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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 6, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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4:00 this afternoon. lillian kim there is with the latest. reporter: the fire was about a quarter mile down this road. it was very small. but it generated a lot of smoke and it created quite a scare here in marin county. the fire started between 3:30 to 4:00 p.m. it was burning near the southern marin fire line road in an area with moderate brush and light timber and was burning near a redwood growth. the flames were put out before they could spread to property. a helicopter dropped water and air tankes dropped fire retardant. that's all it took to put the fire out. firefighters also credit the favorable weather conditions. >> right now there's very little wind. it's hot. the wind is a big contributing
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factor in any fire, and today we're lucky there were no winds. >> the response was very quick. this miss was swarming with -- between the helicopter, the planes, the trucks, the police, they were on it. >> in all the fire burned a quarter acre. crews will be out here all night to make sure it doesn't flare up again. as for the cause, it's under investigation. live in larkspur, abc7 news. >> ama: pg&e crews are gradually reducing the pressure a controversial pipeline in san carlos. the pipeline runs underneath the city. internal e-mails from pg&e and -- a pg&e employee questioned the integrity of the 84-year-old pipeline, specifically the thickness of the pipe. the utility stresses the pipeline is safe but will adhere to a judge's order to turn it off. that should be completed by tomorrow.
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>> right now, former president jimmy carter is at the paramount theater in oakland, minutes away from greeting thousands of volunteers in habitat for humanity. last week, people had their cell phones and wallets storm and one was pistol whipped. >> big buzz in the bay area sporting world. the oakland raiders could be packing their bags and heading east. team openers are scouting a spot for a new stadium at the former naval weapons station in concord. reporter: it's no secret the oakland raiders are in the market for a new home. their speaks expires at the aging coliseum at the end of the season and may have form a perfect spot at the former concord naval weapons station. >> we're very pliesed to have a site that is 20% the size of our city. >> only days ago the mayor gave
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a 90-minute tour of the 5,000-acre site to raiders owner mark davis, who apparently liked what he saw. >> he asked a lot of questions, and i think that questions are kind of like actions. if you get them, there's interest. >> davis told the mayor he liked the site's close proximity the b.a.r.t. station but will the raider nation good for a much? >> we you see the raiders play in concord. >> absolutely. >> many fans say they've followed the team before. >> we used to go to los angeles to see raider games so con colored we -- concord would be closer than los angeles. >> they have to stay local. they already came back from l.a. we want them in oakland. >> not everyone likes the idea. the navy has decommissioned the concord site but it still cleaning it up. it could be ready for development next year. the raiders owner made no commitment to the property about told the mayor of concord he would be in touch. the mayor is waiting for his
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call. >> ama: new tonight at 6:00, a family will receive nearly a million dollars from oakland's public schools after questions arose when a district police officer shot and killed a man. 20-year-old raw home brown died in january of 2011. a sergeant shot him twice after claiming brown was attacking another officer with a screwdriver. the other officer doubted by brown fired five more shots after it appeared brown was stopped. >> investigators think they solved the san jose murder case with the arrest of a man in las vegas, sean moore faces charges in a fatal shooting in august. u.s. marshals captured him friday. he is accused of killing a 22-year-old man. the crime was caught on surveillance cameras. the video shows garcia getting off this bicycle and leaning against a car. we a man runs up to him and shoots garcia in the head. family members say before the
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sheeting, garcia and the gunman were arguing at a park. investigators believe speed was a factor in an accident in san jose that killed one person and critically injured two others. the car slammed into a streetlight and caught fire. you can see there's little left of the car. the crash happened just before 2:00 this morning near winfield boulevard. police tonight say the man driving the infinity died at the scene. two female passengers were thrown from car. >> police in redwood city are searching for the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run on marshall and maple street last night. a vehicle struck man, then drove away. the vehicle is described as a dark colored minivan driven by a man. >> we have heard about national parks like yosemite being closed because of the government shutdown, and now you can't visit other federal lands because of budget gridlock in washington. the army corps of engineers operates several parks and recreational areas across
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california. today was the last day people could visit them. of course, parks usually offer places to hike, camp, fish, and other outdoor activities. >> negotiations between b.a.r.t. its unions will resume tomorrow ahead of thursday's end to a 60-day cooling off period. both sides took the day off today, but they will resume talks first thing tomorrow. besides wages, the biggest issue appears to be the length of the contract. b.a.r.t. officials want a four year contract, the unions want three years. both sides reached an agreement on pensions. still ahead at 6:00, one last get-together for family others nighted by a berkeley camp that was destroyed macesive wildfire near yosemite. the celebration happening now. chess players make the next move to protote san francisco's crackdown on their place to play. the eye-brow raising ads appearing on south bay buses. the message from the city about
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the city. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. believe it or not. 85 degrees right now in oakland. they're going to be play ball there this afternoon. we'll look at the seven-day forecast. k at them with we co back in our day, that u-verse wireless receiver. we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party.
