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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 11, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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here is a new video posted on the instagram. >> my name is bethany and i commute from oakland each day. i will lose opportunity to get
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an education if you strike but the risk of getting harassed will increase because i will walk or ride my bicycle late at night. >> you can post your video to twitter with the hashtag of "dear bart," and share video on facebook. >> bart managers have been training to run trains and the district will charter 200 buses and that service is between 9:00 east bay bart stations in downtown san francisco. you can watch a bus between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. in concord and walnut creek and lafayette and saab landrieu and hayward and dublin pleasanton and treatment and evening service from san francisco back to the stations will be free 3:00 to 7:00 pick. you need a round trip ticket to catch the evening bus. a.c. transit will have some additional seats on the local lines and stops located inside bart stations will be moved outside bart property lines. the san francisco bay ferry
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service is planning to add four ferries. usually they transport 6,000 passengers and in july ridership jumped to unanimous,000 plus passenger as day during the week. we have a range of resources at including details of the alternate options for transit and real time traffic maps. can you download the exclusive trab app to navigate the freeways for up-to-the-minute updates on the talks. >> the nobel peace rise is going to a watch dog group dedicated to wiping out chemical weapons for the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. they known for efforts in syria. much speculation centered around 16-year-old pakistani schoolgirl shot by the taliban for wanting
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to go to school and now is an activist for girl's education. join us for an exclusive with a one-on-one interview with diane sawyer talking of her attack and fight to survive and thrive tonight at 1:00 o'clock right here. >> with the government shut down in the 11th day the two sides are talking raising the hope there could be an end to the government shut down and an increase in the debt ceiling. we have more from washington. >> this morning, signs of progress, returning to the capitol after their meeting with president obama house republican leaders said they were encouraged. >> we had a useful meeting. it was clarifying for both sides as to where they are. >> republicans presented to the president a plan to raise the debt ceiling for six welcomes, removing the threat of default while both sides take out a time to work out a broader budget
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deal. >> a temporary increase for his willingness to discuss with us a way war to re-open the government. >> the president neither accepted or rejected the offer but he has said he will not negotiate until the government shut down ends. now in the 11th day, the shutdown's pain is felt far and wide and veterans are worried about their benefits. a disabled army vet attends arkansas state university. the v.a. funds the tuition and books through the vocational rehabilitation program but not government does not re-open nathan could be forced to drop out. the governor says without federal dollars the state cannot provide shell for people who lost their homes during recent devastating floods. >> it is a tragic failing on many levels. >> senate republicans turn to meet with the white house and they are closing in pushing for a deal to raise the debt ceiling and re-open the government.
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>> oak police are investigating the 75th homicide of the year. a drive was cordoned off last night after a man was shot. officers found the man injured lying in the street. he died at the scene 15 minutes later. police have not released his identity. a $120,000 reward is offered for information leading to the gunman. >> the three foster farm poultry farms at the heart of the salmonella outbreak will not be shut down. the usda says they are making substantial chains to the slaughter process and they will step up testing for salmonella the next three months. "consumer reports" say the chickens processed there are sold under other brand names. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard will have more next half hour. >> pg&e has until wednesday to
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file an updated safety certification on the gas pipe line in san carlos which is ordered to remain shut down although an injunction was lifted. they are considering hiring legal and technical experts to investigate if the pipeline poses a danger. it runs between residential britain avenue between 101 and 280. they call off a state of emergency after pg&e reduced the treasure if that low pressure. the order came after a pg&e engineer memo came to light expressing that the pipeline could explode like the deadly indepth in san bruno. >> the threat of a bart strike averted. >> you can have your extra cup of coffee. we have friday lite conditions. it is early and only 4:10. lots of green on the map. that indicates we have top speeds.
