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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 7, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and that breaking news is in the east bay. it's 5:00. that was so much for joining us. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. it's in richmond, firefighters and safety crews trying to upright an overturned propane tanker that force evacuation. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the scene. amy? >> reporter: tank is leaking propane, it's right behind me. you can see it's flipped over right here at carlson boulevard in richmond, next to interstate 80. and there is a hotel right next to it. here is carlton boulevard. i called the hotel, the employee
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who answered the phone told me they have evacuated about ten people who were in the rooms facing the freeway right there next to where the tanker is. firefighters tell us they are testing the air and the leak and the air around that with some air monitors. they are describing the leak as a small one. >> like i mentioned there is a small leak, not enough for us to notice. we know the propane is odorized. had there been a larger leak, we would have an order as well as other signs we were able to be able to see with our monitors. we have up in of those. this is just a precaution. >> reporter: the truck was carrying two tank a total of 9,000 gal lops of propane. they are not sure how much was in the tank that flipped over and is leaking. so only one of the two actually landed on its side and has that small leak happening right now. they have closed the carlton boulevard exit ramps in both
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direction, mainly so they can have their emergency crews staging here in this area and have some room and not have to deal it with traffic but interstate 80 is flowing just fine. haven't changed the traffic flow up there. right now, trying to figure out how to get this thing out of there, how to get the leak to stop. haven't uncovered that, that is okay. live in richmond, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> time for a look at traffic and how this may be affecting the commute that is leyla. >> good news the driver is okay, take knew that area, richmond, traffic is slowing smoothly, extra volume building, westbound traffic not a problem, although the carlton boulevard off-ramp in the west bound direction, both on and off ramps going to be affected in the east bound direction. use petrero instead. head to the east bay, traveling along 580 out of tracy and into duplin, 40 miles an hour a top
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speed, slowing down significantly, head outside, san mateo bridge and clear conditions how the of hayward, foster city, 14 minutes will get through. now our weather, where we do have a cool down. we did have a nice, warm weekend. it was lovely, wasn't it? i hope you bottled it, that is what we are going to need the rest of the week to take us through the next weekend. live doppler hd radar returns that high, wispy clouds no moisture, not yet. that is going to come midweek on wednesday, as a matter of fact. take a look from our kgo roof cam, toward the bridge, embarcadero there, nice and clear conditions, we are looking at slightly cool temperatures as well. 62 degrees, going to be in the upper 50s in the south bay. look from the explore tore yum, bay bridge, gorgeous view, forecast, see cooler temperatures around the bay, certainly around the coast by five to ten degrees. eric, kristen?
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>> thank you. breaking knew the bay area can claim two more nobel prize winners, professor from rival universities whose work directly improved medicine. abc7 news reporter matt kelser live at menlo park. matt? >> reporter: the big news came early this morning here in menlo park for the family of stanford professor thomas sue hoff. his wife told me that he wasn't sure that it was actually true. here's the proof. >> has today decided to reward the 2013 know pell prize in sociology or medicine jointly to james rothman, randy scheckman and thomas sue hoff for their discoveries of machinery regulating vesicle traffic to major transport systems in our cells. >> reporter: announcement for the nobel prize for medicine came about 1:30 this morning our time in stock home, sweden.
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sue hoff is a professor at stanford. he won the prize with randy scheckman, a uc berkeley professor. they solved the mystery of how the cell organizes a transport system. sue shovel traveling now in europe. his wife spoke with him this morning by phone. >> he said he couldn't believe it. he wants to go on to the nobel prize website to see if it's real or someone putting a prank on him. i told him it's real. >> two stanford professor won the nobel prize last year, besides the prestige that comes with the win, three professor will fit the $1.2 million prize. live in menlo park, matt keller, abc7 news. >> thanks, matt. 5:05 now. fire officials are trying to determine this morning what sparked a brushfire that jammed up traffic on the bay bridge. it broke out on yorba buena island before 8 last night.