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>> firefighters are starting to gain the upper hand on a raging
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wildfire burning at camp pendleton in southern california. the blaze on the u.s. marine corps base has engulfed more than 1500 acres. there's minor damage to several buildings. no injuries have been reported. fire crews issued an evacuation order for homes in immediate danger. officials will decide tonight if the resident will bev allowed back in their homes. the fire is 15% contained. happening now. berkeley repertory theater is hosting an event hoping to help the mend the staff from camp. it openin' 1922. a sold-out audience showed up today for a camp spirit event that began just about a half hour ago. camp staff are prooferring in the musical. the performance sold out within 24 hours is and a last chance to
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brick together camp families and staff. >> chess players protested today to keep their games going along san francisco's market street. they called the demonstration a, quote, chess-in, following a recent crackdown from police to keep people from playing chess. the chess players claim they have been there for decades and never harmed anyone. >> i think it's more about the soul of the city. certain people don't look the part what they want mid-market to look like, and they're trying to clean things up, and -- >> ama: city officials claim the games have started to attract illegal gambling and drug dealing. merchants complained about a spike in crime around the games. a new effort is underway in san jose to make their police watch dog agency more visible. these ads urging residents to report questionable behavior by police officers are appearing on
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the buses. the police auditor says it's about being visible in communities withhigh crime. the black cards provide a phone number for the residents to call if they have a concern about officers. >> some relief to the oakland coliseum's plumbing problems. we'll show you one company's extravagant solution for sports fansed. >> a live look outside as the sun begins to set, meteorologist leigh glaser has the forecast. >> game three of northwestern league division series in detroit. a's starter parker is rejuvenated. tony homo does -- tony romo does it again and that's not
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and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at san francisco's big blues bash in golden gate park is poised to shatter records this year. the 13th edition of the blue grass festival serenaded fans with more than 100 musical acts. organizers say this year's event was more crowded than ever, with estimates of well over half a million people. the events wrap up at 7:00. >> raider fans can go in style as they tailgate before the game the coliseum. charmin provided us the picture0s the luxury port-a-potties fans can use.
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the portable restroom trailers offer amenities such as sinks and even satellite tv. the aging coliseum has faced recent sewage backup in the a's dugout and the locker room area beneath the stands. it was an exciting finish for the oakland a's during game two of the american league division series to celebrate some loyal a's fans have been sending photos showing off their green and gold pride. this group is excited to be at the game. and one young fan shows off his little fan to beat the heat and the tigers. we want to see your a's photos. post them on our facebook page or on twitter at abc7 news bay area, and download wall paper for your cell phone. nor a look at the weather, here's leigh glaser. >> leigh: the niners are playing right now, temperatures near 80. right now.
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it's 85 in oakland so a terrific evening for football. fingers crossed the teams do win. doppler d. right now showing you some high clouds that have actually been just streaming from south to north and will bring us a beautiful sunset in a bit, and it is also going to mean a sign of a few things changing for us as we head into the upcoming work week. here's a look at highs today. novato, 82. 86, santa rosa, the entire bay area in the 80s. you can pick out your location, half moon bay, 80. 88 was the high in livermore. from our rooftop cam, beautiful shot of the embarcadero, san francisco. san francisco right now 77. san jose, 80. 85 in oakland right now. the black hole will be doing their thing in a few hours. 79 in los gatos, and a nice shot from the sutro cam.
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a milky sky this evening as the high clouds move in. napa, you're at 78. notice that novato, 77. antioch, 78. 80 in concord. here's a look at the forecast highlights. i hope you enjoyed the weekend because we're going to enter into a more cooler weather pattern, and that will begin on monday, and it also might include the chance of a few light showers, just a slight chance right now, as we head into tuesday night and wednesday. speaking of the raiders, a late game tonight, 8:35. temperatures will slip down to near 70 degrees. we'll go 67 there. and by the time the game ends, around 11:00 tonight, you should still see a little clearing there and temperatures holding in the 60s. overnight temperatures, north bay, 40s, the high clouds rotating towards
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the area and this area of low pressure that will make its way south as we head into monday, tuesday, and wednesday. so get ready for temperatures by wednesday. we'll drop as much as 20 degrees in some locations. monday, we'll seal the high clouds continue. the cooler air mass slides south, and by wednesday we're looking for a slight chance of maybe a sprinkle or two. highs for your monday, we all come down with the mid-to-upper sevens in. 77, san jose, 81, antioch, and looking out ahead, it's going to be much cooler. check out wednesday and thursday. low 70s inland. 60s near the bay, and low 60s at the coast, and chanceses of a few light showers on wednesday. that's about it. but you can notice that it is going to chill down a little bit. >> ama: feeling a little like fall.
