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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 9, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> we're saddened to announce that we believe the body in the campus yesterday morning is that of lynnford also known as lynn spaulding. >> she was 56, a mother of four checked into the hospital september 19th disappeared september 21, remained missing until a stf member found the body in an outside stairwell yesterday. >> we do not know how she came to be in the stairwell yesterday, how long she'd been there or what caused the death. >> this has shaken to us our core. our staff is devastated. >> neither the hospital's representative nor the sheriff's demt took questions. today's briefing was all statements leading lynn spaulding's family and friends exas per yaited. >> a kindergartener could have put together that statement. a woman's body was found, it's lynn spaulding. we need answers now. >> among answers omitted whether there are working video cameras, how much
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searches, how could it search and miss the stairwell? when asked what lynn spaulding was wearing when found, the hospital spokeswoman insisted she does not know and then, departed quickly. >> we're not going to take questions today. thank you all for coming. >> hard questions are hard to answer. >> from now on, the hospital says it will release all information via a telephone hot line. hot lines after all do not take questions. at san francisco general hospital, wayne freedman abc 7 news. a memorial service honoring a usf graduate just wrapped up. army lieutenant was killed in a suicide bombing attack along with three other members on sunday. dozens gathered to remember her. she graduate frtd university's school of nursing before enlisting in the army. >> i'm sure she smiled every
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time she put on her gear and walked into the desert heat. she was happy to be serving her country. >> flags have been lowered to half staff at the state capitol in her honor. >> moreno was one of four soldiers whose bodies returned to american soil today. defense secretary chuck haigel made a rare trip to dover air force base for the tribute. families had to pay out of pocket. death benefits were not paid because of the government shut down. but hours afterwards that did change. the federal government voted to restore the immediate $100,000 death benefit to families of vet trans. the shut down continues and there are more than five million checks will not go out
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november 1. >> the government shut down affecting services in the bay area. though not as fire dir as what veterans are coping w for more let's go go live in san francisco. leanne? >> well, i have to tell you that a lot of disappointed people this afternoon, many asking us why the cliff house was forced to close when a restaurant just up the hill from here, which also stands on federal land is allowed to remain open. well... we found out why. jim madden made a sign and stood in front of the restaurant, closed because of the shut down. the resident said he felt the need to criticize both political party autos they're like children in a school yard having a brawl. and are not want to take your marbles and go home. >> voices is open for business. >> we did have a concession
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contract but now have a lease with them. so since we have a lease they said we can remain open. cliff house has to close. >> judith from new hampshire makes it a point to eat at cliff house in san francisco. >> this does not need to be closed. the people that work here are hired by concession. they won't get paid. the government employees may be will get paid. it's just giving information to stay home. >> at chrissy field, the same story. all concessions were closed and drivers not allowed to park cars there. the shut down is also affecting these childrens' creative juices. every year public school students in san francisco participate in a leap sand castle contest but because the competition is held at ocean beach, the event has been postponed. ocean beach is part of the golden gate national
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recreation area. >> because of the federal government they weren't agreeing so they had to shut down beaches and other stuff. >> the competition brings in donations and contributions that help fund art programs in the school district. that is now put on hold n san francisco, abc 7 news. >> agriculture department threatening to shut down three poultry processing plants linked to a salmonela outbreak giving foster farms until tomorrow to tell the department how it will fix the problem, the company has in the recall nid products. that is sickened 278 people with most victims near california. cdc says that is serious enough that it is called back experts furloughed in the shut down. >> 49ers linebacker alden smith expected to turn himself in on weapons charges announced against him today. they're the result of an
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investigation into a rally -- rowdy party at smith's home last year. he was stabbed and shots were fired. the district attorney says three firearms were illegal assault weapons. >> we're accountable for action goods and bad. there is a process. due process. other processes that will take place. i don't feel i need to comment further on this. >> smith is undergoing treatment following a dui arrest and is on leave from niners. he now faces a suspension and up to four years in jail if convicted on the charge autos police officers have n.san jose have rejected the latest contract offer. the union voted down a raise offer and is demanding the city raise that amount.