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the fire quickly spread up the side of the island, crews are able to knock it down before it threatened any structures. the fire did slow down the sunday night commute across the lower deck of the bay bridge. fire officials say fireworks may have played a role in this blaze. pg&e is turning off a major pipeline that runs through san carlos after the city won a legal battle a judge ordered the utility to shut down line 147 after safety concerns based on internal pg&e e-mails questioning the safety of an 83-year-old seam weld on that pipeline. the line that runs under residential britain avenue is similar to the one that exploded in san bruno three years ago, killing eight people. while pg&e insists the pipeline is safe, san carlos leaders say they want proof. >> we haven't got the answers to those questions. we get the answers to those questions with the engineers, again, the professionals doing this, hopefully, we will be in good shape. we don't know what the outcome is going to be. >> pg&e says the process of shutting down the pipeline takes hours and should be completed by
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tonight. negotiations are set to resume this morning between b.a.r.t. and its unions with just four days for the two sides to reach a deal and avoid another devastating strike. both sides took the day off yesterday after briefly meeting saturday morning. members of a movement to stop b.a.r.t. workers from striking will be at several b.a.r.t. stations today. the group led by or ribbon da councilman, steve glaze ter, trying to raise public support for new state legislation to prevent transit workers from.going on strike. details about weekend raids by u.s. special forces, including the capture of a top terror suspect in libya. this morning, secretary of state john kerry is dismissing criticism from the libyan government. >> reporter: these missions were synchronized, carried out the exact same time south u.s. team he is the element of surprise. one hugely successful, lead owing to the can sure of one of the most wanted men in the
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world. a double blow against al qaeda terrorists, two high-risk raids carrieded out by u.s. special operations forces in libya and somalia. the mission in libya led to the cab sure of this man, a 49-year-old al qaeda leader and computer expert. >> we hope this makes clear that those members of al qaeda and other terrorist organizations literally can run but they can't hide. >>. >> reporter: u.s. has been hunting al libi for 15 years for the murders in kenya and tanzania in 1998. they were snapped up outside his home in tripoli. a three-car convoy approached al libi's vehicle, commandos jumped out, smashed the windows and grabbed al libi there were no shots fired. before al libi stands trial in new york, officials say a high-value interrogation team will try to get information from him. >> i think that's the bestic say. and i think there's a lot of gaps you can fill. >> reporter: 3,000 miles away
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from libya, another raid in somalia. the famed navy s.e.a.l. team six storm as compound on the beach. in their sights, a senior leader of al shabaab, the group that claims credit forth massacre at a kenyan mall last month but the s.e.a.l.s. encounter much heavier resistance than they expected. after my-an hour of gunfire, the team was forced to withdraw, unsure if their target was killed. >> one of the things that you snows that your intelligence picture no matter how good it is, it is never going to be perfect. >> reporter: there are some big questions those interrogators are hoping al libi can answer. among them where is al qaeda leader iman alza war rained what information does he have about future attacks against the u.s.? san francisco middle schools are getting an undpremtsed boost to prepare students to succeed in this high-tech world.
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if you are traveling in the south bound direction away from highway four, a little bit more traffic there i can see extra taillights, make that push towards highway 24, north bound completely clear. kristen, eric? >> thank you so much, leyla. it is 5:12. a big military contractor cancels plans to furloughing employees. the bloomberg business report coming up. it is not checkmate, no, not by any stretch. san francisco's chess players booted by the city made their big move. their message they are sending with their kings and pawns. and the bar tender gets an unusual tip. how it turned into a sizable fortun into an easy dinner with crescent dogs. just separate, add hot dogs, cheese, roll 'em up, and bake. lookin' hot, c-dog.
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national park collection. air wick. the craft of fragrance. welcome back, 5:15. z does of street chess players say they will continue to protest against the police crackdown on them, playing against market street in san francisco. they organized a chess-in yesterday. police recently started breaking up games near the powell street cable car turnaround. local businesses have complained about a spike in crime. police say the chess games have led to gambling and drug dealing. the chess players claim they have been there for decades and they were harmless. happening today, testimony begins in new orleans in the federal government's case against british petroleum over the 2010 gulf oil spill.