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forget about it. just going to say you were checking the letter elsewhere. the a's are out of town. >> the a's, 50% chance of rain in detroit at 10:00 a.m. game in detroit. lights out pitching by sonny gray and a clutch base hit by steven vogt to set up game three. jerald parker starts. he pitched well last year but receivedly unless the way of run support. he struggled in september. 6.41 e.r.a. for the month. his last start, tagged for three homers in aless to seattle. so nine days between starts, could be a good thing. >> anytime you can get extra days at this opinion of the year it's a positive to go for your body. iron out a few things and extra mound work. it was definitely a positive. >> he is so stoic out there. you don't know what is going on. if he is giving up runs or
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showing a shutdown and that's going to help him out. >> cardinals and pirates, game three of the nlds. series shifted to pittsburgh. eighth, pirates up 3-2, carlos beltran, another postseason long ball. 16th of his career. the game is tied. bottom half of the inning, pedro alvarez. runner on second. base hit to right, harrison scores, pirates win. >> the raiders and niners playing under the nights tonight. oakland vs. san diego and the 49ers hosting houston at the stick. right now, 14-0 in the second quarter. brock, an interception return and frank gore a touchdown. the niners gained a game on seattle.
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fourth quarter, seattle up 28-23, brun -- brown scores. hawks are now 4-1. >> cowboys and chiefs. tony romo, 506 yards passing. with two minutes to good he does what tony romo does. those late interceptions. 51-48 the final. 99 combined points. the nightmare coin tore peyton's brother eli and the giants. david wilson, the touchdown run. copying my celebration. michael vick. left the game with a hallstring. eagles win 36-21. giants now 0-5. >> other driving monsoon in cincinnati, and the bengals
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completes the game with a touchdown pass and wins the game. 13-6 the final in cinci. >> three undefeated teams left. the saints, broncos, and the chiefs, led by alex smith. charles, 108 yards on the ground. kansas city 5-0, 26-17 win in tennessee. >> tiger woods leading the way, the americans continue to dominate over the internationals in the presidents cup. team u.s.a. leading 14-8, and the americans needing to win four to retain the cup. hunter mahan, center cup. leading 17-12, tiger woods, the two-putt par to close out. 4-1 this week. best record on the team. clinches the president's cup for the third straight time. nascar, kansas speedway,
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kevin harvick kept trouble at bay to take the checkered flag. matt kenseth holds on to the lead of the chase. >> scary moment in the grand prix of houston. dario franchitti involved in a a an accident. suffered a fracture in his spine and a concussion but will not need surgery. that's good news. 13 fans were treated for minor injuries due to flying debris. th
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>> ama: join my tonight on cable 13. 0 boston mom comes under fire for the note she wrote to a child's teacher. should the student be excused to cheer on his favorite baseball team? then at 11:00, this she government shutdown putting your safety at risk? the new concern as hubs of faa inspectors are sent home. all at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc7. the sandra bullock, george clooney space drama gravity scored high in the box office. the adventure film set records in the u.s. and internationally. the film takes viewers into orbit with a story line set entirely in space. it debuted with more than
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$55 million in north american ticket sales. last week's top movie, cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2, rolled into second place. coming in third, runner, runner, with more than more than 7.5 mi. prisoner was fourth, and rush was just shy of 5 million. that does it at 6:00. for leigh glaser, mike shumann, thank you so much for
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right now, sandra bullock and george clooney defy gravity. >> it's a fantasy we all have. what would it be like to fly? >> why marriage and divorce was the talk of this red carpet. >> hopefully one day they'll r forgive me. >> "grey's anatomy." >> the 200th episode is going to be a celebration episode. >> "on the red carpet" now. >> welcome to "on the red carpet" from warner brothers studio. i'm rachel smith. this is one of the world's busiest movie and tv studios and did you know you can take a vip tour through this place on one of these? today otrc is taking you for a ride hip the scenes. take a look at one of warner brothers newest movies hitting


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