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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 10, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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it available and avert a possible work stoppage. >> a deal at hand two days ago, then evaporated. unions accuse bart of taking it back. bart says it's the result of a miscommunication by mediator. can a deal be done? how much notice might commuters get? >> i don't want to give anyone a false impression we're in the going on strike. >> got that? okay. so bart authorized $400,000 a day to cover costs with a separate $900,000 coming to cover bus cancellation fees. >> being orks thank you very much. now we invite to you down load our abc 7 news smart phone app to help you get latest developments on the strike.
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and you'll be able to watch whit happens. >> for drivers will be enforced all day lng. on interstate 80, and 680. also, new temporary diamond lanes added to highway 24. managers and district will charter those buses you've been hearing us talk about. that is between nine stations in doult san francisco you can catch it at fremont stations. fremont stations will be from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. now as for ac transit will
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have additional seats, plus, bus stops located inside bart stations will be moved outside of the bart property lines. san francisco bay ferry service carry about 6,000 passengers last year they carried 19,000 plus. if bart does strike it's expected to be worse than it was in july. >> right. we have information that you need to know about the commute and getting around in event of a strike. you'll find realtime traffic apps out there and remember follow us on twitter abc 7 news bay area for breaking news alerts. commuters are expressing their anger over this situation using deer bart. >> gretchen donner said get a move on, show your stuff.
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support your staff and settle a contract. >> christopher planet says don't act like congress, please. you can post your thoughts or videos to twitter or instagram. you can share videos on our abc 7 news base fook page. the morning news will start at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow wlaitest on the strike and commute. >> other news of the day san francisco mayor ed lee ordered an investigation into event surrounding a death of a woman. the 57-year-old disappeared and was found dead two weeks later just feet from where she disappeared. the red arrow shows where it was discovered just one floor
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below. >> now, the mayor's office involved in this case. he was involved today calling the family of lynn spaulding and then went to the hospital meting withed. >> ad minute straightors retraced steps to the hospital and came out on a parking lot and made announcement there will be a full independent investigation to get to the bottom of what happened here. >> this should not have happened. we all agree. and we want to prevent this from ever happening again. >> when san francisco mayor ed lee spoke today, he echoed sentiments heard from administrators yesterday. what he hadn't, however, was a cloud of his office in launching an investigation in san francisco general hospital's system, staff and sheriff's office searching for lynn spaulding and missed her in that stairwell. >> if a search was done for a woman and her bod yes was
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found that is not an adequate search. i don't know how standards fell down but these are not the standards to which a fine institution should expect security detail to live up to. >> i do know that rand yum therk have jurisdiction on the grounds. that is as much as i can say about that. and i'm in the into pointing finger autos mayor lee says he did replace presumed steps from her room to stairwell. his boast telling statement... >> i do think facts will uncover what has to occur and what responsibilities are. i will sate city responsible for what happened here.
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>> jeff knit words from the mayor. abc 7 news did call the sheriff's office to get a reaction to floornz an investigation. the sheriff says the office will be doing it own investigation anyway. wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> you may have seen ads for the colleges on tv. the state attorney general says the corinthian colleges uses tv ads to target low income students it considers ice yol yaited and with low self esteem saying they promote medical technician programs school dmotz offer and accuse about lying about job placement rates. a bay area symphony is making
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a plea after someone stole a half million dollars from the group wiping out it's endowment and brait praiting budget. a board member received an overdraflt notice last week which led him to discover money is missing from account. he called police in los altos. they have based and have launched an investigation. the director resign skptd sim fony did not say why he left. >> unfortunately it's a serious event and unique. >> the group has been around 65 years calling on people in the community and music lovers to help them recoop in of the funds stolen. so far the current season will go on as planned. >> season is is on the line tonight. final game just about to get underway.
