into danville, need to get off the freeway and head on to surface streets downed trees blocking the roadways. a couple new accidents, i'll tell you more about those co
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good morning. thanks for starting your day with us. a live look at the toll plaza. it's busy there this morning and hang on to that wheel as you're crossing the bridge. it is windy outside. good morning. thanks for joining us, i'm matt keller in for eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. a night of dangerous high winds in the bay area. many of you may be waking up to damage outside this morning. reporter amy hollyfield begins our coverage in diablo. amy? >> lots of trees down overnight because of all the wind. let's start in diablo. this crew is almost finished with the cleanup on this road, but look at what they were dealing with just a couple hours ago. a tree was blocking the road that leads in to diablo country club. this is right outside of alamo
6:30 am
in an unincorporated area. there are homes along this road so they wanted to get it cleared up as soon as possible so people could get out to work and to school. it came down overnight because of intense winds. >> it's amazing. i live in tracy. it's not like that there right now. usually tracy is the bad spot. it's kind of bizarre. i came around the corner and saw it. just crazy. >> he was with a company that has to clean up this mess. now check out another sight in oakland. this tree came down overnight as well on skyline road near highway 13 and brought down a lot of debris with it. the road is covered with branches and leaves. this one also started a small fire that was quickly put out. so a big mess left behind because of these winds overnight. we have not heard anything about injuries or damage. reporting live in diablo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. and more problems caused by the windy weather. two people were taken to the
6:31 am
hospital after a big tree came crashing down on top of their truck as they were driving through napa. check it out. it happened near solano and oakville avenues. branches really big ones from that tree shattered the windshield and went into the truck. we're told the driver and passenger suffered minor injuries. the wind is making for a mess in san francisco. a huge tree blew over blocking three of the four lanes of traffic on ma sonic avenue and fell street this morning. cleanup crews are chopping up the 50-foot long tree. the wind blew into san francisco from the berrysea fire in napa. residents on union street called the fire department after smelling smoke and not knowing if their building was on fire. >> yeah. it's pretty -- it kind of has like a wood fire smell to it. i don't know how else to describe it. >> scaffolding into power lines knocked out power to residents on 20th and deharo. right now a handful of people, about 15 customers remain
6:32 am
without power. pg&e says crews are working to restore power to everyone. >> mike nicco taking a closer look at two sets of numbers, wind speeds and temps. both are dramatic. >> definitely warmer this morning by 5 to nearly 25 degrees. warmer than this time yesterday. a wind gust around 28 miles per hour, gusting to 4, concord, close to where amy is or our closest reporting station. 24 livermore, 39 in fairfield, 15 at sfo, 17 at the coast. all right. so our wind advisory continues until 3:0037 diablo range, east bay hills, north bay mountains, 20 to 30 miles per hour. gusts to 40 miles per hour. most of the frees that are going to fall have probably fallen but still limbs and twigs could still come out of these trees and some leaves also so watch out for that as you're driving around today. all right. everywhere in the red, red flag warning. high fire danger until 6:00 tomorrow morning. and just in case you're away
6:33 am
from the tv and want an update on this, don't forget we have a weather app, live doppler 7 hd in the red floag warning this period. go to >> not a day to put the top down that's for sure. a lot to get to in the next report. i have a few crashes and a tree that's down blocking lanes in danville. the alamo area. as we head over to oakland, southbound along 880 at high street we have a report of a hit and run. sounds like one lane is blocked causing delays in the southbound direction. northbound traffic also building as you approach the maze. as we jump over to alamo, on surface streets danville boulevard at orchard court where we have trees blocking all lanes. looks like some branches came down and as we head over to highway 4 westbound, bailey road that's where we've got another accident involving a big rig, one lane blocked out there. slow coming out of the antioch, stay on the brakes as you head over to concord. kristen and eric -- excuse me matt. >> thank you so much, leyla.
