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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 9, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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attorney filed charges against him. he waive his right to ask for bail. in federal court today he agreed to remain in custody while transported to new york. once there, he'll face money laundering and drug charges related to a black market for drugs. authorities say the 29-year-old resident used the alias dread pirate roberts like the character in "the princess bride" and he operated silk road on a so called deep web where fictitious names and e mails are hard to track. courts show silk road sold a billion dollars of illegal drugs in three years, generating tens of millions in commission autos whoever started did the world a great service. >> josha brawn convicted of money laundering and marijuana sales when he ran a medical pot club in santa bar bra. he says he knows other who's used
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it and says the site enables people to buy drugs safely without having to go to dangerous parts of town looking for dealers. >> quality and fewer ti of the drugs is almost never in question. the feed back was actually very sow fis ti indicated. it took danger out of the drug market. >> it's internet sale or street corner, it against the law. >> he says they are missing the point. >> these drugs are hazardous to amend human live. >> court documents say several thousand drug dealers use the site. eight more people have been arrested since fbi shut down silk road including a man in washington state accused of dealing drugs on the site. seven others arrested in britain and sweden. he is also accused of engage hg a murder for hire plot. authorities say he unknown
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noeingly hired an under cover agent to kill a person who threatened to reveal the identities of his users unless he paid him off. a disturbing confirmation from san francisco general hospital about what abc 7 news first reported yesterday. a body nound a stairwell is that of lynn spaulding, she disappeared from her room september 21. we're live with the family reaction. wayne? >> san francisco general hospital is under a microscope tonight this, isn't just a local story but international story. hospital in an embarrassing situation. perhaps that is why the hospital fwhot entertain questions from reporters leaving members of the family and friends exas per yaited. >> hard questions are hard to answer. >> lynn's friend had been hoping to get some answers
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when the sheriff's department and hospital confirmed the death today. >> this is shaken us to our core. our staff is devastated. >> we do not know how long she had been there. >> a kindergartener could have put together that statement. >> lynn spaulding entered san francisco general hospital for treatment of an infection september 19th. two days later despite checks she disappeared, family, and friends were angry because it took 10 days for the hospital to admit they vanished. >> lynn spaulding die add flown a stairwell in one of the finest medical institutions in this country. i hear the sheriff's department initiated a search. >> lynn could would be alive today if maybe someone checked the stairwell. >> today, hospital disclosed an employee found her during a
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security check. >> what happened in our hospital is horrible. >> an investigation includes a reru of internal >> it's all they had today. >> we're not going to take questions today, thank you for coming. this statement will be posted on the web site and recorded on the media hot line. >> ht lines do not accept questions. >> some developing news in san francisco. police are looking for a shooting suspect. investigators say a man was shot in the city near mission street and brazil avenue about 4:00 this afternoon. witnesses saw a gunman running from the area but so far there is no other description of the person. >> 49ers linebacker alden
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smith faces charges into the investigation of a rowdy party last year. he was stabbed and shots fired. the district attorney says police found three illegal weapons inside of his home. these are the makes and models of the guns. smith is in rehab and is on leave from the niners. >> possibility of a bart stroik till hanging over our heads tonight. union insist they don't want to walk on friday, but will. negotiations continue and laura, hundreds of thousands of people counting on both sides to reach a deal before friday. >> they're talking and have been talking for the better part of the i day. they stayed here until 10:00 last night. they tell us they're ready to stay late again tonight. >> i keep showing up everybody will be optimistic.
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>> bart lead negotiator says he thinks negotiations could be finished up by thursday's midnight deadline. >> closer every day. i tell you we're not close enough yet. >> are there enough days? >> yes. we can get it done today. if we wanted to. >> the fact is that members are ready to go on strike. >> but president of the transit union warnedding in is possible including a strike unless something changes in the next day. >> we want our safety pro visions taken care skpf health and retirement z our wages all of those are a part of the package. >> our lively road should not be depending on what happened out there. >> the city councilman held a press conpresence to promote his campaign that bans future strikes. >> if a strike happens and our economy gets crippled again i think all options should be on the table.