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experts will begin by arguing over just how much oil was spilled from the deepwater horizon oil rig. the justice department says it is somewhere around the 176 million gallons. bp says the number is closer to 105 million. government lawyers are seeking up to $18 billion in damages. bp estimates i the damages at 10 billion. police in mexico say a mechanical failure may have caused a deadly crash involving a monster truck at an air show. we want to warn that you some of this video may be very difficult to watch. officials say the driver appeared to lost control of the truck after leaping the obstacle at the extreme aeroshow. six people died when the vehicle shot into the crowd of spectators. at least 40 people were injured. police detained the driver on suspicious of manslaughter. prosecutors are looking into the possibility of a mechanical failure that left him unable to
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release the gas pedal. chinese authorities say one person is dead and 1200 homes have collapsed after a typhoon slammed into the country's east coast. here's a look at some of the damage. the national meteorological center says a typhoon hit the count country's province this morning. winds of up to 94 miles an hour knocked out power and flights. jane king has this morning's bloomberg business report. >> good morning, sharp warmings from economists, bankers, money managers, traders and former government officials. they say u.s. debt would be catastrophic and far more catastrophic. warren buffett said politicianless should stop using
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the debt ceiling in debates and says it is like nuclear bombs, too horrible to use the treasury will run out of money october 17th if congress doesn't increase the debt limit. united technology is canceling plans to furloughing 4,000 workers after most civilian employees were sent home and the federal shut down put back to work. the military contractor planned to put sick corky and pratt and whitney workers on leave beginning today. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:18. how is this for great gratuity? a regular customer gave a bartender his keno ticket as a thank you it turned out to be that bartender's lucky day because that keno ticket was worth more than $17,000. she tried to give it back, he told her it was hers to keep. she say she is plans to buy a new couch and put the rest into savings. that is a lot to put into savings. >> unless you buy a really expensive couch. >> nice he let her keep it.
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a lot of people out there. here is $20. >> that ticket, please? >> how is it looking? >> what doesn't restore, cooler temperatures. we had a beautiful weekend. ready to go out to the bay yesterday actually for the glide floss bridge to bridge race, packed out there, perfect day. it is gorgeous. those warm temperatures, they are going to cool down significantly, live satellite. not seeing returns of moisture. we do have some mid to upper clouds though for much of the bay area. that is not really going to make a difference with temperatures. the trough of low pressure going to be coming in, cooling things down midweek. look from the east bay hills toward the bay brim, the eastbound there, nice and clear, twinkling lights, we do have high clouds overnight, cooler pattern begins today. showers a chance of those by
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midweek. take a peek at our highs today, going to be in the upper 70s, low 70s along the peninsula. move inland, see the warmer temperatures in the low 80s, so, significantly cooler than what we had over the weekend. here is a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast, you can see tomorrow, we do have temperatures dropping down several degrees and then on wednesday, we have got that chance mostly for the south bay and eastern portions of the bay area. by thursday, a warmup, it dries out, looking nice for the weekend. let's see what's happening in traffic, on the roads we go. one problem that's been really a thorn in our side. this is in richmond, take you over there, eastbound side of 80 at carlson boulevard, we have an overturned tanker truck. not sure if it was trying to exit the freeway or trying to get on. either way, it overturned and now leaking propane. amy hollyfield out there she will bring us more details as they become available. we do have a hotel right in that
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area. and for the rooms that are facing where the tanker truck overturned, those rooms have been evacuated. so, all precautions have been taken. if you're heading along the westbound direction, the off-ramp has been shut down, use petrero instead. taking a look outside, here's a peek at our bay bridge toll plaza, there you go you can see traffic is flowing smoothly coming in out of emeryville. few extra headlights. right now, state top speeds. kristen, eric? >> leyla, thanks, now 5:21. ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. >> she survived a horrifying attack simply for wanting to go to school. next, what an afghan girl who captured the heart of the world is fighting for now. and a boston mom comes under fire for a note she wrote to the fire for a note she wrote to the [ lane ] do you ever feel like you're growing old waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available.