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>> this is about san jose paying less for police officers than any other agency in the area resulting in officers fleeing for other agencies and ending up with skyrocketing crime in the city. >> we can't ford 6% we've proposed 5% over two years with a 4% retention bonus. that is still on the table. >> other unions accepted the pay raises. both sides expected to return to bargaining table. >> we're talking labor agreement agreement there's is one day to go before the end of a cooling off period keeping bart trains running during contract talks and two sides met again today. they're prevented from talking because of a gag order. the union says they cannot guarantee there will not be a strike friday morning and are not required to give notice but have been doing so as a courtesy to the public.
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>> pro suspect of another bart strike stressed out a lot of people. >> yes. sheer one of the first submissions from john, okay with the strike. >> another bart strike, are you kidding me? i live in san francisco and commute to oakland. how am i going get to work? you're going make me work in san francisco office now. a five-minute bus ride. >> well... all right. john posted this video on twitter with hashtag dear bart. if you use that hashtag we'll see your photo and you can facebook us. >> that good check out abc 7 we have a lot of information there including how transit agencies are planning for extra passenger autos and realtime traffic maps and our waze traffic app. remember to follow us on twitter for any breaking news updates. >> well, former bay area professor janet yellen is
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nominated to take over fed. >> coming up three thing that's may surprise you to know about the career. plus... called in after a pilot collapses and a passenger had has to land a plane. >> a professor that won the school's second
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>> president obama officially nominates janet yellen to succeed as chair of the federal reserve.
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one top priority is job creation. >> too many americans can't find a job and worry how they'll pay their bills. >> some thing you may in the know she was a lecturer at london school of economics in 1970s. the school admits she was hired to ensure her husband would join the staff. when yellen taught at harvard one of her students was larry somers. he went on to become president of the harvard and yellen's chief rival for fed chairman f confirmed she will be the first female chair of the fed but not the world's first. russia and malaysia have women in those position autos we have breaking news to talk about in central florida now. >> let's take a look at orlando, florida universal studios. 10 people stuck on a rollercoaster there. >> they're doing tofrg make those people comfortable they
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say it could take two, maybe three thundershowers get everybody off this ride. >> yes. we understand they're stuck upside down so not comfortable position. >> we're moving on. stanford university basking in the glove a second nobel prize awarded just this morning to a professor he says at ward recognizes him for work done when he was 20. >> more now from matt keller applause loud when the professor arrived for a news conference. a loud ring signaled his life was about to change. >> this is a swedish voice guessing what is going on. they tell you. >> about a half hour later official announcement went out
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to the world. elevenit is a professor and chair and shares a nobel prize in chemistry them say their work laid foundation for programs used to predict chemical processes. including cancer research it took five years of research. in 30 years of venture funding to get things to market. it's a long process. things are going to have a big impact take a long time. >> he met his wife in israel and spent time in england before coming to stanford both were wait fog a personal phone call from israeli p.m. a big, busy day. >> i forgot best things in our
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lives and i see only good things ask i'm very proud of him. i love him. >> the skooth the school won five nobel prizes in just seven years. in stanford abc 7 news. a group of police officers in the bay area on a special mission. the officers toured the police departments today to learn how women on the force handle crime alongside male counter parts. female police officers are tradition ylly assigned only to administrative duties but that is about to change. >> a passenger able to land a plane after the pilot collapsed is being called a hero tonight. it happened in hum berside
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evening lind. the 77-year-old had nochl peer yens flying and was on his own. >> first i just didn't know what to do. my mouth was so dry. >> wow. well, two flight attendant instructors guided him over the radio. after four attempts the aircraft landed safely. >> one moment i was on the runway surrounded by the helicopters and the planes and fire service and emergency services. and there is everything going on. it's an image that will stay. >> the tension was unbearable. the pilot died shortly after, however, the passenger was not injured. >> too bad about the pilot mai.zing reaction. >> california is famous for
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wine tasting. >> that is about to expand. >> michael finney is here. >> this is a big change. yes. they want in on action. tastings for hard liquor have been illegal in california since pro hib yigs. a law will arou lou paid tastings. they have long pushed to make tastings legal. >> it's part of the farm to table type movement. we can produce products in smaller kaunt was local materials that the taste is different. >> customers will be allowed to taste liquor but not to buy
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it on site. >> there is a new smoke detector that can alirt to you problems called net protect sending out warnings using led lights and also come was a smart phone app. can detect heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide. southwest airlines offering bargain air fares if you book before midnight tomorrow. this began when southwest advertised fares on short flights. fares good up to $348 for longer flights. other airlines match prices. united, delta offering $98 flights between san francisco and los angeles langs.