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>> the unions did give a strike notice. they say they're not reaped or will not commit to doing that. they're not legally required to give any notice. >> thank you very much. we've been soliciting videos from people stressed out over the possibility of a strike. here is one from alex reyes from fremont. >> this will impact me. i attend academy of art university. the only way to get to, and from the story city. >> you can post your video to twitter, use dear bart. he posted this to instagram. you can post videos to our face book page as well. >> police officers said no to a 3% raise demanding the city double that offer. the union voted down latest contact just two officers voted to approve it. the union wants pay restored
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after members accepted 10% pay cuts. >> that is not near what it will take to keep officer from leaving. the pay difference with other agencies is so great that officers are fleeing faster than we can hire new ones. >> akerding to the union, 275 officers left in several years. the city says kit not afford a raise. >> we can give them what we can afford. we're contrained by our budget circumstance. we can't ford to give them 10% they gave up. >> the mayor says they proposed 5% over the next five years. >> and an usual case pitting a group of firefighters against their own department.
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abc 7 news is live tonight and this has to do with an exam to qualify for promotions. >> that is right. these plaintiffs had taken, and failed the lut nantd exam. so you now, they're asking for promotions, back pay and damages. in 2008, firefighters had an opportunity to take a test to become lieutenant but that exam is new on trial. acurrent and former firefighters are suing. claiming they were denied because scores were altered. >> point values don't add up. >> deputy chief from columbus, ohio was one of the so called raiders brought in to grade exams and testified his ratings on those tests were changed. the plaintiff's attorney says it may not have been intentional but those cost her clients promotions. >> there is so many errors and
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changes and people that did not receive scores for what they did. that the examination is invalid. >> dave johnson is the head of the exam unit, accused of making changes to scores then, shredding answer sheets. deputy city attorney is defending him and the process. >> why was he altering scores? >> he corrected scores. he did not alter scores i identified scoring errors that were made and corrected them. >> this is an age discrimination suit, while new recruits are coming into the department, plaintiffs allege those 40 and old yir were disproportionately flunked from lieutenant exam. >> after seeing my test, there is something wrong what. plaintiffs and i would like is for everybody to see and tell us, if we're out of line. >> the city says 60% of the older firefighters passed.
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in san francisco abc 7 news. >> still ahead tonight a uc economist set to become one of the world's most powerful women. the challenges in repairing our economy. >> inlt state mud skplid a great horizon. work to clear a soggy l.a. freeway. >> i'm spencer chris chaichblt lock at snow in the sierra and weekend warm up coming our way in the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> coming up on 7 on your side, apps you're going to want down load. i'm michael
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an update now on breaking news we brought you on abc 7 news at 5:00. crews almost finished rescuing 10 people who have been trapped for two hours on a roller coaster at universal studios. you're looking at a live picture. some stuck in a 90 degree angle. no reports of anyone being hurt. or what went wrong with the ride but everybody is just about down. >> and economist was strong ties to the bay area has been nominated to become the next chair of the federal reserve. if confirmed janet yellen will head the nation's central bank. david louie looks at how yellen is expected to handle key issues.
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>> she's a proven leader and tough. >> the president has chosen an economist well known in the bay area. she was president of the federal reserve bank of san francisco. in years i've covered her, known to spot trouble early. >> she sounded the alarm early about risks of a major recession. she zrnt a crystal ball. she has a keen understanding about how markets work. >> moving up from vice chair, yellen expected to focus on unemployment. >> too many americans can't find a job and worry how they'll pay bills and provide for their families. federal reserve can help if job is done properly. >> she brings a west coast perspective to washington. her knowledge may shape her
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leadership. >> she brings a lot of experience that and about what drives west coast economies. that is important when you think about what policies to keep that perspective in mind. >> yellen expected to build concensus before acting. >> she's known as being a stable person. she can be relentless when making up her mind on something, but only after having listen owed to all sides. >> yenl's nomination to become the next chair still has to go through senate confirmation hearings. the current chairman of the fed leaves office in january. >> today, nobodiel academy named michael levitt. in the 1960s and 70s he and
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colleagues created first computer models to help understand complex processes they're work sped up development of everything from new drugs to solar panel autos when you look at this, it took nearly five years of research n 30 years of corporate industrial venture funded research to get things to market so. that is a very long process. things have been -- going to have a big impact take a long time. >> he and two others will split the $1.2 million prize. >> well, a deluge of mud and water caused a massive commute back up tonight in southern california. most lanes of interstate 5 reopened just a half hour ago. it was shut down just before afternoon rush hour. crews worked to remove this muddy mess at least one person had to be rescued after a car got stuck in the debris. that is on tape. the chp says mud skplid flooding likely cause bid a clogged storm drain. the area is getting a rain
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storm of the season. >> and here is the kind of weather in northern california this, video from our camera at lake ta show snow shoes snow on the ground. yes, already from caltrans camera, that is where you can see a light dusting. there is a warning in affect now. soit begins. right? >> yes. >> not only what we're feeling here. >> stunning. >> it's stunning here. we're going to cool overnight in spots. and and mild afternoons. we have nice amount of sunshine left. sierra snowfall tapering off in this area south of jos sem ti. tapering off. and on the ground from our
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camera there there, is a light dusting of snow in the bay area, 61 degrees in san francisco. oakland 69. and and 55 in half moon bay. from our camera right now, temperatures in santa rosa, 72. napa, 69. 62 concord. 67 livermore, one more view over the bay towards bay bridge, these are the forecast features, clear, cool overnight. mild pattern lasts a few more days and warmer over the weekend. large low pressure system
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moving away. the counterclockwise circulation will pull air overnight tonight. it will be a mild afternoon and our weekend warm up. clear skies, chilly with lows into mid-40s. and low 50s in other loks. sunny skies in the south bay. mostly sunny and cloudy here and there moving out throughout the santa cruz mountains. high temperatures into low 70s tomorrow. 72 san jose. similar range of highs mainly low 70s. breeds breezy on the coast. downtown san francisco 67 tomorrow. east bay highs around our just above 70 degrees.