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and thrive. hose who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at if is 5:24 whether just joining us or heading out the door, seven things to know today. number one, a tanker rolled over at carlson boulevard forcing evacuations a at nearby hotel. at least some of the residents were evacuated. fire crews say the tanker is slowly leaking some propane. 500 gallons all together there. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live on the scene and will join us with the latest in a few minutes. number two, investigators trying to figure out if fireworks are to blame for a fire on yorba buena island last night. the fire slowed traffic on the bay bridge before firefighters
5:25 am
managed to put it out. the first nobel prizes of the year were just announced in sweden and two winners are from here in the bay area. randy scheckman of uc berkeley and thomas sue hoff of stanford won the nobel prize for their work in cell research. days away from the end of the cooling off period and still no deal for b.a.r.t. and its unions. the two sides will return to the bargaining table today after a brief meeting over the weekend. union workers could strike on friday if no deal is reached by thursday night at midnight. number five, the oakland a's resume their division playoff series against the tigers in detroit at 10:00 in the morning our time. the a's tied the series at one game a piece with a walkoff win in the boot tomorrow of the ninth at the coliseum saturday. mount tam toward san francisco, clear companies, cooler this week. we are going to be seeing a chance of possible showers on wednesday. i will have your full
5:26 am
accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. and number seven, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the cash lanes are starting to load up this is the least of our worries. we have an overturned tanker truck in richmond causing a little bit of a crimp in your commute. i will have the details of that coming up. leyla, thanks a lot. now to diane sauer's exclusive interview with malala yousafzai. she was shot in the head by taliban gunman for seeking out in support of educating girls. she had a remarkable recovery and the youngest nominee ever for the nobel peace prize at the age of 16. malala spoke to diane about the day she was shot on her way home from school a year ago. >> on the day i was shot, all my friends -- except mine. >> was that wise? it was brave, but it was wise? >> i wanted to live my livize want. >> wow. we will hear more from malala and her remarkable story coming
5:27 am
up on "good morning, america" at 7:00. a boston mom sunder fire for writing an excuse note to get her son out of school so he could see the red sox play. carrie mckinnon and her son, brian, are huge red sox fans. on friday she wrote this note to brian's teacher. "please allow brian to be dismissed 1591:45. he has red sox fever and needs to visit fenway for the cure." she says she wanted to teach brian that hard work leads to success, just ask the red sox. 5:27. >> it was honest. >> it was honest. the abc7 morning news continues at a 5:30 with the top stories, including a bay area gas line shut down over safety fierce. we will tell you what's happening today to ease concerns. and flag controversy, the meeting happening today after criticism for plans to raise the chinese flag in a bay area city.
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5:30 on this monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we begin with breaking news from richmond, an overturned propane tanker has fire officials and safety officials scrambling that the hour. amy hollyfield is live near the scene with the latest information. amy? >> reporter: the room's at america's best value inn that are near the tank have been evacuated a hotel employee tells me that's about ten people. and officials have closed carlson boulevard exits on interstate 80 in both directions.
5:31 am
firefighters say the truck was car twroig tank carrying propane. >> we don't want to create any type of false fears or concerns. what we are doing right now is just gathering information and making sure that we can get this thing upright and off the road. >> reporter: they say about -- there's about 4500 gallons of propane gas in the tank that is leaking. it was carrying a total of about 9,000 gallon bus one of those tanks is fine. upright. not leaking at all. they stay is is a small, slow leak. they are calling all of this a precaution. right now, trying to figure out how to stop that leak, upright that tanker and get it out of here so they can open up the area and have everything flowing through here as normal. live in richmond, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. >> as amy said, this is along interstate 80 on the ramps.
5:32 am
see the effect it is having on traffic. >> great news and we take you right into eller is the retoe, right into richmond, you can see mostly green on this map. a short six-minute drive. just under ten minutes through the called cot. alongside 80, tracy to dublin this ride is loading up, 50 minutes in the westbound direction. outside we go. here is a look at this going to be your drive into san raffaele a trickle of cars as they make it in the southbound direction. northbound, taillights moving smoothly and top speeds. now what's happening in our weather? i'm afraid it is going to cool down, starting today. we look at radar and satellite,
5:33 am
we do have high clouds there, not seeing any returns in terms of moisture, but that is coming later this week. as we take a look at our highs at a glance for the bay area, 77 degrees, santa cruz, 80 in morgan hills, travel along the peninsula, going to be pretty much in the lower 70s to upper 60s in san francisco, 68 our high today. 82 in livermore, 81, antioch. a little bit warmer but not as toasty and it was over the weekend. we take a quick look right now at our day planner for the next 12 hours, we can see we do have the uptick in temperatures, it will cool down come wednesday. eric? >> thanks, leyla. 5:33. the first noble prizes of the year were just announced in sweden. the honor goes to two scholars here in the bay area. randy she canman, thomas sudhof and james rothman wins of this year's nobel prize in medicine.