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in the east bay to pleasanton hill we have a construction project northbound 680 to 242 where you reach concord. the drive time traffic is great and wide open along 580 over the altamont pass from tracy to dublin at 24 minutes. 87 it is looking good. >> we have summertime pattern with the low clouds and fog that is banged up on the shoreline offering a chilly day. this morning, not only fog but visibility is down to quarter-mile visibility. from the exploritorium camera it looks like in downtown san francisco and there are clouds with low 40's from novato and 52 and clear skies and livermore at
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61. throughout the day, 40's and 50's to start and 60's by noon. we will get into plenty of sunshine. bit afternoon, low-to-mid 70's bay and inland and we will be comfortable and it will be in the 50's at the coast so it will be chilly. we have temperatures holding steady the next couple of days. later in the weekend into monday, it is looking warmer into the upper 70's inland. >> next the surprising verdict in the lawsuit against toyota and a jury says it is not to blame for the deadly accident. >> big boost governor brown could be giving to the military veterans with the stroke of a pen. now it is up to you. >> a graduate wounded in the mall attack tells her story and what she did to stay
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> on friday morning, a beautiful shot from emeryville, you can see the colors in the sky and those are happy chores. we have happy commuters because bart is not striking. for now. it could happen on monday. >> a jury in los angeles says toyota is not liable for a woman's death in a sudden acceleration case. the 66-year-old woman died when the camry crashed into a tree after it sped out of control. the family was seeking $20 million in damages from toyota. the jury sided with toyota saying a defect did not contribute to the 2009 crash but blamed the driver of another car that crashed into her just before it sped out-of-control. >> the governor has vetoed a bill to streamline the dismissed teachers accused of conduct or abuse of children calling this
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imperfect solution and urged lawmakers to try next year. he approved letting school districts file complaints during summer recess and eliminating other hurdles that delay discipline and dismissals. he said other portions of the bill make the process too rigid and create new problems and was backed by teacher unions and introduced after a teacher in house an was paid bit school district to resign in exchange for dropping an appeal. >> california voters will decide next year if they want to support a measure to build low-income housing for veterans. the governor signed a measure to place the act on next june's ballot. if voters approve the state issues $600 million in bonds for new housing for veterans. it is part of the governor's plan to curb homelessness among vets a growing problem in the state. >> the good news is this is no bart strike today.
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>> indeed. you can take a breather as you get ready if work together and we are looking at clear conditions. we have construction and a project on the east eastern span of the bay bridge and eastbound side of 580 between greenville and north flynn. watch for that. along 580 out of tracy to castro valley, it is 33 minutes, we we northbound from highway 85 to the san jose airport. 280 northbound from highway one to san francisco is nine minutes the bay bridge toll plaza is empty. maybe there are a few extra people if they thought bart would strike. so far, so good. good morning, lisa. >> starting off with low clouds and fog and visibility reduced in santa rosa at quarter-mile
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visibility and that kept us cool at the coast. we will look for the chilly conditions and the sabes. over the weekend less fog and more sunshine and 51 in san jose. 45 in los gatos. partly cloudy skies and from the exploritorium it looks good with mid-40's from santa rosa and napa and the fog in sonoma and 52 by the delta and livermore at 51. highlights are calling for the clouds near the coast this morning staying put all day long. it will be mild an the bay and inflict and on the weekend into tuesday afternoon highs will climb to near 80 degrees with a cool pocket of air from the trough that brought the snow maker into the sierras but high pressure is not building yet. that will keep us from getting too warm. we will look if a warm-up by
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sunday, monday, and tuesday. low 70's today for san jose and 73 in cupertino. sunshine in santa cruz and summertime fog and upper 50's at half moon bay and redwood city low 70's return and mid-60's in san francisco and you need the jacket downtown. 59 in daly city and 72 in novato and near east bay, and 70 in fremont and over the hills, it is mild. holding steady tomorrow and warmer sunday. monday, tuesday, back to low 80's inland. by midweek, maybe a cool down but we are dry seven days. >> a uc berkeley graduate pretended to be dead at a shooting a mall. 67 died in the siege by al-qaeda linked terrorists in