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inland east bay 75 in walnut creek. here is the accu-weather forecast. milder over the weekend. and holding in that range, mid to upper 70s around the bay. mid-60s on the coast. going to be nice. >> thank you spencer. >> coming up next we get a look at some of the newest gagis. >> this is on sale now if you
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u.s. agriculture department threatening to shut down three foster farm chicken farms because of an outbreak. the company notified it will have until tomorrow to come up with a solution. 300 people have become ill and foster farms has not issue aid recall but you can return prot ducts for a refund. the salmonela detected last month and in a letter usda says the conditions in the plants could pose a serious ongoing threat to public health. the chicken is safe to eat if cooked properly to 165 degree wez have the lot numbers listed for you on abc 7 you'll find them under see it on tv. >> best bmx riders and skateboarders in the world will be in san francisco this weekend to do something that they aren't always allowed to do legally.
6:25 pm
it's aa course for due tour city championships. they're encouraged to the jump over benches. the course made to resemble spots like china banks. >> pretty cool. so it's something we can pride without getting kicked out. >> the weekend activities are free. on sunday, fans can ride the same course pros are competing on. just wear a helmet. >> yes. at your own risk for sure. >> when he come back tonight sand castle contest cancelled because of a federal shut down. and a restaurant tried to defy a government order. >> tribute to a former nursing student and paying homage to
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the sacrifice she made. >> are you stressing about bart? we're listening. abc 7 news wants to know how a strike would affect you. post a video message on instagram, twitter and facebook. tell us who you are and where you live. just might see vid
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we're seeing more fallout from the standoff in washington. some tourists and school children disappointed today by two more casualties of the federal government shut down. >> tourists were disappointed. jim madden made up a sign and stood in front of the restaurant saying he felt a need to criticize both parties. >> so time to do their job. we want them to do their job.
6:30 pm
nobody seems to want to do their job. >> not every restaurant is closed. lieu eases is open for business. >> we did have a concession contract previously but now have a v.a lease. >> judith makes it a point to eat at the cliff house when in san francisco. >> this zf not need to be closed people are hired by concession. they won't get paid. government employees maybe will get paid. it's just giving them permission to stay home. >> at chrissy field the same story. all concessions were closed and the government shut down is also affecting these childrens creative juices. every year, public skools school students participate in the contest.
6:31 pm
architects and healths helped works of art made of sand. because it's held at ocean beach event has been postponed. it's part of the golden gate recreation area. >> federal government closed down. >> we try in the to impose our ideas of what this represents. >> the contest is also a fund raising event the money supposed to go to school district art programs. >> hoping to settle their differences, president obama invited entire republican congressional caucus to the white house tomorrow. the house speaker john boehner says he will send a small group of people. the republican leadership and committee chairs, 18 out of the 232 invited. one issue settled payment of
6:32 pm
military death benefits. bodies of four soldiers returned to dover air force base this morning but because of the shut down, their families had to pay their own way. it's supposed to be paid within three days today, house voted to restore the death benefit. senate expected to concur quickly. >> well, one of those four soldiers returning to american soil today is a graduate of the university of san francisco. dozens of people gathered this afternoon to remember moreno and watch cadets qlor american flag in her honor. she graduate prd university school of nursing before enlisting in the army i'm sure she smiled every time she put on her protective gear and walked into the desert heat because she was happy to be serving her country.