5:34 am
more from abc7 news reporter matt keller at the top of the hour. just four days away now from the end of the 60-day cooling off period and another possible b.a.r.t. strike. negotiations resume between b.a.r.t. and its unions. both sides took date off yesterday. besides wages, the biggest issue is the length of the contract. b.a.r.t. officials want a four-year deal. unions want three. the cooling off period ends at midnight on thursday night and union workers could go on strike as early as friday. a brushfire on yorba buena island is under control, but it caused a traffic nightmare on the bay bridge for drivers leaving san francisco last night after the 49ers game. it started just before 8:00 last night and quickly climbed up the side of the island. crews were concerned it would reach the coast guard station, they were able to attack the flames from ground level. >> we have some initial reports from telephones, could have been fireworks involved, two spot
5:35 am
fires rapidly growing on the side of the island. developing news from the peninsula this morning. pg&e crews in san carlos are gradually reducing the pressure in a controversial pipeline following a judge's order to completely shut it down. the pipeline runs under the city along britain avenue. pg&e insists the pipeline is safe, but internal e-mails question the integrity of an 80-year-old seam weld on the pipeline. that's when san carlos officials asked the judge to step in. the process of shutting the pipeline down could be completed by tonight. the san leandro city council will meet today to discuss whether to ever raise the flags of other governments over city hall. this stems from plans to raise the chinese flag. city and chinese leaders hoped to mark china's national day last week with the ceremony there that was going to include
5:36 am
raising the chinese flag over city hall, but the move was called off due to criticism. the mayor says the community should weigh in on the matter first. happening today, former president jimmy carter will visit the habitat for humanity construction site in oakland, where workers were robbed just a few days ago. mr. carter has helped habitat for humanity build homes around the world since 1984. he and former first lady, rosalyn carter, spoke to habitat supporters at oakland's paramount theater last night. >> oakland is one of the leading cities in the nation on affordable housing and i want to congratulate the mayor and all those that make this possible. >> the carters will appear at another project site tomorrow before heading to events in colorado, new york and new jersey. meantime, oakland police have not made any arrests related to last wednesday's robbery at the brookfield court development. authorities say four men robbed the crew of wallets, cell phones and tools. if you're following the oakland a's pennant chase in the
5:37 am
playoffs, you will need to get an early start this morning. they resume their division playoff series against the tigers in detroit at 10:00 in the morning our time. the a's tied the series at one game a piece with a walkoff win in the bottom of the ninth at the coliseum saturday. parker will take the mound for the a's in detroit in the best of five series. little cake there pie in the face. and gatorade. a's fans are showing off their playoff pride, celebrating after saturday night's big win. check out these little fans, almost too tired to stand after all the excitement. post your photos on our facebook page. or twitter, abc7 news bay area. might not want to hit any walkoff singles, going to throw gatorade and pie on you. >> no, they want to hit them. check in with leyla in for mike this morning.
5:38 am
>> it has been beautiful, hasn't it? 5:37, waking up to cooler temperatures. a look at our radar satellite, live 7 hd, high cloud, that is going to be the story for most of the week, at least until that thursday or friday. got the area, low trough coming in bringing cooler temperatures. so far, calm winds, don't really have very heavy gusts like experiencing last week, that was the good news, temperatures definitely cooling down, a chance for showers coming midweek. a look or four explore tore yum camera, twink ling lights, see the water there absolutely beautiful, our first forecast for inland areas, going to be topping out about 82 around the bay, really 74, 68 in san francisco. along the, 77 will be your high in santa cruz, but for the most part, in the lower to mid-60s. i will have your full accuweather seven-day forecast coming up in a little bit. right now, let's head out to the roads. how is your morning commute shaping up?