6:34 am
as we mentioned smoke from a napa wildfire near lake berrysea blew into parts of the bay area last night. that fire is burning in the area of berrysea and knoxville road on the east side of the lake. it's burned 376 acres. and is 75% contained. firefighters hope to have the fire fully contained by 6:00 tonight. in the east bay, contra costa firefighters are the at scene of a brush fire near the refinery in martinez. it started around 1:00 this morning in a wild land area on solano way north of highway 4. smoke and flames could be seen in a wide area. no word on what caused the fire or how many acres burned there. >> b.a.r.t and union negotiators will be back at the bargaining table this morning with six days left before the end of the cooling off period. b.a.r.t management is considering the latest offer presented by the unions. workers have lowered their base pay proposal to increases below 15% over three years. both sides have reached an agreement on pension contributions. if no new contract is reached the unions could strike again as
6:35 am
early as next friday when a 60 day cooling off period order by governor brown expires. new development in a shooting at a u.s. capitol. abc news learned investigators are looking into reports that a connecticut woman who sparked it had a run-in with police and claimed she was under surveillance by president obama. the woman is identified as 34-year-old miriam carey, a dental high again test from sam sanford, connecticut. the fbi searched her home overnight. police say she tried to ram the gates at the white house yesterday and led officers on a high-speed chase that led with officers shooting her near the u.s. capitol. her family says she suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to her daughter last year. carey had a 1-year-old girl in the car at the scene. the child is in protective custody. we'll bring you updates on the investigation into the capitol hill shooting on air and on-line at where you can see some dramatic
6:36 am
images of the shooting from the first people on the scene. >> the nation is entering day four of a federal government partial shutdown with no end in sight. house republicans are proposing that the 800,000 furloughed government workers get backpay when the shutdown is over. a vote could come as early as today. conservatives are not backing down from trying to include changes in the health care law. in an emergency spending bill. meanwhile, president obama canceled a trip altogether to asia for economic summits in indonesia and brew week. twitter reports its revenue reached $254 million in the first half of this year. but expenses reached nearly $320 million. one tech analyst we spoke with says he doesn't think twitter is ready for the move, much like facebook wasn't when it went public last year. >> we had a feeding frenzy on the stock. the financials didn't support
6:37 am
the valuation that it reached and it collapsed under the weight. >> he thinks the current government shutdown is a huge obstacle for twitter but twitter isn't changing course yet. the price for twitter stock should be determined in the next three weeks. >> 6:37. flames broke out in a south bay home overnight and we have dramatic footage. we're live at the scene ahead. >> but coming up, authorities bust a website known for secret drug sales. what's next for the accused drug dealer. >> a live look outside for you. mt. tam camera looking at san francisco. you know, it is windy out there. you can probably see the camera bouncing around. we'll do traffic and weather together next as
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
starting with our roof cam showing the flag on pier 9, blowing to the southwest. look how choppy the bay water is and how warm the sky looks already. we are in the 60s on our way to 70s and 80s, at least four to ten degrees warmer than yesterday. 145th carnival for the san francisco spca, i believe it's the longest running spca in the country. it is going to be down around treat and the 16th street on
6:41 am
alabama street. look at these temperatures tomorrow during the carney vivc1 to 79 and won't be nearly as breezy as today. traveling around the state it's windy everywhere with mid 80s through the central valley to l.a. heading up to tahoe, it is breezy, a lot of sunshine, temperature 56 today but 73 by sunday. leyla. >> hearing from people saying they do not want to see a crash in oakland on the nimitz. unfortunately it is still in place. this is southbound along the nimitz right at high street and chp telling us they're going to have to come in and do a traffic break to get the car out of the roadway on to the shoulder. right now looks like traffic fairly light in the southbound direction. northbound is where we're seeing most of the delays. now as we take you back into alamo, this is where we have a downed tree but we have an update, it's not blocking any major lanes. you're going to be okay. traffic can get around. farther to the north here's a look at your walnut creek
6:42 am
commute. slow out there. ten minutes to highway 24. matt, kristen? >> thank you. a bail hearing today for the san francisco man accused of operating a black market website believed to have racked up more than a billion dollars in drug sales. ross ulbricht arrested tuesday in san francisco. federal prosecutors filed charges in new york alleging ulbricht is the mastermind who who operated silk road a digital marketplace that for three years, allowed users to trade illegal goods and services in near total secrecy. ulbricht is charged in maryland wit using a website to try to hire someone to kill a witness. time now is 6:42. ahead wall street responds to the twitter ipo and trading under way on wall street right now. a live look at the big board. the dow is down 16 points. ahead live to bloomberg's jane king at the new york stock exchange. >> coming up we're continuing to follow breaking news from the south bay. a fire breaks out at a san jose home. live with new video from inside
6:43 am