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it mean nose cheap flights over thanksgiving, darn it. this year average ticket will cost $415. now, coming up at 6:00 why you should start thinking about going holiday shopping now. yes, you're mad at me. >> thank you. >> sure. >> well, roads heading to tahoe may have been slick after a cold weather system brought snow in this area. this shows snowfall. hopes are high fr a whiter winter this year. here is a look now from the lake tahoe tv camera. the second dusting in the area this week. so perhaps that is well for coming ski season.
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>> jand patel is broadcasting with weather tonight tonight. >> yes. i would like to get that on paper, sandhya is right. >> right. >> him here it and feels g i know it's cooler here. temperatures continuing to drop off this afternoon as that cold storm brought snow. let me show you doppler 7. we did see drops today and we'll talk about that. right now clouds down towards gilroy. our radar was tracking isolated light showers or sprinkles crossing highway 101. that is very brief. snow has been light moving across that area. you can see it's winding down. still a winter weather
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advisory until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. just a heads up you can still run into problems as that snow continues to wind down. light dusting and one to two inches but you can see ground was warm so snow wasn't lasting long on the ground. 68 in oakland. half moon bay 63 degrees. coast is clear. temperatures now 73 in santa rosa. mild inland. fairfield 73. livermore 69 degrees. sunshine mostly clear skies and cool to chilly tonight. looking at mild pattern thursday, friday and a little bit warmer in time for weekend plans. here is a system.
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it came in from north. very limited in moisture. and what we're going to see is clouds overnight into tomorrow morning but cool night, mild afternoon heading into your thursday. and beyond, tomorrow mosh morning you know the chill has beenest. mid 40s to low 50s so bundle up. highs running a little bit higher. 64 in half moon bay. and 67 in san francisco. looking at the accu-weather forecast temperatures about the same on friday before we see rises into the weekend. low 80s inland.
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low 60s coast. temperatures remaining in that range going into next week. so a mild to warm pattern, i'm sandhya pat ye8 -- patel. >> back to you. >> well, it's chilly you might want coffee. people love coffee. what would you give up to keep on drinking it? find out, next. >> best cure for a hangover. and new at 6:00 galaxy gear smart watch. that is
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head of starbucks wants congress to come together so he's giving away free coffee to customers. today, the chain offering a tall brewed coffee to anyone who buys another person a
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beverage. on the subject, if means a lot to many people according to a newy, 78% say they'd rather give up sex, give up drinking and social media than coffee. 22% say they can't get out of bed without coffee. 16% say they can't hantdel talking to another person without it. >> wow. >> well, coffee can't dot drink but there is another cure to a hangover, scientists say sprite will help the body recover from dehydration and pounding headache they claim it does so by speeding up an enzyme. >> movie fans speculated marilyn monroe had cosmetic surgery. now, it appears true. documents from a doctoro show she had a chin implant in
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1950. also indicating she saw doctors under an alias joan newman. marilyn monroe died in 1956 at age 36. >> beautiful anyway, right? >> take a look at this,. >> yes this is why officials in one community are heading over keys to this city plaza
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child is hospitalized. and how one family plans on giving back. it's coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> thank you. >> well, san francisco civic center plaza turned into a skater's paradise. >> yes. the world's best riders and skateboarders are jumping and sliding on this course built across city hall. >> it's part of a do tour. san francisco will host championships. both skaters and bmxers just love this course. >> it makes it more fun. if they can relate to a spot someplace else, it's cool. >> yes. it s there is also a dirt course set up in front of the asian art museum. all weekend activities are free. >> yes. sunday, skater and bmx fans can ride the same course meaning we'll head out there with our bikes. >> i am going to supervise. >> good plan. >> that is going to do it for
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us. world news is next. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. welcome to "world news." tonight, shutdown shame. the scramble to restore military benefits to grieving families of troops killed in action, as anger at washington hits an all-time high. health alert. a warning tonight about a popular weight loss supplement and its possible link to a deadly outbreak. scare in the air. the frightening accident in a hot air balloon festival. passengers screaming for help. and real answers tonight. a workplace secret. >> unadulterated misery and hell. >> what millions of adults are facing on the job from their coworkers. good evening. we begin tonight with 26 american families caught in the cross-hairs of a political fight.


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