5:39 am
not so hot in richmond, although not quite as bad as it could be. we have amy hollyfield out there as well, covering this, an overturned tanker truck along east bound side of 80, you come up to carlson boulevard, on and off-ramps shut down. west bound is shut down, use petrero instead. no word when this is going to clear up. so far, not really affecting your commute, but definitely a slow drive, heading out of tracy, over the altamonte pass and into livermore and duplin. you can see that. 13 miles per hour your top speed. eases up once you pass vasco, slow and go until you reach duplin, then back on the brakes to the interchange a look from our -- as we take that drive toward the maze, i should say, along 80, approach 580, buildup of traffic there kristen, eric? >> thank you, leyla. the silver and black may soon be on the move. next, the new bay area site the raiders are eyeing for a new stadium. the attention-getting ads
5:40 am
showing up on south bay buses, the message san jose
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prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. it is 5:426789 i liked the idea of being a tester for
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things some starting today, you can try out proposed b.a.r.t.'s new rail cars. b.a.r.t. provided these pictures of the cars. the seat cushions will have three different thicknesses, soft, medium and firm. riders are being invited to test the new seats today at the union city station from 3 to 7 p.m. they will be at the pittsburg station tomorrow and downtown berkeley wednesday. the san francisco board of supervisors will begin debate today on whether to close the city's parks at night because of vandalism and homelessness. supervisor scott wiener has proposed a measure that would make city parks off limits between 10 at night and 5 in the morning. the san francisco examiner reports wiener says it is the only way to curb an estimated $1 million a year loss from vandalism and illegal dumping. homeless advocates oppose the measure. if the board's land use and economic development committee approves the measure today, the full board could vote on it october 22nd. a new effort is under way in the south bay to make san jose's police watchdog agency more visible.
5:44 am
these ads encouraging san jose residents to report questionable behavior by city police officers are beginning to appear on santa clara vta buses, put up by the office of the independent police auditor. the focus is on lines across east san jose and downtown which city leaders have identified as hotspots of police activity. the auditor's office says they want to be visible in communities that experience high levels of crime and police attention. could the oakland raiders be on the move? there is talk one possible location could be the naval weapons center in concord.
5:45 am
their lease expires at the aging coliseum at the end of the season and they may have found the perfect spot here at the former concord naval weapons station. see the raiders play in concord? >> absolutely. yeah. >> we used to go to los angeles to see raiders games so concord would be a closer step than los angeles. >> no, they have to stay in oakland, they have to stay local. they already just came back from l.a. how many years that we want them in oakland. they have to stay local.
5:46 am
they had to convert the field from baseball to football. the pitching mound was removed, bleacher seats moved in and sod laid down. normally, it is a two-day process so crews worked all night to get it done. by the way, the raiders beat the san diego chargers, 27-17. if you are out on wednesday, you will need the umbrella. only if you are going to be in the south bay or eastern portion of the bay area. right now, hd satellite radar returns, got those high clouds, what we are going to be seeing the most part, today, the mid to upper level clouds. we do have this trough of low pressure that's coming n and that's bringing us cooler temperatures as we head toward midweek. that is also bringing us some moisture that's coming in from the pacific northwest, going to settle over the south bay and into some eastern portions, possibly bringing some light snow showers to our highest elevations. as we take a look at right now temperatures right now, we are settling in the mid-50s to upper -- excuse me, the lower 60s, even to the upper 40s in the north bay, so, a little chillier today, you will
5:47 am
definitely notice, our highs for today, we take a look across the state. we do see 67 degrees in monterey, 80s in los angeles. 90 in palm springs, warmest temperatures there, a peek at our overnight lows. low to middle 50s for most of the bay area. you can see 54 degrees in fairfield, 52 in san mateo, along the coast, a little bit chillier, 10 to 15 degrees cooler than we experienced the last couple of days. here is a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast, you can see come tomorrow, going to be doning out about 78 inland, a cool down on wednesday, possibility of showers. thursday, temperatures start ramping up just a little bit. and it's going to be a pretty pleasant weekend ahead. is the commute to work going to be pleasant? amy hollyfield is out there, due
5:48 am
to an overturned tanker truck, doesn't seem to be affecting traffic on i-80 as well. through richmond, see carlson boulevard, on and raoff ramp sh. debris in lanes on the expressway, two feet wide, not sure what it is we will watch out for that head into the east bay, a high look at highway 4 through antioch. top speed, 16 miles per hour, does jump up as you get closer to bay point and concord and outside we to go. 280 away from 17, headlights are making in the northbound direction, clear around top speeds. kristen? >> leyla, thank you so much. a second motorcyclist faces charges in connection with that beating of a new york driver pulled from his suv. 37-year-old reginald chance is charged with assault. he appeared before a judge yesterday.