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that is a good luck charm tonight. >> laura? >> hi. cheryl. yes, last time i wore green it didn't work out well. for many people baseball is all about statistics batting averages and the like. there are others we found out are going to rely on guts. astroller says she can see it in the charts. >> those of a's starting pitcher rookie sunny gray. >> four planets in scorpio. intense and focused. other a's fans have confidence
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if they're not that into astrology. >> i need a great young pitcher ready to close it out now. >> say she says she's looking at the charts. >> he has a neptune aspect. so, i'm going with sunny. do you not want to bet against four planets in intense scorpio. >> so that lady going with sunny gray and a's. let's hope predictions turn out true tonight. we're showing you the last of the sellout crowd tonight. this is one big event. parking limited folks advised to take bart because there are few spaces left down here.
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>> laura, thank you. >> more head this thursday night. we continue up on the roof students wait to figure out whether a gunman is loose on campus. >> how governor brown is helping veteran autos also, bacon taste test. michael finney and consumer reports tells you which brand is best.
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new details of a frightening report of a gunman on stan jose state university campus ended up with big gaps in security measures some students could not find a safe
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classroom in had to hide. >> university does admit there are glitches this morning. the four story building here, but they say they're in the process of upgrading their system so they'll review everything that happened during the shelter in place. >> this morning we receive aid report of a student in a hall. >> officers began sweeping the building. >> more policemen came in through the hallway with guns out. and yelled get in a room. lock it. >> 300 staff and students were in the building. the campus text skpe. mail alerts were activated. >> i got an e mail saying waits locked down.
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>> the university announced it's over. >> happy to announce it's all clear. >> what could have been a serious situation turned into a drill. the university said it was a success. >> we have means of locking all of the doors, and communicated with everybody indoors via alert system. >> some disagreed. polly never received alert. >> you have to be signed up to receive alerts from us the university told us everyone should receive alerts. >> really scared. >> everybody was shaking and on the floor. >> alexis and angelina were helpless with other students. >> our classroom was not locked. anyone could come in and out. >> many rooms here have key pads with combinations turns out room 120 zrnt a lock on
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the door knob inside. >> special memorial to honor bay area patrol officers killed in the line of duty including names, pictures and badge reproductions of 38 officers killed since 1931. it's on display. the names read aloud before the unveiling. it was a tearful ceremony for families and commissioner was overcome when he saw the memorial. >> you can see this. this is how they remain alive forever. that is how the state fulfills >> the chp officer made the case that holds the pictures. >> voters will decide whether
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to approve a measure to build low income housing for veterans. approved the state would issue $600 mill rin in bonds aloe indicated towards building new housing for vets. it's part of the plan to curb homelessness among veterans. it's become a chronic problem in san diego. >> a warning you're going to be hungry after you see this. back bacon popular so brand tastes best? >> consumer reports with a new taste test. >> it's showing up in pizzas and nonfood products but eating it can be a health buster. so consumer reports helps you find which brands are worth a splurge.
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bacon enjoying 15 minutes of fame. you can add sizzle with bacon toothpaste. there is bacon soap and bandages. experts want to remind us it's not a health food. just two splices -- slices can have 80 calories and between 200 zp 400 milligrams of sodium. >> some is made out of turkey. it's a healthier option it's not going fool your taste buds into thinking it's real thing. >> try kirkland signature pork bacon. it's the only one rating excellent for taste. and crisps up nicely with a blend of fat and meat flifrs -- flavors with smoky
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sweetness. >> two good alternatives are oscar myer thick cut bacon and lower sodium from wall mart korts tested precooked pork bacon and found they tended to be tough and chewy. and wants to remind us instead of having pork strips with breakfast try bits into your eggs and the flavor means a little goes a long way. my son calls it the candy of meat. now, i hope you can join me tonight at 11:00. we're going to take a look at a hand held device small enough to fit on a keychain. >> i'm thinking about meat candy. >> that is good. >> very sunniee. >> yes.
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day. >> you're making me hungry now. talking to a vegetarian here. going out to get a place to eat. is it's just beautiful outside. i think you can get away without a jacket we still have patchy clouds out there. view just sparkling and the sun lee flekting and there are are the temperatures. 71 degrees in los gatos, san jose, nice, sunny, temperatures 74 degrees for the high about a couple degrees where you should be. 63 mid napa.