6:33 pm
>> she joined army after graduation volunteering to go to afghanistan to be part of a special task force working with army rangers. >> well, tonight money matters $2.3 billion buyout bid for a clothing store chain that would have combined two men wear retailers but today men's warehouse says the offer under values the company. however, it did not rule out consideration of a better deal. hewlett-packard stez 2014 will be a year of expansion and issued projections that exceeded their forecast saying hp would focus on new products, controlling costs and stabilizing revenue. >> ask walt disney company, parent company of abc 7 says colorful stock certificates are headed for never never land. disney is one of the most
6:34 pm
widely held stocks. paper certificates will be replace bid electronic ones for security reasons. >> samsung much-talked about smart watch is now in stores if it's both good and bad thing. >> call simon. >> samsung salesmanger reasoned randy yap has been living with the smart watch three weeks. >> took me fwook when i was three years old watching inspector gadget and jet sonz seeing people talking to their wrists all the time. >> that magic is more practical cal. >> if i need to check a text message i can see without having to pull out the phone. >> pulling out your phone less, one third less, he says. it won't browse internet but
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will read message and take pictures. swipe from top to bottom. bringing up your camera right here at the front of your watch. >> the touch controls are simple. screen, bright. it makes a good remote for a music player and yes, gear requires you to have a samsung phone. samsung plans to be compatible with any galaxy phone made since last year but at moment only with the new galaxy note 3. >> they work hand in hand with each other. >> the third generation of the phone so big it was once called a fablet is getting good reviews. >> it's a wonderful phone, and it does have styleus and it more expensive. >> you can write a phone number down, it will call for you automatically. >> it's $300 for the phone and $300 for the galaxy gear. >> right now, it's very
6:36 pm
expensive for the things you do get. in the future price goes down and might be a better deal. >> all this does is tell time. >> we're outdated. >> holiday shopping. >> why a calendar makes it timely
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every year, holiday shopping seems to start earlier and earlier. >> it's six days fewer than last year so michael finney is here now suggesting what? we look now. >> hanukkah falls on thanksgiving day. a holiday match up some say never happened before. and will certainly never happen again during my lifetime. >> we just started holiday shopping right as summer was ending. >> akerding to retail me not, almost 40% of consumers reported they've started to
6:40 pm
shop for holiday gifts. that is a 10% jump from last year. >> because of the recession we got into the habit of shopping earlier. it's a financially conservative way to shop. >> the editor of retail me not says back to school was in the as big as retailers hoped for. >> so retailers have a lot of merchandise they want to push through. there are strong apairpel deal autos if you have teens and betweens this is a great time to shop for them. >> i wait for kids to find it online, put knit a shopping cart, save it, then i wait for online promotion owes. >> if shopping online you'll see purchase arriving at the door more quickly than in past year. >> you notice a lot of big box retailers like walmart and
6:41 pm
target for instance. not shipping only from their warehouses but their stores and so, what that is doing is that it's allowing to lower shipping prices time. >> a lot of consumers offering advanced deals and skpofrz things like that. >> now, down loading apps will ensure best deals possible this season. we're expecting a lot that way. >> incredible, michael. >> thank you. >> just ahead tonight
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there is a program in san francisco helps keeping families together when a child has been hospitalized. >> ronald mcdonald house has been making a difference 25 years. and one family is showing its gratitude.
6:45 pm
>> so long we're in the hospital that. was our life for three months. >> we caught up with heather and jim, their 3-year-old twin asks 6-year-old big brother for a reunion at ronald mcdonald house in san francisco. we met them in 2010 just months after jaden and caleb were born 14 weeks prematurely. >> i left the hospital and boys had to stay, we were just, what are we going to do? >> she needed to be close to the twins. geo just three at the time, dad commuting from his job from the santa cruz. bills were piling up. >> doctors and more problems. >> then, we learned ronald mcdonald work has room. >> so they'd have a save place to stay. >> this was his sanctuary.
6:46 pm
he loved being in this room. that was, made him more normal for him. >> the families who stay here learn quickly this is a home away from home. and helps them deal better with their child. >> if you think you have a problem talk to a family for five minutes. you find out what a real problem is. >> lois moore is the director of the house. she says families swril another option in a couple years when a ronald mcdonald house will be included in the new childrens hospital, under construction in san francisco. >> what we did is move a kitchen into dining room that. way a parent can sit, watch the child. >> how much of a difference do you think it would make to be in the hospital? >> at a ronald mcdonald house? >> huge. huge. >> 15 minutes is a lot in a
6:47 pm
life changing situation. >> now, this family is thriving and moving into the future, jim is a firefighter, heather studying to be a nurse, they plan to give back to this house when bills are paid off. >> i wanted to see the roof that needs to be fixed. it was our home back then. i considerate our home now. we want to make sure it's here fr a long time. >> boys have something to say, to. >> do you want to raise the house raise money. do you know why money is good for the snous more toys. >> more people can stay here. >> i love ronald mcdonald house. >> good job! >> cheryl jennings abc 7 news. >> so cute. >> you can join them at a fund-raiser next week and look under see it on tv. >> yes. get involved if you can. >> take a look at this. this is what?