5:49 am
police say chance was the man seen using his helmet to bash in the window of the suv. police say the incident a week ago sunday started when the vehicle bumped a biker who had slowed down. police identified that as christopher cruz. cruz spoke exclusively with abc's dan harris. >> what should we know about you? >> that i'm family man of two kids. i have a 2-year-old and a 6-year-old. i try to stay away from trouble as much as possible. >> what kind of impact is this having on your life? >> it has turned my life upside down. >> another man was arraigned saturday on charges of stomping on the driver's head and body during the attack. coming up on "good morning, america," hear more of the exclusive interview with christopher cruz. why he says the police, the media and everyone who has seen the video have it all wrong. that's at 7:00. 5:49 now. already out two weeks, already prices slice slashed on the new iphone. tell you which model and how much prices dropped. a welcomed surprise, drivers are finally finding at the gas
5:50 am
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5:53 am
flames have scorched 1500 acres. delta airlines is still trying to figure out how a 9-year-old boy flew from minneapolis to las vegas without a chaperon or a ticket. airline officials say the boy acted as though he was part of a family while going through the screening process. he then distracted an airline boarding employee before slipping onto the plane. the crew got suspicious because the child did not match their passenger manifest. the boy, who is apparently a runaway, is in protective custody this morning. you might find a little less pain at the pump this morning, the average cost of gas has fallen 14 cents a gallon the past two weeks thanks to an oversupply of transportation fuel. the lundberg survey finds the average nationwide price for a gallon of regular is 3.38. the lowest price in the nation,
5:54 am
st. louis, average 3.31. the highest in san francisco at 3.88. leyla grew goalen -- leyla gulen. yesterday, high clouds and warmer than the yesterday before, just gorgeous. things are going to cool down. still going to be lovely, we do see a warm -- excuse me, a cool down in our temperatures for the week, as we take a look at our day planner the next 12 hours, starting off, 54 inland, 58 by the bay, 56 along the coast. head to noontime, see the mid to high level cloud there is. not really going to be bringing us cool temperatures, really a low trough that's going to be coming in, bringing us some cool temperatures and possibility of showers on wednesday. i will have all the details on that coming up in a little bit. right now, let's talk about traffic. we do have a couple of problems there, as we take you over
5:55 am
toward this drive. this is toward treasure island. if you did hear, we did have a fire there, treasure island off-ramp is shut down. westbound side will be affected. in fact, we do see some traffic as you approach the tunnels there. a little slow and go, buildup of that morning commute. as we take you right into san jose, this is where we do have an accident, southbound 880 involving two vehicles, sounds like everything has been pushed over to the shoulder, quick look outside, here, bay bridge toll plaza, a bit slower for your commute as you head out of emeryville. 5:55 now. some of the nation's largest youth sports organizations are forming an alliance to address concussion. pop warner football, usa hockey, usa basketball and other groups are partnering with concussion experts and sports medicine
5:56 am
professionals to put together the best practices for diagnosing and treating young athletes. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, nearly 250,000 kids and teens went to emergency rooms in 2009 for traumatic brain injuries, including concussions. health experts blame a large whooping cough outbreak on a discovery that i clusters of children were never vaccinated. more than 9100 californians came down with whooping cough or pertussis in 2010. ten infants died. it marked the biggest whooping cough outbreak since 1947. researchers found higher infection rates in areas were parents opted out of the vaccine for personal reasons. the study appears in the journal "pediatrics." new this morning, a just-released report is suggesting that california cities stop holding their municipal elections in years without big state or federal elections. the study is from the green lining institute, an organization that advocates for racial justice. it concludes that off-year municipal elections cost more per voter and tend to draw disproportionately small numbers of minority voters. san francisco holds its mayoral contest a year before the presidential election.
5:57 am
in los angeles, it's the year if you are among the apple fans who decided to hold off before getting the iphone 5 c, you can get one at a discount. a price war has broken out over apple's newest iphone after two weeks on the market. best buy has cut the price of the iphone 5 c in half. best buy is selling it for only $50 with a two-year contract. walmart is also offering a discount. it's selling the 5 c for $45 with a two-year contract through the end of the year. next at 6:00, the bay area men who can add noble winner to their recipes that morning. a tanker crash causes worry in the east bay and some evacuations it is what is inside causing so much concern a live report coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
evacuations remain in place in richmond after a tanker truck slip flipped over near interstate 80. amy hollyfield has been talking to fire officials and joins us with an update. amy? >> reporter: we just got a briefing, kristen, they tell us they are now waiting for the tow truck going to clear this truck and its tanks out of here. you can see it is still sitting right over there, right a


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