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patchy low clouds near the coast. that is where they're going to stay. chilly mornings for inland valleys. slight radar showing a system affecting sierra yesterday heading out of here. it's bringing winter storm warnings and weather advisories for rocky mountain states. cool pocket of air going to follow. and temperatures will be about the same before we'll see a warm up. afternoon, still lingering clouds just hugging the coast keeping temperatures on the cool side. nice afternoon with mild conditions expected. tomorrow morning chill in the air. mid 40s to upper 40s not just inland valleys talking about
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coastal areas as well. will fall to mid to upper 40s or low 50s around the bay and coast. patchy low clouds out there. so heading out and to work if you have to walk to the ferry make sure you bundle up. tomorrow afternoon, south bay, 73 morgan hill. san jose, 72. sunshining in santa cruz. low 70s redwood city. 59 on the coast in half moon bai. north pleasant. clear lake, napa. inbeland spots mid-70s, accu-weather forecast, more sunshine as we head into weekend, will be warmer for sunday, temperatures bouncing back up to average monday,
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tuesday, really. low 80s inland. upper 60s to low 70s. so beautiful fall weather mild to warm in the accu-weather forecast. >> nice. >> yes. >> thank you. >> well, watch this. caught on camera, coming up, a train, the truck. and a very lucky driver. >> then at 6:00 a
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breaking news, president obama just signed a bill to make sure families of fallen troops continue to get their benefit payments a day after a military charity had to step in to make payments while the government sorted things out, pentagon typically pays out
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100,000ses today families within three days of a death allowing them to make final arrangements for loved one autos now to the death of an astronaut. that is the raid yeah call many remember the back up pilot for john glenn, the second american to orbit the earth. he died today at age 88 and says we've lost a true. he was. a pension reform proposal from san jose married is illegal. he plan tz file papers for a measure allowing governments to trim benefits for yorks remaining years on the job. the mayor says government cannot afford the benefits anymore. union leaders say it's an attempt to rob employees of promised security. >> city of san carlos
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considering hiring legal exforts investigate whether a pg&e gas pipeline poses a danger. the manager plans to ask to spend as much as 250,000ses today investigate. yesterday, the city called off a state of emergency in place that was in place since friday. after pg&e reduced pressure in that line. the order after an internal memo expressed concerns the pipeline could explode. those pipeline runs on britain avenue between highway 101 and interstate 280. >> a close call for the driver of an 18 wheeler in west texas. that is a bad accident the driver managed to escape the
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rig, nobody was hurt. the truck bottomed out and got stuck on the railroad crossing in texas. it took crews into the evening to clean up that big mess. >> wow. but at least trains stayed on the track autos still to come apple steve jobs. >> you have never seen
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♪ se who've been denied it's whatever works for you. ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at coming up at 6:00 will the bart trains keep running? we're keeping watch ass-drk-as it comes to an end. >> see how they can prove to be the future of transportation and a look behind the scenes at pixar
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making atempts on the small plane. >> thank you. see you then. >> we have been getting a lot of fan photos showing a's pride. here is a woman -- that is the low budget model, right? he wears glasses and described as having nerd power. we can share them with us on abc 7 news bay area. >> trying that is tough do. >> you might expect spiderman or power rangers but how about steve jobs? >> really? he's immortalized as a toy. legend toy was two images of showing him wearing a suit and tie. >> another version has him wearing a turtle neck. these will set you back about $150. he kind of looks like a super
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hero. >> that is going to do it for us. >> thanks for welcome to "world news." tonight, breaking news. a major meeting at the white house. the stock market soaring on the hopes the standoff is ending. wild ride. three hours stranded on the top of a roller coaster. we take an expert and ask, what a rider should do. and caught in the act. so many people you know stealing at the office? pen, food, a flat screen tv? and good evening to you. we have breaking news out of washington tonight. on the search for a deal to break that stalemate. all eyes on the white house where minutes ago, republican leaders emerge from a meeting with the president. so, is there new hope tonight or not? we go straight to jonathan karl


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