6:48 pm
our mount tam cam? here is a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies, well, clear skies sunset officially we have bright skies tomorrow state wide sunny skies ask a little bit of coastal fog from monterey south but sunny, mild conditions around the stay. including bay area, sunny tomorrow, hays from -- highs mid-60s to mid-70s inland. great baseball weather tomorrow and early evening. and that is going to be the final game of the series. game time 5:30, 5:00. will be 68 degrees conditions throughout the game. here is the accu-weather forecast. we have a milder weather coming our way over the weekend it's going to be warm sunday through wednesday,
6:49 pm
highs around 80 degrees but great weather for a's tomorrow. and enjoy, again. >> look at that view! that is stunning. >> yes. spectacular. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> let's talk more about the a's now. >> you'll be at coliseum tomorrow? >> yes. we'll see you. justin berlander scary but a decision to make go. with the kid or veteran. why the manager is hoping for a sunny night against tigers. sports is coming up next.
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with qualifying bundles. to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at good evening, bob melvin with a sunny break tomorrow night. detroit mace faising justin ber lander. game two, eight scoreless innings, struck out nine. that effort convinced him to
6:53 pm
start the kid over 40 year old all star bartolo cologne. they've last their last five game fives since 2000 have not won a winner take all game since 1973 world series. and they've got to face berlander. >> i just pitch there'd my last start. so i guess you know what to expect a little bit. you know? i know what crowd is going to be like. you know? and it's what you dream of as a kid. >> speaking of game five, pittsburgh and st. louis cardinals opening scoring in second david frees is a post season nightmare ai. 2-run homer off garrett cole. starling full extension to
6:54 pm
matt carpenter, neil walker look they cut bj daniels to sign john excelton and signed mccloud bethel thompson. i don't know. that will be put to the test by an arizona rush defense. >> they've added a mix of good players and it's a new team in that regard this, is a very good football team. well coached team. >> cardinals had good defense, think they're under rated last year as a defense. and this year, they play hard,
6:55 pm
play fast. >> do not forget. we have another edition of vernon's view following arizona contest only on abc 7 i'll be there, too. >> the chiefs are five and 0 led by alex smith. raiders want to run the football g news is that darren mcfadden back at practice, both had been injured. >> we understand it's a challenge we have to face against kansas city. a lot of good football players and if will be a tough environment to play in. i understand they're trying to set a world record so we'll have to be prepared for that environment. >> it's going to be fun.
6:56 pm
>> get ready to hear the name thomas hurdle. the fourth goal is ridiculous against rangers full speed goes between his legs up and in. he speaks only a little bit of english. so he couldn't begin to describe what he had just done. >> i would say it's impossible, but it is possible because he did it. six goals in first three games we're branding this the sickest goal in sharks history because it s who can do that? >> abc 7 sports. >> he doesn't need to speak english. let that be his talking. >> coming up the long man taking it upon himself to take care of a national memorial. >> and then at abc 7 news at 11:00 kraft brewerry, why you
6:57 pm
can see fewer bottles on shelf autos tonight it's it middle polled by back in the game. super fun night all available online and demand with watch abc's app. >> our breaking news continues now on twitter on abc 7 news bay area. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. look at that beautiful sunset. enjoy. we'll se
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a writer from whitinsville, massachusetts... a graduate student of spanish, originally from alton, missouri... and our returning champion, a web producer from ypsilanti, michigan... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. hello, ladies and gentlemen. before we get into today's game, just a reminder that all of this week, you have an opportunity to vote for your favorite "jeopardy!" champion
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from our second decade on the air. you can do that on facebook, on twitter, or go to as you just heard, our champion, jason, did very well on yesterday's program, and theresa and amanda are hopeful that they can do just as well for themselves today. let's see what happens. good luck. here we go. here are the categories, starting off with... the first correct response will begin with the letter "a," the next one down with the letter "b," and so on. biosphere 2 -- an enclosure once used to study human survival in space. now it's helping us understand the earth. alex: and, jason, you get to go first. i'll start with take in (alphabetical) order for $200, please.


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