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nairobi. the 26-year-old was judging a cooking competition and militants stormed the mall. she was about to surrender and the woman next to her was shot and killed and she was hit by shrapnel and decided to play dead. she gets emotional thinking of the scene. [ inaudible ] >> in spite of the attack she still considers kenya her second home and hopes to go back. >> a typhoon barreling to the northern philippines forced secretary of state john kerry to call off his trip after authorities declared storm alerts in 14 areas because of typhoon. john kerry is visiting southeast asia for a summit. the typhoon is threatening farmland and populated areas
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with wind and flooding. schools are closed and emergency crews are on notice. >> it is 4:21. no bart strike. we are still talking tran it. the first big test for muni's effort to put the morning and evening commutes on fast track. >> starbucks wants to pressure washington to end the government
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>> 4:23. a look at the golden gate bridge. there is no bart strike. we are watching other transit options. it is friday lite. we will keep you informed. >> 13 face charges after police received $4 until in mayor non. narcotics detectives raided 13 homes in san leandro, hayward and san lorenzo confiscating
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1,700 marijuana plants. the growers were part of a large residential pot-growing scheme. they are stealing electricity to grow the plants. >> the most popular commute runs on muni could be the new s shuttle metro train between embarcadero and st. francis circle. the s shuttle is the only muni train to add a third car. usually the trains are two cars long. it started last week to alive eight congestion in the morning and evening when overcrowded two car trains skip a stop and makes these round trips between 6:30 and 10:00 a.m. and in the evening between 4:00 and 7:00. >> no bart strike. but the threat looms over monday morning. how does it look. >> we will take it. it is looking great. we have one problem in the east bay if you are headed out of pleasanton hills to concord we
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have this problem southbound 242 to the northbound 680 connection a report of a fire that not slowing traffic but there is going to be a couple of crews. 680, southbound, from walnut creek to dublin is wide open. 101 southbound from santa rose to san francisco is 61 minutes. santa cruz mountains on highway 17 is wide open. >> we are looking at low clouds and fog along the shoreline and some of that ground fog in napa and santa rosa and it is chilly and in the 40's and low 50's for oakland and 54 in san carlos los gatos at 46. visibility is reduced and napa to three miles and six mile visibility so it stayed with us all day along the shoreline and we managed the secretary with a cooler start in napa and san jose. the fog will pull back so it
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will be cloudy at the beaches. it will make for a sunny afternoon with high temperatures from the 60's in san francisco to 70's warmest inland valleys. >> your coffee maker at starbucks could hand you more than the morning latte. they are launching a new effort to end the government shut down. they are asking temperatures to sign a petition to pressure lawmakers to re-open the government. the c.e.o. says he and people he has talked to are "steamed >> about the situation and encouraging others to sign the petition. >> amazon has a luxury beauty store where shoppers can find products from 24 prestigious brands and is known as the largest online retailer. the director of beauty and health and personal care says this is in response to company
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requests. >> when it is hot outside an ice cold beverage can hit the spot so coca-cola is testing a vending machine that charges a different price depending on the weather. you could think they would charge more when it is hot, it charges less. at 84 degrees lemonade was $4.40 but 86 degrees it was $1.20. why? the machines were designed to get people to try new benefit programs. >> bart contract talks go beyond the cooling-off period and the threat now hanging over the commute. >> san francisco mayor lee with a surprising initiative of the death of a hospital patient and what he is demanding be done. >> denied again, agonizing game five for the
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see? asthma. this one?
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. no bart strike on this friday and we started early to to bring you the latest on the negotiations. thanks for joining us. >>the bart trains are rolling normally. negotiators worked into the night and postponed the strike and agreed to keep talking through the weekend. matt keller has more from oakland. a new face is joining the talks? >> we have that good news. no strike today. bart trains will run. on monday, you may have to find a different way to work. bart and the unions came to an agreement through the weekend averting a strike today with the cooling-off period helping at midnight. now a new deadline midnight sunday. if there is no d


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