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we're continuing to follow breaking news from san jose. firefighters are blaming high winds for helping to fuel a house fire in san jose. >> abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo is live at the scene on foothill court. >> kristen and matt, a big gust
6:46 am
just picked up here. take a look at what's left from the house fire, burned out roof, sludge pouring down the driveway there. it's quite a mess. this is what caused it. take a look at this video, massive flames erupted here around 2:30 this morning. there were six people inside this home at the time. all of them were able to get out safe but it was actually two adults, two seniors and two children. firefighters, of course, went to work quickly trying to put out the fire but the windy conditions did not help. they created a bad situation not only for the homeowners here but their neighbors. >> heavy fire conditions in the attic with heavy wind conditions really gusty at that time, driving the fire so we did have a lot of concerns with not only the structure of origin but with other houses in the area that have roofs. >> reporter: in the end the fire was contained to the second story of this home where it started. we were actually able to go inside the home with the owners and the firefighters and the firefighter was shooting the homeowners up into their attic
6:47 am
explaining that is where it appears to have started and the fire was probably smoldering there for hours all night. but the scene here now is clear. firefighters, the last engine left just within the hour. live in san jose, katie marzullo, abc 7 fuse. >> thanks a lot. united airlines interiors are getting a new look and twitter's ipo could be a money maker. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange. good morning, jane. >> hi matt and kristen, good morning. looks like twitter ipo going to be another one of those get rich stories. a calculation by wealth access together twitter's ceo and two of his co-founders could be worth as much as $3.7 billion after the company's ipo. now this was based on the assumption twitter could be valued at about $20 billion when it goes public. some estimates do put the value of the company lower but even so, some key people are likely going to make a lot of money no matter how you slice it up here. here's how we look this morning on wall street.
6:48 am
really not a lot of movement. still certainly a lot of caution, a lot of worry about the government shutdown in washington and the bloomberg silicon valley index down slightly. shares of adobe systems we're watching them today. the san jose based company revealed it was hacked and customer data had been compromised. united airlines unveiling a new design for coach featuring leather seat covers and what they say is more ergonomic and supported level of cushions. united says the seats weigh less. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> all right. thanks, jane. the oakland a's are getting ready for the playoffs and fans couldn't be more excited. that includes pets, of course. this is curly. he lives at the san carlos elms assisted living and memory care center. thanks for the photo and curly not having a choice of what he wears today. we would like to invite you to send us your fan photos. e-mail them at or
6:49 am
share them on abc's facebook page or on twitte twitter @abc7newsbayarea. >> in case you make the decision to go, you can get on stub hub, $43 is the lowest we found. >> not bad. >> not bad for the playoffs. ticket city, they have them for like 50 bucks or so. the most expensive one, though, 500 bucks. >> really? >> hopefully right behind home plate. >> yeah. so it's going to be pretty nice weather? >> oh, my goodness, so nice weather. the whole country is going to see how gorgeous it can be around here this time of year. right now, they're not focusing on us anyway because of karen in the gulf and the snow in the rockies. so let's talk about what they're missing. right now, on doppler 7 hd showing how dry it is outside, not a cloud to be found, not a radar return to be found. dew points, remember we were in the 60s monday and so sticky. well now we're all in the 20s and that yields a dry air mass.
6:50 am
here you go. look at our relative humidity, 18% in santa rosa, 24 in hayward, 23 san jose, 29 concord and why we have the fire threat this morning. it gives us these beautiful sunrises as we look through oakland through the cam bouncing in the winds this morning. talk about what's going to happen moving forward. warm and dry breezes throughout the better part of today. this weekend we'll get rid of the breezes eliminate the fire threat but we'll keep the warm weather all the way out to the coast, both days. it's going to be cooler next week and the transition right now showing better signs of being slightly wet which was better than no sign of wetness yesterday. we could use rain. today's temperatures compared to average, livermore the only one close at 82. everybody else two to seven degrees warmer and you can enjoy the sunshine through 6:48. a look at our thermal trough. normally over the central valley, these winds are blowing to the coast and that's why warm weather spreading over all of our neighborhoods. look how close the high and low are and that's what's pushing
6:51 am
that warm, dry weather towards us. temperatures in the low to mid 80s in most neighborhoods. the exception, upper 60s to mid 70s at the coast. mid to upper 70s for san francisco and respect. here's the forecast for the game tonight. as our al west division champion, a's hosting the detroit tigers. 77 degrees at 6:30. still 70 by the time the game is over at 9:30. temperatures tonight slightly cooler. the winds won't be as fast. instead of 60s we'll be in the 50s. couple degrees warmer tomorrow, couple degrees warmer sunday. notice the warmth stays at the coast both days. try not to fight the traffic. maybe we can all spread it out between the two days. monday the temperatures start cooling out ahead of our next system and then tuesday, that's when we have the coolest weather and our best chance of rain. wednesday and thursday will feel like fall with breezy, cool conditions. have a great weekend. here's leyla. >> all right. very busy conditions out on the roads, i can tell you that much.
6:52 am
a lot of congestion and couple crashes. brand new one in san jose at tolly road. we have an overturned vehicle. sounds like they were trying to get off the freeway and it rolled over. down to 39 miles per hour, slow as you approach the 286/80 split and starts to ease up towards the san jose airport. east bay, westbound at bailey road still one lane blocked ute-out here but but some of the traffic has cleared up. not seeing heavy conditions. slow and go as you approach concord. go outside right now, take a look at this, it's going to be your berkeley drive along i-80 away from highway 4 to the maze. see traffic is moving out there and that's going to be at about 15 minutes to get to from north to south. kristen, matt? >> thanks. 6:52. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go. >> the abc 7 morning news
6:53 am
6:54 am
new this morning, dusty baker is out as manager of the cincinnati reds. the team source said baker was fired after six seasons with the reds. this comes through days after the team lost the national league wild card game to pittsburgh, 6-2. you remember him, he took over the reds in 2008 after managing the san francisco giants and chicago cubs, took the giants to the world series against the angels where they lost. >> yeah. all right. we'll share more about that later today i'm sure. right now, let's get on to the seven things to know before you go. number one, crews across the bay area are cleaning up after powerful winds moved through. gusty winds are to blame for downing trees and bringing down power lines as well in san francisco, oakland, alamo, napa and several other cities. less than 1,000 people, fewer than 1,000 people are without power. number two, those winds, they coincide with where we've seen the damage. the fastest winds, napa and concord and fairfield. 28, 24, gusting to 39 miles per
6:55 am
hour. as far as our wind advisory, it's for the east bay hills, diablo range in the north bay mountains until 3:00 this afternoon. the fire danger however will extend until 6:00 tomorrow morning and that will also include the santa cruz mountains. temperatures today will be in the 70s and 80s with all this sunshine. number three, breaking news in san jose where winds are to blame for fueling a house fire early this morning. it broke out in the attic of this home on foothill court near santa teresa boulevard. firefighters prevented the flames from spreading. family got out safely. >> crews are keeping a close eye on the weather as they try to contain a fire burning near lake berrysea in napa county. so far it's charred 376 acres since it broke out around 8:30 last night. firefighters hope to have the fire fully contained by 6:00 tonight. number 5, abc news learning new details about the connecticut woman accused in a wild scene on capitol hill. police say 34-year-old miriam carey tried to ram gates at the
6:56 am
white house before being shot to death by police at the capitol. this morning investigators are looking into reports of a previous run in with police, claims that president obama had her under surveillance. and number six a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, empty right now, friday light. breezy conditions certainly. chp issued high wind advisories for our bay bridges. 11 minutes from the maze to san francisco. couple crashes one in san jose on 101 at tully road involving an overturned vehicle and in milpitas another accident blocking southbound 101 atticen landing. number seven, the oakland a's open the postseason hosting the detroit tigers at the coliseum. the a's will face 21-game winner matt scherzer when he takes the mound for the tigers. bar low to colon will start for the a's. >> hopefully a couple wins this weekend and bring it back and hopefully won't have to came back for game five. that would be nice. thanks for joining us. don't forget you can get weather alerts and live radar throughout the red flag
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking, new details on the chaos at the capitol. police shooting in that wild chase, as we learn the identity of the woman behind the wheel with a baby in the backseat. a dental hygienist with postpartum depression. what caused her to snap? quadruple extreme storm weather whammy. karen for the gulf coast. with heavy rains. blizzard warnings for the rockies. red flag warnings out west. and tornados in the plains. sam is tracking it all. will leah remini be forced to testify against the church of scientology? why texas attorneys want her to play a role in a lawsuit. is she about to be subpoenaed? ♪ how do you like you me and


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